81% of Filipinos satisfied with life


Despite the persistence of high poverty rates in the country, at least four in every five adult Filipinos, or 81 percent, said they were satisfied with their life in December last year, a survey found.

Results of a Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey showed that those content with their life included 33 percent who said they were “very satisfied” and 48 percent who were “fairly satisfied.”

The survey, conducted on Dec. 8 to 11, asked 1,200 adults nationwide the question, “On the whole, are you very satisfied, fairly satisfied, not very satisfied, or not at all satisfied with the life you are experiencing?”

Satisfaction with one’s life last December was an improvement over the levels in March last year, when 76 percent said they were satisfied, consisting of 31 percent who were “very satisfied” and 45 percent who were “fairly satisfied.”

Only one in five Filipinos, or 20 percent, five months ago were left wanting—down from 24 percent in March 2012.

The SWS has conducted life satisfaction surveys 19 times since June 2002.

Record high

Under the Aquino administration, life satisfaction ratings hovered between 76 percent and 86 percent, the survey’s record high in December 2011.

The survey’s lowest life satisfaction rating was at 61 percent in September 2002 and November 2003.

In the survey last December, life satisfaction was highest in Luzon outside Manila (84 percent), followed by the Visayas (82 percent), Metro Manila (82 percent) and Mindanao (71 percent).

By economic group, life satisfaction was highest among Class ABC (94 percent), followed by Class D (82 percent) and Class E (74 percent).

Bullish on economy


Satisfaction was greater in urban areas (84 percent) than in rural areas (78 percent). It was also higher among those who finished college (88 percent) than among elementary school and non-elementary school graduates (both at 76 percent).

Satisfied Filipinos were also optimistic with their personal life and the economic outlook of the country in the next 12 months, according to SWS.

Forty-five percent of those “very satisfied” were expecting a better life this year, compared with 35 percent among those “fairly satisfied,” 33 percent among those “not very satisfied” and 25 percent of those “not at all satisfied.”

Those who were bullish on the economy included 40 percent of those “very satisfied,” 30 percent of those “fairly satisfied,” 29 percent of those “not at all satisfied” and 25 percent of those “not very satisfied.”

The survey has a margin of error of plus-or-minus 3 percentage points.—Inquirer Research

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  • go88

    Fiction …. pro-government election propaganda …. next time they will say 101% filipinos are satisfied with life in the Philippines.

    • Loggnat

      Maybe the ratio of people surveyed was 81% ABC class to 11% F class. It is a ridiculous and an unnecessary waste of time and money to those who were supposed to be impressed by the result.

  • rodben

    I read in the internet every speeches asking price by couple EX-US PREZ CLINTON AND HILLARY ranging from $200,000T – $300,000.T plus….magakano naman kya singil ng mga paid survey companies both local and internationals?… I’ve been in Saudi Arabia for 7yrs but I did’t read in any Saudi Arab news regarding about any survey to their gov’t…maybe the King don’t waste money without the benefits of their peoples…

    • akongednamzug

      Ang Saudi Arabia ay isang kaharian. Ang survey ay walang bisa, dahil anumang gusto ng hari ay di mababali.

  • http://www.yahoo.com/ Ciano Malandag

    wag naman ninyong gawing tanga ang mga tao.isa na naman itong pangloloko.kahit halos walang ng makain,satisfied pa rin??? sira-ulo at yellow ang utak lang ang maniwala sa survey na to!!!

  • Stuubs

    another political spin by Malacanang !… if this survey is true and I hope not, when majority of the population of the PH are living in poverty and hunger, 81% of Filipinos are either jokers or just plain stupid….so lets all go noynoying then since almost all Filipinos are satisfied with their lives !

    • Hendot2012

      Paulit ulit na lang, hay… :(


    If is this for real and not just a publicity stunt for the forthcoming election,
    then there is but one thing to say….good job PNOY sir!
    Keep it up!

  • Concur_Dissent

    19% of Filipinos are not satisfied…. These are people in our society who are the sour grapes, talangka, mga ayaw makita success ni PNoy, mga kamaganak ni Corona, Kamaganak ni Arroyo, UNA candidates and their supporters, mga taga Maynila na boboto ng isang plunderer as Mayor at si Kim Jung Un…..hahahaha!

