AFP chief: Military also wants closure on Jonas Burgos case



The Armed Forces of the Philippines on Friday said it also wanted closure on the disappearance of activist Jonas Burgos, the son of the late press freedom icon Jose “Joe” Burgos Jr.

AFP chief Gen. Emmanuel Bautista said the military would cooperate with the new probe to be conducted by the National Bureau of Investigation as ordered by President Benigno Aquino III.

He said the military would also comply with the recent order of the Court of Appeals for the AFP to coordinate with the Philippine National Police in investigating the case of the missing farmer-activist.

He declined to comment on the statement of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who said the NBI was looking into the possibility that the police and military were involved in a “cover-up” regarding the abduction and disappearance of the young Burgos in 2007.

Edith Burgos, mother of the disappeared activist, recently said she had “leaked documents” and photographs indicating that Jonas was abducted by the military intelligence units of the Philippine Army’s 7th Infantry Division and 56th Infantry Battalion.

At the sidelines of the opening ceremony of the US-Philippines Balikatan military exercises in Camp Aguinaldo, Bautista responded:

“We also want to have closure for this case.”

“Respect for human rights, international humanitarian law and the rule of law are very much emphasized in our campaign plan Bayanihan. It is one of the imperatives and that is what we are doing now,” he said.

“The court will evaluate the evidence and accusations. We have faith in the judicial process and rule of law. We will leave it up to the court to decide,” Bautista said.

Unidentified men seized the 36-year-old Burgos at Ever Gotesco Mall in Quezon City on April 28, 2007.

Last month, the Court of Appeals ruled that the case was a case of “enforced disappearance” and noted that some military and police witnesses seemed to be covering up the case.

Speaking to reporters last week, De Lima said NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas had formed a team of lawyers and field investigators to handle the investigation.

Called “Task Force Burgos,” it was announced on Friday that Deputy Director for Regional Services Virgilio Mendez would be on top of the probe.

“Task Force Burgos is a big team headed by Mendez and supported by 12 other head agents,” said Rojas, promising “a speedy, independent and exhaustive probe on the unresolved disappearance of Jonas Burgos.”

He added that part of the investigation was also to determine if Burgos is still alive.

Rojas said no deadline was set on the Burgos investigation.

“However, we will work with as much speed as we can, without sacrificing quality and thoroughness in our investigation,” he said.

He also said the agency intends to write Edita Burgos to provide her a copy of the new evidence she claimed she had in her latest petition before the Supreme Court.

“We have not contacted the family yet but we hope that Mrs Burgos will volunteer to share the evidence she declared she has,” Rojas said.

Human rights advocates have listed more than 800 summary executions and forced disappearances of political dissidents, human rights lawyers and journalists, in the past decade.

First posted 12:31 am | Saturday, April 6th, 2013

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  • txtman

    TSK! TSK! TSK!

    • Magsasaka

      pukang na ka, ibig mong sabihin kapag nasisita ang pagkakamali ng institusyon na dapat ay nangangalaga sa kaligtasan ng mamamayan kawawa na, pitiful bopol ka

      • BatangSingapore

        maging ehemplo nyo sana yan jonas burgos na yan at palaging tandaan na huwag makeelam ang mga tulad ninyo ngangawa ngawa kapag nawala na.

        dapat sa mga aktibistang yan inuubos talaga dahil salot ng lipunan mga hinayupak na mga yan. ang papangit at ang babaho ng mga itsura. kala siguro nila nakakatuwa sila. mga tuta kayo ng intsik.

      • Magsasaka

        dapat ikaw ang unang mawala mukhang kang daga hehehe

      • BatangSingapore

        uubusin na kayong mga militanteng walang silbi at salot sa lipunan. kung hindi ba naman kayo gungong eh kalabanin ninyo ang gobyerno. pero ang katotohanan ginagamit kayo para mangulo ng bansa at ang epekto pabor sa mga intsik mga ungas. uubusin namin kayo hahahahahhaha.

      • Magsasaka

        tama ubusin nyo dahil kapag kapwa nyo may baril na kaharap nyo nagmumukha na lang kayong manok hehehe

      • Palparan

        bok, anak ng pokpok yang si antonioluna at si Jonas Burgos… yang si edita burgos at ang nanay ni antonioluna ay parehong pokpok

      • Magsasaka

        ikaw bunga ng incest hehehe kaya nga ganyan ka

      • Palparan

        ikaw at si Jonas burgos parehong mga anak ng pokpok kaya ganyan kayo… namamatay ng maaga ang mga anak ng pokpok… tignan mo si Jonas, nasa impyerno na ngayon… ikaw na ang isusunod…hahahaha!

