UP Manila Chancellor: We are not ruthless and cold hearted


Students from the University of the Philippines Manila, the country’s premier state university, light candles outside their campus in Manila, Philippines, to mourn a freshman student Kristel Tejada who committed suicide Friday March 15, 2013 allegedly after being forced to take a leave for her failure to pay her tuition. AP/BULLIT MARQUEZ

MANILA, Philippines–“We want even bigger dreams for them. We don’t want to pose as obstacles to our students’ dreams.”

His voice cracking, University of the Philippines Manila chancellor Manuel Agulto decried the media’s portrayal of them as “cold hearted and ruthless” in the light of the recent suicide of a freshman student allegedly because of financial woes.

In a press conference on Monday, the official broke down and recalled how he was once in a predicament similar to Kristel Tejada, a 16-year-old behavioral sciences student who took her life last week.

“I was once a medical school student scrambling to pay my tuition… As administrators, we are not enemies. I would like to see myself as a surrogate parent to the students,” an emotional Agulto said.

The official prepared a presentation detailing the specifics of the case of Tejada, who enrolled in May 2012.

According to records, UP Manila officials allowed Tejada three extensions to pay for her P6,377 student loan incurred during the first semester.

The deadline for the payment was moved to Nov. 30, Dec. 7 and Dec. 19 after several appeals from her parents.

The girl was also given accommodation to work as a student assistant, pending her submission of enrollment papers for the second semester.

Agulto said Tejada’s father Christopher filed another loan application on Dec. 19, this time for the second semester, but was not processed as this was the last working day before the Christmas break.

According to the presentation, the father only appealed on Jan. 23, 2013, or nine weeks after the start of classes and way beyond the last week of payment.

The mother approached Agulto at a social gathering, appealing that her daughter be allowed to enroll.

Agulto said he was sympathetic but the appeal could no longer be granted, clarifying that there was no begging or kneeling involved.

Agulto denied claims that the student was forced to go on leave of absence, adding that the student was allowed an extension three times,

The official added that the Office of Student Affairs in Manila granted all 79 appeals of extension for payment from Nov. to Dec. last year.

Meanwhile, the faculty of the Department of Behavioral Sciences in UP Manila on Monday called on the school’s chancellor and vice chancellor to resign following the death of Tejada.

“We strongly appeal to the conscience of Chancellor Manuel Agulto and Vice Chancellor Josephine de Luna to show their solidarity and humility to the aggrieved family of Kristel Tejada and other victims of their repressive policy by rendering their irrevocable resignation,” said the statement read by sociology professor Jocelyn del Mundo.

The statement was read at the Philippine General Hospital chapel after a mass on Monday sponsored by the student council for Tejada.

“We hold (Agulto and De Luna) accountable for the deprivation of Kristel’s right to education that cost her life,” it said.

Tejada’s father, Christopher, who heard the mass together with wife Blesilda, welcomed the petition.

He also accepted the return of Tejada’s UP identification card, which she had to surrender when she filed a leave of absence.

“It’s as if my daughter came back to life,” he told reporters. With a report by Erika Sauler

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    This is very sad indeed. Somebody from UP Manila must answer for the death of the student.

    • Mux

      The student killed herself! That’s nobody’s fault but her own.

      • TEAM PNOY

        Easy to say that it’s the student’s fault. Wake up my friend, life is not that simple. If you come from a rich family, you will not probably be able to relate what has happened to the poor student.

        I have seen a lot of rich kids whose families have a lot of influential friends that they are able to study without paying the tuition fee. Perfect social system huh?

      • Mux

        Relate? Whether you are rich or poor, the survival instinct is one of the strongest instincts. I can relate as a human being and no matter what situation I am in, I never had the urge to kill myself. Was she in unbearable physical pain? Was she raped? Was she murdered? If the answer to all these questions is NO, then there is nobody else to blame.

      • TEAM PNOY

        Was she in unbearable physical pain?

        Not only physical but also emotional pain. She was asked to take a forced leave of absence from UP Manila and was asked to surrender her UP ID card. Shame? What a cruel system, and to think of it that UP Manila is a state university and not just any money making university. UP MANILA is a state university!

        My friend, reading from your two replies, there is no point of arguing further. I rest my case.

      • mangmags

        Mahirap din ako at nakapagtapos naman sa State U kahit nahirapan sa pagbabayad ng tuition fee. Naghanap ako ng trabaho para matustusan yun dahil nga hirap na magulang ko eh. Di ko naisip magpakamatay kasi madami ako pangarap sa buhay na dapat matupad. No need to blame the school even other people.

      • Mux

        Still no reason to commit suicide. As already mentioned in several comments, she could have found a job, saved some money and enroll another semester. Suicide is a cop-out..

      • don2011

        I think she was deprived, rape and murdered by the Philippine Education System (if you know what I mean).

      • Mux

        Did the Philippine Education system give her the cleaning solution? Did it force her to swallow?

  • ernievictory

    the chancellor was left no choice less he pays the tuition fee himself for every student that can’t pay in time. life is life !!!

    • Musharaf Iqbal

      the chancellor has the capacity to amend policies that can make life easier for poor students.

    • Komen To

      He has the power to extend accommodation. This similar case happened in UPLB and it was solved without losing a precious Iskolar, in case you didn’t know

  • redpula

    is death necessary for officials to remind them the reason they are public officials?, apologies will not make her raise from her coffin. It is the system that killed Kristel.

  • Handiong

    “Agulto said he was sympathetic but the appeal could no longer be granted,…”

    Why could it no longer be granted? If what Agulto said that “We don’t want to pose as obstacles to our students’ dreams.” is true, why could the appeal no longer be granted? By not granting the appeal, they precisely became obstacles to Kristel’s education.

  • http://batman-news.com stupid chink

    Kawawang paaralan, sila pa ang sinisi. Di kaya may pagkukulang din ang magulang na subaybayan ang anak.


      Hindi kasalanan ng UP Manila (ang paaralan )yan, pero may pagkukulang ang magulang at mga taong nagpapalakad ng UP Manila. Mag hugas kamay na!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISI5ZPUIISNT25JPGAMSAWGBPA dream_waker

      ganito ang taga UP mag isip…

    • Musharaf Iqbal

      kasalanan ng UP iyan! parang di ka naging estudyante. hindi mo siguro ramdam kung papano maging mahirap na estudyante, yung hindi ka makakakuha ng exams dahil may payment backlog ka. yun parati ang inuulit-ulit ni Agulto na tatlong beses nagbigay ng palugit. Nov 30, Dec 9, Dec 17. convenient excuse di ba.

      pero sa mapanggipit na patakaran ng paaralan na kelangang magbayad bago exams, ay nakakapagbigay ng sobrang pressure sa mga estudyante lalo pa’t ang mga ito kadalasan nakikita nila na ang kanilang pagaaral at edukasyon ay nagsisilbing buhay nila. ang panggigipit na ito kada exams ay kahalintulad sa pagsisikil ng kakayanang huminga. mahirap ito para sa estudyante. ang hindi pagbigay sa kanila ng karapatang mag aral dahil may utang sila o hindi sila nakakapagbayad ng tuition ay mabisang paraan para sa pagkitil ng kanilang pag asa.

      suggestion ko lang no, hayaang kumuha ng exams ang mga estudyante kahit di nagbabayad. i hold ang grade sa katapusan kung kelangan. ang importante, natapos nila ang semester.

      • Komen To

        Tama ang iyong tinuran, malinaw na malinaw ang kakulangan ng diskarte ng Chancellor. If you are not ruthless and cold in this situation, sorry to say, you lack managerial talents

      • Jinhan

        Magandang ideya yan, let them take the exams, then hold their records/grades afterwards if they cannot pay. Actually that is the last recourse. But in the first place, parents should be the one responsible for their children.

    • Komen To

      Di yan makakapasa sa UP kung walang subaybay ng magulang. Subukan mong pakuhanin ng UPCAT ang anak mo ng walang subaybay mula pagkabata

    • $23218244


  • sowhatifimfilipino

    Am I missing something here? Whose main responsibility is it to send the student to school? The chancellor’s or the parents? If you can’t afford to support a child, why insist on having a child, why have one? Why make the child suffer for your selfish desire to procreate and then blame other people for your failure to support your own child?

    What’s wrong with a lot of us is we think society or government is responsible for everything that happens to us. We have every right to have or not to have to children, but we also have the responsibility to make sure that if we do, we can AFFORD to support our children and not put the blame on others if we cannot.

    • sowhatifimfilipino

      I am sorry for their loss, but it seems unfair that the parents are blaming the school for something that they are ultimately responsible for.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DR2PAT3AO2DOH4IDYIGZQDM7CY thg

        I agree with you. The media fanned this form of sentiment. For instance, NH Cruz already wrote a piece claiming a lot of things before the results of the investigation were released. And foul play is not yet even ruled out.

      • magsasakasanayon

        hey, moron. did you know the family personally? the girl, personally? you are condemning the parents for blaming the school and yet here you are blaming the parents without, at least, knowing them personally. $tupid moron.

      • sowhatifimfilipino

        Obviously you have no logical argument to present, so you resort to name-calling.

      • magsasakasanayon

        on the contrary, you are the one who has no logical argument. you can’t even answer my simple questions. and i’m not name-calling. i am just presenting a fact based on your posts. and with your recent one, i am justified.

      • sowhatifimfilipino


      • magsasakasanayon

        really? that’s the best you can do? maybe you should kill yourself and rid the world with morons like you.

      • Manuel_II

        @magsasakasanayon:disqus, if you knew something we don’t, then pls. do enlighten us.

      • zhardan

        Pwede naman patapusin until this March pero i-hold ang pag-release ng mga credentials kung hindi makabayad. Mahirap ba gawin yan? At least alam ng student natapos niya ang school year. Pasado siya kaso hindi ma-recognize ang kanyang efforts hanggang hindi siya makabayad ng buo. Madali tanggapin na hindi maka-enrol next school year hindi ka nakabayad sa tuition kaysa nasa middle of the term ka na pero di makatapos dahil kulang ang tuition. Ang school records natutulog lang yan. Di ba bawal ang “No Permit, No Exam”. Bakit hindi nasunod ng UP?

      • Babiker_Ahmed

        Pinayagan na ngang mag student loan kaso LATE inasikaso ng tatay.. If you are an administrator of a school, would you allow a student to enter 9 weeks after the start of classes? Midterms na iyan.. If you allow these things to happen, all students will have an excuse of registering late and reason out financial difficulties as the cause.. The implication, iskul-bukol na…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/EE5LMUQHMXD2Q3PBSSDKBMG7VI Rexy


      • Babiker_Ahmed

        That’s it.. assuming pinatapos ang semester na ito and the father wasn’t able to pay the accounts.. Ganun din, the student will file a leave of absence which in turn might be the reason to take her own life…

        The law maybe harsh but it is the law.. If it were a private institution, maybe we can bend some policies to accommodate extreme cases as what I usually do.. But UP is a government institution bound by laws created by congress/board of regents. Violating such will put any administrator in a very compromising situation (di ko lang alam kung maka-categorize ito as corruption)…

        1. You don’t allow a student to enter the class who are not duly registered. Kung ikaw si Professor or si Lecturer, pwede kang kasuhan for accepting into your class a student who is not duly registered.

