Biazon clueless about loudest whisper



Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon should read between the lines: President Noy wants him to have an honorable exit by resigning.

Biazon should take the cue from presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda’s statement that calls for Biazon’s resignation should best be directed at the beleaguered customs commissioner.

Biazon’s failure to curb the rampant smuggling of petroleum products under his watch has sparked calls for his resignation even from the President’s political allies.

“Maybe, Commissioner Biazon should answer that question himself,” was Lacierda’s reply to questions whether the President had asked the customs chief to resign.

Biazon should not wait for the President to tell him to his face he’s no longer needed.

* * *

A Palace source told me the President has been stung by reports of rampant smuggling of rice despite the fact the country is about to reach self-sufficiency level.

“And now, the smuggling of petroleum products!” said the source.

“Sumasakit na ang ulo ni Presidente (The President is having a headache),” the source said, referring to the reports of smuggling.

* * *

Biazon seems to be clueless about what’s happening on his own turf, the second biggest revenue-generating agency of the government.

It was the President who informed Biazon about the huge smuggled rice shipment at Subic Freeport that resulted in a Senate investigation, the Palace source said.

“Why did the information (of rice smuggling at Subic) have to come from the President? Why couldn’t Biazon have found it on his own?” said the source.

That’s what the President gets for appointing a boy who’s still wet behind the ears in an agency full of crooks.

* * *

My sources in the customs bureau and in the oil industry say the biggest oil smugglers in the country (apart from Pilipinas Shell, which was mentioned in Thursday’s On Target) are the following:

One has depots in Davao and Subic; another  has a depot in Bataan; one firm also maintains  a depot in  Subic and the last one operates in Misamis Oriental.

The current furor over the rampant smuggling of oil products stemmed from a complaint by Ramon S. Ang, chair and chief executive officer of Petron, the country’s biggest oil refiner, that about one in every three liters of gasoline or diesel is smuggled into the country.

* * *

The ignorant and the unlettered should be disenfranchised of the right to vote.

They should enjoy all the rights under the Constitution, except the right to vote.

Voting should be enjoyed only by citizens who have discernment on local and national issues.

The ignorant and the unlettered are responsible for voting into office people like them.

These people sell their votes for a measly sum.

These people don’t think; they vote for candidates whose names  are dictated to them by others  taking advantage of  the fact that they are virtually clueless about what these people stand for.

Or, they vote for candidates based on their popularity, and not on their knowledge of issues.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    Kapalmuks, Incorporated!

  • indiosbravos2002

    So I expect Tulfo not to vote this election.

  • buttones

    I do believe that people who elect stupid people into office are stupid also….


      But 99.69% of the candidates are Dynasty stupids. PH candidate system is stupid. Bring back 2 party system and the butterflies must be barred from running until 10 years had gone by. But most of all > Throw away party list system.

    • rouelcalzita

      You are merely correct.

    • Noel

      Most often, these people are just playing stupid. Biazon was place at BOC for the benefit of Malacanang. He knows who the smugglers are including a big Pnoy campaign donor, Ricky Razon.

    • Carlos_Iho

      absolutely correct…like those who voted for aquino…

  • kilabot

    which comes first,
    chicken or egg?
    noykapon or ruffy?

    the ignorant and the unlettered are the majority;
    they call the shots;
    democracy may be ignorant and unlettered sometimes,
    but that’s democracy.


      2 party system choose the most passionate intelligent member to be presented as candidate. It is the practice in developed world.

      Cory’s reign and constitution destroyed it all. The Aquinos with Traitor grand parent is curse to Filipinos.

      Can perverts bring anything good ? Monkeys remain monkey because it does not posses brain with intelligence.

      • 33Sambuang2

        then how about you? have you done anything for your country? all you do is lambast the current administration. you want our country to be governed again by the likes of arroyo’s and marcoses?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Cory is Death president through the wake of her husband. Penoy is Death president through the wake of Her mother. The question is > What good had they done for this country except being creations of Death ? Cory killed the Constitution. Penoy, RH law kills the poor native Filipinos.
        I pay tax so that both of them may eat. I don’t kill but contributes for life. Creation of Death Kills…. weeeeee….. byeeeee >>>>

      • Benigno the Turd

        Philippines lost more money in incompetence 50 billion or so a year more than the alleged money stolen by either Marcos or arroyo under this honest kuno president, so RESOUNDING YES!!

