Escudero denies he’s an alcoholic


Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Senator Francis “Chiz” Escudero on Friday denied that he was an “alcholic” as claimed by the parents of his own girlfriend, actress Heart Evangelista.

Escudero answered “no” in his Twitter post to a question by a follower if  it was true that he drank a lot.

“Your lovelife is yours, problems with your future in-laws is personal. But as a voter, I want to know, do you drink a lot?” asked Twitter user @PelitaPeraltaUy.

Responding to this, Escudero said, “No. And the other allegations as well vs me. That’s why I had to come out.”

“If I didn’t answer, people might think it’s true,” he added.

Also on Twitter Thursday night, the senator maintained that all the allegations hurled at him by his girlfriend’s parents were all just “made up” to break them up.

“Sorry but [I] didn’t do anything wrong. Everything they said was simply made up to pressure me, given that am running, for me to let go,” said Escudero, who is seeking re-election in May, responding to another question.

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  • noyab

    look for ur look alike woman….mongoloid….

  • wilson

    pakiitang tao ka lang pala kala mo napakabait kaya pala nagkahiwalay kayo ng asawa hindi mo na kami mapapaniwala.

  • padrefaura

    He is not an alcoholic…. Only drunk with power

  • marivon

    Politicians in the Philippines are difficult to trust. They will promise you the moon and the sky during the campaign period. After getting elected you will get a moon cake and sky flakes from them.

    • D3marketers

      Saka mineral water, sardinas at noodles bro ;))

  • blowcoldblowhot

    Alcoholic. The first time Chiz visited our home, we saw that he was drunk and he smelled of alcohol. The second time he went to our family home, he was again drunk, carrying a bottle of red wine. During both visits, he hardly spoke a respectful word. He sat slumped in a chair with his legs spread outward. He has never formally asked for our daughter’s hand, or explained how he will support her and his wife at the same time.

    Illusions. According to Heart, Chiz has promised her that he will become President by 2016, and then she will be addressed as “First Lady.” The staff of Chiz sometimes addresses him as Mr. President. This is pure seduction, because we believe Chiz does not stand any chance to become President or Vice-President, owing to his secret character.

    Furthermore, he once boasted to Heart that he runs a lucrative law office, and that a multinational is poised to pay his law firm over P200 million a year for lawyering for the multinational. One more boast of Chiz is that he has already the guaranteed financial contribution of a businessman who has been listed among the 10 billionaires of the Philippines, but who is under investigation by the Senate. Heart believes all these claims made by her boyfriend, without any evidence.

    • Edward


  • Night

    baka pukeholic

  • wawa2172

    Chiz is not a alcoholic but a drunken master he he he. Minus one na ako sa boto mo chiz, marami pa ang susunod. Lasing na lasing ka sa kabataan ni Heart at red wine ang pang pagana. Matuwid na daan between legs huh.

  • jojo webmail

    “hey voters, I don’t have a drinking problem, in fact i’m good at it.”

  • Wesley_james

    Imagine ha, Heart herself na ang nagsabi, di totoo ang accusations ng parents niya kay Chiz. Ogag pala itong sina Rey and Cecille. Liars!

    • generalproblem

      alam mo yang mag ongpauco ay typical na intsik ayaw nila na malahian ng indio ang mga anak nila kasi baka mapunta sa indio ang kanilang kayamanan. sorry ka na lang mr and mrs ongpauco eh nadali ng oragon ang anak nyo at expert na sa alam nyo kaya yun nabaliw anak nyo

      • $18209031

        Are you a kayumanggi? You should look for a kayumanggi to spread your kayumangmang genepool. Okey ba ?

      • generalproblem

        kayumamng talaga ko di ako intsik heheheh. intsik ka noh diba tutuo.

      • lennonpaul

        d n uso racist ngayun


        uso pa rin. wait for your time to experience racism. classifying human beings per ethnicity, nationality, looks, age,education, religion etc etc etc is a form of racism. dont be too naive, or else, sa kamatisan ka pupulutin.

    • Waldy

      tama si Chiz… maboteng tao niyan… hik… hik… hindi siya lasenggo…

    • AriannaDraws

      alam mo kung sino ang ogag?si chiz escudero, naknampu masama ang ugali nyan kapag hindi nakaharap sa camera, bastos at lasinggero talaga tska nagbabayad sya ng mga tao para ipagtanggol at itago ang baho nya,tulad mo bayad ka di ba?

