Heart Evangelista’s pa ailing; ma blames family feud



“His heart could not take it.”

Cecile Ongpauco, mother of actress Heart Evangelista, said her husband has been experiencing chest pains as a result of a highly publicized “family feud” with their daughter over the latter’s relationship with Sen. Francis “Chiz” Escudero.

“If my husband suddenly dies from the stress, I know who to blame and I will be very bitter against those responsible,” Ongpauco said in a statement sent to the Inquirer Friday.

Ongpauco earlier demanded an apology from the senator for allegedly being disrespectful and arrogant and for “manipulating” her daughter into “going against the family.” She also claimed Escudero had “seduced” Evangelista into thinking he would become president by 2016.

She accused him of being an “opportunist” and demanded that Escudero leave her daughter alone.

“Rey is 70 years old. This issue about Heart has affected him badly,” Ongpauco told the Inquirer by phone Friday. “My other kids have already been informed. They are really worried about their father. We’re all trying to be strong for him.”

‘State of panic’

She said the Ongpauco patriarch refused to be taken to the hospital and has “taken refuge” at their rest house in Nasugbu, Batangas province.

Ongpauco said she was in a “state of panic” because of the poor health condition of her husband, who is suffering from heart pains, prostate ailment, diabetes and hypertension.

Ongpauco, who was convinced that Evangelista was “hiding from her family,” said she should visit her father immediately before his condition gets worse.

“For many years, our family has protected him from stress,” Ongpauco said of her husband, whom she described as a “walking time-bomb.” “He just arrived from a holiday abroad with [another] daughter [when he] was met with this scandal. His heart could not take it.”

She said she noticed that Rey was already feeling bad when they returned home from a press conference on Tuesday. “He decided to lie down,” she recalled. “The next day, he left right away for Nasugbu [to destress].”

She said the family would no longer grant any more requests for interviews.

“I’m now busy attending to my husband. My goal is to convince Rey to see a doctor. I’ve already said my piece. I now choose to be silent,” she said.

Spin masters

While her husband’s health is deteriorating, Ongpauco claimed that Escudero’s public relations team “has been working overtime to destroy the Ongpauco name.”

“First, Chiz’s PR (public relations) team said the Ongpaucos are destitute, and that he is doing Heart a favor. Now he himself is saying that we are rich. Our family is face-to-face with a dangerous politician,” she said.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Escudero claimed he has not done “anything bad” against Evangelista and her parents. “There is only one reason for everything they (the Ongpaucos) are doing and saying—they want us to separate.”

The senator also said Evangelista was “feeling hurt and sad” because of the controversy. “This has a big effect on her,” Escudero said. “But Heart is already at the right age (28 years old) and no one can dictate what she can and cannot do… She has her own mind and judgment… I try hard to understand Heart’s parents but what they are doing to me and their daughter is not right.”

Escudero also expressed hopes that “it ends soon so that no one else would be hurt or get dragged into this. I pray that we get through this challenge in our relationship.”

Party politics

Escudero’s fellow legislators took his side in the dispute.

Aurora Rep. Sonny Angara, a running mate of Escudero under the administration Team PNoy, said the 2016 election is the real target for the current moves to cut short the senator’s budding relationship with Evangelista.

“The senatorial election is definitely just a precursor, a front act to the main event, which is 2016. Obviously we cannot separate the intramurals from that. That is part of the political game,” said Angara.

Angara did not identify the possible rivals of Escudero in the 2016 elections, where he is expected to run either as President or Vice President. But just a few weeks into the campaign, Escudero complained that former President Joseph Estrada was undermining his senatorial bid.

Angara visited vote-rich Albay Friday to join Team PNoy’s political sortie. Escudero was conspicuously absent from the sortie and stayed in his hometown in Sorsogon.


Angara questioned the timing of the parents of Evangelista in hurling such accusations in the middle of the election campaign.

“Obviously, Senator Chiz is one of the front-runners in the survey. Probably there are some interest groups out to derail him,” said Angara.

Angara described Escudero as well-mannered, having known him back when he was a young representative in Congress. He advised Escudero “to make love, not war.”

Former Sen. Ramon Magsaysay Jr. concurred that Escudero’s high ratings in the surveys made him vulnerable to attacks. “It’s a human nature aspect,” said Magsaysay. “Senator Chiz is giving the right statements. He’s the person who feels stabbed and feels a little betrayed due to the lies being made publicly. It’s something private and personal.”

Reelectionist Sen. Aquilino Pimentel Jr. said he could “identify” with Escudero’s situation because it was a personal issue similar to the unwarranted attack made by rival senatorial bet Juan Miguel Zubiri, who accused Pimentel of being a wife beater. His estranged wife, Jewel Mae Lobaton, later denied the accusation.

