Singson admits ‘stigma,’ vows DPWH will do better



Public Works and Highways Secretary Rogelio Singson. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—While admitting that the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) was handicapped by “negative perceptions and the stigma of being one of the most corrupt government agencies,” Secretary Rogelio Singson nevertheless stressed the DPWH was “slowly gaining ground in its paradigm shift to elevate the essence of public service.”

In a 31-page performance report, Singson said that “as a government agency, the DPWH through the years has been confronted with this problem,” among other challenges it faces in fulfilling its mandate of providing and managing quality infrastructure nationwide.

In the March 19 report, a copy of which was furnished the INQUIRER, Singson said “the key players to mitigate this problem are its [DPWH] personnel, the doers and decision makers with shared power to accomplish the department’s mandate.”

“Year in and year out, the DPWH has taken bold steps to address this major concern. It took it upon itself to seek ways and means to level up its positive integrity perception among its clientele,” he said.

Singson said that “consistent with President Aquino’s social contract with the Filipino people, the DPWH continuously implements better quality, adequate, safe and cost-effective infrastructure facilities and services that would ensure the attainment of inclusive growth and the reduction of poverty.”

He noted that “in 2012, the country posted robust economic growth as a result of the government’s commitment to good governance and accountability reforms, and increased public spending in infrastructure and social services through transparent, participatory and accountable management of public funds.”

“With our prudent utilization of taxpayer money as well as improved procurement processes and open, transparent, competitive bidding as of Dec. 31, we were able to save over P12 billion which can be utilized for other priority development projects,” he reported.

“We have done much with so limited personnel,” he said, stressing that the department was “slowly gaining ground in its paradigm shift to elevate the essence of public service that is doing the right project at the right cost, right quality, and accomplished on time by the right people.”

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  • dummier

    Congratulations, keep up the good work.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Sir Singson, let me just correct you. Your dept is not just suffering from stigma, it is really doing damage to public arteries and thoroughfares. You dig when the road is perfectly ok. You leave excavations unattended. You lay asphalt when road is perfectly ok. Sa Legarda, Avenida Rizal, Blumentritt, Banawe, Del Monte Ave, E Rodriguez may unfinished projects. Sa Congressional Avenue extension may aspalto na hindi naman kailangan. Sa Commonwealth, may mga excavations na unattended. Yung Commonwealth-Tandang Sora flyover more than 1 year nang ayos pero hindi pa binubuksan.

    Sir Singson, you must be in denial when you downplay the problem in DPWH as mere stigma. Why don’t you resign if you can’t handle the job? Sobrang laki ba ng kickbacks at nanghihinayang ka na umalis?

    • pilosopong_tasyo

      I can honestly say that Sec. Singson is one of the better if not the best DPWH secretary we had for a long time. And no, I’m not from DPWH. He’s not much of a PR man kaya people rarely hear his accomplishments but if you were really privy to it then you’d probably thank him to high heavens. I believe not all roads naman ay under the purview of the DPWH secretary, andyan pa po din naman ang mga LGUs which i believe ang may moronic idea na “mag-ayos” ng mga “sirang” kalsada.

      • prolificity

        This I agree. Look at the reports and reviews filed by the agency. The department even has savings, fer cryin out loud! A civil works agency with a budget surplus! o_O

        pilosopong_tasyo got it right: DPWH only has responsibility for national
        highways, arteries, and roads only. LGUs ang sa local. So before
        blaming and cursing, bite your tongue and know first who really is at

        And for the sake of other commenters here, the reason DPWH reblocks [national] roads is because either the foundation is really substandard (owing to poor shoddy work done previous years and only discovered even after Singson’s regime had reblocked those) or the road is really being used beyond its rated load and capacity. Mr. Singson wanted to rehab EDSA precisely because of this; several sections of the road cannot sustain anymore the sheer volume and load we are putting, kaya kahit gaano karaming reblocking, the concrete eventually starts to weaken and fail (e.g. underpasses, which also suffer from flooding) Our weather also worsens and hastens the demise of the road. The man wants a heavier duty foundation and load rating for EDSA for it to have a longer service time before starting to fail.