    • Simplify1

      sama na rin dyan sa 19% si cianong malandag; bo-go88, laggnat, si puropinoi na hindi marunong mag spell, hehehehe (hindi yan joke)

  • Guest

    Sino nagbayad ng survey na naman , para ipakta na ayos un mga mahihirap sa katayuan ng buhay pati middle class..Very timely, dati itong subject na ito never sinu-survey na madalas…

  • disqus_kWKA4vQyWk

    kon sino man ang nag survey nito a hell lot of crap survey and what more pinablished pa

  • marionics

    nandito pala yung buong 19% hahaha

  • regd

    Hehehe nagpista dito ang mga pessimist. Pagka magulo ang buhay magulo rin ang pag-iisip magulo rin ang mga salita. Kitams. Kasalanan na naman ni PNoy ito.

  • wawa2172

    “48 percent who were “fairly satisfied” is the significant result that means almost fifty 50 percent needs more in life. Somehow, the survey made by SWS is difficult to believe and not conclusive because of the timing in showing the results: election period. Well, nabayaran na naman ang SWS and that I am sure in millions of pesos dahil nation wide daw ang survey. Statistics for sale, anyone!!!

  • Matashari

    Palagay ko kahit magka leche leche ang Pilipinas, a lot of Pinoys will still say ok lang ang buhay nila. Good attitude in a way, being happy and positive; pero bad dahil ang bagal ng pagbabago because of complacency. Oh well such is Pinoy life.

  • Simon Ward

    I haven’t been scrutinising SWS with a microscope, but my impression is that while most of their surveys are credible but fail to grab the headlines, the handful that do grab the headlines always seem to be INcredible. Obviously news editors are highly selective about what they choose to report. That is their right. But like others, I also suspect SWS of producing surveys to order. Isn’t it SWS that keeps telling us how wildly popular UNA candidates are?

  • libra25

    So distorted research. How can you make sweeping statements that more than a third of our countrymen are satisfied when most of them are squatters and street bums who can’t eat a decent meal a day without getting help from private donations and govt doleouts. That is not self sustenance. That is not the dignified existence that we deserve.

    • Babiker_Ahmed

      Are you sure also that most of our countrymen are squatters? You just don’t want to open your closed mind.. The report said that Class ABC (not squatters), Class D (not squatters) and Class E (these are not all squatters because larger part of their composition are in the provinces).. Yang utak mo ang distorted..

    • Pangasugan

      They are satisfied and happy because they do not have to work as hard as most rich people. Most do not even care about their children’s health and education. They do not even try to find a job and if they are given one, they are most likely to lose it because of poor work attitude.

    • rodben

      I am happy today one politician give me P1,000.00 I can buy 1/2 sock of rice…..if these politicians lost he will not be happy…if he win he will be very happy for 3yrs…because 1k become 1B..

  • Vic Usi

    Being satisfied means accepting what we can change and what we cannot change. In between are risk takers who hope for the best but are prepared for the worst.

  • Albert Einstien

    ha ha di pa ginawang 99%…dumungaw lang kayo sa BINTANA at tanungin bawat dumaan…tanungin nyo kung gumanda ang buhay nila..sigurado SISIGAWAN kayo…je je…puro kasi PROPAGANDA lang ALAM ni pnoy kaya pinagbobola nila ang taong bayan…ALISIN nyo ang PAID suveys at daily propaganda at IKUMPARA nyo lahat ng bilihin at gastusin simula UMUPO si pnoy 7/2010 at ngayon 4/013 ..JAN nyo MAKIKITA kung papano kayo LOKOHIN ng mga PROPAGANDISTA..HANGGANG leeg lahat ng bililihin at gastusin…ang YUMAMAN lang sa ATIN mga kurap na KKKs at CHI-NOYS/TAIPANS….1% lang ng kabuuan….di mo naman pwede isubstitue ang SURVEY sa REALIDAD…kasi sikmura at bulsa ng mahihirap na taombayan mismo ang NAKAKARAMDAM ng katotohanan……lol

