Wrongly charged



Since they were placed behind bars, I have made two visits to the six Navy officers and enlisted men who are charged with murder: Last Sunday and the Sunday before that.

One of the accused, Cmdr. Reynaldo Lopez (Philippine Military Academy Class ’92), is a friend.

I have been told that my visits to the murder respondents may be detrimental to their interest since I am critical of Mr. Aquino’s administration and a perceived basher of the military and police.

I’ve been told by well-meaning friends to stop writing in defense of the accused because they might sink deeper into the quicksand they’re mired in.

But I can’t help it since I am sure that the death of Ensign Philip Pestaño in 1995 aboard the BRP Bacolod City was a suicide.

I just can’t keep quiet when innocent men are wrongly accused.

Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales filed the murder case against Lopez and his coaccused—Cmdr. Luidegar Casis, Cmdr. Alfrederick Alba, Lt. Cmdr. Joselito Colico; and Petty Officers I Wilmenio Aquino and Sandy Miranda—despite overwhelming evidence that Pestaño killed himself.

In the March 6 On Target column, I said that the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) and Western Police District (WPD) all concluded that Pestaño killed himself.

I also said that the private forensic expert, Dr. Raquel del Rosario-Fortun, whom the suicide victim’s parents hired, also ruled out foul play.

My deep admiration for Dr. Fortun for not succumbing to the pressures from Pestaño’s parents.

If Morales’ basis for the filing of the murder case were the findings of the Senate committees on justice and human rights, and defense and national security that Pestaño’s death was caused by foul play, then she’s just like the senators-pseudo investigators.

How could those committees have determined that Pestaño was murdered when their members are not expert investigators unlike those from the NBI, CIDG and WPD?

Since when has the Senate become a criminal investigation agency?

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  • go88

    ‘I just can’t keep quiet when innocent men are wrongly accused.’

    tsk tsk tsk Ramona … this time it’s not for the payola but for the sailors ….

    • maypakialamtayo

      asar talo ka na naman ano? bakit ba kasi basa ka ng basa sa column ni idol mon pagkatapos ayaw mo naman ang iyong binabasa.

      • D3marketers

        Pinoy na pinoy nga tayo eh. Kahit alam na alam na mabaho, sisinghotin pa rin.

      • magiting78

        Para malaman anong klase ng baho…may mabahong masarap(PekPek)…may mabahong masarap ulam(buro at bagoong) may mabahong panapon tulad ni Tulfo (ebak)…lolz

  • Noel

    If you think Dr. Fortun, the over rated forensic expert, is clean. You’re wrong Mr. Tulfo. She’s in cahoot with Atty. Fortun in criminal cases in favor of the clients. A relative was killed by her husband. Years passed and the case is rotting in the RTC court due to Atty. Fortun’s legal maneuver for the accused using his expertise and the accused money to delay the case. It’s parricide but the accused has long granted bail and roaming freely. Lately, Atty. Fortun used Dr. Fortun to be the defense witness. They’re related. There’s conflict of interest here. Yet, the Judge allowed her testimony in the court. Money still talks.

    • D_BystandeR

      I read about this case long ago and wondered why it took so long for the parents of Ensign Philip Pestano to get the kind of justice they deserved. And I admired their patience and resoluteness to steadfastly stick to their resolve to fight for justice in the death of their son in 1995 at the hands of those who now hold and wield high and
      sensitive positions in the military hierarchy. The parents’ earnest prayers are
      finally heard because who would expect that the people involved in that conspiracy
      could be placed behind bars at this time. And we should rejoice and be thankful to the right path shown by the “matuwid na daan” of President Noynoy clearly visible in the just resolution of this case. Maybe the soul of the victim can now expect to rest in peace in the thought that at last the kind of elusive justice that the victim’s soul longed and cried for is now at hand at last with the help of the kind of “real justice” the present administration wants to implement for the satisfaction of people who thirst for justice.

      • Magsasaka

        noong panahon kasi ni ramos, erap at pandakekak kapag military ang involve sa krimen sa malamang pagtatakpan sila

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ang ibig mong sabihin ay presidente ang taga Verdict kapag military ang involve sa krimen. Kung ganon ay si Penoy ang taga verdict ngayon. Kaya pala nakulong ang mga navy para sa “Daang Tuwad”.
        Politics style evidence ang nagkulong sa mga navy, 15 + Years After the Fact kasi utos kay Morales.Ang galing ni Aquino, lagi siya ang tama.

