Santiago to Escudero: ‘Practice art of humility’

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Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—“Fetch buckets of water, chop firewood, magmano ka, you have to be respectful,” so said Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago in an interview over Radyo Inquirer when asked what advice she should give Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero who is in the middle of a controversy with the parents of her girlfriend actress Heart Evangelista.

“He should practice the art of humility. He should just apologize if he did something wrong sa halip na birahin ng birahin itong magiging in-laws nya or what he hoped will be his in-laws. In our culture, before courting a girl, the man should court the girl’s parents, grandparents first,” Santiago said.

She said Escudero even mentioned of the wealth of Evangelista’s family but “that is not the issue here.”

“Her parents said he was not respectful and has a very bad attitude, that is what he should be answering,” Santiago said.

With regards to Heart, whom she considers her surrogate daughter, she said she was of proper age to decide for herself.

“Now, she’s 28 so I would advise her parents to let her go. She needs to learn her lessons the rough way. Kung ano man ang mapait nyang swerte, bayaan nyo na lang na matuto sya,” she said.

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  • Michael Sy

    Practice what you preach.

    • 12JEM

      She subscribes o the saying: Do as I say, not as I do…Kanya-kanyang approach sa buhay na parang Life lang naman.

  • Michael Sy

    Be respectful…bad attitude….look who’s talking.


    “Now, she’s 28 so I would advise her parents to let her go. She needs to learn her lessons the rough way. Kung ano man ang mapait nyang swerte, bayaan nyo na lang na matuto sya,” she said.

    Kitang kita na niloloko na nga, wala pang gagawin?

    In the first place Miriam, hindi ba ikaw ang nag reto sa kanilang dalawa. Ikaw yong match makers ehhhh.

  • generalproblem

    nagsalita ang basto sa senado. anong humility pinagsasabi mo. ikaw muna ang gumawa nyan bago ka magsabi sa iba, baliw talaga

  • dodong1

    “He should practice the art of humility. He should just apologize if he did something wrong


  • marivon

    Brainda talking about humility??? It is like a bald person giving lectures on hair care.

  • KpTUL

    Please madam senator go to the ICC already they need you there. Please go already madam please …..

  • joshua

    pano magiging isang mabuting leader ng Bansa itong si Chiz kung mismong magiging in laws nya binabastos nya. kahit gaano man kasama o ka ayaw sayo ng magulang in GF mo dapat di mo sila binibira. sabi nga pag binato ka ng bato ng in laws mo batuhin mo sya ng tinapay at ipakita mo na karapat dapat. sobra kasing yabang ni Chiz….. No to Chizzz

    • Johnny

      mayabang kasi may pork money.

      • BOYPDAF

        Di mo ba gets di nanghihiram nga ng kotse kay heart…anu ka b

    • $2931613

      mayabang kasi nakahanap ng backer na si Roberto Ongpin.. ipagdasal nya na hindi magkakilala ang mga Ongpin at Ongpauco.. pareho pa naman mga Ong.. otherwise, say goodbye to your political career chiz.. traydor ka kasi, kaya iniwan ka na ni Danding Cojuangco at ni Erap

      • tarikan

        Pagnagkataon uwi na laang kayo ni Gringo sa Sorsogon. Sabagay malawak ang niyugan ng pamilya ni Chiz so tumulong ka mag-copras o kaya magtayo ng “notary public” office. Si Gringo naman nakabili na (since naging senador ano pa) ng malawak ding niyugan sa isla ng Burias…yan ang balita dun.

  • samantha uy

    heart ikaw lng nakakaalam ng tunay n chiz escudero kung tama nmn ang parents mo sundin mo n sila walang mabuting idudulot sayo ang pag ibig kung sa maling lalaki ka lang mapupunta #NoToChiz

    • Noel

      Hindi kaya nahawa si Heart kay Kris sa pag-uugali at pagkahilig sa lalaki ?

