Pimentel wife denies senator hit her


Senator Koko Pimentel and Jewel May Lobaton . INQUIRER FILE PHOTO

BACOLOD CITY, Philippines—The estranged wife of Senator Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III has come to his defense in the wake of allegations that he had beaten her up.

Jewel May Lobaton on Friday denied the statement of former senator Juan Miguel Zubiri on national television that Pimentel had hit her.

“No one has the right to use our marital issues for political advancement. It is insensitive,” said Lobaton, former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe first runner up and Miss MassKara Queen 1993.

“Koko has never laid his hands on me. I have never been physically abused by him,” she added.

Pimentel and Lobaton have been living apart since November 2011, but Lobaton said they have remained very good friends. They have two sons—Martin, 8, and Akio, 3.

She added that she has been campaigning for Pimentel’s re-election. “I believe he can do a lot of good things for this country, and that he will make it in this election,” she said.

Pimentel is seeking re-election under Team PNoy while Zubiri is included on the senatorial line up of the United Nationalist Alliance.

Both appeared in Studio 23’s “Mano Mano ni Anthony Taberna on Sunday.

Toward the end of the debate, Zubiri alleged that Lobaton told him that she was abused by her husband.

She said she was watching the show with her son Martin when Zubiri made the claim. She said she was shocked.

Her son even asked her what “bugbog (beat up)” meant. She said she had to explain to her son that his father never beat her up.

“I do not want my children to be traumatized. Lies should not be told. Koko is their father,” she said.

Lobaton recalled that in June 2012, she sought the help of a friend on how to get her children back from Pimentel who refused to give her back her sons.

“This person called his friend, Migz Zubiri, who is also my relative, if he could help me,” she said.

A meeting was arranged in July 2012 in Makati to discuss the custody of her children. Among those in the meeting were Zubiri and his wife, Audrey.

“As we were discussing it, I was crying because as a mother, at that time I was greatly affected and feeling hopeless. Being a physically battered wife therefore was not being talked about. Strategies were discussed on how to get the children from Koko,” she said.

“When the meeting ended, Migz and Audrey assured me of their support and prayers,” she said.

But a few days later, Lobaton said, she called Audrey Zubiri to inform her that her children were already with her.

“I extended my gratefulness for their prayers and she said, thank you, and that their family decided not to use my marital issues with Koko in any of Migz Zubiri’s propaganda in his senate bid in 2013,” she added.

Lobaton stressed that she and Pimentel were good friends now. He even said on national television that he wanted to save their marriage.

Speaking on ANC’s “Headstart,” Pimentel said he was trying to save his marriage and had not filed for annulment despite announcing his separation from his wife of 12 years.

“I have not yet filed because we are working on it. We are working on our troubled marriage and trying to save it. We are trying our best to work on it,” he said. “I miss her and the kids, of course.”

Lobaton said the senator took her out to dinner recently and has been calling her more often.

She said the annullment petition she filed in the Diocese of Bacolod has not been moving. She said she would leave to God what their future would be.

But she added she was open to saving her marriage. “We have to think about what is best for our children,” she said.

“He is protecting me and I assure you, I am protecting him,” she said.

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  • Verchez

    Since Pimentel’s wife categorically denied the accusation of Zubiri ( which is below the belt) then it goes to show how low and deceitful is Zubiri. I hope nobody with a sane mind will vote for him. Zubiri thinks that we are fools with his explanation that he don’t know the cheating that was done in favor of him during the last election. How pathetic!!!

    • nakawan

      Zubiri, ever the consummate cheater. The guy’s so desperate he’s gone to the gutter to fight. Kadiri. Ladies and gents, let’s all give a warm hand to Miguel Zubiri, who has just made his political obituary. I don’t expect Zubiri to win in 2013, nor do I think he will win any contest because of his reputation. Migz will now have to figure out what job he can do– maybe acting? He can get tips from his BFF Erap.

    • sanjuan683

      Iboboto ko pa rin si Zubiri kasi pogi siya, si koko kapangit naman niya. Saka yun plata porma niya ay dinaya ako. Naku kapangit naman plata porma mo hindi yan magki-click.

      • benranque


      • pakita_ko_sayo

        Relax lang Benito, bading si Sanjuan………read between the eggs, este, lines hahahaha

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

        i will used kikay teh este kokote pala kaya no to Kikay Pimentel the badingerz

      • Denzel Boksingero

        OK, badingers!

