Not just anti-RH, Church is anti-dynasty, too


Stepping up the Catholic Church’s campaign against pro-reproductive health (RH) candidates, an archbishop in vote-rich Batangas province said Sunday his archdiocese will distribute sample ballots containing the names of its favored candidates come midterm elections in May.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, however, said a candidate’s stand against the reproductive health law alone was not enough to assure him or her of a slot on this sample ballot.

Those to be included in the sample ballot “should not only share the Church’s stance against the RH law but should also share its distaste against political dynasties and its concern for the environment,” Arguelles said.

“It’s not just RH. Even in our tarpaulin (giant poster), you will see there the ideals on environment, antidynasty and corruption because there are those who are against RH but are corrupt and incompetent,” Arguelles said in an interview.

The archbishop said that individual parishes will produce the sample ballots and make these available to those who seek guidance for the coming elections.

Not in churches


Arguelles said the parishes under his archdiocese will distribute the sample ballots “when the election is already near.”

“It won’t be distributed inside the church because we are there only to pray. We will give it to those who are asking because many are asking us (for guidance),” Arguelles said.

He added that the sample ballot was also the archdiocese’s way of helping “worthy” candidates who do not have enough campaign funds.

“I’m campaigning for those who don’t have campaign materials. That’s why I’m encouraging the people to multiply the ballot by using cheap paper,” Arguelles said.

Church list


Arguelles also said that the archdiocese would later put up tarpaulin posters listing the names of the Church’s favored candidates. The archdiocese currently hangs tarpaulin posters that identify the values that voters should look for in candidates.

“What we placed there are the ideals and not the persons. Later on we will put names,” Arguelles said.

The prelate said that he already had four names in mind among the senatorial candidates—Ang Kapatiran’s JC delos Reyes, Marwil Llasos and Rizalito David, and the United Nationalist Alliance’s Milagros “Mitos” Magsaysay—who would be included in the sample ballot.

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  • jr18496

    THis is the fight that majority of Filipinos would support including forigh countries. Keep it up Catholics Church!!!

  • jr18496

    the Catholic church , Iglesia ni cristo, muslim clerics should band together to oust those political dynasty families known for being thieves, womanizer, drunk, corrupt, and killer. Start with the Estradas, the singsons, the Marcoses, the Binays ,and others. Majority of filipinos will support you!!


    >>>Not just anti-RH, Church is anti-dynasty, too<<<

    BAKA naman pwede pang IDAGDAG ang ANTI-PEDOPHILIA at ANTI-QUOPIT sa collection basket. Baka lang naman!

    • Cue_Vas

      Dynasties are good, as long as the Catholics hate them.

  • brunogiordano

    May naniniwala pa ba sa mga OBISPONG DAMASO ngayon???????

    Sundin na lang ang halimbawa ng bagong POPE ngayon, baka sakaling may maniwala sa inyo maliban sa mga maka-DAMASO ninyong ALIPIN.

    • $39764945

      Maskina anung relihon que relihon ni kulapu o anu pa man basta sa kabutihan nang Mamayan o ang ating Bansa Payag ako envez na puro Tse-tse bureche ang parating mung nababasa.Bagamat may mansa ang Catholico at sino ba ang wala
      gumagawa pa rin nang paraan sa kabutihan nang lahat.

      Ang key word dito ay PARA SA LAHAT kasama ka na doon..

    • Cue_Vas

      Are you saying dynasties are good as long as the CBCP are against them?
      He he. Will say or oppose anything out of hatred.

      • Jane Tan

        No, he’s saying that people are starting to doubt the words of a priest who lives in grandeur, and that they should follow in the example of Pope Francis.

  • nes911

    Iglesia ni kristo na pala ang simbahang katoliko ngayon. Nakikialam na rin sa pulitika.

    • hustlergalore

      matagal nang nakikialam ang simbahang katoliko sa pulitika sa mga bansa mula pa europa. gumagaya lang ang iglesia ni manalo. mula finances, land grabbing at politics, idol nila ang romano katolika. LOL

    • regd

      Nope, nangopya lang ang iglesia ni manalo.

    • Cue_Vas

      wag nyo na kaming idamay sa usapan.

      kung gusto nyong gumaya, gumaya kayo. walang basagan ng trip.

  • Joseph St John

    I thought there is a separation of church and state. Why is the church meddling in the elections? It’s not fair that the church should dictate to the electorate who to vote for. I think the electorate are well informed and intelligent enough to chose candidates who are worthy to represent them in congress.