Personal issues

“I hope that personal issues against the candidates—especially if these issues were available before the campaign—would not be disclosed now and accusers would just wait until the end of the campaign.”

Las Piñas Rep. Cynthia Villar, another Team PNoy candidate, has a different take on the matter.

In an interview, Villar empathized with Evangelista’s parents, saying it has been a long-held tradition in the country that “when you marry a girl, you also marry into her family, and that includes the parents.”

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  • Islander

    I never liked the pro-Marcos Escuderos and I am not about to start liking Chiz. I think he is cheesy. I also particularly dislike his non-support of the Divorce Bill. Having said the above, I feel some sympathy for him for having encountered the would-be in-laws from hell. The Ongpaucos have no business interfering with the relationship of their 28-yo daughter. Their contempt for Chiz is way out of line, using the media and possibly paid columnists to bring their issues in the public, bringing the reputations of people including their daughter down. This latest angina incident is typical of an uber-controlling parenting style. This is not the first time that “sensitive health” kuno of parents has been used to control children. If Mr. Ongpauco indeed has a heart ailment, drag him to the hospital against his will — that is the responsible thing to do; don’t drag your fallacy ad mesiricordiam infront of us.

    • TinimbangNgunitKulang

      He is definitely trapo. Yung mother niya na 69 years old na pinakandidato pa for Sorsogon representative to replace his dead father. If that is not dynasty, what is it?

    • Jimbox88

      I agree in-laws in hell like this!

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    This is karma catching up with Kenkoy Escudero. One can’t just remain on top with empty words without actually doing anything good.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Seems to me Heart Evangelista does not believe – you only have a pair of parents. Once they are no longer around, that’s it they will just be another photo in the album that may remain in the family after they’ve been laid to rest.

    On the other hand, boyfriends and girlfriends are dime a dozen. They can be replaced, collected and recycled at any given time depending on one’s mood or need at a certain time. Which is why this question continue to exist. Given all that factors, if it were you, who should you consider more important – boyfriends/girlfirends or your parents while they are still living?

    If Heart Evangelista, truly in her heart , can cutoff all ties to her parents on account of her present dreamboy, it’s her decision. We only hope, there will not come a time when she, during wake of one of her parents, cries in regret she should have been a more loving and caring daughter.

    • doncleo

      If Chiz is really a gentleman, why he not advise Heart to go home and talk heart- to heart with her parents? Better if he goes along with Heart and face the parents…Senador ka na hindi ka pa marunong tumindig sa ginagawa mo…ang alam ko kung tapat ang hangarin mo sa isang babae hindi ka matatakot humarap sa mga magulang nito at tanggapin kung ano man ang sasabihn nila..pwera lang kung balak mo lang gamitin ang babae para sa kandidatura mo…o kaya ay gawing front para ikubli ang other personality mo..AAPPPEEEEAAARRRR!!!

      • ranjoranido


      • Concur_Dissent

        28 na yan… hindi na bata…. o baka naman isa ka sa mga anak na may edad na naka sandal pa sa anak…

    • regd

      Now why would a parent go through life in misery, bitter and in distress just for this? WHY? My parents didn’t. They didn’t like my then GF (now wife) but preserve the peace in the family by allowing their children to run their own life. And I love them to death for that. Life is complicated enough without adding more difficulty to it.

    • sanjuan683

      Nang isilang ka sa mundo ito laking tuwa ng magulang mo, ngayon ay salbahe ka na. ahahahahahahahaha Ganyan ba ang nasa tama edad, 28, ang pinili mo may asawa pa, laking inis ng magulang. Ibig mo sabihin puede kayo ikasal ni cheat,mag-isip-isip ka babae, nadadala ka lang siguro sa kadaldalan ng cheat na yan.

  • diamond_digger

    It is my fervent hope that man readers could see something in this column that may be buried deep in the heat of the moment. I am aghast and truly disappointed with Sonny Angara comments on the Escudero-Ongpauco bruhaha, questioning the ‘timing’ of the latter’s accusations in the middle of the election campaign. When, in your opinion ‘little sonny’ would be the right time for a hurt person to air his complaint, when the pain is gone? Wouldn’t you say by then that he should have immediately complained? Also, if you have even 10% the brains and intelligence of your eminent father, where do can you find a soon-to-be parents in-law in the likes of the parties involved in this bruhaha, would attack their would-be son-in-law even unprovoked. Use your little brain ‘sonny boy’ before you open your mouth or you will be unnecessarily exposing your incompetence for the position you are aspiring for.

