Ongpaucos: The other side of Chiz



There is a rumor that outgoing Sen. Francis Pangilinan will replace Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala when the three-term senator’s tenure expires in June.

If the rumor is true, President Noy is making a very big mistake.

Is the President dumping a very competent and hardworking agriculture secretary who is much loved by farmers   just to accommodate a former colleague in the Senate?

Alcala is the first agriculture chief since Arturo Tanco of the Marcos martial law years to have made the country achieve a bountiful rice harvest.

The bountiful harvest this year may even lead to a rice surplus for export.

*                         *                         *

But despite an abundant harvest, which will probably make the country export rice this year, rice smuggling continues.

Smuggled rice is shipped into the ports of Manila, Cebu, Davao and Cagayan de Oro.

In Cebu, smuggled rice is misdeclared as inexpensive items so its importers and brokers pay only nominal amounts of taxes and duties for the shipment.

My sources say each container of smuggled rice earns P20,000 for corrupt Cebu customs officials.

Another P10,000 allegedly goes to the Bureau of Customs’ revenue collection monitoring group (RCMG) based in Manila, according to my sources.

Still another P30,000 for a different unit based in Manila.

Multiply P60,000—P20,000 for corrupt Cebu customs officials, P10,000 for the RCMG and P30,000 for another Manila unit—by 500 to 1,000 containers every week and you have an idea how much goes to the pockets of corrupt customs officials.

And that’s not counting the smuggled rice in shipping containers that arrive in the ports of  Manila, Davao and Cagayan de Oro every week.

*                         *                         *

I was told that a big part of the take goes to a Cabinet member.

The Cabinet official must be a multimillionaire by now.

Daang matuwid, my eye!

*                         *                         *

Rey and Baby Ongpauco, parents of actress Heart Evangelista who is dating Sen. Chiz Escudero, not only confirmed what I wrote in this column on Tuesday about their feelings for the senator as told to me by their comadre. Escudero has denied the allegations.

The couple also poured out their sentiments against the reelectionist senator who is leading in all surveys.

They told me  what they said were very revealing things about Chiz.

I have recorded my interview with the multimillionaire couple. Here are excerpts  of their claims:

Baby Ongpauco:

“You know, our daughter is a spoiled brat and we buy her all the things she wants. You know what Chiz does? He gave Heart a watch which he said came from a Chinese supporter. He learned that Heart wanted a certain (brand of) watch so he got it from a Chinese supporter. That’s how he gives gifts to Heart: He would get them from supporters. Like that watch which costs five million pesos which, he told Heart, he would pay back to the Chinese.

Rey Ongpauco:

“Bobby Ongpin backs him up (financially). Heart wanted a (house) trailer, Chiz said for her not to buy it because he would give it to her as a gift. Bobby Ongpin would give it to him as a Christmas gift.

“Now, he promised to buy Heart a house. ‘Don’t ask your Dad to build you a house because I will take care of buying it for you. My law firm was approached by a foreign company and will hire my firm.’”

“In truth, I heard he has no law firm.”

“My daughter’s P30-million movie contract, he boasted he would top nine times over.”

*                         *                         *

If I were Chiz Escudero, I would not compete with Heart’s parents who are very, very rich, because he can’t, unless he steals.

I would just offer her my heart and soul and love everybody and everything she loves, including her parents.

That way I would not get into trouble.

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  • Benigno the Turd

    tulfo, check whether a certain district collector remits one million a month to chiz. connected to that porsche owning customs clerk.

  • vince_bugaboo

    Mon di ba ‘yang si escudero yung tawa ng tawa ng walang dahilan? na parang may tililing?
    pakisabi sa mga Ongpauco, there will come a time na matatauhan din si Heart. And when that time happens, magkakaroon na ng dahilan ang tawa ni escudero: mga invisible na langaw! Dahil pag natahuhan na si heart na “KADIRI” pala ang tulo-laway na escuderong ito at pinitik na n’ya, wala ng papatol na kasing ganda ni Heart sa tililing na ito hanggang manigas ang kanyang panga sa katatawa!

  • stealth ice

    mon is like boy abunda already. but boy is competent in his field unlike mon… LOL

  • go88

    Ramona Tulfo the other side of Kotong columnist Ramon Tulfo …

    • homer

      attack and collect di ba ang dictum ni tulfo

  • pabloo6293

    Intrigera at tsismosa rin pala itong si Tulfo. Bakit ba naman pati love life ni Chiz nakikisawsaw ka pa? Dapat sa entertainment section ka magsulat. These are two consenting adults- ano ba naman ang pakialam natin sa kanila, lalo na ikaw? I am sure Heart’s parents mean well. Lamang, they can’t accept the fact na adult na ito at sabi nga nila they gave her everything pero she still chose Chiz over them. Leave them alone, Ramona. Di ba makotongan si Chiz?

    • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

      …may punto ka rin. pero look at it the other way: pinapakita lang ni tulfo kung anong klaseng mga kandidatong pulitiko ang tatakbo ngayong eleksiyon. gaya na rin nung ginawa ni tulfo dun sa dalawang senador na nag babangayan. kumbaga ay binibgyan nya na rin tayo ng idea(nilalabas nya ang baho, so to speak) kung anong klaseng pulitiko ang dapat iboto.

