Bishop wants Kris Aquino to confirm or deny she is eyeing vice presidency



Archbishop Oscar Cruz. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—After Cory and Noynoy as president, are Filipinos ready for Kris as vice president in 2016?

Retired Archbishop Oscar Cruz urged Kris Aquino or her handlers to clarify reports that she was planning to run for the second highest public office of land in 2016 national elections.

Cruz, the former head of the Archdiocese of Lingayen-Dagupan, said the reports should be clarified because they continue to spread, especially after President Aquino’s youngest sister announced last month that she was quitting showbiz and was planning to study law.

He said he heard of the reports of Kris’ political plans from “credible sources within the administration” as early as three months ago.

“Formerly, it was only in whispers. Now, it has become more commonly said and heard that the youngest sister of the President of the Republic will also run [for] Vice President of the Republic come 2016,” Cruz said in an interview

“Those concerned better address this matter. If it is not true, then they should say it, so that it will stop once and for all. If there is silence, that means there is consent,” he added.

The 42-year-old Kris, short for Kristina Bernadette Cojuangco Aquino, is the youngest daughter of the late former President Corazon Aquino and the assassinated former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. Of the five Aquino children, it is Kris who is said to have inherited Ninoy’s charisma.

Cruz said that he saw “nothing wrong” with Kris running for public office, adding that she has a big chance of winning because of her popularity as an actress, television talk show host and commercial product endorser.

“It is okay because it takes so little requirement to be a public official in this country. You are [required only to be] a Filipino citizen and you know how to read and write,” Cruz said.

“I’m not saying she’s not capable. As I said, if she’s going to run, let her run because it takes so little to qualify for public office, from the local to the national level,” he said. “I have no preference, and who am I to tell her what to do?”

Kris’ marital problems again came to light last month when she sought a temporary protection order against her estranged former husband James Yap after he supposedly made unwanted sexual advances on her when he visited her condo in December. She also announced that she was leaving show business.

Yap countered by trying to secure a hold departure order to prevent Kris and their son from traveling to Europe. The court allowed Kris and the boy to leave.

Cruz said Kris’ plan to go to law school would also boost her chances.

“If she will take courses, that will better prepare her for public office, especially in the national level, then that’s good. I have nothing against that,” he said. “If she were a lawyer or even before she passes law, which is three years from now, at least she will have law subjects that she would know. That would help her.”

However, Cruz said, the prospect of having another Aquino occupying one of the highest positions in the land just after President Aquino’s term ends in 2016 could be dismaying for many since civil society is trying to drum up public support against political dynasties.

“The dynasty issue will be more affirmed. Will we ever change?” Cruz said.

But Cruz also said that Kris’ rumored plan to run for the vice-presidency could still change.

“I’m just saying that up to now, this is what is being said. My friends tell me this and I just listen. So what I’m now saying is whether it is true or not, say it as it is,” Cruz said.

“If up to now this is not stopped… and here comes now some difficulties with reference to the personal life of Kris Aquino, it might be interpreted as in aid of election. That’s not fair naman,” he added.

Cruz also noted that during the requiem Mass for Cory Aquino at the Manila Cathedral in August 2009, Kris pointedly said that only she and then Senator Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III “remained” in the public limelight. Their three other sisters are very private persons and do not like to be in the limelight.

“She said, `Noy, only the two of us remain.’ I remember that very, very well. `What will happen now that only the two of us remain?’” Cruz said, adding that on hearing the rumor of Kris’ plan to run for vice president, he realized how that statement “was loaded.”

“Now, if they will withdraw, it is up to them. As I said, the earlier you clarify this, the better,” Cruz said.

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  • Hippo Tam

    I hope not!

  • dann0409

    Kris goooo!! I will vote for you pag mag VP kahit presidente pa… *sarcasm*

  • weeshfulThinker

    Laking chismoso ni Cruz… wahahaha anyways, with everything that has happened with Kris, I don’t think the Filipino people in their right minds would vote for her. not unless she does something before the election – it would be a miracle! hahahaha

    • Bamm Gabriana

      Wanna bet? I think she will win. (I hope I lose our bet).

