Ongpin: Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are my dear friends


(Editor’s Note: The author sent the following statement to PDI to explain why his name cropped up in the Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista affair.)

I arrived yesterday (Thursday) from a monthlong business trip to several cities in Europe and was flabbergasted to read Mr. Ramon Tulfo’s column in which he made totally untrue statements about me. Why anyone would drag my name into such a silly affair will always be a mystery to me.

As a background, I think it is useful for your readers to know my relationship with Francis “Chiz” Escudero. As many of you may remember, his late father and I were both in the Cabinet of President Ferdinand Marcos. But I did not meet Chiz until early 2009, when a mutual friend called me that Chiz would like to meet me. I gracefully turned down the invitation to have dinner with him and said that I really do not want to get involved in politics anymore. But because he was very persistent and after about five calls, I agreed to have an early dinner with him at 5 p.m. at our mutual friend’s apartment.

I had never met this young man before, who was almost half my age, but I was very impressed (actually fascinated is a better word) with his intelligence and articulateness, and what to me was his amazing knowledge and grasp of Philippine politics.

At that time, he was still interested in running for President in the forthcoming elections but even from that first meeting, he never asked me for money. So the 5 p.m. dinner, which was meant to last an hour, lasted until midnight. We exchanged thoughts about the international economic situation, which he was very hungry for information and kept peppering me with questions. On my part, I told him why should he run for President at his very young age because even if he were elected, what would he do after six years?  At 46 years, basically he would have nothing to do, I told him.

I was also fascinated by his intellect and his extremely perceptive views on the Philippine political scene, which I had been away from for over 20 years since the Marcos days, and we agreed to meet again the following week. Those meetings turned out to be fairly regular informal dinner sessions and I enjoyed them thoroughly. I guess Chiz did, too, because he would call me frequently and ask if we could get together again.

He was going through a difficult personal situation at that time and quite some time later, he decided not to run for President and support President Aquino instead. I listened to all of his thoughts but quite frankly, had nothing to do with his ideas. They were all his. Throughout all of this, I want to stress to everyone that never once did he ask me for a centavo. It was all mutual appreciation of each other’s experiences and interests; that was why we were having our almost regular weekly meetings.

The only time Chiz talked to me about money was when he had given up his ambition to run for the presidency and had thrown his support behind President Aquino. He told me that I should contribute to President Aquino’s campaign and I resisted because I don’t contribute to political campaigns. I told him that I don’t even live in the Philippines and no longer wanted to be involved in Philippine politics but he was so insistent that he was able to convince me to contribute. Unfortunately, Chiz found out later that somebody close to the President had poisoned the President’s mind about me that any money I contributed would come from ex-first gentleman Mike Arroyo (which was of course total hogwash).  And so I was never a contributor and probably this is the reason why the kitchen sink, the toilet bowl and anything else you can think of is now being thrown at me.

One day last year, Chiz called me and said that he would like me to meet a friend, whom I found out later was Heart Evangelista. Apparently, while Chiz was in Davao one day, he had a call from Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who wanted to introduce him to Heart. This was shortly before or after Chiz got his annulment. I said of course I would love to meet her and she joined us for dinner. I found Heart to be not only a very beautiful and genuinely intelligent girl (I still keep teasing Chiz and asking him if I can take Heart out to dinner when he is busy campaigning and his answer is consistently, “No way!”)

The two are very much obviously in love with each other and I had no clue as to what Chiz’s relationships were with her parents because we never discussed any of that at all. Where Mr. Ongpauco got the idea that I was going to buy a house trailer for Heart, I will never know but I can tell you there is not a bit of truth in it. I do remember one evening when jokingly, I asked Heart what she would like for a Christmas gift and either Chiz or Heart (I don’t remember who) said maybe a trailer where she can rest in between her movie shootings. I said obviously in jest: “Well, why not, provided that I have visiting rights to the trailer when Chiz is out of town!” End of conversation. The trailer was never mentioned again.

