Trash in Tondo, Divisoria, San Andres, Onyx, etc.: Any bright ideas, Estrada, Lim?



A TRASH-CHOKED estero in the slums of Sta. Cruz, Manila. Photo taken in January. EDWIN BELLOSILLO

What are their plans for the scavengers of Tondo? How will they address the garbage problem in Divisoria?

These are some of the questions that an environmental group wants the two contenders for the mayoralty in Manila—reelectionist Alfredo Lim and  former President Joseph Estrada—to address as it called on both to keep their campaigns “clean,” starting with their proclamation rallies over the weekend.

The EcoWaste Coalition (EWC) appealed to Estrada and Lim to use their kick-off assemblies Sunday and Monday, respectively, to present a  “green” platform for the city.

Voters have the right to know how Estrada and Lim plan to address the common environmental concerns of Manila residents, such as waste disposal and sanitation, it added.

“How do they plan to resolve, for instance, the persistent garbage problem at Onyx and Zobel Roxas Streets in San Andres or the monstrous plastic garbage in Divisoria, especially during peak shopping season?” Acting EWC National Coordinator Aileen Lucero said in a statement.

“How do they plan to improve the working and living conditions of the informal waste sector in Tondo and elsewhere who contribute to increased recycling rates at no cost to the city government?” she added.

“How do they plan to manage biodegradable discards, which constitute about half of the waste volume, from households and other major sources such as public markets and restaurants, so these are kept out of dumpsites and landfills to prevent the formation of methane?” she said.

The group also urged the mayoral candidates to disclose their positions on the proposed reclamation project off Manila Bay, the pollution at Pier 18 Garbage Transfer Station, the toxic impact of unregulated junk shop recycling of electronic waste in San Andres and Tondo, and the illegal sale of lead-tainted toys, mercury-laden cosmetics and cyanide-laced silver jewelry cleaners, particularly in Binondo, Divisoria and Quiapo.

“As senior politicians with vast experience and influence, we urge both President Estrada and Mayor Lim to campaign clean and to ask their fellow candidates and their supporters to do the same,” Lucero said.

“By campaigning clean, we mean no littering, no nailing or hanging of posters on trees, no posting of campaign materials outside designated areas, no excessive noise and, of course, no trash talks and dirty gimmicks,” she said.

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  • OFW Franklin

    Both candidates have no vision to do such thing cleaning Manila. It is up to Manelenos to demand their leader to have a plan how to clean Manila and beautify Intramuros. Manila is stagnant city because the mayor has no vision to make a change and the people is content with present state. The pride of Philippines show casing Manila as prime city is long gone. I wish among cities in the Philippines Manila will spear head the changes.

    • WeAry_Bat

      Organized groups of people can clean the garbage..then bill the Manila mayor for the effort!

  • boybakal

    Erap can do that…
    By removing the squatters along the canals, rivers, esteros….there will be no Trash.
    Erap did that in San Juan….he can do that in Manila too.
    Get rid of the trash by getting rid of the squatters.

    • j1u2a3n

      Oo, tapos magnanakaw ulit.

  • asarin

    di ba yung contractor ng basura ang pinag-awayan nila dati. at ang isyu ba ay kung papaano makakakuha ng malaking kickback sa mapipiling contractor. hindi sinunod ni lim ang suggestion ni erap sa kung sino ang magiging contractor. ayaw ni lim sa bata ni erap. nagalit si erap at tinawag na walang utang na loob si lim… in short, kickback is the root of all evil!

  • Nestor Moog

    Calling this river of garbage “trash” is an understatement, but whatever it is, it stabs in the heart of a beautiful Manila of my youth. I walked the streets of Divisoria in the 50’s and it was never, ever, like this. The squatters are looked at, and treated as, the garbage of Manila. Sadly, the flight of these poor souls is the end-result of failed leadership at the national and local levels. This garbage represents a generation, or two, of Filipinos with no hope because there is no hope when there no opportunity to inspire hope.

