Author slams Aquino veto of Magna Carta for Poor



CEBU CITY—The principal author of the Magna Carta for the Poor deplored the move of President Aquino to veto what would have been a landmark law that would go beyond symbolism in the government’s commitment to the poor.

“The magna carta has set aside a concrete framework for the administration’s program for the poor; it would have been a strong signal that the government is seriously addressing concerns of those who have less in life, not the posturing or rhetoric but with a specific law,” said Rep. Rachel Marguerite del Mar of Cebu City’s north district.

In a statement sent to Inquirer on Sunday, Del Mar said that contrary to what some advisers of President Aquino may think, the magna carta was not a demand to put everything in place now “in the first year or even the next decade after its passage.”

Del Mar said that the veto missed an opportunity to reassure the nation that the Aquino administration is serious about fighting poverty consistent with the President’s action.

Last March 25, President Aquino vetoed the Magna Cara of the Poor that would have mandated the government to provide homes, food, jobs, education and health care to the country’s 25 million poor.

Aquino pointed out that that 5 million social housing units alone would cost the government P2.320 trillion, way more than this year’s P2.006-trillion national budget.

Albay Governor Joey Salceda said the government should consider allocating funds for the new magna carta similar to the fixed cuts of local government units under the internal revenue allotment.

Salceda, an economic adviser of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, suggested that the Aquino administration earmark as much as three percent of the country’s economic output as measured by the gross domestic product (GDP). This means that based on the country’s GDP in 2011 of P10.7 trillion, the poor should get at least P321 billion from the annual budget.—Connie E. Fernandez, Inquirer Visayas and Gil Cabacungan

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  • Winzum Daoas

    The veto was reasonable because the law had unrealistic provisions that had the government has to address the housing problems and other problems at the same time which would cost way more than the entire government budget for 2013. The bill needs amendments to ensure a realistic and progressive implementation.

    • boldyak

      “Del Mar said that contrary to what some advisers of President Aquino may think, the magna carta was not a demand to put everything in place now “in the first year or even the next decade after its passage.”…..entire budget ba yan?…..sinabi ba na within 2013 kailangan matapos?…

      • CommonSens6

        “Salceda, an economic adviser of former President Gloria
        Macapagal-Arroyo, suggested that the Aquino administration earmark as
        much as three percent of the country’s economic output as measured by
        the gross domestic product (GDP). This means that based on the country’s
        GDP in 2011 of P10.7 trillion, the poor should get at least P321
        billion from the annual budget” (Source:PDI above)


        321B pesos x 10 y = 3.21 Trillion pesos. Can the GRP afford 321B pesos per year for the next 10 years to fund the Magna Carta?

      • popeyee

        Pwede. Tanggalin ang pork barrel para makatipid..

    • cowan2325

      it’s a framework…that means just the fundamentals…if the law mandates the governemnt to give jobs, the government can earn back what it has invested on whatever hoising project it engaged itself in…all our countrymen need is the opportunity they are hard pressed to find from the greedy business sector…and they will work…and that will level things a little bit…this president protects the businessmen more than the poor…he should get his head fixed….

  • amado_guerero

    Hanggat hindi ka ang Presidente shut up!!!

  • Concur_Dissent

    The author of the bill is crazy! No one can LEGISLATE WEALTH! Just because they can legislate something UTOPIC does not mean that it becomes easy to attain…

    • cowan2325

      crazy? what if the government starts with giving jobs instead of houses?

      • Concur_Dissent

        how do you think he should do this? wave a magic wand and PRESTO JOBS FOR ALL?! JUST LIKE THAT?

      • cowan2325

        he is the president…right? you think everybody should think better than him? he should know…at least he should try giving the people a little assurance that everyone stand a good chance of being a productive citizen and make his own contribution to nation building…think about it…for a country considered as third world nation, there are lots of building up and developing that needs to be done…right? and you can’t find any room for people to do the building and developing? what kind of a stinking mind does this president have?

      • Concur_Dissent

        The president is a leader NOT A MAGICIAN! He can only work with what he has at his disposal and the nature of our economics.