      • aristeosj

        bakit di rin natin tanungin itong si tulfo kung sinong mga pulitiko ang kinikilingan nya para makita din natin ang klase ng pagkatao nya.

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        …pero sa punto naman na yan ay palagay ko’y may idea na kayo kung sino sino(judging by commenters dito sa mga columns nya) hehe…

  • Brownfly

    Dapat di na ganito ang issues na sinusulat ni Mr. Tulfo. It seems he is getting into as an entertainment columnist. This is the turf of Dolly Carvajal. Mon, if I were you just stay away from this topic because there’s already a lot of them writing for entertainment gossips. You can write about crimes, involvement of politicians, police and military officials in smuggling and other rackets. That’s your turf, I supposed. On the other hand, nobody can intervene in the romantic relationship between Escudero and Evangelista because they’re matured enough to decide for themselves.

    • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

      …read between the lines, or lies, dude. this is just one way of letting the public know what kind of politicians we have in our country. a subtle, or not, way of telling you who to vote, or who deserves not to be included in your ballot.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BV6DWTSUHKJGFANJJ5P3WPPTQM Paul

    entertainment/showbiz section na ba ito? sabagay, mahilig ka sa artista like claudine and raymart.

    • maypakialamtayo

      ikaw naman mahilig magbasa ng column ni idol mon di ba!, ako kung asar sa isang tao, picture palang ayaw ko ng makita pero ikaw pilit mong binabasa ayan asar talo ka tuloy.

  • tulfowangbo

    bakit matapos kang mangintriga ngayon parang tumiklop ang yagbols mo at ayaw mo nang paningdigan ang mga ibinulgar mo. talagang itong si tulfing ay may pagka bakla. kung totoo ang mga binulgar mo bakit ayaw mo nang panindigan. natakot ka na kay chiz ano. kamusta ang bitkams mo na si rosanna. gurang na din ano kaya ayaw mo na.

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    Ha ha ha !….Mon Tulfo,….everyone HATES YOU….that’s the reason why they are always here in your Column,…ha ha ha ha !
    Ang galing mo talaga…Mr. Ramon Tulfo,…

    Dahil kung wala na ang mga HATERS mo…siguro ay wala ka ng Trabaho…pero…sa dami ng GALIT sayo…lalong tumitibay ka….
    wala na akong sinabi…baka sabihin na sipsip ako sa sayo….ha ha ha !
    Ang masasabi ko lang ay sariling …OPINION ko lang ito…bato-bato sa Langit…

    • maypakialamtayo

      alberto hindi haters yan, tagasubaybay talaga yan ni mon, kung ako sila hindi ko babasahin ang column ni idol mon kung ayaw kong maging isang asar talo, ang kaso basa sila ng basa ayaw naman nilang aminin na gusto rin nila ang kanilang binabasa.

      • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

        Tabalu,…Thank you…ha ha ha ! Beer nalang tayo…!.

      • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

        Tabalu,…Thank you…
        “Wrong Choice of words”…ha ha ha !

  • wawa2172

    Mon Tulfo’s column is getting exciting it is hitting hard and soft issues. Most are not like by people who seems not a fan but still read his column and makes personal comment not on what he has written but simply they hate-love him. Mon is a very controversial person whose a friend of many police and rich political figure. A best friend of FG then after the fall out. He knows FG is a bad man like him until FG became unpopular at nilaglag ni Mon. His report on customs are accurate though and the issue on Pangilinan ang Alcala have solid facts with the later sure to be out of the cabinet soon. Chiz and Heart story is a scoop and whammy, exposing the kind of personality Chiz has. Kaya pala ang yabang ni Chiz, he is well supported pala ni Bobby Ongpin. Ok Chiz, what can you say about it? Deny to the bones Chiz, laglag ka na pati balls mo tiyak laglag. Anyway you still have Heart, mag pakasawa ka sa dalaga in bed, tiyak ang sama nang loob nang mga Ongpauco, naging eat all you can ang daugther nila na may pang main course na Chizzzzzy dog.

  • Lapu Lapu

    Rice smuggling in Cebu could be true.

    Kindly publish the name of the cabinet member who is the beneficiary of this sumuggling.

    • Noel

      Mon is waiting for the right price before revealing the cabinet minister. My guess is it could either be Abad or Acosta.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_KELBC2K3ZHQWVW7ZCFKZUDDSEU Marlon

    Mon, magkano???

  • $16638896

    kupal pala tlga si chiz, di ko bobotohin to for sure.

  • chimbonica

    attention- ruffy biazon- bureau of customs-

    Multiply P60,000—P20,000 for corrupt Cebu customs officials, P10,000 for
    the RCMG and P30,000 for another Manila unit—by 500 to 1,000 containers
    every week and you have an idea how much goes to the pockets of corrupt
    customs officials.

    Read more: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/377111/ongpaucos-the-other-side-of-chiz#ixzz2O8cfuDG7

    Follow us: @inquirerdotnet on Twitter | inquirerdotnet on Facebook

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4Q5EHNRA6LXAHGXPSMAXBGJ4ME isidro

    If you cannot get along well with your future in laws, that is a bad sign. Heart should Immediately terminate all relationships. A good man should respect your in-laws. That is basic to a Filipino culture and tradition. Gagawin ka lang “palamuti” o tau tauhan at hinde tao.