I want to state clearly and unequivocally one more time that never has Chiz asked me for even a centavo for any reason whatsoever. I do remember that he had asked me to attend a fund-raising dinner and I said why should I waste my money when he was a sure winner. Besides, had he forgotten that my bank accounts were frozen!

I feel obligated to write this statement in fairness to both Chiz and Heart. They are two very wonderful people who are very much in love. I know from my own experience (since my wife’s parents, when I was courting her some 50 years ago, were totally opposed to me) how far parents who love their daughter and don’t like her boyfriend can go. But I was not a senator running for reelection but only a student so they could not get the media to go after me!

But what is happening to Chiz and Heart and the persistent attacks on them is certainly unfair and uncalled for. I have not talked to Chiz since I just got back yesterday and he may not appreciate this statement. However, I believe, as is my usual style, that I need to speak out when something so unfair and irrelevant is being perpetrated on dear friends of mine.

And as if I did not have enough troubles of my own because of the persistent attacks from certain levels of high government officials, the last thing I need is this kind of publicity. But what else can I do if I am busy working in Europe, minding my own business, and then I get back here and find this irrelevant trash being thrown around?

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  • diamond_digger

    Oh, Chiz is indeed admirably smart and wily. Imagine, he has a Roberto Ongpin for a personal spokesperson and PR man! Now the water is starting to boil and the kettle would soon be whistling – another of those never-ending telenovelas in the Philippine political stage. Let us stay on our seats for the next scene coming from the Ongpauco’s corner.

    • doncleo

      a telenovela of Marcos loyalists.

  • Europa

    You are not believable. You stole money from the people during the Marcos days. You are just playing safe because you are betting Chiz will run for President.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Ongpin: Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are my dear friends.

    In short, Chiz Escudero is also corrupt and Heart Evangelista corruptible.

    • Mr Moonlight

      such a stupid comment from a wiseacre crackhead pinoy blogger

      • Rodolfo

        There might be truth behind the statement

      • Mr Moonlight

        in this country theres just too many crackheads

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Wow! Who would have thought that Ongpin and Escudero were that saintly people. Or perhaps Ongpin has a very good ghost writer in his payroll.

  • Dame Jana Hitchens-M

    The Ongpaucos shld just let Heart be an adult. Whether she ends up with Chiz or with another guy named Cake is highly irrelevant. She’s a grown up woman- time to cut the knotted apron strings. Should this union with Chiz & Heart leads to marriage- Mr. Ongpin & Sen. Santiago could and should end up as the main wedding sponsors. And they lived happily ever after- THE END.

  • vince_bugaboo

    But no one is interested in your soliloquy, Ongpin. You are just stoking our basic abhorrence of you! Your athropied brain can’t figure that out anymore, can it?

  • Anqui

    Ongpin is the Gohst of Ferdinand Marcos…who destroyed Human Rights and Trample the Philippine Constitution. Chiz Escudero from his admittance of Ongpin, the Billonaire with pending case from the Philippine government, who finances his candidacy for the Senate and Presidency in 2016 , only tell us that Escudero sold his Soul to a Marcos Like advocacy of governing. Please DO NOT VOTE FOR CHIZ ESCODERO!!

  • Jake Lopez

    Question is why would Chiz insist on meeting Ongpin if the story is true. I guess Chiz knows that Ongpin has economic and political clout since his Dad worked with Ongpin during Marcos’ years. I see Chiz as young but a learned trapo.

    • doncleo

      you are right Jake what is the purpose of Chiz insisting to meet Ongpin if not for asking campaign fund? Chiz called him 5 times, did’nt he ask Chiz what his purpose was in meeting him?…Ongpin,knowing you as a shrewd and greedy businessman ,you will never spend your time with somebody(a politician at that) if you will not talk about money.. malapit ka nang mamatay Ongpin sinungaling ka pa rin..

      • carlcid

        Since Chiz Escudero failed miserably with his first wife, who cheated on him, perhaps Escudero wanted to ask the “macho” Ongpin for some tips on how to stimulate a woman and keep her happy.

    • Loggnat

      The answer to your valid question would probably be to learn and get educated on how to get a loan , make quick money and payoff the loan in record minimum time. I think the loan barely accumulated minimum interest when it was paid in full. I would like to learn how to do such investment transactions. Wouldn’t you?

