Hontiveros expresses ‘immense disappointment’ over SC ruling vs RH law


Akbayan Representative Risa Hontiveros. Cathy MIranda/INQUIRER.net FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines – Former Akbayan Representative Risa Hontiveros has expressed “immense disappointment” over the Supreme Court’s decision against her appeal to lift its status quo ante order (SQAO) on the Reproductive Health law.

“It is disappointing. I still maintain that the immediate implementation of the law does not pose any concrete damage to the constitutional rights of any individual,” Hontiveros said in a statement on Tuesday.

“The suspension, however, reinforces a status quo where 11 women die everyday due to lack of access to reproductive health services,”  she said.

Had the SC lifted the suspension, Hontiveros said, young Filipinos entering school this year would receive correct and proper education on sex and sexuality.

“The RH law is a tool against ignorance, one that causes death and exposes our youth to various risks. We could have stopped this climate of ignorance that has imperilled our youth for several generations now. Nakakapanghinayang,”  she  lamented.

“We cannot reverse the loss of lives caused by the lack of RH programs. But we can save the lives of mothers if we implement promptly a law fully backed by the people, by Congress, and by the Executive,”  she added.

Despite this, Hontiveros reiterated their readiness to defend the law during the oral arguments set by the court in June.

“We have always been ready to defend the need for an RH law. We were ready to fight for it in Congress, and we won, and we are ready to face this legal hurdle,” she said.

Hontiveros said the law was long overdue and lives could have been saved had it been implemented immediately.

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  • Marco

    disheartening to see and hear from her

    • Jane Tan

      What’s disheartening is more and more people are slipping into poverty, forced to abandon their children, and the growing number of orphans on the streets – and people still want more lives to be born into such a category.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        lol. More people more Baptism, more confirmation, more weddings, more deaths, more BUSINESS for the church.

      • Jane Tan

        You forgot to include poverty. Without poverty, there would be no CBCP.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        Oh yes to that Jane! I agree!

  • poltergeist_fuhrer

    talo ka na hontiveros

    • WeAry_Bat

      sana hindi ka mabuntis dito sa pilipinas :D

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        kahit mayaman, namamatay sa pagbubuntis…kahit sa america meron namamatay…wag ka naman tanga oy…

      • Jane Tan

        …kaya nga binabawasan ang mga ayaw magpabuntis… zzz… parang tinulungan mo na din ang argument niya

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ang layo…

      • Jane Tan

        “kahit mayaman, namamatay sa pagbubuntis…kahit sa america meron namamatay…wag ka naman tanga oy…”

        Hello… paki-connect ang sinabi ko. Parang sinabi mo lang ang main cause ng kamatayan ay pagbubuntis – wala sa pera, wala sa equipment, wala sa lugar, wala sa kung anu man. Then the solution is simple, wag mabuntis.

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ok…sige…sabihin mo kay noykapon na i castrate or ipakapon lahat na mga lahi ninyo na malilibog…go girl…gusto lang ninyo mag sex ng mag sex at hindi magbuntis, dba???

      • WeAry_Bat

        hehehe… san mas mataas ang posibilidad mamatay ang buntis, sa hospital sa taguig o fairview, o sa makati?

        i-testing mo, pabangga ka sa kalye sa mahirap na parte ng taguig o fairvew. nanakawan ka ng pera sa mga daming squatters na tumakbo papunta sa katawan mo. yung private car owner pa ang makatulong sa iyo.

        tapos sa hospital, hihinga ka ng tubig, sa gripo ka pa ituro na mukhang mey tetanus sa tayang itsura nun. kahit sugatin ka at sakit ng katawan, lalakad ka pa sa 7-11 para bumili ng tubig. kwento ito ng nag drag race at naaksidente.

        kung buntis ka, pano na lang? hehehe

        i-testing mo na hindi ka buntis, pa-aksidente lang, ok? assure ko sa iyo, hindi ka na tanga pagtapos sa testing mo. hehehe

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        ang layo ng analogy mo…

        pero, if that is your concern…sige…kung ung worth 2 billion na pambili ng condom at pills at ilaan na lang sa mga hospitals para ung iinumin na tubig hindi matetanu ang iinom, dba mas maganda un???

        sino makikinabang sa condom?ung malilibog…na sana dapat ung pera para diyan will be a big help sa pondo ng mga ospitals…gets mo?

      • WeAry_Bat

        di ba 3 billion ata yun? hehehe

        kuha ka ng calculator:
        tingnan mo kung parehong hati ang hospital, magkano ang makuha nila.