  • Migrate_is_the answer

    Migrate na lang
    Satisfied kasi wala nang choice? Maybe thats it..What if bigyabn kayo lahat ng Visa or chance to migrate legally to another better country…are you still staying because you say you are satisfied….
    Any person will be satisfied with whatever he/she has ONLY BECAUSE HE/SHE DOESN’T HAVE A CHOICE…
    I’m glad I migrated before its too late and get stuck there.
    Ang dami ko high hopes before sa PInas then I realized sayang lang in hoping for an improvement that
    will never come for someone like me, a Middle class person doing everything not to go down the poverty level.
    Let’s see kung pareho pa rin ang sagot if given a chance to migrate legally. Buti na lang naka-alis before it’s too late

    • Gu3st

      satisfaction is not measured through migration or not… i know a lot of people who migrated to other countries and yet they are not satisfied with their own lives.. i guess, as long as you’re happy with what you’re doing wherever you are, that alone is satisfaction…

    • Naru

      It it sad to think this way. Kung lahat ng mga tao na kayang may igawa umaalis pano talaga uunlad ang bansa? Export lang ba talaga ng export ng mga tao ang Philippines?

      Can you wish for change and wait for other people to do it? Do you also wait for your dream to come true at someone else’s hands? Hindi po ganun, when you see nobody else is making the change then BE the change.

      • $14334231

        one person cannot do the change….i help my neighbors in need most of the time, but as the saying goes, they, too, has to learn how to fish….waiting for the fish to come to their doors won’t do them any good……

      • Naru

        I think kind sir, that by helping your neighbors has made you become the change.

        Have you seen the movie “Pay it forward”? You help three people and each of those three people help other three people as well, making a chain of changes in people’s lives.

        Change does not have to be big, change can come in many forms but at least it is present.

      • $14334231

        i thank you for what you said about me….it maybe present in me, but the neighbors i help knocks on my door whenever they need something, anything in kind…i am not rich, but pity is deeply embedded in my vein….they can’t help others because they have nothing to help….what i’m doing maybe is wrong and maybe, just maybe, one day, i will tell them to go fish themselves…..am i wrong to say this?…..

      • Naru

        I’m sure everyone can help in something. Help can be a smile, some available time to spend with someone, a lending hand, a hug and whatever else is needed to raise one’s spirit in need.

        Let your neighbors know that you are able to help whenever you can but since (I guess they ask you for money) financially you are not capable into lending them anymore than you already have.

        Money is a very sensitive issue dito sa Pinas. When we lived abroad my parents kept sending our relatives the money they needed, even if we had none, and they always had this feeling that money, because we live in a different country was easier to get. But it is not this way, like everybody else, my parents had to work really hard to support those in need. Yet, our relatives kept asking and asking, and somehow that made me realize that they will always be asking for money if you keep handing it to them. So how does the cycle stop?

        The answer is education and morals. Everything comes down to this. Educate the people not with superstitions or religion but to be able to think for themselves at what they want, what is needed and how to get it themselves. Educate to respond correctly, to know their rights directly, to know what safe sex is, to learn that there is more than the life that was forced upon them, to be told that they can turn around and change.

    • Guest

      you are the typical filipino with colonial mentality.
      in your mind another country is always better than the philippines.
      nagtataka lang ako bakit ka pa nakikialam sa satisfaction ng mga pilipino eh wala ka naman dito. hindi ka credible.

      i’m also glad that you migrated. i also hope you get stuck there wherever you are… and never come back.
      like you i had a chance, but i came back from north america.
      and if you are in north america, you will find that many from north america are now living in the philippines.

  • Naru

    I feel sorry for those who agree with this. True changes are hard, pero if only everyone just head towards it one step at a time, it will make a difference. A ripple can lead to more ripples and unknown actions. Change can be caused through a single and simple act.

    Do not be satisfied and do not complain and then do nothing.

    • regd

      So, if you are not satisfied, do not complain, do nothing, are you still living?

      • Naru

        You probably did not read that well, please read it again. Do not complain and then do nothing. It means if you are going to complain then do something about it.

