North Korea puts rockets on standby for US strike



SEOUL—North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un on Friday ordered missile units to prepare to strike US mainland and military bases, vowing to “settle accounts” after US stealth bombers flew over South Korea.

The order came as US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, with tensions soaring on the Korean peninsula, said Washington would not be cowed by Pyongyang’s bellicose threats and stood ready to respond to “any eventuality”.

Kim directed his rocket units on standby at an overnight emergency meeting with top army commanders, hours after nuclear-capable US B-2 stealth bombers were deployed in ongoing US joint military drills with South Korea.

In the event of any “reckless” US provocation, North Korean forces should “mercilessly strike the US mainland… military bases in the Pacific, including Hawaii and Guam, and those in South Korea,” he was quoted as saying by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

While North Korea has no proven ability to conduct such strikes, Kim said: “The time has come to settle accounts with the US imperialists.”

The youthful leader argued that the stealth bomber flights went beyond a simple demonstration of force and amounted to a US “ultimatum that they will ignite a nuclear war at any cost”.

A South Korean military official quoted by Yonhap news agency said a “sharp increase” in personnel and vehicle movement had been detected at the North’s mid- and long-range missile sites.

The defense ministry declined to confirm the report, saying only that all strategic sites in the North were under intense South Korean and US surveillance.

The B-2 flights, which followed training runs by B-52 bombers, were part of annual drills between the United States and South Korea, which North Korea each year denounces as rehearsals for war.

Pyongyang has been particularly vocal this time, angered by UN sanctions imposed after its long-range rocket launch in December and the third nuclear test it carried out last month.

Kim’s order formalised steps already taken by the Korean People’s Army (KPA), which put its strategic rocket units at combat-ready status on Tuesday. The following day it cut the last remaining military hotline with South Korea.

The bulk of the threats emanating from Pyongyang have been dismissed as bluster. North Korea has no confirmed missile capability to reach the US mainland — or indeed Guam or Hawaii in the Pacific.

But Washington has opted to match the threats with its own muscle-flexing.

“We will be prepared — we have to be prepared — to deal with any eventuality,” Hagel told reporters at the Pentagon.

“We must make clear that these provocations by the North are taken by us very seriously and we’ll respond to that,” Hagel said, defending the B-2 deployment.

US military intelligence has noted that the North’s warlike rhetoric has not, so far, been matched by any overtly provocative troop build-up.

Present at the emergency meeting convened by Kim in Pyongyang were the KPA chief of general staff, director of operations and commander of strategic rocket operations.

KCNA provided an unusually precise timing for the meeting of 00:30 a.m. (1530 GMT Thursday) in an apparent effort to underline the urgency and import of Kim’s order.

But analysts warned against reading too much into what is the latest in a long series of incremental rhetorical upgrades.

“It shouldn’t be taken to mean war is imminent,” said Kim Yong-Hyun, a North Korea expert at Dongguk University.

“It’s an inevitable and calibrated reaction to the B-2 deployment, and this who-blinks-first game with the United States will continue for a while yet,” he said.

The North’s official Uriminzokkiri website posted an animated propaganda video showing a North Korean missile shooting down a US B-52 bomber which then crashes on South Korea with its nuclear payload that detonates on impact.

“It’s not a nuclear umbrella, but nuclear rain that the US will pour down on the South,” read an accompanying caption.

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  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Lets get ready to rumble!!!!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Kim Jung-Un doctors should tell him to sop licking those hallucinating toad’s skin. He’s also the quality control of shabu factory in North Korea the North Korean diplomats are smuggling to other countries.
    He must also stop pot sessions with Dennis Rodman.

    • Noel

      The young Kim is inexperienced and impulsive. That’s dangerous. He may make decisions that the world shall regret.

      • mamer2

        On the other-hand…, this pseudo-leader Kim may have a “coup” on his back in a very short period of time..!

      • Noel

        Very unlikely. Most of the high ranking military officials and Generals are loyal to the Kim family. If there would be a coup, it would be instigated by the US but it would fail. The coup plotters would be executed immediately in public.

      • buttones

        I doubt it also. If any sort of revolution might occur, it might come from not the 1.2 million in the army but the 20 million or so that are not- a sort of a peasant uprising? It’s happened before, and if so many have nothing left to lose, not even hope. That takes a leader of course, someone as ruthless as this boy Kim, and it take backing- from some other nation, foreign countries are openly supporting Syrian rebels, as they did Libyan ones as well will they ever to that for NK? The disparity between NK and the south is amazing, they are the same people but after 1953 the South became a very powerful, respected industrial nation and the North just regressed to the Middle Ages. A unified Korea would be one hell of a country- wow! Remember East Germany and West? Maybe China don’t want a unified Korea? That would be an economic threat.

