Gringo Honasan to bat for short cops


Senator Gregorio Honasan. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan, who authored the measure in the Senate, said he would fight the veto of the bill that was intended to bring into law enforcement agencies more competent people—many who are at present being kept out because of rules requiring them to be a certain height.

Honasan, a former Army colonel, said it was wrong to peg a person’s competence for a job on their height and that he would appeal to colleagues in Congress to overturn the “ill-advised” veto with a two-thirds vote of all the members.

He noted that other countries and major United States cities had also seen it fit to remove this height requirement for police officers.

“With all due respect to presidential prerogatives, we feel very strongly that the veto does not serve the public interest,” Honasan said in a phone interview.

Malacañang on Tuesday defended itself from criticism that its rejection of a legislative measure repealing the height requirement for police officers, firefighters and jail guards was discriminatory and ill-advised.

“It’s just a reality that we have to contend with,” said presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda, a lawyer, justifying President Aquino’s veto of a proposed law abolishing height as a requirement for admission to the Philippine National Police (PNP), Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP).

Lacierda, however, said the President had left open the possibility of lowering—but not abolishing—the height requirement, which currently stands at 5’4” for males and 5’2” for females. One proposal is to lower it to 4’8” to allow more people to apply.

He said the President also believed the measure was unnecessary because of an existing waiver of the requirement.

With the veto, the President returned the consolidated Senate Bill No. 3217 and House Bill No. 6203 to Congress without his signature.

The President had said he agreed with the bill’s noble intent to address height equality in the three agencies, but said he was “seriously apprehensive of the concerns” raised by the PNP and BJMP on the safety of their personnel and of the public.

The PNP chief had supported the bill’s veto.  Director General Alan Purisima said the President’s decision was “wise” and would save the PNP from possible legal issues.

Asked to elaborate, the PNP chief said “midgets” who failed to enter the police service due to other reasons might accuse the PNP of discrimination.

“For example, a midget files an application in the PNP. He is intelligent and runs fast. But he stands lower than an assault rifle. If we reject him, he may just file cases against us. If other midgets like him file a class suit, what will we do?” he said. With reports from Michael Lim Ubac and Marlon Ramos

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  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Honasan must be desperate. What’s he doing in all those years he was a Senator/
    Just do the Gangnam style and Harlem shake it will ensure more votes.

  • wawa2172

    I guess General Purisima missed the logic. Midgets of course cannot be accommodated in the AFP and PNP because they are handicapped physically, cannot stand straight and walks like Erap and PNoy errr like a Penguin I mean. 4′ 8″ proposed by the executive is not a win-win solution but rather maintaining 5′ and 4″ height for male and 5’2″ for female should be maintain. Tama na sana ang veto ni PNoy but since the palace is also proposing shorter height for the AFP and Police kaya magulo. The current height requirement is the average height of Filipino men and women so dapat e retain ito. Gringso huwag nang galawin ang height nang mga sundalo at pulis, pataasin na lang ang IQ nang mga kawal natin para maging kagalangalang.

  • Albert Einstien

    si rizal NATIONAL HERO na 4′ 11 lang di pala pwede mag pulis….kasi UTOS ni pnoy …si andres bonifacio NATIONAL HERO less than 5’4 din…si gma 4’11 pareho sila ni
    rizal.. nga naging presidente…si vp binay 5’2 lang din….NORMAL lang
    naman na maliit ang mga tunay na FILIPINO….lalo na yun mga
    katutubo….mga BANYAGANG KAPON lang matatangkad….jan nyo makikita
    kung gaano ka-incompetent at kaABNORMAL ang mga polisiya at pag-iisip
    ng mga nasa pamahalaan….papano kasi ALIEN BLOOD sila at oligarkiya
    nagpayaman lang sila..kaya nasa pwesto….bakit hindi natin tanggapin ang REALIDAD na tayo ang pinakamaliit na race sa boung mundo…bakit tayo magkukunwari na matangkad ang lahi nating filipino e nakikita naman..tulad lang yan sa propaganda at paid SURVEYs ng CREDIT GRABBING ng FC reserve ng ofw & migrants at kunyari umuunlad tayo pero ang realidad sobrang KAHIRAPAN, KRIMNALIDAD at KURAPSYON………KKK talaga lang ang yumayaman at busog…….sobrang PLASTIK ni pnoy govt GRABE…!