    • patawad

      I think he, Angara already exposed his incompetence during the impeachment. Never this Angara guy for the senate, mabuti pa isara na lang bunganga niya, for everything coming out it is a trash!

    • http://www.nochizdiet.blogspot.com/ NOChizDiet

      Take every opportunity to bash another candidate in this article. Well done, Chizber Team!

  • vince_bugaboo

    Maybe now Excaldero won’t be able to laugh without reason or cause.

  • brunogiordano

    “I’m now busy attending to my husband. My goal is to convince Rey to see a doctor. I’ve already said my piece. I now choose to be silent,” she said.

    Kung tunay mong mahal ang iyong pamilya at si HEART, ang pinakamagaling mong magagawa ay MANAHIMIK na muna.

    Sobra at labis na ang iyong mga sinabi.

  • randyaltarejos

    Common Heart, just visit your father in Nasugbu, Batangas! That’s the best thing you can do right now before it’s too late. What else is new? Everybody commits mistakes.

  • brunogiordano

    “In an interview, Villar empathized with Evangelista’s parents, saying it has been a long-held tradition in the country that “when you marry a girl, you also marry into her family, and that includes the parents””

    Hindi na totoo ngayon iyan!!!!!!

    Pakiaalamira lang talaga ang mga magulang na masyadong nakikilalalam sa tibok ng puso ng kanilang anak.

    Panahon na ngayon na ang mga magulang ay matutong makisama sa kanilang mga manugang at mapanatili ang katahimikan ng pamilya at hindi sila pagmulan ng away.

    • ranjoranido


    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehehe Ipagpalagay mo nanghihimasok, sino ba naghirap sa pagpalaki ikaw ba? hehehehehehehe Hayaan mo sila problema nila yun. Ang malinaw dito ikaw ang nakikialam sa buhay ng may buhay. Umalis-alis ka nga diyan baka madamay ka pa sa gulo nila. hehehehehehehehe Hilig mo makialam hahahahahahahaha asikasuhin mo pamilya mo

    • Meow Ming

      Shea had also the same dillema with her daughter.

  • Kronos2

    What a dramatic circus this has been. If the father has chest pains cause he can’t take it and refuses to see a doctor—kasalanan ba ni Heart kung matuluyan siya? These are nothing but machinations of manipulating parents.

  • farmerpo

    What is so hard for Chiz and Heart just to go ahead and get married?. With his PR releases, he is his own man. So be a man and do what needs to be done. He can get ‘un-married’ later on if this does not pan out again . He did it once, he can do it again.

    Do it now otherwise, there wil be senate investigation. What with the penchant of your honorable colleagues to make sawsaw in any controversial front pager issue.

    I can almost read it now…Senate probes Ongpaoco/Escudero tiff. PDI Banner.

    • doncleo

      Cguro hinihintay pa ang 2015 bago yayain magpakasal sila ni Heart….tamang-tama nga naman sa 2016 presidential elections para tumaas ang popularity rating sa survey..di ba may nanggagamit dito para sa kanyang pulitika?

  • $25995786

    To the parents fo Heart, let her go give her freedom, do not make your family problems be teleserye ng bayan. Ang ating society ay may tinatanggap na “age of reason” pagdumating ang panahon na ito parental guidance ang kailangan di parental control di kahit sa TV program parental control stop up tp a certain age. Do not use AWA factor or guilty conscience to Heart to make a decision.Always remember being parents is not an absolute power to our kids.

    • Kapitanbagwis

      Manipulation is the name of the game of Heart’s parents.

  • doublecross

    aba’y kung patusok talaga, tusukin talaga….get’s mo!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

    Heart Evangelista’s ex boyfriends were dumped by her because of her mother.
    Annabel Rama, her former manager was able to get a high talent fee for Heart, guess what, her mother, asked Heart to dumped Annabel and now Mrs. Ongpauco is the manager of Heart who makes 30% . Suwapang ang nanay niya. Isa lang ang dahilan,
    pera baka pag may boyfriend or mag asawa si Heart wala ang sustento ni Mr. Ongpauco na P100,000. monthly plus 30%. Mr and Mrs Ongpauco started the press conferesnces against Chiz and Heart.

    • Europa

      The contract between Rama and Heart had already expired. Rama was furious that the contract was not renewed.
      It is not unusual to change managers or choose your own family to manage yourself. That is not being greedy.

    • ranjoranido

      si anabelle rama ang dapat itapat dito sa nanay ni heart eh! tignan ko lang.