    Deducing from that premise, you cannot also build a good relationship with your constituents, cabinet, or fellow government workers and most importantly from your people.

  • Maldi2

    Daang matuwid sa iyong MATA! I like the linggo! Perfect!

  • nasspee

    ano kaya ang kapalit ng isang 5-mil na relos?
    totoo kayang “he will pay back the Chinese”?

  • http://twitter.com/Olibo2 Olibo

    But Chiz has pork barrel of almost a billion peso. He could use that to please Heart, and pay it back (to govt. coffer) later.

  • Guest

    . Masyadong nasasakal si Heart sa parents niyang sina Rey and Cecille
    Ongpauco. Tama ang ginagawa nila? Mali.

    • GeorginaBilson

      Tama! ikaw ba gusto mong mapariwara ang buhay ng anako mo dahil sa walang kwentag lasinggerong bastos na si escudero?kung ok lang sayo , wala kang kwentang magulang, parehas lang kayo ni escudero na iniwan ang pamilya at hinwalayan ang asawa dahil sa masamang ugali.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        Matagal ng napariwara ang buhay nyan… pinagsawaan na ni Jericho yan eh.. matanda na yan si Heart…di na yan bata na dapat alagaan…

      • ranjoranido


      • Noel

        Ano man higpit ang parents ni Heart, hindi na siya birhen.

    • rodnylacson

      ang bobo naman ng dahilan mo, sasama ka ba sa taong magnanakaw at tamad, baka pera lang ang sinasabi mo, parehas kayo ni escudero mga walang kwentang tao!

      • tagalinis

        @GeorginaBilson:disqus @rodnylacson:disqus “huwag kang manghusga ng hindi ka husgahan” iyan ay isang kasabihan na makatotohanan! nanghuhusga kayo ng tao, mayroon ba kayong mga katibayan? kung mayroon, ilabas ninyo para mapatunayan ang mga tsismis! kung wala, tumahimik na lang kayo o gusto lang ninyong makitsismis din kay Tulfo!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sollie-Sinson/1798565059 Sollie Sinson

        i believe those are not tsismis. parents only wants the best for their children. in this case, they don’t see heart to be better off with chiz..

      • Ayumi Water

        I don’t think they want the best. She is a public personality. Her image is her asset. They ruined her in more ways than what they say her boyfriend has. Heart has a relationship with the public as a celebrity. Her parents don’t. They are merely using the public to punish their child. The late Pres. Cory Aquino, now she was a good parent, not these scandalous matapobres who want to manipulate public opinion against a daughter who left them.

      • sanjuan683

        Naku ikaw talaga kunwari ka pa naghahanap ng katibayan bakit nasa husgado ka ba. Kapag bastos at lasenggero ang magiging manugang tulad ni Cheat, tiyak na mauuwi sa hiwalayan blues. hehehehehe Bastos lasenggero at mayabang pa yan ang katangian ng isang senador. heheheheheheheheh kaya di dapat iboto. Ikaw iboto mo siya magkamukha naman kayo.

      • ranjoranido

        ikaw ang bobo, lacson pa naman apelido mo, nakakhiya ka. sampalin kita dyan eh

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sollie-Sinson/1798565059 Sollie Sinson

      when children commits a mistake, who do they run to? to their parents. Its their parents who gets affected. Its ok for children not to obey their parents if they are really hard headed but when they commit mistakes because they didnt listen, they should solve their own problems.

      • Ayumi Water

        They will but in Heart’s case, the parents are also her problem. How far will you go in publicly shaming your child because you didn’t get your way? If your child never finished school, grows up to be a spoiled brat with a needy personality, whose parenting failure is it?

        They’re like the pot calling the kettle black. They just don’t want to be blamed later if Heart’s relationship with Chiz goes horribly wrong. All in all, their actions in the past and now just reflect how poorly they’ve treated their daughter, like an expensive show dog and not a human being with dignity.

      • ranjoranido

        dami mong alam na ek ek. matanda na si heart! duda ko kahit sinong lalake walang maggustuhan yung primadona nyang nanay. dapat itapat sakanya si anabelle rama!

  • kilabot

    noykapon is good at appointing the rite people.
    puno, naguiat, ochoa, lacierda, sereno, lanto… pangilinan.

    chiz should do what the new pope does,
    accept his limitations and humble himself,
    that will endear him to electorates,
    otherwise, he will lose the elections followed by heart.

    biazon is an overstaying commissioner.
    he should have done a jacob a long time ago.

  • Guest

    Nasa right age na si Heart kaya dapat bigyan ng freedom ng mga mag-ulang
    niya pumilit kung sino ang mamahalin niya.

    • kikomonkey

      kapag nakikita mo ang anak mo na may kasamang bastos at lasinggero ok ba yun? esudero wag iboto!

    • akosibonjing

      hindi ako papayag sa katulad ni escudero, grabeng kabastusan nya.

