Nancy Binay an ‘elitist,’ says Madrigal


Former Sen. Jamby Madrigal. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines — Team PNoy senatorial candidate and former  Senator  Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal branded Nancy Binay an “elitist” for crying harassment after her mother was initially prevented from leaving for the Vatican last Monday.

“She should not demand special treatment and privileges for her mother, just because she is the wife of the Vice President. No one is above the law,”  Madrigal said in a statement on Thursday.

“For one who wants to become a lawmaker, she should be the last to say that,”  she said of Nancy, who is running for a Senate seat in the upcoming  elections.

“Just because she is the wife of the Vice President, why should she be given special privileges? This smacks of elitism on the part of Nancy Binay. Sobra naman siyang elitista,” the former senator added.

Binay’s mother, Elenita, was prevented from leaving the country supposedly because of a hold departure order (HDO) against her in connection with a criminal case before the Sandiganbayan.

But Madrigal said Nancy,   daughter of Vice President Jejomar Binay, has no right to cry harassment or talk about alleged demolition  jobs  since the HDO against her mother has  legal ground.

“The immigration people are just implementing the law. Mrs. Binay has pending graft cases from alleged bidding anomalies in the purchase of fixtures and furniture for the Makati City hall during her term as Makati mayor. How can Nancy say it’s harassment?” she asked.

The former senator also questioned the authority of the Department of Justice to allow her to leave when it was the Sandiganbayan who has the sole authority to lift such orders.

Only the Sandiganbayan, Madrigal said,  has the authority to lift a hold departure order on a respondent of a graft case.

“Perhaps, Secretary De Lima should explain whether she exceeded her authority when she got herself involved in a judicial matter overruling a hold departure order of the Sandiganbayan,”  she said, referring to  Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.

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  • Cubano

    Alam naman nila na may hold departure order si madam vice president. Dapat inayos muna bago pumunta ng airport. Di nila masisisi ang taga immigration who are just following the law. Kala siguro nila dahil sikat sila, puede nilang pwersahin ang mga taga immigration. Matuto kayo….

    • PinoyPower1

      They just want to make a drama out of it and cry harassment to gain public sympathy.

      Pathetic trapos! Down with the Binays!!!

  • kevin

    I believe Jamby on this aspect…..

    • Loggnat

      It takes one (elitist) to know one, for sure. :))

      • joshua

        mas elitista ka jamby. Namimigay ka pa ng Ipad… loser

      • Herman Near

        Someone’s not reading their news.

  • boybakal

    Nancy Binay an ‘elitist,’ says Madrigal….

    Funny…..he he he.
    They say Nancy is a katulong or kasambahay face, now she is Elitist.
    Which is which.
    But I will still vote for Nancy for Senator.
    Vote for Nancy not Jamby.

    • concern_netizen

      Buti pa yung karamihan sa mga kasambahay, nag Iisip muna bago depensahan ang amo. Malala na si kasambahay Binay, kala na niya hari amo niya.

    • Eric

      Bro BoyB, pakipaliwanag naman kung bakit mo iboboto si Nancy. Baka sakaling makumbinsi mo ang iilan dito.

      • boybakal

        Nancy is not an Elite, she is a Delight.

      • Concur_Dissent

        mag tinda ka na lang ng bakal boy… ala kang pagasa

    • big dawg

      boyb, bakal na bakal mukha mo

      • Batang Altura

        kaya tayo nag-kakahetot hetot dahil sa mga botanteng tulad ni Boybakal , ROBOT siguro sya kaya walang utak.

    • Angry Bird

      nancy is an elitist with kasambahay face..:)

    • Herman Near

      Vote for Jamby, may track record at nag-iisip.

  • doctor_mengele

    The writing is on the wall, as far as the Binays are concerned. We are getting a taste of how they will rule, should the father become President in 2016.

    Small things, like not following traffic lights and demanding to be treated like royalty when moving around. They have a penchant for not obeying the law.

    Also, this shows that Nancy Binay is an Idiot because she should have known better than shouting out harrasment and oppression because her mother has graft cases filed against her.

    Finally, as duly appointted representatives of the Republic of the Philippines, during the Inauguration of Pope Francis I, i can live with the Binays. However, the Binay family should not have accepted. Why? NO MORAL ASCENDANCY. Binay is a womanizer, corruptor, theif and plunderer. So is the wife, vain and corrupt.

    He should have sat there along and beside Robert Mugabe (who is banned in Europe but managed to get through). God is good as even sinners like Binay and Mugabe are entitled to forgiveness, as long as they promise and commit to mend their ways.