        Our people need jobs, shelter, food and clothing. To have all these, we should have a good economy. To have a good economy, we have to have a robust foreign investment program. To invite foreign investors, we have to assure foreigners that their investments will not be lost through graft and corruption, peace and order issues, government instability and poor social governance.

        So as you see, PNoy has already started to lay the framework for all these to happen. Graft and corruption is a major agenda of his government. A corrupt chief justice was impeached, generals are indicted for corruption, non performing government assets are fired from their posts. Peace making with the MILF is moving forward Foreign rating agencies are starting to present positive economic climate for our country to the world, etc etc….

        As we start to see foreign investment come in, we will start to see new job opportunities appear, more jobs mean more taxes for the government. More taxes mean more infrastructures, more infrastructures mean more additional investments and cycle continues upwards….. To maintain the growth that we are currently experiencing we need to support the government that made this happen… Voting for all Team Pinoy senators will help guarantee continuity of this success….

  • farmerpo

    Made in China yung calculator ni Ma’am. Yung taga tulak naman, alang nagawa para sa mga mahirap nung panahon nila ni GMA. Nakikisakay lang, gusto pa mag drive.

  • Jack Bw

    Unrealistic ang bill. Designed for the election to promise dole-outs.


    hindi ‘yan ang rason kung matalo ka ngayong may 2013 election.

  • Jane Tan

    Puro nalang tayo dole-out. Okay lang gumawa ng gumawa ng anak kasi may dole-out naman?

    The bill is not only unrealistic, but also contributes to nation-wide unemployment, complacency and irresponsibility.

    • boldyak

      i agree, my only concern is, why did the president said that the budget for the Magna Carta is more than the 2013 national budget?…does it required to be implemented within this year?…hindi naman ah…we have projects worth billions but thatt is the total amount to be spent in a ten years time…some in 15 years…but saying that the budget is more than our national budget is outrightly wrong…is the malakanyang studying the provisions or papogi agad…kaya ilang batas naipasa na parang hindi man lang pinag-aralan…he may veto it, i have no problems with that, but the reasoning is some kind of a mistake…

      • johnllander

        Eh ikaw, pinag-aralan mo na rin yung bill?

      • boldyak

        it is not my responsibility to read the bill, the one who vetoed it should have done that, it is just common knowledge that if a law is passed, it is not just for that year…ikaw alam mo ba yan?

      • johnllander

        So hindi mo pala binasa, so ano ngayon ang basihan ng komento mong walang saysay?

      • cowan2325

        i think he is a moron…if only he cared to read the bill completely and was capable of understanding it…it would have been different…

  • Noel S. Autor

    For a very simple example of the application of this magna carta, supposed you I am just an average income earner and I want the best of my family like decent house and good education of my children in primary school, one of my most important consideration is the money to support my plan. This lawmakers should first make a budget or financial analysis if the government fund could really sustain this grandiose plan. This bill is definitely good, and if the legislators are really serious about it, then they can really realize it. To start with, the legislators should scrap all their pork barrel to contribute to the fund of this magna carta. Is Rep. Del Mar of Cebu willing to have no pork barrel so that this bill could take off?

    • Jane Tan

      Lol… your question made me laugh as soon as I read it =))

    • cowan2325

      why not? to start with, what do they use the pork barrel for?

  • elimsqui

    di lahat tayo magdeclare na mahirap para happy tayo lahat, di ba tongresswoman? parang ini-encourage nyo ang mga mahirap na hindi na magbanat ng buto…

  • Joseph St John

    The Magna Carta was vetoed by Pres. Aquino because it would have to spend more than what the govt takes in. It’s as simple as that.

    • cowan2325

      wrong…this magna carta will also mandate the government to give jobs…it’s in the article…right now it’s giving 32B to the poor for nothing in return..a good job is much better than a doleout…

  • whyinthisworld

    I agree with the president for not signing this magna carta for the poor. This means that he know what he is doing, no pogi point, like ramos.

  • HarryK

    Remain poor, more fun in the Philippines!

