SWS, Pulse Asia asked to reveal poll survey subscribers


MANILA, Philippines–Do subscribers of poll surveys have anything to do with the results of the surveys on prospective winners in the May 13 senatorial election?

The campaign manager of the United Nationalist Alliance wants both the Social Weather Stations and Pulse Asia to disclose all subscribers to their respective surveys, citing a Commission on Elections regulation.

Rep. Toby Tiangco made the call after UNA candidates’ ranking in the Magic 12 began falling, a development UNA fears might influence voters. But Tiangco said he simply wanted pollsters to abide by the Comelec rule requiring public disclosure of subscribers whenever results were published.

In a letter dated Feb. 28, Tiangco formally asked SWS President Mahar Mangahas to divulge “the identity of the persons who paid for the said survey as well as all those who subscribed to it.”

The letter came shortly after the SWS came out with the results of its Feb. 15-17 survey showing only three UNA candidates–Nancy Binay (7th), Rep. JV Ejercito (9th to 10th), and ex-Rep. Juan Miguel Zubiri (11th to 12th)–in the winning circle.

In his reply on March 4, Mangahas said the “published portion of the SWS survey of February 15-17, 2013 consisted only of the national findings regarding one question on voters’ preference for senatorial candidates in the coming 2013 election.”

“The relevant question item was asked on SWS’ own account, and was specifically for public disclosure,” Mangahas wrote. “It was not commissioned or paid for by anyone. No SWS subscriber directed SWS to ask the question.”

Tiangco noted that UNA suffered a beating in the February SWS survey after he decided not to subscribe anymore.

He said UNA earlier subscribed based on SWS’ Oct. 31, 2012 proposal that would cost the coalition P1 million for each of the “six survey rounds” (November 2012, January 2013, February 2013, March 2013, April 2013, and May 2013).

But in another letter dated Nov. 14, SWS raised the rate from P1 million to P1.9 million to be paid “before the start of each survey round.”

Tiangco furnished the Philippine Daily Inquirer copies of the SWS proposals, including his exchange of letters with the SWS.

“This is to confirm our understanding that you are contributing to the fund Social Weather Stations to conduct the SWS Pre-Election Surveys,” Mangahas wrote Tiangco.

When he said UNA could not afford the price adjustment and would no longer subscribe, Tiangco said he was told that the SWS was willing to revert to the original rate.

“What kind of negotiation was that?” he said. “First, they said it was P1 million, then they raised it to P1.9 million. And when I decided not to subscribe anymore, they said they could go back to the original price.”

Tiangco refused to make any direct connection between his decision not to subscribe any more to the SWS with the result of the February SWS survey.

“That’s why I want them to disclose who their subscribers are and we’ll leave it to the public to judge for themselves,” he said.

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  • deltamike

    dapat i-ban ng comelec yang survey na me kinalaman sa election. you see, meron palang ganun kalaking subscription fee pag magpasurvey ka. tapos ang mas nakaka alarma, from 1million, it went up to 1.9. tapos nung tumanggi, bumalik sa 1million? sa pagkakaalam ko ang sws eh non-profit? tama ba ako? if that is the case, then how come me negotiation na ganun ka grabe? kung ang increase at revert back to original eh 10 to 20 percent lang, medyo kapanipaniwala. pero from 1million to 1.9 million… aba chairman brillantes, baka pwedeng paki check at baka mas mahal pa sa brillante ang kinita dito na ang resulta lang naman eh mind conditioning.

    • bbguevara

      Since time immemorial survey results are always bad if it goes against your expectation. So if it happens , suck it up.

    • ernievictory

      ‘langya talaga yang UNA mo. pag talo sa survey , dinaya ! Hindi pa tunay na eleksyon result ito , dinaya na ! bwa ha ha

  • richard ortega

    UNA sa pagnanakaw, UNA sa pandaraya, UNA sa kalokohan…. toby kausapin mo na lang si thief justice at ang fake president.

    • Palku Kha

      kausapin mo rin ang abnoy mong presidente na kagaya mong yellow ang utak! bwahahaha!!!!

