Aquino: Mindanao residents will simply have to pay more for electricity


President Benigno Aquino III. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Millions of people in Mindanao, who have been grappling with power interruptions lasting for hours every day, must accept the reality of paying more for electricity or having none at all, President Benigno Aquino III said Tuesday.

The President said the government planned to tap diesel-powered generating plants to beef up the power supply in the region between now and 2015.

Aquino conceded that the mix of hydro and diesel would inevitably bring the power rates up.

“The power rates will go up in Mindanao because the choice is a higher power rate or no power. And many of those we’ve spoken to understood the necessity for higher rates, and they’re amenable to this, instead of no power at all,’’ he told reporters at a Pasay City bus terminal.

In the face of rotating brownouts in Mindanao, Energy Secretary Jericho Petilla has presented a plan to Malacañang that entails procuring “modular’’ diesel-powered plants as a “stop-gap measure’’ until 2015, when the coal-fired plants come on stream, the President said.

“These diesel power plants are seen as the quickest (to acquire); they can be set up as early as six months and the maximum is one year,’’ Aquino said.

The idea, he said, was for the government to help the distribution utilities to purchase the generating sets.

“By 2015, we expect the problem to largely go away. By that time we’ll have good surplus; that’s the time the power plants go on line,’’ he said. “About 300 megawatts of coal-fired power plants will come on line by 2015, and there will be more after that up to 2017.’’

Aquino again ruled out resorting to emergency powers to address the Mindanao power shortage, which has been aggravated by maintenance work on some power facilities.

For about a month now, Misamis Occidental, Lanao del Norte and Iligan City, among other areas, have been experiencing power interruptions lasting two to six hours up to two times a day.

The Misamis Occidental 2 Electric Cooperative Inc. said the outages were caused by deficiencies in the power supply from the Agus and Pulangi hydroelectricity generation plants, which are operated by the National Power Corp.

Mindanao has at present a power shortfall of 294 megawatts. The demand is at 1,157 MW while the actual supply is only 863 MW.

Officials and industry players have blamed the power failure on the lack of power infrastructure in the region.

The President assured Mindanao of adequate power supply during the May 13 national and local elections.

“There is an assurance that elections will not be affected. There will be power for all of these precincts so that they can transmit all of the results of the elections,’’ he said.

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  • padrefaura

    senator koko pimentel, the senator from mindanao. sang-ayon ka ba?

    • EmmanuelGomez

      Sen Pimentel. walang magawa yan..kay pnoy ..aligned yan..even the old pimentel..didnt do anything good for Mindanao. these senators are like the senators of Rome in old times. just love to talk politics. embrace people when elections. pag tapos na.. – sino ka ba?? di na kilala..

  • Mamang Pulis

    Good deals for Aboitiz & Therma Marine…The Nasipit power barge is on line but they stll have power outages in Gingoog and Butuan….how come?

    • dodong1

      maybe not enough or they are sending the power to other areas besides from gingoog and butuan

  • EmmanuelGomez

    like mother – like son.. same bullshit promises made to the people of Mindanao.

    • dodong1

      ano gusto mo libre lahat..

      • EmmanuelGomez

        pare.. we pay for electricity.. sino sabi ng libre. industry lang.. laki na ang laging brown out naman..

      • dodong1

        economics lang yan pre supply and demand…

      • EmmanuelGomez

        economics my as.. try living there. with those brown outs.

      • dodong1

        i have pare in Luzon when we had brownouts left and right for hours day in, day out, and even now there are occasional brownouts parin lalo na ngayon malapit nanaman ang summer….kaya no choice ka kundi suck it up…

      • EmmanuelGomez

        mali yan pre..i know Luzon has this as well. like nueva ecija..coz i stay there ..but i wont agree to just suck it up.. we are paying taxes .. yet they give money ( billions) to the poor for what??

      • dodong1

        kaya nga sinabi ko sa iyo na even now we still have occasional brownouts dito sa luzon, well if you can come up with a solution please let me know when it happens sana in the near future para ma reduce ang mga stress ng mga tao, lalo na dyan sa Mindanao…peace

      • dodong1

        i can feel your frustration pero wala tayong magawa dahil hawak nila tayo sa yagballs…kaya most likely we will shoulder (consumers) the price hike like abnoy Pnoy is saying here on this article

      • Mamang Pulis

        at yun ang masaklap na katotohanan.

        puede ba magmura dito? wag na lang nakaka sawa na…magalit.

