Palace says it’s up to Biazon to quit or not



Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon’s fate rests in his own hands.

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda told reporters in a briefing on Friday that calls for Biazon’s resignation should be best directed at the beleaguered head of the corruption-plagued Bureau of Customs (BOC).

As the sword of Damocles now hangs over the BOC chief’s head, Lacierda said it would be up to Biazon to decide whether to quit or not amid his perceived failure to curb the rampant smuggling of petroleum products under his watch.

“Maybe, Commissioner Biazon should answer that question himself,” said Lacierda, who said he had not received any directive from President Aquino demanding the resignation of Biazon, who is a member of the ruling Liberal Party.

Asked by the INQUIRER if it was prudent for the commissioner to spare the President from further troubles and allow the Chief Executive to personally revamp the whole agency, Lacierda said:

“I don’t want to answer that. It’s not something that I’m in a position to answer. If there’s any concern, that would be between the President and Commissioner Biazon.”

However, Lacierda hinted that an investigation, which was ordered by the President following revelations of widespread oil smuggling in economic zones and major ports in the country, would seek the prosecution of those “in cahoots” with oil smugglers.

A top Palace official said Mr. Aquino would deal with Biazon after the May polls. “Wait after the elections for Cabinet movements,” said the official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak on the record.

The President earlier said he would make “minor changes” in the Cabinet after the May 13 balloting to get rid of “nonperforming” appointees. He did not give details.

Complete overhaul

Contacted in Panama City, where he was attending a meeting of the World Customs Organization, Biazon agreed that his bureau needs a “complete overhaul.” He did not say he was going to quit.

Quoting his April 4 blog on the Internet, he pointed out “mere replacement of people involved [in the BOC’s Run After the Smugglers campaign], while necessary and significant, will not be the ultimate solution. A change in the system and the environment needs to happen, including a paradigm shift in how we view the role of the Bureau of Customs, not just in revenue collection and border security but in trade facilitation, as well.”

The BOC head noted that “commissioners come and go but the business remains the same as it has always been.”

Biazon said “the problem of oil smuggling is not one that just cropped up during my tenure as BOC commissioner in the past 18 months nor the Aquino administration from mid-2010 to the present.”

“It is a problem that hounds every Customs administration, not just in the Philippines but around the world. Even the most technologically advanced customs unit faces the same problem; the only difference is the magnitude of the problem and the dynamics of the system prevailing in each country. But sometimes, it is also a matter of perception by sectors concerned,” he said.

On Petron CEO Ramon Ang’s claim that the government had been losing P30 billion in revenues due to oil smuggling, he said: “It must be noted that his statement covers the period 2007 to 2011… As a consequence of that statement, some lawmakers and candidates in the forthcoming elections have issued their own commentaries on the matter, some with specific proposals and others with general allegations that nothing is being done.”

Fire Biazon

Party-list Rep. Teddy Casiño, a Makabayan senatorial candidate, dared the President to fire Biazon because the estimated P30-40 billion in foregone revenues annually, according to Petron head Ramon Ang, was “too huge.”

“Oil smuggling is too widespread and systemic to escape the attention and appropriate action from Biazon,” said Casiño in a statement.

“The President should fire BOC Commissioner Biazon for failure to stop, and worse, for allowing massive smuggling in oil under his watch if the administration is really serious in its pursuit of straight path,” the militant representative said.

Opposition senatorial candidate Mitos Magsaysay said that with three years into its term, the Aquino administration can no longer blame the oil smuggling problem on any other leadership and it must now finally ask its economic managers to account for their failure to resolve it.

“After three years on the job, they can’t say this is the fault of another administration. This is the fault of Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima and his agencies,” she said. “They haven’t done anything. The losses amounted to P40 billion to P50 billion. This means somebody had been sleeping on the job to benefit from oil smuggling or because somebody in the administration is earning from it.” With reports from Jerry E. Esplanada and Christine O. Avendaño

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  • Pedro_Gil

    ano ba yan? hugas kamay kayo parang pontius pilato, Hindi alam ni R Biazon kung magreresign kasi walang alam yan. Modelo siya ng karamihang appointment ni Pnoy. Kagaya mo siya Lacierda, wala ka ring alam. Magresign ka na rin. Mga Hnd..t kayo!

