Imagine Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III in your face with charisma



Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III has given a new meaning to his initials KP.

It now stands for “Kalaban ng Pandaraya” (Fraud Crusader), a moniker for his campaign against all forms of fraud that apparently stems from his bitter struggle to claim his Senate seat.

Pimentel unfurled before the Inquirer two strips of paper, each more than a meter long, which he said contained a list of complaints aired by ordinary Filipinos about the abuses they suffered.

The grievances were gathered at the start of the senatorial campaign, when Pimentel’s staff blasted messages on social networking sites asking people about the forms of “pandaraya” (cheating or fraud) they have to put up with that they wish to be addressed, if not stopped.

The reelectionist senator said the replies were a gold mine for future legislative bills.

From mundane concerns like fast taxi meters to years-old unsolved murder cases, the stories also gave him an idea for the “a.k.a.” “Kalaban ng Pandaraya.”

Pimentel ran for senator in 2007 under the Genuine Opposition backed by former President Joseph Estrada. He recalled “being feted like a rock star” along with other candidates running against the midterm Senate slate put up by the scandal-ridden administration of then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Malacañang-backed Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri of Lakas was eventually declared the 12th placer, raising objections from Pimentel’s camp.

Both camps traded cheating accusations until Zubiri stepped down after consuming more than half of what was supposed to be Pimentel’s first term in the chamber. The Senate Electoral Tribunal (SET) declared Pimentel the real 12th placer in the 2007 senatorial race.

But before the SET could set things straight in August 2011, Zubiri delivered a dramatic privilege speech saying he was resigning out of “delicadeza.”

Cheating target

Pimentel said he knew early on that he was being targeted for cheating.

“When the Maguindanao provincial canvass came in, it was so noticeable because the numbers were really statistically [improbable],” he told the Inquirer in an interview by the poolside of Club Filipino.

“Voters in Maguindanao were 204,000. They said 197,000 voted. That was already impossible! And Migz was topnotcher, getting more than 195,000 votes? Were they saying that only around 2,000 voters did not go to the precincts out of the 197,000?” Pimentel asked, his voice rising a few decibels.

“Logic tells you that in one of the poorest provinces in the country with transportation problems, there was a turnout of 98 percent and Migz Zubiri gets 98 percent of those who voted? That lacks common sense,” he said in Filipino.

Pimentel insisted that Zubiri was aware of the effort to cheat at that time.

“He provided the legal defense [for the canvassers] at the provincial level. And at the national canvassing, even when the case was elevated to the Supreme Court, he was there to provide defense (dinepensahan niya),” he said.

The senator recalled Zubiri saying he visited Maguindanao thrice during the 2007 campaign period and insisting on the “real and true” results during media interviews that time.

Surprise witness

When Pimentel sat as chair of the Senate electoral reform committee, he ran into a witness who confessed that before the 2007 polls, he delivered election paraphernalia to a Bukidnon warehouse reportedly owned by the Zubiris.

The testimony was aired live on national television, prompting Zubiri to rush to Pimentel’s hearing to deny the charge. Pimentel acknowledged Zubiri by describing him as “the former congressman from Bukidnon.”

Observers note, however, that Pimentel is still having a hard time moving on from the Zubiri episode.

He may not mention Zubiri’s name during his campaign speeches but many of his remarks onstage were obviously harvested from that experience.

Warning put to music

Take his “remake” of John Lennon’s signature song “Imagine.” Pimentel changed the lyrics into a musical warning against the dangers of poll fraud.

When the senator met the Inquirer editors on Tuesday night, Pimentel was asked to sing and he happily obliged.

“Imagine there’s no cheating

It isn’t hard to do

No cheating in elections

And no ‘Dagdag-bawas’ (Vote-padding and vote-shaving) too

Imagine all our leaders

Elected honestly…

Imagine there’s no cheating

Seeing what it can do

Our country is progressing

And all Filipinos, too

Imagine all the people

Living happily… hoohoohoohoohoo

You may say I’m a dreamer

But I’m not the only one

I hope on election day you’ll join us

Team PNoy sa ‘Tuwid na daan’ (Straight Path).”