        Pinag lalaruan ni Penoy ang buhay ng mga Pilipino maka SHOWBIZZ lang ng “Daang Tuwad”.

      • Magsasaka

        ganon ba ang ibig kong sabihin?aba eh magbasa ka ulit para maintindihan mo, bukambibig mo ang common sense pero tatangatanga ka mag isip

      • ARIKUTIK

        Nagbasa na ako at alam ko ang report ng NBI + other competent investigators. Si Morales at Penoy ay > Political investigators which will be thrown out by SC. Everybody knows this but Penoy’s goal is election votes.

        Penoy is a swindling cheat in every way. Dump “Team Malaysia” a group of swindlers and traitors.

      • Magsasaka

        ang galing ng taktika mo para nga naman hindi maging valido ang isang kasong kriminal palalabasin mong pulitika, yong mga walang common sense siguro mauuto mo

      • ARIKUTIK

        Aquino is in SHOWBIZZ path for election votes. Everybody in legal circles knows that the 6 navy men will be acquitted through the findings of COMPETENT investigators.

        Aqiuno’s Showbizz for votes on her “Daang Tuwad” … really Saks. The Boy AB thinks Filipino’s are dumbs.
        A spoiled brat is the most stupid creature of all. Dump “Team Penoy”, they are supporters of stupidity.

  • renatorivera

    Why would I kill myself when I see something illegal happening in front of me? What would my normal reaction be? What is the most logical thing for me to do when confronted with a situation like this? Do I have to kill myself, get mad or just be plain stoic?

    Now, if I am a columnist I will defend those who committed the illegal acts so I could make money off of them. Don’t you think?

    • Noel

      Many people commit suicide due to some crazy reasons. The victim might be suffering from depression. The pressure, harassment and threat coming from his colleagues could have triggered his action. Having said that, it was unlikely that he would kill himself because of some scams. He had two choices: Join the group and make money or be a whistle blower. He could have opted to be the good guy so was silenced.

      • vince_bugaboo

        Human nature dictates that he could have connived with the group were he given the chance. But it could be that his death was preempted as soon as the group saw and decided that he was a potential danger to the operation.

      • Noel

        Agree. That’s how criminal syndicates work.

      • vince_bugaboo

        Allow me to digress. What do you think prompts a person like Tulfo to dogmatically assert his side of the story as if he’s in possession of tangible evidence or he’d actually witnessed what transpired re the death of Pestano? ‘Kakab%$rat kasi being fed ng ganitong kaululan, e!

      • Noel

        Funny, Mon and even his brothers are among the most hated journalists but people do not stop patronizing them. Here in this column, many dislike him but keep on reading his columns and exchanging opinion me included. Well, it’s just an entertainment.

      • vince_bugaboo

        Pardon the analogy, but I think the phenomenon is similar to when a dog from a pack starts barking at someone or something, the rest follows. That, or his pieces are an excuse for some people to vent “hot air” against him regardless of reasons or causes. But we have to agree that sometimes people’s irk is justifiable; on this one, for instance, or when he’s obviously and shamelessly being biased to person/s or causes he favor.

      • Magsasaka


      • ARIKUTIK

        Dogs are animals, navy men are humans with brain and conscience except of course if an Abnoy but it is impossible for 6 sailors that gone through psycho test before granted white navy uniform to be deemed dog Abnoys.
        Anyweis, politicians including President are not required to take Psycho test so they are capable to think like dogs.

      • patawad

        Exactly my thoughts. He could have a vested interest. Parang si Ping duon sa checkpoint massacre involving Maratnan, di raw ambush, akala mo siya ang naginvestigate. Baka kasosyo lang.

      • albert Santiago

        Pinatahimik talaga. Ang daming police at militar nuong nag graduate sa academy na ang gagaling ng speech at promises. Pero ng maupo na sa position at nanga promote nag iiba na, lalo na pagkakaperahan. Barko ng navy kakargahan ng illigal firearms na idi distribute sa mga rebels…Wala ng karangalan ang mga navy officials na ganyan. At tiyak meron mas matataas pa sa mga Lt. Commanders ang involved diyan.

