Torres-Gomez unfazed by ouster; will file for MR, continue House duties



Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez and her lawyer assure media that the lady lawmaker cannot be replaced as of yet as they will file a motion for reconsideration before the Supreme Court which removed her from the congressional seat due to residency issues. The press conference was held March 19, 2013 at a coffee shop in Greenhills, San Juan City, shortly after the high court ruling was released. RYAN LEAGOGO/

MANILA, Philippines—Ousted Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez is not worried and will continue to work as legislator from the fourth district of the province despite the Supreme Court ruling removing her from the congressional seat.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday at a press conference hours after the ruling came out, she said that she was confident that she had “the mandate of the people.”

Ousted Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez. RYAN LEAGOGO/

Torres said she had a “lead of over 26,000 votes” over her opponents Eufrocino Codilla Jr and Silverio Tagolino.

Codilla had earlier filed a case to disqualify her husband, actor Richard Gomez, for not having been an Ormoc City resident long enough to run for Congress. Gomez was the original candidate.

Torres was able to replace Gomez, through Comelec Resolution 8890 and she won in the 2010 elections as representative of the fourth district of Leyte.

Her lawyer Alex Avisado said that they saw the ruling as “a very expensive and tedious” issue and explained that they were prepared to file a motion for reconsideration.

Backed by Comelec resolution

He said that Torres’ position was backed by Comelec Resolution 8890, which indicated that her winning in the fourth district of Leyte was valid.

He said that it was Tagolino who sought to unseat Torres by questioning the validity of her taking over Gomez’s bid for the congressional post.

But Avisado said that these “issues have long been settled… this is just a temporary setback, the good Congresswoman will continue with her duties.”

He said that they also expected the Solicitor General to file a motion for reconsideration.

“I was surprised… (but) I won fair and square. My opponents have done this before. I know I have done my part and I know that I enjoy the people’s overwhelming support,” said Torres.

Politics a devils’ game

Ousted Leyte Representative Lucy Torres-Gomez. Karen Boncocan/

Torres recalled the mayor of Ormoc City telling her that politics was the “game of the devils” and said that she was bent on continuing her political career so long as she was not the one considered to be the devil.

She said that at the end of the day, it would be the people of Ormoc City who would determine if her winning the congressional seat was valid or not.

Proxy war

Torres said that she had many opponents in Ormoc City, referring to the Codillas, a political clan.

Avisado pointed out that if it was not a Codilla who was trying to unseat his client, then it was a “proxy.”

“This is a proxy war,” he said.

No turnover

Avisado said that they wanted a “definitive ruling from the Supreme Court” and pointed out that Torres could not be replaced by Tagolino who was “the last placer in the 2010 elections.”

“He cannot unseat or replace her. This is just an exercise in futility,” he said.

“There will be no turnover. He does not have the mandate of the people and they are just serving her a fresh term (if this decision pushes through). She would be a beneficiary,” he added.

The Gomez couple are running in the midterm elections, Torres for another term as lawmaker in Leyte and Gomez for mayor.

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  • marco

    she claims herself as legislator, then she must know and understand the meaning of the SC decisions. Pls. Ms. Torres, i believe you have some outstanding qualities to be public servant, politics may not be the one for you. Look for alternatives if you really wish to serve…..

    • mapicchu

      naloka ako when she guested in KrisTv, Kris asked for her opinion about the economy at present, and what people in congress were saying about it…answer nya? -blank face! good thing Kris bumawi agad. OMG, is there anything btwn her ears??? parang classic dumb blonde pala ang lucy

      • $42337655

        yup but the problem is, a lot of people still vote for these types. And they will continue to do so.

        one of the techniques is to start in the provinces because these are where most of our poorly educated brethrens are. Then once in, they graduate to the bigger cities, bigger leagues.

        pa-mayor, mayor muna, pa-representative, representative muna to start.

        ang problema ay nasa mga botante na. Sadly…… alam ng mga politicians ito and they are taking advantage of the poorly educated masses who are numerically superior to those who can think well. They have known this for a long time.