  • $20926843

    Its possible that this present inutile and autistic president appointed this SOB biazon in difference to his father general who had been a loyal factotum of the aquinos starting from the inconsequential cory aquino who also started the cursed reign to this country and being continued by her inutile president son.

    • tagalinis


      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      “Deferential” and “Submission” redirect here. Not to be confused with Difference (disambiguation) or Differential. For the legal doctrine, see Judicial deference. For other uses, see Submission (disambiguation).

      Deference (also called submission or passivity) is the condition of submitting to the espoused, legitimate influence of one’s superior or superiors.[1] Deference implies a yielding or submitting to the judgment of a recognized superior out of respect or reverence. Deference has been studied extensively by political scientists, sociologists, and psychologists.

      lifted from Wikipedia…

      • UrHONOR

        TALAGA namang “difference” yong anak sa tatay, di ba? :)

      • pabloo6293

        isa ka pa.

      • pabloo6293

        Di mo pa dineresto si alazzka na nag-tagalog na lang sana siya.

    • $19543087

      What happened to Gen. Danilo Lim who is the customs intelligence officer? Why is he so quite on this matter? He should be shed light on what he was doing. Otherwise he might be perceived as in cahoots with the oil smugglers.

      • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

        Pag busog ang mga Buwaya, walang imik yan!kain pa sya ng kain, nagiimbak ng pagkain sa Katawan hanggang ilang araw.

      • kevin

        ERR.. Quiet…..

      • Noel

        Of course this Mr. Clean Danny Lim is in cahoot.

    • mapicchu

      deference po..walang difference

    • muddygoose

      In difference to or in deference to?

  • jdelacruz13

    only in the phils …

  • ConstructiveMediaCritics






    If we talk about clueless. It is the young ones for sure. They have no grasp of history or any interest other than chasing partner for life. Fashion crazed just to make impression. Penoy was fashion president of the clueless who got no any idea what an eewww.. looks like nor knows the sound of its songs.

    Raise the voting age to 25, there’s too much voters for fashion.

  • randyaltarejos

    Biazon should tender his resignation now. It’s now up to P-Noy if he will accet it or not. If P-Noy doesn’t act on his resignation, then Biazon can re-think on how to implement more reforms at the graft-ridden BOC. Dapat kasi ang isang BOC chief ay advanced ang kaisipan kaysa mga smugglers. Iniisip pa lang nila ay meron ka ng stop gap measures in place. Dapat kunting creativity at intelligence gathering pa Mr. Biazon. Perhaps, what Mr. Biazon can do is to hire a consultant analyst whose job will only focus on the close monitoring of smuggling activities at the BOC.

    • Carlos_Iho

      Biazon should not resign, he should just shoot himself on the head. He won’t do that anyway since he even shamelessly justifies his incompetence.

  • $16638896

    hindi bagay si biazon sa BOC dahil mkha syang naive, parang kakalabas lang sa seminaryo. ang kailangan sa boc BERDUGO!

    • pabloo6293

      Hindi na pwede si Tulfo dyan.. baka magulpi siya ni Claudine at Raymart.

      • Dan Valuz

        Sana magulpi din tatay mo at lolo mo !!! pabloo6293 kampi ka kasi sa mga Atilano at Barreto, YUCCCKKK!!!!

    • Carlos_Iho

      mukha lang yan..di mo lang kilala…

  • Joseph St John

    I agree 100% with Mon Tulfo that the ignorant unlettered should be disenfranchised because I know that this kind of voters sell their votes not knowing what they are voting for and what the issues are that affect our country. Most of these people vote for those who are more moneyed and more popular even if these politicians are crooks.To the unlettered and the ingnorant the elections are popularity contests.

  • noyab

    nakakalbo na ang presidente nating abnoid

    • Carlos_Iho

      dati ng kalbo yan at dati na ring abnoid

  • rickysgreyes

    PNoy might want to consider appointing General Lim as Commissioner

  • $19543087

    Mr. Tulfo you are right. People who are ignorant & unlettered should not be allowed to vote. I could not compare my vote to one who don’t understand what the candidates stand for & much more don’t know how to read & write. This prohibition should have been in our constitution a long long time ago.

