Black smoke from chapel chimney: No pope yet



Black smoke emerges from the chimney on the roof of the Sistine Chapel, in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican, Tuesday, March 12, 2013. AP PHOTO/DMITRY LOVETSKY

VATICAN CITY—Black smoke poured from the Sistine Chapel chimney on Tuesday, signaling that cardinals had failed on their first vote of the papal conclave to choose a new leader for the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and their troubled church.

Surrounded by Michelangelo’s imposing frescos imagining the beginning and the end of the world, cardinals locked themselves into the chapel following a final appeal for unity to heal the divisions that have been exposed by Pope Benedict XVI’s shocking resignation and revelations of corruption and mismanagement in the Vatican bureaucracy.

Led by prelates holding a crucifix and candles, the 115 scarlet-robed prelates chanted the Litany of Saints, the hypnotic Gregorian chant imploring the intercession of the saints to guide their voting, before the master of liturgical ceremonies intoned “Extra omnes” or “all out” and closed the heavy wooden doors.

Outside, thousands of people braved cold night rain and packed St. Peter’s Square, eyes fixed on the narrow chimney poking out of the Sistine Chapel roof. They were rewarded some three hours after the conclave began when thick black smoke billowed out of the chimney, signaling that no pope had been elected.

The cardinals now return to the Vatican hotel for the night and resume voting Wednesday morning.

Benedict XVI’s surprise resignation has thrown the Church into turmoil and exposed deep divisions among cardinals grappling with whether they need a manager to clean up the Vatican’s dysfunctional bureaucracy or a pastor who can inspire Catholics at a time of waning faith and growing secularism.

The leading contenders for pope have fallen into one of the two camps, with Cardinal Angelo Scola, seen as favored by those hoping to shake up the powerful Vatican bureaucracy, and Brazilian Cardinal Odilo Scherer, favored by Vatican-based insiders who have defended the status quo. Other names included Canadian Cardinal Marc Ouellet, who heads the Vatican’s powerful office for bishops, and US Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the exuberant archbishop of New York.

Appeal for unity

In a final appeal before the conclave began, the dean of the College of Cardinals, retired Cardinal Angelo Sodano, urged unity within the Church, asking the cardinal electors to put their differences aside for the good of the Church and the future pope.

“Each of us is therefore called to cooperate with the Successor of Peter, the visible foundation of such an ecclesial unity,” Sodano said. He said the job of pope is to be merciful, charitable and “tirelessly promote justice and peace.”

He was interrupted by applause from the pews—not so much from the cardinals—when he referred to the “beloved and venerated” Benedict XVI and his “brilliant” pontificate.

Sitting in the front row was Benedict’s longtime aide, Archbishop Georg Gaenswein, who reported that Benedict was watching the proceedings from the papal residence in Castel Gandolfo, according to a Vatican spokesman the Rev. Thomas Rosica.

For over a week, the cardinals have met behind closed doors to try to figure out who among them has the stuff to be pope and what his priorities should be. But they ended the debate on Monday with questions still unanswered, and many cardinals predicting a drawn-out election that will further expose the church’s divisions. The conclave proceeds in silence, with no formal debate, behind closed doors.

Vatican-based cardinals challenged

During the discussions, Vatican-based cardinals defended their administration against complaints that they have been indifferent to the needs of cardinals in the field. At one point on Monday, the Brazilian head of one Vatican office reportedly drew applause for challenging the Vatican No. 2, who has been blamed for most of the bureaucracy’s administrative failings.

“Let us pray for the cardinals who are to elect the Roman pontiff,” read one of the prayers during the Mass. “May the Lord fill them with his Holy Spirit with understanding and good counsel, wisdom and discernment.”

In his final radio address before being sequestered, Dolan on Tuesday said a certain calm had taken hold over him, as if “this gentle Roman rain is a sign of the grace of the Holy Spirit coming upon us.”

He said he at least felt more settled about the task at hand. “And there’s a sense of resignation and conformity with God’s plan. It’s magnificent,” he said during his regular radio show on SiriusXM’s Catholic Channel.

One of the pilgrims in the crowds Tuesday alluded to the challenges facing the Church.