  • NegaStarr

    Stage 1: Denial.

    Cmon Chiz daanin na lang natin ito sa maboteng usapan…

    • Edward

      First, deny their reality and then affirm your new truth. hahaha

  • $18209031

    Chizzy azz is a trained liar like all traditional politicians. He has manipulated Heart’s heart to him for some spell bound. The parents are very concern about this and are now opening the worms to the public. When parents dont like you to be with their precious daughter, then you are warned. They are NOT giving you the blessings to be part of the family. That means , its done and kaput. Dont push it .

    You are not dealing with chimamays and cheap people here with no money that can be bullied. You are dealing with rich people here Chizzy. Time to let go of Heart.

  • Guest

    Chiz is a senator ang pinalaki ng maayos ng kanyang pamilya. Hindi niya magagawang mambastos ng tao.

    • Edward

      wehhhhh d ngaaaaaaaaaa…

    • $18209031

      You dont know the man. Parents of Heart will not be so openly negative if he didnt display behaviour that s revulting . The parents of Heart have money so dont fck around. If Chiz thinks he can beguile everyone because he is a promising young senator, then he is in for a rude awakening.

    • PiNewyorker

      yeah right! From what i heard from his staff, his mouth’s inability to stop cursing is amazing! LOL

      Let the truth come out.

      • David Bobir

        how refreshing….most politicians mouths when open are lying

    • Waldy

      hindi bastos si brad chiz… hik… hik… mahilig lang siyang manansing ng mga staff niya… tanungin niyo si Lyka…

    • Guest

      You know what, this Cecille Ongpauco is really elitist and arrogant.
      Kaya di na nakakapagtatakang siya ang bumastos kay Chiz.

      • Waldy

        tama ibagsak ang mga elitista… sila nag ngapapahirap sa bayan… hindi kaylang ni brad chiz ng mga boto ng mga mayayaman…

      • joshua

        pero kahit na dapat ba banatan mo rin ung magiging parents in law mo. ayaw natin ng ganyan. maybang talaga si Chiz

      • jamz111

        Kailan ba nya binanatan parents ni Heart?

        Wala pa yata ako narinig kay Chiz na against sa parents ni Heart. So far puro pagtatanggol lang sa sarili nya.

      • lennonpaul

        sabi nya hindi porke mapera sila lalaitin na sya…banat yan db?

      • BOYPDAF

        thats a statement not against with the parents!read between the lines

      • lennonpaul

        so mean chiz is addressing all materialistic parents except Heart`s parents? are making it complicated…read my comment again.

      • mehetabelade

        My mothers neighbour is functioning half time and averaging $9000 a month. i am one mum and simply got my 1st bank check for $6546! I still cannot believe it. i attempted it out cause I got very desperate and currently i could not be happier. Here’s what I do, – Buzz80.ℂOℳ

    • Guest

      GO CHIZ!

    • akosibonjing

      hiwalay sa asawa si escudero dahil lasinggero sya, binabastos nya ang dati nyang misis, ganyan ang likas na pagkatao ni escudero.

    • BonnieBailey9

      hiwalay sa asawa at pamilya dahil sa dati na syang lasinggero at bastos, anong maayos sa pagpapalaki kay chiz escudero?kahit nga mukha nya hindi maayos ang pagpapalaki,

    • D3marketers

      Oo nga naman kaso iniwan ng waswet bakit kaya?

    • D3marketers

      Oo nga naman kaso iniwan ng waswet, bakit kaya?

  • $18209031

    Chiz , enough of the sweettalking. Time for you to fish for other women and cash your spellbound on them so they will look up to you as their man for all seasons. Theres a lot of pretty gals in the many UP campuses where you hail from. Show your lawyery prowess and guile so they will be attracted to you. Or go back to Bicol for theres plenty of beautiful women over there. A Bicolano should be with a Bicolana.

    • Waldy

      wala tapos na yung mga tga-UP pinagsawaan na namin nina brad chiz yan, gangnam style este gang bang style pala… intern naman ang pinapatulan namin ala monica lewinsky…

  • Barak_O

    he’s not an alcoholic
    he just gets drunk easily
    whoever gets drunk with red wine is a noob

  • PiNewyorker

    Drunk with power. Most of it is true! A man of words yet his district is one of the poorest int he country. But I know people will still vote for them because the people only get what they deserve!