“I never mention his name in my campaign but [Zubiri] said I started our word war, but I never did. That means he really wanted to start a word war. Even his reason for attacking me is wrong,” Pimentel said.

The senator noted that shortly after he began singing the song in sorties, Zubiri complained that Pimentel was unjustly picking on him.

FRAUD CRUSADER Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III: All forms of cheating and fraud are all about injustice. EDWIN BACASMAS

In apparent retaliation, Zubiri accused Pimentel of “wife beating” on live television.

Initially, Zubiri said he and wife Audrey heard it personally from Pimentel’s estranged wife, the former Jewel Lobaton, whom Zubiri said is a close relative.

But after Lobaton issued a public denial, Zubiri said he “merely quoted her statement that she was a battered wife,” adding in a press release that spousal abuse could also mean “psychological, mental or verbal” transgressions.

“Pinagpipilitan n’ya na sinabihan s’ya (Zubiri is insisting that Lobaton told him so) but the person he is quoting denied him,” Pimentel said at dinner.

Single parent role

Pimentel’s new personal struggle is learning his new role as a single parent. The former couple agreed to share time with their two sons, aged 8 and 3.

At the Club Filipino poolside, Pimentel patiently explained to his elder son that his younger brother could not join him for a swim because Papa won’t be able to look after them personally.

His marital trouble spurred a question at dinner. Would Pimentel favor divorce?

“I am against divorce. My separation is de facto. I have not even [filed for annulment]. If we have divorce in the Philippines, I would have taken advantage of divorce,” he said.

Pimentel showed his “drop-down” lists of citizens’ complaints before Inquirer editors.

His Facebook query about which kinds of cheating people want to address got more than 900 responses while the one on Twitter received more than 300.

All unique and specific responses earned a line or two on the list.

“These grievances about poverty, lack of jobs… Some are also very specific about consumer issues.  The bottom line is this—all forms of cheating and fraud are all about injustice,” he said.

Pimentel, so far the highest ranking public official to claim his position post-protest, has inadvertently lent his face to victims of injustice.

“When I became a senator, people would approach me and tell their stories. ‘Mr. Senator, we are victims of a scam…’ I realized there are so many forms of injustice,” he noted.

Months after his belated entry into the Senate rolls, Pimentel was elected president of PDP-Laban, the party that his father, Aquilino Jr., and Vice President Jejomar Binay nurtured through several administrations.

Hence, it was difficult for many kibitzers to reconcile the decision of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), where Binay is a stalwart, to accept Zubiri as a Senate bet.

Zubiri did not talk to Binay directly but to another UNA stalwart, former President Joseph Estrada, who later decided to adopt Zubiri as a candidate despite the congressman’s association with Arroyo.

Estrada even chastised Pimentel in public, telling the senator he has to “learn to forgive” as the ex-President has done to many of his political opponents.

Not with Migz

“I had an inkling that Migz was talking to the UNA. So when UNA’s Big Three (Binay, Estrada and Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile) had a meeting, I personally told them I had an issue with Migz. I cannot run with him. In fairness to them, it was not a secret that I learned belatedly,” Pimentel said.

“When the decision came out that [the UNA] would accommodate the two of us, I reiterated that I cannot run with [Zubiri]. In fairness to them, they did not say they were choosing Migz over me. They said, ‘We will accommodate the two of you,’ and it was an arrangement not acceptable to me,” he added.

It doesn’t bother Pimentel that he does not have the same charm as Binay, Estrada or President Aquino.

Told that what he has is a certain bluntness, an in-your-face quality that puts off people, Pimentel blamed it on his stint as a professor.

“If charisma is a special circumstance of a person, then not everyone is born with it. Even the 12 candidates who will win [in May] would not all have charisma. Otherwise, it is not special anymore. Maybe two or three would have it but the rest won’t,” he explained.