      • tagalinis

        @kikomonkey:disqus @akosibonjing:disqus “huwag kang manghusga ng hindi ka husgahan” iyan ay isang kasabihan na makatotohanan! nanghuhusga kayo ng tao, mayroon ba kayong mga katibayan? kung mayroon, ilabas ninyo para mapatunayan ang mga tsismis! kung wala, tumahimik na lang kayo o gusto lang ninyong makitsismis din kay Tulfo!

      • maypakialamtayo

        eh anong ginagawa mo dito nakikitsismis din?

      • potchi25

        Actually tabalu, babaero din daw sya. At verbally abusive.

      • maypakialamtayo

        ako may katibayan, iniwan si chiz nung unang asawa dahil nga lasenggo at bastos.

      • sanjuan683

        Hambog o mayabang daw. hehehehehehehe

      • mehetabelade

        I get paid over $87 per hour engaging from home with a pair of youngsters reception. I ne’er thought i would be ready to lie with however my ally earns over 10k a month doing this and he or she convinced Pine Tree State to do. The potential with this is often endless. Heres what i have been doing,, – Buzz80.ℂOℳ

      • Noel

        Wala akong nabalitaan na lasenggo si Chiz noon. Pero posibleng nag-umpisang naglasing nang mahiwalay sa asawa. Madalas itong mangyari sa mga tao.

      • eduyuuy

        iniwan si Cjhiz ng kanyang asawa dahl siya ay bakla, yan ang totoo. ginagamit lang ni chiz c heart. In few months break na ang dalawang yan. c spoiled primadonna heart at baklang senador.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Sollie-Sinson/1798565059 Sollie Sinson

      correct but if in the future she committed a mistake, she should solve her problem alone. dont run to her parents for help.

    • Cilina Magtheridon

      hindi ito tungkol sa edad ni Heart. tungkol ito sa maling kultura ng lalaking pinoy na kamachohan ang tumuhog sa mga masbata. maling maling talaga at mapang-api sa buong kababaihan. sana ay mapansin ito ng Gabriela.

    • sanjuan683

      hehehehehehe Tapos nakapili nga di nagtagal pinaggugulpi si Heart tapos sa magulang tatakbo. hehehehehehehe Siguro kung wala kayabangan ito si Cheat, baka tanggap siya ng parent ng babae, kaso wala raw respekto sa mga magulang ng babae. Umiral talaga ang yabang tingin niya sa sarili genuis siya. hehehehehehehe

    • Noel

      What her parents are protecting is Heart’s virginity.

      • ranjoranido

        VIRGIN?! saan?

    • Noel

      Wala sa edad ang maturity. May bata pa pero matanda na ang pag-iisip at ang may edad na bata pa rin ang isip.

  • Guest

    Ayaw ng Ongpauco couple na maging masaya ang lovelife ng daughter nilang
    si Heart. Gusto nila trabaho lang ng trabaho si Heart para kumita sila.

    • Filpino

      kung ang anak mo bang babae ay may karelasyon na 40 plus na at hiwalay pa sa asawa at may anak pa, then alam mo lalamugin lang sa sex ang anak mo at di pangmatagalan ang relasyon nila papayag ka ba? kahit alam mo na ang laki ng agwat ng edad nila.

      • sanjuan683

        Malas naman ni Heart nakatagpo pa ng bastos, lasenggero at mayabang. Pakinggan mo magulang mo huag si Cheat, walang kuwentang tao yan.

      • Noel

        Iyan nga ang nangyari kay Kris noon. Binusog sa sex ni Philip Salvador. Nasarapan at kung sinu-sinong lalaki na ang pinatulan.

  • FernandoBusi

    Naku naman talaga di makatayo sa sariling paa. nakakahiya tong si cheeswiz.

  • agnes guevarra

    Pinagkakakitaan kasi ng Ongpauco couple si Heart kaya pinipigilan nila
    ang lovelife ni Heart. Mga greed sila!

  • Euandros

    Masyadong pakialamero naman itong mga parents ni Heart, hindi na lang
    hayaan si Heart sa kanyang lovelife.

  • saktolang

    Basura talaga kapag si tulfo ang nag report. puro sabi sabi.Pangalanan mo kung sino yung mga taong involve sa smugling ng bigas kung talagang may alam ka tulfo. o baka naman narinig mo lang ang kuwento sa beauty parlor

    • BatangSingapore

      oo nga naman Tulfo huwag kang duwag at gamitin mo yan pagiging press mo para lang manakot.

      tandaan mo Tulfo ang may kasalanan sa bayan ay dapat parusahan.

      • pabloo6293

        Sobra ang pagiging tapang-tapangan nitong si Tulfo kapag may pruweba siya. Pero kapag di sigurado, ayan at walang pangalan-bahag din ang buntot.

    • maypakialamtayo

      wag mo na kasing basahin, asar talo ka lang, isa ka rin naman sa masugid na tagasubaybay ng column ni idol mon diba?

  • ThudOthwacker

    The question is….

    How much does the pharmaceutical companies that lobbied for the RH bill spent to the ayes in both houses?

    With initial implementation cost of 40 to 60 billion pesos and annual budget of 3 billion pesos plus inflation. For a program crafty crafted for perpetuity.

    We’re talking around hundreds of billion pesos tax money to solve………… poverty?