    kung international naman..kahit DAKILA sila hindi sila pwede mag PULIS kasi ..UTOS ni pnoy

    VOLTAIRE 5’3

    sen HONASAN..mag-inquiry nga kayo sa NEWS na ito…

    kaya pala M A KA P I L I si HAWAK si NAJIB sa kanya…lol

    abs 3/06/2013

    ‘PNoy received money from Malaysia’

    David claimed the President received money from

    Malaysia, which is the reason behind his stand on the Sultanate of Sulu’s
    claim over Sabah.

    “He never wanted [to pursue the claim] in the first place… It is not

    possible for them to take such positions and speak against their own people
    if they are not on the take,” he said.

    When asked what he would do if he is slapped with libel cases due to his

    accusations against Aquino, David said: “I would welcome it provided I will
    be given a day in court.”

    gawa NYO…recess kayo ng recess NAGKAKABENTAHAN na…dapat magkaroon ng
    INQUIRY ito…..

    sigurado mga yellow zombies at macboys propaganda palace call center
    …mamaga na naman mgaDALIRI sa ka-ka-vote down ng mga comments pag
    involve mga AMO

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      This will prevent Gloria Arroyo from joining the PNP. Imagine Gloria a PNP director.


    Bakit kasi pumasa pa ng bagong batas na inaalis ang height requirement. Why fix something that aint broke? Wala lang talagang magawa? LOL!!

    • Johnny

      election kasi kaya naghahanap sila ng mga “papogi” laws. Papansin na naman sila. Ung mga madadali lang ..typical trapo style.

  • beerhunters

    in that case, remove all height & aptitude standards in the AFP, PMA, etc. so that those who are vertically, physically & mentally challenged can be accepted! Further remove the CSC requirements in the public service because this is a form of discrimination against the intellectually challenged people!

    • Albert Einstien

      unahin dapat QUALIFICATION for president DAPAT WALANG SAYAD…dapat me ANTI-SAYAD test ….dapat lahat ng ELECTED at APPOINTED PUBLIC OFFICIALS me psychological tests…at requirement sa COC yung MEDICAL HISTORY….lol

      • beerhunters

        i AGREE. let us, as a people maintain quality and not let “PALUSOT” nor”ACCOMMODATION” prevail over qualification.


    >>>Honasan, a former Army colonel, said it was wrong to peg a person’s competence for a job on their height<<<

    MIKE A has nothing to do with this comment in relation to his wifey.


    E di nga kasi….MEDIA MILEAGE!

  • Stuubs

    Short cops with big guns vs tall cops with pinky size guns ?

  • beerhunters

    lets form the UNANO Special forces, Elves Battalion, Or the Ang mga Higanti ! bwa ha ha ha

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      discriminatory masyado comment mo! hindi maganda!

      • beerhunters

        Sarcasm to Gringo’s ludicrous idea!

      • otire

        maganda nga yung maliit, maliit lang ang target nang kalaban.. ha ha

    • Nimrod Suaez

      Yeah , speical forces especially in covert activities wearing grade shcool uniforms…..

  • divictes

    You mean, Director , anybody below 5′ 4” is a midget? The M16 is approximately 3′ 3”, the bill suggests to lower the requirement to 4′ 8”. So unless you are planning to equip them with Arisaka type 38 rifle complete with bayonet there seems to be no problem there.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * *
    I think it’s the width requirement and maintaining it they should be talking about.

    • kismaytami

      Width of waistline.

  • Keith_P

    Security guards have a height requirement and yet most of them only take care of private establishments. Police officers and firefighters have a much greater responsibility — to ensure peace and order in our society. And yet you want to take away any physical advantage they ought to have over common thugs?