        P100K? P50K per hospital at clinic? Anong klaseng pondo yan, isang taon na tisyu pang linis ng dugo?

        kunin mo nga uli yung RH bill. mey item duon para sa Education. because ignorance is poltergeist_fuhrer hehe

      • poltergeist_fuhrer

        education..dba meron ng science, val ed na nagtuturo niyan…

        kung ang gusto mo sa sex ed ay kung paano suutin ang condom, u r making the schools as advertisers of the manufacturers of contraceptives…

        kaya pala millions ang binigay ng mga pharma sa mag tongressmen at senatongs…

      • Jane Tan

        Pwede din naman natin ibaliktad – ang mga malilibog hinde rin makikinabang sa trabaho kasi dadami din ang anak nila na hinde nila masusuportahan.

      • Scorpio15

        Lahat naman ay namamatay. Ginawa mo lang na Tanga ang sarili mo.

  • Mang Teban

    Told you, this RH gang is using flawed logic.
    Contraceptives stop pregnancies…period.
    Contraceptives mean no pregnant mothers at risk of dying.
    Why is there a risk, Ms. Risa Hontiveros?
    No pregnant mothers, no maternal deaths…OF COURSE!
    Do you see the folly of your logic?
    Why is there a risk, Ms. Risa Hontiveros?
    Is it not that some pregnant mothers who depend on barangay clinics and public hospitals are at risk of dying?
    Why is there a risk, Ms. Risa Hontiveros?
    The risk is due to INSUFFICIENCY in these clinics and hospitals. Lack of competent health personnel, no available medical supplies and medicines, non-existing facilities for prenatal, delivery procedures, and postnatal services, and worse, nobody cares.
    Why is there a risk, Ms. Risa Hontiveros?
    The risk is in the RH law that pretends to be for “reproductive health” but is more inclined to NO REPRODUCTION (ergo, no pregnancies) and because there are no pregnancies, the logic that maternal deaths will be gone is COMPLETELY FLAWED…like a broken condom.

    • Crazy_horse101010

      blah blah blah

    • Jane Tan

      First off, nahilo lang ang nagbasa ng sinulat mo kasi walang direction or continuation sa mga statements.

      I grant you that better hospital equipment is an option. But, what happens after the child is born? Will this “new equipment” supply the child with food, clothing, shelter, education?

      Since I have a good idea with your answer to my question, consider this before you do – will you hire a street beggar?

      • Mang Teban

        mahina kasi ang utak mo kaya ka nahilo.
        street beggar ang tingin mo sa lahat ng batang pinanganak sa mahirap?
        you are dumb.
        pregnant mothers who die daily are not necessarily poor as a rat..they spend money for their own nutrition on prenatal stage and go to a public hospital when it is time to deliver the infant hoping that they spend a little for medicines because the government for so long has neglected its responsibility to provide the facilities to ensure that babies born in public hospitals come out alive. But with corruption, the funds are siphoned and are not used to where they had been budgeted in the first place.
        So, if you think that the RH law will be implemented WITHOUT CORRUPTION, you are naive and clueless of what happens with funds appropriated by Congress and end up in personal accounts of those who fleeced taxpayers.
        You think like Risa Hontiveros who sees pregnancies as an economic nuisance and masquerades to be compassionate for the poor. Try a bit harder with your counter-arguments next time.

      • Jane Tan

        Did you protest against conditional cash transfer? Isn’t that a venue for corruption? How about the Magna Carta for the Poor? While we’re at it, why did we even implement the labor law when it deals with money that can be abused. How about the Department of Agriculture which was used as a means for laundering money, did you protest against its creation?

        If you think every law will be implemented with corruption, then you are paranoid and anti-progress, and your claim of the unconstitutionality of the RH Bill is baseless because you don’t even believe in the law. I don’t even know why you consider yourself a Filipino if you think every law is useless due to its vulnerability to corruption. And if you care so much, why don’t you do something about the corruption itself, like vote for upstanding individuals? If you’re going to stop any law (because they can all be abused), why do we even have law-makers or the government? We should just go back to being a puppet-state.

        No, I don’t think every child that is born poor is a street beggar, but then again, I can’t argue with the majority. There are poor children who aren’t street beggars, but they sell sampaguitas or trapos. There are also poor children who are pickpockets. So, you’re right. Not every poor child is a street beggar. But, not every street beggar is a child. So, having said that, I go back to my question with an added clause for picky people like you – considering that they are age-appropriate, will you hire a street beggar?