    • $18209031

      He looks better being a college professor and have his own class of girls that extols him in every way .

  • Waldy

    hindi alcoholic si brad chiz… umiinom lang siya ng marami… hik… hik… nagbabatak lang kami… hik…. hik…

  • dadwel

    is Mr. Escudero can’t handle his own family (hiwalay sa asawa) now his future in law, how can he handle nation affair? same goes to LOREN, PIA et al.

    Can we trust our nation to this people who can’t handle their own family affairs well? Probably they will just push DIVORCE and destruction of family by using the work FREE CHOICE?

    • Waldy

      tumigil ka, hindi kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto mo… kahit di mo siya iboto no.1 pa rin siya sa senado

      • $18209031

        You can take his Chizzy azz back to Bikolandia.

      • Waldy

        pustahan tayu si brad chiz pa rin ang no. 1 sa senado… and you can take that to the bank…

  • Waldy

    si brad chiz ang future ng pilipinas… iboto siyan bilang presidente…

  • $18209031

    He is using Heart captivating beauty to propel his image as the next promising senator and would be presidential candidate in the near future. The man is a trained lawyer and liar. They are sleazy snakes like all politicians.
    Now that the parents are furious and have openly declared their disgust of Chizzy azz, then it s time to let go of Heart. No reason to beguile her again and again. The spellbound is over , senator. The nation should know who you really are. Dont deny it.

  • PH2011

    Let’s go straight
    with the records.

    Let somebody
    check his Senate attendance and performance.

    Is he always
    absent and late?

    If so, a Raison d’être for the ( future? )
    parent in law and voters.

    If the other
    way around, the Senator has the edge on this accusation. The senator probably is just a (social) drinker like majority of macho professional who can drink everyday but can still manage his daily and nightly (Heart) obligation.

    Let’s drink
    to that. Right Pare…(Erap)…Hik!

    • $18209031

      Like the saying, Parents know best— so dont sugarcoat with your social drinking alibi. Chiz is not giving good vibes to the parents. He displayed displeasing behaviors many times to the parents. As parents they have seen this man and have known his ways . The fact they declared openly means they are fed up with his manipulative behavior on their precious daughter. The family has money and are not cheapo chimamays who can be beguiled easily by politicians the likes of Chizzy azz.
      Bad blood is now flowing from the very parent s of Heart. Time to let go , Chizzy. You are not getting the blessings from the parents. Theres no point in pursuing the relationship. You know that very well that when parents say no , its time to let go.
      If you are a gentleman and a man of honor, let go of Heart.

      • PH2011

        Like the saying, Parents know best— NOT ALL…

        so dont sugarcoat with your social drinking alibi. – AGREE.

        He displayed displeasing behaviors many times to the

        The family has money and are not cheapo chimamays who can be
        beguiled easily by politicians the likes of Chizzy azz. –HMMM…THEY SHOULD NOT

        Bad blood is now flowing from the very parent s of Heart. –

        Time to let go , Chizzy. You are not getting the blessings
        from the parents. Theres no point in pursuing the relationship. You know that
        very well that when parents say no , its time to let go. – AGRRE IF SHE’S STILL

        If you are a gentleman and a man of honor, let go of Heart.


  • Guest

    Hindi kaya ang couple na sina Rey and Cecille Ongpauco ang nambatos kay
    Chiz Escudero. Posible yan.

    • Waldy

      tama …. banatan mu pa brad… mabuhay ang APB…

      • Guest


      • Guest

        Di ba naisip nina Rey and Cecille Ongpaunco na may pamilya din si Chiz na napektuhan ng ginawa nila. Di ata nag—iisip mga tsekwang ito.

    • DonkeyKong1

      walang magulang ang gustong ipahamak ang anak nila,,bobo lang ang gagawa nun, si escudero bastos talaga sya kaya hindi sya natagalan ng dating misis nya.

  • Spidekick

    Magpakatotoo ka lang Chiz, yun lang.
    Fake ka kasi eh. Alam mo ‘yan.
    Barkada mo si JAS ‘di ba? Marami kayong tauhan na alam mga pinagagawa niyo…

    • Waldy

      hindi alcoholic ano…. umiinom lang kami nga marami…. peksman… hik… hik… hik….

