Priest says people now go to confession for using contraceptives



MANILA, Philippines—They may have lost the battle over the reproductive health law, but Catholic priests are glad that more and more young Catholics now know that using artificial contraceptives is a sin and are confessing it, a church official said Saturday.

Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, said that he and other priests, talking about what they hear in confessions,  have noticed a “general trend” of young Catholics seeking forgiveness through confession for using artificial contraceptives.

“There are now many who do. They don’t use the word [condom]. They say contraceptive device or contraceptive pill but there is now an awareness, thank God. If only for that, thank you to Lagman,” Castro said, referring to Representative Edcel Lagman, the main advocate of the reproductive health law in Congress.

“Our priests see this in the confessionary. People now are more aware that using artificial contraceptives, going into ‘live-in’ relationships, or having pre-marital sex is a sin. Deep inside, people yearn to do what is right,” he said.

The RH law “is a tragedy, humanly speaking, but thank God that it has become a means for people to go back to God. It is more important that individual souls get closer to God,” he added.

Castro attributed this “reawakening” to the Church’s campaign during the height of the debates on the reproductive health law to inform its flock that using artificial contraceptives is wrong.

“We noticed this last year, and there were those who were saying that because this was being discussed and they saw it (on TV), they now know the doctrine of the Church. So, that’s good,” he said.

“I noticed this in my province in Tarlac and when I talked with other priests. It’s a general trend, a reawakening. They go to confession. It’s a good sign among the young and I’m glad about it,” he said, adding that they take care not to violate the “seal of confession” when they discuss these matters.

Castro said many of those who sought absolution through confession for using contraceptives were young women.

“Women are very religious. You can see that in the proportion of those who go to Church (to attend Mass). There are more women in church,” he said.

Castro urged his fellow priests to preach more often against artificial contraception. Some pro-life advocates complained during the congressional debates over the RH bill that the Filipino clergy were not speaking out enough against the bill.

“We need more teachers who will bear witness to the faith and live it. This has to be preached despite our personal feelings,” he said.

Castro also said that there were women who sought forgiveness for having an abortion.

“They thought that since it was just a few months old, it would only be blood. They were not aware that it involved a baby,” Castro said.

However, he said, not all priests have the authority to grant absolution for those responsible for an abortion because it is considered a very “grave sin,” similar to physically attacking the Pope, or desecrating the consecrated host and wine, which Catholics believe are the body and blood of Jesus Christ.

“Because of the gravity of the sin of abortion, only bishops can give absolution. What the bishops do is they choose priests and give them the faculty to absolve this sin. It is very limited,” Castro said.

“For example, I can only absolve up to 10 cases. After 10 cases of abortion, I have to inform my bishop. In that way, the diocese can also monitor the extent of abortion,” he said.

Castro said priests should be very sensitive when hearing the confession of women who had abortions.

“It is not only the guilty feeling. There is a phenomenon that they go to confession again and again. It is a worldwide phenomenon. In the case of abortion, they feel the gravity and they feel the need to make reparation,” Castro said.

“It is good because this becomes a healing process when they admit it and then they are blessed,” he added.

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  • Guest

    Weh…hirap sa inyo eh…nagkaroon lang kayo ng pope gumanyan na kayo sa kasinungalingan niyo.

  • Romance Soldier

    Weh…hirap sa inyo eh…nagkaroon lang kayo ng pope gumanyan na kayo sa kasinungalingan niyo. Kaya walang nangyari sa bansang to dahil sa mga ganitong ugali niyo…Kung kaya niyo lumaban patalikod gamit kulam gagawin niyo. Dahil kung matapang kayo…hindi kayo ganito.

    • Mang Teban

      Aha! so, Guest and Romance Soldier are one and the same mammal. Dobleng pseudonym para kunwari magkaiba…hoy, buking ka..haha…Ilan ang alias mo, manong?

      • Romance Soldier

        alam mo ang ewan mo…nag delete ako kaya naging guest ang labas niyan. kasi hindi pa ako na post na. Get’s mo? hirap sa iyo eh. hindi mo ako kilala pinangungunahan mo pa…excuse me…ang desperate ko naman kung sasagutin ko lang sarili ko.