        I’ve been making counter-arguments to all your claims, and I’ve stated facts while your argument is based on paranoia and assumptions. And you still failed to answer my question. Why can’t you? All you can do is insult people. You can’t even defend your arguments when opposed.

      • Mang Teban

        boy oh boy, you don’t know how much I am passionate against greed and corruption…I do not expect you to follow all my comments and agree with me…BUT, you have no right to tell me that I have not done anything to protest about all what you said about the unjust system in our goverment. I believe that I am the noisiest among the people in this paper who points out corruption from inception in both private and government sectors. If you are insulted, I am sorry. I just cannot stand hypocrisy and illogical reasoning. Check out first before you blabber. I defend and you disagree. Fine…live a life..I will live mine.

      • Jane Tan

        Why can’t you answer my question? Are you afraid that your response will prove me right?

        Considering they are age-appropriate, will you hire a street beggar for an actual, honest-to-goodness job with basic pay and benefits?

        Answer it. Then you will see where I am coming from.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001565433198 Rolly Antonio

        This is a st00pid question. Sorry for butting in. As if it is the job of any individual and not of the state. If Mang Teban does what you want him to do, then this only means that this government is inutile.

        Why not answer the same question?

        What will you do to the poor families who didn’t opt to use contraception? Are you going to force them? LOL

      • Jane Tan

        Stupid question that you can’t answer? I ask you the same. Why can’t you answer it?

        I will answer it. No. I will not. Would you?

        To answer your follow-up question, I don’t need them to do anything. I won’t force them. I only need to let them know that they could have done something, and it wouldn’t cost them anything.

        The key here is to eliminate ignorance and irresponsibility. Now that people can actually do something about it, and it won’t cost them anything, they have no excuses.

        So, I direct my question to you – considering they are age-appropriate, will you hire a street beggar for an actual, honest-to-goodness job with basic pay and benefits?

        If yes, what job will you give him/her?

        Its a known fact that every anti-RH I’ve asked this, can’t answer it. All they’ve done is dance around the question. Like you, who pushed it back to me. Well, I’ve answered it. Why can’t you?

      • Mang Teban

        Yes, I talk to street children not to beg. Whenever I can, I urge them to sell junk/scrap instead which is more “dignified” than begging. Of course, i part away food if i have for them to eat and be filled for one meal. I have said before that one person straying in the neighborhood must be directed to the barangay officials for action. If not, that one person becomes two and three and more until they become one colony if left unattended. There are a lot of Catholic-run homes for street children. So, there is hope in them. For parents who are unable to feed and raise children, they pin their hope on government. If government does not do its job to provide shelter or send them from their places of origin (away from Metro Manila, for example), there are NGOs around willing to help. But, really the RH law will not solve poverty, hunger, and want. It aims to give government more excuses not to improve health services in hospitals and not to fund budgets for the poor. The conditional cash transfer helps but to some degree it does not create self-sufficiency skills. This is where the government needs to boost livelihood programs with flexible micro-capital financing. Finally, children are gifts from God. If we turn them away, we are not deserving to be humans. We will not be different from instinctive but not compassionate animals.

      • Jane Tan

        Direction does not work. Its not enough that there are people like us who do community work out of our own time and effort. Just because there are Catholic-run homes for street children doesn’t mean we should populate these homes? WTH kind of logic is that? It is not the government’s job to provide for an entire person’s life because that person is complacent and lazy. You are not reducing poverty, you are simply keeping the person impoverished and needy, and setting an example of complacency and irresponsibility. You say that giving condoms will tell people that sex is allowed and okay. Well, I’m here to tell you, giving dole-outs will tell people that its okay to live in complacency and irresponsibility because they know that they will be provided for.

        Children are gifts from God and people throw them away, abandon them, force them to beg on the streets, sell them for sex, etc. By allowing more and more kids to be born in this manner, you are destroying that very image of innocence. They are gifts from God, and how are these gifts used?

        You are still stuck on the idea that the government should give away everything for free. Isn’t it enough that there are free public clinics, but you complain that they aren’t well-equipped. What do you expect!? They are FREE! What’s the point of private clinics if the public clinics are just as good, but FREE? What are you, a communist? This concept alone will not only keep our people lazy, complacent and irresponsible, but it will also destroy the economy.

        And you still haven’t answered my question – considering they are age-appropriate, will you hire a street beggar? If you give me an answer and defend it, then you will see my side. This is an honest straight-up question.