    • rouelcalzita

      The literacy rate of adult is 95.4% in the Philippines.
      And voting rates have generally high approximately 80 to 85% in national
      So the ignorant & unlettered voters were the educated one.

  • maria jacinto

    i agree with you, the stupid and the uneducated should not be allowed to vote, how i wish it is possible they are the ones whose voting for the corrupt and undesirable

  • go88

    ‘These people sell their votes for a measly sum.’

    And how much according to your standards tulfo should they sell their votes?

  • Philcruz

    It did seem that way, doesn’t it? Biazon seems like a babe in the woods at Customs. His father warned him before he was appointed that the job could be one that could destroy him.

  • http://twitter.com/Lapasan03 Noel S. Autor

    I agree with you Mon regarding your statement on the ignorant and unlettered voters. Unfortunately,these voters outnumber those who choose deserving and competent candidates. Ignorant and unlettered voters are the reasons why we have political dynasties. It is also one of the reasons why we have some corrupt politicians. After election, politicians will naturally recoup what they spent for buying votes.

    • holydonkeyballs

      Indeed. The very sad truth.

    • rouelcalzita

      You are 100% not in conformity with fact or truth.
      The literacy rate of adult is 95.4% in the Philippines.
      And voting rates have generally high approximately 80 to 85% in national elections.
      So the ignorant & unlettered voters were the educated one.

    • Ronilo Yap

      Dapat bago maka register sa Comelec may Test na daanan. Gaya ng College Entrance Test para malaman kung capable ang botante na pumili ng lider. Ginagawa na ring pang tuma ang karaptan nila sa pag boto.


    Mon, did you share with RUFFY or PNOY the dossiers you got re-smuggling?

    • Dan Valuz


  • TT Knew

    There was a powerful man before who did what are suggesting in this article in the pretext of bettering his country. First, he disenfranchised the ignorant, the unlettered and the uneducated, then he got rid of the mentally and physically disabled and finally, those who he thought were not as good as him. His name was ADOLF HITLER.

  • pedro Bato

    The present BOC should be DISBANDED ! I fully agree with that suggestion ! KASI, kahit sinong matino, tapat at mabuting tao ang ilagay mo dyan na commissioner ay tiyak na kawawa lang ! PAGLALARUAN LANG NG MGA BUWAYANG DALAWA PAA DYAN SA BOC ! Disband first the BOC from top to bottom, down to level of janitors, then recruit new honest men and women ! And for supervisors and manager levels, I suggest recruits should be recommended by the Catholic church, Iglesia ni Cristo, Bro. Eddie Villanueva and other religious organizations who will vouch and guarantee their honesty and integrity.

  • mavtan

    Tulfo you need to learn to read the sign correctly, coz you are reading it wrong. So many people wants Biazon’s removal from BOC, but take a second look who are these people are. Most have businesses that is one way or another connected on imports/export. I’ll say if they are really so desperate to have Biazon kicked in BOC, Biazon must be making life miserable to these smugglers and doing a fine job in BOC. Malacanang feels the pressure to Biazon is too much and giving him the choice to leave or take on the challenge. Otherwise, the president would have asked for his resignation already.

  • rgf_md

    Since day one of Biazon’s appoinment, I popped out this question, What can a Medical Technologist graduate do in a corrupt riddled agency? Now we see the answer.

  • Mr Moonlight

    hey biazon are you callous? dont you get it
    P-Noy wants you OUT!

  • http://twitter.com/wadjitzain coty

    so what do i care really, so what if Biazon is clueless?! we the people and of course the present admn. “IS NOT CLUELESS” about the BOC. it is perceived to be the den of thieves! since the govt. tolerates them anyway hence they are part of the whole shebang!


    SA dinami-dami ng “informers” at “sources’ ni tulfing sa kapaligiran nya, SIGURO magandang ideya na siya ang gawing Customs Commissioner. Balitang-balita namang magaling siyang commishioner noon pa! May I, then, respectfully nominate Ramon Tulfo to be the next BOC commishioner vice Biazon?