  • garcia677

    Ok solon, You may have won fair and square as per comelec count but the SC says otherwise and the SC is the final arbiter of the law as you lawmakers had implanted into our minds, your constituents. So why not follow the ruling of the court? Ok as your basic right as a litigant or a respondent to the case, you have the right to file for an MR but if you just comply in lieu of asserting your right then your constituent shall respect you more for in their hearts you’re different from the kapit sa patalim politicians and government people.

  • disqus_WIkXYUshrh

    Politics must be a good business for many families in the Philippines. Many politicians believe politics is worth dying for, not for the service the people but for money.

    Hence, for the many killings during election periods.

    • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

      20% is the standard kickback on on a govertnment project. Kaya magkakapatayan bago kesa tanggalin yung pork barrel na yan.

      • $42337655

        like they say : “Always follow the money !” That there, is always the bottom line. Forget the BS : “I want to serve the Filipino people.” “I want to serve my constituents.” That is all crap. All they want is to fatten their wallets for as long as they can, while they can.

  • George Morales

    Mahiya ka naman, umalis kana.

    • Manuel_II

      She was not appointed like the SC justices, she was voted by the the people of Leyte. bakit sya mahihiya, lol.

      • indiosbravos2002

        Because she was not qualified in the first place. Null and void kumbaga.

      • George Morales

        She was elected by the stupid people of Northwest Leyte. (not all . . . but the masa who does not think in voting)

  • athenapallas

    naalala ko ang sabi ni Lucy when she was campaigning for her seat in congress, “matagal na nilang (Goma’s detractors) inaapi si Richard kaya I will run on his behalf”. She didn’t really want to be involved in politics she doesn’t really care about politics and serving people that is NOT her, it’s not that she really want to serve the people of Ormoc but she wants to serve the interest of her trying hard husband and she wants to avenge the “pang-aapi” nila kay Richard. Goma has no lucrative source of dough now kaya nagpilpilit sa politics. He didn’t even graduate from PUP (yes PUP not UP), he did a 6- months special certificate course in Theatre Arts at UP pero pinagmamayabang nya graduate daw sya ng UP. he did a 3 months movie-making seminar at NYU pero pinagmamayabang nya nag-aral daw sya sa NYU. What a humbug and a fake!

    • tarikan

      I think there’s truth in what you’re saying pre. Mga movie/sports personalities natin na wala gaanung inabot academicaly eh pagsikat na ibig baguhin ang attainment as elementary or high school graduates. Papasok kunwari ng seminar sa sikat na University tapos that’s a feather in their cap already. Hindi laang si Goma, naku marami dyan.

      • mapicchu

        miram did the same at harvard.

      • Mel

        Isko Moreno too.

      • boymanok

        isa pa yung ugok na yun…harvard daw at oxford eh ingles carabao naman at kapag ininterview puro pang-kanto yung pilosopiya niya

      • magiting78

        Grad c Isko sa Harvard…Harvard Street sa Cubao next to New York lol

      • tarikan

        Oo  nga palagay ko nagseminar din laang si Miriam sa Harvard. Papano sya naging full time student eh judge na sya yata nun. Karamihan dyan ipinapadala ng kanya-kanyang govt sa JFK School of International Studies in Harvard tapos sasabihin Harvard graduate. Bakit pag sa Dev. Academy of the Phil. (DAP) laang in Tagaytay hindi gaanong inilalagay sa resume.

      • $42337655

        Mga movie/sports personalities – they use the numerical superiority of the naive and under-educated masses to win; they sucker them to vote for them and more often than not, they win. They know the “numbers game”.

        They laugh all the way to the bank and ridicule those who do it the honest and hard way of educating themselves for a long period of time and rising amongst the ranks through hard work – such an irony isn’t it ?

        The word is out and the rest of those in the showbusiness industry know this pays easy and big bucks. They will join in soon enough and will keep on coming.

    • cato_the_younger

      I remembered when I took my Com 3 when I was in UP in the early ’90s and one of our classmates who was from Col. of Mass Comm. brought Richard to interview him – it is one of our course requirements, interview someone live in front of the class. Well he gave the usual anodyne motherhood answers to extremely safe questions. Showbiz na showbiz – I did not see any depth there at all.