  • dodong1

    Hi my name is Chiz Escudero and I AM AN ALCOHOLIC…this is what they always say when they introduce themselves in an alcoholic class….lol

    • Johnny


  • Guest

    Biruin mo ginamit pa si Mon Tulfo para bakbakan si Chiz. Nagpapa-press
    con pa sina Rey and Cecille para sirain si Chiz. How cruel they are.

    • Waldy

      tama…. sila ang alchololic hindi si brad chiz… parang santo si brad chiz…. di siya makabasag pinggan.. hik…. hik…. hik….

      • tarikan

        Sa tingin ko parang ka-sister ko yang brod mo, sa pananalita laang it gives him away. Hindi nya kailangan magbasag ng itlog…hipu-hipo laang although kaya rin nyang basagin ang kay Puso sa tingin ko laang. He could be an auto-volt, pwedeng 110V and/or 220V. Tingnan mo laang, kung makipag-usap sa lalaki sa baba nakatingin. Didn’t you observe that?

    • $18209031

      That show s they have the means. Chiz is not dealing with cheapo chimamays here, folks. If you play and fck around with a rich girl’s parents, then you get fcked.

      • Guest

        The problem with Rey and Cecille Ongpaunco, they are acting as dictators to Heart. Wala ng laya yung tao na pumili ng mamahalin niya.

      • popeyee

        hindi naman sa kung sino ang mamahalin ni heart an concern ni Ongpaoco, kundi ang masamang bastos na ugli ng napilig mahalin ni heart…

      • Waldy

        wala yan kahit magsumbong pa sila kay tulfo… kay chiz pa rin ang taong bayan…. hik… hik…. hik… nagbabatak nga kami, kasama namin ni E.R. at Paquito, eh gustong gusto pa rin kami ng tao,,,,

      • $18209031

        Yep, he is getting a good beating by Tulfo . If you play around stupid drunk , then you get a kick in the butt. Thats the rule in the house.

      • Waldy

        wrong grammar sulat mo… better write in visaya dong, your english grammar is very poor as poor as your mind…

      • $18209031

        No need to perfect my english . English is an adopted form of communication . Be who you are not some azz licking tagalegleg or Bikolandio zealot the way you re defending this man .

      • Waldy

        because that;s what brothers are for… we alpha phi bettans support our own brothers whether they are right or wron… hik…. hik…hik… its high that R.P. should have an APB as a president… mabuhay ka pangulong chiz…

      • $18209031

        RP dont give a rat’s azz what this socalled APB stands for. In the real world, its a whole different ballgame. You fck around, you get fcked.


        depends on the RAT’Z AZZ. if it’s like WALDY’S, then no amount of FCK around would stop chizy boy to run for prez.. this son of MACOY agriculture secretary have ONGPIN’s backing so he has to secure the ONGPAUCO’s, to secure the money needed to crown him KING CHIZY of RP, and yet have time to co-host KRIS TV. oppps, my bad.


        waldy, sounds like a loser eh? waldy as in peldi. well, nuff said. me grammar no is good too. but me can hit hard no matter that wrong is. lolz. now, WALDY, the way you said WE ALPHA PHI BETTANS can be interpreted 2 ways: either yours is SAMAHANG BADING or yours is a club with exclusive memberships of ASO, PUSA and BABOY (APB). correct you me if me is wrong on this.

      • bugoybanggers

        wag kang mag magaling! Sino ka para mag husga? Ang Pilipinas ay hindi US or UK! Sige tagay ka pa.. ang yabang mo!

      • isellnuts

        Bakit, hawak mo ba ang ang desisyon ng mga ibang tao?

    • kurakut


    • NOChizDiet

      There are always two sides to every coin. Cruelty begets cruelty.

    • Kirat

      Such are the lives of the high and mighty. Multi-billionaires having personal issues with a mere billionaire scream at the broadsheets. They can settle this quietly, count their billions or their survey points, but noooooo. Mea culpa too, since I keep reading these stories. :))


      Hindi daw namumulitika ang mga parents ni heart pero 2 days nag pa presscon. Halatang gusto lang manira. Tama si Chiz.

  • Timothy Te-Co

    Manood na lang kayo ng bagong Teleserye nila Chiz at Heart sa GMA: ChizHeart, “Senglotin mo ang puso ko.”

