Aquino approves construction of Edsa-Taft flyover



MANILA, Philippines—President Benigno Aquino III on Tuesday gave the green light for the construction of a flyover at the perennially traffic-choked corner of Edsa and Taft Avenue in Metro Manila.

“The President has allowed the project to move forward subject to the approval of the Neda-ICC (National Economic Development Authority-Investment Coordinating Committee),” said presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda in a text message.

P2.7-billion project

Mr. Aquino, however, instructed that the government take the necessary measures to minimize any inconvenience to Edsa motorists before actual construction takes place, Lacierda said.

Mr. Aquino gave his approval to the project during a meeting with public works officials at the Palace.

The project is estimated to cost P2.7 billion, with the flyover extending to about 1.2 kilometers each side.

The project is designed to add two lanes each to both the northbound and southbound directions of Edsa, spanning Malibay Bridge in Makati City to F.B. Harrison Street in Pasay City.

“The entire project’s projected timetable (from precompletion to construction) is 15 months. Actual construction (will) take 12 months,” said Lacierda.

The Neda-ICC will review the proposal this month to check its compliance with the two conditions set by the President, before it goes to the Neda board for approval.

The flyover is expected to lessen the gridlock in the intersection and also provide quick access from Makati, Manila and Pasay to the Entertainment City of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. at the Manila Bay reclamation area.

Lacierda said the Edsa-Taft flyover project would help alleviate traffic congestion by providing uninterrupted traffic flow and improving the level of service from heavy to moderate flow.

It will also increase the road network by adding more lanes and will cut the average travel time by 50 percent, he added.

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  • buritos

    PNoy pano nman kaming tga Mindanao. Barya-barya lng palagi ang natatngap.
    Gigisahin mo yata kami sa sarili nming mantika.
    Gumagastos ng bilyon bilyon sa Luzon pero para sa Mindanao pesong duling lang.

    • Kung Tufo Tufo

      Kawawa kung tingnan ang Bisayas at Mindanao. Kulang sa inprastractura ang Rehiyon na yan. Except yata Cebu. Walang magandang daan dun. Habang ang manila swak ang development. Pupunta ka ng Boracay from Iloilo sira ang daan may area na maganda may mga bahay at tindahan sa tabi. napaka riski mag byahi, maganda sana ang Pilipinas kaya lang ang fucos nila Manila lang o NCR. Ang Bisayas may Mar Roxas kaya lang iba ang takbo ng Utak, aaply ka ng work kailangan pa ng padrino. Hirap lapitan.

      • Windtalker827

        You should elect Governors, Mayors and Congressmen that helps you ease your miseries. Pag may project DPWH sa probinsya, ayaw payagan ni Gob at ni Meyor kung wala silang lagay…

      • Aida Ramos

        One reason for the poor infrastructure in Mindanao is unlimited corruption. What Aquino is bragging in his media hyped anti-corruption campaigns are all air and lies when you look and visit Mindanao. This President is even hopeless when you talk about solving the daily brownouts in Mindanao. He is practicing discrimination and favoritism. Mindanao should answer him head-on this election by dumping his dull joker candidates. Time to give Aquino a firm rebuttal this election.

    • Windtalker827

      elect Governors, Mayors and Congressmen that helps you ease your miseries. Pag may project DPWH sa probinsya, ayaw payagan ni Gob at ni Meyor kung wala silang lagay…

  • randyaltarejos

    Cause-oriented organizations must monitor the construction of this project. Let’s remember that some 2.7 billion will be spent for this gargantuan project. The COA must make sure that the construction materials to be used for the project are correct in size and quantity. For example, yung steel bars ay baka sub-standard ang gamitin ng contractors. Imbis na one inch ang diameter, half inch na lang ang gamitin para me padulas sa mga corrupt officials.

  • buritos

    Oo kaduda din si mister Palengke. Sabi nya matitigas ang ulo ng mga Kiram.
    Yan ba ang future President ng pinas? Malaysia boy din ata.Sana bgo sya
    Nagkumento mag isipisip muna. I know Western Visayas. ive got akeanon blood
    But my heart is for Mindanao. Ang bwesit na mga Pemintel walng mgawang maganda
    Para sa Mindanao, palibhasa sa maynila na nkatira. Mga walang silbi.

  • XY ZEE

    Tiba-tiba nanaman ang new san jose builders, ang paboritong kontratista ng palasyo.


    Mainam! Keep it up Mr. President!

    • yesyesyo


  • Karlo Cases Arellano

    Always Mega Manila area, are we the only taxpayers in the Philippines ?
    What about those in the South, in other regions, Mindanao especially. Their having a hard time down there yet we use funds just to ease traffic in EDSA . Not to belittle the significance economically of EDSA but they should also pour more money on MIndanao and other regions

    • Handiong

      It’s not just about easing traffic congestion. It is also about saving on costs of travel and cutting down on loss of productivity.

      • foreignerph

        Manila produces nothing.