        The same thing is happening in some stretches of C5. The SB stretch of C5 in front of Eastwood and near Kalayaan/Bagong Ilog has been reblocked last 2011, and now, the concrete/blacktop is already giving way once more. This is a road that sees stop-and-go, overloaded heavy-axled container vans and dump trucks on a daily basis. If you subject that kind of use with our weather, even the toughest roads will crumble easily.

        The solution will take time, and admire Mr. Singson for quietly doing his work well and sticking his neck out in favor of unpopular measures.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Aber, ayusin muna niya ang mga nabanggit before I join you to say that he is one of the better. Otherwise, useless ang pagtanggol mo sa kanya.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Exactly! How long he’s been in DPWH? In non-government corporation, six months and the bottom line don’t improve, you better clean out your desk.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        accomplishments? have you read Weder-Weder Lang’s post? He has specified questionable DPWH projects.

        He has flex that whip. If he’s not a PR man, people can see. Isn’t it very obvious when a vehicle hit a pothole and passengers bounce around and hit their head on the roof?

    • lolo_Jose

      kilala na kita…matagal tagal din bago kita nakilala…

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        sa wakas, kinilala mo na rin ang iyong konsyensya.

      • lolo_Jose

        ang tutuo apo ikaw ang ”devil in disguise” sa mga komento dito sa PDI..lahat ata ng artikulo mapa artista, politika, business ay may komento ka…walang naging tama sa mga hakbang o desisyon ng kasalukuyang administrasyon lahat na lang ay kulang o hindi tama sa iyo..magkano ba ang bayad sa iyo ng mga maiitim na maligno?

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        your conscience is haunting you.

      • lolo_Jose

        i can say with all honesty that my conscience is clear, perhaps yours is totally black because of hatred and bitternes? hatred is like a poison that destroy the vessel, so let it go…

    • regd

      Ewan ko kung saang banda sa Avenida Rizal ang pinagsasabi mo na hinde tapos? Baka yung Blumentritt patungong Antipolo?

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Sa Kalookan.

      • raptor_d_lonewolf

        kung sa kalokohan…………..este sa kalookan pala..under ito ng caloocan LGU. at nd sa dpwh.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Hindi parekoy, may signage pa ng DPWH nakapaskil eh.

    • KurakotNaPinoy

      national road? lgu ata may hawak nang mga yan. sa municipio ang kalampagan.

  • lotussutra

    good concrete road are bein destroyed in the guise of reblockin.and wasteful asphalt overlay bein applied to most major road that is in good condition lately like in e.rod/morato/new mla ,who’s peabrained idea was it comin?while road need fixin are unattended like in c3 w/c are full of potholes,is a nightmare for motorist,dont know if that is not corruption?,your institution is hopelesss sir.common sense dictate,road dat is dilapidated shld be your priority.

    • Nimrod Suaez

      Yeah…newly asphalted roads re-asphalted…….

    • Yxon

      i remember this episodes coming near the time of the last election time in 2010 in davao city 3rd district. some crack roads were definitely deserving to be repaired, but there are lots of stretches of good roads which were destroyed also. this had made a lot of travel inconvenience. also nearing to election ( a week before the ban)one spur road was erected with a sign for construction but was not constructed even after months after election. this was yet not finished.
      luckily the sister of the already-good-for-three-term congressman was elected to be the district’s congressman even when she obviously had spent time in the district only for the purpose of election.

  • neo

    Dear Mr. Secretary, I would suggest that you study the roads in South Cotabato because they were built in the 70s and still look so new. In Davao Del Sur, highways built do not last longer than 2 years.


      these roads were built in the 70’s by philrock.

    • Nimrod Suaez

      Yeah by koren and australian contructors……

      • mxsclxmxn

        correct correct…Han-Il Korean…very good! going more than 30 years, yet those asphalt roads are still in good condition in the provinces. these were built late 70’s and early 80’s. Big buses and trucks ply those roads yet they re still okay.

        Here, after 2 years, you got dimples on the asphalt road!

        What kind of civil engineering this DPWH has?

      • mxsclxmxn

        …somebody just made big BUCKS from sub-standard roads! tinipid ata para kumita!