    • sanjuan683

      Unggoy sino ba may anak kay Heart ikaw ba o yun nanay niya? Hayaan mo sila huag ka na makisawsaw hindi ka naman kamag-anak nila, hilig mo makisawsaw. hahahahahaha

  • ThudOthwacker

    LOL Angara and his conspiracies. I have one……………APECO!!

  • disqus_ZrxaGjUzMQ


  • batangsulpok

    Kung maysakit ang Tatay ni Heart, bakit di siya magpagamot, di ba ang yaman nila? Isa pa, 28 yrs. old na si Heart kaya kung mali o tama ang desisyon sa buhay niya, walang dapat sisihin kundi siya, tayong mga magulang ay advice na lang ang maibibigay.

  • tulfowangbo

    medyo di ko take na biglang nagkasakit ang erpat ni Heart b/c of the prob. heart’s mom seems like a majadera na nagbabasa ng script na para ibagsak si chiz. although m not a chiz supporter parang may bahid ng politika ang issue na ito. lalo na ng ang tsismis na ito ay nanggaling sa isang tsimosong tao na si Tulfo. bayaran iyan para gumawa ng mga issue na hindi totoo.

    • BatangSingapore

      siempre may udyok para yun ibang botanteng magagalit kay Chiz ay malilipat naman sa mga kulelat na si BUM at Ting Ting. kaya kung ako sa inyo huwag ninyo iboboto ang lahi ng mga traydor at sakim sa yaman.

  • Europa

    I wish Mr. Ongpauco a speedy recovery.

    Anybody is prone to depression and agitation when they receive such insulting and below the belt remarks from readers who use vile and filthy language. I’m sorry for the languages and personal attacks. But be sure that there are many of us who do not tolerate the abuse of social media.
    Ms. Ongapauco , you already said your piece, please don’t entertain anymore interviews even if the media persists. Remember the parable of the prodigal son.The father let go off his son and didn’t look for him. At the end of the day, he returned back to his father.
    You have other children and should focus on them.There is dignity in silence.I wish you both peace and health.

  • txtman


    • ranjoranido

      eh sino naman ang gusto mo magbing presidente na hndi penoy? sige nga. si nognog?

  • pedronimo

    Ironically, this reckless celebrity has a heart that beats only for her selfish emotional interest and hardly for the parents who gave her life to this world, Reminds me of the Legend of the Prodigal Son, though this one is a prodigal woman.

    • Kapitanbagwis

      Heart have her own life to live. The parents are greedy and selfish, doesn’t want to let her go for monetary considerations

      • pedronimo

        Monetary considerations you say? OMG, money is the least the wealthy Ongpaocos need. It’s simply that parents psychologically miss and need their daughter’s love which she has diverted to a scheming Senator, in stead.

      • Kapitanbagwis

        Your conjecture just as mine when the mother wrestle from Annabel Rama as talent manager of Heart earning 30 percent of her income The are greedy and selfish manipulating a 28 year old woman who has her own life to live.
        KapitanBagwis Sent from my iPhone

  • BatangSingapore

    ilabas mo ba naman sa publiko ang problema nyo e ano pa ang aasahan resulta nyan. para ka kumuha ng bato pinukpok mo sa sarili mong ulo.

    ganunpaman, ang sakit sa puso ay pwede sana maiwasan kung regular na nag ehersisyo at nag diyeta sa pagkain. iwasan din ang bisyo.

    ang intsik ay tipikal na isisi sa iba ang kanilang sariling gawang problema.

  • regd

    Wait….wait………now I’m confused, which heart are we talking now?

  • Jack Bw

    She made it public and now she complains.

  • ever green

    May ginagawang palabas ba mga iyan????? o dahil lang sa election?????

  • regd

    If the parents continue on this path they are just asking for more trouble, more bitterness, more misery and more fighting! The buck should stop somewhere and I don’t see anything coming.

  • Noel

    Politics have nothing to do with the family feud. It could be just a coincidence and the administration candidates must stop alluding to UNA. On the other hand. Heart’s parents might only be using the father’s illness to get back Heart. It’s an effective excuse.

  • jseesus

    heart.. kung talagang mahal ka nun dapat nung niyaya mo syang kumanta nung birthday mo dapat di ka pinahiya. pag wala na si papa mo sisi ka lang, think outside the box ika nga. hindi mo kadugo yang lalaki na yan. pero parents mo dugo’t laman mo. kahit saang kagipitan kasama mo papa at mama. pero yan cgurado iiwan ka sa ere nyan..

    • ranjoranido

      yung parents nya wala naman llaking papaasa sakanila. lahat AYAW. may sakit ata yun sa pag iisip

      • BatangSingapore

        kasi gusto nila intsik din na mongoloid at pangit. hahahhahahahaha

  • Willy Vergara

    The man has already a bad history. Nilayasan ng asawa. And what do you expect na susunod?