      • mehetabelade

        Love my job, since i have been transportation in $82h… I sit reception, music enjoying whereas I add front of my new iMac that I got currently that i am creating it online… – Buzz80.ℂOℳ

  • jga94

    To Santiago:Practice what you preach….(regarding humility)

  • PutingAgila

    Miriam Santiago preaching “Practice the Art of humility.” Hooray!!! Look who is talking!

  • Mel

    Art of humility daw from Miriam oh!

    • marionics

      yup. like she practices what she preaches right?

      • Kristoidolo Gugmagkalinaw

        let’s accept it, she is very good at preaching….love her that way he he

  • Willy Jose

    hindi naman nanliligaw si Madam Miriam ah. Yung humility sa nanliligaw lang yon. hahaha

  • Boy Medes

    Miriam’s son killed himself. Go figure.

  • delpillar

    The University or College of Law teaches students or lawyers to be expert in dealing with the OUT-LAWs.

    But it is not taught, or many lawyers do no understand and realize that IN-LAWs are far Far FAr FAR FAR and very VERY MUCH DANGEROUS than OUT-LAWs.

  • $18209031

    Lawyers are trained to be liars and to refuse they are wrong . That is hard to swallow .
    They are trained to be right all the time .

    Time to let go of Heart, Chizzy . Time to let go.

  • Observer18

    Antonyms of humility: arrogance, assertiveness, egoism, pretentiousness, pride, self-importance. Brenda is the epitome of all of these.

    Yet, she has the gall to preach about humility. That’s what we call a certified modern Pharisee, a hypocrite beyond doubt.

    Brenda: Just mind your own business; manage your war with Enrile and conflict with Lacson first.

  • $18209031

    Sen Miriam, ano naman ito ? Mabuti pagsabihan mo si Chizzy to learn how to cook Bikolandio Expresso.

  • PH2011

    A very nice advise from Senator Meriam.

    BTW, there’s a saying ;

    “Practice what you preach.”

  • Mr Moonlight

    Is this some some unsolicited advise?
    hes a lawyer and heart is 28 years old for crying out loud
    ang kaugalian nga naman ng pinoys

    • patrickinca

      uu nga napaka mapapel at paki alamero ang mga pinoy tlaga hahahaha

  • farmerpo

    Ang tunay na lalaki, laging maginoo. Looks like Chiz is a fail. Too many collaborating comments from people who knows him well. Tama si Sen Miriam in context. I am sure kung uso pa ang sibak ng kahoy at igib ng tubig, it is the best way to show good intentions. No matter what the circumstances are, respect to elders only add to one’s self and disrespect deducts. GMRC goes a long way, and it is a long way to Malacanang.

    • UrHONOR

      TAMA yan….doon sa liniligawan ko, sa CONDO nila, nag-igib ako ng tubig mulang club house, tapos ng wala akong makitang kahoy na sisibakin, ang sinibak ko yong sala set nila. Ewan ko kung bakit nagalit pa yong mga magulang ni Rosary sa akin.

      • farmerpo

        Sir, pari ka ba? Bakit Rosary ang inatupag mo? Alam ko, pari lang ang mahilig sa Rosario, :-}

      • UrHONOR

        Dyan ka nagkakamali, bos. Hindi pari lang ang mahilig sa Rosario, pati mga OBISPO, kundi lalo pa. Ang hilig ko, Bos, ay Rosary, hindi rosario…hindi ako POOR, tulad ng CBCP. Ikaw, Bos, imbistigador ka ba? Alam ko, imbistigador lang ang mahilig sa tanong! :) OPs…..pati nga pala mga tsismoso’t tsismosa :)

      • Hurtlocker1

        ano ka ba…yan nga ang hilig hawakan ng mga madre sisters eh…Rosario…..ahAAAAAA!!!!!

      • Hurtlocker1

        Laughter is the best meds…
        ano ba nangyari sa pinas, ang gulo…puro politiks…
        ang punot dulo nito is: MONEY AND POWER.
        There can never be humility of a person without Christ in the midst of our LIFE.