  • tadasolo

    I am sorry to say this I do not believe in this survey at all. Filipinos are not happy otherwise 10 per cent would not be living abroad. Filipinos are inclined to say they are happy if you ask a general questions. I would ask the following 100 questions if Filipinos are really happy: If you answer yes to 80 items you are living in fantasy and you are really not happy but are avoiding the truth

    1. Are you happy with the Traffic at EDSA?
    2. Are you happy with the cost of Gasoline?
    3. Are you happy with the cost of Food?
    4. Are you happy with your Mayor ?
    5. Are you happy with your barangay kapitan?
    6 Are you happy with the President?
    7. Are you happy with your house?
    8. Are you happy with the supreme court?
    9. Are your happy with your senators?
    10. Are you happy with your congressman?
    11. Are you happy with your parish priest?
    12. Are you happy with the police?
    13. Are you happy where you live?
    14. Are you happy with your kitchen?
    15. Are you happy with your school?
    16. Are you happy with your friends?
    17 Are you happy with your brothers or sisters?
    18. Are you happy with the lawyers?
    19. Are you happy with MRT and LRT?
    20 Are you happy on the operations of SLEX?
    21 Are you happy on the operations of NLEX?
    22. Are you happy on the operations of Manila Airport?
    23 Are you happy with your electric bill?
    24 Are you happy with your water bill?
    25 Are you happy with the cost of movie theater?
    26 Are you happy with the local movies?
    27 Are you happy with the pollution on the Pasig River?
    28 Are you happy with the pollution on the Laguna and Manila Bay?
    29 Are you happy with the deforestation of our national forest?
    30 Are you happy with our constitution?
    31 Are you happy with your job?
    32 Are you happy with your take home pay or salary?
    33. Are you happy with Jojo Binay?
    34 Are you happy with Enrile?
    35 Are you happy with Lapid?
    36 Are you happy with Bongbong Marcos?
    37 Are you happy with Bong Revilla
    38 Are you happy with Santiago?
    39 Are you happy with Estrada whose name is Jinggoy? HAAHAHA
    40 Are you happy that another ejecito will become senator??
    41 Are you happy with Bagiuo without the PIne Trees?
    42 Are you happy with Gringo Honasan? hahahhaha
    43. Are you happy with another Enrile becoming a senator?
    44 Are you happy with the flooding in Manila whenever it rains?
    45 Are you happy with estrada becoming a mayor of Manila a convicter plunderer?
    46 Are you happy of the thought of Mayor Lim for another term? He is too old to thing
    47. Are you happy with the millions of Filipinos living in poverty?
    48 Are you happy with the bishops campaigning for political issues?
    49 Are you happy with the cost of fare on transportation?
    50 Are you happy with the corruption in government?
    51 Are you happy with pork barrel funds?
    52 Are you happy that rich people do not pay taxes?
    53 Are you happy that 10 million of our people are working abroad and are abused?
    54. Are you happy that thousands of nurses cannot find a job?
    55. Are you happy that thousands of doctors cannot find a job?
    56 Are you happy with the cost of medicine ?
    57 Are you happy with your doctor?
    58 Are you happy with your dental cost?
    59. Are you happy millions of Filipinos cannot find jobs?
    60 Are you happy thousands of engineers cannot find jobs?
    61 Are you happy with our constitution?
    62 Are you happy with friends?
    63 Are you happy we cannot solve our muslim problem?
    64 Are you happy milllions of poor children are malnourish?
    65 Are you happy millions of mothers do not have access to decent maternity?
    66 Are you happy we cannot provide teachers for our children?
    67 Are you happy we cannot build more schools for our children?
    68 Are you happy millions of poor children cannot finish elementary education?
    69 Are you happy with our drug problem?
    70 Are you happy with our crime problem?
    71 Are you happy the chinese are taking over the south china sea?
    72 Are you happy the 800,000 Filipinos in Sabah are under threat?
    73 Are you happy Sabah belongs to Malaysia?
    74 Are you happy we cannot produce rice?
    75 Are you happy we import most of our rice?
    76 Are you happy we import some of our food?
    77 Are you happy they have brownouts in MIndanao?
    78 Are you happy over 200,000 die in MIndanao due to the Muslim rebellion?
    79 Are you happy over 100,000 thousand die due to communist insurgency?
    80 Are you happy that you pay your tax money to train PMA and Police cadets but some will be corrupted and kill some our children?
    81 Are you happy that we cannot solve the Manguundanao Massacre?
    82 Are you happy the bishops received the SUV from gloria?
    83 Are you happy gloria cheated the last election?
    84 Are you happy gloria’s son are congresmen?
    85 Are you happy we still have jueteng lord?
    86 Are you happy our policemen are doing their jobs?
    86 Are you happy with government workers in general?
    87 Are you happy with young girls marrying old foreigners for money?
    88 Are you happy you money in the bank?
    89 Are you happy 10 families owned 95 per cent of the Philippines assets?
    90 Are you happy with the catholic church exclusive schools for the rich only?
    91 Are you happy with the University of the Phillipines?
    92 Are you happy with the journalist in general and their honesty?
    93 Are you happy with broadcast news who salivate in exposure?
    94 Are you happy with the TV programs who focus on screaming and shouting?
    95 Are you happy with the future?
    96 Are you happy with Binay being president?
    97 Are you happy the supreme court issued a TRO on the RH Law?
    98 Are you happy being the only catholic nation in asia but behind on everything?
    99 Are you happy that whenever we take a step forward in our history we take a giant step backwards?
    100 Are you happy with the questions above because they are facts?