      • Guest

        techy ka ba? baka kasi mapag iwanan ka

      • Romance Soldier

        para sa ikasasaya mo Mang Teban sasagutin kita sa paraan ng pagsagot ko sa sarili ko kasi nalologout ako. Ang tanga ko talaga eh…para gawin Guest:Tapos same comment with Romance Soldier. Katulad mo ako eh…sa mga pinagsasabi mo…pero nais ko umangat hindi mapagiwanan. kaya dapat kong maintindihan kapag in the middle of making a comment nagpost ka tapos nagdelete ka sabay nag logout automatic guest ang labas mo. Pasyensa ka na sir. Alam mo bang nangyayari yan at kahit anong gawin ko pag guest hindi ko na madedelete. ayan Mang Teban tinuturuan kita.

    • Romance Soldier

      Jesus Christ died on the cross to save man from all their sins and MOST give direct access to God so that Man could pray to God directly without any interference of a human being. What for Jesus Christ died if faith will not be exercised the way it is to be. Faith, belief in God that personal communion and relationship with the God that gave life and the source of life and everything in this Earth. Hindi kayo kailangan mga pari sa totoo lang kasi katotohanan kaya nga namatay si Jesus Christ para magkaroon ng personal experience ang bawat tao sa Dios. Gusto niyo lang kapangyarihan. Bakit? Kasi, ganito lang kasimpleh…ang sarap ng feeling ng parang sinasamba diba, niyuyukuan at higit sa lahat parang Dios sa Dios nagsasabi ng mga kasalanan. Hindi kayo Dios kaya walang karapatan ang bawat isa sa inyo mag sabi sa bawat tao na “Child, I’ll bring your concern to God”. Hirap sa inyo eh… ginawa na nga ni Jesus Christ, tapos na nga nigagaya niyo pa kumita lang ng kapangyarihan. Jesus Christ died so that each and everyone of us can pray and commune directly to God! Sa totoo lang Hindi kayo kailangan ng tao pag dating sa confession. Kailangan lang malaman ng mga tao tapos na talaga laban na ito…ang dami niyo ng nagantso.

      • Manuel_II

        This issue if for Roman Catholics only, it looks like you’re not one us, so please keep your opinion to yourself, this is Internal affair for Roman Catholics Only.

        Now getting back, stupid Priests who thinks they are still in Medieval era still want to control the everyday life of its flock. LOL

      • Mang Teban

        Hmmmm….please analyze the following also found in the Bible: “Whatever sins you forgive on earth are forgiven in heaven; those you do not forgive are not forgiven in heaven” Some versions use the words “bind” instead of “forgive” and “loose” instead of “do not forgive.”
        So, was Christ Jesus making a command to Peter and the apostles but not to seriously follow it? Why would God the Son make that statement if that is not what He meant?
        When you have a sin and I suppose you confess to God directly, are you able to hear God’s response to you?
        Do you hear the sound of thunder, spark of lighting, roar of ocean waves, and a voice that tells you “your sin is forgiven”?
        What for is Christ’s mission to teach his apostles and continue his ministry after he ascended to heaven if he would just vanish and not leave instructions? How do you expect God’s word to propagate if there are no people who would administer the blessings to the faithful flock of the Church or who would preach the spiritual values of following Christ and living holy lives?
        If having a personal spiritual relationship with God is done individually only and without a community, how would those people who have no knowledge of the scriptures obtain it and receive the Holy Spirit? Can you baptize yourself without help? Can you bless your soul when you die lying on the coffin? Can you get married without a pastor, imam, deacon, or priest? Can you forgive yourself but not seek God’s mercy through the community? Christ Jesus came to save the sinners but left a command “Do this in memory of Me”. He should have just said “Call me maybe, do you know my number?”

      • Romance Soldier

        Weh…sorry mang teban…namamansin ka ng guest… and I don’t debate with a person like you. hanggat alam mo na kung paano nangyayari bakit nagiging guest. :) hindi mo nga alam yun eh…bakit kita paniniwalaan ngayon?

