Sereno uses Jesus words to stress need for regulation on ‘Team Patay’ tarpaulins


Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno. INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—“In a world where regulation is required to have order, even Jesus would want His disciples to follow regulation.”

Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno stressed this maxim during the oral arguments on the validity of the Commission on Elections’ order to remove the “Team Patay” and “Team Buhay’’ tarpaulins in front of a church in Bacolod City.

During Tuesday’s oral arguments, the Diocese of Bacolod through counsel Ralph Sarmiento insisted that the Fair Elections Act should only cover candidates but is invalid when applied to petitioner (Diocese of Bacolod).

The Diocese of Bacolod went to the Supreme Court questioning the legality of the Comelec’s order to remove the “Team Patay,” “Team Buhay” tarpaulins in front of the San Sebastian Cathedral in Bacolod City.

“You are saying all private citizens can put up tarpaulins of all sizes,” Senior Associate Justice Antonio Carpio asked.

Another high court justice, Jose Perez, echoed Carpio’s view, saying by giving a new interpretation of the law, there is an attempt to get out of the prohibition.

“There can be no limitation, it is beyond the authority of the Comelec. Is that what you are saying?” Perez asked to which Sarmiento said “yes.” Perez said such interpretation causes absurdity.

Carpio, on the other hand, said the law did not limit penalty to candidates and political parties who violated limits with regards to posting of tarpaulins and other campaign paraphernalia.

“The law does not say violation of this act by candidates and political parties. This law is not limited to candidates. It applies to the public,” Carpio said.

Sarmiento said they do not see anything wrong with the listing of the names. He said the purpose of the tarpaulin is to “awaken the conscience of the people” and to inform the public of the church’s stand.

“The Diocese has made a caricature of the 7 individuals. Isn’t it un-Christian on the part of the Catholic Church,” Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

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  • amado_guerero

    Bravo bravo bravo….

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Wow, the god-appointed Sereno is now taking on the church and using Jesus’ name in vain. Next thing you know, Sereno will proclaim herself as the blessed virgin mary. May topak itong taong ito. Kaya bumagsak sa psychiatric test ng korte.

    • Lakan Dupil

      Mukhang ikaw ang may TAGAS Weder Lang.Ang paggamit ng pangalan ni Jesus ay nagsasabi ng iyong pananampalataya sa Kanya at ikaw ay naniniwala sa kanya. Ano ngayon kung si CJ Sereno ay tagasunod ni Jesus? Kahit ang Santo Papa ay gumagamit ng pangalan ni Jesus.ibig sabihin may sayad rin sya? Makapag-comment lang kahit hindi nag-iisip.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Uy defensive, dinedepensahan si Sereno kaagad. Ako kahit paano, at least pumasa ako sa psychiatric test na ginamit kay Sereno. Si Sereno 4, halos mag 5 na nga eh kundi lang naawa yung mga psychiatrist. Pero dahil bagsak pa rin siya, tinanggal niya sa trabaho yung mga court psychiatrists ilang araw bago magpasko last year. So unchristian si Sereno. At may sayad pa.

      • BOYPDAF

        Bumagsak lang sa Psychiatrist me sayad na?what a conclusion!aq nga bumagsak sa logic class ko kasi hindi ako pumapasok so wala akong logic ganun ba?the issue is CBCP,eh pwede pala akong magdikit sa bahay namin ng tarp na vote for team tatay..mga paring tatay,its my freedom of expression din..hndi namn dapat ganun.Comelec said its the size only,pwede nga lng ilagay dun vote team buhay provided na hindi nakalgay ang mga names,masaydo lng na popoliticised ang issue,si Celdran nga pinahuli nila eh ang liit lng ng banner nia although mali iyong gnawa nia..

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Bakit ba galit na galit ka sa CBCP at sa listahan nilang team patay?