“It’s a moment of crisis for the Church, so we have to show support of the new pope,” said Veronica Herrera, a real estate agent from Mexico who traveled to Rome for the conclave with her husband and daughter.

Yet the mood was not entirely somber.

A group of women who say they are priests launched pink smoke from a balcony overlooking the square to demand female ordination—a play on the famous smoke signals that will tell the world whether a pope has been elected. Two topless activists from Femen were dragged away from the edge of St. Peter’s Square by police. Femen activists have previously protested the Vatican’s opposition to gay marriage.

Rodman to campaign for Turkson

And in a bizarre twist, basketball star Dennis Rodman promised to be in St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday in a makeshift popemobile as he campaigns for Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana to become the Church’s first black pope.

None of the cardinals will see it, since they will be sequestered inside the Vatican walls. They are allowed to travel only from the Vatican hotel through the gardens to the Sistine Chapel and back until they have elected a pope. No telephones, no newspapers, no television, no tweeting.

The focus of the ritual is on the Sistine Chapel, the Michelangelo masterwork painted over the course of nearly 30 years starting in 1508, so astonishing Pope John Paul II that he called it “the sanctuary of the theology of the body.”

The most famous frescoes are “Creation” is a series of nine frescos running the length of the ceiling, the most well-known of which is the “Creation of Adam,” showing God and Adam, their fingers reaching out to one another. “The Last Judgment” fresco behind the altar depicts a muscular Jesus surrounded by naked masses ascending to heaven and falling to hell.

Benedict, the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, once wrote that the images of the beginning and the end of creation weighed on him when he was an elector in the 1978 conclave that brought John Paul to the papacy.

“I know well how we were exposed to those images in the hour of the important decisions, how they challenged us and how they instilled in our souls the greatness of our responsibility,” Ratzinger said in 2003, at the presentation of a book of poetry by John Paul about the Sistine frescoes.

Room of Tears

While few people expect a pontiff to be elected on the first ballot, the Vatican was ready: In the Room of Tears off the Sistine Chapel, three sizes of white cassocks hung from a clothes rack. Underneath, seven white shoe boxes were piled, presumably containing the various sizes of the red leather shoes that popes traditionally wear. The room gets its name from the weight of the job thrust upon the new pontiff.

The papal tailor Gammarelli delivered the clothes on Monday to ensure that the newly elected pope could change immediately into papal white as soon as he accepts the election. With the words “Habemus Papam” — or “We have a pope” — the pontiff then appears on the balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica to greet the crowd.

But with so much uncertainty and upheaval going into the conclave, even the American cardinals couldn’t agree on whether to expect a short or long conclave.

Cardinal Dolan this week publicly expressed optimism that the election would be wrapped up quickly. And on the eve of the conclave, he wrote a letter to New York priests, saying: “My guess is that we’d have a new Successor of St. Peter by Thursday evening,” according to Dolan’s spokesman, Joseph Zwilling.

That bullish stance stood in stark contrast with the view of Chicago Cardinal Francis George: His spokeswoman, Colleen Dolan, told The Associated Press that the cardinal suggested it could be a long affair. George raised the possibility that the cardinals may still be meeting by Saturday, when conclave rules require the cardinals to take a break and spend some time in prayer before resuming voting.

The faithful in St. Peter’s square were also weighing in on the papal stakes.

“I don’t think it’s going to be a European pope,” said Michael Flueckiger, a 38-year-old caretaker and sacristan of a church in Flamatt, Switzerland. “In Europe sometimes I think we have given away the gift of faith. Many people have lost the faith. They have lost their expectation in God.”—With Rachel Zoll, Karl Ritter and Daniela Petroff 

Originally posted: 2:49 am | Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

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    >>>Black smoke from chapel chimney<<<

    NALINTIKAN na…at nasunog pa 'ata yong nakasalang na BBQ tsiken wings!

    • boypalaban

      ilang stick ng marijuana tinira mo ngayon? lakas tama ka ah…

  • superpilipinas


    even the atheists and agnostics are getting excited!

    i bet it’s going to be the Cardinal from Brazil.

  • brunogiordano

    “….the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and their troubled church.”

    In very BIG TROUBLE talaga!!!!!

    Baka abutin ng kingdom come bago magkaroon ng bagong POPE.

    Sila sila hindi magkasundo eh.