      • Noel

        The US and the West want to have a divided Korea for obvious reason. However, history tells us that no nation lasts forever meaning no leader could last forever. The Fall of the Roman Empire is one. At the end of the day, it’s the stomach that dictates one’s action. If the poor peasants have nothing to eat and that they’re being sympathized by young military officers, then a revolution may still happen. But it would be very bloody. The fear is that the Koreans have family ties on both sides. They’re worried about their family members too.

      • buttones

        Sorry to appear a bit naïve Noel but I can’t quite see how
        having a divided Korea helps the west. Yes it’s true, nations fall, always have done, I mean just look at the Spanish empire, and even the British although they organized themselves a bit better, and their ‘defeat’ still places then number seven in the world. On the
        subject of the primordial requirements of everybody- food, shelter, clothing in that order, [forgetting the other one; sex] the failure of the first has led to many a revolution. The French Revolution was born out of not some ideology of Liberté, égalité, fraternité, it was because people didn’t have enough to eat, not even cake.! The rest followed. Yes I can imagine a concern of family on both sides,
        and if an uprising did occur, it would be bloody, but many a great nation was formed out of awful bloodshed, US for one, and in NK I wonder what would be the tipping point that would drive 20 million people to just simply say ‘we have had enough, and we are not going to take this anymore?’

      • Noel

        You’re not naive at all. In fact, you got a point too. The reason why I said the West wanted a divided Korea was to make sure that South Korea would continue to be dependent on US or the West. If there’s a united Korea, then this country would be less dependent on US for military support. The US military aid to another country is often tied with something in return. Let’s look at another example. Why does US prefer that third world countries like the Phl continue to be poor? It’s for the US’s own advantage. The US buys raw materials from the Phl at a very low price. Sell the finished products back to the Phl at a very high price in huge profit. See my point? If a country is wealthy, she doesn’t need that much help from a rich country. The country could negotiate trade and business in equal stage. If a country is economically strong,it follows that she’s military capable of defending herself since she could afford to buy military weapons and hardware. Also, the usual “divide and conquer” approach has proven to be a very effective way of controlling a nation by another nation.

    • $26791673

      That is the problem…you have a drug-crazed, mentally retarded leader who has his hands on weapons of mass destruction and a military force willing to follow his wishes. Maraming mamamatay sa katarantaduhan nitong si Kim.

      • mamer2

        On the other-hand…, this pseudo-leader Kim may have a “coup” on his back in a very short period of time (before he could shout “Geronimo”)

  • Maldi2

    North Korea’s leader rhetorics is very much similar to that of Panot’s bashing of GMA whenever threatened, or whenever his governance is in question, LOL! Dapat pagasamahin ang dalawang leader na ito! Mga hunghang!

    • Jay Ramos

      out of context!

    • axe musk

      stupid comparison

      • white scorpion

        you’re very RIGHT. some people just keep on opening their mouth lang.

    • levis2012

      dumb and dumber! Posting without thinking…

      • white scorpion

        another right nanaman.

    • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

      Gising ka na Maldi2. Bangag ka na naman, saan ang utak mo?

    • lolo_Jose

      Nabayaran knb ni Glo apo? Baka utang na naman ala eh wag kang pumayag.
      Hindi ka na nga tumigil sa kakasira mo ke Pnoy at ibang mga tao na malapit sa kanya, kaya dapat bayaran ka na…

    • joshmale2004

      St upidity at the highest level.

      • white scorpion

        correct ka diyan….

    • ern

      kalimutan mo na yung pagkatalo mo nung nakaraang eleksiyon hunghang! di mo na maibabalik yon. Kung ayaw mo respetohin ang demokrasya e dun ka sa north korea.

    • dodong1

      iuntog mo ulo mo sa pader para magising ka sa katotohanan…

    • hinayupaknasexy

      pag talo talo.
      move on ka na lang beke.
      wag kang bitter.
      kain ka na lang bread na may butter.
      yung LOL mo halatang hilaw.

    • latino_boom

      HUh? ano daw bat nasali si Pandak at si Noynoy sa usapan? labo mo pre sabi ko naman sa iyo eh tigilan mona ang pagsinghot ng mga banyo sa sinehan masama tuloy ang naging epekto sa iyo …tsk tsk tsk

    • cebuboy


  • kilawon(the return)

    “bye bye american imperialist” lol

    • Crazy_horse101010

      bye bye commie pig LOL

    • Crazy_horse101010

      their missiles wont even reach guam let alone america maybe they will build a giant sling shot lol. so keep your commie dreams going

    • joshmale2004

      Hehe. and what will you call North Korea? Emperador?