    “Privatization.That some politicians were corrupt enough to go ahead with some state sell-offs: “Rather than object to the sell-offs of state industries, he said national leaders—using the World Bank’s demands to silence local critics—happily flogged their electricity and water companies. ‘You could see their eyes widen’ at the prospect of 10% commissions paid to Swiss bank accounts for simply shaving a few billion off the sale price of national assets.” According to Palast, Stiglitz asserts that the US government knew about, at least in one case: the 1995 Russian sell-off: “‘The US Treasury view was this was great as we wanted Yeltsin re-elected. We don’t care if it’s a corrupt election.’” (Emphasis added)” ~ Joseph Stiglitz interview conducted by Greg Palast, April 2001, Observer and Guardian.

    “At first glance it may seem that the growth in development of export goods such as coffee, cotton, sugar, and lumber, would be beneficial to the exporting country, since it brings in revenue. In fact, it represents a type of exploitation called unequal exchange. A country that exports raw or unprocessed materials may gain currency for their sale, but they lose it if they import processed goods. The reason is that processed goods—goods that require additional labor—are more costly. Thus a country that exports lumber but does not have the capacity to process it must then re-import it in the form of finished lumber products, at a cost that is greater than the price it received for the raw product. The country that processes the materials gets the added revenue contributed by its laborers. (Emphasis is original)” ~Richard Robbins, Global Problems and the Culture of Capitalism, (Allyn and Bacon, 1999), p. 95

    These quotes reminds me of, why our politicians are so eager to open are mines and sell off government corporations like: MWSS; NAPOCOR; Petron; PNOC and others.

  • homer

    tabloid na tabloid si tulfo. dapat sa show ka ni cristy fermin

  • KarlosRegaza

    Chiz have to realize that Heart needs something out of his pocket. Not from other people. Hahaha

    Nagbigay ng relo, bigay pala ng insik. Ew

  • OFW_Dubai

    isang TULFO ang gusto nila kay HEART….NYAHAHAHAHA

  • Ilythia

    Pano pa kaya kung naging first lady itong si Heart? Mukhang mas dadaigin pa si Imelda Marcos.

  • Ilythia

    All those who will vote for Chiz are truly stupid dumbf$$ck as hell.

  • BatangSingapore

    Tulfo, kung madami pera itong mga intsik na Ongpauco eh bakit parang materyalistiko pa rin si Heart?

    kasi sa mga intsik ang babae walang kwenta at ang yaman ay binubuhos sa mga lalaki.

    ngayon nakatagpo si Heart ng lalaking magmamahal sa kanya ay dapat naman hayaan na ito ng kanyang magulang.

    subalit ang isyu ay natutuon sa pag walang galang ng mga gurang na Ongpauco sa senador ng bansa. tipikal na istilo ito ng mga intsik na laitin ang filipinong syota ng kanilang anak na babae.

    ang kababuyan pa ay ibuyanyang mo ito sa publiko para mayurakan nila ang tao. gawain ba yan ng matinong magulang?

    hindi ko gusto si Chiz dahil medyo may pagkamahina itong senador, subalit hindi ito dapat personalin ng mga Ongpauco. sarilinin na lang nila dapat ang isyu nila kay senator, lalo higit na syota ito ng kanilang anak. yan din ang dahilan kung bakit ayaw ko sa mga intsik dahil malayo ito sa moral ng tunay na mga filipino. nakakahiya at baboy mga utak.

    Pero mas gusto ko si Heart dahil mas may kredebilidad ito maging sentro ng usapan kesa sa abnormal na si Kris Aquino hahahhahahahha.

  • Tnosce

    This is another Moral Issue. Is ” IMMORALITY ” now the ” NORM ” of Philippine Society ?

  • nice_boy

    Kahit na may idad na ang isang anak, may karapatan parin ang mga magulang na hindi gustuhin ang boyfriend ng kanilang anak. At kung tutoo na galing sa bulsa ng iba ang mga regalo na ibinibigay kay Heart, may katuwiran ang mga Ongpauco na ayawan si Chiz. Kawawa si Heart. Mapipilitan siyang mamili between Chiz and parents.

  • SuyaMelk

    Masamang tao si Chiz Escudero! lasinggero at tamad! bastos pa ang hayup na yan! wag iboto pwe pwe!

  • boybakal

    Because of this Chiz tsismis, we forgot the other story that Proceso Alcala will be replaced by this Kiko Pangilinan.
    What credential will this Kiko bring to the Agri Department.
    He looks batugan, not a face of a farmer.
    He should be appointed to BuCor to take care of young criminals.
    Enough of this Kiko….he knows nothing about Agriculture.

  • boybakal

    Chiz should be recalled or Impeached….for being Immoral.
    He is still married, having children and having relationship in a scandalous manner.
    Enough of this man….he is not the representative of the people.

    • windhawl

      as far as i can remember only Jesus Christ who lived and walked in this earth without sin, as what the bible said..all have sinned and come short of his glory..
      if “immorality” is the basis then who is “moral” to lead? since even pastors, priest or reverend are sometimes involved in scandals

  • Amador Amor

    Tulfo has become a gossip columnist really. I would suggest that Tulfo quit his post here or transfer to the Entertainment Section the way he writes his blog site lately.Leave the showbiz news to the likes of Lolit Solis, Boy Abundo, Germs, etc. What the heck are you doing indulging in gossip news? Tulfo has stooped down to the level of fly by night rumor mongering reporters that’s why he was mauled by Reymart Santiago and his friends. Stick to your “police” reporting and stop joining the showbiz beat.