Rather than developing charisma, Pimentel said he would be better off “improving the quality of life of Filipinos.”

President Aquino’s “Tuwid na daan” philosophy is taking root, he observed, but the struggle to make things better “will never end.”

“We are headed toward the proper direction but we also admit that the road is not yet perfect.  There are small pebbles and imperfections, bumps and holes like those small, daily injustices suffered by the common man,” Pimentel pointed out.

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  • Eugenio Bravo


    • sanjuan683

      Iisa lang naman ang prinsipyo niya dinaya tapos. Ikakamatay niya ang ganyan paniniwala abogado siya nasaan ang matibay ng ibedensya niya. Wala ka pala ibendensya kaya wala ka ring boto makukuha sa mga tao.

  • boybakal

    Imagine Aquilino ‘Koko’ Pimentel III in your face with CHARISMA….

    Are you joking? Mukha ba yang Charismatic, Antipatiko nga ang dating.
    Di lang walang karisma, wala pang appeal. Busangot ang mukha.

    Sabihin na lang natin na ay very Principled Man kahit ganyan ang mukha niyan.

  • D_BystandeR

    Koko Pimentel is the kind of person that voters should idolize not because of “facial charisma” which is easily visible to everyone and which could sometimes be deceiving but because of the delicate inner composition of his heart which could best be explained when he dared to fight what others would consider a “Quixotic” fight for his right to capture what would otherwise be considered an “elusive” victory in the polls faced with the fact that his opponent possessed a “mighty political reputation” in GMA’s regime. But without blinking an eye to achieve his desired victory in that legal battle and with his decisive strength to overcome obstacles that stood his way he succeeded to be rewarded the fruits of his sacrifice. He is the people’s champion and with him carried over by the popular support of the electorate, there is no doubt he will be a leading figure in the government in its crusade of the “matuwid na daan.”

    • Dellia Villarin

      Bkit di sya na also sa Mindanao? Where he comes fr? Just asking

  • mamer2

    “Fraud Crusader”…? Really…?.?.?
    I doubt it..!.!.!

    I asked him once (about a little over a year ago)…
    “Why isn’t there an “anti-Dynasty” Enabling Law.?”
    His reply was because “…it was ‘difficult’ on how to word it; on how to put its ‘parameters’ ”
    I found this answer evasive and reluctant to put anti-dynasty into the Law Books.
    So much for his being a “fraud crusader”.

    • joshua

      kung fraud crusader si Kikay P. bakit di nya kinakastigo ung ibang kasama nya sa LP na sangkot sa dayaan ng 2004 tulad ni Baboy Drilon, Mr. Noted, Evardone at BUM.

      • pammisymonds

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    • Kirat

      Senator Pimentel seems to be the sort of 2nd generation politician who has a bit of difficulty in reconciling his roots with his vision (i.e. where he comes from and where he wants to go.) In cases like this, the uneasiness surfaces, and he comes out inarticulate or inconsistent, even a tad self-righteous. He may also have inherited his father’s abruptness of manner in dealing with political adversaries, but not the older man’s ability to express his contempt with a short laugh and a few well-chosen words. He also seemingly doesn’t know to stop when he’s won a point. Be that as it may, he is still on my list (though not near the top,) because I think that if the Senate needs an anti-cheating watchdog, he is the bulldog for the job.

      • Gordo Viejo

        Now I am beginning to wonder if KP’s middle initial is S.

    • Gordo Viejo

      I don’t care for Pimentel’s haranguing and superior tone any more than I care for Zubiri’s insipid cuteness. Nor would I shed any tears if Pimentel and his new-found friends Hontiveros and Madrigal harangued Zubiri all the way down to the mid-20s in the surveys. Maybe then, candidates better than any of the above can get the voters’ attention.