      • mamer2


    • JanofVA

      HA…HA..HA…’re kidding right???? You didn’t see the Photoshopped pix of their last test??? They had to straighten the missile because it didn’t even get to go fly for more than 20 feet…ha..ha..ha…

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i would be more worried they might hit the phippines by mistake. if it went that far

  • brando alejandro

    North Korea dislikes countries that have connection with her estranged South sister. Starving people pushed to hardships even more by their leader. What a pity.

  • XY ZEE

    gutom lang yan.

  • patriotic_act

    war is a catalyst for change.. if it happens let it happen

  • levis2012

    It is the gravest tragedy of North Korea having an inexperienced and stupid leader.. young, aggressive but very stupid… Kawawang mga North Koreans!

  • Beguine

    Can’t wait to see North Korea wiped off the face of the earth,
    preferably with their hilarious stupid leader as the first casualty.

  • tarikan

    The Dear & Fat Leader: Hear me out people. We are dying of starvation anyway so we’d rather go for it. My generals, my loyal starving people and I will soon see Papa and Grandpa. Let the war begins. Bye-bye world.

  • Lapu Lapu

    This fat boy is said to be a play station war game addict. What a tragedy!
    He should know that his people are hungry. NK population has suffered enough.
    If this is the way the axis of evil regime has to be eliminated, so be it.

  • pepito gwaps

    Diyos ko po!!! wag po kayong ganyan kasi yong missile na papuntang Guam at Hawaii ay dadaan na naman sa aerospace ng Pinas at kung sakaling maintercept ng US patriot missiles ay siguradong dito rin satin babagsak ang remnants after big explosions. Hindi hahayaan ng mga Kano na tumawid sa Pacific Ocean yang mga ganyang intercontinental Ballistic missile…ano naman po ang contingency plan ng mahal nating AFP at gobyerno kung sakaling ayan na lumilipad na yong nuclear war head sa tapat natin. At take note first time nilang ipuputok iyon at maaring mali ang trajectory… sus ginoo tuwang tuwa pa tong nasa baba ko….

    • Johannes Arthuremus

      D problema yan mga scrap metal pupulutin yan ibenta sa junkyard pera na naman ni Juan Dela Cruz hehehehe wala ng contingency plan si pinoy kasi may may Xbox din yan kasama si kris bimbo at Joshua!!!!

    • cebuboy

      malayo sa atin yan.tingnan mo sa mapa..wagkang matakot puro satsat lang yan.kung sakaling magka tutoo matutuwa pa ako para mabura yang mga bastardo nayan.

  • Fred Cua

    China is always on North Koreas side thats why it is acting like a spoiled brat.

    • halfpunk

      same as usa is always with phils thats os why we are forever the oppressed..

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    After all, General Mac Arthur was right when he recommended bombing Nokor, as in Japan with A-bomb some 60 years or so ago. Sana’y wala na ang gulong ganito.

  • guest

    China is to be blamed for this. If they have not been supporting North Korea for a long time this would not be happening. North Korea would have collapse a long time if not for the support of communist China.

    • Noel

      But we notice that China is now drifting away a little bit from Nokor. China realizes that relationship with US has become more important than Nokor in terms of trades and economy. China’s only using Nokor as a bluffer or leverage in her negotiation with the West.

    • Be Nice

      Israel is to U.S.A. as North Korea is to China.

      • mamer2

        The comparison is VERY INSULTING to the Israelis and the Americans.

      • buttones

        Sorry- disagree- in NO way is this the same thing, absolutely not.

    • Karabukov

      China does not want a humanitarian problem of North Korean people surging on its borders for any reason. The Chinese will prop up the regime for as long as necessary and convenient.

  • kapatad

    wag magpanic, wala naman talagang totoonng mga armas ang n.Korea. mga replica lang ang mga iyon.

  • Palparan

    I want to see N. Korea put their words into action. Baka hanggang bunganga lang ang baklang Kim jung-Un na ito

  • ern

    their missiles will be intercepted and returned to point of origin

    • Billy Moreno

      intercepted and sent to China and Malaysia!

      • Marx Louis Wang

        Sana magbibig angel ka.

  • Billy Moreno

    pananakot lang naman yan kasi gusto bigyan na naman sila ng pagkain. gutom na kasi sa nokor!

  • JanofVA

    North Korea is all talk….all gas, no substance. They won’t do anything….Kim Jun-Un looks like the kid in the Disney movie UP..he..he..he..

