Survey shows most Filipinos approve of Aquino, Binay performace


President Benigno Aquino III and Vice President Jejomar Binay. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Seven out of every 10 adult Filipinos approve of the performance of President Benigno Aquino III and Vice President Jejomar Binay and about the same number trust the country’s two top officials, the results of Pulse Asia’s latest survey show. The ratings were basically unchanged from what they were between January and February.

The survey, conducted from February 24 to 28, found 68 percent saying they approved of Aquino’s performance, while 70 percent approved of Binay’s performance. On the other hand, 24 percent were undecided about President Aquino’s performance, while 6 percent disapproved. For the vice president, 24 percent were undecided, while 5 percent disapproved of his performance.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile posted an approval rating of 46 percent, while Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. posted an approval rating of 27 percent. Twenty-six percent said they approved of Supreme Court Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno’s performance.

Across areas, the President’s approval ratings ranged from 63 percent in Metro Manila to 76 percent in the Visayas, while ranging from 63 percent among class ABC to 69 percent among class D.

For the vice president, the approval ratings ranged from 66 percent in the Visayas to 72 percent in Luzon outside Metro Manila, and from 59 percent among class ABC to 72 percent among class D.

Senate President Enrile’s approval ratings ranged from 40 percent in Mindanao to 49 percent in Balance Luzon, and from 35 percent among class ABC to 48 percent among class D.

Speaker Belmonte’s approval ratings ranged from 24 percent in Mindanao to 29 percent in Balance Luzon, and from 24 percent among class E to 28 percent among class D.

Approval for the chief justice’s performance ranged from 20 percent in the Visayas to 30 percent in Balance Luzon, and from 24 percent among class ABC to 28 percent among class E.

Meanwhile, 69 percent said they trusted the President, whose trust ratings ranged from 62 percent in Metro Manila to 73 percent in Visayas and Mindanao. The President garnered 69 percent trust across all socio-economic classes.

The trust rating for the vice president was at 72 percent. Across areas, his trust ratings ranged from 70 percent in Metro Manila and Mindanao to 73 percent in Luzon outside Metro Manila. It ranged from 63 percent among class ABC to 73 percent among class D.

For Senate President Enrile, 43 percent said they trusted him. His trust ratings ranged from 38 percent in the Visayas to 45 percent in Luzon outside Metro Manila, and from 33 percent among class ABC to 46 percent among class E.

Twenty-three percent said they trusted Speaker Belmonte. His trust ratings ranged from 18 percent in the Visayas to 30 percent in Metro Manila, and from 22 percent in class D to 30 percent in class ABC.

The chief justice posted a trust rating of 22 percent, ranging from 20 percent in Metro Manila to 26 percent in Mindanao, and from 22 percent in class D and class E to 25 percent in class ABC.

“Public assessment of the performance and trustworthiness of the country’s top five government officials remains basically unchanged between January and February 2013,” Pulse Asia noted in a news release Wednesday.

The Supreme Court posted a majority trust rating (52 percent), while the Senate and House of Representatives posted trust ratings of 49 percent and 44 percent, respectively.

The Supreme Court’s trust ratings ranged from 49 percent in Mindanao to 54 percent in Luzon outside Metro Manila, and from 49 percent in class ABC to 53 percent in class D.

The Senate’s trust ratings, on the other hand, ranged from 44 percent in the Visayas to 51 percent in Luzon outside Metro Manila and Mindanao, and from 42 percent in class ABC to 50 percent in class D.

Trust in the House of Representatives was at 44 percent nationwide, and ranged from 40 percent in Metro Manila to 47 percent in Mindanao, and from 31 percent among class ABC to 47 percent in class D.

The survey, conducted from Feb. 24 to Feb. 28, used face-to-face interviews with1,800 registered voters aged 18 and older. It had a margin of error of plus-or-minus 2 percentage points.

At the time of the survey, the following developments were in the headlines: the conduct of mock elections in various parts of the country; the start of the official campaign period for the May elections; the United Nationalist Alliance’s decision to drop Senators Loren Legarda and Francis Escudero, as well as former Movie and Television Review and Classification Board chair Grace Poe from its senatorial slate; the crisis in Sabah; the release of the National Bureau of Investigation’s report on the Atimonan massacre; salvage operations to extract the USS Guardian from the Tubbataha Reef in Palawan; the continued importation of used cars in Port Irene, Cagayan; the 27th anniversary of the 1986 People Power Revolution and the President’s signing of the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013; and the announcement of  6.6-percent growth in the country’s gross domestic product in 2012, among others.

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  • ed0408

    I approve of Pnoy. But not with Binay.