  • vince_bugaboo

    At the end of the day, Si Pimentel ay putak ng putak ngayon because of his candidacy. Lahat naman silang kandidato nagu-umpisa ng nagpupu-putak sa pangangako na parang mga manok na buntis na akala mo ang babait! Iisa lang naman ang puntirya: pork barrel! Anong ikinaiba ng Pimentel na ito??

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    If a pretty face can launch a thousand ships, an ugly face like Koko’s can cause him to lose votes. Not just by the thousands but by the millions. Koko was born ugly with zero face value. Charisma is the last thing Koko will ever have. If Koko had an iota of charisma at all, his wife would not have cuckolded him. Truth be told, Koko is not just a cuckold but also matapobre. He bought himself a trophy wife of humble beginnings and verbally abused her for many years. In the end, Koko got torotot by his wife. A sweet revenge of sorts. Not only that, his wife even went to UNA to seek help for her custody battle.

    But then again, Koko-the-cuckold has the right to imagine many things. He can even fancy himself as Mr. Pogi of Eat Bulaga. But none of that make-believe stuff will ever change the fact that Koko-the-cuckold has been damaged by bitterness, hatred, pettiness and the cuckoldry of his wife. The damage wrought by torotot in Koko-the-cuckold will never heal. In the end, Koko-the-cuckold is the most kawawa of them all.

    • Marx Louis Wang

      Kung tinorotot man siya sino sa palagay mo ang gumawa ng mali? Di yung makating manonorotot. Ikaw kaya ang torototin ng waswit mo (baka maraming beses na!) ano sa palagay mo? In the first place, bakit si Koko pinakasalan ng waswit niya kung wala siyang appeal? Siguradong binayaran ka na naman para mag-blog.

      • kurakut


      • Rodolfo

        For the MONEY ?! hehehe….!

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Marlou Wang, I cannot blame you for having such a low regard for Filipino women. You are intsik and it’s in your culture to maltreat women. Here in the Philippines, we don’t do that. Our constitution guarantees equal rights for men and women. Incidentally, Koko-the-cuckold is also intsik hiding behind a Filipino surname. His mother of the dela Llana clan is of intsik descent. His father’s grandfather is also intsik. Marlou Wang defending the abuses of another intsik like Koko-the-cuckold is expected in this case.

      • jHdz

        Pag panget pero me pera… pwede na.

    • boymanok

      may point ka kabayan. ngunit mas makabubuti nga na maging maunawain, mapakumbaba, at maginoo itong si koko. ano man ang namagitan sa kanila ni zubiri, mas mamahalin ng tao si koko kung nagpakita ito ng tamang pang-unawa ngunit matatag na paninindigan na ipamukha kay zubiri ang kanyang nagawang pagkakamali. at pagkatapos ay kalimutan na yun at ituon na lang niya ang kanyang galing at talino sa pagsisilbi sa bayan. kahit anong talino ng isang lalaki kung mapag-tanim ng galit, at madaldal ay kaiinisan ng kahit sino. besides, lalo pa itong pumapangit sa paningin ng iba. maski masama ang itsura ng isang tao ay gumaganda ito kung itoy sumasalamin sa kanyang mabuting kalooban.

      • sanjuan683

        Anong magagawa ko pangit na nga ang mukha, pangit pa rin ang ugali aba duon na lang ako sa poging Zubiri mabait pa at napakaraming batas ang ginawa at higit sa lahat poging-pogi.

      • jay dee

        Kahit na nandaya?