      • Mang Teban

        You are asking too much from God. We have been born and created by God for others and not for ourselves and neither for Him because God is already complete and does not need our help.
        You are impossible to please and I have been patient with you but you seem to loop around and circumvent logic like an endless spool of thread. What is it that you want? Do you want me to say YES to everything that you wish to hear? Sorry, you are like Judas Iscariot who cries out -“Why didn’t we sell the expensive perfume used by this woman named Mary who only used it to wash the feet of our Master and wipe her hair and give the money to the poor?” He seemed concerned and many people will be duped to say -“Yeah, why not?” But the epistle of John added the comment that Judas Iscariot helped himself on the common fund of the apostles for his own personal purpose. I am not insulting you, Jane. I am making you understand that what you are doing is Judas Iscarioteque. If you care for the poor, you would not criticize other people what they do. Instead, you do it yourself in whatever capacity you can. And, do not let others know what acts of charity (love) you do for others. That is the meaning of following Christ. What you do to the least, you do it to Jesus. So, if you detest street beggars like dirt, you treat God the same way..selective faith will get you nowhere.

    • stjohnofthevatican

      So what is the solution, when you said “the risk is due to INSUFFICIENCY…” Funds? Believe me there will be people who will be opposing it again, people from the pretentious people of the church, like yourself! Jane Tan is correct!

      • Mang Teban

        analyze this – if a pregnant woman goes to a public hospital to save money for she cannot afford private medical care, she puts her life to risk after seeing that there is INSUFFICIENCY in the public hospital – common practice in many public hospitals is to tell the patients (pregnant women) buy the medicines first and medical supplies and come back. Why? The public hospital staff will tell the patients that it is SOP. Many times, just when a relative has gone out to buy the medicines and medical supplies, the pregnant woman is told to wait because the doctor has not arrived. After hours of waiting, the pregnant woman is pale and convulsing and dies. This is not fiction..TV documentaries attest to these incidents. A barangay clinic is several kilometers away from families who hope that their pregnant mothers can seek medical help and finds out in their horror the clinic is empty, no personnel around except the dog scavenging through the trash. You need more truth…go to the provincial hospitals and check if these senatorial candidates tell the truth that MEDICAL CARE DEFICIENCY IS PREVALENT IN THIS COUNTRY. No, they brag about the laws they have passed and will show “happy constituents” allegedly receiving hospital care for FREE…Is this what the RH law legislators are predicting that maternal rate of 11 mothers per day (excluding the 11 dead infants unless saved by the doctors) will vanish because of the NO PREGNANCY policy? Of course, no pregnant mothers, no patients, no maternal deaths..it is the RH law, stupid!

      • stjohnofthevatican

        I almost die laughing with your analogy. The RH law is NOT to be imposed or forced to ALL people. This is an option made available by the law for people who wants to avail it. I am a husband, and we are planning our second child, this does not mean that when the law becomes available does not mean, the government will come over to my home and drag my wife out and forced her to take contraceptive. I also not expecting that they will come knocking on our room while doing it and say hey, OpEN THE door, we want to make sure you are using condoms. Grow up.

        This is what i call unnecessary fear, and people are afraid when there is a law that they think may expose their secrets.

      • Mang Teban

        you can die laughing for all I care.
        the basic ignorance about the RH law is that it purports to be for REPRODUCTIVE health but it is about NON-REPRODUCTION.
        You are not forced to take pills, condoms, or have yourself vasectomized or your wife ligated…BUT, you can still afford to laugh when pregnant women die? You can still afford to laugh when 13-billion pesos annually will be used to purchase condoms and pills when there are other more important needs? You can still afford to laugh when the law insults the poor and make sweeping stats that most of the irresponsible parents are among the poor? You can still afford to laugh when the public hospitals remain to be under-equipped, undermanned, and neglected? You can still afford to laugh at your convoluted logic that says -“hey, let us stop pregnancies and enjoy safe sex, anyway, no pregnant women, no maternal deaths???”? Can you still afford to laugh when your own teen-aged daughter goes home to tell you she’s pregnant because her boyfriend’s condom did not work? Can you still afford to laugh when your teen-aged son goes home to tell you he has made his girlfriend pregnant because she missed a pill for a day?
        While the presumption by the RH law is NO PREGNANCY, the risk is always there when condoms and pills become easily accessible and no more social taboo because they are common and ordinary objects for sexual pleasure encouraged by the State. Are you still laughing?

