Barramedas on losing witness: How much?


The loved ones of murder victim Ruby Rose Barrameda—(in white, from left) father Robert, mother Asuncion and sister Rochelle—vow to keep fighting for justice as they mark the sixth anniversary of her death on Thursday. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

The last time he spoke with the family of the slain Ruby Rose Barrameda, the supposed star witness in the gruesome murder case claimed that his life was in danger. This was despite his being in a safe house within a police camp under the justice department’s Witness Protection Program (WPP).

Two weeks later, Manuel Montero wrote the court to recant his statements and reportedly left the WPP, prompting a member of the Barrameda family to ask: “How much? How much did it take to buy the principles you used to have?”

In a press conference on Thursday, the sixth anniversary of Ruby Rose’s death, the victim’s sister Rochelle Barrameda aired suspicions that the man who could help the family obtain justice had backtracked because he was paid, if not threatened with harm.

“I’ve read the statement (of his recantation). He now claims he does not to know anything. But why was he so detailed back then?” she said, adding:

“When we were opening the steel drum (containing Ruby Rose’s body), he was even texting me: “Don’t break it open there, you might hit Ruby Rose’s head. Not there, you might hit her back.’ He knew the exact position of her body inside the drum,” Rochelle said.

Later in an Inquirer interview, Rochelle said the last time she saw Montero was two weeks ago at his safe house since 2010, the office of the Intelligence and Operations Unit of the National Capital Region Police Office (NCRPO) in Camp Bagong Diwa, Taguig City.

Last conversation

“We talked about him wanting to transfer to another safe house,” she recalled. “He said ‘there were people who have been hovering around. If I am not transferred soon, I will die here.’”

In 2009, two years after Ruby Rose went missing, Montero surrendered to authorities and pointed them to the location of the sealed drum bearing her remains in the waters off Navotas City.

Montero also issued affidavits saying he and three other men were given orders to kill Ruby Rose by her own father-in-law Manuel Jimenez Jr. and his brother Lope Jimenez, who were then looking out for the interest of the victim’s husband Manuel Jimenez III. Ruby Rose and Jimenez III were then locked in a child custody battle.

In a statement, Lope Jimenez’s lawyer, Ferdinand Topacio, hit back at Rochelle for insinuating that Montero had been bribed.

“We would like to challenge [the Barramedas’] holier-than-thou attitude by asking them [to] put up or shut up. If you cannot prove what you are saying, then in the name of all that is holy, please say nothing at all,” Topacio said.

“[Montero], in withdrawing his previous statements, has said that he was bothered by his conscience. That is his privilege, nay, his right. The Barramedas cynically impute baser motives.

ASUNCION Barrameda, mother of the slain Ruby Rose, is overcome with emotion during Mass. NIÑO JESUS ORBETA

That is also their right but their misfortune as well if they cannot see beyond the blinders of their own hate and refuse to believe that other people can actually feel remorse,” the lawyer added.

Rochelle and members of Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption marked the 6th anniversary of Ruby Rose’s death with a Mass at the University of Perpetual Help in Las Piñas City, where Ruby Rose finished Mass Communications in 1997. Students, teachers and university officials also packed the venue.

A father’s plea

The victim’s father Robert called out to Montero: “Wherever you are, Manny Montero, this is your ‘tatay’ (father) who you always used to embrace. You promised us you would not leave us until the end.”

“If you are still alive, know that we are still here believing the commitment you made to us. We will continue to fight,” Robert said.

According to Rochelle, her family learned that Montero left the NCRPO’s protective custody late last week, or days before Montero sent a notice of withdrawal to the court on Tuesday.

Rochelle challenged Montero to “come out and prove that the Jimenezes really have nothing to do with this… for everyone’s peace of mind.”

She expressed confidence that the case will still be resolved in her family’s favor. “If our opponents think the fight is over, they’re wrong. Don’t celebrate yet because we will prove that even without Montero our evidence is strong. We will send to jail whoever killed my sister,” she said.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the NCRPO explained that since Montero was not a detainee, he could stay in or leave the Intelligence Operations Unit office as he pleases.

‘’We are waiting for orders from the DOJ (Department of Justice),” Chief Insp. Kimberly Molitas said when asked if efforts were being made to look for Montero.