      • BOYPDAF

        trapong botante

      • magiting78

        hnd trapong botante..stupidong botante kamo….hahaha

      • magiting78

        Kung wala ka makuhang Pogi at maganda ugali, maghanap k ng panget at maganda ugali atleast yun may pakinabang…napili mo pogi mandaraya naman….at anong batas nmn n napatupad nya ang na papakinabangan ng mas nkk rami…

      • doncleo

        wala po akong nakikitang masama sa ginagawa ni Koko…kaya nya binibigyan ng diin ang pandaraya dahil una ay nabiktima na sya. ikalawa ay lagi naman nauulit ang pandaraya ng mga pulitiko,,dito sa atin ay gagawin maski anong klaseng pandaraya manalo lang,,,isipin natin na pipili tayo ng mga mamumuno sa ating bayan at dapat ay “honest” na public servant ang ating iboto…kung mandaraya ang ating mapili ay malamang na nanakawan din nyan tayo dahil nakatanim na sa kanyang budhi ang maiitm na pag uugali..ang kawalan na konsyensa..kung kaya nyang daayain ang kanyang kalaban sa pulitika ay kaya nya din dayain ang taong bayan..napakaigsi ng memorya ng mga pilipino at napakadaling magpatawad..dayain mo na at nakawan mo na ay iboboto ka pa..kaya nandyan pa si ERAP at ZUBIRI..ang GAGAGO TALAGA!!

      • boymanok

        thats right but he has to move on so the people will see what he got and whats in store for the people. sa pang-aagrabyado sa kanya, malaki na ang kanyang tsansa na maisulong pa ang kanyang iba pang adhikain at hindi lang sa puntong siya ay dinaya. bahagi na ng pulitika natin ang dayaan at hindi makakaya ni koko mag-isa kundi natin susoportahan. ngunit kung ang tanging dahilan lang para iboto ang kandidato dahil lang sa siya ay dinaya eh mukhang kulang ang ating pananaw.

      • BOYPDAF

        di mo ba naintindihan?dinaya si KOKO parang si ERAP na nagnakaw tapos iboboto ng mga taga ibanag bagay pwedeng mgpatawad..pagdating sa Gobyerno at panunungkulan na tao ang biktima hindi uso ang patawad!

      • boymanok

        kung babasahin mo ulit ang aking post, lubos kong nauunawaan ang nangyari kay koko at ang pandaraya ni zubiri. wala ng pag-asa yang si zubiri at tapos na ang kanyang maliligayang araw. ang punto natin dito eh kung patuloy mong ibabase ang plataporma mo dahil lang dinaya ka eh maghahanap ang taong bayan ng iba pang dahilan kung bakit ka dapat manatiling senador. mas makabubuti na i-focus mo naman sa iba pang dahilan ang iyong pagtakbo para naman makita talaga ng taong bayan kung ano namang serbisyo at benepisyo ang maibabahagi mo sa kanila maliban lang sa dinaya ka. kung sa kasalukuyang liderato eh marami ring lumabag sa batas tulad ni llamas at pinatawad din ng administrasyon eh saliwat yun sa sinasabi mo. if we put it in the right perspective, meron mga taong hindi dapat patawarin tulad ni zubiri at meron din namang dapat unawain.

    • carol

      Agree !!!! so yabang ang so many accusations with no basis or documents to show the people. Very unapproachable guy, rude and mean.

    • fuctore

      Totoong tinorotot si Koko ng kanyang misis, dahil sa verbal abuse.
      Nakasama ko sa dinner itong mag asawa noon dahil friend si Jewel May ng officemate ko. at na witness ko mismo kung paano pagsalitaan ni Koko ang misis nya na mejo napapahiya na sa kagaspangan ng dila ng mister nya pero dinededma lang nya.

      • Rodolfo

        Ang ibig mong sabihin eh… kung anong pangit noong tao, ganoon din ang ugali niya ? PANGIT din ?!

      • mamer2

        eh, kung pangit yung ma-ma’., eh
        bakit sya ang inasawa ng “b” “u” “t” – queen.?

      • ed_dAVAO

        wawart eh.

    • sanjuan683

      Hindi puede maging presidente ito, eh wala iniwanan ng asawa siyempre walang first lady. Hanap na lang ako ng iba. Even kung senator dapat buong ang pamilya parang maging huwaran kaso hindi rin puede maging senator. Pangit tignan iniwanan ng asawa baka may problema sa ugali. Kaya hindi ko na iboboto ganyan klase tao tulad ni Cheat iniwanan ng asawa at nakakuha kaagad ng bata (isip). Hindi rin puede gawin huwaran may ugali siguro masama kaya split sila ng dating asawa. Hanap na lang ako ng iba dun sa mga independent na lang sure pa matitino at walang rekord na trapo.