  • revitor

    Yes, majority of those who cast their votes in all elections did not think wisely. Either they are ignorant or take this constitutional right for granted. It’s unfortunate that those who voted wisely were greatly outnumbered. This condition is aggravated by the fact that most of these candidates, whether in the local or national arena, are members of the elite and dynstic clans. For those mature citizens or voters, there is no more compelling motivations anymore to participate in the Philippine electoral process. Just look at those vying for the senate seats. Our election is becoming a farce and a curse. Imagine subjected to this spectacle every three years. It’s very nauseating.

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    Let us also disenfranchise journalists who are partial and subjective, their columns full of hearsay, innuendos and insinuations, and specially those who accept payolas for their efforts. Someone you know, Mon Tulfo? Look at the mirror to find out who.

    • maypakialamtayo

      asar talo ka na naman ano? aminin idol mo rin si sir mon, kasi basa ka ng basa sa column nya eh!

      • Ekalam Gnekup

        “I keep my friends close but my enemies closer” This was a quote made by Sun-tzu (~400 BC) who was a Chinese general & military strategist. Keeping tabs on Tulfo does not mean he is my idol. By reading his articles I get to know all about him – his characteristics, likes, don’t likes, weaknesses
        and strengths. Thus enabling me to overcome them in time of arguments by
        anticipating his every move and being one step ahead at all times. You are very fortunate I am in the mood to respond to your dumb comment. I usually do not stoop down to this level.

  • http://www.facebook.com/iyen.dev Iyen Dev

    Aquino meltdown on Presidency!He is not a natural born leader, no wisdom and guidance.Maybe, he can shift his nation-building through, ‘Sex and Money Revolution!’.The best two pleasure in the Philippines!More fun.

  • $14523613

    Why not tell the reading public Mr, Tulfo that you are aspiring to be honcho of the BoC?

    • Dan Valuz

      pening_garcia yan lang ba kaya mo sabihin ? Takbo ka na lang bilang barangay chairman sa lugar niyo.

  • milespacker

    We must educate the stupid, that is the solution. Otherwise, people who are more stupid will be the ones to decide who is stupid and who’s not and who are allowed to vote.

    We don’t want a scenario where the stupids are allowed to hold power and yet not allowed to vote. More dangerous are the “stupids” who think they are not stupid but on the contrary think of themselves as God’s gift to the filipinos.

  • kevin

    I think we shall change the policy of voting,,,at least high school graduate to learn how to vote the right person….not idiot voters..

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    Why not disenfranchised candidates buying votes instead of those who are ignorant and unlettered. Why pick on these people who have less in life. These candidates are supposedly educated and learned and should set good example.

  • c7cinbox

    sino ba ang tinatawag nating ignorant and unlettered. nalala ko tuluy ang isang kantang sumikat na may pamagat na “Sino ang Tunay na Baliw”.

  • Roy Batty

    If you’re setting on a pile of gold who would resign?

  • chemist45

    Attention Gen Danilo Lim. It’s your time to shine.

  • boldyak

    Pnoy is conditioning the minds of the people to accept the “superman” for the job….

  • kismaytami

    Don’t worry Mon, in due time aalis din yan. Malay mo nag-iipon pa. Mahirap kaya ang mawalan ng trabaho nang walang ipon.

  • JasonBieber

    It looks like PNoy is throwing another one of his appointees under the bus. It would be best for him to do some real work to help areas of concern in the Philippines like the DAR, NDRRMC, Custom, BuCor, and other departments but instead these areas have had problems and without the support of PNoy and PNoy making some real adjustments these areas won’t improve.

    Instead these sectors get worse and worse and Pnoy just leaves all the blame on the heads of these departments and leaves them with no choice but to resign or get fired.

  • RyanE

    “That’s what the President gets for appointing a boy who’s still wet behind the ears in an agency full of crooks.”

    Yeah, I guess so. Mr. Biazon should have started as undersecretary or sort. The job is quite huge for a kid like him.

    “The ignorant and the unlettered should be disenfranchised of the right to vote.”

    On the other side of the coin, there are also lot of “educated” people who after winning elections became corrupt and plunderers.

  • Mark

    Paging Danilo Lim, ikaw na lang ung pag asa sa Customs pero tahimik ka, mas malaki ba ang kita pag mag bulabulagan sa obvious na smuggling?