    • regd

      Takot siguro mga tao magdaan dun baka ma-ampatuan ka pa hehehe kaya medyo pristine pa rin ang daan.

  • kismaytami

    mr. singson, you’ve been managing the country’s infrastructures since the last administration. But the taxpayers keep on seeing substandard road works and never-ending every now and then substandard repairs and diggings. If you cannot do the job right, you should RESIGN from your position. What safety and quality are you talking about? Have you been to the roads lately?

    • Nimrod Suaez

      Yeah go to korea and learn roadbuilding from them…..

    • Sandy Bulet

      National road lang po ang hawak ng DPWH, ang ibang roads naka assign sa LGU’s, dapat maitransfer eto sa DPWH para isa na lang ang ating sinisisi at dinedemenda pag may mga ganitong substandard na imprastraktura.

  • Atawid

    I emailed DPWH through their “Contact Us” facility in their website to raise my concerns on the substandard asphalt overlay here in Antipolo and the “ampaw” road widening in almost all projects. I feel that the so called asphalt overlays na parang kabote ngayon is just to cover up the substandard projects and after these are covered and cracks are seen, these will be “reblocked” to erase all evidences. This is the main reason why Mr. Juan cannot feel the rosy economic figures because the money are just circulating in the hands of government officials, senators, congressmen, mayors, contractors, etc. I think the citizen should no longer pay taxes if there are substandard projects. Speaking of substandard projects, a warranty provision for defects of projects is embodied in all government projects, I challenged Sec Singson to post those involved, contractors, COA inspectors, project engineers so the public may know if his allegations of good governance is true.

    On DPWH email, after numerous emails, nobody from DPWH has bothered to reply kahit kunswelo de bobo man lang. People’s money are spent in the maintenance of their website. Baka puro lang “Plants & zombies” ang inatupag

    • mxsclxmxn

      nag email ka pa? hahaha. expect the worst na lang! sabihin pa nila that they are not into email. they are into roads! hahaha!

      call mo na lang mga yan! wala kwenta mga tao dyn…trabaho sub-standard! kasi pati tao dyn sub-standard din!

  • Horst Manure

    Like the legal system the department has long road ahead to get any thing near efficient and operational.

  • Jeanne Thompson

    Keep up the good work! Hopefully lahat ng national highways at provincial roads ay mag asphalt overlay. Ang sarap mag byahe kapag smooth ang kalsada.

  • marienkind

    For as long as roads keep on getting fixed just before the election, there will always be that stigma.

    • UPnnGrd

      ha ha ha ha ha….

    • prolificity

      Blame your mayor, councilors, or congressman, especially if its a local road.


    still doing the same through the effort of our corrupt congressman using the pork barrel or the peoples money….Mr. Singson pleased check construction cost of project trough the effort of our congressman, (covered court coast 2m – if DPWH becomes 4m.)

  • divictes

    Matuwid nga yung daan puro naman excavation.



  • unokritiko

    DPWH can not be change by a mere good media milage!! It has to do with its personnel from inside. If only this DPWH engineers will stop their thinking as lawyers which is not a technical in nature, then it will results to good quality of service.
    I think its time to purge this office of scalawags pretending to be an engineers specially those nepotism personnel whose main job is to rake money from the govt, only then it can serve the people better.

  • 12JEM


    Wala lang masyadong ingay pero ang laki ng savings dahil sa reduction of graft and corruption sa kanyang department.

    Go to the provinces to see what is happening. And see what has happened to corrupt contractors.

    Pati bilihan ng mga pang-regalo ng mga contractors for govt enginners…patay na.

    • Nimrod Suaez


    • prolificity

      I agree. The man has security threats already, because of this reason alone. Contractors who prospered under the previous GMA regime with their questionable business practices had a hard time with Singson.

    • Ari Putan

      Really? Aren’t you dreaming?

    • jay dee

      AGREE 100% !!!!!!!!

    • kismaytami

      Kaya pala maya’t-maya ang bakbak, kalkal at reblocking projects, sa laki ba naman ng savings!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    hahanap at hahanap ng loop hole ang mga tiwali na taga dpwh at mga contractors……..pera pera lang…….