      • tarikan

        Pre, kung ang sinibak mo yung mukha ng nanay ng nililigawan mo lalo na’t kamukha ni Sen. Miriam, naku eh di ayos laang.

      • UrHONOR

        E, paano, ‘Pre, yong tatay na kamukha ni Frank Drilon….paano mo lalaktawan yon, e, may de-sabog pa naman yon na dobol-barel? Isa pa, kung kamukha ni Matuts yong nanay, e, wala…talo! Yong ganyang pagmumukha….di na tinatablan ng SIBAK sa sobrang kunat. Maaari pa siguro ACETYLENE!

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    Escudero must be really fúcked up to be even coached by the most haughty, brazen, disgustingly proud, corrupt, crazy, and immodest politician who knows a lot of things except humility, propriety, sanity, and respect.

    You are messed up pretty badly if you are slapped with the most overwhelming irony this country has ever known. You are on your own Cheez. Start by eating your words.

    You could have been a good president but this mess of yours tells us that your heart (read: junk) is really the one making your decisions. How could we expect you to lead us if you cannot even push yourself to do the extra effort to be liked by the parents of the girl that you love (read: bang)?

    Turning a girl against her parents is like Joma Sison inciting insurgency. Not respecting the parents under the roof of their own daughter is like China claiming Scarborough Shoal; a great deal of disrespect. You see? There are parallels Cheez. You’ve gone haywire and you’ve gone stupid. Of course, because you’ve gone showbiz. And from any standpoint, that is just disgusting. Are those really the things you want us to remember you? Is a piece of áss really worth all of these mess? Why don’t we see this as a genuine love affair? Like the story of the star-crossed lovers? I know, because it is not true. Think cheez, think! Not with your junk but with your weird and ugly head.


    >>Santiago to Escudero: ‘Practice art of humility’<<<

    SIYANGA naman, be humble as Matuts na nangbubulyaw lamang ng kapwa-lawyer in public on nationwide television broadcasting. And if that is humility, the pope is a mormon.

  • iping2sison

    Laglag na si Chiz sa pagka-senador.

    • fuctore

      Maling mali ka jan.
      Mananalo parin itong Chiz sa eleksyon.
      Lam mo kung bakit?
      dahil mga bobong botante ang karamihan sa mga pinoy.

  • PCD_2012

    Escudero to Santiago, madame please show me first how to do it?

  • randyaltarejos

    Palagay ko alam ni Chiz yang mga bagay na yan having been raised and nurtured in a Bicolano tradition himself. But it appears to me that Escudero’s ego was hurt. As a senator, it could be possible that he couldn’t just kneel down and let go of his pride (political or personal). Let’s reflect and use the sample of humility that our Lord Jesus Christ did to his disciples by washing and kissing their feet. If the Lord can do this, why can’t we as human beings? Now, if Escudero can’t it’s his problem, not ours. After all, he is the one concerned. When the day of reckoning comes, he’ll think about his missteps. If Chiz is really hell bent on winning the trust of the Ongpaucos, he may stoop down a little bit and forget that pride.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    She is just entertaining the readers.

  • virgoyap

    Yes! This a very wise advise by Meriam. This time I’ll go with her. By doing this your candidacy will multiplied a hundred times.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    I miss the days when the entire nation was hanging by every word that comes out of Chiz’s lips. He has the perfect sound bites, the calmest zen expression and the wittiest of retorts. But those days are gone now. Especially after Chiz got torotot by his wife. And now, this quarrelsome couple who happens to be Heart’s parents. I hope Chiz will heal soon so that he can entertain us again with his nice-sounding sound bites. If you would like Chiz to heal sooner, let’s vote for Chiz and make him no. 1 senator again. By being the no. 1 senator, Chiz will regain his former confidence and inspire this nation to be great again.

