Estrada defends political dynasty



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MANILA, Philippines—Stories on political dynasty in the Philippines have made headlines over the years criticizing families that held elective positions for a number of generations. But for mayoral candidate, former President Joseph Estrada, there is an advantage to dynasty in terms of the continuity of projects, as he noted that “the last say is the people.”

“There is an advantage and disadvantage. For example in my case, the advantage is [that] my program is being followed, continued,” the United Nationalist Alliance local candidate told reporters during the coalition’s proclamation rally for its local bets in San Juan City.

San Juan has been the Estrada family’s known political bailiwick after Joseph first won the mayoral seat several decades ago, and was succeeded by his son Jinggoy, and then JV, whose mother, Guia Gomez, seats as the current mayor of the city.

JV is currently vying for a senatorial position under UNA.

Joseph said in Filipino that having another mayor would derail the programs of his family for the city, citing the lack of continuity. He added his sons JV and Jinggoy were able to continue his plans for San Juan City during their own terms with the establishment of a college, a market, and a hospital.

He also reiterated that in a country running under a democratic form of government, it is still the people who will choose who they want to sit in elective posts.

“Ang masama yung monarchy [kasi] the power is inherited. Pero dito no. it is the people who decides last di ba?” Joseph said, noting that his family members still won in previous elections even when he was still incarcerated during those times.

Joseph is going up against incumbent Manila Mayor Alfredo Lim for a mayoral post in Manila City.

When elected, Joseph said he will prioritize peace and order as he believes that there can be no economic growth without these.

He said he is running as mayor, mainly, to give back to the mass that has always supported him.

Joseph attended UNA’s proclamation rally held at the Tanghalan ng Masa in San Juan City.

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  • Simplify1

    “Joseph said he will prioritize peace and order as he believes that there can be no economic growth without these”.
    Dear Joseph, There can be no economic growth if you continue stealing from government coffers!!

    • Pepe Alas

      Your evidence? And no, don’t bring up his “conviction”. That is not an evidence as the proceedings are tainted (still debatable after all these years).

      • nes911

        He was convicted of plundering and sentenced to prison. Naawa lang sa kanya kaya house arrest na lng ang nanyari. This is the fact. Period.

      • Pepe Alas

        Yes, indeed. That is the fact… the fact that the media want you to believe in. Period.

      • Simplify1

        saan ka ba galing? bat di mo alam na convicted of plunder si erap mo tapos binigyan lang ng pardon ni gma mo?

      • Pepe Alas

        Every idiot knows that Erap was convicted of plunder… hey, I assume that you (like millions of Filipinos out there) believe that Rizal’s execution was an error (not that I believe in it, too). But I hope that you catch my drift.

      • boldyak


      • Pepe Alas

        LMAO! For all I care. =)

      • Simplify1

        WHAT??? Buti pa doon ka na lang mag comment kay Kris and James….

      • Pepe Alas

        I’m done with that. It became boring when the gag order was enforced.

      • Concur_Dissent

        If every idiot knows that ERAP was convicted of plunder, bat naman di ka maniwala eh obvious na obvious na idiot ka…

        Curious lang…. was Rizal’s execution an error?

        PS – bagay sa iyo yung AVATAR mo…hehehe

      • Pepe Alas

        Dude, no amount of insult will bring me down. You are just wasting your typing energy. I suggest that you just argue intelligently and politely. Thank you.

      • boldyak


      • beerhunters

        yes, it is a fact that Erap is better, that is, he can plant his wild oats better than anybody else, except the late Dolphy! bwa ha ha ha

      • Pepe Alas

        Before I am misunderstood, I am commenting not to defend Erap per se. I am not saying that he was a good president. I was not privy to his regime. I am merely pointing out that what was done to him was a lapse in judgement, if not something conspiratorial (the latter is what I believe the most).

      • Concur_Dissent

        Don’t worry, you are not misunderstood, you are pitied for your lack of common sense…. almost all of your comments are oxymoron statements! peace….

        haven’t it occured to you that your disqus profile reflects your low IQ? chew on that….

        Pang Kris – James lang ang tulad mo!

      • Pepe Alas

        OK, next coward please. =)

      • ARIKUTIK

        Here’s a fact for you to remember. Estrada was convicted by especially assembled GMA Kangaroo court for the sole purpose that GMA may legally (Illegally) rule to pardon Erap as gesture of > “Thanks buddy you’re such a delightful coward to be hauled in jail alive”.