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  • Ping Gonzales

    Susmariahosep naman bakit inabot na ganito katagal ang trial sa katagalan ng opanahon ang kaso yata ay sa prosecution at di pa yata natatapos ang presentasyon hanggang ito ang inabot nabili kung magkano 0 kaya tinakot ang pamilya nito Atty. Topacio may nakalaan sa iyong parusa sa itaas pagdating ng panahon mo!

  • mynnyx

    magdasal na lang ang mga barrameda bigatin ang kalaban nila…….di naman natutulog ang dyos pati si topacio……………..makakarma  rin ang mga yan..

    • banditpogi

      Nasaan ang diyos nung ilagay si Ruby Rose sa drum???

  • $20174498



    What happened to the last three years when this jerk came out? Any hearings done during those times?..Akala ko isda land and binuburo diyan sa Caloocan pati pala mga kaso…Only in the Fliplipines…Good choice for Montero, he choose to be alive as a traitor rather than a dead hero…No matter what, his living days are numbered…

  • prangka

    Magka ano ano etong Topacio at yung isa sa Congress na bumida sa Corona trial na may unexplained wealth?

    • okabato

      Kapatid ni Justice Cuevas  iyan sa pananampalataya, Iglesia Ni Cristo.

      • lolo_Jose

        OO nga apo, magkapatid sa pananampalataya ang dalawa…hmmnnn

  • aeon888

    For all those years of litigation and legal expenses, I think the Barramedas’ may have spent more than a million pesos already. Since they believed that Manuel and Lope Jimenez are the real masterminds then why waste their money and time to a long and costly trial in the Philippines.

    If that were my family, I would have just paid 500k pesos to a couple of hitmen to target the two Jimenezes. Then I saved 500k pesos more and all the legal trouble. No one is immune from death if the hitmen are determined to ambush you even if they have bodyguards.

    Then if the hit is successful, it would be the Jimenezes turn to prove in court that I masterminded their deaths. LOL Reversal of roles. Then I will hire Topacio as my defense lawyer. (sarcasm)

    • banditpogi

      Poetic justice!!! Sweet!!! Exactly what I had in mind.

    • siegfeil

      pre christiano yan as much as possible leave justice to God. Lahat naman mamatay just a matter of time. kung muslim yan matagal nang dedo yang isa sa mga jimenez kasi a tooth for a tooth sila. nagtataka nga ako diyan sa Pinas ang babait at hindi makapahigante ang tao. no wonder we were under the spanish empire for 300 years ba yon….

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Barramedas want justice and it looks like its farther than the moon. There’s no justice in the Philippines only looks good in papers.

  • Hey_Dudes

    How much?  Well, try Php.50 million.

  • AllaMo

    ferdinand topakyo: In the name of all that is holy, please drop dead already. You, and your ilk, make the profession of law into all that is obscene.

    • Noel

      Atty. Topakcio is no different from Atty. Fortun who caters to the very wealthy and powerful clients.

      • Kairosphil

        yes powerful and……? clients

  • eirons1043

    How come One Ball Topacio is always the lawyer of Dubious characters.  Is one ball now the new Estellito M,? How come again that up to now Montero was never allowed to be a witness by the Court? Because the Rules allows it? The Rules of Procedure (aka-Rules of Court) is now the safe haven of Scoundrels and the Supreme Court who has control over the Rules is not lifting its lazy fingers.  “How much is that Doggie in the Window” was a very popular song in the 1950s.  Is it now the No. 1 song in this Honest Tuwid Boy Administration? Any failure of justice to its citizens is the President”s primary responsibility not the SC as he is Numero Uno. Only Honest Noy can make anybody even a co-equal branch toe his line of Tuwid na Daan. In 2 years time all the witnesses in the Ampatuan Case will be like Montero. The Court’s verdict? Case dismiss.

    • siegfeil

      sabi nga nakasanla na ang kaluluwa niyan kay Satanas in disguise of every human being has the right to defend himself…. oh naman pera pera lang yan tingnan mo yun si Corona millions of dollars in the bank wow…..

  • pedronimo

    Hindi ko sinasabe na mas mabilis pa ang pagong kaysa Pinas justisya. Justice in the Philippines is as slow as traffic on Edsa.

    • Legally Black

       I don’t think so. I think mas mabilis naman ang traffic sa Edsa kesa sa justice system natin.