  • Guest

    Let Heart go, let Heart go. Kung saan masaya ang anak mo, hayaan mo siya
    siya naman ang magdadala niya. Hope Ongpaunco couple read this.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * * * * * *
    The Senator appears to be only a serial drinker. . .so far. He could be into other series—-unknown to us at the moment.

  • Guest

    Hindi salbaheng tao si Chiz para hindi magustuhan ng mga Ongpauco. Talagang
    pakiaalamero lang sina Rey and Cecille.

    • $18209031

      They are parents of Heart. They have every right to say what they want in light of what they ve seen in him and their perception. If Chizzy azz did show bad vibes and disgusting behavior, then he is not taking the hand of Heart or winning the hearts and minds of her parents. He is failing, that is the simple fact of life.

      Time to let go. A true gentleman must accept the facts and simply move on.

      • jamz111

        Ilang taon na nga ba ulit si Heart?

    • Waldy

      tama … sila ang alcoholic at drug addict… hindi si brad chiz… ano…. walang alcoholic at drug addict na escudero…

  • Mel

    “I’m not alcoholic” is what all alcoholics say.

  • generalproblem

    kasalanan ni merriam yan pakialamero kasi gusto pa yatang maging love doctor pagkatapos sa senado. sya ang dahilan kaya naging magsyota ang dalwang yan hehhehe. nag prepare na si merriam ng retirement jo.

  • Mel

    Ayaw sa magaling na aktor, ayaw sa gwapong modelo, ayaw sa pangit pero senador, eh ano gusto nyo?

  • $18209031

    Heart’s parents is telling Chizzy azz the senator in the last 48 hrs to let go of their daughter. And its time for Chiz to let go. There s no point in pursuing your relationship with her. That is the final verdict and dont sugarcoat your way around it. Remember , you are not dealing with chimamays here . You are dealing with people who has money and connections. So dont push it.

    • Waldy

      chizzheart forever… hik…. hik…hik… hamakin man ang buong mundo… chizzheart par rin kami… chizz para pangulo sa 2016…. hindi kaylangan ni brad chizz ang boto mo

  • Guest

    Tingin ko hindi marunong umunawa ang mag-asawang Ongpauco. Palibhasa rich sila, wala silang paki kung masira ang pamilya ni Chiz.

    • Waldy

      tama.. sila ang alcoholic.. hindi si brad chiz…hik… hik… hik…

  • Guest

    Tama si Chiz, parang pinapalabas nina Rey and Cecille Ongpauco na hindi
    ako pinalaki ng maayos at hindi rin akong tinuruan ng magandang asal.

  • Beguine

    Don’t vote for Escudero the super talkative incurable alcoholic
    and devil’s disciple.

    We need good senators. Escudero is very rotten and divorced and
    cannot and will never be a happy and good family man. Just ask
    Heart’s parents who have just told the truth the whole truth and
    nothing but the truth about Escudero.

    • Waldy

      tumigil ka… hindi kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto mo…. kahit buong pamilya at kamag-anak mo ang di bumoto kay brad chiz… no. 1 pa rin siya sa senado… hik…. hik… hik….. tagayan mu pa ako brad chiz… ganado ako dito sa keyboard ko…. brad chiz pabili ka pa ng isang blue label, hindi pala, tawagan mu si lucio co at magpadala siya ng isang karton ng blue label….

  • Guest

    Kahit saang anggulo, hindi tama ang ginagawang pakikialam ng Ongpauco
    couple sa anak nila. 28 na si Heart, alam na niya ang tama at mali.


    Vote Team Pnoy, 11-0 na lang. Thank you.

    • Waldy

      tama… para sa MALAYSIA… vote team PNOY 13-0…. hik…hik…hik… tagayan mu pa ako chizz…

  • Jake Lopez

    sobra na pa-cute mga publicity kay chiz, it’s about time we see the other side of the coin.

    • Waldy

      tumigil ka… hindi kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto mo…. kahit buong
      pamilya at kamag-anak mo ang di bumoto kay brad chiz… no. 1 pa rin
      siya sa senado… hik…. hik… hik….. tagayan mu pa ako brad chiz…
      ganado ako dito sa keyboard ko…. brad chiz pabili ka pa ng isang blue
      label, hindi pala, tawagan mu si lucio co at magpadala siya ng isang
      karton ng blue label….