        Btw, you’re creakiness is not much as mine ….. nya….. hahaha >>>>

      • Pepe Alas

        Hey, I’m glad you admitted to that GMA Kangaroo court. OK, next coward please. =)

      • nakawan

        Forget it. @weirdkatt:disqus is a dedicated fanboy, arguing with him will be pointless.

      • Pepe Alas

        Nope. I’m not exactly a fan of his (but I do have a high respect for Erap due to his stand against Imperialist US). I’m a fan of Marcos, hehe!

      • nakawan

        Whatever. Good luck to you and your candidate

      • Pepe Alas

        Thanks. But he doesn’t need luck. I’m sure he will win. =)

      • nakawan

        Hmmm… I don’t know whether to appreciate the irony or pity the sincerity

      • Pepe Alas

        How come you edited your original comment (“Dick”)? You’re ashamed of your dad’s real name? I bet your mom’s real name is C*nt. =)

      • 7Rodel77

        In the Philippines, no one ever loses an election because the winner always “cheats”. Similarly, no one is ever convicted of a crime because the evidence is always “tainted”. Fanatical supporters of Erap will never be convinced that their “hero” is a crook, no matter how untainted the evidence may be. It’s a matter of faith.

      • Pepe Alas

        You are an expert in sweeping statements. Congratulations.

      • nakawan

        @weirdkatt:disqus you’re an idiot. So you just woke up one day and decided that his conviction doesn’t exist?

      • Pepe Alas

        Calling me an idiot doesn’t mean that you’re the exact opposite. Man up and learn how to argue in an intelligent manner.

      • nakawan

        Ok, let’s talk intelligently. Why do you deny the fact he was convicted? Why do you say it was the media that convicted him? He was ousted from office in front of the world stage when EDSA 2 happened. I don’t like how people power was used that time to install an even worse president, but hey, it was what it was.

      • Pepe Alas

        Not once did I claim that Erap was not convicted. He was. What I am trying to point out is this — that conviction was erroneous. But the media is playing with the minds of people by making Erap appear to be as guilty as charged.

        Is Erap a saint? No, he isn’t. He was not a perfect politician. Nobody is, anyway. I’m just calling a spade a spade here.

        He was convicted mainly because he piqued the powers-that-be that has been running our government since 1946.

      • nakawan

        Ayt, thanks for clearing that up.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Create jobs jobs jobs jobs maderpakkers.

      • nakawan


    • nes911

      Erap was just bluffing. He is inutile to run any position now considering his charabter and notorius background. No to estrada dynasry.

    • rodben

      pag si Erap nanalo sa Maynila ibig sabihin walang nagawang kabuhayan sa mga mahihirap ang dating Mayor….dahil Erap ay para sa mahihirap…kya lang di ako taga-maynila..

      • Simplify1

        Pag nanalo si ERAP ang Maynila ang maghihirap

    • Joey Sanchez

      These politicians are money-oiled! They ll burst their heads off if without pork barrel, padulas, under the table, SOP or partida!

      That is why they like to perpetuate themselves in politics!

      This is no brainer!

  • lukecowboy

    asiong aka joseph you must have decency kailangang ngayon ng pilipinas ang continues economic growth para guminawa naman ang buhay ng mga pinoy kung kayo kayo nalang dyan paano ng pilipinas corruption noon hanggang ngayon kayo kayo rin ang yumayaman mga pilipino naghihirap pa rin tama na ang political dynasty dapat matoto na ang pilipino wag na kayong iboto pa bigyang ninyo naman pagkakataon yon may paninindigan at maka pilipino at di magnanakaw . ano na ba ang balita sa Bogus NGO na million 2na pinamigay ng inyong anak na jinggoy enrille at bong revilla . do you believe them na di nila alam na binigyan na bogus NGO siguradong napunta lang sa kanila ang pera ng bayan . beside puro walang pera ang governo natin pagdating sa modernization ng atin sandataan lakas dapat yan ang pagtuhunan ng pansin and reclaimed sabah dahil atin yan wag na yan corruption at political dynasty saka yan fork barrel dapat mawala na yan ,

  • for_Prosperity

    “Erap para sa mahirap?”