  • Spike

    Hayup na Lope Jimenez  hayup kayo hinihintay na kayo ni Satanas

    Mga vigilante lipulin niyo sana ang pamilyang ito mga demonyo

  • Spike

    INUTIL na naman ang DOJ ni De LIMA 


    • lucidlynx

      G A G O ! nag-recant ang witness inutil na ang DOJ? kahit korte o pulis walang magagawa kung ang isang tao gustong mag sinungaling, katulad mo!

      hindi pa naman tapos ang kaso.siyempre, ang burden of proof sa mga pulis. dapat lumakap pa sila ng ebidensya. hindi DOJ ang inutil. B O B O!

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    There are corrupt policemen involved.  DOJ should have move him.  Can’t trust policemen who are supposed to be trusted with a life. 

  • lolo_Jose

    MGA apo, ang susunod na mababasa natin “MANUEL MONTERO KILLED BY RIDING IN TANDEM”…Ano sa isip ninyo ang gagawin ng mga pamilya JIMENES matapos makuha ang gusto nila kay Montero? Patatahimikin nila ng wala ng sabit pa…Kawawang Montero kasi ”good as dead meat na siya”….

  • Johnny

    this all but a result of bad governance. Why it’s very easy to get away with this? Wala man lang naghahabol sa mga mamatay tao or action, more strict process or new strict laws para di na maulit ito.

  • Love God

    Enjoy the show:

    “Mockery of Justice!”

    • AngMandarambong

      Ang problema nobody is enjoying the show. Everyone is disgusted by the show’s mediocrity.

  • el_latigo

    Pera-pera lang naman talaga ang hustisya sa bansang ito. Tingnan naman ninyo,  6 years na ang nakakaraan, nandiyan naman ang testigo at ang mga ebidensiya wala pa ring nangyayari! Sino ba naman ang di magbabago ang isip sa tagal ng pagusad ng hustisya dito? Kundi man takot sigurado pera ang mangungusap diyan. 

    As they say, “When money talks, everybody listens,” even those who were idealistic at first. Ayayayyy, Fulpy, onli in da Pilipins, truli.

  • Albin

    How much talaga. Akala siguro ni Manuel Montero mag buhay mayaman siya sa milyones na ibinigay ng mga Jimenez. Di niya alam P10k lang ang ibabayad ng mga Jimenez para itumba siya sa hindi inaasahang “aksidente”.

    • Bastonero

      News Update : Sinasakyang taxi ni Montero nahagip ng rumaragasang Dump Truck…case close na ang Barrameda case…panalo si Topacio…nag-iimagine lang po ng future news, baka sakali magkatutuo…

  • Noel Santos

    maski saan ka magpunta Montero hindi ka na matatahimik.!.hindi ka na siguro nagdadasal sa panginoong Diyos..kaya kay satanas ka na nanalangin.!

  • Ernesto

    dapat patayin na yan ang star witness na sira ulo pabago bago ng statement,kaka bwesit

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    “As aptly held by the RTC and the CA, the recantation of both private complainants are insufficient to warrant the reversal of appellant’s conviction. Recantations are frowned upon by the courts. A recantation of a testimony is exceedingly unreliable, for there is always the probability that such recantation may later on be itself repudiated. Courts look with disfavor upon retractions, because they can easily be obtained from witnesses through intimidation or for monetary consideration.

     It is also a dangerous rule for courts to reject testimony solemnly taken before courts of justice simply because the witness who gave it later changed his mind for one reason or another. This will make a mockery of solemn trials and put the investigation of crimes at the mercy of unscrupulous witnesses.  A retraction does not necessarily negate an earlier declaration.” *

    So, if  even the recantation of a private complainanat himself is not sufficient reason to cause the dismissal of a criminal case, how much more the recantation of a mere witness.

     – – – – – –

    *(quote from a Supreme Court decision (People vs. Dollano, G.R. No. 188851, October 19, 2011)

    • felix1959

      Ang problema corrupt ang justice sytem natin, nabayaran ang witness baka mabayaran din ang judge. tapos ang laban

      • Paulapaula

         meron pa… “brotherhood”… brod yun witness, brod din yun judge. Ala na talagang pag-asa. But we have God.

    • D3marketers

      Hmmm…..I beg to disagree. No less than the Supreme Court dismissed with finality the the case against Lacson. No more witnesses. Naubos na. Puro takot. So depende lang talaga kung sino ang nasasakdal.