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i got married here by a judge. america justices of the peace can do so can a captain of a ship. dont need someone blessing my soul thats been taken care why should i give someone money

      • Mang Teban

        noted….yet so far away..your ship is in the middle of the sea while the topic is still ashore…cheapskate.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        more insults and anger tsk tsk tsk now your worried about my money hee hee hee

  • Manuel_II

    “Using artificial contraceptives is a Sin”

    Tanginang mga baklang paring damaso toh, pauso na naman! LOL

    • Mang Teban

      minumura mo mga ina? nanay ba kasama sa minumura mo? bumabanat na naman ang mga kampon ni Super Condom!!!!!!!!

      • Manuel_II

        oi si Shaider, isang pulis pangkalawakan, bwahahahahhahahahaha

      • Romance Soldier

        Mang Teban alam mo na paano maging guest?

  • brunogiordano

    Akala ko ba may secrecy ang ang confession?

    Bakit binibisto ninyo na may ilan na gumamit ng contraceptives???

    Bakit hindi rin ibulgar na may pari at obispo na nagka anak sa LABAS na nagumpisal???

    Hindi talaga kayo puwedeng PAGKATIWALAAN!!!!!!!

    • Mang Teban

      heto pa isa…mainit-init pa..breaking comments..matagal ka na naman walang tiwala sa pari at sa Catholic Church…ano bago, sago?

      Sinabi ba ni Fr. Melvin Castro na ikaw yung nangumpisal sa kanya? May pangalan ba na binanggit? Padaloy-daloy ka, sir, di mo tinitingan maigi ang binabasa mo…pacheck ka sa doktor…baka hindi lang mata ang deperensya.

      • Manuel_II

        Shaider, hindi dapat didiscuss yan, eh kung humingi kami ng ebidensya saiyo, baka maging hearsay lang yan. LOL

      • Mang Teban

        ay, tang……wag na lang. mapurol pala …tasaan mo nga.
        kaya nga nagbibigay siya ng general perception coming from many priests in different parishes that there is a growing trend of young people confessing their indiscretions using contraceptives….kung di ka naniniwala..dapat lang sabihin mo na “o, bola” “weeh?”
        May “secrecy of confession” pang nalalaman itong si bruogiordano,ikaw din ba ito Manuel_II? Mahilig kayo sa kambal..hehe.

      • Guest

        Weh mang teban…alam mo na kung paano maging guest? :)

      • Romance Soldier

        Mang Teban…dinner na…kain ka na..gutom lang yan. :)

      • Romance Soldier

        Padalos dalos tong si mang teban…namamansin ng guest. ayan tuloy…si mang teban talaga o.

      • Romance Soldier

        weh…dahil namamansin ka ng guest mang teban…at dahil hindi mo alam na kapag nagdelete sabay na naglog out sa Disqus automatic nagpopost bilang guest at hindi siya mabubura as guest BAKIT KITA PANINIWALAAN?

      • Mang Teban

        weeh? okay, pogi…do not explain…magpakatotoo ka lang.

      • idiotsanakmelayu223

        Mang Tebs ka talaga,, siguro parati kang mainit ulo mo lalao na kapag pag kaisahan ka nila ,,, wawa ka naman

      • Mang Teban

        Romance Soldier, nagcreate ka pa ng isa pang account? hahahaha.

      • Romance Soldier

        pogi talaga ako:) Ayun ang totoo sabi ng nanay ko :) stating facts lang yan mang teban…

      • Noel

        Kahit na hindi binabanggit ang mga pangalan, kailangan pa bang sabihin kung ano ang ikinukumpisal ng mga tao? Bakit hindi niya ikuwento kung anong contraceptives ang ginagamit at anong posisyon ang ginagawa ng mga mag-asawa tuwing sila’y nagtatalik.

      • Mang Teban

        Huh? Bright ka talaga.

      • Noel

        Hindi naman ako bright. Mas bright ang mga Pari kaya maraming naloloko.