      • Magsasaka

        ganyan talaga kapag produkto ng philippine magnanakaw association hehehe

      • ARIKUTIK

        Yong mga enlisted men ay hindi produkto ng PMA ….eeeeewwwww…..

      • Magsasaka

        tanga ka na bopols ka pa, sino mga nagiging mga offiicial?kaya nga enlisted, pukang na ka saan napunta ang kakarampot mong utak biya

      • ARIKUTIK

        The curses is enjoyable. Read this carefully and savor it to the your bones. Once one starts cursing that means you run out of words thereby the only alternative is to curse (yourself actually) … nya…..hahaha…… it’s fun to tickle dumbs….. weeeee >>>>>

      • Magsasaka

        savor my a$$, its fun tickling yourself hehehe

      • ARIKUTIK

        Hey ! > humor is worth the pain in emotions. Imagine a world where everyone is good. It Saks like a lady that never gets jealous.

      • albert Santiago

        Kapag pinatulan mo ang nagmumura na ang lumalabas sa bibig ay basura, ay parang tinanggap mo rin ang basura na later on madudumihan ka.

      • Magsasaka

        hey imagine when everyone has common sense

      • Noel

        Tuwing graduation ceremony ng PMA pati na PNPA. ang mga special guest na nagsasalita ay pare-pareho. Huwag daw corrupt at maging modelo ng kabataan. Tutoong sa umpisa ay idealist ang mga bagong opisyales. Kapag tumagal ay nahahawa na rin sa mga kasama at boss nila.

    • diamond_digger

      You are right, Renato. In fact, I would advice Mon Tulfo to walk his talk. How? Didn’t he got into fisticuffs with Raymart’s group just because he saw something wrong being perpetuated and or done by Claudine on a hapless airline ground crew. Using his distorted logic that Pestano committed suicide because of the highly questionable, illegal activities in his ship, then Tulfo should have instead committed at the airport rather than confronting Raymart. Oh ngayon, Mon, we are waiting for you to pull the trigger on your temple. Hirap sa iyo, Mon is that you are so proud to think that you know everything in this world. Don’t fool us that you visited the accused because you can not idly stand seeing somebody wrongly accused. Baloney! The truth is, those officers aren’t just your friends but rather you owe them some gratitude for having provided you two enlisted men as your personal bodyguards for so long a time, of course, to the detriment of the Filipino people. Shame on you, Tulfo.

      • Magsasaka

        well said

    • legislex

      I agree with you. The Tulfos are known to be extortionists. They practice AC/DC (attack collect/defend collect) journalism. You look at their lifestyles. I am not surprised to see them with flashy cars, big houses and several personal bodyguards. There should be reforms made in our local media. They should weed out these kinds of journalists.

  • vince_bugaboo

    “But I can’t help it since I am sure that the death of Ensign Philip Pestaño in 1995 aboard the BRP Bacolod City was a suicide.”

    bakit ka sure, tulfo? nandun ka ba nung “magpakamatay” s’ya? o nagpaalam ba s’ya sa’yo na magpapakamatay? at nasaan ang overwhelming evidence na sinasabi mo? talk is cheap, tulfo, lalo na kung galing sa’yo. anyone can also say there’s overwhelming evidence that the accused killed him. so anong kaibahan n’on sa sinasabing mong tukmol ka?

    • Magsasaka

      eh di ba inamin nya na kaibigan nya yong isang nakakulong kaya ganon na lang ang mga kasinungalingan nya

      • magiting78

        Fren nya kaya wrongly charged…

      • Magsasaka

        ganon nga hehehe

  • eirons1043

    Sir Mon, Credibility of the initial investigators plus severe lack of common sense is the main problem. It’s true that there is also a possibility of suicide but what is the percentage of that possibility with the kind of person Pestano is plus the surrounding events prior to the “suicide”. Oh I will add aside from question of credibility there is also the question of competence of the initial investigators and the background of the suspects.

  • randyaltarejos

    I still believed that the National Bureau of Investigation and the CIDG investigators were credible when they collectively concluded that the Philippine Navy ensign really committed suicide. If the Office of the Ombudsman does not trust the NBI and the CIDG, who else will prove to the public that the navy official killed himself out of depression? The Naval Intelligence can’t because it would be tantamount to self-serving the navy’s interests on this case.