  • Waldy

    di kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto mo…. kahit buong pamilya
    mu at kamag-anak mu di iboto si brad chiz… panalo pa rin siya… shut
    up… si brad chiz ang no. 1 sa senado.

  • daniboy2012

    hik! hin-gin ako lasenggo..walang beer-ro…tanduayin nyo yan!


    HINDI nga naman ALCOHOLIC yong tao…..MANGINGINUM oo, pero hindi ALCOHOLIC. Malaking pagkaka-iba!

  • pedronimo

    “Made up” is easier said than proven, Besides, the couple are not politicians who are adept at lying, Between Heart’s parents and an ambitious politician, my choice is obvious: the ones who are sober, Besides, drunkards like Chiz rarely admit they are drunkards.

  • NOChizDiet

    No use defending yourself. Allegations wouldn’t have come out if you were the “upstanding gentleman” you want the entire Philippines to believe. I wonder: if you were so “great”, why are so many people angry? Why are your relationships suffering, because of you? Don’t invalidate their concerns just because you have a need to protect your image.

    Magpakatao ka. Kung kaya mong gawin yan.

    • Waldy

      hindi alcoholic si brad chiz… addict lang siya sa shabu…

    • Waldy

      tumigil ka… hindi kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto mo…. kahit buong
      pamilya at kamag-anak mo ang di bumoto kay brad chiz… no. 1 pa rin
      siya sa senado… hik…. hik… hik….. tagayan mu pa ako brad chiz…
      ganado ako dito sa keyboard ko…. brad chiz pabili ka pa ng isang blue
      label, hindi pala, tawagan mu si lucio co at magpadala siya ng isang
      karton ng blue label…

      • Silvino Modesto

        ….pa brad chiz, brad chiz ka dyan, di ka nga kilala ng brad chiz mong yan, moronic idiot!!!!….

  • NOChizDiet

    PAKYA CHIZ AND HEART. Magsama nalang kayo. Buti pa kayo nalang ang nag RETIRO at umalis ng bansa. Hindi namin kailangan ang DRAMA sa BUHAY NYO.

    • Waldy

      hik….hik…. hindi kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto niyo…. kahit di niyo siya iboto panalo pa rin siya…

    • Waldy

      tumigil ka… hindi kaylangan ni brad chiz ng boto mo…. kahit buong
      pamilya at kamag-anak mo ang di bumoto kay brad chiz… no. 1 pa rin
      siya sa senado… hik…. hik… hik….. tagayan mu pa ako brad chiz…
      ganado ako dito sa keyboard ko…. brad chiz pabili ka pa ng isang blue
      label, hindi pala, tawagan mu si lucio co at magpadala siya ng isang
      karton ng blue label…

  • Johnny

    Di mo naman talaga alam ugali ng isang tao. Kahit nga kamag-anak/kapitbahay mo di mo gaano kilala minsan although nakakausap mo sila. Syempre may mga public image yang mga yan. May mga talagang prangka at mayayabang pero or kunwari santo, etc at the end of the day platform or ideas ang important sa kanila.

    Sa mga gusto tumakbo pa ulit mas matindi dapat ang evaluation at tingnan na din ang mga past contributions, performance, etc. Pag sa tingin mo sayang lang pasweldo sa kanila na galing sa tax money wag na lang iboto.

  • Waldy

    brad: brad chiz alcoholic daw…
    Brad chiz: mga brads kilala niyo ako, di ako alcoholic, i repeat, di ako alcoholic,
    brad: so ban muna yung friday session natin brad, para wala naman masabi ang mga tao.
    Brad chiz: anong ban, hayaan mu kung ano ang sabihin ng mga tao, basta tuloy paring ang drinking session natin ngayong friday!!!

  • virgoyap

    The more an alcoholic deny of his alcoholism the more he is a suspect of being one.