  • speaksoftlylove

    If you shoot, shoot don’t talk – Eli Wallach, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.”

  • pilosopo4

    Like a little boy with an Xbox controller ready to fire..somebody please give him cookies and milk..he’ll calm down and for the other gentleman.. a shot of brandy..that should keep the peace!

  • santosboi

    epekto ng gutom. last december pa kasi naembargo yun dapat na pagkain para kanya. :)

  • chingnarciso

    kapag natuloy itong geyera, talo ang North Korean Army, pero mas lalong talo ang mga American tax payer,dahil ma re rebuild ang North Korea for the expenses of the American people.Maraming maging Billionaire na mga North Korean, Katulad sa Iraq and Afghanistan..Poor American people,the slave of the world..

  • Anggoy

    Rodman gave him a dose that will last for a few more days, after that everything will be normal.

  • skyrockettt

    It’s time to execute that fat NK leader the way they did to saddam and ghadafi, and once and for all free that isolated nation from bondage, poverty and ignorance!


    GUSTO ng batang makapanood ng STAR WARS in real live show. Na-ala-ala ko tuloy yong picnic ng mga matatapang na kampon ni Kiram sa Sabah.

    ANO kaya ang binulong ni Rodman kay UN at nagkaganito ang pag-iisip ng bata batuta?

  • BatangSingapore

    ano pa aasahan mo sa isang lider na walang experience sa pamumuno. kaya kayong mga bobotante huwag ninyong iboto yun nagpapangap na matalino at walang alam sa politika kundi gamitin ang pangalan at identity ng tito ninoy niyang traydor.

    ganunpaman kasalanan ng china ang gamitin ang north korea para sa pang sarili nilang interest.


    Chicken Little is at it again. Grow up little boy. Try to be a man. That is my challenge to you.

    • $42337655

      Jr. might just be trying to prove that. Acting tough so that his entourage of NK Generals will show him respect.

      he probably feels inadequate (no high heels though) that he has to resort to these antics.

      China has a lot to lose if this guy messes things up (which is doubtful anyway) and China will do backroom deals just to shut this guy up. But they will still use this guy in one way or another.

      NK is another China’s threat of chaos that China uses to get concessions from the West.

  • judefawley

    It will be the biggest mistake of North Korea to strike the US. They just give the US reason to invade them.

    • jerich masiba

      and it will be the downfall of KIM dynasty,hehehe

      • mamer2

        And of Red-China.
        The Down-Fall of Red-China as a Dominant Economic Force &
        DownFall of any type of her force…, military, naval & others.

  • mamer2

    What does Kim Jong-Un think this is…,
    a neighborhood gang-war..?

  • Noel

    The Phl also has rockets and in fact she fires these every New Year’s Eve.

  • mamer2

    If Red China thinks “they’re not involved” in this new North Korea Grim-Scenario…,
    they, Red China, have another “thinking” coming.

  • mamer2

    People that are always doing “stand-by” are next to being un-productive.
    NoKor Nuclear-Rockets that are being put on “stand-by” are next to useless

  • indiosbravos2002

    Bunch of paranoid hicks. North Korea is a rogue state and China’s lapdog. However, recent behavior of North Korea suggest that China’s hold might not be as tight as everyone thinks. An escalation of war is bad news for everyone, including China and the US. Aside from border security, what is it that China gains from its relations with North Korea.

  • WoBushi

    Nokor unwittingly puts up a casus belli for a US war in the Pacific, and for China to readjust her growing appetite for power in the region. China however may find herself a little sluggish to maneuver because of pride and greed that has evolved at the top.

  • banana na

    loko talaga ito si KIM JR. , sa japan nag-aral tapos galit sa japan…haa…45% of S.Korean peoples is afraid of this threat kasi nga lahat ng phone hotline ay wala ng bisa…kaya baka totoo ang threat nila nito, N. Korea is number 8, hackers in te world, believe it or not…maski wala na makain ang mga tao nila pero pagdating sa cyber-attack ng military nila ay magaling din sila nito…

  • $23455908

    North Korea is starving again and needs new negotiation then asks for food and clothing.Don’t send them food and let them starve to death.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      $Billions ang ginastos nila para mga launch ng laruan sa outer space sa ibabaw ng million na nagugutom araw-araw. Ginagawa nilang panakot ang nuclear missiles nila para padalhan sila ng tons of food as aid. Ano sila masaya?

  • Riz Manas

    Ignore; not worth reading it’s just usual propaganda to get media attention. Their young leader doesn’t even know how to wash or cook how much more going to war? North Korea is a big joke. Their leader will be just like Saddam Hussein if war broke out against USA…. chicken!