  • geminimind

    Holy Smokey is the term I use when they can’t elect a Pope.

  • Danyel

    Why not black pope or lady pope for a change…….

    • superpilipinas

      black pope is very possible as there are papabiles from Africa.

      lady? well….that’s for the protestants…if they get someone from American Idol or an NBA player, it would be fine, they don’t follow tradition. anything goes.

      • frudo

        ang babaw ng tingin mo sa mga protestant sabagay mababaw din nman ang tingin ng mga protestants sa katolik so parehas lang, puro pagalingan lang na walang nananalo.

    • freeview

      There is an unrecorded lady Pope in history Pope Joan during the middles ges 1100 but it was nwvwe officially record by Vatican

  • speaksoftlylove

    Kapag nagmilagrong yellow smoke ang lalabas baka si PeeNoy ang baong Fafa..

    Sya nawa para maibsan na ang paghihiraop ng bansa.

    You are right, wish ko lang.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    Kung sa Pinas ginawa ang conclave at si Gloria ang Presidente, mabilis ang election ng pope. Bawat isang Cardinal will get a brown envelope from GMA with the name of the cardinal from Cebu as her favored one.

    • UrHONOR

      TAMA ka dyan….kung sa Pilipinas pa yan, talagang mabilis ang erection ng pope.

      • boypalaban

         isa ka ba sa naabuso? laki ng galit mo ah…

    • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

      sa lanao gagawin ang eleksyon. 1 Million pa lamang ng nanalong Pope

    • adscity_info

      Gloria Arroyo: Ako na naman??

  • superpilipinas


    maraming maiinis pag si Cardinal Tagle ang naging Papa…..


    sa Sistine Chapel raw niya isasabit ang Team Patay banner!!!!

    wala na raw magagawa ang Comelec….he-he-he.

  • WoBushi

    Holy smokes! Did someone bring his cigar inside? Will the black cardinal Peter of Ghana get a white smoke too if he happens to get elected? Just asking, no pitbull attack allowed here. :-)

  • speaksoftlylove

     Bakit kaya di nila nilagay si PeeNoy sa chimney?

    Doon siya maghihithit ng yosi at tiyak white smoke ang lalabas.

    Di ba banal si PeeNoy sabi ng mga yellowvultures?

    • boypalaban

       di pwede ilagay yan…di makakalabas ang usok…
      siguradong mababarahan ng LAWAY NG ABNOY….


    HINDI naman kaya na PUTI yong ginawang usok, pero naging itim dahil marumi lang yong pipe na linalabasan ng usok?

    Sa mga nag-iisip na naman ng masama at sa mga marurumi ang isipan:  Walang kinalaman si Mike A sa TNL na itim na usok na yan! 

    • Eric

      mabuti na lang hindi pulang usok yung lumabas UrDisHONOR…LOL!

      • UrHONOR

        At bakit naman, Hon Eric….ano naman ang kaugnayan kung PULA ang usok na  lumabas….may ginisang Cardinal? :)

      • Eric

        Hindi, pag pula yung usok, ibig sabihin buhay ka pa sinusunog na kaluluwa mo!..LOL!

      • UrHONOR

        Oh…ganun ba yon?  O sige at tila masaya ka na sa kaisipang yan….e, di bantayan mo ang usok na pula,  At dahil ikaw naman ay tiyak na malinis, mabait, masunurin, mapagbigay, madaling ma-uto at siguradong alalay ng isang damasing, PAG LUMABAS naman ay puting usok, kahit na alam kong wala kang kaluluwa, ipagpapalagay ko na lang na kaluluwa mo yong nakasalang kasama ng brief mong nagtututong na sa ngalan ng mabuting pakikipag-kapwa.  LOL din ba yan?

      • Eric



    THERE’S no truth to the rumor that Bnay was ecstatic on hearing about the BLACK smoke and sequed to dancing a la Psy in his office.  It’s not true that he said that the BLACK THEORY is fast rubbing on the country…from US to Vatican to PH.

    • padrefaura


      • boypalaban

         nasoplak mo

  • Renester Suralta

    Why is there strict bow secrecy in electing the pope compared to electing state leader? Is there any group who will conspire to sabotage the result of the papal election? The church would always call for honest and credible state election with plenty of watchdogs during the counting of ballots and votes however, in the church its closed door session with modern jamming device to block any communication from inside out. Cant they trust the personnel working inside Vatican? The selection is a number game. How can we know the validity of the result without transparency?