      • dodong1

        maraming nagmumura dito subukan mo he he he, kaya lang kung minsan may tupak yung administrator at hindi pinapayagan i post yung comment mo…he he he he…goodluck

      • Eddwardd

        hindi nyo alam kung ano ang pinagsasabi nyo…

        walng libre sa mundong ito pero kung kuryente ang pag uusapan tau lng nmn ang pinakamahal na kuryente sa buong asia at isa sa mga top 3 na pinakamahal na kuryente sa buong mundo…

        revisit the IPP contracts signed during abnoy’s mother admin at ramos admin and see kung bakit mahal ang kuryente..khit d nagamit na supply ng kuryente ng IPP binabayaran pa rin natin…

      • Mamang Pulis

        at ano pa silbi ng EPIRA?

      • EmmanuelGomez


      • MNLFoodcritic

        Mindanaoans don’t need to pay for more electricity. The government just needs to fix the hydroelectric and geothermal plants in Mindanao. Fixing them would have far more MW supply for most of Mindanao needs. But why push for the coal and diesel-fired plants there when there’s an easier fix?

      • Mamang Pulis

        may lobbyist—to create more jobs sa pagtatayo ng mga planta—-at mas maraming kita ng naka upong oligarkiya mag bebenta ng mga yan….sweet business deals ‘dre…

  • EmmanuelGomez

    bakit diesel power plants? when we have lots of water for power generating ..bagyo pa nga.. doon

  • EmmanuelGomez

    with billions being paid to the poor.why not build a new Dam for the poor Mindanao! kaysa diesel engines.. gastos pa rin yan..import ng diesel.. maintenance..

    • Mamang Pulis

      meron na kasing surplus power barge sila aboitiz….yun lng yun.

      • Eddwardd


        welcome oligarchs federation ng mga Aquino-Cojuangco..hehehe

  • kilabot

    the same out-of-tune refrain.
    mindanao will return the favor come election time.

    • Mamang Pulis

      nakikita ko na–parang sila Akbar noon–dineliver ang buong basilan sa paa ni arroyo…pero sa galit ng mga ilang muslim sa gobyerno ngayun…malabo rin.

  • Mamang Pulis

    for the last 30 years, how come nobody bothered to do upgrades in Agus 1 and Pulangi? or there was—???naibulsa lang o sadyang gusto ibagsak?–effect ng EPIRA?

    Cagayan de Oro has a 1MW solar power plant at Indahag, and another small hydro plant—why cant we invest more on these ‘greener option?

    what’s the deal with Aboitiz power barge?

    • MNLFoodcritic

      EXACTLY!! There’s a much better solution – fix these hydroelectric plants for crying out loud! These plants and others can proved more than 1,200MW. But heck! Pnoy’s friends and buddies (Aboitizes) are far more important!

      • Count du Fount de Cakes

        Well, anything man-made can be fixed. Problem is that rainfall is scarce during the summer season. And this rainfall provides the required water level of dams. So no rain means less water and less water means that your hydro power plant cannot generate enough electricity.

        If you’d be asking the government to fix the rain it would make more sense. But the government can never command nature. We are a nation of men it seems… unless we have gods among us. :)

      • ed_dAVAO

        I dont buy that reason, for how many months now rain in Mindanao was above normal but still brownouts continue especially in Zamboanga, Gensan Area. Even Mindanaoans were surprise why, The geothermal outputs on these areas are sufficient enough to satisfy their needs accdg to interviewed high officials.

      • Count du Fount de Cakes

        I’m actually just giving you a technical glimpse of what Hydro and solar power power plants are all about. Since you want an explanation why there are brownouts, you might want to read the next few paragraphs. And frankly, you should not trust those high officials statements, you should try to talk to technical people with the right knowledge about this stuff. You can try calling the nearest NGCP control center in your area and get the actual available power and the actual demand. That is if they entertain you at all.. hehehe.

        Ok so, let us say that all of the power plants in Mindanao generate at their full capacity and that total capacity at 100% efficiency is around 1200 MW. Now let us say Mindanao also consumes 1200MW. So theoretically, we do not have a problem. However, let us go back to reality where machines are actually less efficient. Normally we only get 85% efficiency and the 1200MW generation becomes only 1020 MW. Now Mindanao will now have a deficiency of 180 MW. Then suddenly, one power plant with a capacity of 125MW breaks down and will need repairs that will take 5-8 months. So your available power will now be down to 895MW. Then another 50 MW power plant declares that it needs to do maintenance for 1 month. That would further reduce the available power for Mindanao to around 845MW.