  • jojo webmail

    not true… how can koko beat her? she’s taller and bigger than koko. look at the picture.

    • Gordo Viejo

      It’s not just a matter of size. I don’t think it’s in Pimentel’s character to beat up a woman, smaller or bigger. And these matters were private until Zubiri alleged them.

  • Kristoffer Atienza

    There goes Migz’s election. Boom. You’re out of my list.

  • Rex_Ranhilio

    she made a qualified statement: she has never been PHYSICALLY abused by koko.

    • sanjuan683

      Baka nga hindi sinampal baka sinuntok. Baka lang?

  • JosephNess

    “As we were discussing it, I was crying because as a mother, at that time I was greatly affected and feeling hopeless.

    so he thought, just because she was crying, she’s already a battered wife…even then, if he’s a decent intellectual, educated and matured person, he will not talked this out in public to be devoured by all pathetic gossipers, at TV media at that…thus, his true color has sold him out…what a grave blunder this has made him…

  • Guest

    Backfire kay Zubiri ang paninira nya.

    Pero bilib din ako kay Koko. Martyr na asawa. In Bacolod, we all know who Jewel Lobaton-Pimentel’s other man is. Si Sir Dr. Anthony Golez, son of Roilo. Jewel and Doc Anthony have been seen together many times in Doc Anthony’s rest house. Unfair lang kay Koko, naagawan na siya ng pwesto, naagawan pa siya ng asawa, natorotot siya, siya pa ngayon ang martyr husband. Ganun talaga ang buhay, no good deed goes unpunished.

  • concern_netizen

    I wonder if Zubiri will be man enough to apologize. Is this the kind of senator UNA is endorsing? Deceitful, corrupt, unrepentant.

    • Noel

      I’m no fan of this silahis Zubiri. But why should he apologize if it’s true. Remember Koko’s ex-wife and Zubiri are relatives.

      • concern_netizen

        I’m no fan ok koko either. Migz Bringing out the issue of wife beating to advance his political mileage is a Transgression. Using the issue without the consent of Mrs Pimentel who confided to Migs and his wife in confidence is Deceitful. Not asking an apology despite Mrs Pimentel’s denial is Arrogance.

        That’s the problem with most of us. We want drama. We want tabloid issues. We glorify bad news. The couple is trying to mend their marriage for the sake of their two sons, is there something sinister with that?

      • Noel

        If Koko cannot handle and manage his wife and family, how can he handle the country? Same is true with Chiz Escudero.

      • jpmd88

        you know what? this kind of reasoning has no place in this forum. One cannot equate “handling family to handling a country, that is plain stupid.

      • Noel

        You’re entitled to your opinion. I’ve mine.

      • concern_netizen

        So in your world Noel, who is the better leader:

        Erap – manage multiple families
        Enrile – manage secretaries
        Pnoy – no family, so no one to manage
        Zubiri – manage to make his wife lie to advance his political ambitions

      • Noel

        In a typical work place, one who knows multitasking is always better and ahead. You know what the answer is.

      • concern_netizen

        Yup, I expect my employees to multi-task so I can get the most from their salary. Me? I focus on just one thing, how to make my business grow.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

        Matagal naging senador si PNOY at matagal naging Congressman, sabi ng ibang taga Tarlac alang naipagawa. Ako naman baka naman konti ang naipagawa at di totally na walang nagawa . MAY KASABIHAN NGA NOON NA PALAYOK PA AT KAHOY ANG GAMIT SA PAGLULUTO. WALANG HUMAWAK NG PALAYOK NA DI NAULINGAN!.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

        Hindi batayan na kung walang asawa at anak ay di magiging corrupt. Matagal naging senador at kongresman si.PNOY at sabi nga nung ibang taga Tarlac ala naman naipagawa o maaaring konti lang naipagawa. Dahil lagi din naman sa Maynila si PNOY.

  • 12JEM

    Mig Zubiri….TALO KA NA…Dahil sa iyong kabargasan. BASTOS.

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    Like a sick stray dog, Koko the cuckold will bite anyone who reminds him of the hurt he’s been living with for some time now. Koko was born ugly with zero face value. Raised by a matapobre mother, Koko the cuckold grew up equally matapobre thinking that he can just buy a trophy wife when he comes of age. Sure enough, he found a beauty queen of humble background who was willing to learn to love him. She did learn and she did love him, but Koko the cuckold expected too much. He expected his wife to speak with perfect grammar in public and in private as if life is all about grammar. He wanted a wife with impeccable table manners and perfect mastery of fine dining cutlery. Above all, Koko the cuckold needed a wife who would just take every public humiliation, every emotional battering, every verbal abuse sitting down. Koko the cuckold soon realized how wrong he was when his wife eloped with a better man known as Mr. G.