    Do you think Binay will mend his ways? He is running and politicizing together with his daughter, JPE, Honasan, ERAP, Migs Zubiri (the son of the coke snorting socialite, Vicky, as stated in the DJ Montano BLOG of Brian Gorrell), Mitos Magsaysay, Ernie Maceda most of all, Jackie “Himmler” Enrile. These are the DECEPTICONS, arch rivals of the all good, AUTOBOTS.

    Take care on who we choose to run the country. We have the power to change the future.

    God Bless the Philippines.

    • Pulokoy

      very well said

    • CN

      100% to the absolute power, agree!

    • Missy Thurngood

      I seldom agree with comments written here because most are inbred retards, but you hit the nail right smack on the head.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Only a lead retard can figure out his own retard inbred mouth.
        Now listen to the words of one not like you. > Team Patay is Team Abnoy.
        In your case > “Team Retard” …… weeeeeee`…………

      • Missy Thurngood


      • joshua

        wag naman team Abnoy team Malaysia na lang

    • branstark

      clap clap clap

      • ARIKUTIK

        How in the tube of logic that repeated word > clap 3X, earns 7 likes ?
        Swindling ! No different from SWS and Pulse Asia survey.

      • PlumberfromCanada

        isang account lang yan. palit username lang..these people are PAID per comment and likes….

      • gikiness

        Tama, mga bayarang bloggers, karmahin sana

    • dodong1


    • buttones

      Agree entirely with what you say- small point, this dictator Mugabe has a travel ban to the EU member states, the Vatican is not a member of the EU, it’s an elected theocratic absolute monarchy anyway- it could never pass the test, nor meet the criteria…..


      Normal politicians we can live with but Abnoy’s ruling a country is disaster.

      “Team Patay” and “Team Penoy” is synonymy of “Team Abnoy” … be smart on who we choose to run the country.

      • richard ortega

        talunan ka s pulitika o naputol ang pagnanakaw?

      • ARIKUTIK

        I’m a man who hates retards. “Team Patay” is “Team Abnoy” who wish for the death of Filipinos. Prime example are RH poison pill and Licensed Sabah massacre……. Whei !

      • jgl414567

        Ikaw naman ay kakampi ng UNA mga team kawatan pweh!

      • ARIKUTIK

        Hindi ako kakampi ng UNA … but for the sake of sanity in PH > clip the wings of an Abnoy.

        Normal politicians is better than a party of devils creatures with pervert minds. Only a devil will wish death for poor Filipinos through RH poison pill. Abnoy’s is curse to Filipinos. Proof IS > only an Abnoy will grant license for Malaysia to murder Filipinos in Sabah.
        UNA are normal politicians of Filipino trait but “Team Patay” is “Team Abnoy” for murdering poor native Filipinos.

      • fernan107

        anong tama para sa iyo?ang mga arroyo? namomolitika lang yata , magbago ka na sa pananaw mo sa buhay dahil kung may taong gumagawa ng tama , minamali mo….. lumang togtogin ang kanta mo kaya magbago ka na ka indo naman…

      • Sollie Sinson

        pls. open you eyes and mind.

      • Luthmar

        Why are you such an angry and bitter person? Perhaps it is your head
        that needs checking. God bless you my friend.

      • tagasugod

        And you love to post retarded logic? Well,as Longfellow said, “tell me who were your companions are and I will tell you who you are”.

      • Luthmar

        You know what? Any article you read in the news you always manage to insult and malign the President. What has he done to you? If you think you know better, then you should join the presidential election in 2016. But, for now please suggest what should and could be done to improve the mentalities of the many undisciplined, unruly Filipinos. Be constructive, be objective. Be part of the solution and not a problem.

      • ARIKUTIK

        I’m on war path against RH law. It will be that way until righteousness prevails.

        RH law was passed through cheating by PDAF. There was a glaring proof about that cheating crafted by Penoy. A cheat ruler is an enemy of the people. Proof IS > GMA grab cheat her way to power, so she ended up as hated pres., although she’s intelligent and right in steering the countries direction.

        If intelligent GMA was hated, how much more is a brainless cheat.
        You ask for solution, wisdom is what i know.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Go after cheaters, womanizers,plunderers, murderers,alcoholics and sodomizers. Go after the priests who abuses, those who are charged of sex abuse and you will find them easy than against RH bill abuses.

      • ARIKUTIK

        How can I go against womanizer when beautiful ladies are my desire. How can I go against alcoholics when wine and roses is my joy. How can I go against sex when it is my sleeping pill. Lastly, how I can go against priest when they are my cohorts in assisting the poor. This physical body of mine is doomed …….
        The best i can do IS = save my soul by saving Gods creation. RH law kills the yet to be born babies decreed by God.