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

        mas piliin ko ang abnoy kaysa magnanakaw ng kaban ng bayad atska exconvict

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/R7LUSFMM7L3MR7TV6CRFPCALAQ Augusto

        I think the COMELEC cannot ban or prohibit election surveys, because the Supreme Court had already rendered a ruling declaring Sec.5.4 of R.A. No. 9006 (Fair Election Law) and Sec 24(h) of COMELEC Resolution 3636, dated March 1, 2001, as unconstitutional.
        The ruling says in part, “To summarize then, we hold that Sec. 5.4 is invalid because (1) it imposes a prior restraint on the freedom of expression, (2) it is a direct and total suppression of a category of expression even though such suppression is only for a limited period, and (3) the governmental interest sought to be promoted can be achieved by means other than the suppression of freedom of expression.”

        Please revisit [G. R. No. 147571, MAY 5, 2001]  


        Sorry, to mave, this is in reply to deltamike

      • 33Sambuang2

        corrrect para umayos pa uli ang gobyerno natin. pag naluklok na naman ang mga magnanakaw, laking problema na naman ng bayan natin to. tong mga rah rah boys na to mga bayaran. pwehhhhhh

      • 33Sambuang2

        ganun ba so ano yang utak mo utak una or utak ebak?

    • herokiller

      Die hard dilaw. tsk. tsk. Balance in the government should be pushed not for a puppet congress, a puppet judiciary, and also a puppet senate.

      • 33Sambuang2

        if there should be a puppet it should be you. you are the puppet of the evil candidates whose only aim in to enrich themselves. sons of philanderers, killers and theives. SHAME ON YOU

      • herokiller

        hahaha. SHAME ON YOU TOO! It seems that you didn’t understand my blog. I said I want a balance government. Alam mo ba ibig sabihin ng balance government ? xD hahahaha. the way you comprehend and comment on my blog makes you stupid. Hindi pwedeng straight win sa Team PNOy at mas lalong hindi straight win sa UNA. ^_^ Pwede na siguro 6 from Team PNoy and 6 from UNA or 7 from Team PNoy and 5 from UNA. Basta hindi straight win from any of the parties. Sana maintindihan mo na. ^_^

  • mekeni62

    this only proves that these two survey firms can manipulate survey results at the right price. Talk about credibility.

    • OFW28

      So what if they can manipulate the survey? Businessmen are paying for it because they are very confident on the current administration.  Yes to Team Pnoy.
      The election result was manipulated before, remember the 2004 and 2007 election.  If the election results can be manipulated what more on the survey? HUCOS PCOS get it? yes to TEAM PNOYTEAM PNOY = PROGRESS11-1 =  MORE PROGRESSDon’t allow the UNA to ruin our country!!!Yes to PM Benigno S. Aquino III in 2016!!!

      • boldyak

        what progress?…being bullied by others?…is it a progress?…

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

        hindi un bulliying…paalala un na hindi tularan ang AMO mong magnanakaw..

      • herokiller

        hehehehe. hindi ba pang bubully yung maninisi ng iba kapag hindi nagagampanan ng maayos ang tungkulin ? sasabihin na pamana ni ganito, gawa ni ganito etc. :)) he should lessen his tirades on the past administration or on other personalities. he should just do his job and stop commenting on every issues happening in this country.

      • 33Sambuang2

        and it is true. minana lang nya ang problema from your idol gloriang pandak magnanakaw. ngayon na naiayos ang economy ng pinas dakdak naman kayo ng dakdak. gusto nyo kasi ang susunod na mga senador e magnanakaw din tulad ng amo mo. ugok

      • herokiller

        Ooops. I’m not Pro-Arroyo nor Pro-Aquino nor Pro-Erap. ^_^ Sinasabi ko lang po ang mga nakikita kong maling ginagawa niya. Kahit kalkalin niyo pa ang aking profile at basahin niyo lahat ng mga komento ko. I never sided for Arroyo. and nasabi ko nga sa isang komento ko, i want a BALANCE GOVERNMENT, not a government which is a puppet of the President. I know that Pres. Aquino is an intellectual person but the persons surrounding him makes him look bad. They give him wrong informations, wrong advises, etc.

      • OFW28

        And who is bullying us? 

        maybe you are being bullied by your rich neighbor because they know that you are nothing but a rat. Better work for your future or your family’s future don’t waste your time doing non-sense comment here in PDI. Just make a life boy! wake-up and start fixing your terrible life.

      • mekeni62

        what a stupid moron you are.

      • OFW28

        angtangamo TIGLAO DORONILLA! this is not moronism, I’m just getting real that election results & survey can be manipulated. 