      • Handiong

        The country is actually being managed both in the public sector and the private sector from Manila. That’s the reality that cannot be taken away, no matter how much people gripe about it. Cut off the head and the body dies. Unless things get effectively decentralized, Manila will continue to be the center of the country.

        By the way, there are still many factories and production facilities in Manila. Manila is still a production center.

      • Karlo Cases Arellano

        I do hope the Philippines become decentralized. Manila centered is not quite efficient. Especially in monitoring the progress of projects in other regions.

      • Karlo Cases Arellano

        Yep I know that.. But a flyover is only a remedy not a cure…. It may decongest traffic 1 or 2 years but with mushrooming number of cars in the NCR… Our government should look ahead and find the long term solution.

        Bah… I’ll just leave it to the government :D

      • Handiong

        There are short-term solutions and there are long-term solutions. Just because the long-term solutions are not yet in place, we cannot just stand still. Put in the short-term solutions in the meantime that the long-term solutions are being worked out.

      • gryzyxwoz

        Too many cars. There’s a limit to how many roads, bridges and flyovers we can build. The idea is to pursue further, rail-based transportation. More trains, MRTs, etc.. Mass transport is the key

    • Windtalker827

      you cannot put infrastructures in Mindanao if the peace and order problem is still there…

    • desi derata

      Even JICA of Japan and the Australian government are donating for Mindanao.

      • foreignerph

        That money never reaches Mindanao, you should know. It all passes by Manila where the Dept XYZ takes 20% as “overhead”, then Dept ABC takes another 20%, then it’s added to some sort of pork barrel with equal shares for the governor, the mayors and the councilors. Over what’s left, the donor countries have no overview, neither concerning who “administers” it nor who gets it.

      • Handiong

        Many of the roads in Mindanao are foreign aid-funded.

    • foreignerph

      Maratel was fine in Northern Mindanao till it was forced into some Tagalog company PLDT. For every new phone line, you now have to wait for weeks for the approval from “Manila” and prices went up too. The same with electricity and education, it all has to be decided in “Manila”. For a stupid teachter’s ID, you will have to wait weeks since they are only printed in “Manila” and of course, they charge 2300 for the “print”. The 300 is an extra for a meal you will never get. Manila apparently decides on when and how people in Mindanao have to take a dump and then they still try to tax the flow of excrement.

  • Stuubs

    Didn’t he just say it to the people of Mindanao to suck it up and pay higher power rates ! Adding insult to injury , weather they like it or not, tax payers from Mindanao have to contribute for these projects so that Manila’s rich and famous can travel their butt with ease…

    • Handiong

      Show your evidence that total tax collection in Mindanao is greater than total government disbursements. Cite your sources.

      • foreignerph

        I have lived in Mindanao since 2007 setting up businesses that would be considered illegal under the dumb Tagalog 60/40 law, so I know much more about the money streams than most foreign observers that get whined and dined and fed numbers in Makati. Mindanao hast vast resources as to mining and agriculture, especially Bukidnon. Luzon has nothing and especially Manila is a hydrocephalus only pumping manure into the bay. The problem is the Tagalog plantation tactic in Mindanao that is a region with its own language and culture.

        Mindanao should be much better off in the Malaysian Federation but only when the cornerstone of the Tagalog society is rooted out, and that is terrible corruption from low to high, imitating their Spanish masters. I’m afraid an independent Mindanao will suffocate from the same diseases.

        For me personally, it doesn’t matter any more. I’m tired of paying all kind of bribes and I moved out forever last week. But yes, Mindanao is exploited hugely by the Tagalogs and I wish them luck breaking loose. It has a huge potential when governed properly.

      • Handiong

        Talking of mining, there are mines in Luzon, particularly in Benguet, Zambales, and Camarines Norte. There are vast mineral resources in Luzon that are not yet tapped. It’s not only Mindanao that has mines. As to agriculture, there are vast cultivated agricultural areas in Luzon. Don’t talk as if Mindanao had everything and Luzon had nothing.

        The Bangsamoro framework in the peace agreement with the MILF brings hope to Mindanao. I know there are skeptics, but the alternative to it is the status quo. It is the height of stupidity to expect different results by doing the same thing, so it is to the benefit of everyone that the peace agreement be given the chance to work. Let’s hope that your “huge potential when governed properly” will be fully realized.

  • Marcos5

    So when will they fix the PNR route and add more Trains and expand the stations ????

    • kismaytami

      Asa ka pa.

  • Jay Ramos

    Good project to minimize traffic, it must be implemented asap but the gov’t must also find fast solution to the power shortage in Mindanao to balance out growth in different regions in the country.

  • rolandtr

    Flyover na naman! Metro Manila will be a congested city of flyovers in a few years. Why not build a tunnel from magallanes to the area pass taft avenue. Put in the tunnnel a new MRT station which will extend up to the MOA/PAGCOR project in Paranaque Reclamation…clear up the MRT station on the EDSA road so that the area can breath and become more beautiful…

    • Jay Ramos

      Good suggestion but not possible, kasi our area is below sea level and surely during typhoon & rainy seasons ay baha ang aabutin nito. Kaya nga flyover ang suggestion ng DPWH.