    • Noel

      Please understand that the agencies you mentioned are government agencies. They protect the institutions more than an individual.

  • $14334231

    tulfing…publish the investigative reports of the agencies you mentioned…after i read it and find it to be factual, i might just believe you…in the meantime,just shut your big mouth….nakinabang ka rin yata sa mga kahoy na kinulimbat…..baka si lopez ay katulad rin ni tandang ponce pilato….”kahoy ko ang ginamit sa bahay mo”….’yan ang sabi ni lopez sa ‘yo…..hehehe….

  • D3marketers

    How could those committees have determined that Pestaño was murdered when their members are not expert investigators unlike those from the NBI, CIDG and WPD?

    Hmmmm…so Mr. Tulfo would like us to believe in him rather than the CIDG,NBI,PNP and the Senate. Mas expert pala sya na investigator kesa mga to. Thumbs up pati paa ko taas din para ke Mon Tulfo


    >>>But I can’t help it since I am sure that the death of Ensign Philip Pestaño in 1995 aboard the BRP Bacolod City was a suicide.<<<

    SURE? SIGURDO? Naman…….bakit, nandoroon ka ba ng nangyari yong pagkapatay ni Pestaño? Nakita mo ba firsthand yong pangyaayri sa ginamit mo ang salitang SURE? Malaking kadudahan yan!

    At best what you know is hearsay….second-hand info you gleaned from some sources. SURE? Dasalasanansens!

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    You are being blinded by your friendship with Cmdr Lopez that you are ignoring the confidential information given to you by your own mole in the Senate that there are enough facts that would lead a reasonable person to believe that murder was committed. There is a probable cause. I dare you to publish that information you now have and let your readers form their own opinion. This column favors only one side – that of the accused.

  • lolo_Jose

    ANG jukebox writer na si tulfo hindi tumigil sa pagsulong na suicide..Kada hulog ng pera ng mga akusado kay tulfo, ikakanta niya ang gusto nilang marinig..kawawang tulfo wala ng naniniwala sa isang bayaran na writer na gaya mo. pero mas lumalala ang pagiging ac/dc writer mo ng masuntok ka ni claudine hahaha…

  • les21reago

    Your columnist Mon Tulfo’s column, “Closing the book on Pestaño case” (11/15/12), contains egregious errors that need rebutting.

    1. Ensign Philip Pestaño did not slash his wrist. It was an
    accidental wound that was treated by a doctor whom Philip saw
    voluntarily in the company of some of his friends.

    2. Philip was never “diagnosed to be emotionally and psychologically unstable.”

    If that were true, the diagnosis would have been presented either
    at the Senate hearing that resulted in the Senate resolution that Mon
    adverted to in his column or in the preliminary investigations conducted
    by various Ombudsmen, from Ani Desierto up to the present Ombudsman,
    former Justice Conchita Carpio Morales.

    No such diagnosis surfaced in the 15 or so years of the
    preliminary investigation of the case and I would dare say up to this

    3. Philip was already engaged to be married shortly before his
    murder. With his parents’ support, the couple was quietly preparing for
    the wedding.

    4. Philip was no drug addict and no evidence of that sort came
    out in the 15 years that the case had been subjected to preliminary
    investigation. To cavalierly assert that he was adds calumny to the
    murder that he suffered.

    5. According to reports reaching me, the ammunition that had been
    loaded on the RPS Bacolod City was distributed to certain rebel groups
    in the Muslim areas in Mindanao in exchange for things of value.

    6. A paragraph in Mon’s column asserts that the “lumber [that was
    loaded in RPS Bacolod City, which Philip disapproved of] was given by
    Tawi Tawi Gov. Rashibin Matba.” That assertion by itself speaks volumes
    that will need amplification, perhaps, in the trial of the case.

    7. The credentials of the forensic expert engaged by the Pestaño
    family, Wayne Hill, have been laid on the table for anyone to object to
    or criticize when he was testifying during the Senate inquiry into the
    death of Philip. Nobody did.

    8. My information is that Philip’s insurance amounted to a few hundreds of thousands, not P25 million as Mon claims.

    9. My participation in that conversation with two naval
    commanders that Mon also writes of was upon the request of the father of
    Philip that I listen to what the two had to say about Philip’s case.