    • The Franchise

      Yup there is. that’s why priests never mention the names of sinners

      • Noel

        In the past especially during the Spanish time, priests acted as spies to report Filipino rebels and martyrs to the Spanish colonizers.

      • Mang Teban

        in the past…in the past….live in the present…move on.

      • Noel

        Sorry I forgot to mention including the present.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    An example of “the pious lie.” One of the lessons that requires little or no effort at all to master at priests’ boot camp. Problem is they often also end up lying to themselves forever and ever. Amen.

    • Mang Teban

      maestrong magaling sa Shakespeare..
      wrong grammar, teacher sa pinost mo na comment…”often also”?
      baka nagmamadali ka kasi, sir…okay.
      One of the lessons a good teacher deserving to be respected by his students is not to tell a falsehood. You are weaving tales again about a “priests’ boot camp”. Grabe ang imagination ni Hamlet.
      “Judge not so you won’t be judged.” I assume that you have passed through this word of wisdom, haven’t you, Bill Shockabsorber?

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Please be kind to yourself and don’t add to your publicly displayed encyclopedic ignorance about the Bible, and religion in general, these new ones—-literature and grammar.

        Anyway, your mention of “grammar” reminded me of a recent lesson in my high school English Literature class. It was about the “object complement,” and how a “double meaning” can be “read” from it. Consider, for example, the sentence—-“The cardinals elected him pope.”

        What is the direct object of the verb “elected”? Is it “him,” or is it “pope”? It is “him,” of course. So, what about “pope”? Well, “pope” in the sentence is known as the “object complement.” An object complement is a noun or adjective that identifies or describes the object. It’s called an “object complement” because it “completes” or “complements” the idea conveyed by the “object.”

        As to how a “double meaning” can arise from the use of an “object complement,” here is an example which is clear and closer to your heart.

        “The Bible made Mang Teban a joke.”

        In this sentence, the direct object of the verb “made” is “Mang Teban.” The object complement is “joke.”

        But another meaning can be had if one reads the sentence and purposely makes “joke” as the direct object of the verb, making the sentence mean “The Bible” made a joke for “Mang Teban.”

        But—-nothing personal and no offense meant to your holeyness—-I guess many here would say the difference in meaning hardly matters.

        By the way, dictonarydotcom defines “joke” as “something that is amusing or ridiculous, especially because of being ludicrously inadequate or a sham; a thing, situation, or person laughed at rather than taken seriously.”

      • Mang Teban

        A classic case of an English teacher teaching in high school with Grade 1 basics..Do not mislead readers by sidetracking the small comment of your wrong grammar in your first post. I don’t care if you call me ignorant of the Bible. That is not the issue, maestro. Nililihis mo..grabe ang pride ng walanghiyang ito…hehe. Aminin mo lang na nagkamali ka sa wrong grammar mo.
        At saka po, ikaw ang naggagawa ng kabalastugan about a “priests’ boot camp.” para bastusin ang mga pari..Nililihis mo, brod…straight talk lang po. wag madaya. magagalit si Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes niyan..

      • mad_as_Hamlet

        Ha ha ha . . . As if anyone here with a modicum of common sense and English language skills would agree with your pretentious sortie from “bible police” to “grammar police.” Wake up, Mang Teban, you fool nobody but your own perverted head, upper and lower.
        By the way, if you think that your “present” style of writing—-a pitiful hodgepodge of two languages—-can camouflage your motive to get away with your murderous use of either, you are wrong. It’s rather obvious and as insipid as your attempt at Grade 1 humor. Try Grade 1 calisthenics. It’s better for your bones. Just a friendly suggestion.

  • mangtom

    This is what the priests are saying:
    Use of contraceptives is a sin.
    Fathering a child resulting from NOT using a contraceptive is NOT a sin.

    • brunogiordano

      Ang magkaroon ng ANAK SA LABAS ang pari at obispo ay FORGIVABLE SIN ayon sa CBCP kaya hindi nila sinisibak.

      • Mang Teban

        Magsama kayo ni mangtom…nagpapatawa ba kayo o likas na bastos lang?