  • wawangpenoy


  • wawangpenoy


  • joel genese

    Alin man ang gawin ni Montero, mag withdraw man siya o hindi, parehong nanganganib ang buhay niya. Inisip na lang sana ni Montero na total ay mamatay na lang din siya, gumawa na lang sana ng mabuti.

  • CypherCaitlin

    ginawa na naman tanga ang sambayanan…kawawang mga barrameda’s…

  • Thao

    Times like this, you feel like looking for an extreme alternative for justice, like asking NPA for help.

    • catmanjohn

      These corrupt and evil families should be very glad that the NPA does not have the brains nor the balls to make such judicial statements.

  • Paulapaula

    I will not be surprised if tomorrow’s headline is “Montero’s body found dead”  Pagkatapos mag recant, tsaka sya papatayin (kung sino man).

  • Jake Lopez

    if he is no longer a witness, then could he be charged since he admitted his participation and as proven by his exact knowledge of the crime committed.

  • Estrella Segarra Navera

    Am a former classmate from elementary to high school of the Cionie Barrameda, the mother of late Ruby Rose Barrameda.  I can feel the anguish she is going through because justice has not been served to her daughter since her body was found in 2009.  May this lenten season thru the sufferings of Jesus Christ soften the hearts and minds of those who committed such atrocity and finally be sorry for what they have done to Ruby Rose and her family.  May the loved ones of the late Ruby Rose find consolation in the Blessed Virgin Mary who stood at the foot of the cross of her Son.  Here’s hoping for the collective prayers of all mothers and readers.

    • catmanjohn

      Please tell us more about the Jimenez family. What would have been their motive besides custody? What was their source of wealth? Is the old guy still alive?

  • kismaytami

    Mamili ka, mamamatay ka na may pera o mamamatay ka na walang pera?

  • limcat

    i suggest the barrameda’s should do their own fund raising … to liquidate the Jimenez’s, isama narin si little hitler , si atty. topacio LOL

  • walangutak

    Nasa safe house ang state witness ngunit nag recant pa rin. 100% na nabayaran siya at segurado ring dumaan ang kasunduang ito sa mga nagbantay sa kanya sa safehouse, ika nga mga bantay salakay.

  • Harry

    It is time for the authorities to step in and solved the crime their own way based on actual investigation and forensic evidence. Justice does not stop when a principal witness backed out for one reason or another, the law must take over and if the witness lied, there will be no leniency.

  • JuanTamadachi

    At least thirty (30) pieces of silver, just like Judas received.

  • whreyxk

    Demonyo talaga ang mga kupal na ito. Diyos na ang bahala sa inyongmga jimenez at sa inyong sa si atty topac-io ha ha ha

  • Legally Black

    This news made my day very sad… There is no justice in the Philippines, especially if there are devil’s advocates, like Topacio.

  • catmanjohn

    Proof to why the Philippines is still the laughingstock of the world. Key witnesses are threatened and killed, and corrupt thieves and politicians get away with murder, with total disregard for the  laws. Evil and money reigns. It has been years, and still no justice! What kind of government of chicken sh!t runs the country? My God! this country is hopeless. Put the Jimenez bunch in jail and execute them if necessary. The People must remember that if it can happen to her, it can happen to any of you.

  • 4RuleofLaw

    Lets follow logic. Montero upon issuing that affidavit was not in any state of duress or coercion. Conscience was the prime motivation in PIN POINTING the exact location of the body of the victim. Recanting his previously issued affidavit would now indicate coercion by way of payment and/or threat of physical harm by the party who will utmost benefit from it.

  • $25995786

    This is thereason I do not trust Phil. justice esp. if it involve the rich. Better use your money to even up than waste it to lawyers. All you need is patience and time you can even up.

    • Jake Lopez

      Could it be the reason why the NPAs have been thriving for decades? Quick justice for the poor, wala ng husgado. Nagnakaw ka ng kalabaw? Nang-rape ka? Nanggulang ka sa negosyo? Yari ka na!! Kung ganito hustisya sa atin na pangmayaman lang e talagang di malilipol ang NPA at riding in tandem.

  • AllinLawisFair

    Attorney Ferdinand Topacio, we believe that Manuel Montero has been bought, bribed, threatened or all of the above. For how could a person who had given detailed accounts of the murder, the whereabouts of the victim and the body’s position in the drum which showed that he was an eyewitness and a major participant in the crime change his mind and recant his earlier statements?