        The soul is greater than physical body. NO to RH LAW.

      • tagasugod

        Ha ha ha! Parang may tama eh!!!!!

      • ARIKUTIK

        In your eyes, it is so. Simply because you can not think what I can write.
        A moron said “may tama eh”, a lame excuse from empty cocoNuts head…. nya…..hahaha…….. byeeeeeee……. Donk !

    • Nathaniel Perez

      Unfortunately the people who should be reading this comment of yours have no Internet access…..

    • Sultan Kirat

      I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with “Dr. Mengele,” but here I am. :-P


      In the name of faith, human rules is of no concern. I have seen faithfuls carry along the book of bible in traveling to Middle east countries where it is banned. Airport officials prevented them but the faithful refuse to travel with out his Bible. Eventually the airport official had to allow them at their own risk. Faith defies human rules and anyone who believes in God will allow faith to prevail.
      Jamby the elitits knows only her elitits way. The kind of creature with out faith in God. Just plain Jamby the Elitits.
      Take care on who we choose to run the country. The faithful believes in God with human compassion.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Why do you encourage people to vote then if you believe that God rules the earth? Tell them no to vote for anybody and tell the political dynasties especially Binay to quit politics now. God will forgive the whole family of Binay if they all quit politics.

      • ARIKUTIK

        I had dreamed an impossible dream.. to fight the unbeatable foe … but i can not do it all alone.= No to political dynasty > “REFUSE to VOTE for Senators”. A peaceful, mild voters revolution.
        How can my dream be revealed to all …… waaaaahhhhhhh……..

      • ARIKUTIK

        PS = “Refuse to Vote for Party List” …too

    • pedronimo

      If the Binays win, it is because of NecroNancy.

  • Dexter

    Nancy an elitist?! Hell no! She is the daughter of VP Binay, that’s why she is running for senator. Hope she landed on the 13th slot.

    • Pulokoy

      second emotion LOL

    • cali

      correct!!! she is NOT an ELITIST! only a TRYING HARD!!!

  • JasonBieber

    Nancy is no more an elitist than PNoy.

    Check the facts who PNoy is and what he has done thus far for the Philippines. There haven’t been much improvement but the only improvement in the country has only benefited himself, his KKK, and other elitist.

    • neo

      You better check it yourself. Baka ikaw ang hindi gumawa ng homework mo. We did ours already.

      • Concur_Dissent

        panahon pa ata ni Bonifacio ang alam lang nyan eh… KKK daw…pwe

      • JasonBieber

        Yes on based on homework and research it shows that PNoy himself does not do his homework…that is why he even appointed Lanto to the Comelec, who was involved in poll fraud in the past.

  • siJuanDalandan

    If an ordinary Filipino who’s planning on leaving Philippines is the subject of a hold-departure order, I doubt it very much that the DOJ Secretary would be as willing to order immigration officials to let him/her leave. Bakit may double standard sa batas?

  • jack_bagbaga2011


    • Herman Near

      Nice analysis huh? Expect intelligent statements with Jamby in senate.

  • YoungGen

    A Binay for a city Mayor and a Binay for a Senator – Very very Soon !
    And a Binay President 3yrs from now – Yehey!!! End of the World na !


    Hindi ko makalilimutan ang kawalang galang ng mayor ng makati na si junjun binay sa yumaong dilg sec. robredo. Hindi uma attend ng meeting ang mayor ng makati kahit may formal invitation mula kay sec. robredo.

    Mayabang at walang respeto ang anak ng bise presidente. Mas lalo na yan kapag naging presidente ang tatay.

    • Batang Altura

      hindi nga niyan kinilala si GMA dalawa sila ni JV di nagdisplay ng picture ni GMA sa office nila..siga siga yan pero walang nagawa kay FPJ nung sya naman ang bastusin..

  • rinom

    pa rally rally pa si binay noon, ayaw daw niya sa dynasty,,, NGAYON SIYA ANG GUMAGAW NG DYNASTY. no to TATLONG HARI.

  • Eric

    Good points Jajajajamby. It takes one to know one.

    @&$$;()(:-/:; na mo Nancy. Pangit ka.
    De Lima explain yourself.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy


  • 12JEM

    Si Nancy Elitist…..Ano ang mga Madrigals?….Ito si Jamby ang pinaka-elitista sa mga Madrigal. Umaandar na naman ang bibig nitong si Jamby…parang cuneta (cuneta is spanish for gutter).

    Nasaan na ang mga allegations mo against Manny Villar?? At kasama mo ngayon si Mrs. Villar.