    • ed_dAVAO

      well, all they have to do is to pay social surveys. and presto. Kris will win.

  • kaddy

    RP will remain a feudal country forever, scions of politicians are well-entrenched. How can Filipinos liberate themselves from feudalism is a function of societal change or revolutionary transformation which, at the moment, is next to impossible. Otherwise, you will be branded leftist or communist, and therefore, “enemy of the state”. Thus, Kris as VP or even President is not a big deal. Scion of a landed, rich political family and celebrity, a rare bearing, makes her vote magnet, no doubt. Actors and actresses now run for elective posts, is this not amazing!

  • rene

    sino ba tong cruz na to at bakit kailangan iconfirm s akanya kung tatakbo o hindi si kris? ginamit na naman yung linya niya ” i have a releable source” in short tsismosong xbishop…

  • lolong.buwaya

    this is it!!!!! sabi ko noon pa iboboto kita sa ayaw kita o hindi iboboto kita,,, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa huhuhuhuhuhuhuh

  • lolong.buwaya

    political dynasty???? sisihin nyo ang botante wag ang kandidato….!

  • jinx

    First of all, the Presidential elections are still far off. And second, bishops like Oscar Cruz have really done nothing to lift this country from poverty by engaging in political gossips. What they have done instead is worsen poverty situation in this country..

  • Vlad D. Impaler

    this is just about as hilarious as it can get. kris aquino for vp? what next? boy abunda for president??? mother lily for speaker of the house???


  • Mamang Pulis

    padre cruz–saan nyo nahagip yan? nagkukumpisal na sa inyo si kris? katoliko ba si kris? :))

    o baka na koryente kayo ni boy abunda?

    • EOJ

      The state of mind of this irreverent bishop reflects the state of mind of the filipino people in general – they think more of entertainment and leisure.

  • ernievictory

    bishop cruz…ikaw na !

    • Ricky Espino Junas


  • Joel_Delano

    Ano naman kaya ang pakialam ni Bishop Cruz dito. Ikaw nalang kaya Bishop ang kumandidato at qualified ka naman. This is a democratic country. Kahit plunderer dito pwede kumandidato.

  • Acute_Angle

    fck… dynasty again?

  • Mark Philip Wu

    Bakit ba lahat nalang ng bagay sa mundo, kilangan dumaan kay OV Cruz at kilangan natin malaman kung ano iniisip nya?

    • mabyrik

      Oscar, kulang ang statement mo. Please tell the people that’s it’s going to be a very interesting VP contest between Jinggoy and Kris.
      Thrilla in Manila to be renamed-Corrupt VS ex Maniac.
      Wow, awesome. Sorry but I won’t vote if these 2 will meet in 2016. Who is the lesser evil? Lesser evil is no better than evil itself. Wag na lang.

  • julieboy

    if that happens then we can kiss the Philippines goodbye.Nothing is impossible in our country,and for press sec. we will have Boy Abunda and a bunch of other celebrity clowns that will really make our country the basket case of asia.GOD forbid!!!!!!!!

    • Luthmar

      I think Boy Abunda will be better than Lito Lapid, Bong Revilla, Sotto, Jinggoy Estrada. Abunda is a very well educated person (Ateneno graduate).. He knows how to pick people’s minds, his talks shows prove it otherwise. He is articulate.

    • 33Sambuang2

      i rather vote for abunda. lapid’s.revilla’s, estrada’s puro mga pulpol.

  • elmer atilano


  • kapatad

    baka na out of context yung writer na ito, majoke si Bishop Cruz eh. Kayo naman di na kayo mabiro ni Bishop.

  • Andrei Mendoza

    Kris aquino for Vice?

    I’m an atheist but this time.. god save the philippines!

  • kilabot

    in fairness to kris,
    she can run for public office anytime;
    she can sleep with anyone anytime;
    she can contract vd anytime;
    she can shut up anytime;
    it’s democracy.

    • Ricky Espino Junas

      judgemental…………….look at yourself int he mirror

  • hopeless_na

    oscar cruz for president, kris aquino for vice president, okey lang ba bishop?