      • Jane Tan

        No to stupid, irresponsible, unwanted pregnancies? Hmmm…

      • Mang Teban

        Have you ever regretted delivering your child or children? Have you been a mother? Do you call your child stupid, irresponsible, and unwanted because you should not have been pregnant? Hmmmm…

      • Jane Tan

        No, I call the person having the child that he/she can’t support as stupid and irresponsible. As for “unwanted”, let’s face it, how would you describe the feelings of parents towards the children they abandoned or threw away?

      • stjohnofthevatican

        You ask these questions as if you have been a mother! Or are you playing a mother to a lover? That is also immoral Miss Teban

      • Mang Teban

        Run out of things to rebut? Butt head.

  • jinx

    The SC is made up mostly of old, typical “pro-life” kuno judges in whose heydays it was common for a Filipino family to have 12 children. It’s from this generation where the uncontrolled population growth in our country started, and they don’t want to change the status quo. Ayaw nilang mamulat ang masa para tuloy-tuloy pa rin pag-haharian ng mga feeling aristocrats, pwe.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001565433198 Rolly Antonio

      LOL! How about Carpio, Sereno, Bernabe? LOL you make me laugh. LOL.

  • Simon Ward

    All power to you, Ms. Hontiveros! Even if I didn’t support the RH law (which I most definitely do!), I’d still vote for you as President if I could (which I can’t!). You are a shining light of integrity and passion for your job in a sea of swill.

  • WeAry_Bat

    I used to have a favorite intersection in Makati where I would give small change to the resident, mentally ill person. A few months, or years of this, I noticed something.

    He seemed to have been evicted. In it’s place where blind people (too lazy to become masseuse?) , old people and ragged children. There seemed to be different sets on every other day. Where do they come from? They seem to be a never ending flood.

    My small change in the cup holder declined depressingly.

    This I thought, is why health care will always be insufficient. It doesn’t target the source of the problem.

    Without RH, it will always be like the king who asked the waves to stop tiding into the beach. The king should have resurrected Archimedes to make fulcrum to move the moon. Then the waves would recede.

    • Jane Tan

      The Philippines will never have a lack of irresponsible people. Take the people commenting here that are against the RH Bill – would they take-in the beggars and orphans? No. They want the money to go to better equipment for a much safer childbirth, which is not wrong. But, what happens after the child is born? Will this new equipment pay for the child’s food, clothing, shelter, education? Without any of these, the child is as good as a street beggar.

      • Mang Teban

        pathetic reasoning…you ask “What happens after the child is born?” There is postnatal care still needed. Shouldn’t that be the continuing concern of the government to provide adequate medical care? What for are the government agencies and departments if they do not work for the majority of the citizens? Are you suggesting that the Philippines is a heartless country with no care for the poor? Probably true, the elistist president just vetoed the Magna Carta for the Poor bill.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        @omongkosong:disqus. I think its your reasoning I find pathetic. RH bill was intended for people who will even PREVENT CONCEPTION. No conception, no life to take away! What is the matter with you?

      • Mang Teban

        It came out from your mouth. – RH law is to prevent conception. And, you reason out – “no conception, no life to take away!” Yes, pathetic loser. that is the flaw in your logic – why would no pregnancy solve maternal deaths? NO WAY…there will still be pregnant women, whether you like or not, dumb dumb. So, what is your proposal for them?
        How will you stop the risk of deaths for them?
        How? How? the carabao?
        Leave them alone? Call them irresponsible? How? How? Paki-sagot nga po para maliwanagan ang lahat.

      • BongCastaneda

        The point of the RH bill is to help people who are either
        1) incompetent/immature
        2) irreponsible
        3) not ready
        4) not capable of providing for children
        from having unplanned or unprovided for children.

        Its not just those deaths from pregnancy which is such a small part of the equation.
        Its how these kids are taken care of thats the problem.
        I see 6 to 8 year old children running and playing and fighting in the streets at 2am in the morning in makati where i live in.
        Their parents are drunk, gambling, doing drugs and crimes, are even using their children to commit crimes.
        the children stop going to school earlier and earlier, many dont even finish high school.
        The parents i admonish, why are you letting your children be on the streets at this unholy hour, what if they get hit by a car or God forbid kidnapped for nefarious purposes like beggar troops or even prostitution.
        The parents are high on drugs, told me their kids can disappear they will come back.
        You know you are assuming that people of today are the same as of yesteryears but many of them have no real love for their children.
        They wont work or sacrifice for the future of their children.
        Kawawa lang tong mga batang to, napupunta sa walang kwentang mga tao.
        Mabuti pa sana nag contraceptives sila kaysa sa minulat nila mga anak nila sa pahirap na ginagawa nila sa mga anak nila.