  • Yobhtron

    Napahiya yata si Tongressowman Cafe del Mar at hindi napansin ang kanyang Magna Carta at nag-ala wrestling “SLAM” pa kay Pnoy. Idonate mo na lang ang inyong Pork Barrel para sa mga mahihirap.

  • Mr. Skeptic

    We can’t even barely pay for the interests on our foreign debts, yet we are looking to increase spending. Our armed forces are one of the worst in Asia. We are near the bottom in terms of foreign investments. So yes, let’s spend more!

  • ApoNiLolo

    I agree with PNoy. Signing this so called magna carta will only stoke the already ingrained “welfare mentality” of this people. Rather, teach them that the way in improving their social status is through sheer hard work. We are not rich nor a first world country. The duty of our government is the well-being of the whole citizen and not the personal day-to-day survival of one sector of our society. As the saying goes – “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”!

  • venfil29

    hindi na kailangan ang batas na yan makakagulo lang yan,marami na tayong batas para sa mga mahihirap hindi na nga nasusunod.hindi lang naman kasi mga mahihrap lang ang dapat tulungan ng gobyerno, maraming pamilya na nasa middle class ang dapat tulungan din ng gobyerno kasi nahihrapan din sa araw araw na buhay.kahit ayusin lang muna ng gobyerno ang edukasyon at healthcare kung talaga ngang gumaganda na ang ating credit rating dapat maramdaman ng mga tao lalo na ng mga mahihirap.

  • Htee

    Communist law…that’s what it is.

  • disqusted0fu

    The Aquino administration is anti poor. Poverty alleviation is not part of their program. The only ones being uplifted from their already very wealthy status in this administration are the President, his allies and his KKKs.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Filipinos dont need a fancy Magna Carta for the poor. Filipinos are willing to work for jobs jobs jobs and more jobs. Decent full time permanent jobs to make them feel secure to get a mortgage loan from the bank and buy a house wherever they want to live.
    Magna Carta is a racist and will create ghettos that can be controlled by whoever corrupt government officials or politicians for their own personal gains. Welfare handouts will not make Filipinos feel the freedom. Welfare handouts will control people living in government housing. This is communist style of dealing with the poor.
    Create a law that to enforce job creations on all level of governments, not ghost or zombie workers. Tax breaks for private sectors who hired full time workers,

    • cowan2325

      “Last March 25, President Aquino vetoed the Magna Cara of the Poor that would have mandated the government to provide homes, food, jobs, education and health care to the country’s 25 million poor.”

      job provision is part of the bill…you must have missed that part…

      • boldyak

        hindi kasi kaya maibigay ang trabaho ng government na ito….at alam natin kung bakit hindi kaya…HINDI ALAM KUNG PAPAANO…bwahahaha

  • disqusted0fu

    The poor is getting very little in this admin. They are being deprived even of simple relief goods or of land that rightfully belongs to them. There are also very little quality jobs to offer and lack of educational programs that has led to the continuous rise of poverty, which apparently has now gone up to 25 million. That’s why it is critical for Pnoy and his admin to control media and everything else necessary for them to continue to trick many that everything is going well, when in actuality it’s not.

  • KurakotNaPinoy

    Walang perang pang gastos para sa batas kung pipirmahan ng pangulo… kahit pa sabihin mong ikakalat sa ilang taong ang pag budget ng pera para dito.

    Epal din yung author ng magna carta…

    sa kabilang banda, tanggalin na yung pork barrel ng mga kurakot nating mambabatas at ilagay sa pagpapagawa ng paaralan, kalsada, at paliparan…

  • Mang Teban

    I read the entire bill from the website of Congress. I find nothing explicitly wrong with the bill. Instead, I found out that the Magna Carta for the Poor is needed to propel our economy. What many are missing is that when there will be a reduction in poverty, there will be more in prosperity. Families who would have been benefited by the vetoed bill would have contributed to the economy by becoming healthy and able-bodied to join the productive labor force. It is wrong to think that the bill is merely a dole-out legislation. What does not need to be written in that bill is the immediate impact on the families that shall provide the momentum with revived confidence in themselves to be worthy citizens and work in those sectors needed to be filled up.