  • D3marketers

    Overprotective talaga ang mga Ongpauco, ganun din ginawa sa akin dati eh kami na sana ni Heart kaso pinilit din nila kami magkahiwalay ;)))

    • Waldy

      naging kayo din ni heart… welcome to the club kuya, mas huli yata kami ni brad chiz sa yo…

  • Waldy


  • Waldy

    BLUE LABEL and favorite ni brad chiZ

  • Waldy

    COGNAC pwede na rin sa amin baste henessy ba or remy martin

  • Waldy

    mga negosyante dyan pag nagregalo kayo kay brad CHIZZ, eto ang ang favorite brand niya in PARTICULAR ORDER:
    1. Johnny Walker BLUE LABEL only ulit BLUE LABEL lang, di kami tumatanggap ng johny walker pag hindi blue label
    3. COGNAC XO by Remy Martin

    • boybakal

      What? ang mamahal nyan.
      The only consolation we have is….Sunog Atay Baga din yan.
      Diyan lang tayo makakabawi.

  • okabato

    Cheese with whiskey over beer very risky, Red wine na lang senador.

  • boybakal

    I believe Chiz…
    Alcoholic is too sensitive and offensive.
    I agree that Chiz is not alcoholic, he has only drinking problems.

  • gerryjoaquin

    ang dapat itamong sa kanya ay kung tutoo bang nakainom sya nung humarap sya sa mga magulang ni heart at kung sa kanyang kalasingan ay di na nya nakayanang tumayo. kahit naman hindi ka lassengo, bastos ka pa rin kung ganito ang asal mo.

  • gibreel farishta

    ubos ang candidacy ng uragon!

  • JosephNess

    makikita mo sa mukha ng tao kung siya nga ay alcoholic, bloodshot and drowsy, bakas ba yan sa mukha ni escudero? kung tatabihan sila, amoy alak ang sikmura at kung pawisan ay amoy alak din…does anyone who happened to be near him see and smell these?

    • boybakal

      Sa picutre….makintab at parang paga ang mukha.
      Isa pa di na kailangan, sinabi na ng magulang ni Heart and I believe them.

    • boybakal

      Pag nagsasalita, parang lasing at purong tagalog pa.

  • richard ortega

    ang parents ni heart ang problema sa kasong ito akala mo sila lang ang anak ng diyos… sobrang yaban!

  • $2931613

    Wag ka na magpalusot Chiz! baka ibig mong sabihin, malakas ka uminom pero bihira ka lang nalalasing. LOL.. wag mo lokohin ang taong bayan! nakilala mo ung asawa mo sa Sulo Hotel dahil singer sya dun at madalas mo kasama barkada mo dun nag-iinuman.. madalas kayo pumupunta dun.. and ano iniinom nyo dun? softdrinks lang ba? LOL

    Damage control ka ngayon kasi kawawa ka naman.. may ambisyon ka pa namang maging presidente.. LOL.. pero nailabas na ang baho mo.. traydor ka na, lasenggero pa! Wag ka nang umasa sa 2016. It will be a showdown between VP Binay and Mar Roxas Part 2!

  • Toriks

    How can you explain when you showed up during one of Congressman Tommy Osmena’s Birthday. You started drinking and you got drunk and started insulting the City Councilors ? That was a big turn off to the Cebuanos. Being pushy and arrogant ! There were witnesses around who would vouch this incident. The media was even around…

  • Pepe Alas

    Technically speaking, he just called them liars.

  • resortman

    Chiz/Heart…Kris/Yap…Hayden/Katrina….Mar/Korina….Nanay Dionisia/nanaykopo!!….Lahat kayo nakakasuka na!! Vanity…vanity..all is Vanity….

  • isellnuts

    I have nothing against Chiz nor Heart old folks but this issue surely cast a shadow on Chiz candidacy for the senate.

  • randyaltarejos

    There is misconception here. Talagang mapungay lang ang mga mata ni Chiz. Don’t you notice that whenever he speaks in public gatherings? This could be misinterpreted as if Chiz Escudero is drank by the look in his eyes.

  • leomar101

    Stick to the issue tsizz. The parents of Heart said you went there in their house na LASING at bastos. That is the only statement they said. Do not twist the issue here. Eh in simple language ay pumunta ka doon sa kanila na lasing. Hindi nila sinabi na lasengero ka or alcoholic ka. Gets mo ba? Doon sa instant na yon ang pinuna nila noong nandoon ka sa kanila na ikaw ay lasing at bastos. hahahaha.Nothing more nothing less “Veritas odium paret ignis”.

  • Noel

    After many days, why does Chiz only now deny he’s alcoholic ?