    In the age of all men and women are created equal, Koko the 1990 bar topnotcher should have known better. Lucky still for Koko the cuckold, his knowledge of the law worked for him. He was able to secure sole custody of their two children, who under the law, should have automatically been awarded to the mother for their young age. Today, the only leverage Koko the cuckold has on his former wife is custody and visitation rights. Without that leverage, the wife would have appeared on national TV to denounce her matapobre ex-husband more freely. Without that leverage, the wife would not have released a carefully-worded written statement denying that she ever mentioned anything about being a battered wife. If she were not a battered wife, she would not have fallen out of love with Koko the cuckold. If she were not so helpless, she would not have sought the help of Toby and Migz. There’s no arguing with the natural maternal instinct of a former wife who’s willing to suffer silently if only to secure and protect her children. But there’s also no arguing that a matapobre senator will never make a good senator.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/I6XXLO4X6TJFZHKLP3GQMDILI4 MOTO


      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        Yes, I’m the lapdog of Jewel Lobaton Pimentel-Golez. One day in 2012, she was so disconsolate that she poured her heart out to me. As a lapdog and a woman’s best friend, I tried my best to console her by licking her all over and showing her different tricks. Today, she’s back to her old cheerful self and can be seen campaigning for Koko. Of course, all for partial custody of the children and generous child support.

        Mr. G. says hi.

      • Mr Moonlight

        you are sick motherf*cker

      • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

        that’s completely uncalled for. but if you insist, i really do not mind f*cking the mother of Koko the cuckold’s kids. she may have gained a lot of weight in the midsection, but her face remains very much appetizing.

      • Sultan Kirat

        Now this is an example of the “emotional abuse” that some posters have been talking about. And it certainly didn’t come from a Pimentel supporter. Hopefully Lobaton does not read these threads. Shame.

  • Gordo Viejo

    “Pimentel wife denies senator hit her.”

    She added that she has been campaigning for Pimentel’s re-election. “I
    believe he can do a lot of good things for this country, and that he
    will make it in this election,” she said.

    Sana binabasa na rin nung kampo ni Zubiri, para tapos na ang ek ek.

  • Islander

    Migz missed the point. It was not physical abuse that caused the separation. It was just that Koko was not good enough in pleasuring the wife. She wants to keep her option open now.

    • Denzel Boksingero

      Maybe, Zuribi could have earned points if he also peddled that baseless accusation. Pero, public issue ba yan? Abusing your wife, oo. not being able to pleasure the wife…anong public issue dyan?

  • Guest

    “As we were discussing it, I was crying because as a mother, at that time I was greatly affected and feeling hopeless. Being a physically battered wife therefore was not being talked about. Strategies were discussed on how to get the children from Koko,” Mrs. Pimentel said.

    As a social worker dealing with children’s welfare, I find this rather strange. I know Migz is blowing this out of proportion for his own campaign but there’s something questionable about Mrs. Pimentel’s statement. How could she be crying over the custody of her children who were 7 and 2 years old in 2012 when at such age they would be given to the mother by default by any court. Either Mr. Pimentel has something on his wife, or she has committed adultery or other such as to make her unfit to have custody of their children. In the case of Chiz Escudero, his wife was seen with another man and she therefore lost the custody of their children to Chiz. In the case of Ping Lacson’s son, Jodi Santa Maria also lost her custody because of obvious reason.

    One more thing. Why would Mrs. Pimentel seek the assistance of Zubiri through a go-between knowing fully well the bad blood between her husband and Zubiri? Why did Mrs. Pimentel provide Zubiri a chance to antagonize her husband?

  • GKLer

    Simple solution:
    Don’t vote for Pimentel (who needs to fix his own whether he is a wife beater or not)
    Don’t vote for Zubiri (who likes to use “rumors” for political gain).

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

      Vote for Koko and Migs as Senators…., or else
      parami nang parami ang mga senadores nang Luzon, at wala/ku-kunti nalang sa Visayas at Mindanao.