      • Mang Teban

        Good. You are totally aware of the problems in your community. Now, ask yourself what will the RH law do to those problems that are ALREADY EXISTING? None, yes?

        The RH law pretends to help the poor couples who are, in your words, “incompetent/immature, irresponsible, not ready, not capable of providing for children from having unplanned or unprovided for children”.

        It is pretentious because none of what you said are sufficient grounds to encourage contraception. For us to help people, RICH OR POOR, from being what you said as four problem areas, they need EDUCATION and not CONTRACEPTION.

        Will condoms and pills to avoid pregnancy change their attitudes and weaknesses? i don’t think so.

        The more that “incompetent/immature, irresponsible, not ready, and not capable” couples have access to condoms and pills, the more they would be careless and reckless about changing their attitudes and weaknesses.

        What we need, therefore, is to make young people aware that getting married and being involved with someone they can live for “the rest of their lives” is to PREPARE WELL.

        If our youth is not ready for marriage, we must train them to redirect their minds and bodies to preparing them intellectually and emotionally as persons with maturity and readiness to step on married state.

        The problem with the RH law is that it is “jumping the gun”. Instead of educating the youth and the “immature” adults that get into premarital sex and premarital pregnancy, it encourages more the youth and the “immature” adults to engage in sexual activity AS LONG AS they bring condoms or take pills. The result is disastrous as there are other side effects, such as separations of married spouses when one indulges in extramarital relations with the growing culture of SAFE SEX, or for some who are waylaid to experiment on group sex or homosexual sex or incest or pedophilia, gang rape. These are real and serious problems aggravated by widespread circulation of a culture of “better to be safe than sorry” when the problem is about the youth and the “immature” adults who have the wrong notion that sex can be had anytime and with anyone you like…anyway, you are protected by condoms and pills. All of these evil consequences from the misuse of condoms and pills cannot be controlled by the State. In this case, it is the State that is incompetent/immature, irresponsible, not ready and not capable to solve premarital pregnancies, sex-transmitted diseases, juvenile prostitution, promiscuity, dysfunction of families due to breakups in marriages and persistent quarrels by spouses, etc. etc. etc. Will you do something about your neighborhood? Will you ask the barangay officials to solve those problems? The RH law is a hypocritical law that looks at the unborn and the young kids unwashed, unfed, and abandoned as nuisances and not “healthy” for the economy.
        While it says it is after the poor, the huge expenditure of 13-billion peso annual budget to buy those paraphernalia for contraception should have been appropriated instead to equip public clinics and hospitals with the right facilities, hire competent health personnel, stock needed medicines, open access to micro-financing to the poor at flexible and easy terms of payment for livelihood programs, build low-cost shelter at affordable rent, provide nutrition to malnourished kids, etc.etc.

      • Jane Tan

        Nope. I’m not suggesting. I’m SAYING the Philippines is full of irresponsible people who will keep on being complacent and stupid, and giving their votes to any candidate that promises to give them money because that’s all they can do. They will keep on making kids they know they can’t afford to look after but that’s okay because they will just pester the government for dole-outs, which they will use to play lotto in the hopes of winning it big. They are happy passing their burden unto others. And us? We’re so stupid that we’re letting them continue to do so.

        And after postnatal care? When the mother who has no income, whose husband works as a taxi driver, adds another mouth to the five other children she already has, what then?

        What you are proposing is having the government, funded by the taxes of the working class people, pay for all the expenses of a person (food, clothing, education, healthcare, etc) who shows no responsibility by having another child that he/she cannot hope to sustain. Rather than the government, using that money to fix roads, build low-cost housing units, spur the economy to attract investors, etc.

        How much do you think it will cost to sustain a child from birth until he/she enters the working class, WITH actual skills that might land him/her a job with a basic salary? Imagine that number multiplied by the million.

        Its no wonder the Philippines fell behind Japan. Apart from the corruption, there are people who stick to ancient ideals that obviously keep the country ancient. Good grief. Atleast China had the foresight to end their seclusion.