      • doncleo

        kung ang hanap natin ay huwaran, bakit ibinotong presidente si Erap eh bantog na napakaraming kabit?..karamihan sa mga pulitiko ay puro ka-plastikan…ipinapakita sa mata ng publiko na buo ang pamilya ngunit hindi maganda ang relasyon sa asawa at may mga kabit gaya nga ni Erap at Enrile…ang dapat piliin sa halalan ay yung mga kandidato na tunay na magmamalasakit sa kapakanan ng mga tao at ng bayan hindi lang nung pamilya nya…Hindi po imoral ang maging hiwalay sa asawa.. ang imoral ay ang mangabit, mandaya at magnakaw sa kaban ng bayan..tama ka din na pumili sa mga independent candidates dahil minsan talagang mas magagaling pa sila kaysa nasa line-up ng malalaking partido, puro TRAPO.

  • Pia Pilar Francisco

    Sir Koko, you have my vote. Just a word of advise. I think it will work in your favor if you stay away from constantly making innuendos or reference to Zubiri. Our culture does not favor people who are too critical. To be bitter is only human. But you can win on your own merits without showing your bitterness. Your bitterness is understandable, but unpalatable for many voters out there.

    • Billy Moreno

      wow…well said. kaya nga nainis na ako sa unpalatable innuendos nya.

    • mamer2

      To continue with his bitterness vs Migs Z., will give the public the impression of him,Koko, as a “nagging, hateful, vindictive candidate”.
      Better for Koko to cease in his “personal crusade vs Zubiri”.
      He has said more than enough.

  • KarmaGMA

    bottom line, get rid of trapos…..never again should they seat as senators. look at the line ups of UNAs ….such a pity, halos mga trapos at former gov’t officials that are involved in all kinds of anomalies!!! my say is vote wisely, popularity voting must end.

    • joshua

      tulad din ng Team Malaysia puro kurakot din at walang bayag

    • Dellia Villarin

      Vote for the independent candidates, for the unknown..Baka sakali may mangyari sa Pinas…hwag iboto dynasty candidates like ..Estrada, cayetano( Tama na 1 sa senado, nakakasuka ang 2.. Maski gano cla kagaling), enrile and many more…

  • dodot

    mangungurakot rin yan ,,,,, nasa daang matuwid tayo e


    Ang MAG-BAYAW…ay ngayon MAGKALABAN…! ha ha h aha !…si “KP”….a.k.a. “Kalaban ng Pandaraya”…..pero lamang pa rin yong bayaw niya….ha ha ha !…bakit…?
    “J.M.Zubiri”…..a.k.a…..” NUMBER JUAN” pa rin !
    Dapat kay “KP”….sumapi siya sa Banda Biente Otso…ha ha ha ! alam ni Malou Wang kung ano ang hahawakan niya….! ha ha ha !
    Total musikero naman siya… sabi ni Malou Wang…! ha ha ha !

    • doncleo

      kasi nga po ang mga botante natin mas tumitingin sa hitsura at popularidad ng kandidato kaysa sa adhikain na ipinaglalaban kaya hindi umaasenso bansa natin puro mandaraya at magnanakaw ibinoboto dahil pogi …


        Thank you “doncleo”….tama ka jan…ha ha ha !

  • marionics

    anti rh at divorce itong si koko e…pero pagiisipan ko pa he he

    tignan natin ang kampanya niya pa

  • FernandoBusi

    Simple lang naman yan cuckooed pimentel eh … Migs just looks a lot better than you and when courting the provincial vote dapat eh maganda mukha ok maganda asawa mo kaso iniwan kana ng beauty queen wife mo.