  • Ari Putan

    We all know that contractors building gov’t projects are politically accommodated without enough experience in construction. Usually they are “bata-bata” of Tonggressmen or Senatongs.

    Mostly, the national roads in provinces don’t have super-elevation at curves. It is so dangerous especially if the curve has high gradient and you are driving downhill. As many accidents occurred due to such faulty construction, local government just put up big signboards with warnings such as, “ACCIDENT PRONE AREA or MARIIT or haunted”, with pictures of politicians smiling…. really idiotic, as their faces appear like witches or ghosts in such dangerous areas. What an EPAL to the max!

    Knowing that DPWH has no adequate laboratory equipment in provinces for material testings and the contractors don’t have enough knowledge of such important quality control procedures, then we wonder how the inspection reports are done. We can assume that the data are just fabricated depending on how much bribe money the engineers received.

    What we noticed in our infra is those that were constructed by multi-national contractors are far better than those built by the contractors of Tongressmen and Senatongs. If we want a world class infrastructure, we better get the Japanese or Koreans builders…an irony because thousands of Filipino engineers are highly capable of such job.

    In order for DPWH to get rid of the stigma, better for singson to clean his department of corrupt and inefficient engineers to end the culture of bribe and corruption that existed.for generations and deeply rooted in the system.


  • Sandy Bulet

    Pero sana naman makita din naming nakakulong ang mga abusadong contractor at tauhan ng DPWH na gumagawa ng mga hindi dekalidad na imprastraktura, at sana lang wag na ring ibigay sa mga LGU ang pagpapagawa ng mga local roads, dapat ihandle ng DPWH para naman tong mga tiwaling opisyal sa LGU’s eh mabawasan ang kinukurakot.

  • boymanok

    may paradigm shift pang nalalaman itong si singson…hanggat pilipino ang mga opisyal at kawani sa DPWH, manatiling corrupt ang departamentong yan

  • $14334231

    sumama ako sa pamngkin kong taga bikol….ang daming lubak- sa andaya hi-way..sabi ng pamangkin ko…tito…tingan n;yo…..pagdating mo sa probinsya ng camarines sur, tiyak aalog-alog ang katawan mo……pagpasok natin sa labay, pwede ka na uling matulog dahil maganda ang hi-way…..di ba hawak ni tonggressman villafuerte ang 1st district?…bakit di mayos-ayos ang mga daan?…hay naku….gurang na sa pulitika di pa kuntento sa nakurakot nung panahon ni angkoy…buti sana kung madadala n’ya sa impyerno ang perang nakurakot….hay naku…..mabuti pa siguro kung si leni robredo ay kumandidato na lang ng gobernador….baka sakaling gumanda ang buong camarines sur….ngayon, parehong demonyong villafuerte ang kandidato para gobernador….kawawang mga taga cam sur….walang mapagpipilian….parehong kurap……

  • marienkind

    The sad thing you can observe in the comments is that people are angry at DPWH and yet they sound like they don’t really know what DPWH’s responsibilities are. Irresponsible citizens breed the kind of government we have. It’s our responsibility to know what a dept’s roles are and it’s their responsibility to do it well. If we don’t know what their roles are, how can we say they’re doing it right?

  • boybakal

    We don’t need those negative perceptions….we need roads and bridges.
    Kasama yan sa trabaho ng DPWH.
    Mag isip na sila ng masama basta maraming nagagawa.
    DPWH is…..not PR dept, it is Public Works.

  • Atawid

    Isang katanungan na pat saluting ng DPWH – bakit sa road widening Hindi na I relocate ang mga poste kaya ma traffic pa rin dahil Di magamit ang pinalaparang kalsada kasi nasa gitna pa ang mga poste. Ang makinabang lang ay ang ga vulcanizing at repair shops at minsan naging terminal pa yung bagong kalsada

  • axe musk

    Sec. Singson, you may want to investigate your employees (specifically Supply Officer/s) in the C.A.R. as they were concealing their stolen gov’t. fund ala Ex-CJ Corona style of diverting their stolen wealth… They sent abroad either to their son-in laws or sons and daughters even for a low paying job (e.g. salary of Php15,000/month) then in a few months time, they have to purchase/build properties under their son/daughter/son-in-laws name to make it appear it was from their earnings as OFWs…..Your administration and P_Noy is leading Tuwid na Daan” but there alot of crooks in your dept…

  • siegfeil

    pa humble effect ang result ganoon din pera pera para sa ‘for the boys’ sa dpwh …..hehehe. contractor din ako hoy…..malalaman ba nang publiko kung class A,B,C ang cementong ginamit….