        If the past admin manipulated the election in 2004 & 2007, current admin can do it also this time, so that not to allow those UNArroyo!

        FOI = PROGRESS

        I hope that one brave senator from TEAM PNOY will propose amendment to the eVAT LAW, 

        YES TO 20-25% VAT!!! 

      • mekeni62

        so repeating the sins of the past is ok with you bugok!!

      • OFW28

        It is better to manipulate the results than UNA win.

        I’m PRO-PROGRESS! NO to UNArroyo
        Get it?

      • 33Sambuang2

        ngayon lang ako nag agree sa yo kasi hindi kaestupiduhan ang sinasabi mo. 

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/ZNY7QZZDDBH4EBGB5ZS4IOUATE mave

      Subok na yong survey na yan specialy noong 2010 election…

  • Janch

    Tiangco was interviewed on ANC on this.  He had no problem with the results of the first round of SWS survey.  That was when it showed UNA candidates had a good showing in the survey.  But when the results of the second survey round showed the LP taking most of the 12 top slots, he suddenly insinuates that the SWS survey results is incredible and manipulated in favor of those who subscribed to the survey.  

    Anyway, let’s support his call to have those subscribers disclosed.  

    • herokiller

      Dapat wala na talaga yang mga survey na yan. 

      • luzviminda88

        Sila na ang magpasurvey at tingnan natin kung makuha nila ang 8-4 o 9-3 dito natin malaman kung talagang nababayaran.

      • herokiller

        Ma’am Luzviminda88, dapat totally i-ban na ang pagsasagawa ng survey during campaign/election period. Mind conditioning lang ang nangyayari kapag may surveys na nilalabas. Taong bayan ang nabibiktima ng ganitong pamamaraan ng pamumulitika. Imbes na magisip ang mga botante, nakikiuso or bandwagon nalang ang nangyayari. Kahit UNA pa or LP ang nangunguna sa survey, wala ako pakialam. I’m not rooting for a straight LP nor a straight UNA win.

  • rodben

    These SWS AND PULSE ASIA money maker paid survey are the one giving a big chance to the dirty politicians to CHEAT IN ACTUAL ELECTIONS…..If supposed I am candidate always top in every result of survey because I pay more that they ask….does Filipino people believe if i’ll cheat in actual voting just to win?…thats why during Marcos don’t allowed any survey….and they are also manipulate the election on 1986 with elite backers just to win Cory even the real winner is Macoy and I am also one of the innocent Pinoy who believe that Cory is the winner……Mr.Tiangco  now tilling the truth….always opposition has very limited resources than administration candidates in Pinas history…..I have always a comment DON’T TRUST IN ANY SURVEY TRUST YOURSELF IN VOTING A RIGHT CANDIDATES BASED ON YOUR CONSCIENCE….MGA KABAYAN IN PINAS MABUHAY KYO..

    • bbguevara

      I trust SWS and PULSE ASIA results anytime, than UNA’s spokesman Tiangco. In fact thats one of the biggest mistake of UNA, appointing Tiangco as its spokesman.

    • luzviminda88

      Why not venture next election period and pay SWS and Pulse Asia and let the whole world knew if you win by always topping the survey for paying it. Nababayaran ang survey pwe. Talo lang kayo kaya puro palusot. Kung pwede yan di bayaran din ng UNA ang SWS and Pulse Asia super rich naman sina Erap., lolong Enrile at kurakot Binay para tingnan kung totoo yang batikos mo

  • divictes

    In 2010, Mar Roxas topped all surveys for VP…but somebody forgot to inform the voters.

    • luzviminda88

      And I recall that nobody complained about the survey when he lost miserably. Am I not right?

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    No one would be stupid enough to believe that SWS and Pulse Asia are doing the surveys for free. Gathering answers from survey respondents with stratified sampling across the archipelago costs money. That’s assuming these survey companies really did go out to the field to gather answers from respondents. At 1,200 or 1,800 respondents, that’s still going to cost money. The senators and UNA are not without options. They can pass a law requiring survey companies to be fully transparent with their data, subscribers and paying clients. Enrile’s friends in AMLC can always trace the accounts of the survey company owners to check where the money’s coming from.

    • luzviminda88

      yes especially if you’re on the side of the losing party. he he he but if you’re on the winning side then it’s okay. Bayarang mentality

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    Section 5 of the Fair Election Act reads:

    Sec. 5. Election Surveys. –

    5.1. Election surveys refer to the measurement of opinions and perceptions of the voters as regards a candidate’s popularity, qualifications, platforms or a matter of public discussion in relation to the election, including voters’ preference for candidates or publicly discussed issues during the campaign period (hereafter referred to as “Survey”).