    SA isang banda, palagay ko maganda itong ginagawa ni KIm Un (hawig sa KIram, di ba?) na patutsadahan ng misslies ang USA para magkaroon ng dahilan ang mga kano na tirahin at lusubin ang mga TNL na mga kampon ni KIM at, sa wakas, pag-isahin ang KOREA sa isang bansa tulad ng Germany. Tapos patikman sa kay KIM at sa lahat ng kabig nya at tagapayo yong pinatikim kay Sadam Hussein, Moammar Khadaffi, ar Hosni Mubarak!

  • Johannes Arthuremus

    Kim Jong un u r a joke! Ur just a dot . In the map!

  • joerizal

    Propaganda is coming from both sides (US/SoKor and NoKor). Until one of them blinks or pulls the trigger, it’s hard to see if war will ever come about. North Korea can at least manufacture their own weapons and missiles inspite of the economic sanctions. This makes them a credible threat, so to underestimate them or their leader will be a big mistake.

  • doublecross

    the sanctity of NK in making the nuclear arsenal is a right of every country, not for armament use. how the US assess this one?
    US the imperialist against the developing country….

    • Crazy_horse101010

      another commie racists passing on his smarts to the world

  • Karabukov

    Kim Jung Un is new, young and untested. He is surrounded by a military whose loyalty to him is not yet firmly established. He must have a core group of advisers that is a holdover from his father’s regime. There is a choreography going on where he has to show a posture that indicates that he will not veer away from the regime’s established rules. He has a legitimacy to the country’s military and his people that is as yet unquestioned. He wants to show that he is a worthy successor. Question is, is he reckless?

  • $8866117

    it is suicide by cop, go ahead north korea, make uncle sam happy

    • nakatutok

      canadian faggot…INPERTINENT comment

  • Edgardo Villanueva Dacanay

    gen d. macAthrur was right in his having recommendened to pres truman to use the A bomb during the korean war… they were spared before….. maybe this time Pres Obama

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Ang akala ni Kim JU siya pa rin ang pinuno ng South Korea dahil nagalit siya noong lumipad ang stealth bombers ng US sa himpapawid ng una. Kapalmuks talaga ng baboy na yan. Malamang pati tayo idamay ng pig na yan kasi tinulungan natin noon ang South Korea sa kanilang pakikidigmaan sa communist NoKor.

  • tulironghenyo

    Shoot this arrogant North Korean Lunatic.
    The Chinese are behind him. China launched a cyber attack to South Korea. And now
    China is starting to increase the tension in the disputed islets with Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. A clear divisional tactics, distracting everyone, while China grabbed the islands for their selfish means. Can’t the US see this coming?

  • jpastor

    Burn this moooroon arse like a roasted pig. He looks so healthy but his brain is sick. He could be taking meals every hour but his people are starving to death. He continuously build weapons against who? But guess who still support his lunatic ideals— China off course.



  • Cool LahgotzMO

    Poor Fat Boy, no more darak for you. He can bluff all he wants but darak won’t be coming to his table. Hahahaha

  • tagahuron

    there is only one thing i can say to this fat Kim – buang!

  • isidro c. valencia

    It is sad and bad to imagine North Korea will be phased out in the world map.
    I pray Kim Jong-Un should consider world peace to save mankind.

  • Jack Bw

    What a douche he turned out to be. This is what happens when your “supreme leader” has no qualification to lead other than being the grandson of the “eternal president”. Just look at him; he looks like a guy that everybody slapped in school.

  • ever green

    Maybe James Bond can help……

  • $18209031

    It is now time for the Spring Games of the 2nd Korean War Olympiad !! Hala mga Kuryanders of north and south Koreas, time to kill each other after 60 yrs of relative peace. May you practice hitting each other with artillery fires , rockets and bombs.

    Korean War Olympics is being held every 60 yrs, alright !! No one won last time in 1953, so the bets are off this time. More modern arms and techs and more preparation s on each side . Let the Korean War Olympiad begins !

  • okabato

    North Korea is just a testing ground for China. The chinese knows that the the americans will not act arbitrarily as long as NK will not fire the first shot. The chinese knows that the US always toe the line when it comes to retaliation, you mess with us suffer the consequence.

  • noelpogi

    All talk, Let’s get it on, so we can see!

  • white scorpion

    this north korean chief should stop barking. us is not interested (KSP) in you. us is working with the south. its embarassing that it’s only you who kept on injecting yourself. haven’t you see nobody is paying attention in you. i guess you haven’t seen what does an explosion look like. mind your citizen first before you talk tough.

  • $44479964

    Isang US Nuclear submarine lang ang katapat ng North Korea.

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