Chiz Escudero: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde?



There is a chink in the armor of senatorial derby frontrunner Chiz Escudero: his would-be parents-in-law.

Rey and Baby Ongpauco, owners of the Barrio Fiesta chain of restaurants, have poured out to their best friend what they felt about the senator. The friend, in turn, revealed all to this columnist.

The Ongpaucos are parents of actress Heart Evangelista,  Escudero’s fiancée.

Heart owns a condominium unit one floor above Heart’s parents in Makati City which Chiz visits regularly.

According to this friend of the Ongpaucos, Escudero’s driver went to the unit of Heart’s parents several days ago to get all of her clothes in her room.

The Ongpaucos asked why Heart would want all her clothes when she could easily get down to their unit to change, but the driver said he didn’t know and for them to just ask Heart and Chiz.

There was an altercation between Rey Ongpauco and the senator’s driver who was reportedly arrogant, according to  our source, leading to a fight that resulted in the driver being beaten up inside the unit of the Ongpaucos.

The incident was a culmination of the bad blood between the senator and the Ongpaucos, according to the parents of the actress.

“Bastos siya, ‘di kami ginagalang (He’s ill-mannered, he doesn’t respect us),” our source quoted the Ongpaucos as telling her.

Quoting the Ongpaucos, the young senator-reelectionist allegedly always had a drink too many when he talks to them.

When they visit Heart at the condominium unit and Chiz happens to be there, her parents feel insulted because the senator reportedly does  not even greet them or stand up.

“We thought that since he’s a senator and comes from a supposedly good family he was taught good manners by his parents,” the Ongpaucos were quoted by their friend as


“Talagang bastos siya, parang walang pinag-aralan (He’s so uncouth as if  he had no education at all),” Baby Ongpauco was quoted by her friend in describing Escudero.

The senator sounded surprised when I reached him by phone Monday.

“My God, why would I do that to Heart’s parents?” said the senator.

“My parents taught me good manners,” said the senator.

Escudero said Heart and her parents have a family quarrel and he’s caught in the middle.

I got back to my source and told her about the senator’s claim that he was caught in the middle of family intramurals.

She said it was Chiz who was prodding—“sinusulsulan” was her word—Heart to fight her parents.

She added that if  other journalists interviewed the Ongpaucos, they would confirm what she revealed to me.

If what the source said about the senator is true, then he has a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde personality,  showing his good side in public and the bad in his personal life.


Rice smuggling is rampant at the Manila International Container Port (MICP) and at Cebu Port, according to my  Bureau of Customs sources.

This belies statements by Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon that rice smuggling has been checked.

From 300 to 500 containers  of smuggled rice, declared as other items, leave Cebu Port every week, according to a highly reliable source.

At the MICP, a source identified to this columnist some of the shipments to prove his point: FSCU3656660; TCLU3250418; IMTU3089174; EISU3982370; EMCU3554425; EMCU3678302; DFSU2776189; EGSU3019182; IMTU3092579.


Smuggled rice affects our  farmers who had a bountiful harvest this season. The country will be exporting home-grown rice because of the bounty, according to my source at the Department of Agriculture.

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  • Pio Gante

    tsismis na naman

  • victor1052

    If rice smuggling can lower rice prices as revealed by rice traders months ago, then it is good for the people. Not all goods banned by the government are for the benefit of the country. They are there for a few to form cartels and drive prices up. As usual, government officials involved get cuts while the people suffer.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu


    • dakog utin

      Binabasa mo rin Columns nya, sino ang tsismoso ngayon?

  • tlb6432

    gossip column na ito? i’m saddened by this, come on Mr. Tulfo, you can pick other topics other than this, seems like political character hatchet job.. don’t go there Mr. Tulfo..

  • Ping Gonzales


    • Noel

      Siguro libre si Mon sa lahat na Barrio Fiesta.

    • Javaman

      Mr tulfo has a point on this to tell the public of the split personality of Plastic Chiz

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/DKOWYENNEP3EIYJOVKU5SYPKUU Dok

      mismo….chismosa talaga tong si tulfo

    • dakog utin

      Ang nakaka tawa, binabasa mo rin ang Columns niya…

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


  • Noel

    It’s not difficult to know Chiz’s personality. Just take note of how he talks. Among the three VIP candidates who chose to campaign with Team Pnoy, only Chiz did not send any proxy to UNA’s sorties. Yet, Chiz was the one who was most vocal about UNA’s dumping him.