    Wag ng asahan si Tuspsi Biazon, inutil na baklita yan!

    • doncleo

      Wala ka na din maasahan kay Danilo Lim…chief sya ng intelligence bakit wala nagawa? puro busy sila sa pagpapayaman lalo na si Ruffy kaya puro bulag-bulagan na.

    • Alexandria Solis

      Well siguro simple lang,hindi ka ilalagay sa BOC kung di ka marunong ma ngupit.

  • kasile

    Ako na lang magsabi, Ito kung sa Davao, Phoenix Petroleum, kung sa Jasaan, Mis. Or. ay Flying V, yung iba hindi ko alam dahil taga Minda lang ang alam ko. Marami na ngayon ang nag operate dito na “White Station”, mas mura kaysa Big 3. .

    Alam namin kahit pinakamababa lang kami na tao, , ang BOC kasi kasabwat sa smugglers tingnan mo yung mga Custom Police, pinakamababa ay dalawang asawa at may scholars pa. .

  • http://www.facebook.com/mang.tasyong Mang Tasyong

    If indeed “the ignorant and the unlettered should be disenfranchised of the right to vote”, then you should be the first one to stop voting.

    Why should the people be deprived of their basic right to choose their own leaders? It is one of the government’s duties to make its people wise enough to cast a wise vote. It is the government’s role to empower and equip its people with the right knowledge and understanding for them to be responsible voters.

  • boybakal

    Biazon is clueless on what is happening in the bureau, clueless on what to do.
    Of course, he is clue less on what Lacierda is saying.
    He is not only clueless but nonetheless innocentes…totoy pa ata tong si Biazaon.

  • $14334231

    maybe, a week from now, you’ll have a change of heart after biazon “takes good care of you”, ha, monching???….i know how you operates……”money talks, BS walks”, right???…..

  • bebang

    I don’t think anyone who is educated or “lettered” will say they voted for FPJ rather than Gloria. Yet we got what we got from someone who was educated to the hilt. A little respect for those who did not have the benefit of formal education, please. They may know more in life (and how to be decent people) than those who apparently have their heads in the clouds.

  • pilosopo4

    Tulfo as BOC chief, for sure he will be On Target..;-)..why not? If he can criticize and expose then I would like to see how he can clean up the most lucrative bureau for crooks in a white collar.

  • Jake Lopez

    I would suggest that only the tax paying electorate be allowed to vote. Since most of the so called called unlettered, easily deceived voters are the ones who don’t pay taxes, then they should automatically be disenfranchised. They are the ones who vote for the crooks anyway so simply erase them from the system. Let those who could think rationally choose the leaders of this country. Mas may karapatan sila sumigaw ng “saan napupunta ang pera ng bayan??!!” Taxation with representation is the idea.

    • muddygoose

      But we all pay eVAT?

  • boybakal

    Dapat sa hospital si Biazon.
    Medical tech ata ang tinapos, bakit sa customs.

  • Ariel Molina

    Agree Ako mon …mas marami ang tangang botante at mangmang sa pilipinas sa pilipinas Lang nangyayari na pag sumasayaw at vice president sa taas ng intablado kasama ang mga sekseng dancer . Now Kung myron talagang delekadisa ang Vice President bakit nya ginawa iyon. Nang uto sila ng Tao Dahil alam nilang maraming tanga na botante. Mga sakim sa pwesto at now mga anak nila kahit walang alam sa pag gawa ng batas. Bakit Hindi Ikaw mon ang tumakbong senador…Dahil mas my alam ka sa saligang batas. ,! Matindi na ang corruption at patayan sa ating bansa nakikita kong walang magandang idudulot ang mga pamelyang ganid sa pwesto kawawa ang mga bata sa darating na araw … Nakakatakot ng lumakad sa gabi. Dapat my baril ka rin na dala. Haaay sana magising ang mga filipino

    • pabloo6293

      Si Tulfo patatakbuhin mong senador? Naloloko ka na ba? Kahit kapitan ng barangay di mananalo yan, kahit pustahan pa tayo.

      • maypakialamtayo

        asar talo ka na naman ano? aminin idol mo rin si sir mon ano? kasi basa ka ng basa sa column nya eh!