    • boldyak

      giving sample ballot is not dictating…a suggestion, bwahahahaha….malamang ang kandidato mo, naghuhumihikahos na mapasama sa sample ballot…bwahahaha

  • Lucky Luciano

    Kung may nakikinig na diyos kay Arguelles, dapat chief justice parin si Corona. Dami parin naloloko nitong mga kolokoy na ito.

    • boldyak

      sisgurado ang kandidato hindi malista sa sample ballot…bwahahahaha

  • jackereno


  • 100345roselia

    As long as majority of the electorate are on hand-to-mouth existence, less educated
    (worse no read/no write), twisted morality (do not know what’s morally right or wrong),
    misplaced priorities & do not know the negative effect of political dynasty, we will
    continue to have the kind of politics we have now. Who is to be blamed for the mess
    we are in: the politicians, us (the electorate) or both?” To my co-internet users, please
    let me know your thoughts.

    • boldyak

      we can’t do anything on the voters except to educate them, but malakanyang can end the present attitude of candidates, by eliminating PORK barrel…it is a sure solution to the problem….It is not an obligation of the government to give PORK BARREL….which is the main source of corruption…another problem is Malakanyang always want to control the legislative that is why PORK BARREL is given….as a result, the executive can do what they want and the legislative can do what they want because nobody is there to check their actions…checks and balance is non-existent in Philippines because of pork barrel

    • Ph3n0M47

      I think the only solution is a complete overhaul of the education system. What is in place now makes absolutely no sense and is designed to keep the top 1-2% exactly where they are. What good will all of this business development do if we don’t put the same effort into developing our children in parallel to make this country what it really should be? Its an embarrassment and a glaring black eye for the world to see. Give our youth the education they deserve and build this country the right way…around their future. Increased credit rating…development in Mindanao, the Visayas, and Luzon – and for what? Give them something to work toward and hope..belief that their country is behind them. Right now the best option is to LEAVE and work overseas. Fine message that is sending..

  • Noel Santos

    also include RYZZA MAE DIZON for the most popular child.!


    maniniwala na sana ako kaya lang bakit kasama si mitos?

  • Jane Tan

    Right now, I’m more worried with the influence of the CBCP rather than political dynasties.

    • boldyak

      businessmen influence the candidates…big lobby groups influence the politicians…what is your problem if the church can influence the same?….

      • Jane Tan

        Are you saying that businessmen are bigger than the CBCP?

  • david

    no to dynasty pero suportado mga kandidatong puro kamag anak nasa pwesto. arte at pakitang tao ang mga paring ‘to.

  • Magsasaka

    dapat iapply ang anti-epal sa mga damaso, outdated na mga pinagsasabi nila dapat noon pa nila sinabi iyan, ngayong hindi nila kasundo ang presidente ang daming ngawa ng bwisit, sila ang dahilan kung bakit itinigil ang death penalty kaya lalong lumala ang mga karumal dumal na krimen at kaya pala ganoon na lamang ang kagustuhan nilang mawala ang death penalty dahil marami pala sa kaparian nila ay mga rapist at pedos na dapat kasama sa mga binibitay kung hindi lamang pinagtatakpan ng mga damasong demonyo

    • boldyak

      bwahahahaha…..sigurado ang kandidato mo hindi mapasama sa sample ballots…..bwahahahaha

  • Crazy_horse101010

    cebu papers today a church in batangas is handing out sample ballots during the church services showing the members who to vote for concerning birth control it lists the anti rh names as the favorites

  • Uragorn

    Mitos Magsaysay is included in Bishop Arguelles’ sample ballot??? The Mitos Magsaysay whose only claim to fame is her being a fanatical supporter and defender of a very corrupt and rapacious president? This bishop surely has a misplaced sense of ideals and morality. Now, I’m not surprised that many of these clergies are losing their credibilities in the eyes of the Catholic faithful.

    • boldyak

      whahahaha….kandidato mo hindi kasama?….hahaha

  • elimsqui

    baka si mitos ang nagbabayad sa mga obispo sa propagandang ito…

  • tugakbatan

    Anti-Dynasty sa Pampanga? The Catholic Church can’t do it here, because the Pineda Father, a reportedly Huweteng Lord, contributes a substantial amount to the Catholic Church. The Pineda Mother is the incumbent governor runniing for re-election. Her son is her running mate for vice governor. The two other Pined children are incumbent mayors of two towns running for re-election too. To add insult to injury, their best family friends, the Aroyos are also running for re-election as representatives. Dyos ku naman ne. Dumine na ko man pu kareng memalen!