        2. Kung may promisory note, 2 weeks lang iyan. The administrator can give extension which I think UP did. Pag pinayagan mag-enroll after 9 Weeks after the start of classes, another issue na naman na pwedeng ikaso sa administrator.

        3. Assuming pinayagan mag-enroll, malalaman ng buong sambayanan yan.. “may pakpak ang balita”… This can be used by some students to have their registration pending dahil may precedent na… Sira ang budgeting ng Finance Department…

        In other words, it is the blame being put into the administrators who just executed their functions by the law and hindi ako sumasang-ayon. It is the flawed law na dapat sisihin ng mga media or perhaps the parents themselves who failed to follow-up their appeal in the proper time. Classes resumed Jan 2 or 3.. Why make the appeal on the 23rd?

        What I see here is a deeper reason of the suicide.. It might have just coincided with her filing of leave of absence..and everybody is putting the blame on the administrators..

      • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

        Di mo rin masisi kasi nga taxi driver ang ama, first week of January is busy season, has to work or no food to eat. Di ka naman kikita pag magprocess ka ng papers and other reason is the child is much more eager to study than the father.

      • elvie

        Yan ang tanungin mo? Ay oo nga pala, chartered pala sila kaya hindi under ng CHED policy?

      • BatangSingapore

        hoy hindi magulang ng namatay ang sumisisi kundi ang sambayanan filipino.

    • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

      Really, it’s tiring to see how people have romanticized this whole thing. Ni wala man lang nagtanong ng “Ano ba ang nangyari?”

      Pag nakakakita na ng keywords such as “mahihirap” or “kakapusan,” objectivity is thrown out the window.

    • Simon Cornelius P Umacob

      At last, a post that makes sense. Faith in (mostly Leftist) Filipinos restored.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ISI5ZPUIISNT25JPGAMSAWGBPA dream_waker

      so why not blame those anti RH…

      • Benjamin Vallejo Jr

        Because it IS IRRELEVANT to this discussion. It is a Red Herring

    • siegfeil

      100% agree. I observed that poverty in Manila is self made……..and they always blame the government. and the society. Notice that the more depress is the area the more children.

      • elvie

        Hindi yan self-made. Naging masikip at marami ang pobre sa Manila dahil maraming taga rural areas ang pumupunta sa Manila – trying to find their luck. Kasi wala opportunity sa rural areas. Yan ang problema ng uneven distribution of development. Kasi ang gobyerno ang priority nya ay metro manila – naiwanan ang kanayonan…

        Maawa naman kayo sa mga sinasabi nyo. Tingnan nyo ang realidad. Ikaw daw na walang pera umuwi ng probinsya — sabihin mo puede ka mabuhay magtanim, mag gulay – may pagkain ka, pero ang iba mong pangangailangan — san ka kukuha kung ang iyong tinanim ay pagkain lang… Tingnan nyo naman ang nangyayari sa karamihan — wag yong exception to the case …

      • http://on.fb.me/16z14Nv Angel Divera

        Well said and I agree on you. But I see and feel lately that the government is reaching out but still not enough.

        For example the road access. Manila has so many entry points while in provinces there is only one or two even if that province is located in the middle of the map where they can make more road access for faster and cheaper transportation.

        Other problems are the public services, in provinces you wont find services like you see in Manila not even half of it.

        In the end the blame game always point to the government and its greedy politicians.

      • askal2u

        kasalanan ng mga paring katokliko na anti-RH kaya mga malilibog na mahihirap puro na lang anak ang ginagawa maski di na kaya pakainin. pero simbahan katoliko pabor pa rin sa maraming anak.

      • http://twitter.com/JMSalonga Juan Miguel Salonga

        Oh god. What you were both saying is an entirely different picture from the tragedy that befell Kristel’s family. Si Kristel ay mag-aaral ng isang state U. She had so much potential but the existing system failed her. You can’t give her parents the sole responsibility for what happened.

        Pasensya na rin pero naiirita ako sa reasoning niyo tungkol sa issue na to. At mas maaasar ako kung taga-UP din kayo. Ewan ko, pero kung isko man kayo, na-admit kayo sa UP dahil may potential kayo to lead the country. And if you are going to become future leaders, YOU MUST LEARN HOW TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITIES.

    • magsasakasanayon

      “Am I missing something here?”

      your brain?

    • patriotic_act

      I absolutely agree my friend.. the media is exaggerating the incident for their own purposes..

      this is indeed a tragic incident brought about by many things.. so advice to all aspiring parents.. make sure you will be able to support your child’s needs.. specially make sure you can support their education.

    • Komen To

      Pay your taxes properly then see if you can say your words again. Working Filipinos pay taxes almost equal, if not higher than some developed countries which send children to college for free. Cuba has free college yet lower taxes. Filipino children has the right to education, as written but seldom delivered. If pork barrels can deliver millions to bogus NGO, the government can easily absorb thousands in state U’s to enroll for free. UP has the funds, the clear defense was paperworks, which can be accommodated after the sem or school year. To prepare for an exam in UP is difficult enough, much more to add the financial burden of producing the money for tuition. She’s just a freshman still learning the ropes in UP, still adjusting. The Chancellor should know the difference between a freshman and a senior.

      Now what are you missing? The bigger picture

      • Benjamin Vallejo Jr

        The VAT rate for PH is 12%. What fraction of this goes to supporting public education? In Singapore the GST rate is 7% and 20% of the collection goes to support public education which is free in the grades.

      • peon_observer

        you forgot about the 20% CPF (+Employer Share) of PR and Citizens need to pay monthly. Complete your facts.

      • elvie

        Agree ako sa iyo. Ang iba dyan ang kitid ng pananaw….

    • eigendik

      I totally agree with you. What happened is indeed unfortunate but I cannot see why the blame has to be passed on to the chancellor. Policies are in place and the administrators are there to implement these policies.
      Why not blame the senators who are stingy with the education budget but not with their pork barrels. I used to teach at UP in the early 90’s and all we got were generic crappy slow PC’s while a congressman’s driver/bodyguard uses a branded laptop to play games in while he waits for his boss’ children who study at UP under reduced tuition fees.

      • elvie

        Yan ang dapat mong i-blame pero kasali na rin si Chancelor. Kasi nagpasama sa bulok na sistema…..Sila ang may kapangyarihan (Chancelor), may magawa sila dapat…

      • Paliwaweng

        ..then why not make this as a forefront issue, that these politician’s driver/bodyguard seems to be getting the real benefits or subsidy from the taxes of the people?
        UP is known as an stalwart of activism.
        Why on earth do they let this pass day by day?
        As a part of the system, the chancellor is not blameless.
        And so do all UP students.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4C2SFYIH52Y2KR7QPZPHJO2XQQ sl1

      It is easy for you to say, may be you are well to do but how about those people that are not…I think the parent did the best for their child that is why she is enrolled at UP but the policy of the school contributed to this tragedy. The school should have extended the settlement up to a year to help the student and knowing that it is a gov’t university !

    • josh_alexei

      Perhaps that is why the Governments were invented and at the same time Taxes were imposed so that the responsibilties will be shifted partly or wholly to the Governments…and not just to the Parents…That the way I see it living in the opposite side of the planet…

      • elvie

        Agree.. Yong si somewhatfilipino… hayssss parang binayaran he he he he..

    • Don Dee

      UP is a STATE UNIVERSITY, supposedly. If you are a child from a poor family, you dream of getting into UP so you can get the best education regardless of your parents’ income. Well, that was the theory way back when.

    • Benjamin Vallejo Jr

      FYI, it is the responsibility of parents to send their kids to school. However it is the responsibility of the collective body politic to ensure they have the chance to do so. Now bringing in the beaten to death pro RH argument here is a Red Herring.

    • t2jr

      kindly spare the family from ill tirades, they are already grieving for the loss of their first born. instead, let’s all offer our prayers and sympathies.

      • sowhatifimfilipino

        I did say I was sorry for their loss. I feel their pain. But I posted that question, so at least if they get to read it, they will realize (if they haven’t yet) that they too are responsible for it. This is truly tragic. Parents will always be partly responsible for whatever happens to their children, good or bad.

    • concern_netizen

      Too bad you are not from UP. How unfortunate you miss meeting the most brilliant minds among our midst. You will be pleasantly surprise that these are the students who challenge the despairs of poverty to prove that gift of intelligence and the strength of character define excellence from mediocracy.

      This is what State universities are for. Providing the best education to the qualified few regardless of their standing in life. So are you still missing the point?

      • elvie

        I salute with you! I admire you for that…

    • Dancing Bear

      “if you can’t afford to support a child, why insist on having a child, why have one?” – A direct quote from you. In another world. I’d support mandatory sterilization for citizens who do not meet a certain criteria for having a child.

      • sowhatifimfilipino

        Why not? Why make a child suffer for the parents’ desire? Why say to the child, “Pasensya na, anak, mahirap lang ang mga magulang mo?” Did the child ask to be born? If you really think you cannot give a child at least a decent future, then have COMPASSION and don’t bring one into this world.

      • Dancing Bear

        Well if you put it that way, compassion and all, it sounds very well. I know one system that came close to having such a policy…what with there genetics and eugenics backed with gruesome experimentation. They were called National Socialism. Nazi for short.

        What if you were rich one day then out the next and you had kids already? Then I think those kids should head for the gas chamber, yes? Because at that point the parental units are already deemed incapable to meet the criteria previously ascribed. .

        This then becomes a class struggle only top-down.

      • sowhatifimfilipino

        No. Why should they head for the gas chamber? Not the kids’ fault. It’s never the children’s fault, until they become adults themselves and think the same as their parents. I guess what I really want to say is parents or would-be parents need to really consider what it means to raise children. It angers me every time I see or hear of children hungry or working to help their parents. And they are made to think that they have to help raise their younger brothers and sisters as well. This is just so unfair.

      • Dancing Bear

        Ah…but pro-creation is a fundamental right, so is having a family. But your suggestions are borderline fascist. And I consider myself pretty much right wing. It’s education. The people need to be educated. But then again, in this country, only those who can afford it can get the kind of quality education that meets the kind of criteria that you hope they aspire to. So there you go. The solution goes back to square one. I think the essence of your ideals is better summed up by a song by the punk rock band, Dead Kennedy’s. The songs title is “Kill The Poor”, Check it in youtube.com

    • edm365f31

      If you need to blame anybody its the society that we live in; the politicians who squandered the money that can be used for our children’s education. You can’t blame the working parents; this society does not give them the opportunity to get better jobs. State funded schools like UP should allow loans to deserving students payable upon getting a job after graduation. That’s the ways it should work; politicians waste their pork on BS corruption schemes; this is were it should go. There are a lot of things broke but this is a priority that need to be fixed. We need to invest on the future of this country which are our children they need to be able to take advantage of opportunities like anybody else if they work hard. And it starts in their education and this is our governments responsibility. You sound like an RH advocacy; but this is the situation now hopefully in the future when RH implementation starts digging in and see the fruits of its implementation we will see less of this.