      • Handiong

        It only works if you have corrupt officials of a government bank for friends.

      • Loggnat

        I see as a very astute business deal. Money was borrowed, Loan was paid back with interest. The bank was not complaining because the transaction was consumated and there was no funds stolen or lost. No harm, No foul as they say in B-ball. :)) What I read about the deal was that Ongpin borrowed money and bought shares or stocks of a business low and then sold them high with substantial profit. Sounds like he made a killing in an investment to me.

      • Handiong

        The deal went this way:

        1. Ongpin persuaded Rey David, Chairman of DBP, to sell to him the DBP shares in Philex.

        2. DBP gave Ongpin a loan with which to buy DBP’s shares in Philex.

        3. Ongpin turned around and sold the shares to MVP at a higher price.

        4. Ongpin then paid DBP and pocketed a handsome profit.

        While it is true that the loan from DBP was paid and DBP earned some profit, the outrage is that Ongpin earned a huge profit without using his own money, but just DBP’s funds. With this kind of cooperation from DBP, you don’t need much intelligence, or astuteness, or shrewdness to earn the P600+ million that Ongpin pocketed from the transaction.

        And it is hard to believe that DBP’s cooperation was dispensed without millions in personal benefits for David and the DBP’s Directors who approved the transaction. This was the corruption part. Government money was used to give Ongpin undue benefit that was not available to other citizens of this country. Try proposing to DBP the same transaction and see what happens.

        DBP could have earned the same profit, or even more, if it sold the shares in the open market. There was no urgency in selling the shares because DBP did not need the cash and the funds were part of its investment portfolio. DBP was earning good dividends from its Philex investment.

      • Loggnat

        Did the government charged and jailed the DBP directors that approved the loan? If not, there must have been not enough proof to go after them specially when the bank did not lose any money regardless of the assumption that the DBP could have earned more money in the investment market. In capitalism/business, there is no fair or unfair only legal or illegal transactions. A successful businessperson is the one who can successfully complete transactions to his advantage and earning maximum profit on it legally. No mention of fairness nor of investing solely his/her money just the legality of the transaction.

      • Handiong

        So, for you, it’s okay for government officials to use their positions for the personal gain of their friends and probably for themselves? As far as I know, there is a law, I think it’s the anti-graft law, that prohibits government officials from using their position or power to give undue advantage to any person. Government power should not be used to discriminate. If DBP can give Ongpin access to government funds for personal gain, the same access must be given to all citizens, under the principle of equal protection under the law. I don’t know if it’s just my moral mooring, but I find something unethical or immoral in what DBP and Ongpin did. And it is when there is an absence of ethics or morality in human endeavors that evil, which is the absence of good, has the greatest chance of setting in.

        I personally prefer an ethical of moral government.

  • farmerpo

    If the kids are so in love, why not get married pronto? They are of age Heart’s parents cant do a thing to prevent their marriage.
    True, in 2009, Chiz was brilliant and impressive. I would have voted for him against Pnoy. But the Corona hearing brought to light a lot about how he really thinks and express himself (like an dancer without a choreographer). And now this! Too bad.

    • vince_bugaboo

      escudero a kid? more like a very, very dirty old man to me!

  • ernievictory

    paktay na ang presidential ambition ni chizcodero . malamang sa kusina ng mga restaurants ng mga ongpauco kasama ng sandok at caldero pupulutin si chizcodero !

  • concern_netizen

    If you are really a good friend of Chiz, you should have shut up. You are merely reminding people how Chiz is associated with the Marcoses, how you are constantly oppressed by the Aquinos, and how Chiz presidency will answer all your woes.

    You don’t live here anymore? So why can’t your intelligence bring you richness abroad? Why do you continue to insist doing business in the country where Filipinos are profusely fed up with your lies and arrogance. Obviously you still enjoy hoarding billions of illegal transactions from years of immaculate connections.

    • observer1356

      Well, Ongpin does not deny that he was with the Marcos’ regime, does he?