    • Albert Einstien

      business is for PROFIT …government is for sovereign functions supposed to be for SERVICE, JUSTICE & EQUALITY in opportunity…the POLICY denying service, justice & equality is ABNORMAL ……the NEW NORMAL…..UNDER PNOY GOVERNANCE…lol : > )

  • $44479964

    What we need in this country are not tall or short police officers but honest and loyal to their duties.

  • XY ZEE

    Tinanggal na din pala sa ibang bansa ang height requirement.
    Bakit pinagpipilitan ng palasyo na ipagpatuloy ang diskriminasyon laban sa taong di pinalad na ipanganak na mataas?
    Takot ba silang mag-apply ng pulis si GMA?

  • marlo concepcion

    instead of applicants, why not implement a MANDATORYenlistment to join the police but as reserves. isn’t this the same thing as what the us navy does?
    i think this can promote their patriotism as well. whether or not they pursue PNP or fall out of it and choose a different carreer.
    prolly just need a revamp on how they do PNP education and training. no more hazing. no more of that manly stupid things that will promote brotherhood sh**. that’s a lot of bullcrap. that doesn’t prove a thing.
    most freshmen do not know where to go. confused which career to pursue. malay natin, hindi pala nila alam sa PNP ang “calling” nila.
    kaya ngkukulang sa kapulisan kasi pulitika. panget ang edukasyon at puro hazing. kung ako magulang, i will not encourage my son to be a cop if that’s the way they do it there.

  • Johnny

    Ano ba yan height??? Anlaki naman ng problem nila. These guys are just scratching the surface of the problem. Pang-barangay captain level lang kasi itong mga ito.

  • Concur_Dissent

    Blatant audacity on the part of honasan to think that he will be around as senator after May to reintroduce his soooo insignificant bill…..

  • Pulokoy

    Mr senator if you want to improve the PNP and the BFP etc .. make a bill that will give them more benefits … height requirement is a waste of time

  • Simplify1

    Bobo talaga etong si honasan…. instead of batting for short cops, he should bat for truly qualified cops…. not just height! COP selections should be based on a competitive overall standard… yun ang develop nya! yung standards!

  • Jay Ramos

    The president didn’t just veto the bill on purpose but in consultation with his officials so we should not come to certain negative conclusions. In applying for work, there are requirements that need to be satisfied in order to be accepted such as ..educational background,height,good behavior and etc otherwise anybody could just apply.

  • Albert Einstien

    TAMA si GRINGO…hindi sana kita IBOBOTO sir..pero IPINAKITA mo na PRO-FILIPINO ka at nag-IISIP…me POGI POINTS ka ..

    average male filipino height is 5 3 1/2…the CONSTITUTION does not say USE average…the constitution says ALL & EVERY HUMAN PERSON…..The State values the dignity of every human person and guarantees full respect for human the people from poverty through policies that provide adequate social services,promote full employment, a rising standard of living, and an improved quality of life for ALL. State recognizes and promotes the rights of indigenous cultural communities .No person be denied the equal protection of the laws.


    .PULIS lang naman kelangan di naman basketball players at MACHO DANCERS…unless gusto ni pnoy mukhang MASKULADO ang pulis ..ok na yun walang tyan. kelangan pa ba DAKU….lol

    .government is for sovereign functions supposed to be SERVIng the people & promoting social JUSTICE & EQUALity in opportunity…the POLICY denying service,
    justice & equality is ABNORMAL ……the NEW NORMAL…..UNDER PNOY
    GOVERNANCE…lol : > )

  • Maldi2

    After being criticized for many lackluster Laws he have signed into, Simeon is applying the “try and error” tactic in approving Bills now a days. LOL! Kelan pa kaya matuto ang mga ito.