      • RNKR2005

        Actually, it doesn’t matter whether Sereno failed or passed in the psychiatric test. The mere fact that you are divulging what you claim to be Sereno’s actual score in the test means that the result was leaked, which is enough reason to punish someone for releasing something which is supposedly CONFIDENTIAL

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        a Chief Justice who’s cuckoo should be kept confidential? illogical.

      • RNKR2005

        Rules are rules. Nothing illogical about that. Unless you say that there’s a special provision exempting certain people from the rules of confidentiality. I try not to pass judgment on people, especially if all I hear about them are rumors and not facts…

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Exemption? That’s what IBP just did for Sereno despite getting a 4 in her psych exam. Rules are rules, only to be broken because pressure from the palace. Wala naman palang kwenta yung argument mo. Pinaikot mo lang ako.

      • RNKR2005

        All your comments and view points on this article are based on a rumor, not fact. Sino ang walang kuwenta dito? Please post a link here that states for a FACT the real psychiatric test results of Sereno. Your words are not fact, that’s just an opinion just like mine

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        mag-google ka na lang. ang tamad-tamad mo.

      • RNKR2005

        Ooooh, nice come back. You expect me to find the factual basis FOR YOUR VERY OWN COMMENTS? Sino ang mas tamad? But I will give you some points that there are some second and third hand reports about it. I just don’t consider it a fact considering that news reports can be fabricated or even told in a biased manner (my classmate was quoted by a newspaper about his room mate who committed suicide, eventhough no interview ever took place). Also, I wouldn’t say Sereno is cuckoo based what I’ve read were the basis for her evaluation. Weird maybe, but no cuckoo. And I don’t want to assume that there’s something bad with someone who is psychologically/psychiatrically ill. There was this guy diagnosed with a psychological disorder who got blamed for stealing from his mother, it turns out that it was the maid who did it and placed the blame on the poor guy…

      • Boboy Medina

        sinong maysabi na pumasa ka sa psychiatric test? yun ba ang sabi ng bumulong sa yo? baka sunod ng bulong nya mag masaker ka na. talaga naman.

      • Weder-Weder Lang


      • RNKR2005

        Some people are just uncomfortable knowing that someone is using one’s religious belief as a guideline to how they conduct their work and private lives. Unfortunately, many people in society do not have same aversion to using the name of God and Jesus in offensive comments which is prevalent today in TV, movies, etc.

    • RNKR2005

      IMO, some of the other SC judges had the same view point as Sereno. Though without the religious undertones

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        That’s what happens when Sereno mixes her bible studies and her legal opinion. It comes out with religious undertones that offends other people’s religious sensibilities. She could have just dwelt on the legal merits or lack thereof. May sayad kasi si Sereno, as scientific psychiatric tests have proven.

      • RNKR2005

        There’s nothing scientific about psychiatric tests. Results from such tests are subjective in manner relative to the one evaluating them. It’s not a multiple type question and answer exam. If the examiner doesn’t like answers admixed with the examinees belief system, woe to the latter. IMO, I would prefer someone who has a strong sense of religious belief than someone who has no sense of clear morals. People have been complaining of corrupt officials for decades, now they still complain that someone is loco because she spouts out too much religious words? As long as Sereno does nothing inappropriate, corrupt, unfair, immoral, etc., I’m okay even if she quotes from the Bible all day long.
        BTW, I don’t think the first sentence of this article is religious; it’s not even a quote from the Bible. It is just comon sense if you’ve read the Bible. It would be weird and offensive if the petitioners where Muslim or another religion. A lot of people have used Jesus’ and God’s name in ways that are way, way the opposite of being religious, and yet I hear no one complaining that religious sensibilities are being offended.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Religious interpretation mo na yan dre. Ako iba tingin ko.

      • RNKR2005

        Fair enough. You have a right to your own opinion as do I.

  • Fulpol

    The Diocese has made a caricature of the 7 individuals. Isn’t it un-Christian on the part of the Catholic Church,” Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.

    — ano bang klaseng reasoning meron si Leonen..

