UNA sees cracks in Team PNoy over Senate leadership


Will the Team PNoy coalition hold long enough to successfully throw out Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile after the elections?

The rival United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) candidates raised this question Wednesday amid reports that the Liberal Party coalition may install its own Senate President and remove Enrile if enough of its candidates win in the May elections.

Enrile is one of the leaders of UNA.

Nancy Binay said that, unlike UNA, an alliance formally registered with the Commission on Elections, the Liberal Party-led Team PNoy coalition has no such concrete agreement to bind them.

Binay noted that even in its TV ad, not all of the LP coalition candidates wore yellow.

“At the end of the day, the senators will do what will be good for the Senate,” she said.

Reelectionist Sen. Gregorio Honasan said any change in the Senate leadership would hinge on the strength of the LP coalition after the polls.

“Everything is up in the air. That would depend if the administration coalition will hold,” Honasan told reporters.

Honasan said he hoped Enrile is able to hold on to his post so the Senate would remain independent.

Honasan claimed not to have heard of any plot to remove Enrile, adding that it would not be good to talk about such matters so early into the campaign.—Leila B. Salaverria and Norman Bordadora

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  • catmanjohn

    UNA is cracking Up… at this rate, as their bribes, lies, and cheating are exposed, they will be a basket case by May. All will be well again in the Philippines.

  • farmerpo

     ‘UNA sees cracks in Team PNoy over Senate leadership’

    If this banner is a fair representation of Nancy Binay as UNA, or UNA is Nancy Binay, Team Pnoy will win pants down ,..hands down pala…:-}

  • mon key

    just because not every one in the ad is NOT WEARING YELLOW . . . binay sees cracks in the other party? is this how a senate candidate think? maluoy unta ang itom nga mga dwende ani niya!

    • magiting78

      I see also crack on UNA they are not all black like Inday Binay…lolz

  • brunogiordano

    “Reelectionist Sen. Gregorio Honasan said any change in the Senate leadership would hinge on the strength of the LP coalition after the polls.”


    DAHIL si HONASAN ay hindi na BABALIK sa SENADO pagkatapos ng ELECTION.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/TI55XLCNTWAACFSQMEP3AOSHPA Mita

    As long as anyone named Enrile, Estrada/Ejercito, Binay, &  Honasan are in public office, good governance will be difficult to achieve.  These greedy politicians & their dynasties are huge stumbling blocks in our country’s anti-corruption campaign  Vote wisely to erase them from PH politics forever.  No to United Nakaw Alliance!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QG4SHTGRIE6Z27Z47FAOABS2FY PEDRO

      Sana lahat ng Filipino tulad mo Maam

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    buhay pa kaya ang amoy lupa na si enrile after may election?

  • mabyrik

    I hate a salesman (of course I will not buy his product)  who tells nothing but the faults of his competitors rather than explain to me why I should buy his. By doing so, that salesman is actually and discreetly telling me that his product is of a very poor quality and has to resort to backstabbing to notice his product.

    I mentioned this metaphor to 2 pastors who were trying to lure me (INC and another I forgot already) to join their congregations and they ended up embarrassed never to bother me again.

    It appears that UNA is employing the same tack, perhaps, aware that its candidates are of very poor quality and its leaderships corrupt to the core hoping that by telling negatives against its opponents, the voters will choose them instead.

    Well, UNA sucks that’s why it tactic is not working. They have to convince the voters that it is not an organization populated by the who’s who in corruption. 

    But who does not know that Binay was a corrupt mayor of makati who became billionaire just by being a mayor, that Erap was a convicted plunderer who was kicked out from Malacanang for corruption and Enrile who became richer as a ML implementor.

    Erap has to thank GMA for being so corrupt that he looks like a saint when sitting side by side with GMA.

    And who does not know a GMA bootlicker named Mitos, or a coup-plotter named honasan, or a cheater called Zubiri. Will the children of these 3 corrupt UNA leaders named JV, nancy and Jackie be different? Impossibe.

    UNA will not tell us that its candidates are the best for it is is aware that the opposite is true and has to throw mud to be relevant. Expect more of the same in the next weeks until election.

  • LegalJustice

    Its much better for Juan Ponce Enrile to resign due to his health issue than wait being ousted.

