A wake-up call for Chiz Escudero



I am never one to rejoice at another man’s predicament—given my strong belief in karma or whatever you wish upon another comes back to you—but Sen. Chiz Escudero deserves the plunge in his ratings in the latest survey.

From No. 2, the young reelectionist senator has gone down to fourth place in the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) election surveys.

It’s a wake-up call for the senator which, to his credit, he acknowledges.

But Escudero said the wake-call tells him to put more work in his reelection bid, and not in his perceived character flaws.

He doesn’t believe that his spat with the parents of actress Heart Evangelista, his girlfriend, caused the drop in his ratings.

Reynaldo and Cecile Ongpauco complain that the senator doesn’t give them due respect as Heart’s parents and his prospective parents-in-law.

They gripe that the senator is always drunk whenever he talks to them, a no-no for a conservative family with Chinese roots.

If Escudero would just acknowledge his fault—he denies he treats the Ongpaucos shabbily, which is worse—perhaps things might turn out for the better for him and his beloved Heart.

For what would the Ongpaucos get from inventing a story about Chiz’s alleged drunkenness and disrespectful attitude towards them?

The Ongpaucos’ disapproval of Chiz comes not from his being a “poor boy” but from his alleged uncouth manner and drinking.

Rey and Baby told me that they felt proud when they heard that their daughter was dating a senator who’s intelligent and popular with the masses.

So there was no reason for them to disapprove of Chiz as their future son-in-law, if only the senator were respectful to them.

* * *

Why doesn’t Chiz follow the advice of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, his matchmaker in the relationship, to also court his sweetheart’s parents?

Why doesn’t he also follow the counsel of his fellow Team PNoy senatorial candidate, former Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar, to treat the Ongpaucos like his own parents?

Villar said that when a man marries his girlfriend, he also marries into her family.

* * *

When a blogger asked Chiz Escudero if he drinks a lot, he said no.

He could be lying through his teeth.

His friends have told this columnist that when Chiz drinks alcohol, he has one too many, he metamorphoses into a different personality,

“He becomes a loudmouth, he curses like a stevedore and he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing,” said a government official whose identity I’m withholding.

The description of the senator is far different from what he projects to the public, which is that of a soft-spoken, gentle and wholesome personality.

I glossed over what I was told about the senator because I once had a drinking problem myself, and I knew I could overcome it.

Besides, the personal flaw of a public official, as long as it doesn’t affect his work, is none of my business as a columnist.

So, my unsolicited advice to Chiz as a fellow drinker is to quit the bottle for now until he won’t find a need for it.

If he can’t, he may need help.

* * *

If Escudero goes further down in the ratings game because of his spat with who could be his future parents-in-law, expect the ratings of very qualified senatorial candidates to go up.

Expect former Senators Dick Gordon and Ramon Magsaysay Jr. to get included in the “Magic 12” in the next surveys.

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  • manuel yaptangco

    A person with a drinking problem will be the last one to admit or acknowledge that he or she has a problem. Similarly, admitting that the drop in the surveys is an offshoot of the fallout with his potential in-laws is like saying Heart’s parents are right and Chiz is wrong. So, he does the next best thing…to reconnect with the voters.

  • go88

    Maybe escudero smells alcohol, but you stink ‘smear campaign’….. the best terms that describes you is ‘for sale’ … it’s because of wh*res like you that this country is going down the river.

  • Noel

    Whether Chiz drops down to second, 5th or 10th, he’s going to win just the same. So, this ratings or surveys are irrelevant to him.

    But I would agree that when one gets drunk, he becomes a different person. In his normal self, Chiz is already talkative, fast talker and very opinionated. So, don’t be surprised if he turns into a big mouth bad guy when drunk.

  • randyaltarejos

    What’s the difference between an ordinary person and a ranking public official when they get drunk? Well, the intoxicating effects of the liquor or beer do not choose man’s stature in life. It depends on who is drinking and the person’s personality. He must know how to carry himself even if he’s intoxicated. There’s saying that if your drink, don’t put it in your head, but to the stomach.”