    • boldyak

      sabihan obispo nyo….bwahahahaha

  • Horst Manure

    If they name is on the list vote for them are thanks the owner’s of Europe’s largest gay sauna for their help in making you decide.

  • Yobhtron

    Ano naman ang masasabi ni obispo Argue-lles sa 700 taon na Dynasty ni Damaso sa Pinas?

    • boldyak

      bwahahahaha…may dynasty pala si DAMASO…wag natin iboto si DAMASO…saang region ba siya?….bwahahahaha

  • fr. khing vano

    i am a catholic priest. i refuse to make a stand or even comment on rh bill, dynasty, or anything related to democratic processes simply because my church experience is monarchical. if i do, i am like a doctor telling an engineer how to build a bridge.

    • buttones

      Well that’s refreshing I have to say, a comment from someone who seems
      to understand the dichotomy of one thing, politics, and the other one of simple
      belief- in this or that, which hardly matters anyway. As you very rightly say, you are hardly in a position to say how a bridge might be built, so why, do you think the Church, which is certainly not built on democratic ideals of any sort, deem it their right to interfere in a process they abhor anyway?

      • Cue_Vas

        Naniwala ka namang pari nga yan.

        Kung ganun, tara invest tayo sa Aman Futures.

      • buttones

        I don’t really care if the guy is a priest or a guy who trains lions at the circus- I’m just responding to comment.

      • igmat

        he is a priest if he is who he logged he is and a very good one at that. I met him twice. they say he is a healing priest.

      • buttones

        Well as I said, I really don’t care, even if he’s a pole dancer, I’m chatting to a guy who clearly well educated, open minded, informative, open to discussion on this matter or that, which is quite refreshing actually. It’s quite rare. And indeed if the poster is a priest [as my grandfather was] that adds a sort of piquancy to the whole debate. Bring it on!

      • fr. khing vano

        igmat, i have a younger brother who is also a priest, fr. dhing, he does the healing and exorcism. i do the counting of the collection. jejeje joke3.

      • fr. khing vano

        buttones, it’s the divine right of kings. kings know it all from god. it qorked for a while in history until the democracy movement swept the world starting with french revolution. only a few monarchies are left and it includes the catholic church. so do not be surprised when we priests and bishops tell our subjects what to do because we think we know it all. unfortunately we live in a differwntera.

      • buttones

        History! A wonderful subject- Dieu et mon droit- I never read Latin at University but I know what that means….Yes, it’s true, there are few absolute monarchies left in the world, and even the motto I mention belongs to a queen who is not an absolute ruler for many a year.It is a fact, that the RCC is an elected theocratic absolute monarchy, a bit of a dinosaur in these enlightened days but just the way it is. I think what has happened over the last few hundred years is that the Church, who were responsible in many a country of bringing education to many people, not just religion but math and science and all the rest as well, have ended up with a student body who are asking questions.. Religion is faith,education leads us on to questioning–that is what education is- Why? How? We students were taught very well, maybe too well.

        Going back many years, not just in Christian countries but in Muslim as well, the priest was the guy who was ‘educated’, he had all the answers, what he said was gospel, most of the people were illiterate anyway- that is not true anymore.

        Anyway, nice to chat on such an interesting subject, non of us should take absolute dogmatic stands on this or that- God gave us a brain to use, to question things, to find out theanswer, to figure it out…..

      • fr. khing vano

        fides querens intellectum. more latin,huh. faith seeking understanding. as a teacher, i love when students leave the classroom asking more questions. shows their interest… maybe you will find church history very interesting. you will understand better today’s church position and how clerics act in the light of her historical background. like what you said that the clergy was the only educated elite in society which crumpled to the ground at the age of the enlightenment. i dream of the day when the laity gets more educated and enlightened so as to ask more questions and discover more answers. the church gets stronger that way. do not wait for us priests/bishops to lead the way. we want to leave you ignorant to preserve our privileged status.

      • buttones

        You’ve lost me- faith and understanding? As I said I never read
        Latin- I know what Sola virtus nobiltat means because it’s on my adopted family crest, but after that I’m lost! I was never taught by priests, well not after college, I entered into Universities
        where religious bent was a bit frowned upon, although their history was actually founded upon that very thing. Yes in a foreign land. You speak of enlightenment, I was coerced into a debating society many years ago, as a minority race, and was given a premise from which to argue from that I absolutely disagreed with [something about race as I recall] and I won that debate, to my astonishment, arguing a point I disagreed with. An exercise in using your brain, and putting aside your prejudices, and your preconceived ideas.