    • Ph3n0M47

      Very very well said

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      As a young boy,too,i walked the streets of Manila.People before were a bit disciplined and there was a Mayor in Arsenio Lacson who had the leadership to command respect of the law and to maintain it’s environs.That part where the Clover Theater was situated is now a filthy nook of Manila.Used to be clean and neat where people were ticketed by the so called “sekretas” of the City if they throw garbage and cigarette butts.They had their presence in that Plaza Miranda location,too.
      Decades later ,the so called beautiful Manila,the premier City of the Pearl of the Orient is now the “sewer” city of the world.
      That body of water near Sofitel Hotel was a crystalline,bluish El Nido,Boracay,Caramoan type of creation .That was in the 50’s.Where are the sandy beaches now,in that same location?It’s now gunks,grimes,toilet papers,syringes,manure,plastic wrappers,rusty metals,old things made of wood etc.. etc..
      Somebody might ask,”But that was in the 50’s?”
      But anything can be preserved and maintained as long as there is discipline from the inhabitants and focused innovative leadership from it’s leaders.Other countries have discipline,why can’t we?
      Thanks to Erika Sauler for this article.This predicament is a gargantuan concern for the megalopolis Manila.If the people don’t behave,and the leadership dilly dallies to solve it,Ladies and Gentlemen,in a decade or so,Manila will choke from it’s own
      mistakes .And the further it goes, we will sink in the quicksand of ‘Dungs”.By that time ,it’s too late.Reed and Heed ,mga Kababayan!!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Hey Boy, people and garbage are twins. Instead of hopelessly incinerating garbage. It’s better to incinerate the garbage throwing people then there will be no more garbage. Manila is polluted city beyond reasonable doubt. Why people insist to reside there and then complain of garbage pollution. The nearby sea is even planed for reclamation so that more garbage throwing people can come in….. with that fact alone, the city planners are Donks !
        Anyweis, Estrada and Lim are not toilet cleaners.To ask them what they can do about garbage is a question that comes from a garbage eating Fly brain….. eeeewwwww >>>>> Go ask a garbage specialist….. aaarrrggghhh..

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        Ang Lupit mo,ARIKUTIK!! LOL!!!”It’s better to incinerate the garbage throwing people then there will be no more garbage?????”——-Your post.
        Holy Tsampurado!!!! And lugaw!!You’re kidding kaibigan.
        Estrada and Lim are not toilet cleaners.In a Democracy,constituents can ask their leaders and candidates about platforms ,plans ,and other pertinent endeavors in conjunction with the impending election.Between these 2 ,one will become the “honcho” of a teeming souls of 18 million Manilenos.One can’t be considered a ” fly brain” just because the person will ask a question to better the conditions of his/her fellow constituents.
        Peace to you,ARIKUTIK.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Politicians, have they been more honest not only to the Filipino people whose votes they court every election time in memory but also to themselves, should have known allowing squatters living in squalid conditions just about anywhere they can will only lead to situations none of whom can control. Looking at this scene and what the scenery illustrate the kind of people we turned out to be as far as these informal settlers are concerned, doesn’t speak well for those we elect to make sure situations like this don’t happen and in cases some do, they will do right by the people rather than letting the people grow with the problem. It is a tough shame for their lacking leadership.

  • whyinthisworld

    The problem is illegal settlers. Now to solve this, take them out of the city. I am sure Lim or Estrada would never do this so we need one to do the job. Who? that’s our problem.

  • nes911

    Hindi naman lahat ng trash dyan ay galing sa maynila. Ang iba ay galing sa mga karatig na syudad. Ang garbage problem ay madaling mabigyan ng lunas kung sa mga residente muna ang gagawa ng unang hakbang. Ang pamahalaan ay may iba pang problema na dapat pagukulan ng pansin. Ang paghakot ay madaling isakatuparan ngunit ang walang habas na pagtapon ng basura ang syang nagpapahirap. Kung ang mga residente ay may disiplina, magigng maayos ang kapaligiran.

  • tra6Gpeche

    So many questions but definitely no answer. How did we become so unmindful & thoughtless of the cleanliness of our environment? How did we become so disrespectful of our rivers, especially the Pasig river, and our surrounding? How did we become so filthy in the way we live? We don’t really care about our image as a people. Are we, Filipinos, really this pathetic and dumb? What is wrong with us? I am sure that many educated, wealthy and powerful Philippine Officials and politicians, including in Manila, have visited Canada, USA, Singapore, Japan, Australia and many countries in Europe. They should see the difference. They should, at least, envy the immaculateness and freshness of those countries!