    • Kenjie Hasaki

      I am happy with the dramas of this world. If I stop to be happy because of traffic in Edsa or because of some unhappy people like you then I would be living a hellish life. Try to be happy and see the difference…

      • tadasolo

        I am happy and retired but not completely happy because there are a lot of things to fix and do and help people and nobody cares

      • Kenjie Hasaki

        There is nothing you can do… Not even the gods would interfere in our daily lives.. Just be happy…

      • tadasolo

        People here are quick to blame the present politicians but my take on the survey is a sarcastic way of highlighting to all of us the reality and the emptiness and superficiality of our happiness. We like to pretend we are but deep inside we are not

    • Spidekick

      Yeah man…only about three or five I’m happy about on your list.

      And if I might add, the forsaken FOI Bill. Many voters were duped big time on this one! Hehehe

    • $2931613

      yes i am happy with numbers 33,62,88,96.. and natumpak mo with question 100.. VP Binay will be president and that is a fact!

    • Babiker_Ahmed

      Are these the source of your happiness?
      Then you can also ask yourself: Are you happy with your wife/husband?
      Are you happy with how your food was prepared?
      Are you happy with the brand of item you bought
      and a lot more question of happiness…

      But remember that the question was “SATISFACTION” which does not immediately translate to happiness.. That is why it was categorized as highly satisfied and fairly satisfied..

      • http://www.yahoo.com/ Ciano Malandag

        itong panyo,pahiran mo uhog mo lumolobo,ang babaw ng kaligayahan mo!!! OGAG!!!

    • Pangasugan

      Most poor people do not given give a hoot about any of the 12 items you listed above. Most simply wanted to eat, drink and have sex.

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      Problema yan ng mga mayayaman. The poor are so busy looking for their next meal that when they get it, pasalamat na lang sila.

    • fernan107

      tadasolo , sa dami ng isinulat mong mga problema na kahit sino di malulutas ng bigla ang mga problemang sinabi mo na matagal ng problema ng bansa , tanong ko lang , kung ikaw ang president anong magagawa mo sa mga problemang sinabi mo? paki sagot lang ka indo..

    • batangsulpok

      Ang problema kasi sa karamihang Pilipino ay ayaw nilang aminin ang tutuo, sabihan mo sila at magagalit pa saiyo, kung baga, ayaw nilang masasabi ng nagugutom o naghihirap kasi di sosyal.

    • http://www.nephi-malit.com/ Nephi Malit

      I feel very sorry for you. If I had the same outlook as you, I would never be happy. I love my wife, she loves me; we have a wonderful family. Most, if not all, of your 100 questions are interesting conversational points, but they do not have the power to determine my happiness.

      Sana someday maging masaya ka.

  • Allen Douglas

    Another propaganda courtesy of Malacanang Comm Group and of course its friend and ally SWS….paano naging 81% samantalang karamihan sa maraming sulok ng bayan walang laman ang sikmura sa kahirapan?