  • 33Sambuang2

    kaya ka nagulpi e. tsismoso ka. bading ka ba tulfing?

    • kunsabagay

      dali magtapang tapangan sa internet no?

  • regie

    eh kung ayaw niyo sa tsismis eh bakit binabasa niyo?

  • $20926843

    Perhaps there is some truth to this gossip because his family is broken now. In the first place, why did this SOB senator parted with his wife? The general public must be wary with this SOB because it is appearing that he has imbibed the arrogance and brat attitude of his principal political endorser in the person of the inutile and autistic president in malacanang.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXPFY2NP3KNS6XLFTXA47GIKMQ Rodolfo

      very well said ! truth hurts !!!!!!

    • expanding man

      dapat ibalik na talaga si glorya pare…hapi days na sana ulit…

      • Magsasaka

        tama dapat ibalik si pandakekak para masaya hehehe

      • Pio Pusli

        yessss, hapi kurakot again si mang opong at alazzka

      • boy_kurimaw

        Yes dapat ibalik na si pandakek para masaya… ibalik sa VMC hospital HAHAHA

  • tulfowangbo

    palagay na natin na tama ang sinabi sa iyo ng kaibigan ng mga Ongpauco, ang ginawa mo tulfing ay tsismis at hearsay. Ugags ka ba at di mo alam mo yon. Naninira ka ng character ng isang tao base sa sinabi lang sa iyo at gusto mo kami pa ang magperifica sa iba kung totoo ang sinabi sa iyo. wala ka talagang utak kaya nagugulpe ka ng isang babae.

  • maypakialamtayo

    nandito na naman ang mga masusugid na tagasubaybay ni idol mon tulfo, asar talo na naman, bakit kasi basa kayo ng basa?

  • kilabot

    most politicians lead double lives.
    dr. kikil and mr. hide.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BXPFY2NP3KNS6XLFTXA47GIKMQ Rodolfo

    Walang bahong hindi na ngangamoy !! what was the real reason for the annulment from his wife ?

    • diamond_digger

      You just raised some legit points, Rod. Now, the people have two reelectionist senators whose familial situation may divulge their true personalities – Chiz Escudero and Koko Pimentel, who quite incidentally, both severed their respective marriages.

      • Magsasaka

        di naman issue yan sa mga bobotante at mangmang, inc., si erap nga ang baho ng pagkatao nanalong presidente

      • pubringjuandelacruz

        at muntik manalo ulit… akalain mo un… for others erap is a dream come true. for me erap is the worst nightmare.

      • Magsasaka

        yon nga dahil 80 percent ng voting force ay bobotante at member ng mangmang, inc.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/5UXVTBBN3WIP7G7RSDHHTSHA4U Manuel

        And both are lawyers who are products of our premiere law school.

  • Brownfly

    Here we are again. Does this mean that Customs commissioner Ruffy Biazon is hiding something? Or it could be that some of his collectors don’t heed his orders because they couldn’t stop committing shenanigans in the BOC’s regional offices. The illegal activities of some BOC personnel shifted to the regions because it’s too hot in Metro Manila ports.


    If you want to know Chiz’s personality, ask his former wife……… She can tell you everything!!!

    • diamond_digger

      More points to ponder: 1) Chiz had a tip with Danding Cojuangco, the boss of the NPC who was grooming Chiz for a bigger, loftier position. 2) Recently, he figured in a word war with his ‘ninong Erap. From these 3 people (wife, danding and erap, the truth about this ‘intriguing person’ would surely come out. WARNING: Filipino voters, you still have more than enough time to find out more about the people you intend to vote – including Chiz. Don’t miss the chance or you might regret.

      • TuwadNaDaan

        Ninong niya si Erap at Ninang niya si GMA….Traydor yan…!!!

    • potchi25

      I know he was verbally abusive to his ex-wife. And yes, that’s aside from his being a big drinker and a womanizer.

    • boy_kurimaw

      Hindi ako interesado sa personal na buhay nila, ang interest ko ay kung ano ang magagawa nila para sa bayan.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

        wala ngang nagawa san ka magiging interesado. No to Team Malaysia

      • akoypinoi

        Bakit, may alam ka bang may ginawa yan para sa kabutihan ng bayan? Liban sa kurakot (tulad ng tatay niya), ano pa?