    • patawad

      Ngiwi ngiwi ang sagot nitong si Lacierda, parang nguso niya, sagot engot!!!

      • Ulipur

        Nakakahiya na talaga itong si Lacierda.

      • Akoaykanoy

        Siempre kapit-tuko din siya sabi nila masama si Gloria ganoon din pala kayo parepareho kayo

  • doncleo

    alam ni Biazon ang tungkol sa oil smuggling….wala syang ginawa kasi tumatanggap din sya… nagmamadali nga magpayaman kasi alam nya hindi sya magtatagal sa BOC.

  • tra6Gpeche

    Mr. Biazon does not have what it takes to eradicate the corruption and anomalies in the BOC. He might be an honest person but in the Philippines, that is not enough to fight the powerful smugglers and well connected crooked employees of the Bureau. If he does not resign, then he definitely is benefiting from the smuggling and corruption!

    • Loggnat

      Biazon might be too soft and goodhearted to administer government positions that will require almost ruthless control, strict disciplinary method, and impeccable efficiency to cleanse and rehabilitate the corrupt office’s employees and ways. He was not suitable to administer the Bilibid prison, and now he is proving to be the same as Bureau of Custom head. Being a good, honest and trustworthy individual is not simply enough sometimes to tame those corrupt government offices.

      • tra6Gpeche

        Amen, kabayan!

      • Gat Peps

        If Biazon uses the ‘whip’, I wonder if he will be alive tomorrow…and his family too.

      • Loggnat

        If Biazon fears the consequences of doing the job properly even if he had to cracked the ‘whip’, maybe he should step aside. It will give somebody else who is not afraid to give it a try to have an opportunity to excel by cleaning up the BoC. If the Philippine government cannot protect those government heads who serves and try to clean up those corrupt offices, then there is no real hope for the country but an all out cleansing through the barrel of a rifle in a bloody revolution, I guess.

    • Gat Peps

      “…benefitting from the smuggling and corruption” That is an assumption that should be supported by at least some facts. it’s so easy to make unfounded conclusions in this culture.

      • tra6Gpeche

        With his incompetence and not resigning from his position, what should I think? He is a public servant and his duty and obligation to the country is to demolish smuggling and corruption in the BOC. He deserves to be accused if he does not resign. Not resigning is my evidence, kabayan! And praising him will be ludicrous!

  • Ncarreonjr

    Why is it up to Biazon to quit or not? He should be fired either for inefficiency/incompetence or corruption. Either you do your job or not. Nothing in between.

    • Akoaykanoy

      You’re right Nathan President Aquino should fire him right away siguro naman puwede na siya magpatayo ng haybol sa Vegas, Texas, California but don’t do it in Chicago dihin puwede yon todits aatakihin siya rito ng mga Noypi legal ang hanapbuhay dito.

    • speaksoftlylove

      Because if Biazon is fired, he will absolutely squeal. This is the only rationale.

      But the suggestion of the Chief Prevaricator Lacierda is practically saying. “Bahala si Biazon kung may delicadeza siyang magresign.” as if Lacierda has some delicadeza also.

    • leomar101

      Eh ganoon naman talaga kapag KKK ay dedepensahan. Kapag kagaya yan ni Dr. Nilo ng Pag-asa eh murahin pa yan ni mongol sa publiko. Tingnan mo ang mga appointed ni mongol na di kinompernahan ay hanggang ngayon nasa puesto pa rin kahit isang daan pa yan tinangihan ng Com. on Appointment. hahaha.

    • txtman


    • Betz Chui

      Whoever is appointed will suffer the same fate – no matter how competent! BOC is riddled with corruption from top to bottom for several decades now!
      Replacing commissioners is always a “salonpass” approach, when what is
      needed is surgery! Biazon should start firing people in the BOC left
      and right and replace them with upright persons! But Biazon can only do
      this – after the elections as the people who orchestrated this wants
      protection of the law – they can NOT be fired because of the elections.
      Wise !