        Now if Mindanao consumes 1200MW and the available is only 845MW, that will be a big problem. If you try to power up all of the 1200MW with only the 845MW power supply, all the generating units will eventually break down due to overloading and cause a massive blackout. Well, imagine having no power supply for the whole Mindanao for about a year. To avoid this unfortunate event, NGCP is tasked to regulate the loads. To regulate the load, NGCP makes sure that the actual connected load will not exceed the 845MW. And that is what the rolling brown-out is all about. :)

        And by the way, a good power source means that your total available power should be at least 115% of the actual demand which is not currently the case. :)

      • Cool LahgotzMO

        Rainfall is scarce? kaka LPA lang few days back.. ulan ng ulan ..binaha na nga ang iilang areas sa mindanao. Ilang rainfall pa ba kelangan mo?

    • Count du Fount de Cakes

      err… Solar power is not actually that green. Currently, a solar power plant needs around 24281 square meters of land in order to generate 1 megawatt of electricity. If Mindanao needs around 300 megawatts, then it would require around 7. 3 million square meters of land. You can just imagine how many trees you will have to sacrifice for this endeavor. In addition, solar energy will require the use of lead-acid batteries to store electricity. Just imagine how many tons of “Lead”(chemical symbol Pb) that will equate. :)

      • Mamang Pulis

        and the expired batteries….everything has a downside.

        1 MW can still supply a sizable community, we are not aiming for a solar farm as you have envisioned

        i am aware of that…engineer …tnx:)

      • ed_dAVAO

        well its not necessary to”solarize” the whole of Mindanao, we have also the geothermal and hydro powers. I think if we harness these cheap available power sources, we can do it. We dont need coal powered plants.

    • wawa2172

      Well, pahirap si Aboitiz sa Mindanao. Kumita na ito during Cory Admin where he is the energy secretary. May conflict of interest dahil siya ang nag bibinta ang mga generators then. He is sold all his passenger ships to go back to electricity business. What happened to Agus plants? I guess kung Iligan, Lanao del Norte lang ang makikinabang sa Agus plant. Sorry but Noy will never experience brownout, high power ang bonbonan na lang.

  • EmmanuelGomez

    coal fired.. – same problem.. fossil po yan.. prices fluctuates pag malapit na maubos..

    paano mo i transform yan.. ? sabagay di mo na problem eto.. after three years.. leche flan.. lolz

  • Garote

    The solution of our knowledgeable President for the electricity problem is for Mindanao residents to pay more taxes . Brilliant idea! I never thought of that before. I believe PNoy’s solution for the problem of hunger in our country is — guess what — for the poor to eat less, Seems a superb idea also! How about unemployment? I venture to guess his solution would be . . . to find more work! Brilliant Again! His brain will be worth a lot if brain transplants are a medical success, because it would be like brand new — UNUSED.

    • go88

      Well the great Abnoy never had to pay for electricity, for food, or work for a living …. those question make no sense to him.

    • topolcats

      You expect comments like that from gay scum like Aquino!
      Why are you surprised?

    • Simplify1

      Kahit na umatungal ka ng umatungal dyan o maglumupasay ka pa sa kalye, Tama pa rin yang ginagawa ni PNoy.

      Surely, 70% of the population do not think as you do and in as much as you are so passionately against PNoy, you are definitely not part of the 24% who are not sure whether PNoy is doing well in his presidency. That makes you then part of the 6% of the population who thinks PNoy is not doing a good job….

  • EmmanuelGomez

    pnoy should experience brown outs sa malacanang ng 6 times a day. lets see kung effective pa sya sa work nya.

    • Mamang Pulis

      yan ang mahirap sa power outages–masisira ang tyempo ng trabaho–sira ang negosyo.

    • MNLFoodcritic

      Mgagagalit yun!! paano na yung pagdodota at PS2 niya??

      • Mamang Pulis

        dota? dre hindi na uso yan sa kanya…may drone na yan at sya nag papalipad :)).