      • Magsasaka

        hehehe takot mo lang, mga walang baril lang kayang mo saktan dahil kung ako makakaharap mo tatlong punglo ang aabutin mo, isa sa noo at dalawa sa puso mong itim hehehe

      • Palparan

        wahahaha! nag tapang-tapangan ka na naman dyan… puro bunganga ka lng… ang kaya mo lang gamitin ay batuta…ihampas mo na lng sa mukha mo yung keyboard mo dyan… kayo ni jonas mga anak ng pokpok! wahahahahaha!

      • Magsasaka

        parang ikaw na bunga ng incest ay ginawang aksyon hehehe, hindi uubra ang mga katulad mo sa harapan, magaling ka lang kapag walang laban ang kaharap mo, pagnagkaharap tayo mawawala yang bayag mo na minana mo sa lolo mo na tatay mo pa hehehe

      • Palparan

        hahaha! sa palagay mo ba matapang ka? di ba yung picture mo yung pusang bakla at nung sinita ko, pinalitan mo agad ng KKK? hindi uubra ang mga baklang anak ng pokpok na katulad mo! hanggang bunganga lang ang tapang mo anak ng pokpok! wahahahaha!


    MANTAKIN mo nga naman yan…..PRESS FREEDOM ICON si Joe Burgos, Jr ng panahon ng berdugong Makoy at Enrile, tapos yong anak, e, tinigok? Hindi ko sinasabing yong isa pang berduigo ang may kagagawan nyan….si berdugo palparan….pero malakas ang kutob ko na ang nagpakana at ulo nyan ay maaaring nasagasaan ni Joe, Jr, noong kasagsagan ng kanyang pakikipagtunggali sa magkakambal na berdugo.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Kawawang Nanay Edita. Don’t keep your hopes up. The AFP and the NBI will just give you the runaround. Leila de Lima and PNoy will just give you the runaround.

    Leila de Lima just gave Doc Gerry’s family the runaround. She bungled Doc Gerry’s case and set the Reyes brothers free. She dragged the hazing cases for so long and allowed her brods in San Beda to get away with their hazing crimes. To this day, no case has been filed yet against Leila de Lima’s brods in San Beda. Worse, the Panamanian rapist was granted clearance in NAIA Terminal 3 by no less than Leila de Lima so that his Filipina victim could no longer go after him.

    If PNoy or de Lima wanted a closure on this, why in the world did PNoy appoint Mr. Ano as the new ISAFP chief last December 2012? The guy’s got blood all over his hands. Sangkot siya sa pagkawala ni Jonas.

  • farmerpo

    if the top honcho of the AFP is serious, AFP can, motu propio, investigate and produce the culprits if indeed they are part of the AFP. Statements such as ‘would cooperate’ ‘would comply’ is symptomatic of the hesitations to do the professed ‘respect for human rights, international humanitarian rights and rule of law emphasized on our pan Bayanihan’. Somehow it sounds hollow and lipsy. The AFP has at its disposal the means to weed out malfeasance in ts ranks. AFP intelligence is no less intelligent, I am sure.

  • WoBushi

    Of course a mother will always grieve over the loss of her
    child. Mrs. Burgos’s sense of loss over her son, Jonas, is no different.
    Whatever it was Jonas disappeared for a reason, and whoever did it was likewise
    a victim of a murderous government policy. In the government’s endless struggle
    against insurgency, the insurgents are at war with the government. No doubt the
    insurgents profess to armed violence to promote their objectives. While Jonas may have been doing business as a newspaperman,
    his association with the underground for ill or good made him a potential casualty
    of such fog of war. In the current struggle for sovereignty and other external threats,
    I think the security of the state far outweighs our individual liberty. I think Mrs. Burgos owes it to her son that
    Jonas might not have properly distinguished his freedom and responsibility for
    this country growing up. You don’t burn down your house to exact justice from an
    unfaithful wife so to speak. Dissent and freedom have their boundaries too.

    • Loggnat

      The rights of its citizens trumps the security of the state. Even if Jonas Burgos is a sympathizer of the NPA, the state does not have the right to arbitrarily trample on his right to live. A state who breaks the law, ignores its Constitution and will abduct and terminate its citizens suspected of sympathizing with it’s enemies does not deserve to exist.