      And why should hide the fact that the Escuderos were associated with the Marcoses, if these are indeed facts?

      Why hide the information from the voting public, as Chiz is a senatorial candidate in the forthcoming elections? hmmmm … the more reason that i wouldn’t vote for him..


    This kind of story isn’t new to me, na ang mga magulang ng Babae ay ayaw sa Boy Friend ng anak nila.
    I was in College, isang kaibigan ko ay ang Girlfriend ay anak ng isang mayaman na negosyante sa Leyte at ayaw na ayaw ng mga magulang sa lalaki,..nagsusumbong itong babae sa boyfriend niya na pinapalo siya ng golf club at sinasampal tuwing nalalaman na nagkita sila ng boyfriend niya ayon sa mga spy ng Tatay niya.
    Ang nangyayari kina Chiz at Heart ay di bago sa atin mga Pinoy dahil ito ay isa sa mga lumang Cultura ng mayayaman na gagawa sila ng propaganda O paninira sa di nila kauri O yong sinasabi nilang hampaslupa.
    Now, punto ko naman ay… KUNG TALAGANG TOTOO ang sinasabi ni Chiz na mahal niya si Heart…PAKASALAN NIYA…! tapos ang usapan!
    …Sa opinion ko ay,…galit na galit ang mga magulang ni HEART dahil nakikita nila siguro na …pinaglilibangan lang at binobola ang anak CHIZ…
    ewan ko,…siguro tama kayo…mali ang oipinion ko…well,…ANO BA ANG SAGOT NITO…!..

    • Edward

      if u read mrs. ongpauco 6 reasons why she did not like chiz for her daughter is first: chiz can’t be married again in the Church unless chiz can get a church annulment…hahaha


        Edward,….saan ..”CHURCH” ba?…ang daming Church naman ehh,..ha ha ha ! isang banda ay…maski saan CHURCH ikasal ang babae at lalaki ay di garantiya yan na magsasama sila habang buhay,…ha ha ha !
        May kasalan O walang kasalan basta nagkakasundo silang dalawa…okay na rin…di ba?….gumawa sila ng maraming anak ,…tapos…!
        ilan taon na ba itong babae..? 28 ?…Biente Otso…?

    • Rodolfo

      Yong ugali ni Escudero ang dahilan mayabang, hindi marunong gumalang at lasinggero pa ! kung ako ang lalagay sa parent ni heart, manghihiram ng mukha sa aso yang si Escudero !


        Aw…Aw…AW….”Thank you Rodolfo”…ganoon din siguro ang gagawin ko…ha ha ha ! di lang sa aso kundi sa pusa din…ngiyawwwwwwww! buti nalang wala akong anak na babae…ha ha ha ! kung nagkataon,…goodbye jaro aabutin niya…!

  • eirons1043

    Mr. O you must know with your impeccable quick money making talent from the very start that Chiz “say it best when he says nothing at all”. Galing ng ghost mo Bobby O. For Chiz I will not be surprised if Grace Poe will get more votes than you after this expose.

  • tulfowangbo

    talagang si Tulfo ay tsismoso !

    • lennonpaul

      “naghahanap buhay” lang yan:)

    • Rodolfo

      That’s his business to earn a living bro !

  • BatangSingapore

    etong problema ni Heart at Chiz pwedeng ilagay sa balita dahil may kapupulutan ka na aral. Pero kay Kris ay naku pang mongoloid talaga problema sinusuot niya hahahhahaha.

    • lennonpaul


  • jga94

    Hard to believe anything this Ongpin says….him verifying that Chiz is a close associate/friend makes me doubt Chiz even more….

  • boybakal

    A former cabinet secretary, finance minister Ongpin talks money literally.
    Can he just use more appropriate words like finances or donation and not money.

    The way I see it, Chiz and Ongpin two old men, Chiz proudly parading his prize catch , a very young woman named Heart.
    Ongpin jokes that he will visit the trailer where Heart would be staying when Chiz is away is probably true.
    Alam nyo ang intsik walang patawad, gustong sumalisi.