    • Hipolito Taday II

      okay na din kahit papano kumpara naman sa Aroyo-De Castro hehehe

      • OFW28

        tama ka dito, ung ibang tao mas gusto yata ibalik ang mga taong gaya ni Arroyo at De Castro, na walang nangyari sa 6-years.

    • JenicaLee

      Pnoy is doing the best with what he has when he became president. we’ve had far worse presidents during their first few years in office.

    • speaksoftlylove

      The survey question was lumped into one thus:

      Would you approve PNoy and VP Binay’s performance?

      Syempre maraming gusto kay VP Binay kaya nadamay lang si PNoy mo. Subukan nilang ngayon na isurvey si PNoy lang. Kahit doon pa nila gagawin ang survey sa campaign sorties ng Team Malisya, tiyak mamumuraot yan.

  • magiting78

    Baka nmn tinanong nyo mga taga Tarlac at makati lang….

  • CPCook

    Congratulations to PNoy and VP Binay (VNay). However, if I were VNay, I would be worried about the survey result. While PNoy represent the national government and its position on all issues, nobody knows where VNay stands on anything (e.g., corruption, RH, FOI, Kiram, Sabah claim, budget, PDAF, political dynasty, etc). Given that he has already made public his intention to contest the 2016 presidential elections, I think it is only fair that the public should know where he stands on things (i.e., platform of government). That is, VNay should categorically state whether he agrees with specific government policies, and if not, how will his policies would have been different. Regardless on how he stands on issues, it would be inevitable to alienate certain sectors of the population and therefore, his numbers to drop.

    • Luthmar

      That is Binay’s style. He just waits for majority’s comments on how the President is handling the Sabah crisis. He will collect all the negative opinions and when he sees the opportunity he will attack. Wait before the election in May and people will learn what I am speaking about.

      By the way, I do not approve of Binay’s performance especially when tv news showed him and his wife and 2 children greeted the Pope. He was the only one who came with half of his family. I really do not mind his family tugging along for as long as they paid for their trip and not with my tax money

    • Arnie Rossel

      Erap is behind Binay, look at what Erap did to the Philippines. He was the worst performing President after the dictatorship. Cory was not good either but it is understandable because remnants of the Marcoses were tying to retake power. With Erap, it was hugely mismanagement. Amidst corruption, Gloria was even better than him.

    • tadasolo

      What is so troubling about the survey results is the supreme court. It should rank higher than all the politicians and other government institutions. It is a sad commentary on the lack of respect and integrity that institution has. The thing about it is a true reflection and the court has only itself to blame

    • mabuhay_si_marKy

      Cook, Luthmar and Arnie! very sensible discussions here. yeah i agree, binay don’t got the balls, he could have used this opportunity to rally for the nation building than just building towards his 2016 campaign.

    • SuyaMelk

      that’s the thing. this article reminded me that our vice president was binay. I have forgotten about him. we hardly hear anything about what he does or where he stands.

  • bogli_anakdami

    … what do you expect?
    … flips are gung gongs…prez gung gong akin’o is one of them..
    … perfect match, di ba?

  • mabyrik

    Halfway into the presidency of Pnoy and VP for Binay, there is an urgent message that this survey is imparting to the people, a prelude to the 2016 presidential election.

    It’s really surprising to know that Pnoy continues to maintain very high ratings after 3 years as president where no other previous presidents had done before despite issues that tend to hurt his administration like Sabah, massacre in atimonan, etc. If this high trust continues until 2016, it’s going to be a picnic in the park for whoever is Pnoy going to endorse as his candidate. The major reason of Pnoy very high trust ratings is he was able to maintain a spotless character and reputation.

    On the other hand, it’s dejavu all over again for Binay. Traditionally, the VP enjoys very high ratings in all the years in that position like Erap, Noli, GMA had because it is the president who absorbed all the heat in the kitchen while they were watching TV in living room. Binay is no different. He is in a cool living room, comfortably drinking wine while Pnoy is sweating it out in the kitchen.

    What happened to Villar is the lesson that Binay must be very wary about. For years, Villar had it so good, only to falter when it counted most….the presidential election. Villar’s liko-likong C5 had no match to Pnoy’s Tuwid na Daan. Binay’s unexplained wealth grabbed during his 20 year stint as mayor will be his Waterloo, much like the C5 of Villar. Up to this day, Villar still had not recovered from that nuclear bomb that hit him in the face. His ambition to become president is all gone.

    Another thing that Binay should worry more is the seemingly changed attitude of the voters. They are now looking for upright, decent and honest individuals to lead them, thanks to 2 presidents, Erap and GMA, who treated government funds as their own ATM.

    In 2016, the biggest issue is going to be another C5, but this time, the C5 is Binay’s unexplained billions. Will history repeat itself?