  • ranjoranido

    Pwede mag artista itong nanay nya as kontrabida. parang belia flores lang eh

  • TheTuth

    I can’t believe they are now in a circus of this chest pain, go to a doctor and don’t blame anyone. It seems both of you are the who needs to visit a shrink, grow-up!

  • brabads

    “If my husband suddenly dies from the stress, I know who to blame and I will be very bitter against those responsible,” Ongpauco said in a statement sent to the Inquirer Friday.

    There’s no one to blame but themselves…. They started making presscon…. publicized their daughter’s weakness…. hatred to chiz…etc…. They embarrased their own daughter…. Personal problems should remain private…

    • http://www.nochizdiet.blogspot.com/ NOChizDiet

      In fairness the parents needn’t worry about embarrassing their daughter because, well, Chiz is an embarrassment on his own.

    • siJuanDalandan

      That’s what is called an emotional blackmail.

      • mehetabelade

        I’m creating over $7k a month operating half time. I unbroken hearing others tell Pine Tree State what quantity cash they will build on-line therefore i made a decision to seem into it. Well, it absolutely was all true and has whole modified my life. this is often what I do, – Buzz80.ℂOℳ

    • sanjuan683

      Remember Cheat escodero is a public figures, how can u remain it private. hehehehehehe This is guy a married guy, do we allow remarry in our laws. You know lawyer can bend a straight laws. hehehehehehehe

      • Noredlac

        don’t inglis me, i’m panic!

      • samarutan

        Hahaha! You made my (Sun)day, dude!

    • yonoh

      maniwala naman akong mamatay………..takot lang nya………sayang yong kayamanan nila……………hehehehehehe

  • http://www.nochizdiet.blogspot.com/ NOChizDiet

    What a waste of time going through this story. Chiz Escudero, you really do suck balls.

  • Jimbox88

    Bakit kailangan pa ibalita sa lahat ang pakikialam sa anak, 28 na un! Bakit mag pa press pa?

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehehe Eh bakit ikaw nilalagay mo dito ang opinion mo at nakikipagchat ka pa. Kanyang-kanya kursunada yan hayaan mo siya anak niya yun, naghirap sila palakihin yun anak nila may karapatan sila dun. At ikaw wala ka karapatan sa anak nila. Eh kung bastos ang ipinakita sa iyo ng mangliligaw ng anak mo, di ka ba magre-react, siguro naman hindi ka tanga na hindi magrereact. Kanyang-kanya emotional yan. Yun emotional nila hindi mo emotional kaya huag ka na makialam dahil hindi ka naman parte ng pamilya nila. hehehehe Ang galing mo makialam hindi ka naman kaano-anu nila. hehehehehehehehehehe

  • Jimbox88

    Pag ganito in-laws mo, soli mo na lang ang anak!

  • Fulpol

    spin masters….???

    CDQ is the front runner…


  • Fulpol

    let Mar Roxas do the talking this time..

    Mar: Chiz I won’t let you take my place in 2016…

  • indiosbravos2002

    Bakit feeling ko parang alagang aso treatment ng nanay ni Heart sa anak nya na parang walang sariling pag-iisip. Malapit nang mawala sa kalendaryo anak nila pero kubg turingin parang batang paslit na pwedeng utus utusan.

    I admit malas nga si Heart kay epal Escudero pero hindi rin maayos treatment ng magulang ni Heart sa kanya. Actually, kung walang respeto si Escudeo sa parents ni heart, wala ring respeto parents ni jeart sa kanya

  • spider69

    tama ang isang blog. may mapupulot kang moral lesson sa issue na ito. di tulad kay Kris Aquino na pang mongoloid

  • Jimbox88

    this is like in-laws in h________

  • Kapitanbagwis

    The mother of Heart is a moron to blame others for her husband’s ailment. Her parents are manipulative people.

  • http://cribofthoughts.tumblr.com/ CribofThougths

    For one sided commentators, read this and weigh the arguments. Think outside the box people.

  • imnotmyopic

    life is too short to be bitter, ms. ongpauco! blaming does no good, it does not help enjoy peace, joy, and wholeness. i recommend this wonderful book, “Living Beyond Your Feelings”–Controlling Emotions So They Don’t Control You!

  • imnotmyopic

    life is too short to be bitter, ms. ongpauco! blaming does no good; it does not help you enjoy peace, joy, and wholeness. in the long run, it will only make you feel miserable. i recommend this wonderful book–“Living Beyond Your Feelings”–Controlling Emotions So They Don’t Control You! This book changed my life and a lot others.