    No doubt, Heart is only for decoration para ipagyabang ng mga DOM dirty old men.

  • carlcid

    Bobby Ongpin writes like a dirty old man! Given Ongpin’s track record as a lecherous pervert, he is actually only half-joking when he talks about taking Heart Evangelista out for dinner or asking for visiting rights when Chiz is out of town. Ongpin’s attempts at humor only make him come across as the old sleazebag that he is.

    • tarikan

      I think he (Ongpin) was not half-joking in his illusions with Heart. He was quarter-joking actually. Trying at…baka makalusot hehehe.


        Tarikan,…Tama ka jan…ha ha ha ! iba bumanat yong matandang yon…ha ha ha!…di biro yon…makikisaw-saw pa yata…!OOOOppppps!

      • Rodolfo

        Tama kayo dyan mga pare ko ! may asim pa yong matanda ! he he he …


        “Rodolfo”….pilyo ka talaga…asim ng ano?….parang sampaloc? …ha ha ha..tamang-tama sa sinigang na talakitok..!

  • calixto909

    If your revelation is aboveboard then file a libel case against Tulfo to teach him a lesson. Writers have ethics to follow and since Tulfo as backed by your statement had breached it then he must be punished.

  • mariovill1950

    The downtrodden Filipinos could’nt care less and dont give a bloody hoot on your personal life.

  • tarikan

    Escudero was keen on learning the mechanics of a behest loan from Ongpin. Escudero in all his meetings with Ongpin never ask for a single centavo. But did he paid for the dinner in some meetings, Mr. Ongpin?

  • breakingbad_ww

    anakan mu si heart…tapos pag nanganak siya ..lalambot ang puso ng magulang niya pag nakita nila ang kanilang apo….at that point ma-realize ng lolo at lola na kelangan nilang makisama sa tatay ng kanilang apo.

  • pabloo6293

    I am no fan of Ongpin. But, if anything, his statement only goes to show what a scumbag this Ramon Tulfo is.

    • manufacturer2

      they are both scumbags

      • pammisymonds

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  • Emma Custodio Villa

    Mr Ongpin’s statement should help us see another side of the story. It helps us see another side of Senator Chiz – not asking for any donation for his campaign but would do it for PNoy, that is something to appreciate. I’ll vote for him.

  • Mr Moonlight


  • Mr Moonlight

    how could any one perceived chiz escudero as poor, #1 hes father was a marcos crony for crying out loud, does anybody had any idea whats its like to be closelyvassociated with marcos?
    #2, chiz was a comgressman and now a senator having a pork barrel of 200M pesos as his arsenal
    #3. He is bright and extremely smart even lito lapid whose intelligence is lowly regarded as sub par and yet is now a multimillionaire, how much more chiz is?
    do your math, folks

  • boybakal

    I still keep teasing Chiz and asking him if I can take Heart out to dinner when he is busy campaigning and his answer is consistently, “No way!”
    I asked Heart what she would like for a Christmas gift and either Chiz or Heart (I don’t remember who) said maybe a trailer
    “Well, why not, provided that I have visiting rights to the trailer when Chiz is out of town!”
    By Mr. Ongpin…

    This is like sweet talking a GRO or Hostess while drunk in a bar.
    And coming from an old man I presumed 80 years and calling Heart a friend…not funny at all.

    • Rodolfo

      Maybe this so called ” old man can still get it up ! comprende ? and not funny at all

  • John atm

    Well, tulfo is just that – low life! Unfortunately this Inquirer keeps him in the payroll. I have stopped reading tulfo’s nonsense.

    Well Bobby dont evev think about what you have in mind for Heart, Chiz will not hesitate to strangle you. He is so much in love … I should know.

  • upupperclassman

    Ongpin, if you had nothing to do and wanted to be cute, you just made it.

  • gerryjoaquin

    you are full of hogwash mr bobby ongpin. trash will be thrown to you instead of the kitchen sink. pnoy will never be associtated with you and your dirty billions. now that the pandora’s box has been opened, escudero will sink like a rock knowing that he is an associate of yours.