    You are definitely an OBNOXIOUS CHARACTER, Jamby…Jumbo…Jambalaya-faced monster of a woman.

    • Herman Near

      And of course ang mga matino nyang ginawa na significant hindi binanggit!

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    It’s rather ironic that Jajajajamby who comes from society’s elites will call somebody else an elite. Jajajajamby does not carry her own weight. She has her legions of muchachas and muchachos to do that for her. She doesn’t even know their names, she just snaps her finger or claps twice for a muchacha and claps once for a muchacho. One thing Jajajajamby cannot buy is an upright backbone. She grew up crooked because it runs in the family. She will be a crooked person in the senate all the way until she goes to her grave. Judy Ann Santos learned that the hard way after helping Jajajajamby land a seat in the senate some years back.

    • Herman Near

      I don’t think so.

      I don’t care who they are or where they’re from. But if they can do the job of being a senator by making laws and keeping eyes on things, I will vote for them.

  • ever green

    not that I give a crap about Binay, kung elitist si Binay ano si Madrigal???? Ninja Turtle???

  • $23257130

    jamby kadiri ka noh. pppppppppppwwweeehhh kadiri eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww

    • Night


      • Herman Near

        Both of you, if you’re going to vote based on emotions and not on track record, kayo ang dahilan ng pagbulusok ng Pilipinas.

      • Night

        bulusok pataas? hahaha

      • Herman Near

        May bumubulusok ba na pataas?
        Pababa yan.

        Wag mong ibahin ang physics.

  • Guest

    Elitisa din naman si Jamby. Why doesn’t she talk about the two drivers who resigned from her employ last year? She paid them 30k a month to drive her and driver her crazy but they refused. They walked away with pride and dignity intact, leaving Jamby like a woman scorned. Hindi pala lahat nabibili ng pera.

    • Herman Near

      Everybody has a right to refuse and resign. You don’t know the story behind it, don’t make assumptions.

  • kilabot

    in fairness to jamby,
    majority of electorates want to elect an elitist;
    the bosses have indicated their preference,
    by attending nancy’s rallies in droves,
    as opposed to lp rallies filled with empty people.
    that’s democracy, stupid.

    • neo

      Spell HAKOT CROWD… Peace

  • Mr. Skeptic

    Pot calling the kettle black…

  • nakawan

    Jamby, that’s what Nancy is used to already. So stop yapping and give her and the Binay dynasty a break! Can’t anyone ask for special treatment in peace anymore? God…

  • siegfeil

    Look who is talking about ‘elitist’

  • JosengSisiw1

    “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely”.
    It’s already showing….Filipinos please wake up. Don’t ever put any of the Binays in the government again.

  • Adrian

    yung mukha nya di pang elitista..yikes!

  • Quality1

    May history ang mga Binay na may sarili silang mundo, at ayaw sumunod sa batas ,at moralidad. Makati lang ang di umaayon sa number coding, talamak ang mga otong sa ilalim nang Magallanes flyover..smoke emission check kuno,at ang pambabastos ni Junjun Binay kay Sec. Robledo.

    • Cabesang_Tales

      Salamat for reminding the readers.


    SI Jojo nang panahon ni Makoy, tagapaganggol ng mga na-aapi sa buhay at pinagsasamantalahan ng pamahalaan.

    Ngayon, tagapagtanggol pa din si Jojo….tagapagtanggol ng kanyang yaman na pinagsamantalahan sa bayan at tagapagtanggol ng PWESTO ng kanyang pamilya mulang bunso hanggang ina.

    Kung hindi pa ninyo napapanood ang ANIMAL FARM ni George Orwell, panoorin ninyo….maganda at nakakalinang dahil CARTOON. Bnay na bnay ang dating…parang ginawa yong palabas para sa talambuhay ni Bnay. Datirati, taga-protesta ng kamalian, tapos ng manalo sa protesta, siya na ang pino-protesta!


      Have you heard the story about a great brutal beast that never dies ? Anyone who was able to kill the beast, becomes the beast.

      Therefore, the entire villagers together must kill the beast so that not a single warrior will become the beast as in the beast will finally die.


      • UrHONOR

        OO nga…..tapos lahat ng villagers nangamatay matapos maging halimaw dahil ayon sa kwento, kung sinuman ang pumatay sa halimaw ay magiging halimaw na din….. kata nagpatayan na silang lahat at ang natira… Bnay!.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Hindi naman ganyan nag D’ End ang kuwento. Ang gulo gulo, waaahhhh… ikaw baya ang nag umpisa ng topic na > “Dati rati, taga protesta ng kamalian, tapos ng manalo sa protesta, siya naman pino-protesta”. Di ba yan ang buod ng kuwentong, “The beast that never die”.
        Naki sakay lang ako tapos ginulo mo ang kuwento. HINDI NANGAMATAY ANG MGA VILLAGERS! Meron ka na bang narinig na Peoples Revolution na naubos ang taong bayan? Ang angkan ng hari ang nategok kasi ang pinagsanib na puwersa ng walang ligo na taong bayan ay mas matindi ang kilikili power.