  • MNLFoodcritic

    Pnoy does not want to fix the geothermal and hydroelectric plants in Mindanao (fixing them will give enough power to cover most of Mindanao’s needs for the next decade or so). BUT our beloved president doesn’t want to. Because of political and personal favors to businesses (sic. Aboitiz) who wants to build coal and diesel powered plants. Haay buhay!! And still these Yellow Zombies will still defend him. Haay!! And Mindanaoans will still vote for him and his party. Haay!!

    • Mamang Pulis

      balak nga nila magtayo ng coal fired power plant sa san ramon zamboanga del sur…

    • neo

      Hoy don’t blame Aboitiz because it is doing an excellent job in Davao City where there are no rotating brownouts. I am from Davao, taga saan ka ba?

  • Mamang Pulis

    ang masaklap na katotohanan—may precedent na ang ganitong pangyayari—

    sa california noon bago ma elect si terminator, mag ka kutsaba ang mga elec utilitiy at mga ilang negosyante na magkaroon ng power outages.

  • jack_bagbaga2011

    Mindanaoans: PNOY Team will simply have to suffer on May 13 elections.

    • Mamang Pulis

      kaya nga maraming brown out…same old same mold tactic.

      hightech na nga lang ang pag mamanipula ng dagdag bawas…

  • Mamang Pulis

    yun mga opisyal ng zamcelco nakikinabang sa pag bubulsa ng pondo—

    hindi na dapat yan binubuhay pa.

  • Boy

    This is outrageous! We do not even have employment opportunities in Mindanao and then we will be fined for the inefficiencies of this government. Bakit pinagbabayad ba namin kayo ng mahal sa MRT and LRT stations? Come on guys! F*ck this Manila government. Lahat ng development options nasa inyo na isali nyo na ang C5 road. Electricity is a basic need not only of MIndanaoans but of all the people. This is social injustice!

    • tadasolo

      Talk is cheap but you need money to invest in power. You can blame this president, the Alcantara and Aboitiz, the Lopezes and many more and is not going to change anything. In other words you are wasting your energy and anger without offering any solution.

      People are going to offer you medicines like wind and solar and hydro. These power sources are dependent on nature and are not as reliable as coal and gas. You need to build them as base units and used hydro for peak power.

      Instead of attacking the Aboitiz, the Alcantara and many more investors your politicians and leadership in Business should sit down with this people and they are the only ones who have the capital and experience to build units provided they get a good return on their investments. Otherwise you need to open up for foreign investments.

      The other item I would recommend is form a regional electric public commission for Mindanao only dedicated to fulfilling the needs of Mindanao power now and into the future doing the bidding and argument to the national government for your needs and make them accountable instead of relying from the national government. Allocate a certain percentage of your rate payment to this.

      Electing new leaders in politics is not going to change anything. Politicians do not have money people like you do and let the politicians know that let private initiatives take over. You have a dysfunctional government and you cannot rely on them. Used private companies

  • malek_abdul

    So ridiculous and absurd!!! Mindanao has so much resources for power generation. Why go for diesel when its not environment friendly. Mindanao is rich in water for Hydroelectric power generation and also has a lot of geothermal resources. Why not allot budget for these more Eco-friendly power generation resources rather than opting for more expensive diesel powered generators? I believe Aboitiz & Therma Marine if they are the ones supplying the diesel powered generating plants will use cheaper bunker fuels which emit more pollution.

  • kipbuts

    During the of Ramos Administration power problem has been addressed. In fact nanobra ang solusyon ni Ka Eddie to the point that consumers were required to pay something they never used-PPA. Inutile talaga ang planning ng gobyerno para sa kuryente.

  • leomar101

    Mga taga Mindanao, panahon na para tutolan ang sakim na plano ni aquino. He has simply no idea or walang pakialam sa mga taga mindanao na magdusa sa brownout at mahal na singil ng kuyente. Wala siyang pakialam kung ang economiya ay babagsak at ang mga tao ay walang trabaho. ang nasa isip niya ay bigyan ng favor si aboitiz at ibang mga donors noong last presidential election. ano ba ang ilang bilyon na gastusin para sa rehabilitasyon ng mga hydro electric plant? Kung ang kapalit niyan ay mababa ang singil ng kuryente at hindi mahirapan ang mga tao? Samantalang nag aksaya siya ng bilyon bilyon na CCT fund para sa mga tamad at parasites? At ilang bilyon na ipinalabas ni abad para pambili ng boto Tanggapin ang pera pero huwag po bigyan kahit isang boto ang mga ungas na yan. Give a zero vote to the Team Patay. Sila ang papatay sa mga taga Mindanao dahil sa taas ng singil ng kuryente.Ito lang ang pagkakataon na makaganti kayo at maipadama po ninyo ang pagtutol sa kanyang walang awa ng pahirap sa mga taga Mindanao.