      • GKLer

        Pimentel can’t even manage his own family…doubtful he can manage a country from a Senate seat. He needs to fix his home first.

  • resortman

    Just look at this pathetic senators as “public servants” kuno!! Nakakahiya, nakakasuka..!! pareho kayong talunan!! sino pupusta??

  • wawa2172

    I guess Koko and Jewel had roughed relationship and I doubt if she is telling the truth now. Migz may have revealed something shocking that Koko have hurt Jewel physically. Hahantung ba sa hiwalayan sina Jewel at Koko kung puro murahan lang ang nangyari. Migz should not have said the sensitive issue on TV but on the other hand by keeping it we may not have a glimpse of Koko-Jewel war that lead to separation and who the real Koko is. Jewel is protecting Koko who is the father of her two kids perhaps for financial reason that he is still supporting the two kids. She is known to be in relation and living with another man so the drama of reconciling with Koko is pang showbiz. Still, I hate seeing Koko and Migz hitting each other in national TV, they maybe on the opposite fence but they have to support each other for the good of Mindanao. I will still vote for them sa senado.

  • edmondP

    “Koko has never laid his hands on me. I have never been physically abused by him,” she added.

    – she was not abused physically how about mentally, sexually or verbally?

    • Denzel Boksingero

      It’s the wife’s responsibility to come out and made this issue public. Why would she campaign for her Koko if she was mentally, sexually or verbally abused? It doesn’t make sense. If she was abused in whatever manner or form, hatred would be boiling inside her. Thus, saying she’s campaigning for Koko is not logical at all.

  • axe musk

    ZUBIRI is a BIG LIAR & just proving that He is cheating just so for his personal advancement!!! Now that no less than the ex-wife denied such accusations by Zubiri – the cheater, only shows that ZUBIRI CAN NEVER EVER BE TRUSTED, not even the lowest post in gov’t. cannot be entrusted to him…He is a BIG LIAR and A CHISMOSA…. This is how immature our Politicians who were educated from the exclusive universities in the country yet, it shows their immaturity…. no wonder our country can never move forward…..

  • speaksoftlylove

    The most important question which should be asked and which Jewel Lobaton should explain clearly is:

    Why in the hell did Lobaton asked for the help of Zubiri regarding his marital problems with Koko when she knows very well that Migs and Koko are political enemies and that Koko had a pending electoral protest against Zubiri before?

    You want the people to believe you, Jewel May Lobaton? Come on spill more beans.

  • ryq24

    Too late! Damage has been done. Pimentel should sue zubiri !

  • patrickinca

    There goes another UNA member hahahahaha… good riddance

  • Guest

    you can watch the interview in this link:


    I have a few questions for both Senator Pimentel and Zubiri:

    At 07:30AM, the program “Mano-Mano” started.
    At 07:57AM, Migz Zubiri alleged Koko is wife-beater.
    At 07:59AM, Koko vowed to have his wife speak on air.
    At 14:00PM, Anthony Taberna made a follow up with Koko.
    At 15:00PM, Anthony Taberna made another follow-up.
    At 16:00PM, Koko texted Taberna, wife will not appear on air.
    At 16:05PM, Koko texted Taberna, wife to issue statement.
    At 17:30PM, Taberna follows up with Koko for show 2Por2.
    At 18:00PM, Taberna’s show 2Por2 made another follow up.
    At 18:25PM, Taberna reads statement prepared by lawyers.

    Why the long delay on Koko’s part?
    Why the sudden withdrawal of Koko’s wife from national TV?
    Why not open Koko’s wife to TV interview and questions?
    Why did Koko’s wife not personally speak on air?

    • david

      hilig mo rin sa showbiz, Day!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/YO4QYV7TG6VV5TSKPZXNKQHKUE Brando

    I believe Koko did it . Mainitin ang kanya ng ulo. Bakit sila naghiwalay?

    Two reasons could be.

    1. Pinagbubuhatan niya ng kamay.

    2. Maiksi ang kanyang paseniya.

    3. Hindi siya guapo. Hmmmnn. Ito siguro ang dahilan kaya matamlay ang isa kaya nakakatikim ng dahas.

  • indiosbravos2002

    Karma hit you hard Miguel Zubiri. Sayang #12 ka pa naman sa survey pero making up stories just mudded up your already questionable reputation. Siguro nga gigil na gigil na si Zubiri rumesbak kay Koko Pimentel after being branded as a cheat. Kaso nakuryente. Di nabackup ng source nya. Ayan SUNOG.