    • lanzthirteen

      yes you are missing — compassion, kindness, sensitivity, wisdom,…

    • elvie

      Education is a basic human rights. The state should protect that. Once you are born, you have that right. The state should protect that, ensuring na ang citizen nya ay nabigyan. Maraming paraan – isa na dito ang mga state universities na bigyan ng pagkakataon ang deserving poor students to have education.

      Kung naging pobre ang family ng estudyante, hindi kasalanan ng bata na yon na naghikaos para makapag-aral lang. Ang tanong, yong estado ba through sa mga SUCs nya ay nagiging patas ba? Nagiging may malasakit ba?

      Kung ang isang tao ay naging pobre, puede mo itanong siguro, bakit sya ay naging pobre? Wang mong generalize na kasi irresponsible sya? Kung tingnan mo, kung nagiging irresponsable ba sya, pupunta pa ba sya sa school para humingi ng pagkakataon. Kung sya ay late, ma blame mo ba sya? Baka hindi sya nagkakakataon na pumunta ng maaga kasi ang oras nya para humarap sa offisyales ng university ay aksaya dahil baka magutuman ang kanyang pamilya dahil di na sya makakita ng sapat na pera sa pagtataxi.

      Sa ganitong pagkakataon, sino ba talaga ang mas malawak na kaalaman at may malaking kapangyarihan para umunawa ang gumawa ng isang research bakit ganoon.

      Ako bilib ako sa batang namatay na yon. Hindi nya kasalanan na ipinanganak sa isang mahirap na pamilya! Pasalamat ka na siguro ay ipinanganak ka sa may kayang pamilya.

      Makitid ang pananaw mo. Sorry to say that!

    • charles rivera

      While I agree with you in principle, I think your criticism of the parents _is_ somewhat cold hearted and ill-timed. Couldn’t you have waited until they’ve properly grieved the loss of a child? Charitable words go a long way. Further, a few factors are at work here: first, fortunes change. I don’t know what your financial status is at the moment, but all that could change in the blink of an eye. The same could be said of this family, therefore be careful in passing judgement. The other commenter is correct, you don’t know them or their circumstances and yet you criticize. Next, the couple have proven an ability to pay in previous months/years, but not recently. Lastly, UP is a state university with a mandate to provide quality education for those who can least afford it. For this alone, your complaint about whose job it is to educate children/students is moot if not invalid.

    • http://twitter.com/JMSalonga Juan Miguel Salonga

      You’ve been missing A LOT. There are smart and promising children out there, but their poor families have nothing to support for their education. Hence there exists the premier state university that capitalizes on the kids’ potential to become the builders of our nation, NOT on whatever material things their families have. People must know why UP existed in the first place.

      UP served as “training ground” to majority of this country’s presidents, Supreme Court justices, senators, and congressmen. Students admitted to UP are expected to be an integral part of the solution to our country’s problems. Hence it is this government’s responsibility to educate and nurture these students UNTIL they are able to return the favor.

      Hindi lamang solo ng magulang ng mga iskolar ng bayan ang responsibilidad na sinasabi mo, kasi itong mga batang ito ay hindi lamang mga regular na bata na nag-aaral sa isang paaralan. Magkakaroon sila ng malaking pakinabang sa estadong ito balang araw, umaasa na hindi sila tatalikuran ng gobyernong kanila rin sanang pagsisilbihan. Maaari ngang hindi entirely at fault ang administration ng UP Manila, pero yung umiiral na sistema ngayon ay nagdudulot na mismo ng problema, hindi lamang kay Kristel Tejada kundi pati na rin sa marami pang iskolar ng bayan. Hindi kaya yung sistema ng pangangapital sa pera instead na sa talino ng mga estudyante ang maging dahilan ng pagbaba ng kalidad ng edukasyon sa pamantasan?

    • Filpino

      sira pala kukote mo eh, may-kaya ka kaya ka napag-aral at nakakapagbayad ng tuition. Ano ang laban ng mga mag-aaral na pinanganak sa mahirap na pamilya sa tulad mo na sanggol palang ay nakakatikim na ng masustansya at mahal na gatas sa lata.

      hindi pinipilit ng anak ng mahirap na makapag-aral ang kanyang anak sa mga eskwelahang may tuition fee. ang hangad lang ng mahirap ay matuto ng saganon ay hindi na hamakin ng mga tulad mong ang tingin sa sarili ay ikaw lamang ang may karapatang ipanganak sa mundong ito.

      bakit hindi mo halungkatin ang pinagmulan ng lahi mo o ng pamilya mo. baka mahirap pa sa daga yang mga ninuno mo. dapat di ka na rin binuntis kasama ang mga mgagulang mo. Ano ba ang pamilya mo ng panahon ng World war II? nakakaangat na ba sila nun? hindi ba sila nagutom? siguro myembro sila ng makapili kaya may kaya kayo ngayon. Ano no ba ang kalagayan ng ninuno mo ng panahon ng mga kastila rito? hindi ba sila nakaranas ng kutyain at tawaging indio ng mga kastila? baka anak ng pari ang pinagmulan ng ninuno mo kaya nakakaangat ka ngayon?

      Naka kurbata naba ang mga ninuno mo nang datnan dito ng mga kastila? Ang yabang mo, kung susuriin mo ang lahat ng mayayamang Pinoy dito sa Pinas ngayon halos lahat sila nanggaling sa hirap. Kaya wala kang karapatan na sumbatan ang mga magulang ng mahihirap na mag-aaral kung gusto nilang mangarap na matuto ang kanilang mga anak.

      Sana wag kang maghirap ng hindi sabihan yang mga anak mo na wala silang karapatang ipanganak sa mundo. Ungas mo!!

    • http://twitter.com/iSanGhampasLuPa pepe

      yes you are missing a point!

    • Arnito

      Hoy sowhatimfilipino, pilosopo ka ah. Siguro ikaw ang hindi dapat pinanganak ng mga magulang mo. Huwag mo sisihin ang kakayahan ng isang magulang na ang naging kasalanan nila ay ang pagkamahirap. Sisihin mo ang gobyernong bulok ng Pilipinas, na dahil walang trabaho ang mga tao maliit pa ang pasweldo. Sana madanasan mo ang pagiging magulang para malaman mo ang katotohanan. Dahil ang sweldo ng ordinaryong Pilipino ay kulang pa sa pagkain at basic na pangangailangan ng pamilya dahil sa soooooobrang taas ng mga bilihin. Kaya madami kaming Pilipinong naninirahan ngayon dito sa Thailand dahil maginhawa dito di tulad dyan sa pinas.

  • concern_netizen

    I am witness to undeserving ‘scholars’ that applied for socialized tuition back when I was in UP Diliman. A number of these students are well off and should be able to pay their tuition in full. But alas, such greed among young students. Shame on you UP grads who took advantage of the flawed STFAP and help clogged the system. You are mainly responsible why a more deserving student like Ms Tejada lost her life.

    • askal2u

      sino pa ba makikinabang dyan sa subsidized tuition fee ng palpak na UP kundi mga gahaman na mga mayayaman at anak ng mga pulitiko. Kaya maraming graduate ng UP sumasali sa kilusan ng mga makakaliwa kasi tiwali ang mga namumuno sa UP.

      • anermarcelo30

        U.P produce best of Filipino minds and they would not wish this to anyone…no one wins in blaming each other…the Government and parents have a duty to provide the best education they both can afford…the Government should look into State Student Loan System available to all students and payable (after graduating) when they reach certain amount of salary like here in UK…Condolence po sa family ni Kristel Tejada…. let us pray that it will never happen again


      Wow, you are correct. Especially the expensive courses like medicine in UP Manila.

      I have also seen a lot of doctors who graduated in the 90s and 2000s from UP Manila who are serving the Americans in the USA. Di man lang nag return service sa mga Filipinos. But I think UP is correcting this already.

      • GustoKoHappyKa

        yeah dami ko kilala na friend and officemate na ganyan…galit na galit at hindi daw makapag trabaho abroad dahil sa “kailangan” pa nilang mag trabaho sa pinas dahil naging scholar sila ng bayan…

      • imongredneck

        I could not agree more. They are the first one to leave the country, and they come in bigger number. It’s not unusual to see almost all of the same batch already abroad.

      • askal2u

        at least they never join the CPP-NPA after graduation.

    • Komen To

      Obviously the STFAP of Angara was a failure. GIA was very easy and few, if not none of students who can afford apply for GIA.The UP Admin has become the mirror of the society in general with bureaucratic flaws and good scapegoats leaders.

      But we still miss the point that this govt, and previous ones, put a lower priority budget to education

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

        And what, exactly, would you have them cut the budget for?

        Increasing education may lead to less funding for, say, livelihood programs, or new infrastructure. I’m not saying education shouldn’t go even higher, but it’s a hard trade off.

      • Komen To

        Think of 1military budget, where most of the funds historically went to pockets, 2intel funds, need I say more? Look around and read news and you can easily find where

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

        There’s no way people are going to agree to cut the military budget, especially given recent incidents (including both China and Malaysia).

        Intel funds I wouldn’t mind, but at the same time politically, that’s easier said than done.

        Believe me, I’d love a higher cut for education, but actually getting it is another matter.

      • askal2u

        easy solution, get rid of all their generals and those corrupt ones send them to Sabah or Spratly to fight.

    • eigendik

      That’s right… and here’s the rub: some GIA born-rich scholars spend their monthly stipends on beer and beer… and they have the nerve to brag about it.

    • cato_the_younger

      The problem is not really with UP but the tax system in RP. When I was in UP, STFAP was basically based on the declared income of the parents as shown on the tax returns. Unfortunately, RP has no mechanism to avoid tax evasion for people working as self-employed professionals or businessmen. It is these kind of people (lawyers, doctors, etc.) who declare probably not even one tenth of their income whose children get to benefit from the flawed system. The parents who are employed have no recourse. I remembered one daughter of a millionaire businessman in bracket 1 while I paid full tuition. I was aghast (and so are many of the other UP students from my town.) My parents are not millionaires by any chance, it just so happened that my parents income are declared in full.

    • tamaraw2020

      well said!

      baka nga sa umpisa pa lang yan sa UPCat, mey iba dyan na palusot na agad makalibre sa exam fee.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

    Her death was tragic, but at the end of the day, it is madness to be blaming it on the administrators. It was her decision, and her action.

    The administrators bent the rules for her , that is clear. They should not be hated for enforcing the rules. Given that UP is in general pretty strapped for cash, they clearly can’t afford to educate people for free.

    • askal2u

      Rule laban sa mahihirap, pero pag mayaman maski kayang magbayad ng tuition eh may discount pa o full scholar.

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EXFI4EUGM23PQ4FMQKLVH36OXI Jose

        Mali nga yon, at kailangan nga ayusin ang STFAP.