    I did suggest for them to tell the truth and if they turned state
    witness, that would be fine. The two neither acceded to nor refused my

    If Mon thinks that I am fabricating my angle on the incident, he
    should feel free to prove it. After all, he says that his friends had
    taped our conversation.

    As to the refusal of the author of the Senate resolution of which
    Mon writes, I know from my stint in the Senate that sometimes some
    senators back off from something they had been advocating for a myriad

    I am hoping that this letter would find a space in your well-read newspaper.



      If common sense is to prevail > Pestano case is closed after the investigation of COMPETENT authorities. The evidence that Pestano was murdered is more of fantasy considering the time elapsed (15+years) but most of all > it is IMPOSSIBLE for 6 sane gainfully employed creatures to conspire murder. What they think of navy men ? A collection of murderous barbarians with out education, conscience or religion of faith in God ? Only Pestano is good among all of them ? That is illogical!

      Why these 6 family men were jailed on the strength of weak fantastic murder evidence which 99.69% will be thrown out by SC…. why…why…why….??? Because Aquino and Morales is directing a drama of “Daang Tuwad” ?
      Jail them if found guilty otherwise let them be free by bail.

      Aquino is all SHOWBIZZ, destroying lives and this nation. All for his own grandeur.

      • albert Santiago

        If wala silang kasalanan, bakit hindi sila makawala sa kulungan? Marami naman silang magagalingna abogado.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Kasi sina Aquino at Morales ay naga SHOWBIZZ ng “Daang Tuwad” on election season.

      • Magsasaka

        tama gamitin mo ang common sense mo na may sariling baril ang sinasabing nagpakamatay pero bakit ibang baril ang nakita sa tabi nya at isa pa gamitin mo rin ang common sense mo na noong mangyari ang krimen ang barko ay hindi nakadaong sa takdang oras

      • ARIKUTIK

        As per your claims. It’s all “BAKIT” evidence or in English “Fanatstic” murder evidence is now the rule of Morales.

        She seems like an official infected with Abnoy desease. For the sake of “Daang Tuwad” …. SHOWBIZZZZZZ …. PH is doomed by SHOWBIZZZZ..

      • Magsasaka

        actually ph is doomed because of tungak like you hikhikhik

      • tohellwithhypocrites

        Arikutik, shut up ka nalang…di mo ba nakikita na marami ang nagdi-dislike sa mga comments mo? nakaka irita ka eh…sapakin kita diyan…BWESIT!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Marami nagdi-dislike sa mga comments ko ? ..yeheyyyyy…… hindi kumupas ang charisma.
        For your info sir, since the days of youth, i’m always not-liked by big people even teachers if i reveal better way of solving an equation. I’m hated yet adored and girls can’t resist the perching eye of an honestly devoted …. thanks for your dis-like …. weeeeeee …….

      • legislex

        Your comment shows your lack of understanding of our legal process. The role of the Office of the Ombudsman is not to determine whether the respondents are guilty beyond reasonable doubt or not. The Office of the Ombudsman merely examines the evidence presented by both parties whether there is basis (probable cause) to file criminal charges against the respondents. If there are conflicting evidence for and against the respondents, the Office of Ombudsman is mandated to file the charges and let the regular courts decide on their innocence or guilt.

        In this case, there were facts showing that Pestano did not commit suicide. A forensic expert, Dr. Hill, testified that it was murder. Several facts also support said finding. The findings of our local forensic expert, Dr. Rosario-Fortun, does not automatically rule out the findings of Dr. Hill.

        If ever there are doubts on the findings of Dr. Hill and the Senate, the matter should be resolved by the Sandiganbayan during trial. As I have written above, the responsibility of the Office of the Ombudsman is to determine whether there are bases for finding a probable cause to charge the respondents. The matter of their guilt or innocence is left to the Sandiganbayan after a full blown trial.

      • ARIKUTIK

        It is inform that I really don’t care about legal process gobbledegook. simply because in my view, PH judiciary is super corrupt that is why corruption is the name of the game in PH governance. Let me inform you that 99.69% of citizens are not lawyers even then they got brain and common sense better than lawyers in PH. Another reminder IS > Corona was impeach through SALN a laughable charge aside from super gobbledeogok process that can be describe as next to illegal process. The big joke of Coronas impeachment had become possible through the Support of the Citizens via common sin only.