  • Pio Pusli

    who’s qualified mon, ping lacson? patay ang delihensya mo

  • kolambogan

    Mon I think you are suggesting a most unfair solution to a gargantuan problem? I say so because being ignorant and unlettered is not fault per se by the person subject of your suggestion. It’s effect redounds to all these people to be considered non-entity to their own country’s affairs. Corrolary to such, if the authorities have not even prosecuted or denied involvement of people in election cheating, vote buying schemes and other election rules violation, some of which are criminal in nature, how in the world would your suggestion help our country full of rotten people in all it’s level of society, especially in the government service and not just meant only to disenfranchise the most disfavored of your countrymen?

    You are a journalist, whose work is to enlighten the people and paramount to doing so is to help the under privileged and not subject them to perdition and discrimination of epic proportion, unless you are proving to yourself and others, what your detractors have long been accusing you of “Envelopemental Journalism” I will not argue with your suggestion anymore.

  • ikulong


    • maypakialamtayo

      asar talo ka na naman ano? aminin idol mo rin si sir mon kasi basa ka ng basa sa column nya eh!

  • AllaMo

    tulfo lends new meaning to ignorant and unlettered.

  • Noel

    Biazon might be a good man but knows nothing about BOC operations. If he resigns or gets fired, Intelligence Chief Danny Lim must join him.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    He’s been clueless about his job.

  • Bernard

    Hindi ako agree sa mga mangmang na hindi boboto. dahil kaparehas lang iyon ng taong nakapag aral at kamag-anak naman ang iboboto kahit alam nilang tiwali ito.
    Bakit ganoon? sa daming matalinong Pinoy at mga nag ccomment dito, sa dami ng matatalinong senador, artista at ibang politiko, lahat alam ang problema ng Pilipinas pero ilang dekada na ay ganoon pa din at sitwasyon natin?

    • pepito gwaps

      Accdg to study Philippines is a tribal state meaning we are compose of different groups of people at sa bawat tribo may kinikilala at naghaharharian. Kung hindi ka katribo nila ay hindi ka nila kikilalanin. Ask the Ilocanos who are their favorite leader and they will tell you without a blink of an eye ” still they like Pres. Marcos”. Why because we are tribal state.

  • $26606290

    I Agree 100% on the last point. This is the only way to elect the best candidates to office.

  • pepito gwaps

    ” small leak can sink the whole ship.”

  • Aida Ramos

    Can Nhoynoy afford to lose a man he likes? He could have fired Biazon long time ago for corruption but he can’t. He seems to be gay with Biazon at BoC.

  • Carlos_Iho

    There are many who have discernment but still cannot think….just look at all the yellow fanatics.

  • Carlos_Iho

    Incompetence is as bad as corruption…probably even worse since it is not knowing how to move forward at all.

  • $27317632

    Ibalik ang two party system!!!!

  • okabato

    Ruffy Biazon could be a victim here, he has no knowledge of what’s going on in his bureau. His people was making money right under his nose without him knowing it. Binubukulan ka commissioner.

  • Mortz C. Ortigoza

    According to the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce U.S $20 billion or P800 billion is lost in the Philippines every year because of the unabated spate of smuggling of all kinds of goods.
    U.S $6 billion or P240 billion of this is on rice smuggling.
    Consequently, Filipino farmers mull not to sow their crop next planting season because rice millers and traders stoped buying the staple at P17 a kilo.
    They prefer to buy those peddled by smugglers who dump Chinese and Vietnamese cheap rice in different harbors of the country.
    According to Abono Party list chair Rosendo So, the national farmer group he belongs wrote recently President Aquino about their concern on the bane brought by the rampant and scandalous smuggling.
    Is Malacanang behind the spate of this scourge against the poor and emaciated Filipino farmers?
    Many suspected it is behind this in exchange of billions of pesos to boost the stocks of its senatorial and other candidates in the Liberal Party.
    In his column “Edsa repair may fund LP Poll campaign” that saw print in the Philippines Daily Inquirer in February 3,2013, Neil Cruz wrote about the sinister plan of the administration of President Aquino to surreptitiously expedite in May this year almost P4 billion worth of rehabilitation of the stretch of the 23 – kilometer highway EDSA.