    • Betz Chui

      People should be allowed to work for the BOC for 5 years maximum only – then transferred to separate government agency! Corruption in BOC is too hard to handle for anyone!

    • punto_lang

      They can’t afford to loose one pogi cabinet member hehehe

  • julieboy

    It takes more than a human being to fix the Bureau of Customs. No one as far as i can remember that has been assigned in the department succeeded in at least minimizing corruption.Whoever replaces Biazon will have the same fate.Smuggling is in our culture and everyone suffers except the smugglers. The bureau has an incurable cancer called corruption that no medicine has been able to cure.I guess ethnic cleansing and a complete overhaul which is wishful thinking might fix it a little.

    • boldyak

      parang alam ko ang gusto mong ilagay sa pwesto…..all is conditioning the minds of the people to accept the MAN….hahahahaha…these next few days, all news will mention the name of the MAN, saying that he can do the job….kawawa ang pinas….

  • calixto909

    If Biazon is a true exponent of Pnoy’s matuwid na daan then without much fanfare, he should resign in order to preserve and uphold the ideals and principles behind the administration of Aquino that is being appreciated by and large. His persistence to stay in office despite blown out ineptitude in performance shall do more harm than good to Pnoy’s administration however his early bowing out from service is a plus factor.

  • A. H. Forrester

    This is the perfect job for ‘Ping Lacson’. It would be nice if he stood up and announced that he would spearhead the eradication of corruption in the BOC and go after all those with dirty hands (and fortunes in amassed wealth). P’Noy would then have a reason that makes sense for supporting Lacson despite Ping’s lurid history.

  • Stuubs

    Pnoy must realize that its his command responsibility as the president … if one of his trusted officials f@ck-up !, he is the one who is accountable to the people who elected him. Its time for him to show the Filipino people if he is a leader with balls or just an inutile a weak leader who can’t even decide on his own. It seems that pres Pnoy is having a hard time adhering to his own “TUWID NA DAAN” !… I’m afraid that someday he might just ride one of those GMA wheelchairs as well,.. if he do not take heed to the warning signs !

  • catalansbarce

    The resignation of Biazon is not the solution to weed out the corrupt personnel in BoC
    instead change all personnels from top to bottom by a qualified new comers and then
    introduce new laws to deter corruption.

    • amelius23

      This the most sensible thing to do. Retire all the personnel from top to bottom and change them with young, idealistic and less prone to corruption new comers. The long staying BOC personnel have entrenched themselves and their tentacles in the bureau can do all the shenanigans. There are a lot of honest personnel in the bureau but the few rotten eggs had engulfed the honest to goodness operation of the bureau and whoever you will appoint as new BOC chief can easily be overwhelmed by the pervading system of graft and corruption. Let the long arm of the law finally seize and put to jail all smugglers and their cohorts in the bureau.

    • leomar101

      Maraming paraan at maraming solusyon kung gugustohin ni aquino. Ayaw niya dahil mawalan ng kita ang mga smugglers. Biazon is only the bag man kaya manatili siya diyan sa pwesto niya. Tingnan mo gusto niyang maalis si Corona, kaya lahat ng illegal na paraan ay ginawa niya. ang small lady, ang mysterious lady sa garahe, ang mga alepores niyang nag produce ng mga mali at illegal na documento. ang 188 conganids etc. Itong 60 billions na cuarta na kikitain ng mga smugglers ay malaki na rin multiply mo ng 6 years niyang panatili o kitam, mataba ang kanyang tiyan.

  • LegalJustice

    Can anyone touch JPE – He is the untouchable for many century.

    • speaksoftlylove

      If what you are alluding to is car smuggling then petse petse lang yan kung ikumpara mo sa oil smuggling and I don’t believe JPE is into oil smuggling. Di dumadaong sa Port Irene yong mga barko ng oil smugglers. Maliliit na barko lang ito na pormang barge at naghihintay lang sa laot. I even personally know a certain oil smuggler with the initials D. G. who had strong connections with the palace during Cory’s time until now. Biruin mo mere salesman lang ang umpisa niya yet he became an instant millionaire because of oil smuggling in just a year. Hanggang ngayon active pa rin ang kumag.