        You stated it right that the Ombudsman is to file charges only. Let me re-enforce your statement that the Ombudman is Surely under the command of Aquino whose mind is busy for election campaign for “Daang Tuwad” or “Team Malaysia” (synonym of “Team Penoy”). What is the big deal about this Pestano who was dead more than 15 years ago? Is this guys death more important than Kuratong Baleleng, Dacer Corbito or Ninoy Aquino death case? Why Aquino and Morales are silent about this cases ? because it will not gather votes for “Daang Tuwad” of “Team Penoy” ?

        To sum it up, I as citizens use common sense only. Not law goobledegook. Lastly Competent investigators, NBI and others decreed that Pestano committed suicide had become irrelevant in this election drama of “Daang Tuwad”.
        My tiny knowledge of law states = after election the 6 navy men will be declared Innocent. Mark my words for an eye to see a future is in my head below……. Whei ! DUMP “TEAM MALAYSIA” ….. weeeeee >>>>>>

      • legislex

        The issue that you are discussing is about our legal process. If you do not know something about it, I advise you to just shut up. The more you write the more you expose your ignorance on the issue. Repeatedly writing highfalutin words such as “gobbledegook” does not make you appear to be wise. Instead, it shows that you are just a person who, after knowing little english, already pretends to be wise.

        The problem with common sense is that it is not always common to others. Just because you disagree on an issue does not mean that your stand is commonly shared by other people. The best that I can say is that your claimed common sense is nothing more than an expression of your ignorance of the issue.

        I would like to emphasize to you that I am not saying that the accused are guilty of the crime charged. I am just saying that the legal process and the mandate of the Office of the Ombudsman warrant that they should be charged. Consequently, condemning the Office of the Ombudsman is a clear show of your ignorance of the legal process, and not amount of words that you write in this section can erase such clear ignorance.

      • ARIKUTIK

        English composition is Not a standard in measuring intelligence. Germany, Japan and South Korea had proved that English language is Not the road to industrial progress. Only PH graduates thinks that they are already intelligent by simply spokening English. No wonder PH is way behind in technology advancement. PH graduates were bombarded by Obsolete thread of minds. I’m not pretending to be wise but argue as I am. If common sense is not commonly shared by other people then why a survey of 1,200 ants can be the voice of an entire ants population ? And they branded it as Scientific survey result. Now, who is ignorant between us. The word COMMON itself, describes it all, if you really can understand English language.

        I would like to emphasize that the murder charge is devoid of any evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Was there any written admission that they killed the suicidal man, is there any 2 witness or a webcam that recorded how the man was shoot or blood found in the underwear of the suppose to be killers ?. Are presumptions is enough to convict murder? How about the findings of NBI and other authorize investigators that it was a suicide. Can it be thrown out just because another investigator theorize it was murder. Since there are 2 conflicting investigation report then I can safely conclude that never this case can be proven beyond reasonable doubt. Therefore if the end result will be dotted with doubts then I as one with common sense only will decree that > the 6 men still Alive be set free than to be jailed for 1 already 15 years gone by dead man. That is justice in case of doubt. One, I heard say > “It is better for a criminal to be free than innocent men to be jailed”.

        Aquino and Morales had no brain of justice. All they have in mind is SHOWBIZZ drama for election votes through “Daang Tuwad” style. Dump the Dumbos of “Team Malaysia” synonym of “Team Penoy”.

  • malek_abdul

    Is RT just giving his opinion or telling the whole world that people in the Judiciary, senate and government are all idiots of the law because they, according to RT, wrongly charged the six navy officers? RT are you drunk again?

  • magiting78

    They were wrongly charged because they were your friends, what i bias statement..

  • cris lozada

    baka masapak ka naman ni raymart at matadyakan ni claudine! BWAHAHAHAHA

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    PMA grads has connections. Let them get charged and should be punished if found guilty and give them back their jobs if found not guilty.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    Since when has the Senate become a criminal investigation agency?

    And since when did you become a forensic expert, Mon Tulfo?!!!

  • doublecross

    no one with sane personality could suicide himself….
    dapat ikulong ang dapat managot.

  • doublecross

    ‘ if you smell fishy management in the rooster of a ship, never ignore……

  • desi derata

    For Tulfo, it is all politics. It is easy to ascertain the depth of analysis of Tulfo which is also an indicator of his IQ.