  • wakats

    Thanks bobby for confirming, in jest, about heart’s house trailer. It’s therefore safe to presume the questionable origin of heart’s P5M wrist watch and the up & coming P30M house/condo.

    With P200M annual pork as senator from 2007-2013 and P70M as congressman from 1998-2007, chiz must have saved a lot from bogus NGOs and other perks like the P1.6M enrile xmas bonus.

    Don’t vote for a bonafide trapo like chiz who presumably have already mastered the art of making big bucks out of taxpayer’s hard-earned money…..

  • Mark

    Ginagastusan ni Ongping si Chiz para pag naging presidente si Chiz ipapaabswelto nya si Ongping sa mga kaso nitong pang darambong.

    Mautak si Ongping, financier na ng mga politiko para makahingi ng pabor pag nakapwesto na.

    Binay + Chiz + Ongping = Goodbye Philippines.

  • iskurokutoy

    Ma-o-offend ako kung harapang sasabihin (Kahit pabiro!) ng isang DOM na gusto niyang i-date at bisitahin ang GF ko sa ibibigay niyang trailer home.

  • walaKA

    What to expect from Tulfo..He came from out of this world..

  • nice_boy

    Now Ongpin is telling the world that the father is a liar. Instead of patching this up, he is adding fuel to the fire. Senators receiving gifts from rich businessmen is an open secret. No need to deny it.

  • go88

    ‘I arrived yesterday (Thursday) from a monthlong business trip to several cities in Europe and was flabbergasted to read Mr. Ramon Tulfo’s….’

    Marcos crony touring europe … maybe on a laundering tour … guess where: Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra washes whiter than ariel.

  • symonwho

    I can’t believe that all Sen Escudero can say when Mr. Ongpin offered a trailer for visitation rights is “no way”! A proper person will be angered and leave pronto. Seems like Heart was thought as a prostitute by Ongpin.

  • MrRead

    Drama in Philippine politics. Who really cares? jeepney drivers, OFWs, House maids?

  • boybakal

    Ongpin: Chiz Escudero and Heart Evangelista are my Dear Friends.

    From an 80 year old man…why not grand kids.
    There should be a law prohibiting contact by pervert politician and dirty old man.

  • muddygoose

    It’s sad that a young politician like Chiz is already so corrupted and is hanging with cronies like Ongpin.

  • boybakal

    Kaya pala walang balita sa kaso ni Ongpin sa DBP as regards the loan that resulted to the suicide of a DBP lawyer….
    May Padrino pala si…..ChIz.
    Calling Mr. Pnoy….what happened to the case.

  • boldyak
  • Zigmar Torres

    What Ongpin has told us, in between his sympathy for Chiz & Heart, is the politician in Chiz, and his impropriety, like any other TRAPO, soliciting financial support to big businessmen. Claimed Ongpin, Chiz did not ask money from him. But Chiz asked him to donate to Noynoy’s campaign. Because he did not pushed through with his candidacy. What do we expect in return? Politicians and businessmen are not charity institutions who are moved by their conscience, but by their selfish interest and megalomania.

  • antiscam

    From what I’ve gathered in this article, Heart has a taste for ultra
    expensive luxuries. She will be like Imelda Marcos as First Lady once
    Chiz becomes president by 2016. Expect corruption on a grand scale to
    follow just to satisfy Heart’s luxurious desires. Just like what our
    Dictator Ferdinand Marcos did for her beloved Imelda…

  • $18209031

    Escudero is already in deep dodo shzt. His reputation is getting sour by the day. No more good vibes from Heart’s parents is a very bad sign.

  • JosengSisiw1

    Bobby Ongpin trying to stop the detorioration of a good friend, cleansing the name by saying & reiterating “he never asked for money”. Its also pretty obvious that he uses the 2 to clean his image too. Theres no doubt BO made a lot of money during Arroyos time although proving how stinkingly he worked will be tough as Arroyos cases..

  • boybakal

    While Chiz was in Davao, he had a call from Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago, who wanted to introduce him to Heart.

    Si Miriam na pala ang taga supply ng artista sa mga politiko.
    Sabi noon si Maceda.

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