    • Noel

      Actually, the priests also use contraceptives to avoid impregnating their lovers. When the RH Bill was being debated, many priests were silently in favor.

      • Mang Teban

        Talaga? Isa ka ba sa mga lovers nila? Ang dami mong alam…idol!

      • Noel

        Sa seminaryo na lang, katakot-takot na ang iskandalo. Itanong mo sa mga dating seminarista kung bakit sila umalis.

      • Mang Teban

        maraming seminarista na pinaaalis kasi di sila pumasa o nakitaan sila ng pag-uugaling di maganda…tungkol sa iskandalo, di ako mahilig magbabad sa walang kwentang bagay na di naman makabubuti sa aking pakikitungo sa ibang tao at sa Diyos…alam ko na naman ang mga di-magagandang bagay na nangyayari sa seminaryo..doon nagbabad ang demonyo para makapanira at di matuloy ang ibang seminarista na makapagtapos at maging pari. kahit saan na lugar na nagsisikap mapalapit sa Diyos ay dinadaluhan ng demonyo para makasira sa samahan at mawasak ang mga magkakaibigan at magkapamilya.

      • Noel

        Kung sa bagay may tama ka. May demonyo sa seminaryo, sa kaparian at simbahan. Kasi naman ibang Diyos ang sinasamba at pinaglilingkuran nila. Ibang Diyos. Si Taning.

      • Mang Teban

        Sana lang, Noel, wag mo nang bigyan ng bansag o nickname si Satanas. Kapag ganoon kasi, ang dating sa akin, close kayo?

        Sa totoo lang, may mga tao sa probinsya ang palayaw ay Taning..kawawa naman ..natuwa pa ang demonyo na may ka-tukayo siya. kaya iwasan na natin ang tawag ng Taning kay Satanas.

      • Noel

        Eh ano ba ang gusto mong itawag sa Diyos ninyo? Mon (yo) o Lucio (fer) ? Kung gusto mong itawag ay Satanas, sige. Pansinin mo ang mga sinasanto ninyong mga diyos-diyasan. May gawa sa kahoy, may gawa sa ginto o pilak. Imbes na ang Lumikha ang sambahin ay ang mga nilikha ang sinsasamba ninyo.

  • mangtom

    Yong mga taong nagconfess na gumamit sila ng contraceptive ay aware that it is a sin to do so is like a person robbing someone although he knows robbery is a sin but does it anyway.

    • Manuel_II

      nasaan sa Bibliya na sinasabing “SIN” ang pag gamit ng contraceptives. Please enlighten me.

      • Mang Teban

        ka-brod mo si mangtom, wag mong tirahin…on the same side kayo…hehe. palibhasa di mo binasa maigi na naman ang post.

      • Manuel_II

        so instead of enlightening us on the subject you chose otherwise, it only shows you have no basis for your so called SIN, then you are all false prophet. lmao.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        in africa priests and nuns are handing out condoms to save lives because of the aids problem. here its murder but its not murder to sodomize a child in my country they had birth control for 60 years and no one has been charged with murder. priest who rape nuns force them to take the pill and get abortions lots of double standards going on.

      • Mang Teban

        you want to be enlightened, obtuse? use a flashlight when you go in the dark or turn on the switch for the light…dumb dumb.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        what insults and anger practice what you preach

  • Manuel_II

    Can anyone tell me where you can find in the Bible that it is a “SIN” to use contraceptives.

    Anyone, please enlighten us.

    • Mang Teban

      I shall answer you if you can find the following words in the Bible – internet, stem cell therapy, robotics, mobile phone, video conferencing, outsourcing, PCOS machines, AIDS, HIV virus, contraception, condom, stock market, universal banking, vasectomy, tubal ligation, contraceptive pills…you want some more?

      I think you are playing dumb…prove me I am wrong.

      People who think contraception is not a sin are playing dumb.