      At any rate, I would agree with the SC in this one. People all know that Lucy lives in Manila – I thought Richard bought a lot in Forbes Park before which caused such a big brouhaha because the BIR ran after him because he declared so little income that year while having the ability to buy a lot in Forbes, go figure. I detest the impunity with how some of these so called stars and celebrities just parachute into some place days before the elections – preferably where people are stupid enough to be dazzled by their star power – where they can claim the most tenous of afffinities (I was born there, blah, blah, blah) and use it to launch themselves into political power. Come to think of it, if Lucy lived in Makati and she ran there, would she win?

      • boymanok

        sinusundan na ni aga muhlach ang diskarte ni richard…nung una wala daw siyang interes sa politics pero ngayon umaapela pa para tumakbo lang sa camarines…para daw makatulong sa bayan duh!

    • boymanok

      alam mo naman si richard feeling matalino kaya walang ipinanalong kandidatura…nilalagay nga niya sa credentials niya yang UP at NYU pero puro 3 months courses lang na hindi na kailangan ang entrance exam, basta may pambayad ka may certificate of attendance ka na…bilib na bilib na yung mga engot sa ganun

    • Alfred572001

      Puro kayo husga. Patunayan niyo sa mga taong bayan na matalino at magaling kayo, hindi puro yabang..

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Yehey! One less klepto in the kongress.

    When was the last time you shoplifted Lucy?


    mukha yatang mas malaki ang income ng politicians kaysa mga artista

    • George Morales


  • troyg318

    this will work in favor of Lucy coz she will look like another underdog, and pinoys love underdogs.

  • XY ZEE

    Mapipilitang magpagamit uli sa bakla si Richard sa balitang ito.

  • libraocto

    Wake up people of Ormoc. Select a good representative and mayor, be wise and vote the right people. Wala na kasing pelikula kaya sa politics naman sila maghahanapbuhay. Remember…. Power is everything……

    • BatangSingapore

      basta huwag lang intsik ang iboboto. kailangan filipino talaga ha at hindi yun nagkukunwari na tapat sa mainland china tulad ni abnoy, drillon, lim, bum aquino at ting ting cojuangco.

      • George Morales

        Yan kasing mga intsik sa Pinas galing yan sa Tsina . Puro mga reject doon. Sa totoo lang marami silang mga kamag anak na abnoy. NO kidding on this.

    • magiting78

      Kau kasi bumibili kau mga pirated ayan tuloy mga artista gusto ma mulitika n lang..
      Panoorin n rin kc mga movie nila kahit mga walang wenta para may kita lng cla upang hnd n pumasuk s pulitika hahaha

  • kevin

    Politics is a game of the devils..then why you are still there?…

  • Fulpol

    she will run again and her husband will run for mayor…

    so they love the abode (politics) where the “devil” lives..

    hmmmmm fishy fishy….

  • speedstream2

    No problem. Simply switch on the “defy mode”, the weapon of choice particularly favored by politicians, and affluent and well-connected entities. It’ll be business as usual and the SC can go fly a kite. Btw, like the stockbrokers, these seem to be great times too for high-priced counselors and spin doctors who, hopefully, pay the right taxes on income earned from professional fees.

  • mamamia

    trapo in the making, garapal

  • Mr. Skeptic

    Kapit tuko mode activated…

  • magiting78

    Ambisyoso rin kasi itong c Goma…pati mukha mukha n ring goma kumakapal na…lol,
    Lucy sorry naki pag break ako sau nun, kung hnd lang sana tau nag break sana wala kang issue na ganito…lol

    • Alfred572001

      Ayos ka bro, sana matisod ka!

  • padrefaura

    hindi nyo ba alam na dahil sa decision na ito, may fresh 3 terms si lucy pagnanalo sya sa mayo? hindi counted yung term na ito……. actually, pinaboran si Lucy ng SC.

  • tarikan

    Mahina na ba talaga ang PH Supreme Court? Si Gwen ayaw umalis, si Maliksi ayaw, ngayon si Lucy ayaw din. Ano Supreme Court, mga sipunin na ba talaga kayo at wala nang sumusunod sa decision nyo?

    • Janch

      Hindi pa final yung decision. The losing party can stil file a motion for reconsideration.