  • rolandtr

    nakakasuka ang mga Ongpauco na ito!

  • doublecross

    bkt virgin pa ba yan si heart, di ba nilamutak na yan ni jericho!

  • dummier

    pwede bang sa Bureau of Jail na lang si Kiko?

  • windhawl

    yes, heart’s parents are rich, and he is not. but would it be just ok for the parents to complain about his gifts to their daughter?
    unless they would prefer for heart and chiz to just depend on her family for financial support since heart and chiz are not rich enough to provide for each other on the level her parents can provide for her.
    no wonder hindi nagkatuluyan si heart at jericho rosales kasi kung sa parents ni heart hindi kaya ni chiz makapagprovide maslalo pa cguro si jericho sa kanla..

  • 444mangyan888

    ganun..!! Bobby Ongpin ha..!! kaya pala di pa makulong-kulong sa kaso niya sa DBP..?? sino kaya ngayun ang mag i imbestiga jan..??

  • bayankopdi

    Pagmagsalita si Chiz sa media parang ang bait….sa loob lang pala ang kulo….i’m sure the ex-wife will not leave him without a valid reason at all…i don’t think the Ongpaucos will just lie and lie….or invent things…

  • ryan andres

    tanginang magulang yan ang babaw!

    so ibig sabihin kapag mas mayaman si chiz eh luluhod sila?

    tangnang mga chekwa yan, ibebenta sariling anak, if the price is right.

  • farmerpo

    Now you are talking Mon. Your first hand interview is more believable than the ‘she said… ‘stuff. It is time to take a good second look at Chiz. Although based on the interview, the Onpaocos does not project an image of good parents, hence the rift with their daughter, what they mentioned in another article about Escudero is now more believable. Thanks.

  • 33Sambuang2

    tsismis ka na naman. sana doon ka na sa tabloid magsulat hindi dito. nagtataka ako kasi lulubog lilitaw tong opinion mo lagi sa inquirer.

  • Brod Pit

    We need a real agriculturist like Procing not a legal contortionist.


    DAPAT dyan sa mga SMUGGLERS firing squad dahil ang katumbas ng ginagawa nila ay unti-unting pagpatay ng kanilang mga kapwa-Pilipino. Mga walang-awa at walang damdamin para sa kanilang mga kabayan na sa halip na tulungan ay pinapatay sa pamamagitan ng pag-agaw ng pagkaing isusubo na lang sa bibig. Mga walang-hiyang magnanakaw. At di nga kasi, kasama ang lahat ng kasabwat sa pagnanakaw na na sa BOC at iba pang mga sangay ng pamahalaan. Mas masahol pa sa berdugo ang mga TNL na yan!


    my goodness sake the BOC personnel in each every branch of office inside the BOC earns much more than what mon tulfo, all of the people inside BOC gets the cut or grease money the importer gives to a representative or custom people to release containers without paying the proper taxes due and most glaring without opening or inspecting whats inside the containers!! the x ray department of BOC another money making department just pay grease money to the inspector and they will simply close their eyes and let the container pass thru.

  • generalproblem

    dapat kay heart nag madre na lang. kailangan natin ng mga madre heart

  • akoypinoi

    Mayaman din yan si Cheeze.. naging bilyonaryo ang tatay niyan noong panahon ni Marcos bilang crony. Don’t tell me na ang yaman ni Cheeze ay galing sa sariling sikap. This guy is so ambitious.. he would like to be a president someday kaya lang the way he conduct himself in public I am sure it will just in end up as a dream. Ok lang yan.. lakihan mo na ang panaginip mo, libre naman eh. Sana magising ang mga Filipino sa darating na election.. NO CHEEZE!

    • Brax82

      Knowing our voters, I think Chiz can still win for president and so can Kris Aquino. Retarded ung nanalo tpos pumapangalawa ung convicted plunderer na lasinggero. Saan ka pa!

  • asarin

    akala ko naman ay: the other of side of chizka! hahahahaha … may nagsabi sa akin na mahilig daw siya sa talong at patola…. hmmm mabuti naman na habang maaga pa… malaman na agad… kasi baka later on… maghanap na ligo na isasahog sa talong at patola… hahahaha

  • wakats

    Mon, are you referring to Paquito O who gets the lion’s share of the rice smuggling take?

    Mrs. Ongpauco has no reason to lie and what she said in your interview is just one side of the face of chiz – “bastos at mayabang.” The other side is what we all abhor – crooked, on the take, shady and what have you as a TRAPO.,…..

    • maypakialamtayo

      nadale mo si P.O nga yan, natural di papangalan ni idol mon yan, mahirap na mga benggatibo yan eh! basta bahala na tayong manghula.

  • droccu

    All conjectures Tulfo. Are you an investigative journalist or a gossip columnist? AC-DC journalism na naman ba ito?

  • go88

    Ramona, how much did you make with this smear column this time?

    • ShibumiNinja

      :D )))))))))))))))))

  • ShibumiNinja

    does heart love chiz or pine perahan lang si chiz ng mga magulang ni heart?
    ang gulo ng kwento ni tulfo


    This is very damaging on the senator’s reelection bid.