  • OSHO

    Para mabawasan ang kalaswaan sa ating bansa dapat magpakalat sa mga billboards ng poster ng babaeng nakahubad….at gawing modelo sa poster si Arkbishop Cruz.

  • wakats

    This news is trash and PDI should have not published this. Or is the good bishop trying to gauge the public reaction as a trial balloon?

    Whatever, it’s unthinkable that kriz would ever entertain such a wild idea, if true.

    As a senator??? Maybe, like the useless revilla and lapid. But as VP – no way she would win…..

  • boybakal

    Too Early….better for Bishop Cruz….asikasuhin muna ang Jueteng.
    Diyan ka magaling retired Bishop.
    If you have nothing to do, just keep your mouth shut.

  • amado_guerero

    Buhay pa pala itong alagad ng demonyong si Cruz….hoy magpahinga ka na….

  • alville60

    Bishop naman! Leave us in peace. The more you dabble in entertainment or politics, tumataas ang presyon ko< baka yong iba, ganun rin

  • dcjordan15

    Rev. (?) Oscar Cruz, do you really know what are you doing as an ex-archbishop? You’re full of bull.

  • legislex

    I have said it before, and I will say it again. Bishop Cruz could not accept the reality that he is already a thing of the past. Nobody believes in him anymore. He does not have the moral ascendancy to influence public opinion. Unable to accept said reality, Bishop Cruz dips into any issue that can give him media attention. This recent comment on Kris is another clear example of Bishop Cruz just wanting to be noticed. Kung sa Filipino pa, kulang lang siya ng pansin kaya pabayaan niyo na lang siyang magsalita kung kailan niya gusto. Huwag niyo na lang seryosohin ang mga sinasabi niya dahil karaniwan tsismis lang iyan na kanyang pinapatulan.

  • JuanTamadachi

    Bishop Cruz, what kind of substance are you snorting?

  • mapicchu

    utterly irrelevant..pdi should not even print this

  • Jane Tan

    “adding that she has a big chance of winning because of her popularity as an actress, television talk show host and commercial product endorser.”

    Because that’s how stupid the people of this country are.

  • Mr Moonlight

    hoy hendot na retired bishop cruz , i know what youre up to, you better ask channel 7 to hire you as one of the hosts of StarTalk , boy abunda lolit solis cristy fermin and joey de leon are leaving the show, im sure you can ably handle the show with ease

    • Jane Tan

      Titled “Words of the Lord”

  • g g

    the only cure for political dynasties is for the people not to vote for them! how stupid are people of this country????? So, for the bishop to suggest so would mean that he thinks little of the people of this country? What sort of controversy is he trying to drum up????? Be like the pope, you arrogant damaso! retired or not!

  • Mr Moonlight

    pinoy bishops like this freaking retired oscar cruz are driving away catholics from hearing mass here in this country.
    Its getting sooooo bad

  • adriel0104

    Bishop eh sino ba ang gusto mo na kumandidato na vice president?I don’t mind kris running for vice pres. or another from a political clan as long as he/she is not corrupt!


    Bishop please better talk about achieving peaceful resolution with Malaysia on Sabah issue and other relevant issues, Pati ba naman tsismis papatulan ninyo porke hot item ngayon si Kris nakikisakay para pag-usapan din kayo, baka naman may kasamang political agenda?

  • Beguine

    Kris Aquino for VP in 2016 will surely make both her and her
    President running mate LOSE!

  • $18209031

    RCC supported the Aquxxx in 1986. Time to stop supporting oligarchs , the same old people time and time again. Nakakasawa na. Time to support the poor and marginalized. Time to support our Tausug people, the marginalized and downtrodden people of Sulu ARchipelago.

    Work with the Vatican to call on the Malayo Govt to return Sabah. The power of the RCC is strong and its high time to use that power in helping our Tausug brothers.

    • 33Sambuang2

      wala ka sa topic oi. paghilom. pagkuhag schengen visa and adto-a si pope francis.