    • Noel

      If Mon writes similar smear column against Chavit Singson, Mon would have been dead by now.

  • 33Sambuang2

    hoi tulfing, dapat sa pinoy parazzi ka sumusulat. kaya ka nagulpi e, napakatsismoso mo.

  • eirons1043

    Nice observation sir Mon. But I believe the bigger factor in Chiz slide is the Bobby O. connection. This Bobby O. guy has a slimer image than Lucio Tan and Joe de V.combined. He really pull it big during Marcos and Gloria’s terms a combined 29 years of absolute power to make easy money as big time Fixer Legally kuno. But Chiz will surely land in the top 6 slot unless more bombshell drops from credible guys like the Ongpaucos. Chiz will need lots of moolah (from the Senate Pork Barrel or Bobby O) to sustain the expensive lifestyle of Heart.

    • isidro c. valencia

      The Chinese or Taipans have developed a formula to maintain their connections with the government. That is to extend financial assistance to whoever has the potential to lead our country.

      Ongpins have good relationships with the Marcos. So do Escuderos. These are the remnants or babies of martial law attempting to resurrect in power, again at the expense of Filipino people.

      Never again.

  • hu_yu

    just vote for dick gordon, definitely no regrets on this candidate

    • samarutan

      Yeah, the “spotless” earstwhile Olongapo Mayor and Subic Shareman!

    • GProf007

      I voted for him last time… I find it questionable now that he’s aligned with Erap and other traditional politicians. I wish our “leaders” will be consistent and will have conviction on their stand about things… I would be voting for him if he remained an independent (2004-2009)… alas. :(

      • $33680178

        To think Erap’s very first act as president was to remove Gordon from Subic. As they say, there are no permanent enemies only permanent interests.

  • Kirat

    Nothing new in this article. Allegations and hearsay, presented as an insider’s view, days-old news from other Inquirer stories, topped with unsolicited advice on what poor Chizwiz “should do.” One column, one envelope? :))

    • Sid Marcel

      It is election time and I want all the hearsays proven wrong. I have the right to see that. Otherwise he better be not able to make it at the senate.

      • Kirat

        Hearsay is better suited to a parlor than a newspaper; and Mr. Tulfo has been a journalist for long enough to know that distinction.

    • go88

      ramona’s trash is being published for more than one week …. the envelope the gay w.ore receive must be big this time.

      • Drillon Recto

        I think you mean w.hore.

    • May_Baxasfa

      hey, take it easy on ACDC mona, will you? have mercy on him, otherwise he’ll once more get beaten black and blue by some woman somewhere. then, as always, he will again go to his sisters. do you seriously want to see the ugliness of the tulfo sisters again? tahan na, maawa nman kayo sa amin!

  • beerhunters

    Karma= “Your foolishness go home to your body” !!
    Watch out mon, soon your foolishness(tsismis) will go home to your body!

  • $26606290

    Chiz Whiz, you denied you’re an alcoholic. Is it also not true that you were drunk and disrespectful to Heart’s parents on at least two occasions?

    • kaddy

      Frankly, he does not deserve to be a senator of the Republic: arrogant, showy, pedantic, and above all, womanizer who took advantage of a young girl whose live might have been ruined beyond redemption. He has not yet made atonement for his sins before his first wife. DO NOT VOTE FOR HIM!

      • Guest

        “young girl” ? you mean woman, she’s 28 years old remember?

      • Noel

        Meaning she’s still a virgin.

      • Drillon Recto

        Oh C’mon, Heart a virgin? Her cherry has long been picked by Jericho Rosales.

      • Noel

        Well, her parents were able to prevent it before Echo picked her cherry. This time, Chiz did not only picked her cherry but owns it.

      • Rey

        You think so? What about Daniel Matsunaga?

      • Noel

        Daniel almost picked her cherry.

      • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

        Or probably some other guy before Jericho. Perhaps even more. Remember, she’s from Pinoy showbiz.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        yung pwet ang virgin…apparently…hahaha

      • rlo

        But the young students and most of the under 30’s married mom voters love him. I bet that food company regrets it now.

      • alberto santiago

        Parang maboladas lang magsalita, orator ika nga. Maraming tao nga ang tataas ng pinag aralan pero bad character.

  • les21reago

    The conservative Ongpaucos of Chinese roots, parent of Heart DISPLAYED their weakness and inappropriate conservative behavior when the complained, bad mouthed CHIZ over the MEDIA…This is a case of an accuser POINTING a finger where 3 fingers are pointing BACK at him > Tulfo knows this as mentioned in his other previous column.
    The Ongpaucos couple should have had CONFRONTED CHIZ in the first place, telling him of WHAT they wanted more on his character and that to me would be a better manner…But their millions makes them PROUD making themselves thinks that they can BUY a good sleep while crucifying Chiz in Public…

  • ShibumiNinja

    If Escudero would just acknowledge his fault—he denies he treats the Ongpaucos shabbily, which is worse—perhaps things might turn out for the better for him and his beloved Heart.
    For what would the Ongpaucos get from inventing a story about Chiz’s alleged drunkenness and disrespectful attitude towards them?


    Mr. tulfo

    Heart Ongpauco already denied your repetitious ad nauseam litanies of accusations this is a private matter between close family members and you have No Personality to make any comments

    Bobby Ongpin says you’re a paid lier and I believe it…

    In my belief… it’s
    game over for you sir. stfu dont be such a hor.

  • virgoyap

    This is what I expected. His attitude towards his sweetheart’s parents will really harm his candidacy. I was not mistaken.

  • gisingpinoy12

    expect the ratings of very qualified senatorial candidates to go Expect former Senators Dick Gordon and…Galing talga ni Tufling sa Demolition Job…yan ang tunay na PR Man…ay mali…KAWATAN pala! Si Raymart lang katapat mo Mr, AC/DC

  • pilosopo4

    :-)..run out of words to say.

  • boybakal

    A wake-up call for Chiz Escudero….by Tulfo.

    Isn’t it Heart the Wake Up call for Chiz.
    At his age 46 and drunkard, for sure his Junior is always asleep.

    Whenever Chiz sees Heart, there is a wake up call under, always ready to fight.
    And why not…Heart is a natural Viagra.

  • BCon

    Is the gossip true that Chiz is one of FPJ’s drinkling buddy, and he was with him when he suffered that fatal stroke? Just asking.

  • buttones

    We as Filipino are not used to alcohol, something in our genes, like North American Indians and so many groups of peoples so when we have one too many we simply lose control, it is not part of our culture, people like Escudero, despite wishing to appear sophisticated in being able to drink like a ’white man’- simply lacks the genes, and ends up a fool…

  • Pologs

    Mon Tulfo this is not a case that expect you to champion, find something of more significance and help someone who really needs your assistance. This is low, low, low for you. May ratings rin ba ang mga columnist? The more readers, the better pay or more perks? If that were the case, then I’d understand why you chose to use your square inch for this topic.

  • boybakal

    Escudero is not alone….He is in the company of these Famous Alcoholics:

    1. Ulysses S. Grant. 18th president of the United States (1869-1877). His
    drinking seems to have been brought on by boredom.

    2.Edgar Allen Poe, He published much of his now-famous literature in between bouts of drinking.

    3. Joseph Stalin. The son of an alcoholic father. He was jealous and insecure, that he could either exile or execute those who he felt threatened

    4. Alexander the Great – The famed tactioner and military genius was also one of the first publicly acknowledged alcoholics

    5. Earnest Hemingway – The great author who was the master of the short,
    punchy sentence and the macho life was a self-professed alcoholic.

    6. FPJ and Erap…two famous Filipino drinking buddies.

    The only regret of Chiz would be, Except for Erap…they all die young.

    • doncleo

      except for the two Filipino drinking buddies, these people achieved much in their own rights..comes now a lasenggero senator in the person of Chiz..what has he done much to say that he is outstanding or a true hope of the future? all he has shown is a trapo attitude of ” chamelionic” opportunism.