      I may even surmise that those who exposed these oil smuggling activities are smugglers themselves who do not engage in oil smuggling but wanted to even up the score saying, “Bakit nyo kami tinitira eh malititan lang itong negosyo namin samantalang di hamak na bilyones yang raket ninyo na may blessings pa sa palasyo?” Kaya sangkatutak ang bala ng administrasyon sa election. See? Natatawa nga ako sa isang blogger na may username na desi derata. Sabi niya “Check Biazon’s track record.” Ang alam kong pinagmamalaki lang ni Biazon yong nahuli niyang tonetonelada ng imported garlic at onions. Siguro mainam panggisa ng yellowbultures yon.



  • Bryan Kevin Tung

    He must b fired. Being clean s not enough. U must b incompetent. Magtanim ka na lng ng kamote!

  • carlcid

    Biazon’s incompetence, if not corruption, is a big fat albatross on PNoy’s neck. PNoy should just remove that detrimental aberration rather than ask that monstrosity to get rid of itself.

  • hu_yu

    pabol pabol itong mga nasa malacanang tsk!

  • penoy2012

    Haayyy, buhay. Lalong lumala ang smuggling sa panahon ni penoy. KKK.

  • randyaltarejos

    Akala kasi ng mga taga customs ay di mabubuking tong ganitong modus operandi kasi consumable ang crudo at madali mabili sa market. Kaso na buking. Kaya yung mga alipores na gusto magpa lusot dyan ay dapat din kasuhan at tanggalin sa pwesto. Palagay ko panay sabong ng mga ilan sa customs personnel na nagpasasa sa katas ng smuggled crude oil na yan. Now, it’s the fault of Biazon because he let the mess got out of control. How could he not know, knowing that Retired Gen. Danny Lim is his deputy for intelligence. Hindi ba ni Gen. Lim na laman yang technical smuggling na yan? Nagtatanong lang naman tayo.

  • isidro c. valencia

    We need swift justice for the people. Walang turuan.

    Billions of pesos (P200B per year as reported by World Bank) are losing equivalent for the welfare of the people. Convert that into Cash Conditional Transfer, then our poverty and hunger will be nil.

    The President should identify who is that “bagman.” Tauhan ba yan ng co-equal branch head sa Congress and Senate? Kumusta yong mga inorganic personnel?

    Is BoC not covered by the Commission on Audit?

    Bakit ayaw galawin o amend ng mga Senador at Congressmen ang batas sa Bureau of Customs? Kasi may negosyo sila sa loob.

  • Htee


  • 100345roselia

    Why is Pinoy taking so long TO FIRE Sec. Purisima & BOC Biazon in inspite of on-going
    rampant petroleum products’ smuggling ranging from 30 to 40 BILLION PESOS resulting
    to foregone govt revenue. This smuggling IS CONFIRMED by no less than the Country Manager Edgar Chua of Pilipinas Shell & CEO Ramon Ang of Petron Corp. Is it possible
    that those smugglers are cronies of Pinoy? Is it possible that these smugglers are
    untouchables because Pinoy has political indebtedness to them? Is it possible that
    there is a “bagman” assigned in the BOC to receive all the dirty money for & in behalf
    of someone in Malacanang? Is it possible that BOC Biazon if pushed to the wall will
    spill the beans? This smuggling (oil, rice, high-end used cars) is too widespread to
    escape the attention of Pinoy, Sec Purisima & Biazon not unless these officials are in
    cahoots with the smugglers. Is this smuggling “Daan Matuwid” or “DAAN BALUKTOT.?”
    What do you think my dear friends (internet users).

  • farmerpo

    Clean up BOC from the bottom up. Change leadership and the pulgas remains the same

  • Kristoffer Atienza

    Comm Biazon is doing a heck of a job. I dare challenge any one to change the ‘kalakaran’ inside without getting your head cut off – literally. I don’t know any thing going inside there but if UNA thinks they’re better then they have another thing coming.