    • Dawn Dare

      Not to mention the overpriced computerization projects and empty coffers of the MMDA when Binay was chairman

    • jr18496

      How come Binay’s daughter is still in the top 12 ?? including the sons of Estrada and Enrile? I think a lot of Filipinos are still stupid.

  • Dawn Dare

    Why You Shouldn’t Trust These Surveys

    The SWS was founded in 1986 by Dr. Mahar Mangahas, Prof. Felipe Miranda, then DPWH Sec. Jose P. de Jesus (under President Cory Aquino), Mercy Abad among others while Pulse Asia was founded in the 90s when Prof. Felipe Miranda separated from Mangahas and bolted SWS. It should be noted that Managhas is the cousin of the late presidential candidate Fernando Poe, Jr while some of the prominent members of the board and stockholders of the Pulse Asia are blood relatives of Sen. Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III, official candidate for the president of the Liberal Party. The corporate records of both firms that are available at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will also show interlocking directorship with several personalities appearing as stockholders of both SWS and Pulse Asia.

    Felipe Miranda, Rosalinda T. Miranda, Gemino H. Abad, Mercedes R. Abad, Jose P. de Jesus appear in SEC records as being founders and or stockholders of both SWS and Pulse Asia.

    Mercedes R. Abad who is president of TRENDS-MBL, is the one who used to conduct the field research for both SWS and Pulse Asia.

    Jose P. de Jesus of Pulse Asia was the DPWH Secretary during the time of the late President Cory Aquino.

    Antonio O. Conjuangco and Rafael Conjuangco Lopa of Pulse Asia are cousins of Benigno Simeon “Noynoy” Conjuangco Aquino III

    Notice that there’s not a single survey asking Filipinos about their opinion on the Sabah issue.

  • padrefaura

    kaya pala tindi ng banat ng mga paid bloggers ni Pnoy kay binay dito. laging lamang sa approval si Binay kay Pnoy sa approval rating. #insecuresiPnoy

  • Arnie Rossel

    I voted for PNoy and Mar Roxas. I never regret of my choice of President. We need somebody who is after the well-being of the country. My wish is that all provinces should be given federal powers like that of the United States so they improve themselves without depending heavily in national government. We may not be ready for that due to political dynasties in the provinces but I wish to see it in the future, when we have many nationalist and educated voters. By then, our provincial leaders could compete each other economically so there is no more mass migration to Manila for better future. Malaysia is actually like that but corruption is everywhere that is why even with continuous democracy their economy is slowing down. They should be like Japan today.

  • Berteni Cataluña Causing

    WALA PA ANG SABAH ISSUE RITO kasi February 2013 lang ito. Aywan ko lang sa susunod na survey covering the period of Sabah debacle.

    • Arnie Rossel

      No, the survey was done at the beginning of Sabah crisis but there could be impact if violence already erupted during the survey.

  • jr18496

    What have Binay done to country so far … aside from extorting Condo Units from Developers in Makati?? With or without the Binays in powerMakati, Makati would still develop. His wife is being charged for corruption by … I believe the Sandigan Bayan? with evidence provided by COA ? It would be a step backward if Binay becomes the President .Hope that Pinoy stays healthy!

  • jgl414567

    I absolutely approve of Pnoy’s performance but disapprove with that of Binay! Let us all campaign come 2016 against a Binay presidency because it will be disastrous to the Philippines. It will bring back corruption with a vengeance!

  • jgl414567

    A Binay presidency (God forbid!!!!) will be the worst ever disaster the Philippines will ever witness, SO IF YOU LOVE YOUR COUNTRY START CAMPAIGNING AGAINST THIS TRAPO!!!

  • boybakal

    Survey shows most Filipinos approve of Aquino, Binay performace.

    Performance? What Performance?
    They have done nothing. And their performance is only talk talk and talk.

  • PaulynTayag

    I’m one of the people that approve of the presidents performance so far. compared to the government we had before, this is a way better improvement….

  • GeorginaBilson

    People may not approve binay because it looks like he doesnt do anything, but I think chiz is the king of not doing anything…..just saying.

  • RobertVelez

    Wishing more success for Aquino and his administration. its not hard running a country in the state its in. lets face it, things could have gone so much worse if it wasnt pnoy as pres….


    not true for both of them.

  • joe__bloggs

    “Trust in the House of Representatives was at 44 percent …”

    The surprise is it is that high….!

  • JasonBieber

    Very hard to believe these surveys since we don’t know how it was conducted, who actually conducted it, and from whom did they get the surveys from – meaning what group of Filipinos did they talk to and ask. Because for sure the survey did not come from struggling and poor college students, or from the poor in Davao, or from the ignored group of people involved in the Sabah dispute, or the starving typhoon ‘Pablo’ victims.

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