  • $18209031

    RCC must abandon the support of oligarchs. This is a shame to the RCC. IT should never be involved in politics but to serve the poor and marginalized and downtrodden.

  • XY ZEE

    Hindi lang siya bise-presidente kundi REYNA NG TULO

  • Nic Legaspi

    Does that mean we’ll soon begin to hear issues of national security discussed on The Buzz?

  • eltee mulawin

    >>>sinabi na nga napaka simple at kaunti ang qaulification para maging presidente ng Pilipinas.

    >>>ang kailangan lang, unang-una supporta ng media at kung may perang puhunan.
    >>>kaya kahit sino ay may karapatan kumandidato sa anuman posisyon sa pamahalaan, kahit dating bilannggo at naging basurero.

    >>>dahil sa bansang Pilipinas lahat ng imposible pwedeng posible, at ang posible ay nagiging imposible.

    >>>kaya hayaan at ihalal sinuman nais maging presidente ng Pilipinas, upang lahat sa buong mundo ay mamangha at humanga, at mga mamayan naman ay naka -NGANGA !!!

  • eltee mulawin

    >>>sinabi na nga napaka simple at kaunti ang qualification para maging presidente ng Pilipinas.
    >>>ang kailangan lang, unang-una ay supporta ng media at kung may perang puhunan.
    >>>kaya kahit sino ay may karapatan kumandidato sa anuman posisyon sa
    pamahalaan, kahit dating bilannggo, naging basurero, hostes, tomboy, bakla at iba pa.
    >>>dahil sa bansang Pilipinas lahat ng imposible pwedeng posible, at ang posible ay nagiging imposible.
    >>>kaya hayaan at ihalal sinuman nais maging presidente ng Pilipinas, upang lahat sa buong mundo ay mamangha at humanga, at mga Pilipino mamayan naman ay naka -NGANGA !!!

  • Arcsolo

    i checked the date, and it’s the 2nd of April. i thought today’s April Fools DAY.

  • Jun Go

    ito talaga si osacr oh… retired na nga, tsismoso pa.

    gayahin mo na lang si pope francis sa pagiging down to earth. kaya ka siguro di umabot sa pagiging cardinal.

    sabihin na nating totoo yan, eh taong bayan naman ang boboto at pipili eh. hayaan ang bayan ang humatol kung gusto man nya tumakbo.

    eh si imelda, bongbong, pacquiao, erap, jalosjos, at kung sino pang mga personalidad, bakit di mo isa-isahin, kalaunan, tao pa rin ang mamimili.

    educate the voters and enlighten the candidates.

    pero malinaw rin sa saligang batas ang separation ng estado at simbahan.

    kaya ginoong cruz, para sa ganun paniwalaan din kayo, siguro papako kayo sa cruz.

    • superpilipinas

      he-he-he…..ininterview siya at sinagot niya ang interviewer.

      Tulad ni Pope Francis, he gave courtesy to the interviewer/reporter.

      bago ka magpayo, magbasa ka muna nang mabuti….he-he-he.

  • ebj

    Teka kahapon pa ang April Fools’ Day.

    • superpilipinas

      yesterday’s events are today’s news.

  • pj2003

    Bishop Cruz alam mo talaga kung paano kumuha ng pansin.. you know very well that Kris is a hot topic kaya ginamit mo siya para ma headline ka na naman.. just focus your efforts how to arrest the fast decline of Catholic faithfuls kesa sumali sa tsismisan pang showbiz lang iyan at di nababagay sa mga kaparian.

    • superpilipinas

      he-he-he. Read it again. He was asked during an interview.

      Bishop Cruz is a favourite of the press to interview because of his good following and his advocacies.

  • boybakal

    Bishop Cruz….is the bishop of intrigue.
    He created an intrigue on jueteng that led to the massacre of innocent people and the incarceration of police officers.
    Lost life and lost future….wasted life.
    Now it is Kris that Cruz is trying to intrigue….Cruz vs Kris.

  • $46804224

    hahaha tsismoso…. er naniwala sa tsismis..