    • DZJones

      This people from Luzon do really kill the residents of Mindanao. Saan ka makaranas ng tumaas ang bill mo sa kuryente tapos palaging brownout. Only in the Philippines Mindanao.

    • Cool LahgotzMO

      Mataas na nga ang rate kasi tiba tiba si aboitiz sa mga power barges nya. SInadya di ni maintain ang mga power plants para magamit ang mga power barges ni aboitiz. Yan ang totoo.

  • Ronnie Santos

    is the power outage in mindanao deliberate for any commercial motive? i can’t believe this administration of pnoy that inept to have not anticpated that. pnoy is already 3 yrs in power and it is not fair to blame this issue to gma again.

  • Jaime O. de Vera

    Who is to be blamed for the Mindanao power shortage? Si Abnoy or si GMA na naman.? Please tell me my internet friends.

    • Mamang Pulis

      si cory, si ramos, si erap, si arroyo at ngayun si simeon.

  • bongarroyo

    Hina talaga ni PNoy ano?
    Simpleng problema lang sa brownout hindi masolusyunan e samantalang noong mga nakaraang administrasyon walang problemang ganyan sa mindano…..bukod sa mura na ang kuryente doon wala pang brownout…..

    Ngayon lang nangyari ito…..LOL…..LOL….LOL

  • RyanE

    Hmm.. seems to me history repeats itself. During the time of PNoy’s mother we had this power problem and now during the time of the son we’re in the same situation.
    In addition to lack of foresight of the present administration is the incompetence, graft and corruption of those managing Napocor why the full capacity of the hydro plants on the Agus grid is not being realized. Many of the generators are no longer running because the budget for maintenance was already pocketed.

  • XY ZEE

    Di ba noong nakaraang taon pa yang problemang iyan?
    Pero hanggang ngayon wala pa ring solusyon?
    Puro pamumulitika at praise release lang kasi ang inaatupag.

  • boybakal

    Aquino: Mindanao residents will simply have to pay more for electricity

    This problem and pronouncement of Pnoy was the same as last year and last years ago.
    I thought it was solved already.
    Cycle of problem and promises.

  • ed_dAVAO

    Mr President, saan na ba yong available funding para sa solar project ni GMA na para sana sa Mindanao? Tutoo bang binawi nyo at ginamit nyo doon sa project nyong e-tricycle na ipamimigay nyo? sana huwag ngayong palapit na eleksyon. Kung ganoon, kawawang Mindanao cge ang brownout para ma justify ang pagpasok ng coal power plant.

  • allanbeltran

    alam ba ninyo temporary at fake power outages lang yan para sabihin we need more of this and that to compliment the needs pnoy and his cousins et al with all those businesses that they have found out that making money out of power is the most revenue earning because everybody needs power..before we do not have this brownouts or power outages then this administration came and inherited same people from gma who were the proponents of this then it sailed in pnoy’s mind its viable and he can get good profit personally here so he took it hook line and sinker then made pronouncements that the govt should privatize the power utility in mindanao cauze the govt cannot sustain the spiralling expenses maintaining it..hoola booolaa …

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Aquino: Mindanao residents will simply have to pay more for electricity.

    Ganito din ang sinabi ni PNoy last year. Ano ito, recycled speech?

  • tadasolo

    Been working in the power industry for so long in the USA maintaining and managing the building of hydro, gas powered, wind and solar stations.

    I had a conversation recently with a Filipino Engineer from Texas who came from the Philippines and immigrated to the USA recently. He was a manager of a big Utility in the Philippines and gave me an acute picture of what is wrong with the utility from the perspective of maintenance and I was shocked to what I heard. I could not be 100 % sure on the accuracy of his statement but he indicated to me that some of the coal fired units rated at 1200 MW on one plant suffered major breakdowns after only 2 years in operation and there is no reliable backup power.