  • jay dee


  • regd

    Sa apelyido nyo palang ho ‘STIGMA’ na! Ang masagwa dyan baka mamya ang magandang gawain nyo po mapunta sa demonyong si Chavit.

  • wakats

    Corruption in DPWH is similar to BIR, LTO and BOC where grease money is the name of the game. No easy money means the papers move like a turtle, sometimes not at all.

    If Singson, and others, are sincere in cleansing their offices of the highly-contagious stigma, they should, among others, assign an honest and energetic OFFICER-OF-THE-DAY whose duty is focused only on the smooth movement of papers until approved….

    • Cobra

      Natumbok mo pare,yong mga nag co comment na wala ng corruption sa Pinas are living in lala land,Example sa DPWH two good bridges on the Olongapo-Gapan road were demolished to build new ones,six months later nakatiwangwang pa rin halos walang nagtatrabaho yong naglalagay ng tambak sinasako ang buhangin mano mano pati pagbubuhat kung saan itatambak.Talagang aabutin ng kanas kanas bago matapos.Sa BIR,LTO,BOC ang lalaki ng sign bawal ang fixer pero subukan mong may business dealing ka at dumaan sa tamang process nila aabutin ka ng indulto,para madali ka may mga “assistant” sila na handang tumulong.gets niyo?so much for matuwid na daan.

  • sasama

    Sec., you mean stigma-ta? yeah, the people are bleeding to death bec of DPWH corruption….

  • disqusted0fu

    All these sweet nothings from Singson doesn’t erase the fact that DPWH is indeed one of the most corrupt government agencies especially under the Aquino administration. All administration allies have the liberty in doing whatever they want because they have the luxury of protection from the President. And given all the opportunities in the DPWH, Singson must be having the time of his life!

  • Ari Putan

    Just to share a Good definition of Quality
    “A gentleman was once visiting a work place under construction.
    In the premises, he saw a sculptor making an idol.
    Suddenly he saw,just a few meters away, another identical idol was lying.
    He was surprised and asked the sculptor, do you need two statutes of the same idol.
    No said the sculptor. We need only one, but the first one got damaged at the last stage.
    The gentleman examined the statue. No apparent damage was visible. Where is the damage? the gentleman asked.
    There is a scratch on the nose of the idol.
    Where are you going to keep the idol?
    The sculptor replied that it will be installed on a pillar of 20 feet high.
    When the idol will be 20 feet away from the eyes of the beholder, who is going to know that there is scratch on the nose? The gentleman asked.
    The sculptor looked at the gentleman, smiled and said, ‘ I know it ‘.
    The desire to excel should be exclusive of the fact whether someone appreciates it or not.
    Quality is a drive from Inside not Outside!”

  • david

    DPWH- Department of Public Wreckage and Havoc

  • david

    DPWH – Departamento ng Paninirang Walang Habas

  • JasonBieber

    That stigma exists already but under the PNoy Administration the stigma that they are ineffective and inactive is also a credible depiction.

    Infra in the Philippines is non-existent. There are no new clear and concise projects on the table to be initiated by PNoy that would address the problems in PH Infra.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Do you do surprise visits to any DPWH projects or you give advanced warning so that your visiting party will have an extraordinary reception?

  • DonQuixoteDeRizal

    The secretary might not be aware of the saying: ‘Old habits never die’. Yan ang motto ng DPWH.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    So what have you done? blah blah blah blah….

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Mr. Singson hopefully you and your cronies read the posts about you and the real desperate people who have a first hand look on the state of the DPWH modus operandi.

    If you can erase that on the mind of the people, the next time you’re name is on the paper hopefully its all positive about you.

    Right now enjoy all the NEGATIVES about you.

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