        Pero di mayaman ang UP. Kailangan din niya ng pera. Di kaya ng UP (at ng bansa) bayaran ang buong matrikula ng lahat ng mga mahihirap na estudyante niya. Estudyante ako sa UP nung tinaas ang mga fee, at ginawa siya dahil nauubusan na ng pera ang unibersidad. Dahil DON ginawa ang mga batas ukol sa pagbabayad, di dahil anti-poor ang administrasyon.

      • eigendik

        I disagree – walang rules laban sa mahihirap. Mey policies para tulungan ang mahihirap. Yun nga lang, nagagamit ang koneksyon ng mayayaman para makalusot. Ang mahihirap dahil walang koneksiyon, kailangang sundin ang alituntunin ng mga polisiya.
        Siguro lahat ng nag-aaply ny reduced tution fees ay ipa-CI para malaman kung deserving.

  • azkal futbol

    are we nuts? barkin at the wrong tree – blame the senatongs and tongressman who reduced the alloted budget for education, blame them for short-changing the students of the budget for there education and blame these wolves and crocodiles who rewarded themselves fat bonuses and deprived poor but able youth afford a good education. it is not the admin’s fault, it is our lawmakers who prioritize their share over the welfare of the people.

    • Jay Alvin Madrigal


    • robin

      that’s exactly is the problem.. policy makers & law makers should do something about this to prevent from happening.. You really can’t blame those working for that institution if they’re just following what was limited thing they could do for that poor student unless they owned and finance that school.

  • Natx Bacalzo

    UP Manila’s Aguito and De Luna should resign if they still have an iota of shame left in them for the death Kristel. RESIGN!

    • JanofVA

      Why is it their fault that Kristel’s parents cannot afford to send her to college? Parents are responsible for the education and caring of their children…not the school and not the government. I have a lot of relatives that are smart yet cannot afford to go to college so they do not go. It’s sad but it’s life.

  • marienkind

    So the parents loaned the first sem, couldn’t pay for the first, tried to loan another sem way too late, and we’re still looking like it’s the system’s fault?

  • http://www.ofwsinhongkong.wordpress.com/ pinoysahongkong2012

    If you really mean what you say, Mr Chancellor, issue a public apology for an
    apparent flaw in UP’s systems and procedures, announce immediate changes to
    address the flaw and tender your resignation to take responsibility for the

    This is the most honorable thing that you should do instead of trying to
    defend an untenable position – temporarily stopping students from attending
    classes unless overdue debts are paid.

    Yes, state educational institutions
    depend on state funding, the scale of which may not always cope with costs

    What should administrators of state edu institutions do in the face
    of this constant challenge?

    Be more resourceful and creative in generating revenue, not solely from tuition fees of students. Stop depending mainly on annual government funding and tuition fees of students. How to achieve this?

    Fairly easy!

    Turn unused or seldom-used premises inside campuses into shops (that will
    provide products & services to students) which can be rented out. Build new
    structures for commercial premises if funds for these can be found. Earn as
    much rental income as possible from these shops.

    Organize job fairs inside campuses towards the end of the school year or other periods and rent out stalls, classrooms and conference halls to different companies and charge rentals for them.

    In short, be more entrepreneurial to generate more revenue and achieve less and less reliance on government funding and students’ tuition fees.

  • askal2u

    anong ginagawa ng mga magnanakaw nating mga pulitiko kagaya nina binay, estrada, at enrile at di man lang sila makatulong sa mga mahihirap na eskolar ng bayan? ang UP ba aya para na lang sa mga mayayaman? mga pulitiko ang lalaki ng mga bariles ng baboy nyo pamudmod nyo naman at wag swapangin at ubosin lang sa kampanya at wag ibulsa, mahiya naman kayo mga makakapal ang mukha na dinastiya ng pulitiko. pati mga kabit nyo at anak sa labas tumatakbo na rin.

  • Mel

    Nakikiramay ako sa mga magulang pero lahat naman tayo may problema kailangan lang lumaban, hindi kailan man sagot ang suicide. HIndi ba dapat ang iskolar ng bayan ay marunong lumaban?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3RMNEZCQQHXWOQRXJROQ2CORFU Homer Guo

    oh yes you are…. unless you bring back the dead to life har har

  • Jay Alvin Madrigal

    for Php 6,377 a teenager took her own life.

    these are the kinds of stories that shouldn’t happen. sadly, this is a reality. i believe you do not blame the chancellors or the parents here. you blame the corrupt system. if allocations for education is enough, then these stories should not happen. i blame the congressmen and lawmakers who decide to cut the budget allocations for state universities and colleges. why are they so quiet now? why are they not reacting?

  • les21reago

    The FAULT of Tejada is a FAILURE of Agulto and the FAILURE of Tejada is a FAULT of Agulto.

  • siegfeil

    For those catholics who heard the gospel and homily yesterday it seems this case was bloated by media and surely the family of Tejada took advantage of this. So it s easy to accuse the chancellor on anything. Baka naman nagpakamatay gawa nang ibang dahilan? kaso patay na yung bata di na yan makapagsalita. It’s very easy for us to accuse even without investigating.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_BL2GYU35SO6HTJUEAUTXS3QFYM George Lapulapu

    no, you are cold hearted and ruthless Chancellor Agulto.

  • eltee mulawin


    >>>Si Kristel kahit papaano nakarating pa ng kolehiyo, paano naman ang ibang pamilya na hindi maipagtapos ang kanilang mga anak kahit sa elementarya o high school man lamang?

  • Musharaf Iqbal

    kasalanan ng UP iyan!

    kung naging estudyante ang sino man sa inyo alam nyo ang mararamdaman kung kayo ay pagkakaitan ng pagkakataong kumuha ng exams dahil di kayo nakapagbayad.

    o marahil ang iba sa inyo ay di ramdam kung papano maging mahirap na estudyante, yung hindi ka makakakuha ng exams dahil may payment backlog ka ay isang mabigat na pasanin sa pag iisip at dibdib lalo pa’t ang pag aaral lang ang iyong tanging buhay at pag asa. ang paratiing ang inuulit-ulit ni Agulto na tatlong beses nagbigay ng palugit. Nov 30, Dec 9, Dec 17 is a convenient excuse. bakit hindi na lang nya i-waive ang payment at ihold ang grado hanggang sa matapos lang ang semester? di ba’t suportado naman yata ng estado ang facilities ng UP?

    pero sa mapanggipit na patakaran ng paaralan na kelangang magbayad bago exams, ay nakakapagbigay ng sobrang pressure sa mga estudyante lalo pa’t ang mga ito kadalasan nakikita nila na ang kanilang pagaaral at edukasyon ay nagsisilbing buhay nila. ang panggigipit na ito kada exams ay kahalintulad sa pagsisikil ng kakayanang huminga. mahirap ito para sa estudyante. ang hindi pagbigay sa kanila ng karapatang mag aral dahil may utang sila o hindi sila nakakapagbayad ng tuition ay mabisang paraan para sa pagkitil ng kanilang pag asa.

    suggestion ko lang no, hayaang kumuha ng exams ang mga estudyante kahit di nagbabayad. i hold ang grade sa katapusan kung kelangan. ang importante, natapos nila ang semester.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Just Resign I D I O T

  • Tnosce

    Sayang yung bata na yan ” The Brain Is A Terrible Thing To Waste ” dahil lang sa pera nawala ng pag-asa at buhay itong estudyante n ito. Magkano ang sweldo ba nitong mga chancellor na ito ?

    • MyCountryMyLove

      UP should not operate like a private school. The maintenance and Other Operating Expenses of the SUs must be lower than the operating expenses of private schools. Putting up of buildings or capital expenditures are budgeted by the government. Only the MOOE should be recovered from the tuition payment of students if ever.
      Even if administration and faculties of UP receives high salaries, I think it can be accommodated by the government. How much does STFAP get from the students in a semester or a year? Maybe the government can subsidized such amount.

      And another thing; Why does DepED and CHED allows private schools to use as a justification, the building of a new edifice or annex of a school as a basis for increasing tuition fees? I think this should come from the school’s own fund because this is an investment on the owner’s part to recover. Why us parents should pay for the building of a new edifice of the school? Probably because parents are captured market? Does UP also use this as their justification for the STFAP?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V4KJ5FLKOBGE6JYBN6TSRXKSBQ a

    baka naman hindi lang yon ang tanging dahilan kung bakit nagpakamatay ang bata. an intelligent girl like her could have thought of ways of overcoming the crisis, like working part-time to support herself. maraming mga self-supporting students who study in schools na mas matataas pa ang tuition na binabayaran. there must be other underlying causes that drove the unfortunate girl to take her life. her academic problems was just one of them.

    • MyCountryMyLove

      in UP going self-supporting is rather difficult. Moreover, the money you earned from being self-supporting is not enough to pay your tuition and allowances. Gone are the days when tuition fees can be paid in a month’s salary equivalents only. Minimum wage of P400+/day or P12,000/month is not enough to pay for tuition and allowances of a child enrolled in a decent school with P50,000 per semester tuition average. In the 80’s, tuition fee in UE cost only P181.00 per semester and minimum wage at that time is about P12.00/day. Please complete your research first before posting your comments. Your comment is easier said than done. Be more complete and rational.

  • regie

    oh ayan doc…sec 2 par. 3 ng art. 14 ng constitution natin ” Establish and maintain a system of scholarship grants, student loan programs, subsidies, and other incentives which shall be available to deserving students in both public and private schools, especially to the underprivileged;” ayan spelled out yung UNDERPRIVILEGED…eh unconstitutional pala yung nangyari kay tejada….

  • lostRunes

    Some of the blame should be with the parents also. Kung irresponsible of gobyerno, irresponsible din yung parents. I hate how the media potrays the parents as victims in this mess…

  • Komen To

    Sorry Mr. Chancellor but I won’t take you as my surrogate father

  • jajabeltran

    Magpapakamatay na ko!!!! Nung kabataan ko kasi hindi ako nakapag-aral sa UP dahil FEU lang afford ng magulang ko. P U T A NG I NA!!!!!! PAPAKAMATAY NA KO!!!!!!!!

    • patrickinca

      Ang mahal kaya ng FEU ba. Kami nga sa PUP noon ay naiinggit minsan sa inyong mga taga FEU. hehehehe

  • Rommel Santos

    Sana inapprove ng UP Admin ung 2nd loan tas binawas na dun ung balance na P6,400 pra sana nkpagexam na si Kristel at di nasayang ang buhay.
    Dapat repasuhin na ang “No late Payment” system hindi lang sa UP kundi sa lahat ng pampubliko (at sna private din) paaralan, colehiyo at unibersidad.
    RIP Kristel Tejada.

  • Albularyo

    Seriously!? In one of the extensions for repayment, they extended the deadline by ONLY one week? Siguro kailangan na ng gobyerno na magkaroon ng centralized na paraan para makapagbigay ng loan sa mga estudyante. Kung kailangan ng gobyerno ng tulong kung paano ito gawin, pwede ako tumulong. Or kung meron mang tanggapan na existing na, kailangan nilang maipalam ito sa taong bayan.