    In a world where regulation is required to have order, even Jesus would want His disciples to follow regulation.”

    ————– nasaniban na ba si Sereno??

    • NoWorryBHappy

      So what is your point ???
      ANO ang gusto mong sabihon ???
      You hold readers in suspense with your intellectual prowess.
      DUH !

  • magiting78

    Infairness to commelec hindi po nila ipinagbabawal yung team patay at team buhay, ang sinasabi po ng commelec yung laki at lapad ng tarpaulin ang mali, exceed po dun s sinasabi sa batas….Masyado nyo pinalalaki ang issue na hahaluan n kung ano ano…unawain kc bago mag reklamo…

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    This is probably one of the reasons why Hitchens claimed religion poisons everything.

  • regd

    This isn’t good, justices becoming religious participant? They ought to be neutral. What happen with the Church vs State separation?

    • RNKR2005

      Sereno mentions the name Jesus and that’s already religious? Even agnostics can say that name. A lot of phrases use the name of Jesus which turn out to be the opposite of being religious. Based on what is said in this article, I wouldn’t say that Sereno’s statement is religious. It’s not even a verse in the Bible, just Sereno’s personal observation and opinion

      • walang pakundangan

        what about the size of the tarpaulin is that not part of the regulation?

      • RNKR2005

        I’m not knowledgeable with the specifics of the case, but all I care about is if that tarpaulin is bigger than what the law allows, it should be taken down. Ano ba ito, porke simbahan exempted na sila sa batas? It’s Pajero bishops all over again. Just because they are religious authorities, they should be given certain leeway when it comes to the law? Would Jesus say “simbahan naman kayo, puwede kayo maglagay ng tarpaulin na lampas sa pinapayagan ng batas”?

  • Constantine

    Once the SC agrees with the Comelec, the sinful CBCP will issue a statement that the SC Justices were not guided by God. Believe me! If a decision is to their advantage/benefits they will see its an act of God but if not they will say that SC needs guidance. Wala talaga itong mga hipokritong nasa simbahan!

  • Constantine

    And I agree with CJ Sereno that regulations are needed in order to put orderliness in our society otherwise chaos will reign!

    • RNKR2005

      That holds true everywhere. Anywhere where there is a hierarchy, like a family or government or prison or a crime gang. Even Al Capone would expect his henchmen to follow their own rules.


      EDSA 1 and EDSA 2 was chaos lead by the church but it was applauded. Now that the LP of an Abnoy will not benefit from the church “Team Patay”, Sereno says orderliness must reign? Sereno, you had become Cheif Justice because of the Big Joke Disorder in impeaching Corona.

      This government is in chaos lead by an Abnoy.

      • Nuon

        2 points.

        1. EDSA 1 was not a chaos.
        2. I am wondering who is applauding EDSA 2? As far as I can remember, EDSA 2 is being disgraced.

      • gayyelahe

        maybe your soul is the one in chaos.. if you think the president is an abnoy then you are saying that the people of the philippines who made him the president are abnoys and i strongly disagree because we filipino people are not abnoy! hindi tanga ang mga pilipino na iboto ang isang abnoy bilang isang presidente! you better go for a soul-searching!!

  • Guest

    Another error of pnoy, the chief justice should be neutral with regards to religion

  • walang pakundangan

    Another error of pnoy, the chief justice should be neutral with regards to religion

  • walang pakundangan

    team patay and team buhay is a political thing… the catholic church should concentrate on morals and does not have a right to argue on state’s affairs lest they should focus first on young males molestation issue

  • kismaytami

    Saan ba nagtapos itong Ralph Sarmiento na ito? Nakapasa ba ito ng bar?