        Ngayon kung nanalo ang taong bayan ay….. sino pa ang mag magpo protesta ? WALA KA TALAGA ! weeeeeeee >>>>>>>>>>>

      • UrHONOR

        Ha ha ha….IKAW ang nagpalutang ng “Have you heard the story…..”, tapos dahan-dahan kitang sinundan…..tapos, bigla ka na lang NAGWALA! Sabi mo, “Anyone who was able to kill the beast, becomes the beast.” Sa salitang natutunan ko, ang ibig sabihin nyan ay….KUNG sinuman….KAHIT NA SINO….ang makapatay sa halimaw (beast) ay magiging halimaw o beast din. TAMA BA? Kaya. may matitira at matitirang halimaw sa lahat ng papatay sa halimaw. Tama ba rin? At sa bandang huli, may ISANG HALIMAW na NAKATAYO. Hindi ko sinasabing si Bnay yon.

        Kung mali ang aking pagka-intindi sa kwento mong “Have you heard…” pasisnya na Dhong kay lain ang akong intelligence sa imo baya.

        The beast that thought it could never die….or, The beast that no one thought could be slain could be a better caption of your story, for the beast was finally subdued at the conclusion of the story.

        Pero just to stretch the idea of the Animal Farm Story a bit more, sa sinabi mong, “…kung nanalo ang taong bayan…sino pa ang magpro-protesta?” That is the essence or the moral of the story……the losers who become the winners become the object of the losers to win over. Put in another way, the slaves of today are the tyrants of tomorrow…. and that has been the syndrome since time immemorial…. immortalized through stories, anecdotes, tales, narratives, etc. A case in point is Bnay. Kuha mo na Arimunding…ops, arikutik?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Hindi nya nabasa ang story, nya….hahaha… It was a bedtime story for children na paulit ulit pina basa sa akin ni bunso hangang makatulog siya. The exact title I forget. Tapusin na natin ang chaos. I will reveal the true ending. > One intelligent but thin guy got an idea to figure out why the beast never die….. so he secretly followed a courageous Hulk Hogan warrior, out to slay the beast which is known to sleep on a Cave at day time. The beast was easily killed simply because it was snooring past asleep. But then the beast spirit entered the body of the killer such that Hulk Hogan warrior becomes the beast. whomever we elect will become beast too.

        Conclusion = we need an uprising not to kill the beast but to destroy the Cave where the beast Hides. In PH case > the Cave is the JUDICIARY.

      • UrHONOR

        KUNG hindi mo pa din makuha ang ibig sabihin ng THE SLAVES OF TOADAY ARE THE TYRANTS OF TOMORROW, so mote it be. End of the story.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Gutom na ako … ‘wag na reply, waaaahhhhh….. byeeeee….. nice day …. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

      • tagasugod

        Corruption exists because we let it to exist. Not only government people are corrupt, also the businessmen. In private companies, corruption is rampant.It takes two to tango. Businessmen + government officials=corruption.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Corruption is a crime in the eyes of the people even to the uneducated.
        Judges and friend lawyers view it otherwise as in > where is the Singed Admission. Since no sane corrupt will ever sign a paper trail then no crime is committed even the unexplained wealth partaken by the judge and lawyer is not an evidence or else the judge and lawyer will be deemed corrupt too.

        Who can judge the judge? No one because the poor citizens are not lawyers. This the main reason why poor citizens are kept out of law profession. The profession is monopoly of influential rich. Proof IS > Sereno’s son must pass the bar no matter what. All the rest 80+ % must FAIL no matter what or else the monopoly will be broken. Intelligent lawyer can pass ??? what a joke! only the names of influential boys will be chosen to pass. Fact IS > does intelligence really required for a lawyer? Only Donks will agree.

  • $5699914

    I think it was not an elitist act by Maria Lourdes Nancy Sombillo Binay-Angeles, assuming the name Nancy Binay…rather it was an ARROGANT ACT from a nobody feeling to be a big shot.

  • Guest

    This is a hilarious case of the kettle calling the pot black.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    mayabang pa kamo yan si Nancy Binay, kala mo may nagaw na, nognog din naman

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The former mayor now( Vice President)was charged in 2006 for allegedly bypassing the bidding procedure in favor of Office Gallery International Inc.