  • Simon Ward

    I agree with those who say it was not ultimately UP’s fault, but all that aside … Even if this unfortunate girl were driven to suicide as a direct result of UP’s actions, I think it is utterly reprehensible for anyone to try to pin her death on the Chancellor. It’s one thing (and not necessarily a pretty thing) to rail against Carabuena (?) for slapping that traffic cop, or Sen. Sotto for being a plagiarist, but some of the comments I’ve read about this UP case come dangerously close to calling the Chancellor a murderer! Outrageous. Neal Cruz’s piece in the PDI has already been mentioned. What a nasty piece of “journalism” THAT was!

  • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

    Teenagers are very sensitive, restless, impatient, fearful, unease and fragile people that’s why constant guidance, counseling & understanding is a must from their parents, friends, teachers and all. Others are weak others are strong to stress, pressure, & anxiety. Bible says: Parable of the Lamp : MARK 4:21-25

    “Is a lamp brought in to be placed
    under a bushel basket or under a bed, and not to be placed on a lampstand?” What Jesus says in the Sermon on the Mount: “…your light must shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your heavenly Father” (Mt 5:16).

    “God listens to our prayers and
    reveals Himself to us. In response, we are to take care of, nurture, and be
    responsible for what we receive from God. We should neither take these
    blessings for granted nor misuse or abuse them. And God expects that we share
    them with others. We cannot keep them only to ourselves. We have to proclaim
    God’s kindness and goodness.”

    “As we are blessed, we should let our
    lives be a blessing to others, sowing love where there is hatred, giving hope
    where there is despair, and bringing light where there is darkness. At the end
    of our lives, we will be judged on how we have shared God’s blessings with our
    brothers and sisters.”

    “What have we done with God’s gifts and graces to us?Do we spread and share them with our less fortunate brothers and sisters?”

    • Diepor

      Everybody can copy words from the bible but do you have any words of your own.

      • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

        The first paragraph is my own what else do you need to know? Words of GOD from the Bible is better no one can refute!!!

  • im_not_convinced

    it is not fair to blame the school for her death no matter how unfortunate. Neither are the parents to blame for not having enough money to send her to school. Madami kabataan before and now who had to give up studies because of financial woes and they did not kill themselves. Kung may kasalanan ang parents, it’s for not instilling in their child that there’s always hope while there is a tomorrow.

    having to go on LOA should not be the end of the world.

  • Janch

    Payment of fees was deferred three times. Another request for deferment may have been accommodated had it been made on time. It appears Kristel failed to do that. What was the school suppose to do? While we sympathize with the family of Kristel, surely we cannot blame the UP officials. She is not the first student to have to stop schooling because of lack of resources. This is a problem faced by countless other Filipinos. Problems like these do not normally result in suicide. Perhaps the girl already had suicidal tendencies brought on by other factors.

  • http://Yahoo.com/ Ragdeleafar

    Ano na ba ang nangyari sa study now pay later plan mayroon yan dati di ba ? Baka stop na kasi maraming graduates until now na walang pa rin work???

  • john_constantine

    i’m sure there are other cases where hindi makapagbayad yung student – but didn’t commit suicide. Hindi rin naman kasalanan ng mga administrators or nung paaralan, everybody’s got some rules to guide them. I guess what I’m saying is : “Don’t hate the players, hate the game.”

  • patrickinca

    I don’t want to judge the student, the family and the chancellor for there might be a lot of circumstances behind the scenes and i am sure that the media had sensationalized the story. But what i can say is that the money that supposed to subsidized additional support for scholars are being pocketed by the politicians. Also the current tuition fee rates for this state universities are not reachable and affordable for the ordinary lower class students which supposed to be the priority on why are this State Universities are here in the first place. Corruption are also rampant with in the UP and other state universities all over the philippines. I got a niece who is in UP diliman currently and she had witnessed the increased in tuition fees three times in a row. 20 thousand pesos per semester for a partial scholar is unreachable, especially to a poor farmer’s child. There is something wrong with this system and this tragic event is a sign that the system is broken. Also i would like to ask, what kind of supportive emotional environment is the student experiencing especially at home that she has to resort to suicide? Remember that everything starts at home.

  • RJ

    I could still vividly remember the hell my sister had
    to go through in her college years in UPLB. She was one of the thousands of university
    students whose families were not affluent enough to give her a comfortable
    college education. When I heard the story of this young promising girl I
    couldn’t hold back my tears thinking what if this had happened to my sister as
    well? This story should become an eye opener for the government to focus on
    what our country needs the most, education for everyone especially the youth
    and those who are in need. However, this also should serve a story for every
    Filipino family especially the parents that it is our obligation to give them a
    comfortable life, to send them to school and to care for them. If you think you
    can’t give these don’t even bother thinking of having one.

    I know there are lots of other young students out there who
    are currently in the very situation of Kristel. I appeal to you to keep on
    fighting! Fight for your right to be schooled, to be sheltered, and to be cared
    and most importantly to keep on living.

  • litobetita

    I worked in Ethiopia a few years ago. Considered to be one of the poorest country in the world but when it comes to education, their system is better. The government are the one assigning the students to a particular university depending on the results of their exam. They need not worry about their fees and lodging as it is shouldered by the government until they finished and find a job…the time when the government will asked them to pay the incurred education expenses in installment basis. If they are really good, they even have chances of being sent to Germany, japan and Netherland for their masters.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

    blame the death to the government for giving small budget to education but pork barrel is overflowing! blame that to Pnoy!

    • MyCountryMyLove

      I agree, but that is politics. Education should not be influenced by politics. But unfortunately, that is not the reality.

  • eltee mulawin

    IPAGPAPAARAL. Sa pangyayaring ito kay Kristel Tejada, hindi kaya magandang
    halimbawang muli pag-usapan at himaymayin KUNG DAPAT AT TAMA BANG GAWING MULA

    Kristel kahit papaano nakarating pa ng kolehiyo, paano naman ang ibang pamilya
    na hindi maipagtapos ang kanilang mga anak kahit sa elementarya o high school
    man lamang?

  • Manuel_II

    Blame the Student Activists (Communist Front), these people are wasting good money that should have been used by other needy students. Imagine these s-called students stay 8-10 years years on 4 years Bachelor course, so they could go to the street and rally. This is reality.

    • Diepor

      Were is the logic, students should rally to try to change the world.

      • Manuel_II

        yeah, rally, but enrolled as a student for 8-10 years. lmao.

  • juan_liwanag

    It is so sad that the blame game has already become a part of the culture of U.P. – Ibagsak ito, ibagsak iyon; ibasura ito, ibasura iyon etc. etc. Has anyone ever learned the meaning of responsibility in this school and in the Philippine society? There are rules so that no favor is given based on personal connection or consideration. If anyone destroys himself or herself for not being able to follow the rule, then that is his/her choice and responsibility. Napakarami ng Filipino na gusto ng libre at balato. Pati maling desisyon ng iba ay kasalanan ng administrasyon at pamahalaan. Sana mag-isip naman tayo ng tama. Let us learn to face the consequences of our decisions.

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano


    How about a “No Law Passed, No Pork Barrel.” rule?

    Sigurado magagalit ang mga may-ari ng Pilipinas.

  • zhardan

    Sana pinatapos na lang this school year pero hindi na maka-enrol next semester kung hindi ma-clear ang mga bayarin niya? Hindi ba ninyo maintindihan kung gaano kahirap tanggapin na nasayang ang panahon dahil lang sa financial reasons. Time lost cannot be recovered pero ang pera marecover pa with interest pa kung kailangan.

    • Don Dee

      Better yet, HOLD the transcript and diploma. Let her enroll in all the classes. PUBLIC SCHOOL ANG UP.

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    UP Manila Chancellor? Wala iyan, mga sunod-sunuran lang iyan sa mga may-ari ng Pilipinas. Asawa nga ni Binay, nakalusot sa Hold Departure order, isang tawag lang ng isa sa mga may-ari ng Pilipinas.

  • Don Dee

    Samantala, sa senado, si Miriam at si JPE batuhan ng putik dahil hindi magkasundo kung paano pag hahatian ang milyones na year-end “tip” to themselves. This news makes me so angry.

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    Suicide is a mental health issue.

    • john_constantine

      I agree.

    • BatangSingapore

      hindi rin. kung abot mo lang yun takbo ng utak nila ay malamang may sapat ka dahilan.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        ah, hindi ba? ok. Paensya na, hindi ko abot. Ikaw ba abot mo?

  • robin

    I think government should do something about this issue. Government run universities like UP – We shouldn’t force student to pay full tuition unless they really can afford it. For some needy student Filipinos wanted to study we should subsidized and fund them.

    Atleast give them atlernative for tution like work for tuition program if kayang ponduhan.. Instead of PORK BARREL na yan why cant we just use the funding for this unfortunate students wanted to study. Atleast those deserving and not those na mga aktivista sa UP.. daming mga communist ideology dyan na mga student tayo pa nag paaral nag rarally lang pag ka tapos..

    6k Pesos is not really that much compare to billion of pesos we fund for our congressmen pork barrels… I dont think its the school faculties fault government should have policy on this kind-of issue. kahit e compare mo ito sa private universities yung price nito kulang pa pang laboratory or projects.. haiz…

  • Templar Society

    Naghahanap lang ng masisi yung mga students na hard liners. Meron nga ako narinig kanina sa radyo, yung host sabi niya, siya din daw nagkaproblema sa pag aaral nung college, yung 4 na taon kurso naging 7 years sa kanya dahil ilang beses siya tumigil dahil wala silang pera. Kailangan niya rin magtrabaho para makapag ipon sa pang tution. pero never daw pumasok sa isip niya yung mag suicide. Dahil lang daw baka kulang sa pananampalataya kaya walang masandalan. Faith in God makes us stronger. – Kahit anong religion, as long as you have a strong faith, wether 14, 15, 16 years old yan kaya niya. I think sa part na yun nagkulang ang parents.

    • BatangSingapore

      ang isyu kasi ay ang bugok na sistema. kung saan kapag wala ka pera hindi ka pwede magaral. yan ang napakalakin problema. bago ka dumipensa magbigay ka muna ng solusyon.

      diba simple lang ayaw pa alisin yun policy nila na yan, dami pa dahilan. nagdadahilan pa kahit mali naman. buwis ng sambayanan filipino yan na pagaralin ang mga matatalinong filipino, subalit ginagawang negosyo ng mga tungaw na administrasyon.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    Ogags pala itong nasa ibaba e….ungas! hoy sowhatiti….it is the responsibility of the State to ensure that every poor student should have free education. Cguro tropa ni Chancellor ito o baka si chancellor mismo….Kahit saan tingnan mali ang UP dito…..

    • robin

      omg.. in some countries you don’t even enjoy what were enjoying almost free for PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL & PRIMARY SCHOOL and UNIVERSITY if you can pass the entrance exam and maintain grades.. Only few countries doing that kahit na developed countries na sila they simply don’t subsidized as like what we do…. coz its parents responsibilities.