  • vince_bugaboo

    kaya nga laging tawa ng tawa ng walang dahilan ang excaldero na ‘to dahil pag lasing pinaglalaruan ng anghel n’ya e! tsaka paano nasisikmura ni Heart ang bunganga nito? Pag alcoholic ang isang tao, amoy imburnal ang bwanganga! kabahoi!

  • VicenteBoticol

    My family always voted for CHIZ in the past,,,,,,Now my family would not waste our precious votes for this pathetic SCUMBAG and stupid PUNK.

    • Waldy

      di kailangan ni brad chiz ng mga boto niyo mga mangmang… hindi siya scumbag at punk, talgang mahilih lang siyang uminom… hik… hik… hik…. no.1 sa senado si brad chiz…

  • Danyel

    umamin ka na boy pekhpek…lasenggo ka, durugista at bastos…..don’t be too proud of your 200million pork…you cannot bring that in the abyss of oblivion…..

  • dodot24

    Hindi alcoholic si Chiz, katunayan parati siyang present bawat may session sa Senado. Political propaganda kay Chiz….pero ang madlang people sympathy kay Chiz.

    • Brax82

      anu ba kasing maasahan mo sa madlang people na yan.

  • Spike

    the twitter follower asked the wrong question

    Chiz have you ever been drunk or intoxicated while in the presence of Heart’s parents??

  • Fayha

    matagal ko nang nabasa ang balita na yan na alcoholic ka Sen. Chiz.

  • bugoybanggers

    What? ano ba naman ito. Syempre, 90% sa mga BOYS or GAYS are mangnginum. Hindi naman sa Lasenggeroo kung hindi nakainum lang. Ano ba, at bakit naging issue pa ito? Tama nga naman si Senador, masydaong ng pinapalaki ng MEDIA ang mga ganito. Bakit nanakit ba siya o nagwala sa lugar? Hindi naman pala eh… Tama na iyang panninira ng puri, uminum ka pa Senador, karapatan mo iyan. Go and be a man.

    • Carlos Acoba


  • Anna Gwyneth Sorio

    Lahat ata ng nasa KrisTV ay sabay-sabay na nadawit sa kontrobersya:

    Kris vs James Yap…

    Chiz vs Heart’s Parents….

    Melason vs John Prats….

    A pattern is emerging. Ang mga pangumagang shows ay puno ng kontrobersya dahil pulos mga chismoserang unemployed ang nanonood.

  • tarikan

    If and when Chiz & Heart got married, a Barrio Fiesta reception is out of the question. Sorry na lang daw sabi ni Rey & Baby. Dun daw kayo sa Sorsogon maghanda.

  • popeyee

    Halos lahat ng politiko sinungaling, kahit huli na sa akto nagde-deny pa, yan ang tuwad na katotohanan..sino ba sa akala ang politikong aaming alcoholic lalo na panahon kampanya?

    Si Erap nga nahatulan at na pardon na deny to death pa rin..

  • boybakal

    I agree, Chiz is not an alcoholic if he is sober.

  • muddygoose

    Although I don’t really like Chiz and I feel that some of the allegations (especially his links to Ongpin) are true, I still don’t understand why the parents took this to the media. Whether the reason is financial (mahirap si Chiz) or moral (annulled marriage, bastos, manginginom), they should talk to their daughter, not the media.

  • doublecross

    chiz….jackpot ka dyan kay heart, kahit natusok na ng iba.

  • boybakal

    It is really a puzzle to me whenever I saw and heard Chiz talks…
    Purong tagalog at parang tumutula…like a sing song.
    Mystery is solved….Lasing pala.

  • bisdakis

    Funny Tagalog people!

  • doublecross

    bastos…..walang dangal. BAKLA!

  • Carlos Acoba

    si brad chiz escudero ay isang marangal at respetadong pulitiko… siya ay malapit nang maging santo….


    “Sorry but (I) didn’t do anything wrong”, blurted out by Escudero. The original wife upon hearing, though in silence…. “How can that lousy former husband of mine will ever know that he always do wrong. He is ALWAYS DRUNK that’s why i escaped!
    Ex-wife knows it all……

  • Agat Sumi

    palagi lang umiinom alcoholic na! eh ano kung mahilig ako uminom ng alak,
    trip ko lang talaga uminom eh…di ba chiz? hik hik, inom pa tayo pre….

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