    Attorney Topacio, we believe that you are a lawyer without scruples. You don’t believe in justice; you only believe in money, lots of money. You have lawyered in high profile cases where prominent personalities were involved and you were paid a king’s ransom. It is disgusting although we know that it is your job when ask to defend the accused.

    We wonder how you could sleep well at night and feed your family with the money paid to your services by people you very well know are corrupt and are guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

    They have not yet been proven guilty, all right, but we know that you know in your heart that many of those people you have been defending are guilty as charged.

    But that is how justice works in this country.

  • Populovich

    One thing is very sure, Montero will be killed once he is out of the protection program. Why? Because he is still a threat to the suspect/s. He can always re-recant.

  • Bastonero

    Si Topacio, di mananalo ang kaso kung hindi gagawa ng milagro, kapal ng sikmura mo,,,,

  • tra6Gpeche

    This retraction happens because the case against the accused takes almost forever to settle. And this is true to all cases in any Philippine court. The judge, the witness/witnesses and even the lawyers of the plaintiff can be bribed and intimidated by the criminals. In this Ruby Rose murder case, Mr. Manuel Montero must have been promised money and/or threatened to be killed including his wife and his daughter. He thinks that being out of danger is better than being a principled man. But if I were him, I would not be so sure of being safe.

  • $16638896

    anak ng tipaklong, asan na ang damuhong si montero? dahil sa kagaguhan nyang yan, tlgang matitigok sya. ung mga umaaligid sa kanya dati eh mas madali na syang mahahanap. halatang nabayaran amputa!

  • Lucio V Liwanag

    Sa mga gumawa ng krimen , may karma din kayo sana pati si topaksyo ay makarma din ng malaman ninyo ang sakit ng idinulot ninyo

  • siegfeil

    totoo palang rampant yung kasabihang buhay na buhay ka pa nakasanla na ang kaluluwa mo kay Satanas. Pag nasa ICU or at the verge of death na yang abogado na yan and everything in his life is regressed wala nang tanggihan doon sa kaharap mong liwanag.

  • Putakte Naman

    ganyan kakurap ang gobyerno. hustisya ibagay sa kawawang biktima!!! maawa naman kayo pati hustisya kinukurap niyo. Bulok na pamahalaan. Kailan tayo makakaranas ng matuwid na pamumuno. Naku ang daming kurap, mabaho pwe!!!!!

  • 1tiago2bangkilan3

    karma is coming.
    but beside that, the state needs to equip our police to gather, handle and process evidence, seems to me like most cases in the philippines are won or lost through witnesses. witnesses lie, recant, fear for their lives. well-gathered and processed evidence will always speak the truth.

  • Jess

    Don’t worry Barramedas’, the law and facts re with you. balewala na ang recantation dahil anjan na ang physical evidence.

  • Jess

    Kahit anong galing ang sinoman abogado,wala ng magagawa para mailigtas ang mga Jimenez. Nagsasayang lang sila ng pera,the most na magagawa dyan ng abogado ay patagalin ang paglilitis, yun lang wala na.

  • Rigor Mortis

    Ganun din lang na bumaligtag yang si Montero sa pagiging star witness dapat kasuhan narin sya, Isa syang confessed killer henchman ng mga Jimenez…

  • LabkoPinas

    Justice in the Philippines is only swift when you take the law into your own hands. With the imperfect legal system, corrupt members of the judiciary and the police that is the only way you can get justice.

  • julieboy

    This is the justice in our of the most heinous crime in our history,until now no one can touch and jail the perpetrators.So obvious sino mastermind and pumatay,because may pera and influence hindi magalao..This people will burn in hell,its so discouraging to hear the Barrameda family are still suffering to give the jimenez family what they deserve.Too bad we are Christians,this could be solved with vigilante type justice.

  • Night



  • Noel

    Powerful and influential suspects usually have this common formula to a witness: You want to save your life or receive this money? Any witness often succumbs to the threat. In the end, the witness chooses to save his life and gets the money.

    Another factor is an unseen powerful hand. The suspect is reportedly a member of the powerful religious group. His legal counsel defending him is also a member of the church. One plus one, the answer is very obvious.