  • JosephNess

    no one is to blame but themselves…they should have understand how delicate this situation which is private and very personal, why drag this in media and make the controversy public??? they must all stop this nonsense…sit down and talk this matter with themselves, not in public, where they can be offered as meal for gossips and fun…blaming is a form of hate, and hate can kill one soul…holy week starts tomorrow, they should all start retreating back and recall their past to make amend…that is, if they are all Christians…

  • Placido_Penitente

    Kapag namatay si Mr. Ongpauco, walang dapat sisihin kundi siya dahil hindi siya nagpagamot. Alam nang maysakit tapos ayaw magpaospital. Iyan ay “self-inflicted death”, kamag-anak iyan ng “suicide”. Tapos, sa anak mo ibubunton ang sisi?! That’s unfair! Grow up, Mr. and Mrs. Ongpauco, mas matured pa yata si Heart kaysa sa inyo!

    • Kapitanbagwis

      That is called manipulation.

    • tohellwithhypocrites

      tama ka placido…emotional blackmail ginagawa ng mga ongpauco na ito…

    • sanjuan683

      Kasi nga naman kay daming-dami lalake yun ba may asawa ang napili, hehehehehe nasa tama edad ba yan o nasa tama katangahan. hehehehehehe Malakas makahatak yun pagiging daldalero ng isang tao…. Tulad mo nabola ka naman ni cheat. hehehehehehehehe. Bata pala lang ako ingat na ako sa tao daldero 95% hindi nagsasabi ng totoo. hehehehehehehehe Kung baga sa commercial ads puro hindi totoo, tulad ng sachet na joy nagagamit daw ng isang linggo at may natira pa. Maraming naloloko itong si Bitoy kumita lang. heheheheheh

      • venfil29

        sino di magkakagusto kay escudero may pera at senador lahat ng luho pwedeng ibigay kay evangelista,kahit magulang niya sigurado hindi kayang ibigay ang luho niya sa katawan eh kay escudero buhay reyna siya,hindi tanga ang heart evangelista ginagamit nga niya utak niya,kung tanga siyadoon siya sa mga artista din na gwapo pero walang pera kay escudero marami siya makukuha, kung mag presidente pa yan di siya ang susunod na imelda marcos.

  • redsnow

    Si Chiz Escudero ay parang nasa Sesame Street Tv Program noung una si Milo malaki ang mata at batang butsoy ang gupit sa buhok hehehh.. Chiz anu ka ba wala na bang ibang babae sa mundo matanda na kayu wag mo pakialam yung babae may problima sa pamilya grabe ka naman . 43 years old kana . Marami na ka ganyan storya sa lovelife pero ang mga idad nila mga bata mga teenager ikaw matanda kana .Bakit nagsawa kana sa mga macho dancer kaya babalik ka sa mga babae .

  • randyaltarejos

    If a person has nothing good to say, better not to talk at all. Be quiet to dispel negative forces. Because everything you say that is negative will all the more make oneself miserable. The friction right now cannot be resolved through a one way traffic. Any agreement must be resolved by two or more parties across the table. As to who will initiate the first move? Surely, it won’t be Heart’s side. Anybody who has a sound mind will say that Chiz should be the one to make the first move to break the ice. If a lawyer can defend his clients in court, why can’t he defend himself in the Ongpauco’s living room or in any garden venue where beautiful flowers around bloom? There’s nothing to be afraid of. But the Ongpaucos must observe proper decorum and must not be combative, too. Next week it will be the start of the Lenten break. Everybody must find a resolve to be in peace with the sufferings of the Lord.

  • kokak

    I too knows who to blame if something bad happened to Heart’s dad – Ms. Ongpauco herself.

    Escudero may be irresponsible after all but Ms Ongpauco’s overzealousness to her 28-year old daughter combined with press releases is the one that pulled the trigger.

    May Heart’s pa get through all this, may Chiz acknowledge his failings and may Ms Ongpauco shut her mouth and stop spilling their personal problems to the world.

  • Concur_Dissent

    clear cut case of emotional blackmail!

  • Concur_Dissent

    chest pains? bago yan…. ang standard wheel chair lang!

  • Garibaldi_II

    Why don’t you do things right? Relax. Let your daughter on her own, she’s 28. If she falls down, let her; she’ll learn how to get up. Remember, home always finds a room in a person’s heart. Words alone can’t explain why anyone wants to go back home.

  • kokak

    On Children
    by Kahlil Gibran

    Your children are not your children.
    They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself.
    They come through you but not from you,
    And though they are with you yet they belong not to you.