  • Brownfly

    If these allegations against Senator Escudero are true, he has no reason to be elected by the people. If I were Chiz Escudero, I’d surely not interfere in the affairs of the family. If I’m in the same boat as those of the Ongpaucos, I’d feel bad. Why can’t Heart and Chiz find another place for them to have their own privacy?

  • DonkeyKong1

    Chiz Escudero and Heart Evanglista? It’s more of “Dumb and Dumber” ! yuck! ! !

    • BonnieBailey9

      nakakadiri talaga si Chiz Escudero, hindi ko alam kung paano nasisikmura ni heart ang taong yan..

    • Carmoney

      Walangyang escudero ! ! napakababoy mo ! !

    • Sultan Kirat

      Chizcurls and Lungs (blech) … buti dito na lang itinago ng Inquirer sa Opinions section, at sobra na ang drama sa Headlines.

  • AriannaDraws

    Eeeewwww nakakadiri naman si Chiz Escudero! walng silbing tamad! hindi pa marunong sumunod sa batas,,panget pa..anu kaya nakita ni Heart sa kanya?? pera??

    • OhDelilah

      kapal ng muka ni chiz makipaglandian, eh ung mga taxi na pinagdidikitan nya ng picture nya hindi nya poa tinatanggal, panget talaga ng mukha nya!

  • coladu

    Ang column ay may kasamang tsismis, ALWAYS! Kung ayaw ninyo ng tsismis, huawag magbasa ng column.

  • nestleraisinets

    mr tulfo ikaw si frankenstein

  • prince_janus

    ano ba yan, mon tulfo? isa ka na’ng dakilang tsismoso.

  • droccu

    Come on Tulfo…You’re supposed to be a seasoned journalist (?), right. Please give us “news” or a report with evidence to back it up rather than stating “unknown sources”. Why don’t you interview the Ongpauco couple directly than give us this trash of an article? Otherwise, this piece may just be another attempt of ACDC journalism. (Attack and Collect, or Defend and Collect) you are known for…..

  • droccu

    Wait……is this part of the ERAP hatchet job on Chiz as Chiz mentioned weeks ago? Are Tulfo and ERAP back together again! OMG Mon….

    • indiosbravos2002

      Tulfo sides with anyone who pays him.

  • epros

    Cristy Fermin !!!!!

  • $23455908

    Bayaran na talaga itong si Tulfo…bukod sa tsismoso. Wala na pala akong mapapala sa mga ibinabalita nito. Wala akong magandang mapupulot na sa iyo Mon.

  • Javaman

    yes its true….kaya hiwalay si chiz dahil talagang plastic na senator na yan!

  • boybakal

    Wow, Chiz really lives a double life.
    Pangisi ngisi lang sa tv, yon pala haring bastos din.
    Good to read this kind of story, Chiz is a public official, his life is public too.
    Now, we know this Chiz is not really cheese but mantikilya lang.

  • Edward Reyes

    eh balimbing at bastos naman talaga yang si chiz escudero eh…Basta ASO ni noynoy..siguradong ABUSADO !!…ayan tulfo,ginalit mo tuloy ang manga dakilang noytards dito sa inquirer–hahahaha–tama yan Mon Tulfo…its election time, and the people need to really know who and what they are voting for….ZERO VOTE ANG ASO NI NOYNOY

    • expanding man

      pards dapat ibalik natin sina gloria, maceda, magsaysay,estrada..bad trip itong si abnoy, walang nakawan lagi

  • diamond_digger

    Mon Tulfo has once again proven the unpredictability of his hand and his pen in firing “off” the target in his “On Target” column, I would still thank him for bringing up an issue that may be indispensable to some voters for their decision-making comes election day.

    • Edward Reyes

      KOREK !!!!!!

  • ramonnn

    Mr.intriga (RT) , is just dirt, an old dog with dirty tricks , his column is a smear campaign to discredit the good senator , well it will never work .