  • juanamboy

    Even if its true that Mrs. Pimentel sought the help of Zubiri on her marital problem, Zubiri should have treated that as confidential which he should not have disclosed to the public. What Zubiri did was betrayal of the trust and confidence.

    Kaya warning to the public: kung may sensitive problems kayo, huwag na huwag kayong humingi ng advice kay Zubiri dahil ipagkakanulo niya ang private secret nyo.

    Traydor ! !

  • farmerson

    If He beat up her wife, it’s none of your business. Pakialaman mo sariling bakuran mo.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/YO4QYV7TG6VV5TSKPZXNKQHKUE Brando

      So that is what you want for a Senator to become? Wife beater? Hahahaha! Bobo!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    This proves that Zubiri is an erring wife.

  • Guest

    Koko is bitter and Migz swallowed the bitter pill. Talo si Migz.

    Lesson learned: Migz should have gone on radio or TV to back up his claim before Koko’s wife could issue her statement. Migz could have invited Erap, Toby and Koko’s former househelp via phone patch to attest to Migz’s allegation. Ang nangyari, naunahan ni Koko si Mitz, leaving Migz on the defensive. At this point, Koko’s wife will not speak out against Koko and Migz should know why.

  • pilipino

    Di lang pala mandaraya sa election si Zubiri, sinungaling pa at tsismoso pa.

    Totoo ba talagang bading nga si Zubiri?

  • siJuanDalandan

    Zubiri crossed the line. He just showed how low and dirty he can go just to boost his political career.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    “Abuse”., here., could mean “Physical Abuse” or “Mental/Emotional Abuse”.!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    Vote for Koko Pimentel and Migs Zubiri as Senators…., or else
    parami nang parami ang mga senadores nang Luzon, at wala/ku-kunti nalang sa Visayas at Mindanao.

  • Noel

    It’s always easier to deny than to admit. This is especially true to our politicians. What do you expect the ex-wife to say? Koko is at the height of his campaign. After the election, win or lose, the ex-wife would come out to say it’s true.

  • http://alasfilipinas.blogspot.com/ Pepe Alas

    Yes, please… SAVE YOUR MARRIAGE, even for the sake of your children. Life is really a journey filled with sacrifices. This life is not the end all and be all of existence. Go!

  • kulittwit

    What can we expect from a cheat? Zubiri is a liar!!

  • nasneb

    As have practiced by their (liar) leaders, UNA adopted these as party strategy. UNA sa tsismis, UNA sa kasinungalingan. ha ha ha panshowbiz lang kayo talaga

  • dxdaistar

    Lobaton said she is protecting Koko and wants to save their marriage. I read between the lines that she is telling a lie. I think she was really beaten (bugbog) by Koko.

    • Don Dee

      This lie doesn’t fly. Just like the lie that BadingerMigz benefitted from the cheating in Maguindanao without him having anything to do with it or even knowing about it.

  • elgeepee

    Anong klaseng lalake itong si Zubiri, ito ba ang gustong maging senador natin. SHAME ON YOU CHEATER. File the libel case Koko.

    • Don Dee

      Sheeet… kung ako kay Koko hindi lang libel kung hindi election sabotage na (para non-bailable). Meron ng prima facie evidence with the Senate Election Tribunal decision. The faget benefitted in the cheating masterminded by Smeagol. He was part of the conspiracy along with Bedol, etc.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


  • divictes

    Lesson: Huwag sumawsaw sa away mag-asawa kung di ka naman Punong Barangay…he he he

    • Don Dee

      Korek! BadingerMigz mentioned Koko’s marital problems without even giving any hint he wanted to help. He tossed it out to besmirch the reputation of his political opponent and nothing more. Ayan ang “debate issue” para sa isang bading.

  • jHdz

    Si Kiki Pimentel. Iyakin. Si Zubiri mandaraya daw. Teka sino ba ang hindi nangdaya na pulitiko? WAG IBOTO PAREHO!!!

  • Denzel Boksingero

    Why elect Zubiri again? He served as a Senator when he did not actually win. Bastusan na yan, mga kababayan. Dapat ibinalik nya sweldo at iba pa nyang nakuha while serving as a fake Senator. Fake Senator. Fake Senator. Fake Senator. Now this baseless accusation. Imagine what this fake Senator can do just to win.