    You may give them your love but not your thoughts,
    For they have their own thoughts.
    You may house their bodies but not their souls,
    For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow,
    which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams.
    You may strive to be like them,
    but seek not to make them like you.
    For life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterday.

    You are the bows from which your children
    as living arrows are sent forth.
    The archer sees the mark upon the path of the infinite,
    and He bends you with His might
    that His arrows may go swift and far.
    Let your bending in the archer’s hand be for gladness;
    For even as He loves the arrow that flies,
    so He loves also the bow that is stable.


  • OFW_Dubai

    may nararamdama tapos ayaw magpatingin sa doctor at ayaw magpadala sa ospital…tapos pag nautas eh iba ang sisisihin…..GAG0!

  • tohellwithhypocrites

    sisihin ba naman ang anak at ang ibang kung mamatay ang asawa niya, eh sila ang nagsimula ng gulo…what a pathetic mom…

  • anu12345

    “If my husband suddenly dies from the stress, I know who to blame and I will be very bitter against those responsible,”

    These parents are irresponsible people. They will blame somebody else for their own actions. No one will know if not for them.

    • a1phantom

      i bet you are not a parent

      • anu12345

        You just lost your bet. And your post is irrelevant to mine.

  • Jamal Idris

    Mama said, Papa said . . . cheese is bad for our Heart.

  • Mr Moonlight

    I dont get it, the father is ill having chest pains and all sorts of health issues, and yet, they are in seclusion in a private rest house instead of checking in a HOSPITAL??? hello hello, hmmmmmm its like one plus one equals 3.?
    Heart is 28 years old not 21
    Chiz is a senator of the republic, albiet, separated from his wife, he is no ordinary citizen.
    Their daughter has a mind of her own, let her go for cryin out loud!

  • rambe66

    This nonsense news is a result of the soap operas, talk and noon time show garbage prevalent in the philippine broadcast media today. Hence, it makes our viewers, young and old alike dumb. It,s high time for those in the broadcasting industry management to provide sensible and learning programs and media materials like those shown in science, technology and culture tv channels…just, saying. you know.

  • Loko Martin

    Heart should visit his Pa asap and bring along his bf Chiz with a bottle of Chivaz!

  • Mr Moonlight

    they said that chiz escudero is POOR? his father was one of marcos crony, doesnt any one realized whats its like to be associated with marcos during martial law time?
    and chiz is a senator with an annual pork barrel of 200M pesos, and he is poor ?
    too many idiot pinoys

  • okabato

    Average wisdom says there’s more to the story than meets the eye. I say that Chiz is not really serious about Heart and that he will dump her sooner than expected. If he ends up marrying her which I doubt, I owe every blogger here a drink subject to availability of funds.

  • Vic Usi

    A union without parental blessing is doomed to fail.

  • Guest

    Now, if her parents love her so much, then why make her choose between them and his boyfriend? Her mother is a textbook example of a kontrabida.

    • a1phantom

      Youre absolutely wrong……if you know that the man is bad, you would do everything to save your daughter from that man who seduced your daughter…even if your daughter hates you forever.

  • sk3tk

    Blame the doctor. Stupid.

    • CommonSens6

      Why is that?

  • Meow Ming

    Gusto ng magulang na sa prinsipe lang ipapakasal ang anak at hindi sa isang ordinaryong mamamayan lamang. Mayroon akong kilalang prinsipe ngunit sya ngayon ay nasa Sabah, nagtatago.

  • iskurokutoy

    Totoo bang nadala sa rehab si Chiz noong 19-anyos pa lang siya?

  • felix1959

    Masigla naman sa TV ah, bakit bigla nagkasakit???

  • venfil29

    hola chiz escudero kung ako sayo hanap na lang ako ng ibang babae na mas bata at mayaman, obvious naman na kinakwartahan ka lang ng girlfriend mo,MASISIRA AMBISYON MO DAHIL SA BABAE. relax lang mas marami ka pa makukuha na mas dyan kay heart evangelista ongpauco, kung talagang mataas ang ambisyon mo mag presidente hindi yang gf mo ngayon ang makakatulong sayo, hanap ka ng style marcos na galing sa south na angkan din ng mga politico, kasi pag kumandidato ka na ang asawa mo ay yang gf mo,sigurado kahit ako di kita iboboto kasi delikado na baka pag presidente ka na mas malala pa yan kay imelda marcos.

  • the_ownage

    “Rey is 70 years old. This issue about Heart has affected him badly,” does incest run in the family?