  • walang pakundangan

    ang batas mo ay constitution otherwise if you will mix it with the Bible the you might as well leave your job mag mongha ka or madre it’s up to you, i don’t think also that the catholics are the authority with regards to the bible, they actually are twisting the bible teachings

    • RNKR2005

      There’s nothing biblical about what Sereno said. It’s just the name of Jesus. You could substitute any name with it. If the petitioners where the PBA, I would substitute the name Michael Jordan with it and the message would still hold true.
      The only name that would invalidate that phrase is that of an anarchist. “In a world where regulation is required to have order, even an anarchist would want His disciples to follow regulation.” Contradictory, right?

  • jga94

    “The Diocese has made a caricature of the 7 individuals. Isn’t it un-Christian on the part of the Catholic Church,” Associate Justice Marvic Leonen.


  • Manuel_II

    Ang kukulit talaga ng mga pari sa Pilipinas, kulang nalang sila mismo tumakbong politiko at mahestrado, siguro kung may pagkakataon lang ibabalik nila nag inquisition.

  • RNKR2005

    I think the title of the article is inaccurate. Sounds as if Sereno was quoting Jesus. AFAIK, there’s no such verse in the Bible. Just google “regulation order Jesus”. How many times did those words appear together in the Bible? Just because Sereno mentioned the name Jesus is news worthy enough? Makes me question the quality of news reporting today

  • walang pakundangan

    How big is the issue before supreme court will meddle on the case? Lahat ba ng iyakin at sumbungero i accomodate ni SC. 1)Huhuhu tululungan nyo po ako SC kasi pinapaalis yun tarpaulin ipinaskel ko. 2.) Maawa kayo SC ni rape(o pinatay ) ang anak ko 3) Bakit po ipinasa ang RH bill SC paki block po! 4) Bakit po yung nag smuggle sa ilocos wala kayo magawa SC?

  • 2rey3

    The size of the tarp was not the issue. What hurts the candidates especially the team Patay is the fact that the said tarpaulin and its contents has at it were hit the mark, bulls eye! Has not the makers of the tarpaulin cut already its size into two thus has complied the COMELEC’s requirement? Sereno talking about the gospel in relation to the contents of the tarpaulin but how about the RH which run contrary to Christian teachings or at least to the Catholic teachings? May inconsistency yata si CJ!!! If only CJ tries to surf the internet on the sex ed in Toronto, Canada for children which RH wants us also to do in our own country for our children, she can say that the RH is unChristian where children are taught to be sex obsessed and gays or at least contrary to what we Filipino parents want our children to be!! We Filipino parents really have to speak out or else our being NICE and desire not to offend others no matter what will bring our country and our children and our children’s children to perdition!!


    Hey Sereno why is the government applauding the Cardinal Sin lead EDSA 1 as righteous? A revolt to oust a duly elected pres. Marcos is illegal and unChristian. Are you applauding it because the Aquino’s was benefited.

    Now that the LP of Aquino will not benefit from the “Team Patay” poster. The church had become law breaker? If that is so then let us break to pieces that EDSA shrine.

    This government had now become a pervert including the appointed brain flunker Sereno who interprets comelec rules in the name of Jesus.
    The Abnoy had infected everyone. PH government is now an Abnoy govt. including the SC.

    • Francis Pope

      Team Pedophile

      1. ARIKUTIK


    If the church erred in displaying “Team Patay” poster then the church also erred in leading EDSA 1 revolution.

    Break to pieces that EDSA 1 shrine. or else this government rules by Abnoy ways.

    • Guest

      displaying team patay poster = edsa 1 revolution???
      ang b o b o mo!!!

  • david

    the writer is inviting controversy with the article’s title.


    The CJ interprets comelec rules by citing Jesus…. By her tongue, Sereno clearly admits that she is a brain flunker CJ.

    What Jesus have to do about election poster ? What a brainless chief justice!

    Impeach that Donk Head CJ. Even a grade one pupil will be better than her.

  • disqusted0fu

    CJ Sereno is teaching Jesus’ words to the priests? The same CJ that made a fake resolution? The CJ that seems to hail Pnoy’s orders above anything else?

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