    • Noel

      I think among Chiz’s drinking buddies is Malacanang Executive Secretary Ochoa.

  • kentjohn

    yan anng problema nya kung malasing ddmapigilan ung sarili nya mhirap yan..paano kung mging presedente cya..dpat kung dumalaw ccya sa mgulang ni hearth ung d lasing ..mga chinese yn respect yan cla s mga magulang nila

  • Rio Legaspi

    I am following his career, honestly i am not totally sold-out with this guy. and with drinking habit if true, well take my advice because i am a drinker before. you better push your break totally or else accident will happen.

  • Pio Gante

    kung normal nga parang lorong dakdak ng dakdak eh di mas masahol pa dun kung nakatoma pa siya.

    kahit ganunpaman, walang duda na makakabalik siya sa senado dahil na rin sa mabulatik niyang pananalita.

  • TT Knew

    I have never read an article that is full of innuendos and insinuations until now. Strategically placed phrases such as “his perceived character flaws”, “Chiz’s alleged drunkenness and disrespectful attitude”, “He could be lying through his teeth”, etc. These are designed to sway readers to favor the Ongpaucos and the voters to abandon Escudero. Of course these are all hearsay. Mon Tulfo also glaringly ignored the fact that Heart Evangelista has denied all accusations towards her partner. I am not sure what this is but surely this is not journalism. A paid advertisement perhaps?

    • tarikan

      Didn’t Monn Tulfo says Chiz’s friends told him that when he (Chiz) drinks he drinks one glass too many?

    • Drillon Recto

      What can you expect from Mon Tulfo. Where do you think he gets his money to support his lifestyle, if not for paid bias.

  • Maldi2

    Chiz, bistado ka na. Sorry na lang sa iyo as you lost mine and my family’s trust on you!

  • $14523613

    i won’t vote for chiz just because he is an alcoholic but because his principle is pro trapo and he is pro marcos.

    • vin reyes

      pro marcos? ok lang u?

  • Dickory

    ung mga galit ke tulfo, bakit kayo nagbabasa pa ng column nia? ha? ha? eh di bilib din kayo…ay naku mga bopol hehehe

    • magcalasL


  • Hellomr

    Estrada was convicted of plunder and Chiz has been accuses of a wrong doing…. Who do you believe in is telling the truth….

  • mikerocky

    The Bible itself prescribes the requirement to honor thy father and mother. To go against the Holy Scriptures in the name of love is nothing new. It could only mean pure, unadulterated and absolute agony and persecution. The public can fully see its effects on the couple. It is never too late to be humble, accept our mistake and start all over. Its the right thing to do in this regard. Otherwise, face the bitter consequence.

  • Aida Ramos

    This column should be classified under entertainment where gossip abound. No sense to be considered important. Tulfo should start reviewing his personality and columns. Make sense!

  • A-bomb

    Sa binyag, ang ninong sumusumpa sa Diyos na susuportahan nya ang inaanak na parang tunay na ama. Lalo na’t pag nawala na ang ama. Kung inaanak nya si Chiz, ibig sabihin, binabali nya ang sumpa nya sa Diyos. Kung kaya nyang baliin ang sumpa sa Diyos, lalo na ang mga sumpa nya sa mahihirap.

    Erap, para sa mahirap. Ay mali. Erap, para sa kanyang pangarap gamit ang mahihirap. Yan ang ang tama!

  • May_Baxasfa

    cli-nick ko ang link dito, pero nung nakita ko kung sino writer, alam ko na na la kwentang basahin. numero unong AC-DC, bugbog sarado ng babae

  • KapampangangMangyan

    Sabihin mang totoo na alcoholic si Chiz, posible din kayang isa lang yun sa mga rason ng parents ni Heart at ang pinakang rason e dahil hindi Chinese si Chiz? :-|

  • JosephNess

    this issue is done and over with, the parties concerned are in silence now, why cause resurrecting this scandal…? put this to rest…move on…siguro naman, nahimasmasan na si chiz sa scandal na ito and he’s not commenting any further, why can’t you…???