    Binay was questioned over the anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000. The contract was allegedly overpriced by P3.6 million.

    • Batang Altura

      ang nakakatakot pa dito baka manalo pang presidente, ilang buwan na lang kakalas na kay P-noy , di pa nakalas ngaun ksi nagagamit pa nya si P-noy at resources nito..malaki tyansang manalo ksi maraming botante ay g_ _ _o…

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Sandiganbayan graft case

    Elenita Binay’s (and private businessmen Li Yee Shing, Jason Li and Vivian M. Edurise, and Ernesto Aspillaga’s) arraignment for graft charges was set by the Sandiganbayan’s 4th Division on January 18, 2008. Binay was charged of alleged anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000, regarding the acquisitions worth P 13.25 million overpriced by P3.6 million

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Binay wife linked to Php72.06-M graft

    A FORMER whistleblower in high-profile graft corruption controversies turned-head of government’s financial watchdog yesterday linked the wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, an incumbent and several former Makati City officials to alleged deception in the public bidding for a Php72.06 million supply contract awarded by the city government in 2001.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    http://entertainmentphilippines dot blogspot dot com/2010/04/binay-and-alleged-mistress-photos_2477.html

    change the dot

    Few days ago, Pinoy Gossip Boy published an article in reference to Arnold Clavio’s report on DZBB that a particular presidentiable has a sex video. Before Pinoy Gossip Boy can identify which presidential candidate has a sex video, Pinoy Gossip Boy sourced a link via Twitter to a WordPress blog against vice-presidential candidate Jejomar Binay.

  • Karabkatab

    Na threaten ata si Jamby ng pagka elitist ni Nancy. Sige mag umbagan kayo, mga ipokreta. Hahaha…


    AKO sa tingin ko hindi naman talaga ELITIST ang mga Bnay dahil wala naman silang e-elite pwera lang yong mga NASUBI nila mula sa kaban ng MAKATI, na motto, ‘ATA ni Jojo ay: FOR EVERY TEAR(A), A CONDO UNIT. Na sa BPI C&C yan ng nanalo si Cory. Nakatira sa apt at namamasahe pag pasok. Ngayon, minmasahe habang pumapasok. Hindi….hindi elistista ang TNL na mga yan…..OPORTUNISTA!

  • buttones

    I just begin to wonder how many of these people, in office, aspiring to, related to have charges pending in the Courts? It’s an odd situation to find oneself in really, the VP of ROP having to explain the absence of his wife to the Pope. “Well she couldn’t make it because she can’t leave the country ’cos she’s got graft charges pending against her”….I bet it’s not often the Pope hears that sort of an excuse… I’m sure the Pope will handle it discreetly.
    Another thing, how can Nancy have the bare faced effrontery to run for office when her mother has graft charges pending against her?
    On the elitist comment, well this country has been driven into the ground over the last 67 years by ‘elitists’- so what else is new?

  • Hey_Dudes

    Thank goodness I decided to read this article few times because the first time I thought it read ‘etits’? It pays to double check.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    * * * * * * * * * *
    All we can fervently pray for is that Sen. Lacson will have enough strength and self-control to restrain himself from joining the fray. It is Lent, and we all know how strongly he has been under temptation lately.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Ang bagsik ng dating ni Jambalaya. Kung may bagote lang s’ya kamukha na s’ya ni Hulk Hogan, ngik! ‘To namang si Nance, bigyan mo lang ng walis at lilipad na sa gitna ng dilim ng gabi papunta sa himpapawid we knew not where! ngik again!
    And these are some of those who painstakingly court us to put them in power so that they’ll have the liberty to steal, steal and steal! Ngaaa!

    • Herman Near

      Please. Lumang tugtugin na yang assumptions na basta senador magnanakaw.


    HDO is just preventive measure so that no one can enjoy life in paradise island outside PH before one is proven guilty or Not guilty. Mrs. Binay had no any tendency of staying outside PH for life simply because a Furniture case is not worth running away aside from enjoying a privileged existence in Makati. Her desire to travel is to fill the thirst of her soul which is spiritual not related to material world. Normal humans can easily understand Mrs. Binay’s heart to be compassionate in granting travel permit for her soul salvation.

    The present officials are infected with abnormal disease of head Abnoy. Standard common sense had gone out of brain for an Abnoy king may tantrum.
    Normal politician we can live with for they act like human but an Abnoy head is despicable. Even to a understand a soul She do not know for an Abnoy is like a soulless creature harassing everyone not her KKK.