  • Ping Gonzales


    • sanjuan683

      hehehehe Bahala ka diyan ikakamatay mo rin yan ganyan paniniwala kaya malas mo.

  • Billy Moreno

    the more he talks, the more I get convinced not to vote for Koko! Bitterness in his heart will be his fuel to failure. I’d rather vote for Zubiri!

    • doncleo

      Billy, ang mandaraya ay kapatid ng magnanakaw…

      • Billy Moreno

        well, sino kaya sa mga politiko ang hindi mandaraya at hindi magnanakaw? walang aamin nyan.

  • mike8232


    kamot ng pwt

  • BatangSingapore

    KP – Kaalyado ni Panot

  • BatangSingapore

    Nakaraan against daw sya sa Political Dynasty
    pero wala naman sya ginagawang aksyon o kaya ay batikusin ang mga miyembro ng pol dynasty.

    Ngayon naman Kalaban ng Mandaraya.

    Well koko pimentel parang late yata ang ginagawa mong kampanya. Tigilan mo na kakabrand mo sa sarili mo ng kesyo ganun ka at ganyan ka. sa mga oras na ito kailangan mo na umaksyon.

    Ibig sabihin yun sinasbai mo dapat ikilos mo na. eh baka naman sa susunod sasabihin mo sa amin GAGAWIN mo yan kapag naihalal ka na hahahhahahaha. STYLE MO BULOK. hindi mo pa kaya tatay mo koko, malayong malayo ka pa. Ibig sabihin matagal tagal pa bago kami makakita sa iyo ng tama mo gagawin.

  • Deanmartinstyle

    Anong ginawa mo sa Tatlong Magnanakaw na
    Senador? Fraud yung budget allocation nila diba? “Fake NGO’s” wala lang deadma lang sila pati ang Media.

  • Guest

    The more Sen Pimentel keeps taking a swipe at the willing beneficiary of cheating Miguel Zubiri, the more he will be perceived as bitter. You made your point senator. Naniniwala naman kami sayo. Pero puro asim na lang ang lumalabas sa bibig ninyo, halos yung mukha niyo malusaw na sa asim. Time to move on Senator Pimentel. Baka ito pa ang maka-turn off sa mga botante.

  • Guest

    It’d be nice to see Koko and Kris as a couple. Bungangero at bungangera. They will hit it off right away. Lamang, Kris prefers good looking men. Koko’s charismatic face is just too unsightly.

    • malek_abdul

      Hindi naman magagandang lalake ang mga naging karelasyon ni Kris…hehe. Philip Salvador, Joey Marquez then James Yap…they’re not exceptionally good looking. Lol!

  • Dancing Bear

    As I understood it. The Pimintels are not even loved in their own locale.

  • boldyak

    sana wag padala sa agos, go against anything that is wrong, kahit kasama mo sa partido kung mali, labanan mo, otherwise wala kang pinagkaiba sa mga hindi karapatdapat sa senado…as for now, i will vote for koko, but i still have to watch his moves and prove that he will stand by his principles…wag na maging utak talangka by pulling somebody down…be on top without anybody beneath you…

  • $16638896

    swerte naman nitong ungas nato, nakabingwit ng beauty queen hihihi

  • $16638896

    malas to si pimentel, kung baga sa grade parating pasang awa. nasa number 12 or 13 parati hehhehe kaya kung natalo sya ibig sabihin nadaya hihihihihi

  • sanjuan683

    Ang plataporma niya ay dinaya ako. hehehehehehehe Makakapag-unlad ba ng bansa yan klase plataporma. Wala kuwenta yan plataporma mo.

  • I_kabod

    get over it.

  • $5699914

    Akala ko, Kapal Pimentel hehehehe ,
    joke lang po!