  • sanjuan683

    Ganyan talaga ang mayabang na tao. Tingin niya sa sarili napakatalino niya hehehehehe yun pala bugok pala. Marunong ka lang sa napag-aralan mo pero dun sa napag-aralan ko ay bugok ka.

  • Garibaldi_II

    Always a colorful figure, you are a canon ready to fire any time. It’s baffling when you’re yelling about the impudence of fellow senators yet you’re breaking basic good manners. You and Escudero live in different times and different mindset. Boorish Escudero can’t stoop down to old fashioned manners to comfort Ms. Ongpauco. He’s happy as he makes others sad. He makes marriage like a game where players switch easily. If he says, “I like you” there must be a reason why; if that reason is gone, so is the reason why he likes you. Escudero, all people are equal and so is respect to humans.

  • beerhunters

    Uragon na maray!

  • wakats

    Even Mirriam has advised chix to practice humility – which shows that in their long years in the senate together, mirriam has noticed chix’s arrogance, superior feeling and conceitedness.

    Am glad this issue came about before the midterm elections and the people can now judge chix on his “bastos” personality – and to think that he’s seriously planning to run for president in 2016……

  • ernievictory

    eto naman kasi si heart may uban na sa bulbol e nakakabit pa sa magulang !

  • judefawley

    Jesus Christ! What kind of news is this?

    • JosephNess

      sir, I suggest…jejomar…hahahahaha…

  • david

    senadora, practice doing it first before you tell anyone.

  • AJ Giorgio

    kasi naman people, you are expecting too much from these people..

    si Mr. Escudero.. senador lang naman sya.. hindi naman sya kilala bilang isang respetadong tao..

    si Heart.. artista lang sya.. o… kailangan pa bang i-memorize yan?

  • regd

    Ok, so between Miriam and Kris, which one is more credible? Will compare jacel later.

  • boybakal

    Fetch buckets of water, chop firewood, magmano ka, you have to be respectful,” so said Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago to Escudero.

    Alam na naman ninyo Madam, that customs and tradition nawala.
    Ang nanunuyo ngayon ang sinusuyo ng magulang….gaya ng ginawa ni Escusdero, nakasalampak ang paa, nakabukaka at amoy alak.
    Imbes na ang tatay ang magtanong si Chiz ang nagtanong kung anong trabaho ng tatay.
    Baligtad na ang mundo.

    Ika nga….Kung di makuha ng paupo, Tirahin ng Patayo.
    At walang matimtiman di na birhen sa lasenggong di nananalangin.

  • $18209031

    Tapos na ang spellbound ni Chizzy kay Heart. THe parents are now disspelling him before the whole country. No more love and admiration for this man. His true colors have surfaced. Time to bug out and find another woman of your life.

  • JosephNess

    the parents has no right to meddle in their daughter’s heart desire, she’s already 28 years old…all they can do is give her advice…whether their advice will be heeded will be for their daughter’s consideration…she is not a minor anymore, they should realized this, and she has a mind of her own…whether she succeed or failed in marriage is her own decision…we parents should be always supportive of our children…good or bad, we must stand by them and never fail to give love and good advices…that’s the role of the parents…what a shame to drag your good family name, private lives and honor for public scrutiny to be just scandalized, talked about, make fun…etc…this is not an action of a sane dignified people…they must realize this, if they still have that iota of decency in them, they should stop this nonsense now, while there’s still time, thresh this out privately among their two families like civilize educated people…just hoped they are!!!

  • patrickinca

    Kilala naman ang mga evangelista na mata pobre. Kita mo pati isang senador ay di pumasa hehehehe

  • patrickinca

    oh and one more thing…. To Miriam… Please practice what you preach for you are not known for being humble either.