    • punto_lang

      The absence of cake in the table…

  • samarutan

    Chiz Escudero, pagbigyan mo na si Mon Tulfo kung ano man ang kanyang hinihiling sa’yo. Sige ka, di ka tantanan nyan!

  • Marx Louis Wang

    Ha ha ha, parang kagaya mo rin Mang Tulfs. Mahilig sa show bis news at glitters ng entertainment world. Siguro akala ni Chiz tataas ang popularity niya. Pustahan tayo di na yan lalabas sa pagkasenado? Magkano pusta mo?

  • deadlyshooter

    ksp kasi tong kolum nya…nilalangaw as in bangaw… kya maiba naman, chizmizz para buminta naman…ayan, tingnan nyo, mabinta na…marami nang bangaw andito…hahahahahaha…

  • magcalasL

    Mahilig si Tulfo sa trapo…magsama kayo ni Gordon…baka malakas maglagay yun

  • watot

    Who cares abt his love life, who cares about these Ongpaucos? I care about who serves us!

  • http://pedestrianobserver.blogspot.com/ Political Jaywalker

    So it appears that the Ongpauco’s are telling the truth regarding Chiz reeking with alcohol and rightly so will of course show their displeasure. No parent would ever wish their daughter to be with someone who is uncouth and worse has a drinking problem. What is even worst is when Escudero shows his lousy upbringing by going public when he could have just talked to Heart’s parents to thresh out the problem.

    Someone ought to tell Chiz that it is scandalous and unmanly in Pinoy macho culture to engage in a public spat with of all people the parents of the women you love or was he just using heart thus he treats her parents like trash? But if Chiz can’t really help it and seems to enjoy the public spat he should take lessons on how to cry in public like what Kris & James Yap is doing, LOL.

  • $44843778

    For Chiz to tell the public he wasn’t disrespectful to Heart’s parents and not true he was drunk on those occasions speak volumes about this Senator. Why hold a presscon to disprove Heart’s parents “allegations”? Couldn’t he just make peace with the parents privately and apologized for his rudeness in the past? He should have taken Sen. Miriam’s advice to court Heart’s parents. Mrs. Villar is also right when she said that Sen. Chiz should also treat Heart’s family as his own.

    Does anyone know why his marriage was annulled? Anyways, it’s none of my business and anyone’s. BUT, character of a candidate should be taken into account when we vote.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    chiz burat-sahin, tapos isauli mo sa nanay

  • stealth ice

    gordon??? ur idol??? he is now with the men u despised most. the binays and the estradas. birds of same feathers flock together. so are u.

    • rlo

      Gordon is a survivalist. I admire him because he could be like Gibo. But I’ll never vote for him because he has no set political ideology. In fact…..except for the communists. No Filipino politicians have any political ideology.

  • Beguine

    Chiz gives senators a bad name, being a divorced man, a womanizer and above all, a drunkard.

    Don’t vote for this highly unqualified candidate, give him the boot and leave him to his
    womanizing and drinking sprees and bad bad hangovers.

  • http://twitter.com/absurdword Jose Mateo S. Boza

    *Saw the article’s title, clicked hoping for in-depth political analysis. Saw it was written by Tulfo, skipped the article and wrote this comment before leaving in a huff.

  • JV Velarde

    I’m no die-hard fan of Escudero but Tulfo seems to be enjoying free lunches at Barrio Fiesta these days.

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    Buti nalang ay di “Bahal na Tuba”… ang naamoy nila…ha ha ha !

  • Primer C. Pagunuran

    How skillfully they can manipulate the television as a medium, the best is the way their image is projected. In reality, it is far from the truth.

  • Billy Moreno

    marunong din magbayad sa press ang mga Ongpauco. So what if they have Chinese blood?

    • $2931613

      duh? what would the Ongpaucos stand to gain from this? Kandidato ba sila for Sernator?