  • JosephNess

    “For example, a midget files an application in the PNP. He is intelligent and runs fast. But he stands lower than an assault rifle. If we reject him, he may just file cases against us. If other midgets like him file a class suit, what will we do?” he said.

    remember the hobbits…we’ll have soldiers of dwarfs…welcome to the AFP…how will it look to have this kind of soldiers?…I just can’t imagine and wanted to see…on the other hand, he maybe right to encourage just everyone to join our AFP, we are too short to support our country of 90M yet with so few for an armed forces strength…at the least, we should have a million soldiers to boast for our military might..let’s encourage and welcome our youth to join the force…

  • kismaytami

    Susme chief, as if naman na puro assault rifle ang iniisyu nyo sa mga pulis. Eh service firearm nga lang, hirap kayong mag-isyu. Assault rifle pa.

    • JosephNess

      paltik, buga…sumpak o sumpit kaya…hahahaha..

  • Guest

    wala naman talagang alam na senador etong si honasan kundi dumikit kay Enrile at mag coup d’eta..

  • Jimbox88

    Ok yan, pagawa din tayo ng maliliit na baril.

  • Guest

    Walang intensyong ganoon si PNoy, gusto lang niya na matiyak na di
    mamaliitin ang mga kalaban ng batas.

  • Guest

    Walang discriminasyon diyan. Gusto lang ng gobyerno na masiguro na hindi mababastos ang mga pulis, bumbero at jailguards.

  • boybakal

    I agree with Gringo.
    Discriminated na ang mga pangit sa trabaho, ngayon naman mga pandak.
    Hindi naman tayo americano, tayo ay filipino, ang lahi natin unano.

    Yon pandak na pulis pwedeng pumasok sa maliit na butas o kanal para mahuli ang acetylene gang at madaling umakyat ng bahay para hulihin ang akyat bahay gang.

  • Willy_REV

    Kumpirmado. Si Mar Roxas ang bumulong kay PNoy na i-veto ang mga bills kung saan author ang mga UNA senators. Ang credit kasi sa UNA, not LP.

  • Albert Einstien

    tama rin yun example ni gen. purisima…dapat mas mataas sa ARMALITE yun pulis..kun 3’3 yun armalite pwede na siguro yun 4’11 general…nakakahiya naman ke RIZAL kung pati cya as NATIONAL HERO DISQUALIFIED para mag-pulis….o kaya wag nyo bigyan ng long firearms..pwede naman siguro granada, 9mm o 45 cal..o pwede rin sla sa sniper groups kasi nakadapa lang naman at nagtatago lang sila…pwede rin sila admin duties o field investigators….me gamit din sila sa SWAT groups kelangan ng swat ang maliliit… : > )

  • Guest

    Magna carta for the poor, author nun si Jinggoy. Ang pag-repeal sa height requirement kay Gringo naman yan, pareho mga UNA. Hinaluan ng politics yan.

  • boybakal

    The US Marines height requirement is only 5’2″ for males, 5’1″ for the US Army.
    Americans are mostly tall and six feet up yet height requirement is only 5’1″.
    Whereas, filipinos are midget people where average height is 5’1″ and height requirement is 5’7″..
    There is no criminal taller than 5’1″.
    They don’t drink milk when they were young to grow tall.
    Gata lang ng niyog at evaporada.


    GOOD news ito sa mga UNANO, tulad ng mga lumalabas sa showbiz. Maaari na kayong maging pulis kung saka-sakaling pakinggan ang TNL na oportunistang ito na ginamit ang military at si enrile para malagay sa hanay ng mga 2lisan!


  • Jake Lopez

    Epal na naman…papogi lang si Honasan. E kung punggok ang pulis, kaya ba niya arestuhin yung 6’2″ na nagwawala? Lagyan ng posas? E kung may sunog at may dapat iligtas sa loob ng building pero malaking tao…kaya kayang buhatin ng isang bumbero na 5’2″ lang ang height? ayos na yung status quo sa ngayon na kung deserving yung aplikante pero maliit e gamitin na lang yung waiver.

  • JosengSisiw1

    eto na naman po si gringgo eh ilang beses silang nag coup d’etat ni enrile kay housewife cory puro palpak walang alam sa military strategy ngayon mag mamagaling na naman sa polisya.

  • mangtom

    Strategy ni Punasan yan. He is courting the votes of the short guys-really wily and devious jerk, this Punasan

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