    Ongpauco said she was in a “state of panic” because of the poor health condition of her husband, who is suffering from heart pains, prostate ailment, diabetes and hypertension.

    smoke some weed and you’ll be fine!!

    • CommonSens6

      You are really the king of the swines hands down!

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    singkit just marry your relatives…IDIOTS

  • kilabot

    to dishonor her parents is to bring disaster and curse upon heart.
    whoever breaks one of the ten commandments breaks all of them.

  • imnotmyopic

    life is too short to be bitter, ms. ongpauco!

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Who is to be blamed for Heart’s father heatlth deterioration? No one else but the irresponsible talkative mother of Heart. Niluma nga niya si Annable Rama.Matapobre na akala niya kasingyaman na sila ni Henry Sy ar Lucio Tan kung magsalita. Abnormal & uneducated? Ni wala pa naman sa celebrity circle.

  • wilfel

    Parents back off. your daughter is a 28 years old lady so don’t treat her like a child. She can do whatever she wants. This is 21st century so BACK OFF. Your family might be rich but let your daughter do what she wants.

  • iping2sison

    Hindi karapat-dapat maging senador si Mr Escudero dahil hindi marunong magdala ng pamilya. Madaling matukso sa laman, sa kaha ng bayan pa kaya?

  • Cilina Magtheridon

    paborito pala ni chiz yung karneng hilaw na may gatas. mapagmahal sa mga batang babaeng anak. sarap na sarap sa pagtuhog sa mga batang hipon.

  • boybakal

    Heart Evangelista’s pa ailing; ma blames FAMILY FEUD.

    Ma is wrong to blame Family Feud.
    What is happening is more of a Wheel of Forture….that’s life.

    • JosephNess

      was it not the Price is Right…LOL.

  • Manuel_II

    very cheap, can’t believe her parents are resorting to these kind of tactics…

  • richard ortega

    walang dapat sisihin kundi ang mga magiulang ni heart sila ang nagumpisa nito bakit di nila bigyan ng laya ang anak nila? elitista at intsik kasi.

  • boybakal

    I can’t blame the family Ongpauco.
    Chiz is a married man, 46 years old, senator.
    Why can’t he even make a phone call or talk personally to the parents of Heart.
    Is that a hard thing to do.

    Tell them what is your real intention to Heart.
    Will he marry her someday or never mind.
    Will he be a paramour forever or a sex object.
    These are nagging questions that really breaks the heart of a parent.
    Even though Heart is of age….parents need to know that their bunso is safe to a man she loves before they depart.

    It is unfortunate that a senator who speaks with reason is unreasonable on his acts.
    Is this the man perceive to rule the country someday…..a simple family problem he cannot solve, much more if it is the country.
    As said…You Judge.

  • JMbilisyos

    wtf! just shut up, mader!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4Q5EHNRA6LXAHGXPSMAXBGJ4ME isidro

    In our culture, your in laws are part of your life.
    In Chiz’ case, he has to leave. He is not accepted in the family.
    Did he really love Heart? Or he needs “palamuti” next presidential election?
    Chiz has Heart’s heart (?), but he hurts heart of Heart’s father.
    For Chiz, dami naman babae dian. For Heart, dami naman lalake dian.

  • $18209031

    Chizzy azz is a rotten politician. In fact his dad just passed away last year and he is acting like an arrogant fool. THis is amazing…

  • ShibumiNinja

    mga trapo ume epal pa… mga epal talaga kayo >:& grrrrr

  • Jose Pepe

    Simple lang naman ‘yan, eh di itago niyo relasyon niyo sa mga magulang,
    everybody happy. :) The problem with us Filipinos, especially the
    parents are that we are against the marriage of our children, especially
    if the child is earning a hefty sum of money. I’m 31, and my parents still don’t want me to get married, the solution, simple, itago ang relasyon. ;)

  • Guest

    She is capable of destroying people’s reputation. Remember what she did to Marian Rivera?

  • $14334231

    blaming heart for her father’s illness and her attitude toward her parents? everything starts from the day she was born….parents are the first teachers of their child…..what she becomes when she grows up defines and reflects what kind of parents reared her….just because they’re super rich does not mean that they should teach this girl, heart, to be above and beyond any other human beings….remember, the character of a person, most of the time, is a mirror-image of the parents….what she is now could not entirely be blamed on her, nor on escudero….she fell in love with chiz, so what’s your gripes, mr. & mrs. ongpauco?…..my advice, read the bible….TEND TO YOUR FLOCK!!!!….that’s all…and this is not even a good news…i wrote my comment due to your stupidity, mr. and mrs. ongpauco….please….BLAME YOURSELVES, NOT HEART!!!!!!

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