  • Emma Custodio Villa

    I think Sen Pimentel is a principled person. We need people like him. He is good for our country. I’ll vote for Koko, but definitely not vote for Zubiri. Alam na nating nandaya, ibubuto pa natin…ano na lang mangyayari sa ating bansa. Suportahan natin ang Daang Matuwid ng ating Pangulo. Ang ganda ng ibinuti ng ating bansa…nakikita naman natin.

  • Mr. Skeptic

    Just another politician who got elected because of his family name. LOL. What has he done recently? Aside from wasting our taxpayers’ money?

  • wakats

    Well said, koko. To ensure your victory and to make your campaign speeches interesting, concentrate on zubiri and the people who made him an UNA candidate despite his horrendous credentials as an election CHEATER…….

  • Loggnat

    I clicked on the video and it starts with this guy (Pimentel) singing about cheating in the tune of John Lennon’s song ‘Imagine’. So shallow and undignified for a senatorial candidate in which I expect serious and meaningful discussion on what he can contribute to the solution of a magnitude of problem in the Philippines. Instead, the video started with whining and clowning around singing about being cheated during the last election. Got out of that video very disappointed and wondering how can conscientious voters take this candidate seriously. I guess the answer is that they don’t and more than likely will not vote for him either.

  • jHdz

    A guy who always banters that he’s been cheated by another a hole is an a hole. Don’t worry Mr. K i K i P, I won’t both for both of you! All these good words are mere borloloys made by previous politicians of your kind to attract poll victims who can be easily duped to vote for you. You have a twisted logic to go against your kind… the political dynasties. All for the sake of winning you try to picture that you’re an underdog… but you’re not.

  • Lancer Mitsu

    Si Pimentel kung magsalita e parang sure winner na, ang yabang! perhaps he is forgetting that he barely made it to the 12th spot were it not for Zuburi’s resignation..and for 2 years as senator, he has nothing to show but his BIG MOUTH!

  • Lancer Mitsu

    Pimentel’s plat form is just one: DINAYA AKO SO PLS MAAWAA KAYO SA AKIN, IBOTO NYO NAMAN AKO! I was just wondering…what if it were a partymate who got the 12th spot and not Zubiri, magpupuputak kaya cya? I doubt, that’s why he is using Zubiri as his excuse, just like noynoy using gma as his scapegoat..

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    Matanong ko lang senator Pimentel, bakit yung mga tao sa sarili nyonh lugar e dehins ka gusto pati yung tatay mo..wala lang, I have nothing against you kc isa lang tingin ko sa inyo ni migz..bk parehas kayo nakinabang sa dayaan at ang talagang nanalo e yung pang 14 kung sino man yun

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    KP…Kilusang Pendejo

  • maypakialamtayo

    koko, kokok, kokok, kokok, kokok, para kang manok putak ka ng putak, bakla ka ba?

  • KapampangangMangyan

    Nakakarindi na ang bangayan ng Koko at Zubiri na ‘to. Lalo na si Koko, parang SIRANG PLAKA!!! ASA KAYO! HINDI KO KAYO IBOBOTO!

  • Alex Alvarez

    His Facebook query about which kinds of cheating people want to address got more than 900 responses while the one on Twitter received more than 300.

    All unique and specific responses earned a line or two on the list.

    “These grievances about poverty, lack of jobs… Some are also very specific about consumer issues. The bottom line is this—all forms of cheating and fraud are all about injustice,” he said.

    Hm, so ibig sabihin, pag nag cheat ang isang partner sa isang relationship, me injustice na nangyari in between sa alinman sa magkarelasyon… so pag ang isang karelasyon ay nagcheat, malamang nakaranas ng “psychological, mental or verbal” transgressions. Eh pano naman iyong di nasasatisfy ng kani kanilang partner? Di ba nagiging sanhi din ng cheating iyon? So Mr. Senator, pano natin iaaddress ang mga ganong issue? Kasama iyna sa kamong “all forms of cheating…”

  • EmmanuelGomez

    it’s all about himself and his family. nothing about the people of Mindanao.. why vote for this guy/?/

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