  • Max Tandan

    if the military wants closure, then by all means STOP LYING to the filipino people,

    • Palparan

      the biggest scalawag of them all is Jonas Burgos… and he was neutralized

      • Max Tandan

        May God bless you

  • GKid

    Jonas Burgos is a Filipino Citizen, he is entitled to due process under
    the law. If he was an insurgent then he should have been tried in the
    court system. His rights as a human being, not his personal liberty, has
    been violated with his abduction. The Constitution should be respected
    by all parties because it is the contract in which the people give up
    their sovereignty to the government in order to protect their freedom,
    and rights. Jonas should have been afford his rights because as citizens
    we are subjected to the rules/laws of the government. Otherwise, the government can abduct me and you, WoBushi, without any proof, cause, or trumped up charges. If we don’t hold the military responsible, then where will the abuse of the government end, until all of us are abducted and found guilty without cause?

    • Loggnat

      Could not say it any better than that. If a state tramples the human rights of one of its citizens, it tramples the human rights of everyone of its citizens.

    • JosengSisiw1

      and who hold the NPA responsible? themselves with their own court? they sentenced to death people who don’t even know that they were charged?

  • ruben_bush

    Let’s put a closure not only for the Jonas Burgos case…. how about the cases of Olalia who was murdered by the RAM? How about Leandro Alejandro???? How about the other less known desaparacidos???? In Argentina, Chile, and other parts of Latin America, General Pinochet, argentinian generals were all put to justice for their crimes against the people.

  • Danilo Mariano

    AFP chief: Military also wants closure on Jonas Burgos case

    Ganon? Parang hindi naman!

  • Paulstronghold

    It’s already a closed case. Except we do not know yet the personages who carried out the abduction under a particular officer. The military with its doctrine of complete elimination of the communists in this country is the alledged culprit. Who else? The military for decades has been fighting an all-out war against the Reds and they will do everything at its disposal like illegal abduction, torture and more often than not infuse atrocities to communities suspected to be harboring even leftists advocates. Why not simply compensate the Burgos family criminal and civil liabilities it deserve under the law of the land? Getting the brain behind this abduction is a hard task, if not an impossible effort knowing fully well it is the government military as a whole that is the prime suspect and /or guilty party. Of course, military leadership will always deny its involvement but no amount of justification is needed since public perception already knew who the culprit is.

  • virgoyap

    It was the military with a Palparan mentality that abducted Jonas Burgos so this should be pursued extensively until the bare truth will come out.

  • Magsasaka

    kung gusto nyo ng closure huwag nyong pagtakpan

    • Palparan

      pumiyok na naman bakla! mag sama na kayo ni Jonas sa impyerno! pareho kayong mga anak ng pokpok! ang nanay mo at si edita burgos ay parehong mga pokpok! wahahahaha!

      • Magsasaka

        oh di ba ganyan ang bunga ng incest walang sense hehehe

      • Palparan

        pareho kayo ni Jonas Burgos mga anak ng pokpok…wahahahaha!

  • BatangSingapore

    sa ibang bansa ang mga militar ang pinaguusapan seguridad at depensa. samantalang sa pilipinas sa tulong ni abnoy aktibista pinagkakaabalahan.

    hoy kayong mga militar wala kaming pakeelam diyan sa jonas burgos na yan. ikwento ninyo sa amin ano na nangyayari sa scarborough shoal at spratlys meron pa ba tayo pagaari duon? binabantayan nyo ba? tinodas nyo na ba mga intsik na pumasok sa teritoryo natin?

  • BatangSingapore


  • tra6Gpeche

    AFP Chief Gen. Emmanuel Bautista, I am saluting everything you said in this article. Because I believe that you are a principled, disciplined and honorable leader of our Armed Forces, no one can and should doubt your words! Thank you, sir!

  • kismaytami

    LOL! As if may mangyayari pa sa kasong yan. Kelan pa may naparusahan sa mga panga-abuso ng gobyerno sa kapangyarihan? This time nga eh, na-promote pa! This case will naturally die as time goes by.

  • Fulpol

    no closure yet in Ninoy Aquino’s death.. ask that to Kris…


      closure of Ninoy Aquino death will not gather vote for “Team Patay”.. “Team Malaysia” of “Team Penoy”….. The pwesident is using government funds and resources for his LP election campaign through long dead Burgos drama.

      “DAANG TUWAD”.

  • Fulpol

    BS Aquino-Makapili III, should ask again: should I let just a single man named Jonas Burgos to break an institution?

    they same question he should ask about the mastermind of his father’s death…

  • Fulpol

    BS Aquino-Makapili III… Jonas Burgos should get justice, disregarding an institution that will crumble…

    but never on the mastermind of my father’s death..

  • Brax82

    It’s like saying that the Aquino’s want closure form the death of Ninoy haha! Whatta Joke!

  • Beguine

    The cries for Closure on the Burgos killing is deafening and insulting
    to the people.

    Get those who killed Jonas Burgos. That’s what the people want and the
    sooner the better it’s been ages!

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