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      To tra6Gpeche,
      There really are immaculate and environmentally conscious countries in this world.Being Filipino and former military man,I traveled in numerous countries.I had seen the cleanliness,discipline and nationalistic attitudes of their constituents.I envy them,though I love our country,too.And will not forsake it.
      But ,may pagkukulang tayo sa bayan.It starts all the way from our leaders down to the last Juan De LaCruz at the bottom of the society.We need to strive to make this country better or progress and civilization will leave us at the next curve.
      That picture in this article paints a very stark revelation about this nation. We can’ t hide it.This issue probably was not even touched at the “kick-off rallies”.All I had seen were young ,beautiful ladies and the candidates doing “Gangnam” dance gyrations!!
      I doubt the gyrations would contribute to dissipate the trash at the “esteros”.
      Diyan tayo nagkukulang.It’s the duty,love of country and accountability.It’s about priorities. Mas importante pa ba yung Gangnam Kaysa talakayin yung bagay na yan sa “Miting De Avance”?

      • tra6Gpeche

        I am sure that all Filipinos born and raised in the Philippines do love their country, Philippines. And you are 100% right….the priorities of many young and even old Filipinos are somewhere else. Respect for our environment are really not in their heart. Perhaps, educating the children from elementary school about the beauty of having clean rivers, streets, ocean and the environment might help. But that would take years before anything would materialize. In the meantime, only the elected leaders of the City and town could enforce and convince their constituents that cleanliness is really next to godliness. But again, how do we make the elected Filipno leaders make this as one of their project and priorities? To tell you the truth, I don’t trust anyone of them to put their time, energy and brain to have unpolluted, uncluttered and sanitary rivers and surrounding. These Filipino leaders just do not seem to see and care about it, at all!

  • JACSy

    the govt is spending millions in cleaning those rivers. preventive action should take place. employ a person whose job is to catch people who will throw garbages in the river. it will generate job. and impose penalty to those who will break the law. besides, it is already enacted by local govt ordinances, DENR resolution.

  • eigendik

    The biggest thrash are … you know them.

  • Guest

    Simple lang ang misyon ni Erap kaya siya tumakbo sa pagka-mayor sa
    Maynila: gusto niyang muling magsamantala sa pondo ng bayan.

  • igmat

    they can very well do it if they want. but election is 3 years away and cleaning one estero or relocating squatters may require longer periods of time. they will lose votes.

  • Guest

    Ang Manila, pang-36 ngayon sa mga highly urbanized cities sa bansa. Kung si Era pang maging Mayor ng Manila, pang 100 na yan. Gusto n’yo ba yun?

  • Guest

    Maraming nagreklamo sa mga hakot na crown ni Erap. 200 lang daw per head. What!

  • kismaytami

    Not just the said parts of Manila are the waste den. Anywhere in Manila is waste den nowadays.

  • wayne

    the squatters who live there are nothing but filthy pigs. lim is nothing but a evil lazy corupt theif who should be in jail.its like he has a licsence to rob and plunder

  • Guest

    Tatlong mayor, isang asawa. Maganda. Parang pelikula. Di na kailangang magtrabaho ni Erap niyan.

  • coty

    ha ha the latest SWS survey says, 81% of Pinoys satisfied with lives! derisive laughter!

  • Guest

    Kung bankrupt na ang Manila, dapat di na gumagana ang City Hall. Di na sana suweldo ang mga employees. Understand Erap?

  • eltee mulawin

    ..ayon rito sa balita…“How do they plan to resolve, for instance, the persistent garbage
    problem at Onyx and Zobel Roxas Streets in San Andres or the monstrous
    plastic garbage in Divisoria, especially during peak shopping season?”
    Acting EWC National Coordinator Aileen Lucero said in a statement.

    >>>kay Ms A.Lucero, (sana hindi kayo kamag-anak ng dating konsehal Lucero), issue na iyan ay matagal ng problema sa MetroManila. Marami ng naging Mayor at Presidente at MMDA chairman pero hindi maipatupad ang anuman plano tungkol diyan.
    >>>hindi madaling gawin o gawaan ng paraan dahil sa :
    1. Squatters continuing to grow and nonstop flow from different provinces and profesional squatters.
    2. Relocation site, mayroon man pero babalik-balik din sila at yun iba ibebenta ang lugar nila na para bang house & lot buy and sell business.
    3. Demolisyon of shanties or barung-barong sa gilid-gilid ng ilog ay hindi matuloy-tuloy dahil makiki-alam ang mga militante at Human Rights group.
    4. Magtayo ng planta para sunugin o i-recycle ang mga basura, hindi rin matuloy, mag-rereklamo ang mga grupo ng Green Environment dahil itatanong saan ipatutungo ang mga usok. Eh mayroon ba sa buong mundo makapagtatago o iipunin ang mga usok.?
    5. Disiplina ng tao.


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