      • Billy Moreno

        dati kasi laki ng binibigay ni Heart sa mga mga magulang niya. Eh ngayon malaki na binibigay niya sa kampanya ni Chiz kaya manger’s fee na lang gets ng mama nya! gets muh?

  • boybakal

    This is too much.
    Too many bombardments on Chiz. Like carpet bombing with stink bombs.
    All trash and sink has been thrown to this man.

    Too much assault on his personality.
    A normal person cannot take this….Para makalimutan ang problemang ito.
    My advice to Chiz is Drink and Drink.
    Dapat lambanog na para malakas ang tama.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Naubusan na ng buladas si Kenkoy Escudero kaya pinasok ang showbiz trash talk to stay in the limelight. This is all for show and publicity.

  • boybakal

    Para makalimutan ni Escudero tong mga problemang ito…..
    Dapat uminon siya….yon matapang matapang.
    Sioktong or Gin bulag. At least patrnonize your own pa.

  • boybakal

    For the sake of Love, Chiz love for Heart, undying love, endless love…
    Chiz should quit politics….to save their love.

  • lex

    Karma? totoo yan! kaya nga nakarma na ang TULFO BROTHERS kasi mayayabang, tsismoso pa, walang kadala dala

  • lex

    Karma ? totoo yan, kaya nga nakarma na ang mga TULFO BROTHERS kasi mayayabang at tsismoso. Walang kadala dala. Kung sabagay, sanay na itong masapak!

  • Pio Pusli

    “…..he curses like a stevedore and he doesn’t seem to know what he’s doing,”

    stevedore? huh? better be a stevedore than a prostitute and low class police reporter moonlighting as a movie gossip columnist, di ba lolo mon? rambolan with movie stars, making gossips with movie stars, i wonder what’s next in your movie career tatang?

  • $14334231

    write something about raymart and claudine….let me see you do it…..or are you AFRAID you will get smacked again?…..you are neither a journalist nor a gossip columnist….you are nothing but what people call…BAYARAN!!!!…..you’re already known as a person with a thirst for money…your motto had always been:..MONEY TALKS; B#@LSH!T WALKS…in your face, you piece of sh*t!!!…

  • rlo

    Drugs is a dangerous thing.

  • anu12345

    I wasn’t there BUT only a moron will show that arrogance (being drunk,etc) in front of the girlfriend’s parents. Would anyone of you dare do that?

  • SMEjhong

    Fvck!n Election Time!..full of sh!t…INQ please post something worth reading (an article that we can read from top to bottom) – not like this! where in we will just jump in to the comments section and show our repine and yawp.. -

  • batangsulpok

    Yun pala ay naniniwala ka sa karma, di siguradong ang nangyaring pagbugbog saiyo ni Claudine ay karma dahil sobra ang yabang mo?

  • TT Knew

    5 columns devoted to a subject that has no redeeming social value makes you wonder what’s the motive of the so called journalist. Money is quite obvious since the writer is favouring the rich and moneyed, the Ongpaucos. In this column he added more paying clients, paying either cash or for future political favours. Their names were place in a subtle manner. Look at the very last sentence to find their names.

  • alienpatriot

    What exactly was newsworhy here? Chiz MAY drink too much. You need evidence before you can make statements like that. This is just political trash-talk. Ramon is just trying to sabotage Chiz’s campaign. That is all.
    There is a lot of reason to believe that Heart’s parents are the ones with a problem. They can’t accept the choices of their adult daughter. It is nice if the parents respect their daughter enough for them to behave reasonably and it is nice when the prospective son-in-law respects his future parents-in-law enough to treat them well.
    I can’t say for sure in the latter case (although Chiz is not making any negative comment on the behaviour of the Ongpaucos which shows a lot of restraint on his part). On the former case, however, the evidence is clearer.
    Heart is 28, not 16. She can make her own decisions. The fact that Heart is choosing Chiz over her parents might say more about her parents. Maybe if they learn to behave like adults the problem can be resolved.