        On the history of the Church, apart from bits here and there I’m not really qualified to comment but the ‘Her historical
        background’ I find intriguing- Feminine? OMG!

        On teachers, professors or whatever, I do remember rushing to lecturers,inspired by what they taught, others equally qualified had no inspiration at all, an illustration of a good teacher and a bad one.

      • fr. khing vano

        fides querens intellectum (faith seeking understanding) means that a person who believes in god will always look for explanations to understand his/her belief. doubt or crisis of faith is part of it. this is the role of theology and scripture study… i always use her to refer to the church because of “holy mother church”… i suggest u get a good book on church history and start reading. you will find it very interesting. saints and sinners, kings and popes, politics, schisms, crusades, reformatiation and the enlightenment, and much more. makes dan brown’s da vinci code pale in comparison. then you can situate where and why today’s bishops and priests are doing what they are doing re: interference in the political arena.

      • buttones

        Faith seeking understanding? And what of us that have no
        faith but seek understanding? What about us? Where do we fit into all of this? We have to accept a faith to understand/? Icannot accept this I simply cannot. Is this some sort of condition? I don’t accept
        conditions, never did never will. Yes I know all sinners have a past , and they have future as well- talk to Estrada. You speak of crusades,
        Muslim bashing basically which is what it was, reformation? I dare not even comment. Needless to say , as one guy said so may years ago, man will be free when the last King is strangled by the entrails of the last Priest…..

      • fr. khing vano

        what do you mean when you say, “what of us that have no faith…”

      • ARIKUTIK

        She means what about the Confused ones. She did not understand that it was the breath of God that sustains life.

      • buttones

        Who ‘she’? The cat’s mother? We owe our entire existence to two things, six inches of topsoil and the fact that it rains…[and I know what you are going to say]

        If we are to discuss faith let’s agree- ‘Faith’ pertains to religion and ‘faith’ refers to me having faith my truck will start in the morning..

      • ARIKUTIK

        God is love and anyone with love on S/he’s her heart actually have faith . In simple terms love will not hurt anyone for it is the opposite of greed and envy.

      • buttones

        We might be at cross purposes here- you may be speaking of understanding the ‘faith’- I was speaking of understanding in general terms, and my comment was about millions who don’t have a ’faith’ but still seek knowledge and understanding without the precondition of a ’faith’

      • ARIKUTIK

        The precondition of faith was imposed by parents which was imposed by grand parents through great grand parents, so on… Simply put, there was already pre-condition of faith since the day a child is born. Even atheism is a form of faith. Even then the wisdom is universal > Anyone who hurt others for no good reason at all is a sinner in the eyes of humans as well in the eyes of the Creator.

        A parent will get angry to a child who hurts its own siblings. This proves that God is love for fellow creatures no matter what faith it may be.

      • fr. khing vano

        faith is not limited to faith in god. it’s whatever you believe. if one believes that the earth revolves around the sun, he will seek to understand how that happens. if one believes in democracy, he will seek to understand how it operates. is there anyone in the world that doesn’t believe in someone or something?

      • buttones

        That as I said might have been the cross purpose, the topic was related to ‘Faith’ or more particularly to the RCC religious faith. On faith regarding other matters well of course, that’s why we go to school to learn and understand how things work, I realize that, but the faith I have in sitting in an airplane, knowing basically why the thing can fly is not quite the same as a religious faith is it. It is unquantifiable, very subjective, sometimes irrational and works on pure faith, it’s one of those things that cannot be proven to be true and also cannot be proved otherwise. On democracy well that’s an ‘idea’ and it’s dynamic where we all can take part in the process as we choose- religion is basically static. And it’s a bit odd that religion [a none democratic system] tends to interfere with democracy which is democratic. It doesn’t happen the other way around- unless somebody thinks the RH Bill is just a case?

      • fr. khing vano

        when you seek to understand your Faith, you might discover many things contrary to what you are saying… it’s not all interference. church and state have to work together for the common good. like the two sides of a railroad, goes parrallel but never crossing each other. one without the other, the train stops.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The word “HER” brings tone of satisfying peace. Tiny island paradise or a country if bigger in mass is always coined as “HER”. The same is true for paradise in heaven such that the church is feminine “HER” for the sound fulfilled thirst in love. Men or “HE” is always trouble some even to a wife past asleep.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The church is for life and salvation. RH pills is for death and destruction of the soul. The church do not interfere but RH law interferes with life and soul. Evil way will prevail if the righteous is silent.
        Is it right for policeman to close an eye while murder is committed all over the land ? If not then the church is absolutely right to tarpaulin the murderers.