  • CmdrAdobo

    It’s not a good thing 100%. While it’s good that we are happy on what we have but there are negative impact on this. Like:
    * Satisfied because we learned that we dont have choice. the powerful will have all the choice.
    * Satisfied that’s the reason why we are lazy?
    * Satisfied that’s why our product quality is not so good because we are all satisfied
    * Satisfied and we just pull people from the top

  • $14334231

    where in hell did you get this SURVEY???…. ask the people in mindanao, or part of visayas and from far away luzon…….you must be pro balut, i mean, penoy….

  • tekateka

    Yeah! That’s how DUMB Filipinos are!!!!

  • kismaytami

    Surveys are commissioned, and therefore paid.

  • dodong1

    magpunta kaya ang SWS sa Payatas, Smokey Mountain or Baseco, at tanunging yung the same question kung satified nga ba sila sa kalagayan nila o buhay nila ngayon..tignan lang natin kung anong magiging sagot nila..i bet you it will be 81% dissatified with their life or conditions ang magiging resulta..

  • GaggerAlert

    What’s funny is based on the comments, 100% doesn’t agree with the result?

    So where did they get that 81% satisfaction? Oh, let me guess… forbes park? :)

    • Albert Einstien

      cct beneficiaries..millions of them…2 thousand lng kung mag-survey sila…ky madami pa yan surveys na ganyan..FUNtastic & hallucination…lol

  • amelius23

    Quote”Fitch Ratings’ investment grade stamp for the Philippines will help push infrastructure spending higher, as the administration creates greater room for expenditures for the country’s social and economic sectors.”Unquote.

    There are still a lot of prophet of doom who do not want the Phil. to recover as the sick man of Asia and so proliferate their negative panorama of anything but PNoy. But these nihilists cannot come up with constructive suggestions on how to curb graft and corruption as what they see them and economic fundamentals on how to perk up the new emerging economy of Asia. It is all daily diatribes of noynoying and abnoy you can read as their daily mantra of discontentment but they cannot come up with constructive solutions to what they perceived as the cause of their own dilemma. If you are a true Filipino concerned with the betterment of your way of life, this is the time to stake your aspiration to be counted as one for the economic change of your lot. Even if the actual effect do not trickle down to the public at the moment, we are in better position now to realize our expectation from our govt. compared to the previous 9 years of desolation from the care of an illegitimate govt. There is a higher prospect of foreign investment to finally hit the land but we need to be more aggressive and be prepared with this expected bonanza. You and me are the real stake holders here so we have to contribute our shares to have our country be freed from the nightmare of the past. The govt. is expected to put their acts together with the local and foreign investors in order to sustain the economic growth which our economy is about to attain. Speaking of the result of SWS survey the high approval of the Filipino people of their present condition is not an April Fool’s caper. It is a clear warning on the wall that from now till election day in May more of our kababayan will sustain their level of happiness not because of PNoy but courtesy of different orthodox trapos and politicos who will inundate them with limang daan and free beer while it last.

  • Kenjie Hasaki

    As long as you believe that you are living a simple yet satisfactory life, then the balance of you bank account does not really matter…

  • Kenjie Hasaki

    “If we only wanted to be happy, it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, which is almost always difficult, since we think them happier than they are.” (Auden and Kronenberger 1966)

  • Albert Einstien

    tawa ko ng tawa…bilangin nyo KUMUKONTRA saSURVEY ng SWS kahit dito lang 99% ang KONTRA…yun isa sumang ayon ..si pnoy ata yun…lol

  • buttones

    Are the 30% of the nation who don’t even have a toilet, the communities of the 95% of barangay that don’t have a paved road, the families of the half a million kids that go to school each day undernourished included in this survey? If the people above are happy about their blighted lives then fine.. So be it…

  • Meow Ming

    Baka sa Ayala-Alabang or Forbes Park nag-survey to.

    • $2931613

      LOL… magkalevel ba ang Forbes Park at Ayala-Alabang?

  • JasonBieber

    Very difficult to believe this survey. How can people be poor and impoverished and be satisfied with their life? It is impossible to believe that they are surveying the correct people, unless they only poll Senators and Congressmen and Pnoy’s KKK then it would be very realistic to believe that they are ecstatic about their lives but for the rest of the struggling Filipinos…they are not satisfied…they are hungry if not starving.