  • m1600

    Punta kayo sa Sorsogon wala man lang nagagawa si Chiz Escudero ni hindi na ata umuuwi yan jan inuuna pa yung pambababae kaysa sa mga constituent niya kaya yung mga NPA nagsasamantala sa kahirapan ng mga taga sorsogon . Umuwikanaman jan nEscudero tignan mo ang tunay na kalagayan ng Bayan mo.

  • boybakal

    A WAKE UP call for Chiz Escudero….This mean Escudero is always sleeping and drunk…he needs Heart to wake him up.

  • Guest

    alam ko wine lang iniinom niyan..at maingay..Datipa yan maski nung spice boys pa ang tropa kasama niya..In fact nakilala niya si tintin sa heritage ata kasi lobby singer un…Lasing nga daw that time si chiz..Pero nagkatuluyan pa din sila

  • Paking

    Babaero at Lasenggo? Di ba normal na character ito ng mga politiko natin? Kung ganito si Chiz, dahil ganyan silang lahat! Mas magaling lang magtago yong iba. Hangga’t ang pagpili nang kandidato sa ano mang puwesto ay walang mahigpit na batayan, halimbawa, mataas na moralidad, may pinag-aralan, matalino, magaling sa management, atbpa, laging pu-puwesto ang mga babaero, lasenggo at madalas, magnanakaw sa kaban nang bayan. Kasi nga, maski sinong walanghiya puwedeng kumandidato basta malakas sa partido.

  • Lauro

    “….Escudero said the wake-call tells him to put more work in his reelection bid, and not in his perceived character flaws …” PERCEIVED???? TALAGA??? While in the past, puro pogi points lang ang ginagawa mo when facing the camera at yan lang nakikita ng mga tao … ibahin mo ngayon!!!!!

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Mon magkano ang monthly fee mo sa parents ni Heart at magkano naman ang gusto mong monthly na bibigay ni Chiz para tigilan mo na siya?

  • Noel

    Chiz doesn’t want to wake up. He’s always sleeping with Heart.

  • alberto santiago

    Marami namang government official o kahit hindi ang akala mo napakabait sa public, pero pagdating sa bahay in private duon mo makikita ang tunayna pagkatao. Madaling itago ang ugali at kaya mo lang malalaman ay pag nakasama mo nang matagal.

  • boybakal

    If Jesus Christ has risen from the dead …Resurrection.
    Chiz Escudero, needs to rise too from his asleep after bouts of drinking….Wake up call.

  • wocatan

    sabi ni tulfo ” may government official na nagsabi na lasengo si Sen. Escodero pero hindi nya e disclose ang pangalan ng government official na yan”. Mukhang gawa-gawa lamang ni tulfo eto para lang sirain si escudero….

  • koaks2

    palahubog ka escudero

  • http://twitter.com/philcadan Toriks

    He was in Cebu one time to attend the birthday of Congressman Tommy Osmena where he was invited. He had too much to drink that and became arrogant and started hurdling insults to all the City Councilors who happen to be around. He only showed his true color as Dr. Jeckle and Mr Hyde.

    • doncleo

      double personality pala o kaya ay dalawa kasarian o kaya ay AC/DC…bwah ha ha!!!

  • kelly

    ito ang magandang basehan natin sa isang tao…
    ang mga MAGULANG ang siyang bahagi ng isang pamilya sila ang Haligi at Buhay.
    ang pananaw nila kay Chez ay isang maling Ehemplo para kanilang anak.

    yan ang TOTOO dahil kung naging mabuting tao at may respeto siya sa magulang ni Heart sigurado hindi magiging issue si mr. Escudero sa madla o taong bayan.

  • Drillon Recto

    Really? Mrs. Cynthia Villar said something to that effect, humility? Mon Tulfo, pakibusisi mo nga kung pano tratuhin ni Mrs. Villar mga tauhan nya? Umpisahan mo sa bahay nila sa BF Resort Las Piñas.