    5.2. During the election period, any person, natural as well as juridical, candidate or organization who publishes a survey must likewise publish the following information:

    (a) The name of the person, candidate, party or organization who commissioned or paid for the

    (b) The name of the person, polling firm or survey organization who conducted the survey;

    (c) The period during which the survey was conducted, the methodology used, including the number of individual respondents and the areas from which they were selected, and the specific questions asked;

    (d) The margin of error of the survey;

    (e) For each question for which the margin of error is greater than that reported under paragraph (d), the margin of error for that question; and

    (f) A mailing address and telephone number, indicating it as an address or telephone number at which the sponsor can be contacted to obtain a written report regarding the survey in accordance with Subsection 5.3.

    5.3. The survey together with raw data gathered to support its conclusions shall be available for inspection, copying and verification by the COMELEC or by a registered political party or a bona fide candidate, or by any COMELEC-accredited citizen’s arm. A reasonable fee sufficient to cover the costs of inspection, copying and verification may be charged.

    5.4. Surveys affecting national candidates shall not be published fifteen (15) days before an election and surveys affecting local candidates shall not be published seven (7) days before an election.

    5.5. Exit polls may only be taken subject to the following requirements:

    (a) Pollsters shall not conduct their surveys within fifty (50) meters from the poling place, whether said survey is taken in a home, dwelling place and other places;

    (b) Pollsters shall wear distinctive clothing;

    (c) Pollsters shall inform the voters that they may refuse to answer; and

    (d) The result of the exit polls may be announced after the closing of the polls on election day, and must clearly identify the total number of respondents, and the places where they were taken. Said announcement shall state that the same is unofficial and does not represent a trend.

  • maysayako

    UNA sa corruption! DO NOT VOTE bading honasan, anido killer enrile, bunga ng imoralidad ejercito, mukhang katulong binay, mitos baboy magsaysay. wag niyo na ring iboto si political pok pok legarda, beki escudero, pulpol cayetano at trillanes!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BFQWTB3Z6DK76IWGHUMC4NO5JY Isang Pilipino

    Ay naku Toby! Sabihin mo kay Binay na i-reveal din niya at ng UNA ang mga survey na pinakomisyon nila para makita ng lahat kung bakit naging topnotcher ang mga inutil na anak ng tatlong hari ng kasakiman at korupsyon. Pagtalo sila reklamo kaagad. Kung magaling talaga ang mga anak ng Tatlong Nakakadiring Hari ng UNA, huwag silang mabahala sa mga survey tutal labas pa rin si cute Nancy at si tabang buteteng JV. Hindi lang nila madoktor ang resulta ng survey na palabasing panalo si Jackie the Killer dahil sa puro bulilyaso ng tatay niya!

  • 33Sambuang2

    tobianong bugok manahimik ka na. di mananalo yang mga kandidato mo kasi alam ng bayan kung gaano sila ka corrupt. magnanakaw, mamamatay tao. babaero, lasenggero. anak sa labas gustong maging senador para mas madagdagan ang kurakot nila. pweh

  • 33Sambuang2


  • Jerahmeel Libre

    if you want to get high end results then you pay high, but if you want a low end results don not pay. what you wanted you would get unless you did not pay.

    • Janch

      Does this mean only Binay, Estrada, Enrile and Honasan are paying the pollsters?

  • Philcruz

    Let’s assume there are no more surveys..no more results…ever from survey firms. Then UNA says their own personal surveys show they are winning. Then PNoy Team says their own survey shows them winning. Whom do you believe?

    And what if one party does its dagdag-bawas magic again? How will we be alerted if there were no pre-election survey ratings trend to look back to?

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_E3CE56OQVPC4RPYD2NR4VD3SUE Bert

      but comelec and pnoy said there’s no more dagdag-bawas under pcos machine automated voting, right? so what are surveys for?

  • JasonBieber

    It is very hard to trust these survey’s because it’s hard to know who is really behind them and who are the people that are being surveyed.

    Actually even the actual elections will be hard to trust because the Comelec has not done much to resolve the issues with the PCOS machines…plus PNoy keeps trying to appoint shady individuals to the Comelec.

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