  • diamond_digger

    This admonition coming from the “Nanay in the Philippine Senate”, has clearly lend credence to the reported ‘uncultured’ and or ‘disrespectful’ conduct this otherwise ‘darling’ of the young masses in Philippine politics has shown to his ‘would-be in-laws. I couldn’t but agree 100% with Sen. Merriam’s advice. Evidently, this man -whose ego must have been overly bloated by the praises and admiration of the masses as shown in the results of various surveys – would need a real good, no-nonsense crash course on the “Art of Living and Dealing With In-Laws” by professor Merriam Santiago.

  • libra25

    Chiz seems to carry a heavy chip on his shoulder

  • vince_bugaboo

    “Fetch buckets of water, chop firewood, magmano ka, you have to be respectful,” so said Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago.”

    Ms. Miriam, if you mean mag-igib at mamalakol si Escudera literally, di n’ya kayang gawin ‘yan. Madadapa s’ya kasi laging lasing. Iba na lang ang ipagawa mo. Sabihin mo h’wag s’yang tawa ng tawa ng walang dahilan na parang may tililing! Nakakailang! lol!

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    OMG, why do I have to look at Brenda’s face again? Could the Inquirer be kind enough to spare us the trauma of seeing that insane woman again?

  • tarikan

    “Practice the art of humility”? Nagsalita ang isang ring bastos ang asal. No question Sen. Miriam has a brilliant legal mind pero and dating nya eh bastos makipag-usap or makitungo. Akala mo she has the monopoly of knowledge. Mawalang galang na po Inday Miriam…pweee bastos ugali mo.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Ms. Mir, siguro kung ikaw ang naging biyenan ni Escuder at ganito ang asal n’ya sa’yo, malamang lalagyan mo ng pinong bubog ang pulutan n’ya, ano? Joke lang! Lol!

    I-try mo kaya sa ibang collegues mo sa senado? Yay! Saya siguro, ‘no?

  • tarikan

    With this brouhaha about Chiz & Heart, Chiz might end up out of the magic 12 come election time. Well, he might end up with a brilliant career as notary public in Sorsogon City who knows. Or a PR official of Barrio Fiesta.

  • wawa2172

    “Now, she’s 28 so I would advise her parents to let her go. She needs to
    learn her lessons the rough way. Kung ano man ang mapait nyang swerte,
    bayaan nyo na lang na matuto sya,” she said.

    Well said Miriam that is a good advise for Heart. You hit the bull on Chiz too, he should be respectful to Heart parents and kung mayron man siyang nagawa di maganda ay humingi siya nang tawad. Chiz however is mayabang at di marunong magpa kumbaba. He should talk to Heart parents that he loves their daughter and not she is for banging only. Nasa tamang idad na si Heart but isip bata naman si Chiz. Hindi senate ang relationship Chiz at parang na opposition ang parents ni Heart. You will become old too Chiz at sana huwag mangyari sa iyo ang hinagpis nang parents ni Heart.

  • Noel

    And that’s what Chiz obviously lacks…humility. Just by the way he talks and behaves shows his arrogance.

  • boybakal

    There is no Humility if you are a senator and drunk.

  • D3marketers

    Oo nga naman. Sino ba namang magulang ang matutuwa nyan, di man lang pormal na hingin ang kamay ng kanilang anak tapos ang butihing senador pa mismo ang nakikitira sa condo mismo na pag-aari ni Heart na kung saan malapit din lang sa condo unit ng kanyang mga magulang. Asan ba ang respeto para sa mga Ongpauco dun? Eh kagalang galang ka na senador eh tapos yon lang ginawa mo? Eh di lalong mag aalburoto syempre ang parents. Asan ba ang GMRC dun?

  • manuel yaptangco

    Miriam pontificating about the virtues of humility to Escudero is like the pot calling the kettle black. Truth be told, Miriam has many attributes, but humility is not one of them.

  • Hurtlocker1

    HUmility is a God-given gift, through Christ the saviour.
    A person without Christ in his/her life, is impossible to possess a humility, let alone to describe as a down-to-earth person, as most commonly known.
    Remember: Christ loves a humble person.

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