    • Ricky Espino Junas

      dapat magresign na itong si cruz at maging the buzz reporter nalang hehehe

  • Simplify1

    The good bishop has moved from non-separation of church and state to non-separation of church and showbiz……teka teka…isumbong kaya eto kay Cardinal Tagle para mapagsabihan tungkol sa being “HOW TO BE SILENT” paminsan minsan….

    • Ricky Espino Junas

      ahit saan talagang gubat me ahas

  • Pio Pusli

    si santo papa, bumanat na naman. dude ang mga pedophile na manyakis na pare asikasuhin mo muna.

  • 33Sambuang2

    paepal ka na naman bishop. sugpuin mo na ang jueteng dyan sa inyo. wala ka rin namang nagawa e.

  • Pio Pusli

    “I’m not saying she’s not capable. As I said, if she’s going to run, let her run because it takes so little to qualify for public office, from the local to the national level,” he said. “I have no preference, and who am I to tell her what to do?”

    o yan pala e. shaaat ap na.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Holy crap. I like the present president but her sister to vp soon? forget about it. Political dynasty.
    What’s the problem of this retired bishop? Manure spreader? If yes or no will he sent her to heaven or hell?

  • romie carillo

    Ano naman pakialam ng pari na ito kung kumandidato ngs si cris. Bakit di mo pakialaman si Lilia Pineda?

  • boybakal

    Cute naman ni Bishop….pa wet lips pa.

  • ernievictory

    bishop cruz to run for papacy ! paki confirm mo nga cruz ….

  • Ricky Espino Junas

    Di hamak na tapat at di corrupt yan laban sa UNA dyan at pati narin sa iyo damaso

  • MangDolphy

    Pag nanalo si Jinky Pacquiao na kongresista, puede na sya VP sa 2016 kasi Plipino citizen din sya at marunong din yata sumulat ng pangalan nya at magbasa. Mas matalino nga lang di hamak si Kris kesa kanya.

  • The Lighthouse

    Religion, showbiz and politics – that’s entertainment!

  • monATmex

    itong si cruz ay napakahilig sa rumors. tapos walang pakundangan maghusga at magsalita. para tuloy gusto ko na ring maniwala sa rumors na matagal ko ng nadidinig na kaya astang bading itong si cruz ay dahilang tutuong bading nga.

  • jerry sy

    tsismoso etong pari na eto..bakla cguro.

  • Cali To

    so what is to you RETIRED bishop??? pakialamero ka talaga! meron ka agenda dito noh! commissioned kaba nila Gloria to do the survey!!!

  • JasonBieber

    Oh no…there goes the Philippines as we know it. It was bad enough that a President was elected with no real achievements other than having a famous last name and then now his sister may run for VP. What has happened to Philippine politics?? Really? Kris Aquino? Kris? Like the queen of media Kris Aquino? Like really? Like really really? Like appearing on national TV and cry about an ex, Kris Aquino for VP???


  • disqusted0fu

    Oh please… Spare the PH from another Aquino! Pnoy has already put so much instability in the government. There is no room for more. Kris is better off in showbiz, which her brother Pnoy should have also gone instead of public service. They are both good in making intrigues and drama and all that stuff that shouldn’t be welcomed in the government.

    • Lorebea Tamparong

      Sana nga wag na…Maawa na po kayo Diyos ko po…Tingnan nyo po yung kapatid niyang Presidente wlang nagawa sa malawakang brown-out ng Mindanao, yung mga government employees walang uminto sa sahod samantalang nagmamahalan na ang presyo ng bilihin, puro pagmamayabang sa ekonomiya ang sinasabi na hindi naman nadama ng mga karaniwang tao…Please po Lord wag na po….

    • Ricky Espino Junas

      Philippine econmy is improved more than indonesia we are number one in asia hindi kapa masaya …..talaga naman sino gusto mo si erap na magnanakaw

  • noypi_ako

    showbiz talaga lagi eto si Bishop Cruz, at paborito naman patulan ng Inquirer

  • mamer2

    Rev Bishop…, Are you doing a “confession” outside the “confessional”…?

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