    The good senator passed bills in the senate :

    Senate Bill 2105 ” No Collateral No Interest Loans to Graduates of TESDA”

    – ” An act providing a system of extending no colateral, low interest loans to graduates of any courses offered by the technical education and skills authority or duly accredited learning institutions with approved overseas job contracts. ”

    Senate Resolution 603 ” Plight of Filipino Nurse”

    – ” Resolution directing the senate committees on Labor Employment and Human Resource Development, Health and Demography and Civil Service and Government Reorganization to look into the plight of the Filipino Nurse, their work employment and conditions. ”

    Senate Bill 2090 ” Education Trust Fund ”

    – ” An Act establishing an Education trust fund for grantees of GSIS and SSS members and for other purposes. ”

    Mr. RT can discuss all the flimsy intrigues under the sun but what credit will he gain ???………..

  • Edward Reyes

    Oh ayan na naman ang Smuggled Rice…..tapos ang KAPAL NG PAGMUMUKA NG MANGA ASO NI ABNOY MAG IMBENTO NG 6.6 GNP Growth daw..dibat AGRICULTURE ang GNP natin ??? .EH MAYAT MAYA May puslitan ng lahat ng klaseng Poultry product sa custom..papaano nila sasabihin na 6.6. ?? ano yan ??malaki pa sa US at China ?? NILABAS LANG NILA ANG NUMERONG YAN..DAHIL ELECTION NA NAMAN……SOBRANG WALANGHIYA NG GOBYERNONG AQUINO….Kawawa ang bansa natin at kinabukasan ng kabataan sa hayop na presidenteng yan….wala shang initindi kungdi ang KKK nya..kahit na ma massacre ang kababayan natin….WALA SHANG PAKI ALAM….PANAHON PARA ALISIN ANG HAYOP NA YAN

  • sk2tk

    baka naman kse BASTOS din ang mga TAONG nagsusumbong kaya BINABALIK lng ng SENADOR and nararapat na pagtrato sa kanila. Ang dali talgang gumawa ng CHISMIS. itong si TULFO umutot lng ang katabi, ikwekwento TUMAE na daw. DALAHIRA…

  • JosephNess

    chizmiss…why learn from other sources when you can ask personally and directly the concern personalities involve in this?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NRGQYNUDJZXCLCMTGHLFPCSP3E Dexter

    Come on Mon! Don’t you have better write ups. This is entertainment rubbish. How about asking your sources in Mindanao for Rajah Muda seeing in Tawi Tawi. Been reading that our fellow tausugs are good warrior from your prior column. What happen. But then again it seems that Supt. Marantan have more balls than them. ( I mean you know killing people inside an SUV, coldheartedly.)

  • ramonnn

    Mr. intriga (RT) can divulge malicious intrigues to anyone but clearly its a smear campaign against the good senator.

    What credibility does mr. Intriga( RT) have while picking a fight inside the airport with a couple and their family trying to attend the medication for their child who was having asthma.


    Resolutions and Senate Bills passed by the Good Senator :

    Senate Bill 2105 ” An Act providing a system of extending no-collateral, low interest to graduates of TESDA”

    Senate Bill 2090 ” An act establishing education trust fund for grantees of GSIS and SSS members and other purposes ”

    Senate Resolution 603

    ” An act to look into the plight of Filipino Nurse, their work and employment and employment conditions. ”

    Mr.Intriga (RT) is dirt. An old dog with dirty tricks..and what credit will he gain with his flimsy intrigues ???

  • malek_abdul

    Si Tulfo puro hearsay ang sinulat ngayon dito. Dapat ito sa entertainment section. Ayyyy wag pala kasi baka mawalan ng trabaho si Cristi Fermin at Boy Abunda. Showbiz na rin itong si Tolpo…hehe

  • pedronimo

    Proof: Chiz supported Binay over Mar Roxas in the last elections, This time Chiz is fighting Binay. Ano ba ito? Kiso or ches?

  • farmerpo

    She added that if other journalists interviewed the Ongpaucos, they would confirm what she revealed to me.

    Bakit hindi ikaw Mon ang mag interview sa mga Ongpaoco para di segunda mano ang column mo?

  • ArmchairGeek

    Report now, validate next year.

  • carlcid

    Coming from Tulfo, I’d take this yarn with a grain of salt. This isn’t to say that Chiz Escudero has issues of his own. After all, like Koko Pimentel, Chiz was cuckolded by his wife. When one’s masculinity has been punctured, one tries to make up in other ways, sometimes resulting in a person becoming offensive and generally unpleasant.