  • Jaime O. de Vera

    Against GMA/her allies, ang “daan matuwid” is strictly being implemented. Pag ally ka ni Abnoy, “DAAN BALUKTOT” ang ipinatutupad.

  • Manuel Ventura

    What is the purpose of going to the Vatican.It would be more productive if the vice president will stay here and attend to resolve the Sabah crisis. He should be assisiting our goverment so we would provide a solution for the crisis.

    • Benedicto Nathan

      Maybe to feel good and look good to the Vatican. Which is also a feel good and look good thing for the Philippine Govt. which feels they are responsible for the almost rise of Theocracy here. But the damaso’s are now holding a thin thread in terms of controlling the govt, which is also deemed appropriate since the constitution promotes the Separation of Church and State.

    • gabriel lorenz

      Ang akala kasi ng presidente baka makatulong kay binay ang personal na pakikinig niya sa santo Papa at basbas ng holy water mismo sa vatican, hindi na kasi effective sa kanya ang holy water dito sa pinas….

  • cali

    mali yata term “elista” para ke Nancy!!!! HINDI BAGAY!!!

    dapat “TRYING HARD”!!!!

  • richard ortega

    ganyan talaga ang mga binay sobrang yabang, noong late 1980’s nsa lourdes hosp. ako sa mandaluyong may 1 gov’t opisyal na ambush at confined s hosp. dumating ng tahimik si mayor lim with 1 police escort and 1 body guard after an hour nagkagulo s hosp s dami ng nkabarong(6) n may dalang baril at kung umasta prang may raid yuin pla si jejomar lng ang dumating at nsa 6 din ang nkapligid s kanya. daig p ang presidente.

    • Luthmar

      It’s insecurity kasi maraming kasalanan. Maraming alalay kailangan para hindi

  • FernandoBusi

    This is like the kettle calling the pot black.

    BTW for peoples’ info Jamby Tibo used to have a habit of booking only a single room when traveling so her female staffer is forced to stay with her.

  • Felix Alcantara

    This observation of Ms. Madrigal is perhaps meritorious. The Sec Dilemma is again exceeded her authority when she set aside the HDO. Another issue of incompetence.

  • boybakal

    Nancy Binay an ‘elitist,’ says Madrigal….

    I don’t agree with you, Jamby.

    Nancy is not an Elitist, much more an Elite.

    For me, she is a delight to see, as her face is the face of filipinos, poor filipinos.

    Talagang ang gaan ng pakiramadan pag nakikita mo si Nancy.

    Nancy is not an Elititst, she is a Delightist.

    Vote for Nancy Binay….the Filipina who is a Delightist.


      Nancy is a name that emotes domestic gel but Jamby is elititst name with out doubt. Just look her face, even the hair is colored Fil-Am… ewwwww…..

      • Herman Near

        Face lang? Hindi mo kinikilatis track record?
        Kawawa ka naman, voting on pagmumukha lang, hindi nagagawa.

      • ARIKUTIK

        The entire past of a woman can be seen on her face and tongue.

        Basta nag kulay buhok Fil_Am ay tiyak utak Elitits……… Whei !

      • Herman Near

        A nonsense reply.

      • ARIKUTIK

        Ikaw naman ang nag umpisa ng nonsense. Saan ko hahanapin ang 201 file ni Jamby, sa imong Mata! Ang alam kong track record niya > Si Jamby ay isinuka na ng taong bayan ! Pinulot pa ni Penoy, magka sing utak sila…. nya….hahaha……. byeeeeeee >>>>>>>>>>

      • Herman Near

        Wag kang madapa sa paglabas mo.
        Halatang bayaran para magsabi ng kasinungalingan kay Jamby.
        Sino kaya boss mo?

      • Herman Near

        Moreover, tamad mag-saliksik ng track record, basta mabango lang ang pangalan.

        Typical voters na pahamak sa bayan.

      • ShibumiNinja

        si madrigal may ari ng madrigal shipping lines naki away pa sa mana ng pamangkin niya ahahahahaha eletistang mayaman yan

  • doublecross

    kung papa niya nag-corrupt, pati nanay niya, aba’y pati anak ,corrupt!

    • ShibumiNinja

      kasi bumili ng his and hers rain coat sila
      yung his binigay kay jamby
      yung hers binigay kay nancy
      walang natunaw


  • jgl414567

    Buti di natunaw ang mga Binay sa Vatican ng magbasbas ng holy water ang bagong pope

  • fernan107

    ganyan naman talaga ang mga politiko lalo na kung kontra partido , pag may kasong hinaharap , sasabihin harassment…..normal na yan sa mga katulad ng mga binay….ka indo naman..