    • doncleo

      kung ang tingin nga sa mga nurses magiging katulong lang e di ang tingin nyan sa kasambahay ay mga alipin.

  • pilosopo4

    Now That’s Entertainment! Commercial muna…;-)

  • bebang

    First clue that this is propaganda….using the word “plunge” to describe drop in rating from 2nd to…..wait for it……4th (even if news states the position is 3rd to 4th, as he shares the spot with another).

  • boybakal

    A wake-up call for Chiz Escudero….

    Gaya nga ng kasabihan….Gisingin muna ang tulog wag lang ang lasing.
    Dahil ang lasing….talagang lasing kahit gumising.
    It means….wake up call for Chiz is useless.

  • prince_janus

    He doesn’t deserve to be a Senator of this republic.

  • May_Baxasfa

    there are just too many negative comments here about mon tulfo. why don’t people just give credit where credit is due and give people what they deserve? like mon: let him get the envelopes he’s been working for all his life, and let more women come and beat him black and blue–just enough to make him cry and crawl to the aid of his sisters

  • penoy2012

    ‘uang love team ni Chiz-Heart, gamitan lang ‘yan. Parang love team ni Penoy-Lacireda.

  • divictes

    “…to quit the bottle…” Sound advice! Now let’s drink to that…!

  • ynigooctaviano

    That is the reason why his former wife left him. He comes home to his family everyday in the wee hours of the morning drunk. He used to be the drinking buddy of the Estrada’s. Going out with different women even when he was married. Chiz Escudero is just using Heart Evangelista to show that he is a “macho”. Pathetic. You easily see it by his demeanors.

  • doublecross

    why wake-up call kung yon chix is patusok, eh kung patusok, tusokin na lang.

  • whyinthisworld

    I don’t consider myself as one vote for chiz. Maybe he is a good senator but not as president which seems to be competing with john lloyd, piolo pascual and coco martin on tv’s screen contrary to what the past senators like tolentino, salonga, antonino and more, to portray as respectable legislature. I see loreen legarda as a good actress so far away to compare with late senators san andress and madrigal gonzales. On LP line up, I choose 7 or 8 only, the rest from independent candidates. At this point in time, I suggest to let us select the best whom we think can bring new hope to our political life.

  • sanjuan683

    Di ko iboboto si Cheat, nauuna ang daldal na di naman totoo. Kaya pala usapan lasenggo. hehehehehehe

  • sanjuan683

    Pihikan sa manunugahin napili tuloy ng anak eh lasenggero pa. hehehehehe

  • igmat

    Maybe you have a personal vendetta against Chiz that’s why this story run more than a week already or else you are drunk too the running same story over and over again.

  • Guest

    Anak ng pusa, ahead pa si Trillanes kay Gringo samantalang hamak na mas
    productive sa Senado si Gringo sa kanya.

  • boybakal

    What….tapos na ang Mahal na Araw.
    Nabuhay na at umakyat sa Langit si Jesus….si Chiz tulog pa rin.
    Mahirap gisingin yan lasing na nagtutulog tulugan dahil Batugan.
    Enough of that Wake Up Call…useless.

  • Cue_Vas

    If alcoholism and bad manners ruin political careers, Erap would not have become president.
    For that, we have to thank the incredibly intelligent Filipino voters.

  • RobertVelez

    Lumalabas na ang baho ni Escudero,wag nang iboto yan! pqanay lang naman ang pagpapacute sa camera nyan e

  • karunungan32

    Chiz lasenggero kya pla walang ngagawa.sayang lang aNG binanayad namin sayo.pwe!

  • gigi2312

    hindi natin kailangan ang katulad nya sa senado,kaya hindi tayo umuunlad e

  • petr101


  • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

    They gripe that the senator is always drunk whenever he talks to them, a no-no for a conservative family with Chinese roots.

    Chinese, yes. But their “conservatism”, their deep regard for respect and tradition, should be compared to Catholicism, not Chinese.


    Mon Tulfo how much?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    Chiz Escudero is just so cheeezy….he sucks

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