      • chiebart

        i think tunnel is possible but needs a lot of funding and brains to overcome flooding, etc. during typhoon/rainy season.

      • rolandtr

        tunnels can even be built under the sea floor…it haas been done in so many countries..we can do it..

    • chiebart

      i’m not a fan of PNoy but if this project will really help to decongest traffic, it doesn’t matter either it is a flyover or a tunnel. sana lang napag-aralan nila ito ng totoo at maigi.

  • kismaytami

    1) Dismantle PUJ terminals eating up to 3 lanes of EDSA near Taft.
    2) Cavite and provincial bound buses will have their proposed terminal at the reclamation site near Baclaran. Extend MRT to MOA so it will connect with the bus terminal.
    3) Open EDSA-Taft intersection and clear Taft extension up to Baclaran from illegal vendors.
    4) Clear the sidewalks from illegal vendors, beggars and petty criminals
    5) Regulate the sprouting of business establishments in the area

    No need for such another band-aid solution.

  • PinoyMaverick

    Another “concrete” solution to Metro Manila traffic woes. I always pass by the area and if only they can rid the areas of people jaywalking, vendors, and jeepney and bus terminals, the government would be able to save billions of pesos. If they are willing to spend, the more prudent thing to do is extend the MRT up to the MOA to decongest the area. Finally, for those clamoring for more infrastructure in Mindanao and saying they are at a disadvantaged..look first at the history of government and donor-agency spending – a lot of money got lost in Mindanao because of corruption mainly by your local politicians – people you put in office. And before you impute corruption on our national leaders and our president, please take note that Mindanao as a whole voted for Erap and Binay during the last national elections. Talk about corruption in Metro Manila…

    • desi derata


    • foreignerph

      The money lost by donor countries doesn’t happen where the final recipients are but in Manila.

      • PinoyMaverick

        Yes, that may be true because of bureaucratic crap. But if we really want to be real – for every 1$ ODA that is given to the Philippines, only about 50 cents is actually given, at least a tenth of this then is lost in “Manila” and what remains is given to regional, provincial, or municipal government. I have been in the development field for over a decade now and I have personally overseen projects getting built on paper only – installing hundreds of solar panels, water pumps, etc. in schools and clinics and hospitals and then a few weeks and months, these are see installed at the house of the mayor and their relatives or their supporters. Why blame everything in Manila and heap all praises to the Malaysian Federation? You claim to be so enamored by Mindanao then do more than commenting anonymously…for all we know you are just masquerading and you are truly from Malaysia all wanting Mindanao to be part of your country.

  • WeAry_Bat

    If not for the gambling areas, this obviously congested area wouldn’t have a solution.

    And I thought the MRT was supposed to extend somewhere there also, towards south. Does this mean the costly divide between Manila and south will remain for some more decades?

    Probably for operators of the expressways to earn some more? Or for the rich south to remain still insulated? Or to protect Manila developers of their costly realty projects?

    If the cost of transportation both public and private were to go down by 50%, this would decongest Manila as more people would live in the south. Maybe make the Villars happy too.

    It just so happens the key CBDs are near south, which is Makati and Fort Bonifacio. It is a stretched rubber band of traffic and costs for people in the north and south to traverse to these CBDs. It adds tension and stress to lives. The costly condos going up in those areas are not meant for everybody, not even the middle class. Maybe foreigners.

    Finally…Yes, Mindanao could use a little more infrastructure, except the local politicians do get in the way.

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    Before – P2.1 B cost of Bataan Nuclear Power Plant

    Now – P2.7 B cost of a Flyover

    • desi derata

      When I left the country, the cost of Pepsi was P1.50, I wonder how much it is now.

  • Aida Ramos

    He’s not even thinking of decongesting Manila from squatters that’s why he always focused on the polluted Metro Manila for projects. Meanwhile, Mindanao is suffering from brownouts without immediate solution provided by the inattentive and lazy Aquino administration. All it provides are palliatives. Crass!

  • Cali To

    salamat at luluwag ng konti sa SOGO….toink!!!

  • Filpino

    kung wala palang casino na katatayo lang di pala maiisip ng mga lider natin na magdagdag ng fly-over sa edsa-taft..

  • Juan Delacruz

    tapos matutulog sa NEDA Like all project he approved, the punchline siya din ang head ng NEDA.
    kwestyon: saan bagsak niyan sa tramo edsa din ba? huwag naman sana….

  • disqusted0fu

    Approving constructions or checking bus terminals or campaigning for his bets are the only things that Pnoy is good for. But when it comes to resolving standoffs, preventing smuggling, addressing poverty, etc, etc. That’s when you see his shortcomings.

    Simply put, Pnoy is only capable of doing little things, while being a President requires you to make huge accomplishments. It just doesn’t go together.

    • chiebart

      nice one.

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