      We all know life begins with conception, or even to the stubborn, upon fertilization. When a pill is used daily until her scheduled menstruation, the woman is stuffing her reproductive system with the chemical residues and triggering a “false fertilization” to hoodwink the sperm cell until it dies somewhere in the ovary and the uterus. That causes a chain reaction of stuffed anti-fertilization substance buildup which will take care of every sexual intercourse that ensures killing the sperm and not letting the egg meet the sperm. However, what is not known by the couple engaged in sex is that when the egg meets the sperm, a human life begins. The pill prevents the “processing of life to form” at the instance of conception.

      Thus, when a woman gets pregnant as when she forgot to take a pill on a single day or the pill itself malfunction, the question lies – Does she know that she is pregnant at the instance of conception? NO. No scientist nor the woman herself can detect a life has been formed upon conception. What science had been able to discover is the indescribable moment when the female’s reproductive system automatically shuts off the cycle of menstruation when the woman becomes pregnant. Hence, the man and the woman have a curious case of disbelief asking themselves – “How did this happen?” Well, the answer is simple – GOD’s will. Contraception indeed defies God’s will when there is willful intent to stop conception when the woman is in her fertile period. The pills taken are during a fertile period. By itself, it is a defiance of the natural cycle of reproduction system. God has made the woman’s body to have fertile and infertile periods. Why rush to use contraceptives on fertile periods when there are a lot of days that a man and a woman can enjoy unhampered sex without using an artificial device? it is called the Natural Family Planning (NFP) method(s)…there are variations. Coital interruption is not one of them. This is the fabricated lie to discredit the NFP.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        they have a name in america for those who practice natural planning they are called parents 98 per cent of catholic women in the world use the pill 2 percent the catholic form of birth control. st augustine said sex was a sin for married couples to have sex unless they were creating a child. ive read there is only 3 days a woman is infertile. ask you one question how many people can the philippines support before starvation 500 million 1 billion 5 billion give me a answer no one has given me a answer yet when you reach that number then what

      • Mang Teban

        I have made a personal vow not to reply to your queries because you lose your temper easily and start calling me names and accusing me for a lot of things…..too much anger is bad for one’s health. Sorry, I want it that way.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        haw haw haw our so funny when you started the name calling and insults cant handle a taste of your own medicine. we will ask the people in these forums about your anger and people have already commented on your insults to me and my wife. scared i have no anger i feel sorry for you because you are one poor brainwashed fanatic. but insult my wife again and you will see anger

      • donitski marvelous

        how about those priests stationed in HIV infested parts of africa wherein they are in support of condom use among their religious flocks in their help to combat the disease, are they stupid?

      • Mang Teban

        My first cousin works in Tanzania and she is in contact with people there with HIV as a Filipino lay missionary working with religious nuns and priests. The missionaries are not distributing contraceptives as some malicious people have been fabricating. The African people find these condoms and pills from other organizations stationed in that continent and these other organizations are funded by the UN or by some NGO whose mission is to stop the spread of viruses and these are peopled by medical staff. Catholic missionaries, lay, religious, and clergy are not in the distribution of contraceptives. NOT TRUE. There are hundreds of “charitable organizations” in Africa and Asia that are not run by Catholics but by private and some “non-profit” groups.

      • Crazy_horse101010

        dont you read your own papers it was in there last week and tanzania is not south africa where in some villages 60 per cent of the children are orphans. how many private organizations have nuns and priests

  • desi derata

    Ridiculous priests. Condom is not a contraption for abortion. If the use of condom should be construes as abortion then it is logical that masturbation likewise is murder.

    The RH Law is against abortion.

    But the priest should start using condoms. Many of them have children out of illicit affair. Or at least they should have “coitus interruptus”.

    Friends, you can do “coitus interruptus”. Discuss it with your wife. It is effective.