      • Mang Teban

        Jane, you are using a mixed analogy of two different issues. Poverty is a social ill that the government cannot ignore forever. Being a social disease, it needs to be cured. One is to stop graft and corruption. Two is to help those who need help. Three, when you have given help, there will be less people to attend to in the area of poverty. Japan is now regretting that their population is decreasing because senior citizens remain in the workforce and there are fewer younger population to replace them so they can rest and God permits, take them to the next life. China has abortion as a policy for couples with an excess of two children. Japan and China see population as an index for reducing government spending. It may be the scalpel way of cutting corners and solving budget deficits…but, human lives are at stake here. It is indeed hard to digest what God does to create more people in this world. At this very minute, hundreds of people die and hundreds of babies are born. That is how God had planned it. So, when you propose that the RH law be implemented, you are not discounting the fact that it is a huge waste of people’s money. Rather than spend for condoms and pills, the government must use the money for them instead for what you propose as infrastructure to build homes and attract investors. But, what is wrong is that we buy condoms and pills to encourage safe sex among UNMARRIED INDIVIDUALS. Don’t you think that the RH law should have stated that the program for it is for MARRIED COUPLES ONLY? No, it was intentional that the lawmakers did not put that. They have in mind a chaotic society that should take care of itself. That is IRRESPONSIBILITY in the highest order. These pro-RH people in Congress do not care a bit about the economy, the social ills of hunger and poverty, and, above all, saving lives with good healt care facilities and services. Hope you see that.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        I was at a bus terminal one time, and saw children sleeping on the bench. One of them is a girl, and I’m not sure if my judgement is correct, but it looks like the girl has been abused, maybe by those older boys. But no one cared about these people, I hope that people like RegineMarfie, MangTeban and the saintly people were there to help these children. The girl looks like she is only 6 years old. NO ONE CARED, no ANTI-RH BILL PERSON was there! NO PRIEST! NO PASTOR!

        All I could do was to ask the security officer to cover the abdominal area of that female child. I just hope to see these people who are campaigning against the RH Bill on the street, feeding children.

        THERE IS A WAY, if all these streets will be eliminated of street children, well by all MEANS i will go AGAINST RH BILL. I am pro RH Bill because I COULDNT DO MUCH for these children except pay my taxes and some donations. So I AM EXPECTING that you PEOPLE WHO are against RH Bill will cover it!

        But the problem is that I can see these Anti-RH bill stickers from cars who would NOT even bother to stop when you want to cross the street!!!

      • Jane Tan

        Same. We give food whenever we can to the children we see in Edsa. But, the problem is that we are simply addressing their hunger and not the main cause which is irresponsible people.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        I think we better abort people like Mang Teban lol! How I wished that RH bill will conceptualized before Mang Teban was born. The world will be a better place to live!

      • Jane Tan

        Nah. I won’t go so far as to stoop to his level. If he wants to live his life in fear of corruption, and simply avoiding it rather than addressing it face-to-face… well, whatever helps him sleep at night =)

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. It’s sad that there are still institutions in this country that are relics from the medieval period.. the RC Church and the Supreme Court..

    • CornelioIII

      10 heads are better than yours, RyanE. :))

      • stjohnofthevatican

        I think Jane Tan’s head is better than yours. Its an opinion remember? Mine too.

      • Felix Alcantara

        incorrect! it is not a question of whether those ten old and non-reproductive justices are matalino or bobo

    • Bamm Gabriana

      Just because they disagree with you doesn’t mean they are relics of the medieval period. Who knows, maybe the Supreme Court justices know a little bit more about Philippine law and constitutionality than you do. After all, they studied it. Of course, you are also a law expert better than all 10 of them… Oh wait!

      • Jane Tan

        I think the point here is that, there was no need for a 120-day gap between the status quo ante order and the oral arguments. If the SC was indeed impartial, then it wouldn’t need to prolong the issue since both sides have their respective arguments.

      • stjohnofthevatican

        Ryan’s position I guess is that there are people who are being deprived of the services. Those who wants to go to church and let things happen as they fall from heaven could do so, but for those who wishes to avail of free gov services should not be prevented by the church. What the church should be doing is tell people of moral values and not STOPPING a law!

      • Felix Alcantara


      • http://twitter.com/mm1k0 m1k0 Enrico

        I strongly agree. I believe the Filipino community can be best educated, be productive and be more responsible through other programs promoting responsible parenthood and the government increasing the livelihood programs. Those statistics of 11 mothers compared to hundreds of innocent children or unborn children I believe is beyond explanation.

      • Felix Alcantara

        RH bill ay para sagot sa OVER POPULATED na Pinas hindi sa constitutionality ek ek na yan

  • adriel0104

    corruption ang problema hindi population..HORNYviros talaga..