    • Dickory

      panu mo nmn nalaman,,,,dun kb lage,,,

      • Kristoffer Atienza

        Ay…hindi nagbabasa…Hanap….

  • Sonny Solomon

    bakit di sibakin ang mga corrupt at walang silbing tao ng gobyerno? what kind of country is this?

  • Noriel Bernabe

    40 billion lost in revenue is almost equal to the 45 billion budget for this administration’s doleout project called CCT that has been eating up the big bulk of our national budget.

    Corruption is too rampant in BOC and that’s the reason why BOC frequently fails to meet its collection target. Many officials from this revenue collecting agency of the government are coddling cheats and crooks to get away with paying the right taxes. Misdeclaration of imported items is one big heck of a problem. Even before, this noynoy appointed official has shown GLARING incompetence. Under his leadership, the bureau has frequently failed to meet its collection target. incompetence is glaring… what now?

  • $44479964

    May kasama na ang Nynoying. Welcome Biazoning (incompetence).

  • 100345roselia

    My reading is that BOC Biazon is “TOO HOT” to handle by Pinoy. Why? If he is fired
    unceremoniously, he might “spill the beans” & start naming names – govt officials up to
    Malacanang who are in cahoots w/ the smugglers. What follows then will be EDSA People Power again.

  • themask celestial

    In Tondo where most of the customs people originally live, you will hear fairy tale stories of rags to riches because the people in the fairy tale is working or used to work in custom and now running a brockerage firm. If the govt. is really serious in prosecuting corrupt custom peoples, just go to Tondo, ask those ex custom or custom neighbors story about the rags to riches tale. Its not really secret, only the fool govt that is not aware.

  • farmerpo

    Being an employee of BOC already infers corruption, customary and accepted corruption. The culture of corruption is embedded deeply in the personnel system of the BOC. From fixers, other than legit employees, to inspectors, corruption is just part of the job. This is true in all revenue generating agencies of the government. From the proverbial ‘ajar desk drawer’ to outright magkano ba atin diyan?, the prevalence of corruption had become the norm.
    To address this, the cleanup should start at the bottom. fixers, clerks, appraisers, inspectors, collectors, cashiers all the way up to the top guys. First off, institute a thorough lifestyle check. Here alone, a lot of the lower ranking corrupt employees will quit before you can say ‘heto na’. It is a daunting task for any and all appointees. Appointees have a very steep learning curve unless they choose to be educated by the lower echelon and partake of the take. Do you have to fire or change them? Not really, just reshuffle and where there is recidivism, then separation from the service may be instituted. This may take a while before the results can be appreciated but it sure will work. The corruption at the top is a little bit tricky cause, emissaries (glorified fixers) are at work. They approach the director or higher and wine and dine same at the invitation of big importers. A clean cut is agreed upon and delivered in cash wherever it is designated by the receiver. the trail is just word of mouth. Very hard to trace and this happens every time there is new boss or the boss throws a tantrum in the guise of ‘found smuggled goods or under declared goods.’ So there you are, grapevine info straight from someone who used to be an emissary. Chika lang po mula sa isang nagmamarunong.

  • les21reago

    Why put all the BLAME to BIAZON?..And what is the role here of DANILO LIM?..Is not LIM not the INTEL of the Bureau?..Where does LIM Intel functions in CURBING this SMUGGLING?..In his Drawers or closets?

  • sabian

    Because PNOY doesnt have the balls to fire biazon himself. In the end, he will still blame everything to Marcos and GMA. Kung bobo ang nakaupo, mas bobo ang bumoto!

    • 100345roselia

      As the saying goes, “it is difficult to see one’s dirt in one’s nose.” He is mentally sick in blaming GMA & her allies after almost 3 years in his term of office.

  • 1voxPopuli

    my impression of BIR then, was one of the corrupt/inefficient agencies in the Philippines, but when Comm Henares took over – it has gradually improved.

    i must say that Comm Henares has more balls than Comm Biazon, if she can do it, why cant you?!