      As for Us its good but we shouldn’t expect much but as I highlighted I would prefer students that really need support like this should be given chance and alternative for tuition like “work for tuition” instead po-problema-in pa nya ang pang bayad.. yes we have student loan but if its not enough if its possible we can squish more funding for it since nag subsidized naman na tayo ng school but we shouldn’t ask too much…

      • BatangSingapore

        bugok kinumpara mo na naman ang ibang bansa sa pilipinas. kaya hindi ka umunlad tanga.

        kapag issue naman ng sabah kung sino sinong tao sinasabit ninyo.

        eh kung sabihin ko sa iyo sa ibang bansa ang mga namumuno umaako ng responsibilidad. kapag binatikos ng mamayan nag suicide. gamitin mo utak mo ha. bobo.

      • robin

        really di ako umuunlad haha (just smiling cant laugh while at work).. =)

        saang bukirin ka nga galing? hehehe..

      • BatangSingapore

        kitang kita sa dahilan mo. hahahahahha magbasa ka pa maigi bugoy.

      • robin

        yun nga basahin mo nga comment ko before ka mag comment.. para ka kasing taga bundok hahaha

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NXV3F6YUQWDOA4HPYOFN5F2N3U Danyel

    UP was originally envisioned as school for the poor. It is different now, Most in UP now are elites……

  • john_constantine

    May mga tao din na nagsucceed kahit hindi makapagbayad ng tuition nung nagaaral pa lang sila. So kung kasalanan ng chancellor kung bakit may nagsuicide, the opposite cases where the student persevered and succeeded, kahit hindi sila tumuloy mag-aral sa UP, should also be credited to the chancellor whoever the chancellor is. At the end of the day, everybody’s got to fend for themselves and everybody’s got to be responsible for their own actions.

  • robin

    during college days, I work too from 3rd year college til I graduated feels good although… I’m not that unfortunate like this child is I graduated from university. I don’t badly need to work for tuition but there’s always way other than this..specially yung money involved is 6k pesos in a year… I don’t think its too much …

    but for whatever reason government should have policy like this to give them atlernative like work for school tuition. if they really needed it.

  • BatangSingapore

    maypaiyak iyak ka pa tungaw, manang mana ka sa presidente mong si abnoy puros kayo artista at mapanglinlang ng sambayanan filipino.

    mabuti nga pinaalis ka lang eh ang dapat sa iyo ibilango. nakakahiya ka napaka bobo mo namatay tuloy ang batang magaaral.

    kung may delikadesa ka bugok umalis kayo diyan kasama ng vice chancellor.

  • http://twitter.com/ZALZANZIBAR ALBERTO ZALAZAR

    …Ito palagi ang nangyayari,…”REACTION..!”….walang “PREVENTION..!”…?at to the extent na turo dito…turo doon..!…talagang totoo ang nangyayari…Filipino tago…Pilipino turo…!

    Look,…bakit sa “SCHOOL”.. ang lahat ng sisi..?

    …Why di manlang nag-working student muna then para at least makatulong sa mga magulang?….

    Isang kapatid ko ay U.P. Graduate at noon ay hirap ng buhay namin…so kami ay nanghuhugas ng mga jeepney sa isang gasoline station para at least may kaunting pera…& aside doon janitor din siya sa U.P. Dliman

    Pito kaming magkakaptid,…teacher ang Nanay namin…at driver ng jeepney tatay namin…once in a blue moon nga lang kami makatikim ng masarap na pagkain ehh,..pero lahat naman yan ay nagagawan ng paraan…bakit nasasabi ko?…dahil…may-utak tayo…bakit sasayangin mo ang buhay mo?….

    sa isang banda ay,…ay ang U.P. Diliman naman ay binagbibigyan yong Utol ko maski may utang pa rin basta gagawa lang ng promisorry note sa accounts section ehh…

    Sino ba talaga ang may kasalanan dito…?
    baka naman may ibang problema itong Bata kaya di na niya makaya?

    Huwag kayong magalit sa akin….dahil wala kayong makukuiha sa akin…!!!

  • done_druff

    Why blame the Chancellor for the death of the student? Who killed herself? The chancellor or the student?

    And how about the parents? Where were they when their aggrieved daughter is longing for comfort? Parents should know this.

    • BatangSingapore

      masyado mo ginugulo utak mo, kapag hindi mo na abot tigilan mo na lang at ng hindi ka nagtatanong.

      amg problema yun policy ni chancellor. alisin mo yun policy then tapos na ang problema. mahirap ba yun hahahhahaha. eh ang kaso panay depensa pa at kitang kita na ayaw nya lang bumitiw sa posisyon nya at siempre dahil din sa pera. kung may delikadesa yan at umaako ng responsibilidad ay dapat nag resign na yan diba.

      • robin

        pls re-read the whole article.. take a moment to analyzed.. do some research… be rational on your words and importantly gamitin mo utak mo then you can comment.

        but if you still dont get it.. STFU!

      • BatangSingapore

        ikaw ang magbasa bobo ng maintindihan mo.

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Tama. Ibig sabihin ni batangsingapore, ang solution sa lahat ng problema ay mag-suicide. Sige, simulan mo na bata.

      • robin

        that’s what exactly I do before i posted comment.. but thanks for the suggestion anyway.. You youself must re-read and think harder.. If wala parin di ko na problema ang problema mo hehe..

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Bakit binigyan mo ng problema. Baka mamaya mag-suicide iyan.

      • robin

        aw hayaan mo nalang siya buhay nya yan.. couldn’t care less hahaha

      • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

        Sayang din naman, kung sa Pilipinas siya magsusuicide, ilang gabi din pakikinabangan ng mga kababayan nating sugarol iyan.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maria.alba.31 Maria Alba

      She was indeed who went off the cliff…but who pushed her over the edge?She cried for help and Chancellor Agulto was in the best position to lend a lifeline.In reality there were feasible solutions but sadly UP Manila officials did NOT CARE enough to listen or offer more assistance in navigating through the maze of tapping resources that were actually available. Years ago, UP Administrators allowed the enrollment ( on a Saturday for special treatment!) of students who didn’t even pass the College of Medicine admission screening. They were children of Influence so it didn’t matter that the Faculty and majority of the student body were in uproar. It seems,therefore, if only Kristel were not POOR she might be alive today.

  • Charlie

    This is totally ridiculous. Our society had been breeding children as victims for a long long time. Most in western society their governments protect these innocents. They have strong voices to stand up for these victims. Let us be issues oriented here and be objective. In my opinion I observed majorities of Filipinos do not know how to stand up for one another. We blame parents who cannot afford to bring up children ,feed them, send them to school and etc. partially it is correct ( remember in the Philippine culturally parents look up to the children as their security when they grow old)—– who do you think a poor family would look up to the government…to corrupt politician….to the doctors… lawyers… who doesn’t pay enough taxes… How many billions of dollars are not accounted for which the country the Philippines has to have. Can I ask everyone of you who is at fault here ? Is it the whole population of Filipinos or you leave it to your corrupt politicians to solve the problem. How good are they or you in looking after your barangays…your locality… how important are your cities your provinces and the whole nation in general? Do you feel safe in your neighborhood? Do you feel unhappy about higher unemployment in your neighborhood……. What i can say is Filipinos should stand up for one another. Let those who have bigger responsibility should be accountable to his or her countrymen. And those who have capacity to help should help those victims in society. And….those who have to pay for their faults let them pay……. so that those innocents should be repaid so that no one will follow as victims anymore. My challenge, Filipinos stand up.. stand up for what is right …so that no family..no strangers… no friends…no schoolmate will suffer unnecessarily…..

  • Hunter421

    It is a terrible loss but the blame should be put squarely on the parents. They simply should not have had children if they could not support them. Besides that I’ve read that she could have availed an extension had she (the student) complied with certain paperworks.

  • riccisan

    mukhang publicity stunt, yung tatay mukhang smarte, at yung UP chancelor umiyak pa, then they will try to approve the STFAP na kung saan sobrang rigid ng process mahihirapan kahit si hesukristo kung mag aaplay siya. at the end of the day, wala na same ‘ole sh*t’, at yung UP Diliman di pa nagpapasok ng traffic, a state university with an elitist mindset., better not enroll to that school again because of the pressure and depressive environment.

  • Dancing Bear

    Just to be clear. So rich kids or those who can afford can just pay for the UP education….I’m not so sure about the grade average required but since it’s not a scholarship, I do believe it’s not to the same level standard required of a scholarship. So if you’re poor and average….basically you’re F’d.

    I wont pretend to know who must be blamed in all this. Probably it’s the system itself. But in the name of chaos, I would support a riot for this cause just to watch it burn. UP to me is a mixed bag of confidence and arrogance. The line between them is so thin. But also, the number of leftist students there leaves a bad taste to the mouth.

  • caloyski65

    i’m sure mayroon pang mga paraan para masolusyunan yun problema nya….committing suicide was never meant to be a solution or an option when someone is too weary to go on…on financial or personal woes….family problems….or whatever problems that may arise…..sa ginawa nya ay mas nadagdagan pa yun problema ng pamilya nya.

  • batangsulpok

    Dapat magkaroon ng financial aid program ang gobyerno kesa mga pork barrel ng congress para ang mga low income families ay magkaroon ng chance na mapag-aral ang mga anak o di kaya ay student loan program na babayaran ng estudyante pag naka-graduate at nakatrabaho na.

    • robin

      tagal na yung student loan.. any1 can avail it check mo po yung article the first I heard about student loan is when I was 2nd year college that was like 2002-2003 po..

  • Tony S. Evangelista

    .. Hindi aktibista, nagpatalo sa sistema.

  • speedstream2

    Fine, you’re not ruthless and cold-hearted. A little uncaring perhaps? We can put up all sorts of explanations, justifications, rationalizations and the like, but one fact remains: a person is dead, and dead is dead, And now this tragedy has come back to bite us. We can only hope we will come out of it better human beings. From experience, my guess though is that in about two weeks or less this incident will just be a memory and it will all be business as usual.

  • User Guest

    nope. not ruthless, nor cold hearted. just plain greedy and inhuman. no wonder you and your apologists try to shift the blame on the poor, grieving parents. you blame the parents for being poor. during martial law, your kind were called technoquacks

  • guest

    I think UP has become a university for the rich, the famous and the politicians.

  • edm365f31

    The chancellor should resign he mentioned couple of days extensions; hopefully her death will bore some changes in our state funded schools. Let’s provide loans to this deserving students who can’t afford it payable upon getting a job after graduation.

  • peon_observer

    To take your own life is nobody’s decision but your own.

  • EdgarEdgar

    To be sure, the UP chancellor should bear some of the blame for the blighted future and the loss of this bright student. If only this nation’s wealth were not inequitably distributed and mostly concentrated in the hands of a few families as World Bank reported, then all Filipino students would have a better chance in life. The haciendero president Noynoy himself belongs to that sector of society that possesses so much wealth thereby depriving generations of peasant farmers and their families a brighter future. When Ninoy Aquino was detained and Cory Aquino was not gainfully employed for close to a decade, their children never had to worry about food or schooling or buying the latest vinyl LPs or the latest barbie dolls. Noynoy and his clan have amassed so much wealth to last them several lifetimes while keeping their Luisita slave farmers barefooted, unschooled, perpetually impoverished and without proper healthcare. When Ninoy Aquino and his family were on self-exile in the US, they could easily afford to buy two nice properties in the affluent neighborhoods of the leafy suburb of Boston. As it turned out, Noynoy’s clan had long ago salted away their precious dollars offshore even before Martial Law thereby undermining the Philippine Peso (much like the Lopez clan of ABS-CBN). History is replete with stories of evil clans that have harmed this country in unspeakable ways but are now perceived as heroes thanks to revisionism. With the advent of the internet age and social media however, more and more of the deep dark secrets of Noynoy and his clan will come to light. Directly or indirectly, Noynoy and his clan are responsible for the death of many bright young Filipinos.

    • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

      Bad, mang Edgar. Never ever mention the names of the owners of the Philippines.

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    Nabasa nyo na ba yung suicide note? Or…… nadadala lang kayo ng emotion.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_CRBW2RJR4WNWVIDZVSCLFQK4KQ Spike

    Madaming anak ng mga mayayamang Filipino chinese na nagaaral sa UP lalo na sa medisina na may kaya at di dapat binibigyan ng subsidy ng gobyerno at mga taxpayer

  • ownwrite

    throw the rich kids out of UP. send ‘em to those blue and green catholic universities of the oligarchy. these rich kids compete with what little resources UP has thereby disenfranchising economically challenged scholars like Kristel.

    second, the presence of these rich kids around the less fortunate scholars in UP adds insult to injury, they love brandishing their latest gadgets, designer jeans, designer shoes, designer cars, credit cards, and sometimes designer pets which just reminds poor scholars how poor they are.

  • jga94

    What’s sad is that people are using this….they’re using a personal tragedy to further their selfish causes. Granted this sad incident brought to light flaws of the UP System (this should be addressed), obviously the media and some people are “flaming” certain quarters by emphasizing only certain points in her death—like the preceding incidence of non-payment of tuition. This professor of Behavioral Science (Behavioral Science)–I was so surprised she issued a statement like ….“We hold (Agulto and De Luna) accountable for the deprivation of Kristel’s right to education that cost her life…” –coming from a behavioral Science professor, she must know that factors that lead to suicide are complex and not so simplistic as she paints it—for one thing, I was surprised none of her teachers in Behavioral Science picked up any suicidal red flags.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NNH3CUMD5FUUPUOV4OM3S7WPAQ suns

    MIsfortune of one student cannot be blame solely in the school in this case. There are triggering factors likely on the part of the student to harm herself. There are students who work at night to have extra money to pay tuition fee,I for once I did it and like many others.

  • JanofVA

    Although it is heartbreaking that the student felt like she had to end her life because of financial woes, I would have to side with the school here. As sad as it is, if you cannot afford to go to school, it is not the school’s fault that you can’t settle your finances. It is the parent’s responsibility to send their kids to school. How about going to a less expensive school??? How about waiting a bit until you have the money to go before going???

    We have to take responsibilities for our children…they are NOT the government’s responsibility. It is not the government’s responsibility to send kids to college. It’s a privilege…not a right.

  • dokidave

    Agulto denied claims that the student was forced to go on leave of absence, adding that the student was allowed an extension three times,
    ……you don’t realize they missed the deadline 3 x means they still need to rob money to pay you?

  • dokidave

    Agulto if you were born poor maybe marami rin UTANG ANG INA MO! just to let you graduate in College

  • disqus_nNzPNhyPt0

    Lets not point fingers here. Para anu pa at mag sisihan… parehas na side ang may kasalanan. Di tama na isisi lang ang lahat sa admin/ school. Di rin dapat isisi ang lahat kay Kristel at sa kanyang pamilya. Sa tingin ko may mas malalim pang dahilan kung bakit nya nagawa ang bagay na ito. Matalinong bata si Kristel hindi un basta basta mag suisuicide.

    Mahirap magsalita pero meron bang taong umamin ng pagkakamali nla agad agad? cguro di naman tama na lahat ng sisi ay ibaling lang sa admin. Sa magulang ni Kristel, I know they did their best… pero natanung ba nila sa sarili nila if baka na pressure nila si kristel? consciously or subconsciously they must have done or say something that somehow added up to her depression.

    UP Diliman grad ako, STFAP bracket D, from Tondo, inabot ko din ung wala ako akong pang tuition, walang pamasahe para makapasok sa Diliman, inabot ko din magmakaawa, mag LOA, pero di naman un ang katapusan ng pangarap ko… di rin un nakakaliit ng pagkatao bagkus ito ang nag drive sa akin to look for other scholarships in the university . Ito rin ang nagtulak sa akin to look for a job. Im proud to say i was able to fiish my degree as a working student.

    wala naba ibang option talaga? Natanung ko lang.

  • http://whywontgodhealamputees.com/ Lucky Luciano

    I see a “Suicide Hotline” coming. It’s better than
    pointing fingers.

  • anermarcelo30

    U.P produce lots of best Filipino minds and the loss of life is something they would not wish to anyone…Condolence po sa family ni Kristel Tejada …..no one will win if we start blaming each other …. it is the duty of both Government and parents to provide the best education to students to what they both can afford….the Government should look into ‘Student Loan’ system available to all students and payable (after graduating) when they reach certain amount of salary like here in UK…. let’s pray po that it will not happen again

  • wawa2172

    Well, you have a nice power point presentation but you miss the point sir, Kristel died because UP socialized tuition fee policy sucks. Hinintay nyo na may masamang mangyari and you are telling the people that reform are being done. For almost a year and pabalik-balik ang problema ni Kristel on unpaid loans and tuition fee, wala kayong ginawa? What the state U did was to grant all 79 appeals of extension for payment from Nov. to Dec. last year. Marami pala and hirap nang magbayad so bakit na review ang policy. It did not solved the problem na di na kayang mag bayad nang TF and mga students. Hindi na ito ramdam ni Chancellor na malaki ang honorarium

  • ethicsingov

    UP failed the people it should serve! The institution of the brightests and advocate of social causes failed to solve a problem of its own. UP should be held accountable for the life and hope that was lost due to poor policies, student advising and counselling. As an alumna, it bothers me. How many more were treated unfairly?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z6R2QAY7UWNJMTCRTED3JZXPIA Joey

    blame has to be shared by both the UP administration and the parents. if we come to think about it, PhP 6,000 is not really a very big amount of money these days. wala nang yumayaman sa halagang PhP 6,000 ngayon. i fail to see why none of the parties concerned, meaning the parents and the admin, was able to come up with a way to help pay for this student’s education. sa mga magulang, try to understand, when you said your child to UP, that is a chance for them to obtain education of high quality at a very reasonable cost compared to the tuition rates in many of the private universities in the country. pagpaguran niyo naman sana ng maigi ang pagkakataon na binigay sa inyong anak. on the other hand, dear UP officials, when you see a student failing to come up with PhP 6,000, especially at the very first semester of their college life, shouldn’t you see this as a sign of a bigger problem? shouldn’t you have found a way to resolve this, maybe by investigating the true circumstances of the student’s family? hindi ba dapat nakita ninyo na sign ito ng tunay na pangangailangan ng student? nasaan na yung mga orientation programs ninyo for new students and their parents about how they should take care of the quality education they are getting, and where they can go to ask for help when there are problems? honestly, the way i see this, pinag-sungitan malamang ang student na ito ng mga staff ninyo, imbes na gabayan ng maayos. ganyan naman madalas sa mga government employees, INCLUDING UP. yung mga staff, dinadaan sa kasungitan ang mga students na may problema, imbes na tulungan.

  • padrefaura

    why blame the school administration? they need to make collections from tuition of students in order to keep UP working and competitive. blame the national government who should be giving sufficient budget to UP so there wont be need to collect tuition.

  • levis2012

    Why commit suicide just because you were put on leave due to non-payment of tuition? I had the same predicament when I was in College, and I stopped for a year, but it never occurred to me to commit suicide just for that….. just like that and a student will end his or her life? a very weak personality and spirituality and weak parental guidance and support.

    • Mr. Skeptic

      Some people have mental disorders that make them more predisposed to suicide. You’ll be surprised by how some people will take their own lives for such small problems.

  • dmarkgonzales

    hindi ko alam ang kanyang pinagdaanang buhay… hindi ko rin sya kilala ng personal… pero para sakin, mali na sumuko na lang sya at kitilin ang sariling buhay.. kung hindi ka makapagenrol, eh di siguro magpahinga ka muna ng isang sem o isang taon, magtrabaho ka muna kahit part time para makaipon ka ng pangmatrikula para makabalik ka sa UP… hindi kayapat hindi ka makaenrol ay katapusan na ng lahat… kung tutuusin, mas marami pang tao ang mas matindi ang hirap na pinagdadaanan nila sa buhay kumpara ng sa kanya pero hindi sila sumusuko at sa huli sila ngayon ang mga matagumpay at nakaahon sa kahirapan.. sabi nga di ba, habang may buhay may pag-asa!!

    Ang totoong Iska hindi sumusuko sa laban ng buhay! lalaban ka’t lalaban!

  • Mr. Skeptic

    Not trying to be a d|ck, but to take your own life just because you stopped college for one semester? I had far worse problems than this girl’s, but I never entertained the idea of suicide. Life is harsh and taking your own life is a cowardly way out of a terrible situation. Unfortunately, some people snap too easily more than others. Heard a news about some poor girl who took her own life because her pubic area itched like hell. LOL

    • Jack Bw

      I agree about snapping too easily. I have to say though: your last sentence and LOL are a bit inappropriate.

  • Max Tandan

    decency, delicadeza dictates, they must resign, period.

  • Jamesgeorge

    Tumigil na kayo! Pare hong may kasalanan, yung administration, naging inconsiderate at yung si Kristel tejada, naging sobrang hina makipaglaban sa Dagok ng buhay! Sa panahon ng kahirapan,Kung tumawag lang sya sa diyos, malalagpasan nya yan!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ESOLZFVKAWYGCVFPVUANFVV4W4 Efren

    Kung talagang magaling at smart ang isang mahirap na estudyante, dapat sana nasa quota course siya ; at kung talagang mahirap, wala sanang babayaran na tuition ; at hindi naman problema ang pag-avail ng student assistanship (part-time job) ! Kaso, mukhang hindi accepted ng ilan ang pagiging isang student assistant – – Sa PUP pwede mag-aral nang libre !

  • $8866117

    yes you are heartless and ruthless, UP

    • PlumberfromCanada

      bitter ka lang kasi bagsak ka sa UPCAT…

      • $8866117

        bakit ako magiging bitter, paki sagot nga, ikaw ang bitter mapait ka pa sa isang bitter melon at sabandangg huli hindut ka parin at kaputaputahan ka ng ina mo. Mauubus ang pinagputahan ng asawa mo kakasagot sa akin hundut ka

      • PlumberfromCanada

        bitter ka kasi hindi ka nakapagtapos ng college..kaya nga punas pwet pinunta mo dyan di ba?? kasi kung dito ka lang, porter sa north harbor trabaho mo..