    A lot of potential human capital to drive the economy can be found in impoverished communities long neglected by government and caught in this quagmire of social pressures such as inability to complete primary and secondary education though our Constitution provides for both levels as “free” in public schools. With the vetoed bill, it would have resulted to an improvement of the living standards for the millions of Filipinos set apart by the widening gap between the economic statuses. Then, it would have been a chain reaction to supply the labor requirements of local enterprises and food producers thereby reducing our dependence on imported goods and foreign products. We have all the resources for raw materials and land and investment capital to complete the equation for a productive economy.

    But, with a short-sighted mentality that the vetoed bill is expensive to maintain,
    then truly this Aquino administration is simply playing safe and wants to save
    all the government funds for the rich and influential. The president only wants
    to end his term in 2016 with overflowing reserves not intended for the majority
    of the population but to the favored few. Elitist mindset pervades in the
    Executive branch.

    • johnllander

      So, where are you going to source the budget for its enactment?

    • cowan2325

      the president is a moron…that’s all there is to him…completely a moron…never seen a head of state like him…

      • ApoNiLolo

        “… never seen a head of state like him”

        Me neither, but I saw one worst than him – Bush Jr. >: D

  • cooldoods

    Idealistic but ultimately unrealistic.

  • JasonBieber

    It does not appear that the government or at least the PNoy government is committed to helping the poor. Many excuses may be given as to why the bill was vetoed but it is just another long line of excuses by PNoy in not doing much to help the less fortunate Filipinos.

  • JACSy

    I concur with Aquino. I don’t like the content of magna carta for the poor.

  • indiosbravos2002

    How about cutting on the Pork barrel of tongressman and Senatongs and donating this to the Magna Carta fund. Tapos eto na funding nong law. Walk the talk congresswoman.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Sana may oil field or diamond mines din ang pinas para kahit ilang magna carta law kayang mapondohan. Pero wala kaya pwet mo Del Mar para sa papogi lang bill na to.

  • JasonBieber

    Let’s be realistic…what has the PNoy administration really done to help the poor?

    There are those struggling to eat and find proper housing. What has PNoy done to significantly uplift the less fortunate Filipinos. There are a few enjoying during the PNoy administration but the poor seemingly get forgotten during PNoy’s reign.

  • Cue_Vas

    The Magna Carta was vetoed because priority should be given to condoms. Not jobs or food for the poor.

  • fernan107

    del mar , itigil mo na ang pamumulitika mo dahil walang saysay ang mga pinagsasabi mo , maging realistic ka , saan kukunin ng gobyerno budget ? anong akala mo naman di naiintindihan ng babasa sa mga pinagsusulat ninyo? ka indo naman , tinaon mo pa sa election….puro panloloko ang mga nalalaman ninyo..

  • Janch

    This is one bill that is doomed to fail. Parang wish list ata to ni congresswoman kaso hindi naisip na walang mapagkukunan ng pondo. It will be nothing more than motherhood statements and will remain unimplemented which will only provide everyone a reason to say that the government failed.

    For instance, the bill provides that the poor has the basic right to food which they have a right to demand. It requires the DSWD to expand their subsidy program to the poor to ensure they have enough to eat. Yung Pantawid Pamilya program aka conditional cash transfer program nga puro batikos at maraming problemang hinaharap. At kokonti lang ang nabibiyayaan. Paano pa kakayanin ng DSWD itong probisyon ito?

  • Nic Legaspi

    ‘…the magna carta was not a demand to put everything in place now “in the first year or even the next decade after its passage.”’

    If this is correct, then this bill would also be like all the other bills that were signed into law but lacked implementation. A law without implementation is useless. Not providing a specific timeframe for this would defeat the purpose of this bill. As I see it, this country can not handle the expenses this bill demands. We are still at that stage wherein the common taxpayer does not get anything from paying his/her taxes. How else would we be able to handle housing for the poor when the typical employed worker gives up a third of his income to the government but doesn’t really get anything out of it? Maybe it’s still not time to have this bill passed into law.

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