  • cry_freedom

    Well, that is to be expected from Nancy. We have to remember the only reason she is running for Senator is because she is the daughter of the VP.

    That is why she also wants a special treatment for Elenita, who happens to be the wife of the VP.

    As the PDI Editorial rightly puts it – UNQUALIFIED!

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Hoy! Jamby pwede ba maging original ka! Bakit ginagaya mo ang boses at pagsasalita ni Imelda Marcos? Elitista si Binay? Sino ba di elitista? MULA NG UMUPONG PRESIDENTE SI CORY NA ISANG ELETISTA YAN NAUSO NA SILA.

  • Billy Moreno

    pareho lang silang elitista (Jamby & Binay). Pero si Binay pro-poor at pro-rich. Si Jamby pro-rich lang.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    e kuya Jamby bakit nung tinira ka ng hose sa Mendiola reklamo ka din na dahil senador ka hindi dapat ginawa sa iyo yun??? …kung maka-asta ang tibo na ito e ang MADRIGAL nga ang isa sa mga elitistang pamilya diyan sa Makati…by the way, kumusta na yung PROPS mong French(wo)man na pinakasalan??

    • Herman Near

      Because, she is IN position.
      Binay is NOT in position.

      You do the math.

  • Pedro_Gil

    Binays are definitely elitists. Jamby is right! No to Binays, No to womanizers, no to UNA

  • JahreDistrict78

    Vote Jamby !

    • ShibumiNinja


      Jamby….for barangay secretary!!

  • pedronimo

    Ig Nancy wins, she resorted to NecroNancy.

  • WAJ

    Anybody who has a legal civil or criminal case file in court by law, can not leave the country in
    which the charge or charges against the person is filed in court.

  • stealth ice

    i was a strong supporter of binay until i came to my senses.
    not a right man for vice president much more a president.

  • ShibumiNinja

    hay nako jamby… your trapo is showing again….

    it’s the pot calling the kettle black

    :D )))))))))))))))))))))

  • Pio Gante

    parang hindi rin matapobre itong isang ito.

  • pedro asintado

    Papaanong magiging senador itong si Nancy, eh yung kaso pala ng mga naka demanda sa Sandiganbayan na may hold departure order ay hindi -pala nya alam. . sumigaw sya ng harassment ng hindi agad pinayagan ang nanay nya na makaalis ng bansa! Kasi nga ay may kasong graft sa Sandiganbayan. . .hindi harassment yun, nasa batas yung HDO ng nanay mo . .


    Much ado about nothing…

  • gikiness


    UNA….Sa korapsyon
    UNA……Sa katiwalian
    UNA………Sa kasibaan sa kapangyarihan
    UNA…………Sa kawalanghiyaan
    UNA…………..Sa kasakiman sa kayamanan
    UNA……Partido ng mga magnanakaw..KUNG HINDE KA CORRUPT OUT KA !!!!!!

  • bisdakis

    Look who is talking! hahahahahaahahahah

  • illegalalieninbeijing

    Maming brothels sa Makati. Sa stretch pa lang ng Pasay Road ang dami dami. Paano kaya nakakuha ng business permits mga yon?

  • glances2

    Beware! Malapit nang maging presidente si Barak Onano. . .

  • gikiness


    UNA….Sa korapsyon
    UNA……Sa katiwalian
    UNA………Sa kasibaan sa kapangyarihan
    UNA…………Sa kawalanghiyaan
    UNA…………..Sa kasakiman sa kayamanan
    UNA……Partido ng mga magnanakaw..KUNG HINDE KA CORRUPT OUT KA !!!!!!

  • wawa2172

    Well, Binay’s wife is to old to run away from charges and she wont do it para masira ang ambisyon nang VP to become president. Si Jamby naman kung mag salita parang korek kaya di siya mananalo sa 2013. Nancy was just speaking as a daughter and not as a candidate. Sino ba naman ang dedepensa sa magulang kundi anak rin. Well, Nancy could be a good candidate but I just hate dynasty in politics. Mas matino naman yata si Nancy kaysa kina JV at Jack. Again, I will not vote for Jamby dahil kung lilingunin natin ang nagawa niya sa senado ay walang ka kwenta-kwenta. Sumakay lang siya sa popularity ni Juday noon kaya naloko niya ang mga tao na bumuto sa kanya.

  • tarikan

    I think Jamby has all the marbles and gravitas to say that Nancy Binay or the Binays are not old money. In fact they are new money borne out of being once an OIC mayor of Makati and then full-time mayor many times over spread over Papanog, Dra. and now JuJunog.

  • doublecross

    why do we vote this one….mukha siyang, ALALAY!

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