  • K8

    Of course she’s unfazed. Patapos na term nya eh. Only has 2 months left tapos ngayon lang maglabas ng ganitong proclamation. Kaya patawa talaga justice system natin dito sa pinas.

  • Dagul2

    It is a Supreme Court ruling so respect it. It is just a matter of honor and self respect. If she really want to serve the people then run on the next election.

    • mapicchu

      these govt officials, congress-lucy torres, cebu gov garcia, maliksi of cavite are very poor models//obviously they cant follow rule of law..what the heck are they in govt service for?

      • Eva Romero Cabrera

        Why are you selective.? include Simeon aquino..who is incompetent..

      • erek mo

        you forgot to mention the TAN OF SAMAR

      • George Morales

        You mean . .. Mrs. Kawa Tan:

  • regd

    Why blame her, blame the people who elected her! They deserved this bimbo! The people is only as good as the guy they elected. Next they’ll vote the mimbo horse, richard!

  • maypakialamtayo

    sabi nya sa tv patrol kanina, sabi nga daw nila na ang politics ay laro ng demonyo, ibig mong sabihin sa malakanyang, senado, kamara, sity hall, town hall pinagmumugaran ng demonyo inaamin mo naman, hindi naman halata di ba?

  • boymanok

    layas na po!…(o ayan may po pa ha)

  • jElly_aCe

    wlang pnagkaiba c lucy ke lani mercado at bong revilla, klaiwat knan shows sa tv. nde lng sa tv5 visible c lucy lhat ata ng networks interresado i guest sya papatulan nya. cguro kya dami artista atat na atat ma elect kc pwede nilang gwin part tym ng serbisyo publiko wid comp benefits at sosyal na tittle

    • $42337655

      cavite – ngayon congresswoman lani mercado; dati governor bong revilla; ngayon senador bong revilla ang susunod ba ay senador lani mercado ?

      leyte – ngayon congresswoman lucy torres tapos papasok mayor richard gomez ;
      ang susunod ba ay senador lucy torres tapos congressman gomez;
      tapos ang susunod ay senador richard gomez ???

      talaga bang mas madaling lokohin at utuin ang mga tag-probinsya ?
      dun kasi ginagawa ang stepping stone nilang mga ambisyosong mga artista.
      alam nilang madaling humanga ang mga probinsyano.

      • KenKhoy

        hindi lang ata mga taga probinsya madaling utuin, ang madlang pinoy ang daling utuin..

    • mapicchu

      Lucy should not appear on tv…nagmumukhang tanga sya…chanced upon her guesting on chimis show of christie fermin…why would a supposedly respectable congresswoman allow herself to indulge in chismis, and allow the swards to whisper “secrets” into her ear and she would pass off same info the same way? kakademean. really expected her to have more class

  • damuhoka

    Kaya madaming pinoy hindi sumusunod sa batas, mismo ang mga nakapwesto na nagseserbisyo daw para sa mamayan, ayaw din sumunod sa batas, pero gusto nila yung mga tao nasasakupan nila sumunod sa kanila. Peste!

    Lintek! e dissolve nyo na lang ang gobyerno at kanya kanya na lang tayong lahat!

  • Cardinal Sin

    That’s why organizations such as the NPA, MILF, MNLF and Abu Sayaf exist in the Philippines. The Philippine justice system is American, so it’s sooo gay. Full of spin doctors. The SC removed Homer Saquilayan last year from his post as Imus Mayor after his rival Maliksi complained. They did a recount, and after a year, the SC finally realized they were wrong. They are now trying to reinstall Homer, but Maliksi refuses to leave, and the SWAT team isn’t arresting the Maliksi monkeys. This is gay justice from America. That’s why the Taliban lives. Taliban groups do justice better. Even Aquino’s actions in Sabah should be condemned. He might as well move with his gay lovers to America, together with his party mates in the next elections. There, the Liberal Party can finally have their “wonderful” gay marriage with each other.

  • tilamsik

    one word… KAPALMUKS

  • freeview

    Dapat pag di sumunod sa SC..disqualified na as candiate forever..Lahat ganyan..defy nila…Oi Lucy sauli mopork barrel

  • kismaytami

    Baka naman hindi pa nakaka-quota, kaya hindi mabitiwan.