  • josesantos318

    What can u expect. This guy was the spokesman of erap and he was always saying erap was innocent, even if the courts found erap guilty of plunder. Was he that innocent, or is he such a liar. Now he is going against erap, playing politics all the way.
    He has the nerve making public his going on with a new girlfriend, when he should have been discreet about it, marriage has always something of value to the Filipino.
    So don’t vote for this guy, he is not what he seems..

  • TT Knew

    The first and most part of your column has absolutely no redeeming social value. No respecting journalist would ever write this kind of hearsay in his column. It’s tittle-tattle and does not help the lot of the Filipinos. Whatever little respect you have as a
    journalist has certainly gone out the window. Why not go gossip writing full time – fits you better.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    I really don’t know kung bakit malakas sa botante itong si boy pekh pekh…..dami nya nauuuto…..pag kumambyo si Tulfo after some days sure na nabigyan ito ni boy pekhpekh ng latak ng pork barrel……anu ba naman yung 200k…agiw lang yun sa 200million na pork taon taon ni boy pekhpekh……

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    You should know better having a ‘Dr Jekyll – Mr Hyde’ personality. A relative of your ex-girlfriend Rossana Roces has told me you also treated the parents and some relatives of Rossana the same way Escudero allegedly treated the Ongpaucos. Of course I have no proof of this – only hearsay….just like your column.

  • ramonnn


  • $5699914

    Uhmmm….Mr. Mon, is that what they call ‘hearsay’?

  • $2931613

    LOL. Thanks Mon for sharing the truth! Talagang lasenggo yan si Chiz

  • go88

    Spreading malicious rumors about other couples for a demolition job tulfo… real men don’t do that kind of things … that’s the expertise domain of a bakla … but that’s what you are right?

  • $14523613

    Duda ako na itong si Tulfo ay mahilig mamboso.

  • gisingpinoy12

    Si Ms Tufling naman…demolition job na naman ito. Malaki na naman kinita nito tiyak. Si Raymart lang katapat mo. Buti nakakatulog kapa?

    • kunsabagay

      galit ka ata kay Mon. malamang isa kang corrupt or abusadong opisyal ng bayan, or kamag anak ka ng isang salot sa bayan

  • indiosbravos2002

    Showbiz column ka na rin ba Mon Tulfo? Lumalabas pagkabading natin ah.

  • Lauro

    “…rice smuggling has been checked” … tama naman ahhh … ano ang mali doon? Sabi eh nacheck na at wala naman nakita …. hahahahaha!!! Kasi yung smuggling ay “via LOW zon”

  • Marina28

    Tsismoso din pala si Ramon Tulfo? Anong klaseng responsible journalism ito kung ang source mo ay tsismis? As in second hand information na. Syempre may dagdag bawas na ang information nyan (parang election, LOL) Siguro galit si Tulfo kay Escudero kaya nangiintriga. Ang taong naniniwala sa sabi-sabi eh walang bait sa sarili.

  • Guest

    Chiz is already married, it would be a bigamy to be with another..

  • Tnosce

    Bad Political Strategy of the reelectionista, can’t use the Heart to gain popularity votes you need the blessings. Go back to your Home Base and reconcile. Have a nice and Happy family.

  • catmanjohn

    Never trust Escudero, or any proteges of Estrada, or you will end up with some comical farce and charade, at the expense of the People. Heart, silly girl, is eye candy and a prop, amongst other things for him, and his well crafted plans to keep the cancer alive.

  • boybakal

    I side with Heart’s parents.
    Heart is having a relationship with a married man, with kids and double her age.
    Chiz is separated only in bed but still he is married unless annulled.
    Chiz is like mantikilya, madulas sa chicks at siya ay cheese kung foto op.

  • samarutan

    Mon Tulfo, tanong ng nanay ko: ano daw ba hiniling mo kay Sen. Escudero at tinanggihan ka o may hihingin ka pa lang? Attack and collect; defend and collect (AC-DC) nangyayari ba talaga ito? Just asking.

  • pilosopo4

    Warning: reading this article will cause you severe anxiety and anger. This is solely for entertainment and amusement purposes only. ;-)

  • yano

    parang dolly an carvajal lang si mon tulfo… hahahaha tsismoso.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LV2INVWR6LUX5NNWVOH3WI2MHA Marcelo

    If this is true that Senator Chiz Escudero has been uncouth (bastos) to the parents of Heart Evangelista, and Chiz’s senatorial rivals exploit this, I would not be surprised reelectionists Peter Cayetano or Grace Poe eclipse him in the next survey of SWS or Pulse Asia. By the way, Chiz’s survey stock in the February’s SWS has declined compares to his January’s SWS rating.