  • maharlika27

    Pichay was/is one of the biggest oil smuggler since Arroyo time…

  • Garibaldi_II

    “Palace says it’s up to Biazon to quit or not” I posted twice and post it again. Mr. Biazon is the right person for the wrong job. Don’t you have balls? Fire him. And fire two more cabinet secretaries.

  • Vic Usi

    That’s one step away from saying: “You’re fired”.

  • Maldi2

    Flip-Flop king is Mr. Lacierda. Just yesterday he said “why would Ruffy resign”? After all “TUWID NA DAAN” is but just a show. If he is true to his words, Panot should sack his BOC Chief, for this smuggling issues. Wow nag-umpisa lang sa sibuyas, tapos bigas, at heto mga langis!

    Kay laki ng kinita ng mga bataan ni Simeon. Tuwad na daan nga!

  • droccu

    Let Brigadier General Danilo “Danny” Lim takeover! He’s been at the BOC long enough (though in a lesser capacity/power) to know the ropes and to know what to do to reform the Bureau. Biazon is too “soft” to be effective.

  • joerizal

    Ruffy doesn’t have what it takes to clean up the BOC, so he should give up his position. Parang naglalaro ng sawsaw-suka itong si Lacierda, PNoy at Biazon….mahuli taya.

    • Gat Peps

      So easy for you say that, to. Is there anyone who can hack it on his seat? Who tells you the next one will need to give up as well? Many pinoys make similar statements as yours…so easy when you’re not in hot waters yourself. When your wife or girl/boyfriend catches you or an anonymous sends you a threatening SMS, won’t you flinch? hahahahaha

      • joerizal

        Are you drunk or on meds? Go to sleep before you hurt yourself with your bad english.

  • kontra_boohaya

    Firing Biazon is a band-aid solution to a much bigger, systemic problem. Sa laki ng seashore, sa dami ng barko at sa dami ng private na lansangan e imposibleng mababantayan lahat ng BOC, PNP o militar mga smugglers. Kailangan talaga systemic changeover that includes the justice system.. Kung paminsan minsan sana e may mag lifestyle check sa mga BOC employees at may makulong at masampolan na big time smugglers at mga sangkot jan sa BOC e di magandang deterent sana…sana lang. Kaya lang ala pang nahuhuling “big shot” at kung meron man……hehehe alam niyo na….money talks…..

  • Allen Douglas

    Pag KKK nga naman…..if you are a lousy inefficient govt official, you have the OPTION to quit or not to quit….

  • Gat Peps

    It’s so hasty to say ‘he should be fired’ when no clear solution is in the horizon. You guys think there is someone out there who can hack that formidable syndicate running BOC? So convenient to type on the keyboard all the words one can type in and let’s see if the typer is brave enough to step in Biazon’s office and run it!!!

  • david

    translation: lumayas ka na biazon and save your face bago ka sipain. read between the lines biazon.

  • whyinthisworld

    It’s one way of saying, Biazon pack your things now. If one has delicadeza which our politicians and government people have none, he or she should resign immediately. If not pinoy should fire him at once.

  • Rufina de leon

    I think everyone failed to understand the statement below… Who was the commissioner during this time? (2007-2011)! Losing candidates are only using this issue for media exposure.

    On Petron CEO Ramon Ang’s claim that the government had been losing P30 billion in revenues due to oil smuggling, he said: “It must be noted that his statement covers the period 2007 to 2011… As a consequence he of that statement, some lawmakers and candidates in the forthcoming elections have issued their own commentaries on the matter, some with specific proposals and others with general allegations that nothing is being done.”

  • $16638896

    ang kailangan sa BOC Berdugo, hindi kagaya ni Biazon na mkhang kakalabas lang sa seminaryo. sa dami ng kupal at magnanakaw jan, dapat palaban at walang kinakatakutan and head ng boc.