      • $8866117

        you are what we call
        here in the streets of Toronto a “”””””FUBAR”””’ SIMPLY MEANS ”’FcUk
        Beyond All Recognition”””” WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU YOU’RE A MESS

      • $8866117

        ikaw ano trabaho mo ””’BUGAW””” binubugaw mo asawa mo sa ermita. what a pitiful hayop you are. sasabihin ko sana “””SOUL””” naalala ko ang isang hayup na katulad mo ay walang SOUL, ha ha ha at sa bandang huli wala ka talagang binatbat, putangina mo at kaputaputahan ka ng ina mo. Yan mga pasiklab mo na magaling kang maginglis magaling kang mag spelling na i convert mo ba sa pera yang kagalingan mo o hanggang ngayon ay naghihikahos ka at “””pagpag”” lang ang kaya mo ipakain sa pamilya mo. hala hirit paral ahat ng bloggers dito sa forum na ito ay makilala ka na isang sira ulong hayup.

      • PlumberfromCanada

        ikaw hugas pwet…..ikaw di na kailangang humirit..alam na nila na BOPOL ka talaga..HUMBURGER>>KINDERGARDEN>>GUESS SPEAKER…Mt PINATUBO////

      • $8866117

        you are what we call here in the streets of Toronto a “”””””FUBAR”””’ SIMPLY MEANS ”’FcUk Beyond All Recognition”””” WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT YOU YOU’RE A MESS UP PUPPY. HINDUT MO

  • Jack Bw

    I hope high schools can help make our students emotionally stronger. Puro academics kasi dyan sa high school niya (Philippine Science HS). A problem like this shouldn’t become a checkmate for such a smart girl. Life is more than algebra and calculus. May diskarte din at tiis.

  • Pio Gante

    kakarampot lang di niyo pa napagbigyan ang bata, kinarir niyo kasi ang pagiging pusong bato kaya yan nasisi tuloy kayo.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Kung lumapit sana sila kay PNoy sa Times St., baka napagbigyan pa sila.

  • aPenni4Peace

    Amazing how these people blame politicians and other bureaucrats in this poor and sad incident. Did you ever ask yourselves who put those leaders into the position?

    I am not from UP, but i cannot see myself blaming the school in general for the death of Kristel. I am pretty sure there are more reasons why she committed suicide other than that being unable to pay the tuition fee. And I supposed that, that is something that needs to be investigated as well.

    Blaming is such a sore way of addressing problems like this. It is not only in the Philippines that young minds commit suicide because of academic failure reasons. There are other countries which have higher rates of suicide incidents too. If we solely blame this to UP’s system, then I guess the suicide rate in UP alone would be higher. Do we have a number on this? No.

    i heard the father in the news interviewed by Susan of GMA news tv and in his interview, i sensed pressure being inflicted to the daughter. He said ” Eto yong course na gusto ko para sa kanya. UP ang gusto kung paaralan para sa kanya, para airaos nya kami na pamilya nya sa kahirapan.” Then i couldnt help but wonder, did, the father even ask her daughter what is it exactly that she wants to be?

    That statement alone is what most parents missed in raising their kids.. Then he added, that they bought lechon manok and liempo because they were celebrating of the success because she is almost done with the first year in college. Then again I wonder, how much did that lechon manok costs? and the liempo? The point is, yes, we can celebrate one time or another, but have we addressed pressing concerns before celebrating?

    In the course of UP as an institution, I thought that the students that are accommodated here should have a well rounded state? high IQ’s High EQ’s and other intelligence measurements, How did the school missed to check the EQ of kristel? I am pretty sure there are even students in that university who have worse situation that hers. But still chose to value their lives by not commiting suicide. What did the church missed here? The peers? the community? Relatives? -Teaching the value of life i n spite all the atrocities and hardships.

    In the end, I could only think of the child’s disposition in life that might be missing here. In a country where poverty is given and is what our eyes have seen since time in history, perhaps we should give this a rest and start paying the right taxes, and what is due, and make sure that our taxes will be driven to the right programs the right leaders by voting the right people. Or maybe some of you here must run in politics and try changing the system if you can.

    • One brave girl

      Exactly! I also can’t understand why people kept on blaming UP entirely when it is very obvious that the father/parents were actually the ones who triggered Kristel to commit suicide. And worse is, they were also washing their hands by pointing at UP.

  • Jake Lopez

    I do not know the financial resources of the Tejada’s family but my neighbor and kumpare was able to send her daughter to nursing school working only as a taxi driver and his wife repacks peanuts and spices for resale to sari-sari stores. One of my tenants was also able to send her daughter to nursing school working as a jeepney driver. I am sure the cheapest nursing school costs at least 20K per semester..a lot less than the 6,377 than Tejada owed. The decision to end her life is not UP’s fault since the family was already aware how the UP system works and they have at least 5 months to prepare for the inevitable expenses.

  • ryq24

    There should be a proper investigation before making any judgement. Lynch mob mentality will only make thing worse.

  • spelster

    I am just wondering. Why commit suicide when you can’t pay tuition fee?! I guess msyadong mbabaw ang reason. Base sa npanood ko sa news, ng-aaway daw lagi ang mga mgulang ni Kristel. Masama pa nito, bka nkikita pa nya. Isn’t it obvious na it’s not only about the failed system of the school kung bkit nasayang ang mgandang kinabukasan ng batang ito?! Also, if you know that your parents can’t support you financially and you really want to finish your studies, why not be a working student?! Before our time, there were lots of peeps who finished their studies fully supporting themselves. They spent 6-8 years in college because they were studing and working at the same time. Don’t get me wrong. I sympathize with this kristel. But i believe it’s not fair to fully blame our “rotten” education system (specially state univs) on her demise.

  • Jack Bw

    I just hope that all the sympathetic reactions that this suicide is getting doesn’t inspire other students to do the same. It must be said that suicide is the worst thing a person can do to escape a problem. We wouldn’t want a “suicide epidemic” like they have in Japan. But the way this tragedy is being talked about, you’d think suicide was inevitable or even right.

  • chimney45

    dapat ipadala sa sabah ang agulto na yan

  • concern_pinoy

    I don’t usually comment on issues like this but I felt compelled because of the misaligned reaction of Pinoys. Not that I’m downplaying the issue, but I think it is just fair to implement rules & policies across the board. No special treatment. Education in the Philippines is still expensive, unfortunately, it is fact. But there are other state universities that are more affordable and provides quality education. So I don’t think that Pinoys/Media should start throwing stones at the administrators. They’re just doing their job.

    What Pinoys neglect to highlight is that it is another case of suicide. It’s more of a mental health issue than anything else. For last year alone, how many suicide cases have been reported? A Lot. When was the last study of suicide in the Philippines? 2005? Yet up until now, mental health is still a taboo. The regular Pinoys don’t want to discuss it, the government doesn’t want to deal with. It’s easy for us to blame the triggers of suicide but we don’t want to know the root cause nor want to know how to prevent it. I remember a psychiatrist friend told me that if we only knew how to detect signs of having mental health problems like depressions or someone having suicidal thought, we could prevent tragedies from happening. It is about time to discuss mental health issues.

    UP can change the rules or even customize the rule per student but it will never prevent student with suicidal tendency to end their life. That is a fact.


      I strongly agree with your objective opinion. Emotions can bring out anything from everybody who are concerned with this unfortunate issue. However, nothing concrete will come out of these emotional reactions.

  • Guest

    Let the emotions of everybody simmered down. Then everybody can objectively analyze the incident in proper context and parameters as UP has its policies while the students and parents have the corresponding responsibilities.

    • concern_pinoy

      unfortunately when media attention is gone and people moved on to another “scandalous” issue to vent their so called ” mob anger”, issues such as this will be left unresolved, buried under the archives of news.

      Sad but true. Typical Pinoy attitude.

  • Guest


  • pedronimo

    If we have this socialized tuition, should we not also demand socialized procreation’or call it reproduction? Meaning, huwag mong gawin ang hindi mo kayang pa-kainin, arugain, at pag-aralin. The problem is we sympathize with the poor but don’t chastise them for their abuses and failures, DEMOCRACY IS NOT NOT EQUALITY BUT EQUITABILITY.

  • Paliwaweng

    Manuel Agulto, kaya ko ding sabihin yan. Kaya ding sabihin ng marami yan.
    Dapat ginawa mo.

  • Brownfly

    Eh kung di kayo cold-hearted, how come na di nyo ginawan ng paraan yung financial problem ni Kristel Tejada? Meron naman sana kayong sapat na kaalaman pag dating sa edukasyon upang masambot nyo ang problema ng studyante bakit di nyo ginawa? Kaya ito ang dahilan kung bakit sya nagpatiwakal. Sayang yung doctorate degree nyo!

  • kai

    Paki-address muna ang suicide issue, pwede? The girl killed herself and we want justice? She killed herself, and hindi siya nagpaka-practical and rational. The education system has its faults pero look, she KILLED herself. Don’t put the blame solely on the system. Don’t glorify suicide because people should not take their own lives. LOOK AT THE SUICIDE ISSUE HUH

  • Manuel_II

    Life is not fair, we do regret this has happen, but as simple citizen myself, i don’t see any reason to blame the school.

  • sowhatifimfilipino


  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • lanzthirteen

    Then don’t blame the school but can’t they have some teeny-weeny bit of compassion and kindness in their heart after all we’re talking here of just P6,377.

  • elvie

    Meron, sila kasi ang may kapangyarihan hindi ang estudyante at pamilya nya

  • Manuel_II

    pre, inum ka muna ng gamot mo, nakalimutan mo ata..

  • Manuel_II

    Inum ka sabi ng gamot mo, nakalimutan mo oh, tumutulo tulo pa laway mo…

  • Manuel_II

    langya, ganyan epekto ng mga di nakakainum ng gamot, nauuL0L, lmao

  • Albularyo

    pagkatapos nilang masunog, na solusyonan ba ang ugat ng problema?

  • Manuel_II

    You are blinded by your emotion, take a deep breath and relax and don’t forget to take your medicine. LOL

  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • Manuel_II

    sabi nang uminum ng gamot eh

  • Manuel_II

    nauuL0L na, ayaw kasi uminum ng gamot, lol, ay wala ka pambili ng gamot, naku po, baka sisihin mo ang Hospital nyan, lol

  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • Albularyo

    mawawala na ba ang problema ng mga estudyanteng may utang pa rin at kailangan mag LOA or tuluyang tumigil sa pag-aaral? ang solution dito ay magkaroon ng mabuting sentralisadong sistema na makakautang ang mga estudyante at may tamang palugit para mabayaran nila ang kanilang mga utang.

  • Diepor

    Are you 10 year old ?

  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • $23218244


  • Scar Mind

    don’t you notice many of your post has been deleted…

  • Babiker_Ahmed

    Tatay ang may kasalanan.. He worked out the loan 9 weeks after the start of classes.. Midterms na yan… Kung matino kang eskwelahan, papayagan mo ba ang isang mag-aaral na papasok na lang bago mag midterms.. Eh di lahat gagamitin na itong rason para papasok na ng late at sasabihing financial difficulties..

  • Manuel_II

    This is touchy subject, there are lots of things i could suggest to other student out there who has thesame problem, but i have to leave it at is.

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