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    Si Chez & Heart ay nagmamahalan..
    Maski ano pa ang sabihin ninyo ay…nakuha na ang kiliti ni Heart….
    Maski barumbado O lasingo O Tamad O na-nanakit ng babae …ano ba ang magagwa
    Kita mo naman ang mga magulang ni Heart sa TV kung gaano nila nilampaso si Chez…?
    .Tayo mga PINOY,…gusto ng mga Babae ang mga Barumbado at may bisyo…di ba?
    …kaya ikaw Juan De La Cruz…medyo itigil na muna ang kadadaldal mo dahil…di mo kaya ang LAKI ng naibibigay na pagmamahaln ni Chez kay Heart…ha ha ha ! ikaw…?ganoon ba kalaki ang maibibigay mong pagmamahal…?…Malaki ba?
    Itanong mo kay TULFO…!..

  • vince_bugaboo

    hinid ba itong si dr. jekyll escudero ang tawa ng tawa ng walang dahilan? na parang canned laugh? na parang may tililing?

  • j0hnd0e888

    i had the chance to meet the good senator’s brother.. sobrang parang walang pinagaralan, sagad sa yabang at sagad sa bastos. i wonder if the senator himself is also like that..

    • vince_bugaboo

      tawa rin ba ng tawa yung kapatid n’ya ng walang dahilan? parang canned laugh din ba s’ya? lol!

  • go88

    Tulfo has really no self respect …. bayot and corrupt those are the words that best describe him.

  • George Morales

    May balita na silahis si Chiz.

  • Maldi2

    Ang nagngarap maging Presidente, hinayupak din pala. Pero di naman ata to Abnoy. Hayop ka Chiz mag abnoy ka na lang !

  • wawa2172

    Heart is 28 years of age, whatever is her state of minds let her enjoy it. She just want to be banged by an old man, a senator, drunkard and medyo bastos. Hindi niya natikman ito kay Echo and Brazilian boy dahil hindi sila sadista. Walang pinag kaiba ang taste ni Kris at Heart, malibog at age doesn’t matter basta enjoyable and satisfying. One piece of advice sa mga parents ni Heart, pabayaan nyo na is Heat mag sasawa rin yan, malapit na rin kasi ang impossible dream ni chiz. Ang lasingo madali nang lumambot at madali nang makatulog. Ayaw ni Heart yan, she needs actions from head to middle..For adults na si Heart di na kailangan ang PG.

  • Pio Pusli

    sabi ko na nga ba eh, super tsismoso si lolo mon tulfo. akala ko pulis aang linya nito, pati showbiz pinasukan na. puweeeehhhh.

  • Ferdinand Poe

    CHINKS OR “KINKS”??????

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut

    sana mayroon isa sa mga tulfo tumakbo pagka senador, upang dadami ang investigation or probe in aid of legislation. mon, erwin, raffy and ben. ok ba?

  • maysayako

    dr. jekyll and mr. hyde?! the fact is isang sirena si chiz! chiz sa umaga, chesa sa gabi! for a show lang yang chiz-heart ek-ek! mga ex ni heart ang talagang type ni chiz, si daniel at echo!
    p.s. parang dumadami na ang bading sa sendo a…

  • gisingpinoy12

    Bagong project na naman ito Ms. Tufling…magkano kaya? baka free meals sa barrio Fiesta!

  • Ekalam Gnekup

    Since the story came out I asked around from those who know the Ongpaucos and was told that Heart Evangelista is being forced by her parents to marry a Chinese Billionaire. This guy was recommended by the best friend of the Ongpaucos who was also Tulfo’s source. Evangelista vehemently refused to the sham marriage thus there were red faces everywhere thus the story was fed to a so called journalist who took it line hook and sinker for the purpose getting even with Evangelista and Escudero through this column which evidently produced some trolls and haters towards Escudero. I still need to confirm how much was paid to this journalist / gossip writer. My spy said 2 columns had been paid thus there could be a follow up to this story.