  • aldhins

    Kahit palitan ni Pnoy si Biazon kung mga taohan pa rin sa ibaba sila sila pa rin sanay na sila paano i magic yung mga kargamento wala rin mangyayari dapat mga sensitive na position sa custom palitan nila ng bagong mukha ilang beses na na exposed sa TV mga kalakaran nila yung inuholog sa drawer yung pera pero ma tigil lang sandali ilang buwan balik sa dati hirap kasi pag pera :)

  • rlo

    Delicadeza……do you guys still remember this word?

  • Dickory

    kapit sa poste hehehe

  • speedstream2

    Every problem has a solution. Some problems are more difficult and take a longer time to solve than others. All things considered, however, the mindset has to be “it will be done no matter what it takes.” Putting everything on the line is the only way to go in the fight against graft and corruption. No ifs, no buts. No quarter.

  • ruiznelli

    The one who should resign here is the President himself, no more, no less!!

  • JasonBieber

    The Customs has indeed been a problem for quite some time but the only difference during the PNoy Administration is that not much is being done to improve the current situation.

    If Customs has had issues then why hasn’t PNoy and his Administration done a complete restructuring of the system and procedures. They appoint Biazon and almost leave him alone on the Customs Island without really providing much support in fixing problems. Biazon needs to have done more but then again he needs the full support and partnership of PNoy to resolve the lingering issues.

  • Cobra

    It will make it easier to control corruption at customs if everything that is imported into the country is tax free,like HongKong.Then all they have to do is monitor for illegal shipments like drugs,weapons & the likes.Tax the goods at the point of consumption,computerization of most processes w/out personal contacts between client & customs people will also minimise corruption.

  • maypakialamtayo

    ang dahilan kaya hindi mapigil ang kurapsyon dyan sa boc dahil ang mga smuggler ay mas malakas sa pangulo kaysa sa commissioner, para naman tayong bago ng bago.

  • ting0508

    Biazon is better off acting as the staff of his father. He is too soft to head a graft ridden government post. Sen Lacson is the right person to head BOC. Heads will roll if Sen Ping Lacson becomes the BOC Commissioner. A lot of Chinese Businessmen will cry with blood because their smuggling activities will put to a halt!

  • kilabot

    in fairness to ruffy,
    he is not the only one who knew about oil smuggling;
    noykapon and susmaryosep purisima also knew;
    they didn’t care, so why should ruffy care;

    now, noykapon says it is biazon’s call to resign or not;
    ruffy says it is the president’s call;
    nobody wants to call, so ruffy stays.
    end of abnoying story.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    PNoy and his administration’s hypocrisy has been exposed and they have proven to be selectively corrupt and in dealing with corruption. ENOUGH of the daang matuwid! ENOUGH of hypocrisy! Walang nang alam hipocrito pa! Worst of a kind. Pagopapanggap na matuwid! Pareho pareho lang lahat except for a very few.

  • Jeremiah_CheGuevara

    DOWN with TUWAD na Daan ni PNOY! Hypocrites!

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    pasensya na po, wala kasing silbi si abnoy penoy, talagang tanga, sorry nalang kayo.

  • bayankopdi


  • superpilipinas

    There’s your cue Ruffy!

    Your friends have allowed you to graciously tender your resignation.
    Don’t wait to get fired.

    You’re simply in the wrong position.

    I read that you’re a med tech grad. I hope you get assigned a position at DoH. Preferably given a role to support anti-Dengue programs. We have more than 700 people dying every year and 130,000 hospitalized. Reducing that number to half would be a great accomplishment.

  • virgoyap

    I think Biazon is still a neophyte with the dealings of the bureau why not appoint him to an agency that is fit for him?

  • JMbilisyos


  • disqusted0fu

    If Biazon wasn’t an ally of Pnoy, I can guarantee everyone, this man would be fired as soon as the news broke. But apparently that is not the case here. All it takes in this administration is that you have to be their ally. As long as you are, regardless if you are effective or NOT in your post, you are safe from getting fired.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Ano ba yan, pakapalan na lang ng mukha? Anong klaseng boss naman yung naghihintay na lang magresign ang inutil na subordinate niya?

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