  • $18209031

    Lawyers are the epitome of lying. Nagkamali si Heart na na involve sya sa mga politikos. These are people you wanna stay away from . They know the law and are highly manipulative.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

    ano ba naman ang alam ni Pangit linan as sec. of agriculture, eh abogadong walang alam itong tao na ito.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS

    Ang isyung Escudero – Ongpauco eh POLITIKA. Nakisawsaw na si Tulping para sa makapal-na-sobre galing sa kalabang politiko ni Chiz. O, getz mo?

  • panaloangtotoo2

    Puro ka “I was told…I was told”. Tsimosa ka ba? Paano kung sasabihin ko na “I was told na bakling si Tulfing?”

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    oo bastos yang c boy pekhpek..baka durugista pa yan….sa looks pa lang easy-go-lucky na at bastos ang dating e….feeling highschool pa rin….hindi niya nasilaw sa 200million na pork barrel taon taon ang mga Ongpauco…..

    Yes nasa right age na si Heart to choose…pero papayag ka ba na ang magiging mga apo mo ay magmamana sa tatay nilang bastos at walang modo…..? E kung bastusin ka ng apo mo ano gagawin mo?

  • lemon88

    mr. and ms. ongpauco kayo po ang sumisira sa buhay ng anak ninyo sa ginagawa ninyong pagsasa-publiko ng issue. wala po itong idudulot na positive result. your daughter is 28 years old, im sure alam na alam nya ang kanyang ginagawa.

  • inquirercet

    actually the real issue is escudero’s shabu addiction. natatakot parents ni heart na matulad kay chiz ang anak nila. hindi lang nila masabi sa public kasi malaki magiging effect sa anak nila. if i were a parent hindi ako makikialam sa buhay ng 28 year old na anak ko kung di lang rin ganun kalalim ang issue.

  • litgar

    Family squabbles should be kept private.There is no point in discussing it publicly
    because it will not solve the problem. Someone close to both parties should sit down
    with them and mediate to a resolution of the issue. Both parties must have mutual
    respect.No dirty laundry please!!!

  • ruthieem7

    I have to remind myself that I just read Tulfo’s column and not the entertainment section.

  • captainramius

    Heart is an adult its really her decision.

    But we voters should really take a second look at this Chiz.
    Remember when he run for Presidency and withdraw because of no support from Danding his actions was full of arrogance then as if the Boss owe him big time.

    Many senators become big headed when they get elected kaya dapat e abolish na ito.

  • Drillon Recto

    It just portrayed Heart in a bad light. That of a gold digging b***h who would charm her way to get “all the things she want” (as her parent said so).

  • Drillon Recto

    What happened to the Raymart-Claudine Santiago vs. Mon Tulfo brouhaha?

  • Guest

    I got these from quierosaber’s website. These are not my words and I didn’t ask permission to print it here. If quierosaber abject to my doing so, I will delete this comment. I invoke freedom of speech, even if it’s not mine.

    Reasons why Rey and Baby Ongpauco don’t like Chiz Escudero for their daugther:

    1. Religious Reason: Chiz obviously has a personality defect. His wife, with whom he has two children, left him for reasons that have been the talk of Metro Manila. Chiz and his wife obtained a civil annulment. Thus, under the rules of the Catholic church to which my family belongs, Chiz is disqualified to remarry, unless he obtains a Church annulment.

    2. Personality Problem: Chiz is surrounded by unsavory gossip which has already reached social media. The cause of his annulment and his peculiar habits are swirling over his head, and he has never bothered to explain himself. He projects himself as a wholesome candidate, but we know better. We challenge Chiz to stop dictating to our daughter. Stop hiding behind the skirts of Heart and stop using her as an armor to shield yourself from very serious questions about your character and personality.

    3. Alcoholic: The first time Chiz visited our home, we saw that he was drunk and he smelled of alcohol. The second time he went to our family home, he was again drunk, carrying a bottle of red wine. During both visits, he hardly spoke a respectful word. He sat slumped in a chair with his legs spread outward. He has never formally asked for our daughter’s hand, or explained how he will support her and his wife at the same time.

    4. Illusions: According to Heart, Chiz has promised her that he will become President by 2016, and then she will be addressed as ‘First Lady.’ The staff of Chiz sometimes addresses him as Mr. President. This is pure seduction, because we believe Chiz does not stand any chance to become President or Vice-President, owing to his secret character.

    Furthermore, he once boasted to Heart that he runs a lucrative law office, and that a multinational is poised to pay his law firm over P200 million a year for lawyering for the multinational. One more boast of Chiz is that he has already the guaranteed financial contribution of a businessman who has been listed among the ten billionaires of the Philippines, but who is under investigation by the Senate. Heart believes all these claims made by her boyfriend, without any evidence.

    5. Opportunism: Chiz has virtually moved into the condo unit owned by Heart. He uses her Mercedes Benz at will, particularly during night time, indicative of her own disturbed personality. Heart encourages this behavior from Chiz, as she did with the rest of her prior boyfriends. She has been diagnosed as a needy personality, but she refuses psychiatric treatment.