    Excerpts of Cruz’s column: “If it is not urgent, why is the DPWH (Department of Public Works & Highways) in a hurry to fix it now? The DPWH’s excuse is that there will be two international conferences here in two years. What a shallow excuse”.
    He said the delegates will not pass through Edsa. From the airport to their hotels, they will pass through Roxas Boulevard.
    He continued the DPWH says that after the repairs, Edsa will be as “smooth as NLEx.” Is it necessary to make Edsa “as smooth as NLEx”? No. Vehicles will not be able to speed through Edsa as fast as they do on NLEx and SLEx no matter how “smooth” it is because of the traffic jams. Motorists will be much happier with the traffic flow made to move smoothly rather than with a smooth road with traffic jams”.

    Cruz posed why the DPWH was in a hurry? He said part of the almost P4-billion EDSA budget may be used to fund the administration’s election campaign.
    His sources said the private contractors get 50 percent of the contract budget before any work is started. Fifty percent of P4 billion is P2 billion. The average commission, or kickback, that a contractor coughs up is 30 percent. How much is 30 percent of P2 billion?
    Since I don’t have a calculator, my abacus said it is a whopping almost P 600
    Million that the Liberal Party can get a share to finance its candidates nationwide from the P3.7 billion appropriation.
    After the expose’ Malacanang helter-skelter and cowered by suspending the repair of EDSA because of the heat it would reap.
    As anyone knows, it could undermine the “Birthday Party” of the LP”.
    Does the Palace has a hand on the successful dumping of imported cheap rice at the expense of our poor farmers who would starve to death because nobody buys their staple anymore?
    I therefore support the call of So for the head of Custom Commissioner Rozzano Ruffino Biazon.
    Biazon, a friend and a medical technology graduate, is an ally of Aquino, is the worst custom chief this country has ever seen after he plunged in a deficit of P60 billion of its custom tax target last year.
    The deficit is the worst since the Bureau of Custom was conceived in 1902.
    So explained that mabuti pa ang bulag kumpara kay Biazon kasi pag nahawakan ng bulag alam niya kung anong bagay. But Biazon is like the monkey who couldn’t see and hear about ubiquity of rice smuggling (Excerpt from my column’s “Liberal Party raises fund through rice smuggling?”.

  • wazgoingon

    Since the government provides free education up to the high school level, I suggest that we pass a law making the presentation of a high school diploma as a requisite for being given the privilege to vote. This way, we can be more or less be assured of intelligent voters base and thus better leaders in public office.

  • Noel

    Who is Raffy Biazon? Why is he untouchable?

  • NoPeopleLuck

    Biazon just stay in his office, doesnt go around thats why, really? How come then this smuggling flourish under his watch. Please, tell me sir…

  • tabitabi

    Kayo ang mga naive kung sa akala nyo ay walang kaalam si Biazon at Lim sa mga nangyayari. They are playing their part perfectly. Which is, just do nothing.

  • Bunot-Supo

    From the ignorant and unlettered voters: “Tatakbo na lang kami kung di pwede bomoto. Ang dami namang nagkandidato na tulad namin, may dynasty pa!”

  • disqusted0fu

    I agree that Biazon should read between the lines and resign. But if a thick-faced official such as he is refuses to do so, it is time for Pnoy to do something about it.

    For his political opponents, Pnoy forcibly exercises his authority in kicking out officials, why can’t he do the same with his allies? That alone already beats the meaning of the straight path government that he claims the PH has under his watch.

  • nice_boy

    Parliamentary system will solve the problem of stupid people electing stupids into power.

  • http://www.facebook.com/moncsj.moncsj Moncsj Moncsj

    Mr. Tulfo should probably add the jobless to the group which should be disenfranchised.
    These are the people who would be most vulnerable to vote buying. This prohibition, however, should be lifted once a jobless person secures a (paying?) job.
    Determining who is ignorant and unlettered requires more effort since we first have to establish that the person doing the determination is not ignorant or unlettered.
    For the citizen test on discernment on local and national issues, what are these local and national issues? If we set the bar of discernment at the level of Mr. Tulfo’s, are we setting the bar too high or too low?

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