    • Mang Teban

      desi derata:
      Bakit di mo kasi pinadugtong pseudonym mo? Mukha tuloy na “coitus interruptus”.
      Ganda pa naman ng tula na Desiderata.
      Anyways, condom does nor abort per se but it does cause the effect of stopping pregnancy. You need to understand that just because condoms do not abort by common understanding, it is not against the law of God about sex in the context of marriage. God created a man and woman to be one – united in marriage as a couple and to enjoy themselves to have beautiful sex at the proper time – during infertile period of the woman. While sexual intercourse is a good way to enhance marital relationships, God did not intend that people will abuse it for satisfaction purposes only or L U S T. Married couples are called to SPACE BIRTHS by the Catholic Church even before marriage in what is called pre-CANA seminars with a priest and some social worker or doctor who explains about responsible parenthood.
      If there is a unilateral consent by husband and wife to use condoms or pills for the purpose of spacing births, they have their consciences to consider if what they are doing is morally wrong or right in the eyes of God. The issue is whether a person, the husband or the wife or both have willful intent just to have sex for L U S T. Each of them has to weigh what it is they want when they use the condom or the pill.
      What the Church is against really is the Philippine government is being pressured by foreign powers to pass a contraception law for some UN Millennium Initiative or that which dictates the population numbers in every country purportedly to minimize hunger and poverty. Why did the Aquino administration
      kowtow to this and with such well-funded black propaganda to stop the Catholic Church to oppose the moves by Congress, the president floated the pork barrel so that votes on 3rd reading of the RH bill would swing in the pro-RH side?
      The passage of the RH law was not only obnoxious to promote contraception as a national agenda, it intruded to the privacy of the husband and wife in every home what they wish to have as the composition of their family. The Supreme Court needs to listen to the petitions that the RH law violated not only religious liberties where the majority of Filipino citizens are Catholics and must respect the beliefs and teachings of the Church but also because it violated the right to choose family size by every married couple.
      Therefore, the RH law is not only against God’s law but also the expression granting of freedoms and rights to individuals under the Constitution. If a couple wants to use condoms and pills, we do not need a law for that. Since the mid-sixties, condoms and pills are already peddled in drugstores. Why make a law to spend billions of pesos annually to give out contraceptives and the RH law does not specify – “ONLY MARRIED COUPLES’, Condoms and pills are now for unmarried people as well to enjoy “SAFE AND SATISFYING SEX LIFE” and for married persons who can have illicit sexual affairs. Abortion is not even the issue. The principal issue is LOOSE MORALS and a culture of PROMISCUITY and DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILIES like many senators and congresspeople with broken marriages spilled all over Congress. That is why these people now want DIVORCE law to be passed for their own personal goals and l u s t ful desires.

  • EC

    The RH Law is still to be implemented yet. Those using contraceptives are not using them because of the RH Law.

  • Jesse_Bruce_Pinkman

    The law was created to allow the government to set aside funds for the reproductive health cause. It does not mean that anyone is forced to use contraceptive.

    These people who confess of feeling guilt for having used contraceptives, if they are ever true at all, are stupid and ignorant. They should die along with these priests who arrogantly meddle with government affairs and masquerade made-up truths from their imaginations.

  • repapips

    simbahan lang naman ang nagsasabing kasalanan ang pag gamit ng contraceptive. kayo na! kayo na ang diyos!

  • disqus_nBEsUalTvo

    Yep, keep having kids you can’t afford and continue the poverty. Just become an OFW.

  • Noel

    Then priests now would be very busy hearing confessions from many who are confessing they use contraceptives every day. They use, confess, then use again.

  • Noel

    The truth of the matter is, some priests also use contraceptives in their illicit affairs with their women or male lovers. Therefore, these priests should also confess their sins. During the RH Bill’s debate, many priests were silently in favor of it.

  • Crazy_horse101010

    has anyone have parents had parents ask if you would buy or take their kids because they have no money i have. to go through that ordeal its heart breaking . thats the way things are in some places of rural philippines. when i go to the nearest city at the street lights i have to lock my doors and windows because gangs of kids 10 years old are carrying babies and they try to open the doors. this is in heavy traffic. kids are snorting rugby in front of malls some cant afford rugby so they stick their faces in car exhausts to get high. every day i see families trying to raise 6 or 10 kids. the schools are so over crowded that my daughter goes to school half days such is life in the country

  • mangtom

    Manuel_II: I did not say that. It was Fidel, oops, I mean Melvin Castro who said the use of contraceptives is a sin. So please ask him. Can’t answer that question. Sorry, sir.