    6. Case vs. Chiz: Because of Heart’s naiveté, I have been compelled to act as her talent manager. We recently signed Heart’s contract with a certain TV channel. Now, Chiz is urging her to have my name removed as talent manager. All the acts of Chiz indicate that his public persona is far different from his real character. My husband and I are in the process of gathering evidence to prove that he is a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality, as suggested by a print columnist.”

  • Yxon

    mon, this i believe in your scooped report. that Escudero is a very dangerous guy to be positioned in the government.

  • litgar

    Message to the Ongpaucos:Their is dignity in silence.

  • malek_abdul

    Quote “There is a rumor that outgoing Sen. Francis Pangilinan will replace Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala when the three-term senator’s tenure expires in June.

    If the rumor is true, President Noy is making a very big mistake.” Unquote

    It is really a big mistake for Pnoy installing Pangilinan as Agriculture Secretary. I think Pangilinan is not as qualified as Proceso Alcala. One thing I observed in Mon Tulfo’s column though. RT is afraid Alcala would be replaced because RT will lose his personal interest in developing his acquired land in Puerto Princesa at the expense of government funds if Pangilinan becomes Agri Sec.

    • Noel

      Pero sabi ni Pnoy mas may pangil daw si PANGILinan na sugpuin ang mga rice smugglers.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

    Huwag kayong maniwala sa mga sinasabi ni Ina ni Heart, pera and dahilan, baka mawalan ng sustento si Heart sa mga Magulang.

  • anu12345

    “Like that watch which costs five million pesos”

    Equals $122,000. Hindi ko nga mabili ang Seiko na worth $60. Nakakainggit.

  • kismaytami

    Dapat sa Entertainment section ng PDI ito.

  • Noel

    Tulfo must at least give us a hint as to who the cabinet member who took a huge part of the smuggling bribe money. Otherwise, it’s unfair to other cabinet members. Even DepEd Sec. Luistro would be a suspect which we believe is very unlikely as a Christian Brother.

  • Noel

    I know the Escudero family way back when they resided somewhere in D. Tuazon St., QC. Chiz’s later father was among the very few Marcos cabinet members who were not corrupt.

  • Noel

    Before Chiz, Heart had other boy friends like Jericho Rosales who her parents also rejected. Masyadong pakialamero siguro ang mga parents niya. I’m no psychic but seeing her mother talks on TV gave me the impression that she’s the mata pobre type.

    • entengs2k

      Exactly Noel. The mother is also pakialamera/dictatoria. Heart is old enough to choose her future.

  • antiscam

    From what I’ve gathered in this article, Heart has a taste for ultra expensive luxuries. She will be like Imelda Marcos as First Lady once Chiz becomes president by 2016. Expect corruption on a grand scale to follow just to satisfy Heart’s luxurious desires. Just like what our Dictator Ferdinand Marcos did for her beloved Imelda.

    By the way, Chiz’s father was the longest serving cabinet minister of Marcos as Minister of Agriculture. Hmmm….

  • kelly

    don’t listen to chiz story….no.1 liar shame on you.
    outgoing senator——— poor HEART

  • georgerawz

    Dapat hindi si Daking ang inatake nung nagiinuman sila.

  • walaKA

    If I were you Mr. Tulfo, hindi na ko makikialam sa personal na buhay ng iba..And being in media, wag mo masyado ipahalata ang pagkiling mo sa isang side..Ang galing mo humusga agad..

  • entengs2k

    Si Tulfo talaga hindi nawawala ang pagka AC/DC niya. Hindi rin balance ang kanyang report.

  • coladu

    INULIT? bakit?

  • ranjoranido

    Very rich huh… nagbabayad ba ng tamang TAX yan…

  • speedstream2

    What’s the compelling reason for the current dynamic and no-nonsense agriculture secretary to be replaced midstream of PNoy’s term? All things considered, isn’t the DA performing well? Ever heard of the caveat: If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

  • eduyuuy

    kailan kaya mahahalata ni heart na bakla ang nobyo nyang senador. itanong mo heart sa ex wife ni Chiz para matauhan ka! kung sabagay matanda ka na heart 2 years from now, wla na magkagusto sayo, kaya gumising ka at maghanap na tunay na magmamagal sayo, at kilan man di ka mamahalin ng isang lalaki na ang gusto ay kapwa lalaki.

  • w4d

    LOL…the Ongpaucos’ resentment sounds politically motivated…

  • dikoy321

    Part true, but could be 99% Disinformation ha Tulfo, your eyes ?
    How much ?

  • gisingpinoy12

    My sources say each container of smuggled rice earns P20,000 for corrupt Cebu customs officials. etc etc..e yung mga corrupt na taga media…columnist! Siguro di nabigyan itong si Tufling kaya panay ang banat…walang “honor among thieves” .

  • white scorpion

    p-noy big mistake is not that a good agriculture secretary is on his way out, but rather the one coming in can only says NOTED.

    chiz has all the taste of a corrupt official. if a person value his dignity. hindi siya magyayabang sa girlfriend niya na ibibili niya all she needs. then asked it from a political supporter. kahit sabihin niyang binayaran niya. i for one will not believe him.

  • go88

    Look on how long this column is posted …. Ramona must have received an impressive enveloppe.

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