  • axe musk

    ALL Political Clans in Dynasty building can ALWAYS defend their motives…. kahit nga obvious na, e nagpapalusot pa….. What else can we expect from these crocodiles…. That’s how good they were educated in their respective Alma Maters…… and it is for this reason that the Philippines is way, way behind it’s neighbors… Puro daw magagaling ang mga Pinoy, pero di nakikita sa nararating ng ating bansa….. dahil sa uri ng mga namumuno na walang inatupag kundi payamanin ang kanilang buong angkan hanggang sa kaapu-apuhan mula sa ulo hanggang sa alak-alakan…. lalo pa kung madami ang asawa at inasawa, natural dumami ang anak, kaya lahat ng mga apo dapat ipaghanda nila ang kinabukasan, kahit sa maling pamamaraan, kaya kahit uugud-ugod na, balik pulitika pa….kasi meron pang di nanakaw na pra sa mga apo…. haaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy Pilipinas kong Mahal…

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Corruption continues if this political dynasty win. This is the time to break the chain that enslave Filipinos poverty. NO TO POLITICAL DYNASTIES.

  • Nic Legaspi

    Somewhat true. Unfortunately, even the INaction of previous politicians are being continued by members of the dynasty. Erap doesn’t get it. While there may be bright and young candidates who have a fresh take on governance, the members of the dynasties will usually win because they have solidified their support base by buying people off. Remember, most of these people have enriched themselves while in power.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Wala ng makakain mga Pinoy ninanakawan pa ng mga madarambong na ito. Nahuli na at pinalaya hindi pa rin natuto.

  • Lightning_seed

    Erap makahirap daw sya..tangna mo..anak mo kay laarni pinag aaral mo sa london, ibalik mo na lang ninakaw mo at uminom k ng silver cleaner..isama mo mga anak mong kupal..jinggoy at JV

    • kevin


  • Arcsolo

    when erap talks about peace and order,i can’t help but remember those times of rub-outs (remember Bobby Dacer) when he was still president, and chaos on his midnight (drinking) cabinet.

    and apart from that: he wasn’t able to uplift his constituent’s condition from poverty, while facing impeachment. now he basks at the errors of another, simply to position himself as the answer to all Manila’s woes. wouldn’t he be more of a problem, rather than the solution?

    • lennonpaul

      u hit the nail on its head!

  • herecomesrusty

    Maynila, si erap ay para sa mahirap at hindi para sa umaasenso. Sa sasakyan niyang jeep, kita niyo ang balat kayo, mapanglinlang.

    • nes911

      Erap nagpapahirap.

  • korikong3

    sinasabi lang ni erap na pamilya lang niya ang pinakamagaling sa lahat para manungkulan. Lahat ay bobo at inutil maliban sa pamilya. idadamay pa nya Manila at buong pilipinas.

  • Fancy Tan

    No to “Family Dynasty”- isang pamilya buong probinsya”.

  • kevin

    Erap will prioritize his pocket first and his family…

    • Harold T

      Correction: Erap will prioritize his pocket first and his families. He has a wife and plenty women on the side, along with children from all of them. JV is not Loi’s son.

  • oh_noh

    sino pa nga ba ang mga papabor sa political nepotism… e di yung mga nandyan sa dinastiya!!!

    ang mga masamang damo nga naman talaga…

  • richard ortega

    manileno bumoto ng tama….. UNA sa pagnanakaw, UNA sa pandaraya, UNA sa kalokohan.

  • kevin

    Erap..para maghirap pa lalo…

  • superpilipinas

    He-he-he. Erap and his offsprings are the best reasons for eliminating Political Dynasties.

    Corruption, patronage politics, immorality, and incompetence are entrenched by a dynasty like his.

    Dynasties inhibit the opportunity for continuous growth. Whenever an incompetent member becomes the next in line, then the constituents suffer.

    Like in Binibining Pilipinas every year we are always able to find new beautiful candidates, there are close to 90 million Filipinos from which we can always find the best people to run the Philippines. We just have to be more critical in our selection and use the 3 years election interval for selecting the best people.

    NO to Team PNoy, UNA, LP, NP, NPC, Lakas, KAMPI, etc.
    Full of Trapos, Political Dynasties, incompetent showbiz/TV personalities.

  • kolambogan

    Hindi lang bobotante ang mga Pilipinong boboto kay Estrada, kundi bukod sa mga tanga na ay mga walang pang mga sariling pag-iisip kung maniniwala sila sa salita ng isang convicted kriminal na “priority” niya ang peace and order, na para na ring sinabi niya na puwede ninyong ipagkatiwala ang inyong mga ari-arian sa magnanakaw at ang isang rapist ay puwedeng mag-alaga at magbantay sa mga anak na babae ng mga botante.

  • doublecross

    gusto ba niyong mamuno ang mga magnanakaw sa senate… enrile, binay ,estrada, zubiri,magsaysay at honasan….sila ang kumita sa ating pera!