    At least its wil be a GRACEFUL EXIT.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/I6XXLO4X6TJFZHKLP3GQMDILI4 MOTO

    UNAng Una sa kabalustugan! Unang una sa NAKAWAN! Unang Una sa PAGSISINUNGALING!


    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

       Go team Malaysia (AKA Team PNOY)

    • magiting78

      Ibasura both UNA and LP go independent candidates vote straight..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut

    HONASAN- BE YOUR OWN MAN. Stand alone! sayang ang talino mo. 

    • Adri Tion

      Onasan, like Enrile, and Estrada are cancer to Philippine Society!

  • corey guiao _ yahoo.com

    With Drilon and the team Pinoy senators in the senate, the senate will be sunud – sunuran to the president. That is what Pinoy wants, to dictate upon the three branches of govt. the congress is now under him, but because there is no genuine opposition nobody is saying or even doing something about this control of the president.

    • Adri Tion

      It’s better to have sunud-sunuran na honest politician than hindi sunud sunuran na magnanakawa naman tulad nina Marcos, GMA, Estrada, Enrile, Onasan…  Mabuhay ang Team Noy-Noy!

  • KenKhoy

    between una & lp, …………….i`ll go for the “independents”………

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_VHBTJ3OTFJ5P76SEXFKD2F265M neil

      let’s try FALCONE…

    • Adri Tion

      Come on be sensible. . . It’s better for the Philippines and our future (children and grand-children) to support NoyNoy’s team and party@ 

      • magiting78

        Support NoyNoy?…look at the candidates he supported, all of them if not belong to dynasties, belong to Trapos and corrupt…

      • KenKhoy

        andri that’s your choice………………………….. tired of same “messianic” family names…………….. if we fail this time…… this county will go tot he dogs……. and we deserve what wish for……

    • magiting78

      Go 12 independent candidates straight vote…No to LP and UNA both corrupt and belongs to dynasties, and Trapo

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    crack lang yan, kayo unang nabasag…tseh

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Ang babaw ng kwentuhan. Buhay showbiz talaga.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/FQQPZLNOMD2EBFTHSWOP6QGZWY Marshall

    magkano kaya ibinayad ni Inday para sa walang kalatoy-latoy na article na to..BWISET  !!!

  • louie

    Enough of Enrile and Drilon as senate president. The next congress should push and uphold a new era of leadership among their ranks.

    • Adri Tion

      Go for Drilon and the Liberal Party of NoyNoy. And yes, enough for Enrile who is one of the cancer in Philippine Society.

      • louie

        well, as much as i support the president’s agenda for anti corrption, it wont help that senate will be a lapdog of the liberal party. balance is the key. as we can see, this admin also needs some fiscalizing.

      • observer1356

         to which, UNA is not the answer…

      • louie

        of course, as you we all should know there are 33 senatoriables to choose from.

  • Ajuoy

    UNA-hin ibagsak si Nancy Binay para mahinto ang Presidential ambition ni Daddy maligno nya. Enrile & Erap are not much of a threat than the demon Binay. All of us can not post comments here anymore when Binay is Pres. Martial law in disguise.

  • Dy Pailad

    Looks like you are familiar with cracks, di ba yan ang slang ng cocaine?  Ilan ba sa UNA ang nagkakacrack Toby? 

  • jseesus

    Ungasan, Hanggang ngayon ba “boy” ka pa rin ni enrile. sabagay dati ka naman na utusan ng mga enrile, hanggang sa senado sunod sunuran ka pa rin. cguro dahil bobo ka at kailangan mong may ibang tao na magisip para sa iyo. yang mga kagaya mo kung di mo kaya tumayo sa sariling mong paa. dun ka na lang sa baranggay tanod mag silbi. pweeeeheeeee

  • disqusted0fu

    If the Aquino administration takes over the Senate with their ally, it will be game over for the PH. The administration will have the Congress by the grasp of their hands just like they have the judiciary with the installation of CJ Sereno in the Supreme Court. They will have the 3 branches of government under their control and then things can be manipulated to Pnoy’s way. That can’t be good for the PH.