  • doublecross

    ang tagal na eto…kelan kaya magamit ang katarungan!

  • Mamang Pulis

    Tulfing —sila Kiram din inosente….pati sila ampatuan–lalo na si dayunyor….

    si joel reyes–hindi mo pagtatanggol?

  • Mamang Pulis

    tulfing paano na yan kung nag deklara yun mga navy na ka inuman mo—

    hindi ka na nila fren?

    murder na susulat mo?

  • Mamang Pulis

    delikado pala nasisipa sa bols ng matrona….

  • warlaw

    We filipinos as christian are not known to commit suicide.Incidence of suicide is very rare in the philippines since filipinos are god fearing people. Unlke japanese who commits suicide when their honor are stained (hara-kiri) e.g politicians who were caught in controversies commits suicide.


      Hey Donk, katatapos lang nag suicide ng isang estudyante dahil sa tuition. Gamitin ang utak bago mag post.

  • Cynthia Palanca

    Calling BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, Mr. Ramon Tulfo just sold his land in Bgy. Tagburos, Puerto Princesaa City, Palawan to Toyota Philippines Corp. for a whooping 20 million+ pesos for the said land, did he declare in full the said transaction, did he pay the right amount of tax ??? TANONG LANG PO NI MAYOR HAGEDORN…

  • Cynthia Palanca

    Calling BIR Commissioner Kim Henares, Mr. Ramon Tulfo just sold his land in Bgy. Tagburos, Puerto Princesaa City, Palawan to Toyota Philippines Corp. for a whooping 20 million+ pesos for the said land, did he declare in full the said transaction, did he pay the right amount of tax ??


    You research on Dr. Raquel del Rosario-Fortun, she is a pseudo-expert according to Dr. Ernesto Gimenez, the former president of the PNP Academy. I will say it again, nobody in this world, even if she is trained in forensics, that will be able to tell you with 99.99% accuracy and certainty that a person committed suicide by just examining the dead body. It is only her opinion and she was not there when pestano committed the suicide! She was not even her psychiatrist! Only God knows.

    There is a high profile case in Iloilo, the killing of the whole family – father, step-mom, half sister, by two sons. Atty. Fortun and Dr. Fortun handled the case as lawyer and forensic expert respectively. Up to now, no justice is given because the lawyers are sitting and milking the parties to the case. Talking of legal and medical ethics huh. yeah!

  • TT Knew

    Ay salamat – natapos din yung Chiz-Heart saga after 3 consecutive columns by Mon Tulfo. Nasaktan ang lahat. Ang masaya lang sa nangyari ay si Mon Tulfo, Malaki ang bayad sa kaya ng mga Ongpaucos para sa tatlong articles. Balato naman Mon!!


    hay naku mon magkano ba?

  • pubringjuandelacruz

    they were wrongly charged because they were your friend????? Idiotic-moron-baboon

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=748653821 Erazofia Care

    kahit kaibigan o kapatid o magulang mo di dapat sabihin inosente sila wala tayo sa pangyayaying iyon lahat pwedeng mag balat kayo..lahat pwdeng pagtakpan at linisin.

  • ConstructiveMediaCritics








  • Amador Amor

    Tulfo has lost his credibility when he resorted to rumor reporting. He is a certified liar too. Remember around 2 or 3 weeks ago when he wrote in his column that the Tausogs of Kiram would fight to death and would not surrender? See what happened after the Malaysian forces forced his men from their hideouts. So many were caught trying to escape to Sulu while others surrendered out of fear. Kaya ikaw Tulfo, huwag kang magsinungaling dahil sa mga panloloko mo sa amin. Nasaan na ngayon ang sabi mong tutulong ang mga Tausogs na nakatira sa Sabah upang labanan ang Malaysian police. Puro ka dakdak pero wala namang katotohanan. This “suicide or murder” case should be left to the proper authorities. You are resorting again to “dirty journalism” akin to rumor mongering ala the gossip reporters in showbiz. Stop all this nonsense!

  • wakats

    Superman Mon concluded in no uncertain terms that Philip committed suicide and Ombudsman Morales and the senate committee erred on their recommendations!!!

    I’m beginning to believe that Mon is suffering from mental infirmity as a result of head blows from Raymart……..

  • Noel

    Why are the victim’s Mistah in his PMA Batch not saying anything?

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