  • boymanok

    hindi matahimik itong mga pulitiko, pati pribadong buhay ng kapwa pulitiko ay kinakalkal para maibangon lang ang sarili….sa totoo lang, hindi pagsi-silbi sa bayan ang layunin ng mga ito kundi celebrity status at kapangyarihan…tsk tsk tsk kawawang bayan

  • Fancy Tan

    Pakapalan na talaga ang election nato. It’s about time na iboto ang mga bagong politico. NO to family dynasty coz baka isang umaga magising nalang tayo na ang pilipinas ay pag-aari ng mga pamilyang yan. Zubiri ubod ng bulaan!!!

  • jpmd88

    I saw the heated debate between Koko and Migz on tv, you should have seen the look on Migz wife, she looked really puzzled when her husband began mouthing off accusations of physical abuse. I think Audrey was taken by surprise at the gutter level her husband was going with the debate. Looks like we now really know Migz true colors. Its one thing to use the cheating that happened to Koko in his campaign for re-election because this is a stated fact and Migz was the beneficiary of 4 years in the senate because of it. However, to go below the belt by using a person’s marital issues for seeking political gain? I think its really a sign of desperation. It seems that he is really a man without any principles, as a married man he should know better not to drag anyone’s family issues into the mix. What would his children think?

  • toeveryfilipino

    migs has lots of achievements but what he said in national television is not a good example, personal issues should not be discussed in public. plus, the wife of koko pimentel denied his accusations. koko is trying to save his marriage let him be its not a national issue anyway!!! i will not vote for you mig zubiri.

  • dxdaistar

    ZUBIRI pa rin ako. Tinitira siya lagi ni Koko, ngayong bumwelta si Zubiri iiyak-iyak sila. Kumapit na nga asawa ni Koko sa congressman ayon sa balita sa Negros tapos da-drama pa sila ng kung ano-ano.

  • tarikan

    So papano na si congressman?

  • Pio Gante

    anong paki-alam ni migz kung hinataw-hataw man ni koko ng batuta ang misis niya.

    sana nga ay gayahin ni koko si erap, mga heneral at ibang mga politiko dyan na kahit pakitang tao lang ay isinalba ang pagsasama ng kanilang mga kabiyak makamit lamang ang estrella o pagkapanalo sa halalan.

  • Tnosce

    Time to reconcile the differences in your marriage to save your family and your political career. No ” BS ” by using the Diocese of Bacolod, since the petition of annullment filed can be always withdrawn. Have a nice and happy family.

  • Europa

    Both men do not deserve to be Senators.

  • droccu

    So, Zubiri’s “proportional” response to the nagging issue on his electoral cheating is to brand Koko as a wife beater! Not content with STEALING Koko’s 4 years in the Senate, he now publicly “steals” Koko’s dignity by labeling him publicly as a wife beater (true or not)! Take note that Zubiri’s electoral cheating can be evidenced by the transcripts on the HRET re count AND more importantly his “honorable” resignation which is a virtual admission of guilt- nothing below the belt with that. With Jewel’s denial (true or not), what’s left now with Mig’s “proportional” response? Goodbye to your Senatorial aspirations. Your recent actions truly reveals your true character who will do anything for the win- may it be in Maguindanao or intruding in the private lives of married couples…

  • Kuya_Orot

    It is a natural reaction on the part of Jewel to deny that Koka beat her up because she had a discreet relationship with a Bacolod legislator. Otherwise, her visitation rites to her kids will be cancelled again by her closet queen husband.

  • http://twitter.com/gfarishta gibreel farishta

    good or bad politicians, all typical.. they only ever know the people during election time..

  • wawangpenoy

    “Koko has never laid his hands on me. I have never been physically abused by him,”

    Ergo, she was kicked only once. Remember, you do it once, it’s an accident but twice or more, then it becomes abuse. He he he

  • henry21

    battered wife can also be described as verbally abused or psychologically abused and not necessarily physically abused…. hindi naman sinabi na physically abused…. cool lang

  • http://twitter.com/PSprituality Practice Sprituality

    Zubiri keeps on lying in public.How much more in private?

  • boybakal

    “Koko has never laid his hands on me.
    I have never been physically abused by him,” she added.

    Koko has never laid hands on Kristel…except maybe in bed, soft touch.
    Pimentel never physically abuse her, how about verbal abuse.
    That is more hurting….verbal abuse.
    Verbal Abuse is Domestic Violence too.

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