    • Jane Tan

      One of the reasons why there is a separation of Church and State. The government is to implement laws that do not favor any single religion. Yet, during the course of voting and discussion, certain senators have tried to make changes in the RH Bill that favor the ideals of the CBCP, isn’t this against the Constitution?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Sa imong Mata !

    • Ph3n0M47

      Honestly one of the best comments I have ever read. I applaud your honesty and willingness to stand up for what is ‘right’. But I must ask Father..why do your colleagues continue to blatantly disregard the separation of Church and State that has been in place for a LONG time in this country? As spiritual leaders and guides what example is that setting?

      • fr. khing vano

        thanks jabari. check my reply to buttones. in addition to that, during the time of the holy roman empire, popes crowned kings, an act implying the pope is above the king. this was questioned later in what became the investiture controversy. unfortunately, some of my colleagues still live in this past era. others feel the need to speak when it becomes a moral issue. problem is today, church and state live in different eras and practice different forms of government. naturally, it’s hard to understand one another.

    • igmat

      I am part of the church but not a priest, i refuse to submit to all democratic practices and processes simply because my church experience is way above any democratic processes. If i do, i am like a president telling a mayor to exorcise a catholic priest. Is this another way of saying it father?

      • fr. khing vano

        nope. rephrase it saying, “my church experience is way behind any democratic processes.” did you ever get a chance to vote who will be your parish priest and bishop?

      • igmat

        we move up father, if I may ask now, why should the members of the church be included in the political exercise then. Maybe we get to choose not or make our faith an excuse not to participate. therefore we cease to be part of the society. Is it justifiable?

    • Cue_Vas

      i am a pope.
      i refuse to comment on anything in society. you like me?

      • fr. khing vano

        no, i don’t like you. i have never come across a pope cue vas in my church history books.

    • agaylaya

      I am a Catholic. I choose what causes I fight for following my conscience and enlightened by the teachings of the Church on faith and morals. But I certainly would not like the Church to choose for me the names of persons I should vote for. If the Church does this then she is destroying the very essence of what it means to believe freely.. .

  • Htee

    “I’m campaigning for those who don’t have campaign materials. That’s why I’m encouraging the people to multiply the ballot by using cheap paper,” Arguelles said.

    Notice the “I” in the sentence.
    This is getting to be too personal.
    Wonder what Tagle has to say ’bout this.

    • Ph3n0M47

      You are exactly right. This is a perfect example of how someone talks to a room of people he feels are complete idiots. This man is INFLUENCING and calling it CAMPAIGNING when he should be doing NEITHER. Looks like election ’13 will be another outstanding accomplishment for this nation.

  • Htee

    Naramdaman na cguro ni arguelles na walang kumakagat sa “do not vote for pro Rh solons” ng simbahan kaya sya sumasakay na lang sa popular anti dynasty bandwagon ngayon para di mapahiya. Hehehe
    Bukong ko na ikaw pader…..

  • whyinthisworld

    The words are useless, meaningless and no values whatsoever coming from the suppose spiritual leaders in this country. They condemned criminality, corruption, murder and all sorts of sins that we clearly read on the bible but it seems, no one would listen nor follow them. Is god still behind them or they just act one alone. Check it out, why.

  • Ph3n0M47

    “He added that the sample ballot was also the archdiocese’s way of helping ‘worthy’ candidates who do not have enough campaign funds.” –> the people in charge of the political and spiritual direction of this country honestly believe that Filipinos are fools. One need look no further than this article for solid proof of that

  • JasonBieber

    Well unfortunately the Philippines lives in a time when it doesn’t matter what the Church or the people want. What matters is what PNoy and his KKK want. Whether it be forcing political foes out of their elected position or placing their own in government positions…bottom line it’s PNoy’ way or no way.

  • kilabot

    the election results will confirm whether
    there is such a thing as a catholic vote;
    if there is, politicians will start acting like catholics again;
    if there is none, politicians will continue to defy and insult the rcc.

  • Cue_Vas

    bakit nyo lang ginagawa? matagal na naming ginagawa sa INC yan, he he.

  • JosengSisiw1

    So where are names of these dynasties? Where are the tarpaulines? The church can call them “Familia Masiba”

  • mnlmad

    I am a Catholic and I believe in the doctrines and the dogma of the Church, but the reality is our bishops in the Philippines sucks! I love Pope Francis though.

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