    My understanding the problem in Mindanao is even worst due to reliance of hydro only which are over 50 years old, never been given any major refurbishments for so many years, no backup power to take care of the power needs if they are under maintenance and due to the drought it will take more than a few seasonal rainy season to replenish the reservoirs. Refurbishments takes 6 months to a year on hydro and the degradation of the forest cover in Mindanao will diminish the capacity of these existing units. Hydro is not as reliable as gas or coal powered units. GAS and COAL are plentiful in Asia especially Mindanao which is closed to Indonesia which has plenty of good coal. Gas is another plentiful gas but you need investments in pipeline and storage which could run in the billions.

    The problem in Mindanao will take years to solve provided you are willing to pay the cost of electricity which is not cheap in a country like the Philippines where the most reliable supply of gas and coal is limited.

    I do not think you can blame the Aboitiz and many others who provide the capital formation and build power stations. They take the risk and want to make money at the same time. Capital is not plentiful in the Philippines especially with the 60-40 equity venture in the constitution and none of the international players will be excited in the opportunities to invest. You scream and shout all you want to the President all the way to your barangay Captain but power will not come until you and the people of Mindanao with the help of your national government will come together and plan for the future and invest in the power and look for the capital investment you need

    To give you an idea how much it will cost, here in the California we are building a 6 simple cycle combustion turbines for a cost of 750 million US dollars with a capacity of 600MW enough in the Philippines to supply possibly 750,000 to a million homes and about 500,000 homes in the USA. This is using existing transmission and distributions lines. In the Philippines you need to build this and it will cost more. TALKING and BLAMING IS CHEAP but will not solve your problem,

    By the way backup and reliable power cost money. It is like running a car for your daily needs with one in your garage just in case your main car needs maintenance and you can used the garage car until the main car is ready. Therefore you invest double the capacity or if you many of them spread everywhere the demand side will determine how much backup power you need.

    One thing we do here differently in California and the Federal government mandate is to report to them the maintenance records and reliability and availability of our units and make sure we have energy security during emergencies. THE PHILIPPINES should do the same thing to get ALL GENERATORS of electricity to report the conditions and set through congress laws how much power is available at any given time

  • glassinmyhead

    Sorry, pero ang kapal naman ni Aquino… with the Sabah massacre going on and thousands of Filipinos being harassed out of Sabah while the government is not doing anything to protect Filipinos and the country’s Sabah claim, eto pa… Talaga bang bilib na bilib si Aquino sa mga surveys putting his trust ranking on top na i-a-announce niya ito at a worst time in Mindanao’s history… baka itong survey na ito bola lang talaga ito ng big business surrounding him…they’re the ones kasi who have much to gain from the Aquino presidency and can finance these surveys…It’s either bangag ang mga Pilipino who still trust Aquino or they’re misinformed or they’re overcome with blind loyalty… kawawa naman sila… I’m sure yellow bloggers would come out to defend Aquino again on the Sabah and the power situation issues pero Aquino’s actuations in both issues are indefensible. On Sabah, he should have immediately pressed Malaysia not to touch any Filipino and work with the Kirams for orderly withdrawal early on, giving them due acknowledgement and assuring them that the Philippines will seek the view of the international courts on our Sabah claim but will never unilaterally drop it at the first instance of trouble…Kahit saan kayong lupalop pumunta sa mundo, wala kayong makikitang lider ng bansa na umasta katulad ni Aquino — giving his tacit consent to the Malaysians to kill Filipinos … On the power shortage issue, it all really boils down to planning, planning, planning and anticipation and all our presidents cannot plan because of the single-term limit. Our constitution has engineered a weak presidency…

    • glassinmyhead

      Just to add, the survey reporting a still high trust rating in Aquino was taken from Feb. 25 to 28, hindi pa nangyayari ang kalintikan sa Sabah so it should not be taken as a vote of confidence on how Aquino handled Sabah

  • disqusted0fu

    It’s all about the benjamins at the end of the day. This has corruption written all over it. It is a big business deal for the government. Straight path indeed… Straight to their pockets.

  • KarlosRegaza

    To Mr. Noynoying Panot

    Expedite the interconnection of Mindanao to the Luzon and Visayas Grid through the Leyte-Mindanao submarine cable. This will open the gates of many power suppliers from Luzon and Visayas through the WESM.

    Mindanao can’t stand on its own feet in electricity. It will need Luzon and Visayas.

    So, build the highway now!

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