  • norman1211

    TRAPOs, Crocodellis Croccoruptus Trapos



  • $19543087

    “For example in my case, the advantage is [that] my program is being followed, continued,”
    Correct! Your program of corruption is being followed by your children. That is what is wrong with political dynasty. Corruption now, corruption forever!

  • mariovill1950

    You Filipinos are all talk and talk ,you’re a nation of cowards you, got nothing to be blamed except yourselves.

  • lennonpaul

    a classic statement from a trapo!pweee!

  • Joaquin Fernandez

    Cheap argument from a cheap guy. All trash, garbage.

  • bgcorg

    New candidates should just have the same opportunities as the ones who had been holding positions to continue plans and programs of predecessors with the same family name. Until this is done in the political structure in our society, new candidates who wanted to serve the people will always be at a disadvantage, not because of political dynasties, but because of unequal playing field. Erap is correct: even members of the same family should not be barred from public office. It should be the system that stand improvement and should. Estrada. for example, had proven his mettle as mayor of San Juan. Members of his “family” had proven themselves, too, as good administrators or public servants. The people are the eventual judge of performance or qualifications. Our democratic institutions could still stand improvements.

  • farmerpo

    Bakit kasi pinalaya pa ito? Sa bagay, kulong din ang nagpalaya. A philandering plunderer vs gurang cop? Maynila, kawawa ka naman.

  • Harold T

    Filipino voters: Always voting for the same clan in local and national levels and expecting different results when they get elected.

  • Guest

    Sabi ni Erap, there is an advantage to political dynasty. Alin? Yung pagiging mahusay sa pangungurakot nila?

  • aremeh gaston

    Kung nauto ni Erap ang mga taga-San Juan, sa Maynila mukhang mauuto din
    niya. Huwag naman sana.

  • Guest

    We should not believe the Estradas regarding their thoughts on political dynasty. Talaga lang masabi sila sa kapangyarihan.

  • chitetskoy

    shut up.

  • JuanTamadachi

    There is an advantage and disadvantage. For example in my case, the advantage is [that] my program is being followed, continued

    Erap, if you mean your program of plundering, stealing from the govt. coffers and etc.., are being followed by sons Jinggoy, JV, and your mistress, then I agree that your lousy program is indeed being followed. You are truly disgusting.

  • ravindrama

    eRAP mapa-ngaRAP …..hahahahaha…Political Dynasty pa ang sinusungkit at pinapangaRAP…..hahahaha…

  • boldyak

    “PROGRAMS OF HIS FAMILY”!!!!..WTF…alin na family?…napaka_bo_bo naman ang boboto sa taong ito…

  • boldyak

    kaya hindi umuunlad ang bansa dahil maraming umaasa na lang sa mga bigay mga pangako ng mga politiko na imposible naman maibigay….ang daming Juan Tamad…at iboboto ang politiko na ang kakapal ng hiya…

  • nakawan

    I’m curious, what exactly is Erap’s program again? What mechanisms does he have planned for job creation to help the poor? How does he intend to pay for better livelihood programs for the squatters he claims to identify with?

  • JasonBieber

    So a celebrity President was elected in 2010 who had no real achievements prior to running for President during his time as Congressmen and Senator. But if you think about it, the other option would have been an impeached President/former actor who came in 2nd place in the polls. Yikes!

  • white scorpion

    erap forget to mention na pati siya yumaman. AT, malaking percentage ng ating population is poor, no read no write (if not kulang sa education), pinakasama yun taking advantage of their inability to select a GOOD candidate. besides, paano mo nalaman walang tutuloy ng plataforma mo? ano naman extra ordinary mayroon sa san juan?

    tignan mo naman mga kandidato mo. vice mo may kaso sa ombudsman. sa supporter mong si vp, may kaso rin……pagnanakaw. sabi ng friend kong businessman. BASURA!!!!

    Dynasty is Connivance. nothing more nothhing less.

  • disqusted0fu

    Of all the people who is going to defend political dynasty, it’s Erap??? He just made it worse for the ones involved in political dynasties. I don’t understand why Erap is still given some credibility after being a convicted plunderer. While I am not totally against political dynasties, but if it’s the Estradas or the Aquinos, etc. who will be defending it, then forget about it.

  • tadasolo

    Any sane person even without educational background can run any city or town in the philiipines and is a no brainer. I was born in the 1950s in The province of Tarlac and after 60 years I see nothing done except paving the streets, building schools and hospital using our tax payer money which by the way do not last more than 20 years for the buildings and less than 5 years for the streets. In the meantime there is no Jobs created and no hope for the kids except look for work outside.

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