  • Noel

    Delayed decisions whether by Comelec, SC or any court always favors the one sitting. After enjoying his or her positions for years and the court rules that the public official is disqualified, what good does it give? The winner of the case gets only to use his position for a few years sometimes none because the disqualified incumbent is about to finish his term anyway.

  • enteng

    Hmm, milf!

  • pasaway008ako

    isa na namang abusada sa gobyerno, ayaw na namag sumunod sa batas. nalawayan ito ni Arroyo, ayaw sumunod sa batas!

  • dodong1

    another one? talaga nga naman ang politika sa atin bakit ayaw tanggapin ang katotohanan…KAPAL MUKHA TALAGA

  • dodong1

    Maeron bang nagawa itong si lucy na ito..kagaya yata ni Pakyaw na puro training o practice lang ang alam…puro absent din ba itong si lucy nato…nagtatanong lang po ako..

  • sanjuan683

    hehehehe Magtatayo kayo ng dynasty hehehehehe yan ang totoo

  • qcl

    Lucy Torres does not get it. The SC ruling is questioning the process by which she replaced her husband in the last elections and not her election per se. So whether or not she won it fair and square has nothing to do with it, she still loses her job because her candidacy in the first place was questionable. The Comelec resolution does not hold any water here. mapicchu must be right…..she’s got nothing between her ears or is ill-advised and is stupid enough to heed it. Her lawyer must be pretty lousy too.

  • sanjuan683

    Kapag may hatol na alisin na yan motion for reconsideration. Pinagbotohan na yan kaya nagtatagal ang mga kaso. Ang kakapal ng mga mukha ng mga kandidato talunan na humihirit pa ito naman SC nagpapahirit pa. Tanggalin na tuluyan ang mga natalo nakaupo. Tulad ni Maliksi natalo sa SC papaano yun sahod na tinanggap niya kailangan bawiiin yun sa kanya at ibigay kay Saquilayan.

  • tadasolo

    This is unbelievable those people who are supposed to uphold the law are in violation of it. We need to legislate a law in Congress to those politicians or anybody who is in violation of the law to incur a monetary penalty for violation on a daily basis and confiscate their property. This is a big incentive for them to follow the law and this will hurt them most

  • mangpepe

    lahat pare-pareho lang walang ginawang magaling ang siste lang bakit itong mga gagong nasa comelec mag-dedesisyon sa huling buwan na ng term ng mga opisyal, walang kwenta


    It’s a common knowledge that Richard Gomez is matapobre. Karma?

  • George Morales

    Goma is a jack of all trades but master of none. Hambug!

  • Hendot2012

    Okay lang yan alisin wala naman ginagawa sa kongreso yan eh

  • Mel

    I hope Lucy raises the bar for women and not let her humbug husband use her.

  • Archie B

    those who admired Richard Gomez…think what kind of a person he is. hindi umubra ang mga political attempts niya then he pushed his wife. tsk tsk tsk

    nakakatuwa ang Comelec and Supreme Court!

    ang haba nang panahon, ilang month before election biglang babawi ng decision?


  • Jay Alvin Madrigal

    off topic pero ang ganda niya talaga

    • mapicchu

      maganda nga..hanggang dun lang ata…she has nothing worthwhile to opinions, no evidence of mental capability…sayang..pang modeling lang sya

      • Jay Alvin Madrigal

        maganda siya, period. i never considered her a congresswoman, i consider her as a goddess. hahaha.

  • disqus_hGQ9Q6aF8Z

    Let us just see who the people really wanted to serve them this next may 2013 elections. No one had ever done what Lucy did to Fourth District of Leyte. You cannot really compare politics with the public service that she did. Her detractors were playing politics and she simply did public service, for the common good of all.

  • Mel

    Poor lady, used by husband now reaping the karma and shame for it.

  • $42337655

    cavite – ngayon congresswoman lani mercado; dati governor bong revilla;
    ngayon senador bong revilla ang susunod ba ay senador lani mercado ?

    leyte – ngayon congresswoman lucy torres tapos papasok mayor richard gomez ;
    ang susunod ba ay senador lucy torres tapos congressman gomez;
    tapos ang susunod ay senador richard gomez ???

    talaga bang mas madaling lokohin at utuin ang mga tag-probinsya ?
    dun kasi ginagawa ang stepping stone nilang mga ambisyosong mga artista.
    alam nilang madaling bilugin ang mga ulo at humanga ang mga probinsyano.