  • mangtom

    Manuel_II: I am proud of being a PRO-RH through and through, unlike the demented and hypocrital CBCP cone heads and their co-conspirator MangTebs

  • at-large

    Mga DAMASO huwag nyo na kaming lokohin dahil matagal na kaming niloloko nyo bwssiittttt!!!

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “Priest says people now go to confession for using contraceptives” ???

    Maybe the headline got it wrong. The correct one might have been—-

    “Priest says people now go to confession bringing contraceptives”

  • akongednamzug

    Kaya ayaw ng simbahan ng contraceptives, because they firmly believes that Life begins from erection to ressurection ! ! !

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    tama lang yan ng maiwasan ang pag dami ng batang hubo kaya tayo lalo nag hihirap walang plano bigyan din ng condom ang mga obispo ng maiwasan ang bata sa kalye!

  • stefenjoe_58

    The priest must educate the public…not only the teachers… the public should know what is right and wrong and sin from childhood …. and as a parents must prepared themselves with strong religious knowledge

  • Eric

    how about withdrawal. walang contraceptive? Masama din yon?

  • Harry

    Doctors that prescribe contraceptive pills and devices did not confess because they believe that they are doing the right thing.

  • 2rey3

    God knows how to draw good from evil. Anti life personalities no matter how powerful, moneyed, popular they are now, sooner or later they have to face the Creator just like anybody else. They can not escape more so if they commit suicide. Pitiful!!!


    >>>Fr. Melvin Castro, executive secretary of the Episcopal Commission on Family and Life of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, said that he and other priests, talking about what they hear in confessions, have noticed a “general trend” of young Catholics seeking forgiveness through confession for using artificial contraceptives.<<<

    SO, whatever happened to the SECRECY of CONFESSION? PSHAW!

    Confession….pagtatapat sa isang tao din na malamang ay mas makasalanan pa sa nagtatapat. KUNG ang diyos ay na sa LAHAT ng lugar, god is omnipresent, ANONG ka-echosan ang padadaanin pa sa ahente ang pakikipag-usap sa diyos na na s lahat ng lugar? Ang dali-daling pamamaraang pakikipag-usap sa diyos ng deireckta, e, pina-hahaba at pinalalapad pa ng mga ahente. Tulad ng paggawa ng diyos sa offertory. Mga paniniwalang gawa-gawa lamang ng tao.

  • imongredneck

    Why are they discussing things that should be confined in the confessionals? It won’t be long before some priest ( most likely Pinoy) would say in his homily, ” Last week 10 out of 20 women confessed to using condom or diaphragm “.

  • Brownfly

    I don’t think that using contraceptives is a sin. If they can cite to me any verse in the Holy Bible that considers usage of contraceptives as a sin, then I’ll believe it. If there is, it should be qualified first like abortion. The way I understand it, it can only be a sin if the contraceptive being used is meant to kill the fetus. But when the couple is only in the process of doing sexual intercourse and the married couple wishes to use a contraceptive so that the wife or lady partner doesn’t get pregnant, how can it be a sin? In this aspect, the application of the contraceptive is not meant to kill anything as they’re only attempting to create one. It is only meant to prevent the creation of one as they are not ready yet. They only wanted to enjoy sex in the meantime.

  • Hey_Dudes

    Bless me father for I have sinned. My child, confess your sin (s) so I can pray for your forgiveness……..Father, I met another priest who pleaded I make love to him so my sins will be forgiven. Bless your soul my child for rendering a fine service.

  • JMbilisyos

    WTF! CASTRO!!! BIGOT AND ARROGANT. ano ba INQUIRER mouthpiece ba kau ng simbahang katoliko? o ang lintek na tubeza na to bayaran ng mga pedophile na mga pari?

  • tsismoso

    patawarin mo ako padre nag koljak ako gamit ang condom

  • Roy Rosales

    father melvin castro is a hypocrite.he has no right to reveal confessions.shame on him in particular and the Phil catholic church in those stupid catholics who reveals their so called sins for using contraceptives,wake up?these are not sins,but remedy to prevent overpopulations

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