    • catmanjohn

      or maybe it will be good for the PH to move in one direction, that is far as possible from UNA’s governance which has been characterized by graft, corruption, nepotism, and every malice one could think of that keeps the PH in a backward state. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/QG4SHTGRIE6Z27Z47FAOABS2FY PEDRO

      Ang sagot ng Madre ng tinanong ko nong bata pa ako. “Sister, Paano makilala ang isang tao kung anong klase siyang tao pag hindi natin siya gaano kakilala? Ang sagot ng Madre, Doon mo siya makilala kung sino yong mga KAIBIGAN niya. “Tell me who your friends are & I tell you who you are” 12-0  for the Better Philippines.    

      • Adri Tion

        Go for Team NoyNoy!

    • Adri Tion

      He (NoyNoy) is the best choice. . . just review the history of other candidates who openly robbed and cheated the Filipinos for all the past years while they were in office.

    • rommel joseph

      Pure speculation and no basis!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

      Maraming mawi wheelchair kung ganon!

  • Gloria_UNArroyo

    Maingay na agad ang dakilang alalay na si Nancy Binay. Problema nga lang walang sense ang sinasabi. Wag na paramihin ang mga maingay na lata sa Senado.

  • jgl414567

    Nancy binay is just a daughter of a corrupt trapo politician that is her biggest credential!

  • mari suli

    The tie that binds ,ang gandang pakinggan.Empty rhetoric na naman ni Nancy.The tie that binds UNA is pagnanakaw,pambabae.pagkudeta,pandaraya.

  • anton kinuton


  • Guest

    Kayo ngang mga Estrada ang nasa likod ng mga black propaganda ni Chiz,
    don’t deny it dahil buking na kayo mga plunder!

  • Guest

    Kaya ng if Erap will be elected as mayor of manila, mamamayag ang
    illegal gambling sa Manila.

    • Adri Tion

      If not for NoyNoy, erap might have been the current president which will continue to erode Philippine confidence and the Philippines the laughing stock of other nations.  When will the Filipinos learn. . . let’s start thinking of the future of our children and grand-children and not our own personal interest and emotions.

  • pipsirho

    “At the end of the day, the senators will do what will be good for the Senate,” NANCY BINAY said. Nancy, Juan Ponce Enrile GAVE AWAY SAVINGS of the SENATE like it was his own money, and gave it to SELECT SENATORS ONLY!!

    Is this the “GOOD FOR THE SENATE” you were referring to???? You are STARTING to SOUND like Mitos Magsaysay with her NONSENSICAL statements!!!

    • observer1356

       para naman may masabi si Nancy.. ikaw naman Pips.. binuking mo naman agad…

  • Adri Tion

    It’s about time for the real Filipinos to stand up for what is right for the future of our children and grand-children.  Let’s join with the President in his campaign to remove corruption.  Marami ang cancer sa lipunan ng Pilipinas, though it will take at least 10 terms for a Noy-Noy to change the current trend in our society, let’s all join in with what he has started and help him slowly remove the cancer in Philippine Society (i.e. Marcosses, GMAs, Estradas, Enriles, Onasans) so he can start to clean up at least the government.  Corruption is still so rampant. . .  from the local government all the way up to Malacanan.  He need more honest supporters to help him slowly eradicate this plague!  

  • gikiness

    UNA, Mangunguna sa NAKAWAN!!!

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

       Go Team Malaysia kaya nating maka 12 – 0 sayang nawala si Macky di bale anjan naman ung mind conditioning natin na SWS at false Asia, anjan pa si Padaca at Brillantes. Syempre kumpleto tayo ng resources atin ung kaban ng Pilipinas pati Malaysia naka suporta satin. Go Team Malaysia (Team PNOY)

      • gikiness

        Team Magnanakaw with the guidance of 3 kings, Estrada, Enrile at Binay

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4RLENCX7D5QB7BPFJFBENEPZNE rage b.

    NO nO NO to enrile sana resign ka na too much na No to UNA

  • rommel joseph

    Why doesn’t UNA focus more on their chances of winning senatorial seats than harping on the issue of who will become  the next Senate President? Am sure, with just three senatorial candidates winning, a blame game would ensue after the elections and UNA will forever disintegrate.