  • Night

    kawawang LIYTI… inuuto nanaman kayo ng mga showbiz personality…..

    dami kasing uto uto dito sa Pilipinas… boto ng boto, wala namang alam!

  • $42337655

    Mga movie/sports personalities – they use the numerical superiority of the
    naive and under-educated masses to win; they sucker them to vote for
    them and more often than not, they win. They know the “numbers game”.

    They laugh all the way to the bank and ridicule those who do it the honest
    and hard way of educating themselves for a long period of time and
    rising amongst the ranks through hard work – such an irony isn’t it ?

    The word is out and the rest of those in the showbusiness industry
    know this pays easy and big bucks. They will join in soon enough and
    will keep on coming.

    Reagan knew this, he probably started the trend and now we see a lot of copycats. More will come; the money is good.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Lucy Torres has one of the most exciting face ever to grace Philippine media. Since she rose from being Camay girl to a bubbling TV hostess, she continue to be among those who’s beauty never seems to fade.

  • Janch

    Magandang trapo.
    Proxy ng ambisyosong asawang hindi makatakbo sa eleksyon.

  • Janch

    The number of votes she got is not an issue. SC decided she couldn’t validly run as a replacement of her husband because he wasn’t qualified to run either.


    Ang apelyedo ni Lucy ay Torres-Gomez, walang katotohanan na ang apelyedo ni Lucy ay Fer, as in Lucy Fer. Hindi totoo po yan.

  • TMZPinoy

    Since you don’t have any background in law you better go back to showbiz thats much better for you. People knows miski ano pa eh dahilan mo after lang kayo sa “Pork barrel”. Sa showbiz medyu pahirapan na kumita,di ba? Kaya hangad na lang ninyo mag asawa pasukin ang politics dahil easy money naka pwesto ka pa…Palagay ko sa beauty mo na yan Lucy pwede ka pa sa showbiz,ngayon kung gusto mo naman kumita ng malaki eh di mag hubad ka sa pelikula para dumugin ka.

    • Toni Storks

      wala namang bastusan, di naman artista si lucy at lalong hindi bold star.

  • Yobhtron

    She won in landslide victory so she has the mandate of the people. She did good as a Congresswoman as compared to previous Tongressmen from political clans of Leyte. Let the people of Leyte decide her fate in the coming elections.

    • Jhhayme

      The Sc decided on the merits of the case filed, that substituion did not apply to her whne Richard was disqualified..Technical as it may be, this mandate has no bearing at all..She has in effect no right to be seated as congresswoman.

  • Jhhayme

    If you are a lawmaker, follow the not ignore it Lucy..SC ang nag-utos..u can file a MOR..But do away with media press releases that you are unfazed..The Sc decided the cases on its merits. Dont you say demonized un…May pinagaralan ka naman ata..Trapo ka na din umusta

  • kalealaskador

    Only in the Philippines! It’s more fun in the Philippines! It is not only during an election year that the circus comes to town. The circus is here 24/7! In the Philippines it is also 24/7 where all those elected criminals steal the people’s money. But can you blame those corrupt politicians? NO! They were legally elected to by the people. So who is to blame?

    I don’t believe the electorate will change in this generation. Maybe not in the next generation. Nor the generation after that! I think it is time to think of another alternative. A more expensive alternative to be paid with blood.

  • Rovingmoron

    This will be a long and arduous battle for a political seat. With the Comelec’s announcement that the congressional seat of Lucy Torres-Gomez will remain unfilled until the next election is over, the incumbent will stay as a congresswoman in her district. It’s another way of misleading the people of Ormoc City. Kay unsa may bili ning kinabuhi…Una sa tanan gihikawan…

  • tilamsik

    kung walang pork, kumapal kaya mga muka ng politiko para mag kapit tuko sa puwesto?

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    If its not for big pork barrel money what make them think not to quit?

  • JMbilisyos


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