    • RegineMarfie


    • stjohnofthevatican

      No need for RH bill for you either. It has no use. No need for you.

    • Jane Tan

      if corruption is your issue, maybe we should stop electing actors or media personalities to govern our country

  • JasonBieber

    Maybe this Team PNoy candidate needs to correct her campaign strategies since according to the Comelec she is the leading violator among candidates of campaigning rules put out by the Comelec.

  • kilabot

    she will feel the same way
    after her rejection by electorates in the coming election.
    then perhaps, she will just stay home and take good care of her children.

    • RegineMarfie

      (>‿◠)✌ ahahaha

  • RegineMarfie

    (>‿◠)✌ my condolences to you madam

    not your will but the will of the people be done!!!

    • stjohnofthevatican

      Yes, condolences to her as those people dying are what she is fighting for. You are not doing anything but post here. Do you love your priest? Did you enjoy it?

      • RegineMarfie


  • ed_dAVAO

    Relax lang mga pro RH, election time pa wait lang kayo pagkatapos ng eleksyon at baka ma team patay lahat na LP.

    • stjohnofthevatican

      ed_dAVAO no need for RH bill for you. It has no use for you lol

  • floroy

    Its clear to me that whats at stake here are the lives of the unborn be it on his earliest stage, there is already life. Economics and other factors cannot equal the value of life especially those who does not have the capacity to speak or defend themselves. Hope Ms. Hontiveros just wait for the expiration of the TRO, and does use these issues for additional media mileage. alam naman nating lahat na she’s running for office.

    • stjohnofthevatican

      @floroy, On your comment “Its clear to me that whats at stake here are the lives of the unborn be it on his earliest stage, there is already life”. Sir there is NO EARLY LIFE if there will be NO CONCEPTION. Go back to your biology class.

      • floroy

        Its ironic that some countries are spending billions of dollars to find even a single microbial life on other planets and we here are trying to deny the presence of life in the early stages of human fertilization and kills it through the use contraceptives. human life is a precious gift and valued whatever stage it is in. There are people who talk about life in terms of economics, practicality, etc.,in truth it is beyond that.

  • Dingdong Daplis


    • stjohnofthevatican

      that’s all you can say, what a waste!

  • RegineMarfie


    look dude… I’m responding to the article… if you don’t like my posts, stop reading me… I don’t care about your bastardly comments and more than that

    Stop Trolling My Posts!

    • stjohnofthevatican

      Its my right DUDE! To comment on your comments DUDE! If you are not tough enough then dont post! Simple!

  • stjohnofthevatican

    Next is Divorce and taxing all Church businesses, then the Philippines is free from slavery of the church!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001565433198 Rolly Antonio

    It’s quite funny that the ignoramus on this thread claim that RH is the answer to the maternal deaths.

    This is their stoopid logic: If the mothers don’t get pregnant, they won’t die. Stoopid eh?

    And where is the correlation and data that showed that RH bill can
    save mothers from dying if and only if they decide to get pregnant?
    yeah right, the ignoramus here were not able to consider that scenario.
    All they want is to prevent the mothers from bearing children so as to
    prevent maternal deaths.

    Free lesson for ALL. RH bill is not the answer to maternal deaths.
    It’s the allocation of more budget to health services accessible to ALL.
    Not condoms and pills. LOL

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001565433198 Rolly Antonio

    I am campaigning against Risa Hontiveros.

  • disqusted0fu

    Hontiveros is desperate in trying to get her ratings up in the surveys and in getting more exposure. Unfortunately for her pushing the implementation of RH law is the only way to go for her, which will probably make her even more unpopular. That also must be the reason why she has the most violations of the campaign rules.

  • RegineMarfie


    just coz you can’t read straight let me say this again ok…

    if you don’t like what I say Do Not Read Me.

    Its my Opinion and I don’t care the fak about yours

    If you persist in this

    Your not a commenter YOU are a TROLLER

  • poltergeist_fuhrer




    ginagamit lang nitong si HONTIVEROS ang mahihirap at mga babae sa kanyang SARILING INTERES…


  • jeff

    sana itong mga anti-RH pagbigyan naman ang mga mahihirap na makagamit ng comdom o contraceptive na libre. kayong mga mayayaman, bakit kukunti lang ang inyong anak habang ang mga pulubi ay sobrang dami. di ba kayong mga anti-RH ay gumagamit din ng condom o di kaya contraceptive? huwag naman sana kayong ipokrito.

  • Steven Zahl

    TALIBAN bishops ruling over the Philippines.

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