  • Karabukov

    Long after P-Noy has passed on his presidency, this will be one of the iconic cases that will have shown what he had made of the culture of impunity in this country.

  • Paliwaweng

    Lope Jimenez, the uncle of Rose Barrameda’s husband were accused of oil smuggling. Rose Barrameda knew too much about his illegal activities that caused her life.
    One of those charged with the steel drum murder of Ruby Rose Barrameda was again charged before the Department of Justice, this time for alleged smuggling of more than P60 million worth of diesel.

    “The Customs Intelligence and Investigation Service report showed that P63,645,405 worth of diesel were found in the possession of Buena Suerte Jimenez Fishing and Trading, Inc., in violation of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines.

    Charged were fishing magnate Lope Jimenez, BSJ chairman and president; directors Glenn Ramos, Alexander dela Cruz, Benjamin Reyes and Robert de Leon, and corporate secretary Elan Colinares.

    Jimenez is one of those charged with the killing of Ruby Rose Barrameda. He is the uncle of the victim?s estranged husband Manuel III. PDI 9-10-2009

  • norbert falg

    I think Mr. Montero realized he’s just being used by the Barrameda family — as in “kung tapos na yun kaso, iiwanan na lang siguro ako ng mga Barrameda.” Naisip siguro niya na tama na yun pag pinpoint niya ang bangkay ng namatay. Or that the more favors he gave to the aggrieved family, mas lalo naman silang hingi ng hingi ….Kaya umalis na lang siya.

  • altair22

    Clearly, the accused have more money than the accusers. But witnesses are not the only way. There is what we call evidence. But, then again, if the cops on the case are also bought, then justice is as hopeless as the anti-dynasty bill.

  • Adri Tion

    The devil have bought some more souls (montero, accomplishes, perpetrators) for cheap!

  • Peter Lim

    Only in the PH, it’s more fun but just be carefull & don’t get killed!!!Ha!Ha!Ha!

  • Yobhtron

    Kung buhay pa ang Sparrow Unit ng NPA, panahon na para magpasikat at magparamdam ulit at siguradong matutuwa ang taumbayan sa inyo.

  • Dancing Bear

    I don’t want to say so much because this is close to home but definitely, justice in the Philippines is most elusive. The one thing you have to question yourself as a victim is if you want justice or satisfaction. The latter being easier and cheaper.

  • mariovill1950

    Nothing is new in o’er the land of the crooks and the home of the cowards.

  • nestor

    Sa Judge o RTC na may hawak sa kaso nito, IKAW ay saksakan ng walang KWENTANG nilalang sa Pilipinas.

    Malinaw pa sa sikat ng Araw ay alam mo na kung sino talaga ang gumawa mg krimen pero gumagawa ka pa ng PERA para ikaw ay kumita.

    Magkano ba talaga ang binayad sa iyo……. ilang Milyon / daan Milyon ba ang bayad sa iyo.
    Hayop ka dapat ikaw na lang ang senimento at tinapon sa dagat para maalis ang mga demonyo sa lipunan.
    Paging DOJ….. bakit ganito ang batas sa Pilipinas nababayaran na ba ang hustisya.
    Kung sino man ang may hawak sa kaso….. dapat alisin na sa HUSGADO YAN, tumatangap ng suhol yan………………………….salot sa LIPUNAN ang Judge na yan dapat ikaw na lang ang bitayin.

  • sinful_lustful69

    i don’t think barrameda’s will loose this case!!!!!!!!!!!

    if you will recall, who pointed out the where about of ruby rose remain…………it is montero

    how come that he is telling that he do not know anything.



  • gibreel farishta

    who else would do such thing to ruby rose? pray that i don’t cross path with topacio.. fortun.. et al.. why defend at all if it’s obvious?

  • janglegirl

    Poor Ruby Rose! She was murdered twice.. in the hands of her in-laws and the Philippine justice system.

  • Paking

    Obvious naman na may hokus-pokus na nangyari kaya nag-withdraw si Montero bilang witness. Sabi nga niya ay tinatakot siya at siguro nga, dinaan sa pera-pera. Hangga’t buhay ang lahi ni Atty. Topaksaulo, di kataka-takang sa bandang huli, walang hustisyang makamtan. Only in the Philippines!

  • Erick Labandia


  • Klepto

    the laws in PI is a big joke.

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