  • Albert Einstien

    APRIL FOOLS JOKE lang ang sws ..masyado naman kayo HIGH BLOOD…parang sa fitch rating propagana lang din yan..at xempre sunod sunorin nila yan…eleksyon tme kelangan mambola. ang admn ni pnoy….lol…

    29% UNEMPLOYED at 64% living below poverty line….minus 12% PALACE DISCOUNT….yan ata yung FORMULA ng SWS…ky 81% satisfied..NAUNA ata BAYAD e…kelangan kasi dapat magkadikit sa fitch rating joke din… e wala na time bk tumingin na lang sa bola ng jueteng numero 8 at 1………..lol

    malamang nagkamali ng inilagay mas MALAPIT sa katotohan yung 18% satisfied..lol

  • topolcats

    Total Propaganda!
    I do not think even in Switzerland they are 81% satisfied with there life.
    So obviously a paid add from the palace via a kickback to the journalist!

  • Pangasugan

    If 81% of the Filipinos are happy with their lives, then we have only the remaining 19% to do the risk-taking, innovation and hard work. These 19% are mostly the rich ones who are not contented with their lot and keep on working everyday.

  • Phons Ang

    For me, this is a very negative news that
    shows Filipinos are not a driven people. How can you expect a country to
    progress further if its 81% population are contented in being poor. The
    politicians will be the happiest to accept this “good news” because
    despite their misuse of tax money that impoverishes the country, the
    people are satisfied with their life and hence will never think of
    fighting back. Therefore why not continue the exploitation? Anyway
    people are dumb. By watching those sex
    bombs gyrating in TV shows, they can skip their lunch and forget hunger.
    So wonder why our politicians have to sing and dance too during the
    campaign and never talk about the issues? Because they know their
    constituents hate to face the reality, but prefer to be immersed in
    festivities! So hwag na natin isipin ang problema, kantakanta, sayaw
    sayaw nalang tayo! This is exactly the always optimistic 81%!

  • Phons Ang

    For me, this is a very negative news that
    shows Filipinos are not a driven people. How can you expect a country to
    progress further if its 81% population are contented in being poor. The
    politicians will be the happiest to accept this “good news” because
    despite their misuse of tax money that impoverishes the country, the
    people are satisfied with their life and therefore will never think of
    fighting back. Therefore why not continue the exploitation? Anyway
    people are dumb. By watching those sex
    bombs gyrating in TV shows, they can skip their lunch and forget hunger.
    So wonder why our politicians have to sing and dance too during the
    campaign and never talk about the issues? Because they know their
    constituents hate to face the reality, but prefer to be immersed in
    festivities! So hwag na natin isipin ang problema, kanta kanta, sayaw
    sayaw nalang tayo! This is exactly the always optimistic 81%!

  • Mr. Skeptic

    LOL. That’s why Filipinos will always remain poor!

    Could be an April Fools’ Day joke though.

  • kilabot

    satisfied with their miserable life;
    contented with their miserable president.

  • altair22

    SWS and that other survey firm are making money doing useless statistical research designed to bring out the client’s desired result.

  • altair22

    Maybe the question went like this: Are you satisfied with your life? A: Mega-satisfied B: Ultra-satisfied C: Uber-satisfied D: Very Very Satisfied E: Satisfied. :O

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Just proves that Filipinos are resilient at mababaw lang ang kaligayahan. Money does not buy happiness. Happiness is a state of mind. One’s stomach maybe growling, but he can still be satisfied with his life.

  • Javaman

    PNoy’s matuwid na daan gives us the new dream and hope for a better life!

  • sharkbaittt

    while 19% are working abroad to feed the 81%, how could you not be happy?

  • riccisan

    Damage control at its best :)

  • boybakal

    81% of Filipinos satisfied with life….

    Good….mababaw na kaligayahan.

  • david

    a person could be satisfied with less material wealth but abundant in “spirituality.” so why question these people’s perception of satisfaction. hindi naman lahat pera pera lang. eh hindi naman kayo (commentators) sila.

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    81% of Filipinos satisfied with wife
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