  • gikiness

    UNA, una sa KOTONGAN

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    dumali na naman etong anak ni Kurap Binay, eh angkan kayo ng kurap dyan

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Ano pa kaya ang gustong patunayan ni Lolong Johnny? Bakit pa kaya ayaw niyang magretiro sa pulitika? May ikinatatakot kaya siya na baka matulad siya kay Ailing Gloria? E, napakatanda na niya para maglingkod ng tapat sa bayan, kuno! Makipaglaro na lang siya sa kanyang mga apo. Tutal wala na yung mahal niyang kalaro na chief of staff… Iniwan siya. Kaya naging masakitin si Lolong Johnny. Si Lolong namatay na. Kailan naman kaya si Lolong Johnny….. magreretiro?

  • KonsensyaNgBayan

    Internal Serious Problem . Ang mga Tan G A na Senatorial candidates naman ng UNA ay hindi pa nakakahalata, na kung bakit apat lang ang pumapasok sa mga survey. Pondo ng UNA ay nakalaan na! sa mga anak ng 3 hari sila`y ma-uUNA!!…Kaya kung kayo`y walang dugo ng 3 hari perang inilaan ay walang pupuntahan. At isang araw kayo`y mabubulok at makakalimutan ng mga taong bayan. Paalam na lang at sana`y magising at makapag-bagong buhay!!!

  • epros

    Look who is talking?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Alin si Team Pinoy? yang Presidente na yan na pag may kalamidad ay napipilitan lang pumunta? Ano ang nagawa nya sa mahihirap aber? Magaling lang magbintang!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Mula ng umupong Presidente si PNOY ang dating mas mahirap na Thailand at Indonesia nilampaso na economy natin. Naiwan na Pilipinas. Yan ba ang magaling na Presidente? Noong magka oil spill sa La Union , yung mga tao doon ang matiyagang nagaalis ng oil spill. Dapat ipinadala nya mga sundalo para tulungan yung mga mamamayan. Noong bumaha sa Compostela o di bat namalimos yung mga biktima? Wala kasing inaasikaso kundi magbintang sa kalaban kaya ayun yung biktima ng baha, nagsipagpalimos.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Si PNOY na ayaw daw sa corrupt pero yung lagi nyang sinasabing corrupt na si Villar ngayon kapartodo pa nya. Yung tao nya na may kaso ng pagnanskaw piniyansahan pa niya. Yan ba ang ayaw sa corrupt. AYAW SA CORRUPT KUNG KALABAN PERO KUNG KASAMAHAN NYA PWEDE NAMAN NA CORRUPT! ABA! DOUBLE STANDARD!

  • bongarroyo

    ‘kay mitos magsaysay tuloy ang buhay-buhay’

  • Concur_Dissent

    Looking for “cracks” in Team Pnoy will not win seats in the senate for UNA… They should start telling the people how UNA will contribute to the development of the country…   Wasting time and resources just to explain why and how enrile will hold on to his job after May do not help their cause to win seats….

    UNA should at least try to do their darnest best to keep BINAY (an interloper like her dad who has not held any worthwhile job in her life), Estrada (a scion of the Philippines first ever convicted plunderer) and Enrile (who is even worst than his philandering dad) from falling off the top 12 contenders…..

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Wow Pare! Si Nancy Binay parang totoo. Kung magsalita parang antigong pulitiko samantalang dakilang alalay lang siya ng kanyang mga magulang at pangalan Binay ang kwalipikasyon, mantakin mong ang kapal din naman nag-ambisyon ng maging senadora. Kasi naman yan ang napagkasunduan ng 3 Kingkoys kaya nila itinatag ang UNA para maging senador ang kanilang mga anak… Team PUNA, ang dapat itawag sa kanila. Wala ng ginawa kundi punahin ang administrasyon. Bakit hindi nila ilatag ang kanilang plataporma at para makita ng taumbayan? Dahil wala silang ilalatag na plataporma. Ang gusto lang nila ay kapangyarihan… Nakakatakot ang senaryu kapag itong mga UNA ang manalo. Itong si Lolong Johnny baka pudpurin na ng husto ang mga punong-kahoy sa ating kabundukan. Si Binay naman gagamitan ng kapangyarihan ng maligno para lalong siyang yumaman. Lalo na si Erap syempre binigyan siya ng pardon ni Ailing Gloria kaya bilang ganti ng utang loob sa kapwa kurap ay palalayain nila si Ailing Gloria at presto balik sa pagpi-fiesta ang mga kampon ng kadiliman sa pera ng bayan… Back to zero na naman ang bayan…

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