  • boy_kurimaw

    Tsismis na naman ito mon? ano nba balita sa ikinaso mo kila claudine at reymart? LOL

  • Tnosce

    Magagalit talaga si Mr and Mrs. Ongpauco kung kasal si Chiz kay Cristine dahil impossible e pa walang bisa ang civil marriage dahil wala naman divorce sa Pilipinas at kailangan ng divorce decree order of the court para ipa walang bisa ang civil marriage. Natural lang para kay Mr. and Mrs. Ongpauco mag alala sa anak nilang babae mabuti silang magulang ayaw nila ang anak nila maging isang tropeo o querida ng isang lalaki na may responsibilidad ( anak o di kaya asawa ) na sa buhay.

  • ConstructiveMediaCritics







    • kunsabagay

      di bale na si Chiz, si Teddy na lang

  • Serom

    Too bad for a higher political future. Who would want for a leader like that.

  • brentcom

    Chiz nawaln ka ng isang boto at ako yun. isama ko na rin yung family ko. sensya na UNGAS!!!

  • julieboy

    Show biz para mapansin,election na. If its true that this guy is like that,imagine what kind of a senator he is.I was never impressed with this Senator,no personality at all and talks as if he knows everything.Hope he doesnt get reelected.

  • Guest

    Baka honest mistake, lasing sya tapos banlag pa kaya di nya makita parents ni heart. Tsk tsk.

  • kunsabagay

    bwahaha di lang pala mukha ni chiz ang pangit pati ugali LOL!

  • kunsabagay

    this write up was actually validated by recent events when Heart’s parents held a press conference to denounce their daughter’s relationship with Chiz

  • kunsabagay

    may mga namermersonal kay tulfo, panay naman ang basa sa column nya LOL

  • boybakal

    At least nalaman nating kung ano talaga itong si Chiz.
    Matagal din tayong napaglalangan nito. Akala nating kung sinong Santo santito.
    Thanks Mon….dagdagan mo pa.

  • magiting78

    Sabi ko naman sau Heart sa akin k n lang sumama..mas bata ako ki Chiz at tyak magkakasundo kami parents mo mag mamano ako tuwing magkikita kami..c Chiz hnd yan marunong mag mano maylahing matapobre yan…

  • Noel

    Heart’s parents are so over protective of their spoiled daughter as if she’s still a virgin.

  • boybakal

    Nagmana pala si Chiz sa kanyang Ninong Erap.
    Babaero at Lasenggero.
    Wala pa bang balita kung sugalero din si Chiz….pakicheck nga Mon.

  • Tnosce

    Maraming po salamat sa mga Tulfo brothers for exposing the evil and corruption of politicians who abused their power who thinks they are above the law. Good Public Service.

    • boybakal

      I agree…Good Job Mon.

  • Concur_Dissent

    UY! May nagbabasa pa pala ng column na eto…

  • Hey_Dudes

    Well, he is separated from his first wife? This tells me the guy must really have a problem. When this guy starts opening his mouth, you get turn-off easily. Maybe there is truth to the rumored friend’s tale.

  • AngelZone

    pure hearsay!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BJWOSERENIZQCR35IJH6SLXBUI cali

    just ask yourself why Chiz former wife LEFT him!?
    look thru Chiz eyes and you notice a lot of evil desires kept within him!

  • speaksoftlylove


    PNoy is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

    Chiz is Pacifica Falayfay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.argote1 Alex Argote

    escudero made a big mistake when he took heart, and even greater mistake by not be friending the woman’s parents, r

  • http://www.facebook.com/alex.argote1 Alex Argote

    good bye presidential chiz

  • ormocanon1

    I still have to vote for Chiz rather than voting for Bong Revilla or Tito Sotto. I never heard of him about corruption issue but i saw his intelligence and principles in the senate.Nobody is perfect. Indeed moderate consumption of alcohol is better for your health. Also why take away the happiness away from them.. everybody deserves to be happy!!!!

  • ormocanon1

    I still have to vote for Chiz rather than voting for Bong Revilla or Tito Sotto. I never heard of him about corruption issue but i saw his intelligence and principles in the senate.Nobody is perfect. Indeed moderate consumption of alcohol is better for your health. Also why take away the happiness away from them.. everybody deserves to be happy!!!!

  • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

    Now THAT’s entertainment!

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