    • beardedone

      The Vatican would collapse in too many scandals if there were full transparency and outsiders started to dig into its books. The whole institution is based on belief, right.

      • peach black

        the most astute and mind-blowing observation I have ever come across. Killer phrase iyong “:The whole institution is based on belief, right?” Pag based nga naman on belief hindi na importanyte kung mga pedophiles, magnanakaw, at fornicators ang involved. basta maniwala lang kayo yon na yon ha ha ha. . . pathetic believers!

    • Tamarindwalk

      It’s now “bow”, it’s “vow”!

    • frudo

      may punto ka kaso paniniwala nila yun eh di pde i compare sa state election,

  • Renester Suralta

    If the selection of pope is delay under the strict bow of secrecy without transparency there could be conspiracy.

    • Tamarindwalk

      There is probably.

  • shots_fired

    catholics duhh, . . religion full of diversions and contradictions . . but still believed by many. This world is about to end . . 

    • WindTalker

      oh i see, Catholicism has been around for 600 years. hahaha!

      • Tamarindwalk

        Yeah, it sure has!  600 years of diversions and contradictions.  Time for some major changes!

      • shots_fired

        why do you think Pope Benedict? stepped down and said “..let us stop hippocricy on the church”; he smelled something fishy . .

  • Estee Muri

    I just  hope and with fervent prayer that the College of Cardinals will elect a  TRUE  LEADER  of  the many Catholic followers  AND THAT THE  ELECTED CHOSEN ONE  will NOT RESORT to BLAME tactics  ,,, BLAME..BLAME…BLAME   the previous POPE   (  like  this  certain leader in  this Country  and I  know   … you as a reader of this Blog..knew WHO THIS LEADER IS) ……….beset with  many problems .; THAT  the College of Cardinals  will chose  the POPE not because  he is  affiliated closely with  the retired Pope , but  due to MERITS…  Seguro  wala na ring WANG-WANG  sa Rome, ano po ?

  • rjimenez1226

    o taya na kayo diyan kung sino ang maging papa.

  • Pangasugan

    Is there a way we can send good old Garci in there? I really wanted to have a Filipino pope! :)

  • bogli_anakdami

    kapag si kaksucker padre dumbasso archibisupsop card tagle becomes the new papa sa roma, all flipland traposakals, magnanakaws, and criminals will have a private mass with him… ebridey, ‘sang tambaks ang tonggressmen at senatongs will have a biznez tripping to italia to cheer up flip gung gong papa sa roma…

    santa ate imeldafuck, santa ate glo, and ms kaksucker akin’o will go tripping sa roma… syempre kasama ang shopping at piktyur para pang peysbuk…

    yun lang…

  • nes911

    Black smoke? Smoke belching yan.

  • marionics

    smoooooooooooke…on the waaaaateer

    dyan dyan dyan

    dyan dyan dyaran

    dyan dyan dyan

    dyan dyan

  • Islander

    I don’t like this smoke signal. At least the ex-Pope knows how to use Twitter.

  • alcbu

    Amongst pedophiles and behind locked doors, I hope our baby-face Tagle will not be victimized.

  • alfred sanchez

    ariba anti catholic

    • frudo

      depensa  fanatic catholic.

  • adscity_info

    Dumagdag pa sa pollution ang Rome.

  • twitgurl

    Asus eh mga  pedophile din ang mga PASTOR ng Born again, pedophile din ang mga MINISTRO ng iglesia ni Manalo.. yung fren ko nabiktima ng mga pastor at mimistro nayan kala mo ang babanal.. sapilitan pang kumukurakot ng pera sa mga tao kahit nag hihirap na..

    • frudo

      uu kaya lahat sila dapat managot sa batas,  pero ang tanong may nanagot na ba sa kanila may nakulong na ba?

  • Mocha Garvoza

    Nicole Winfield the catholic church is not in troubled. your mind is in trouble while wriitng this news.
    “1.2 billion Catholics and their troubled church”

    • Tamarindwalk

      Oh, but it is troubled.  When you have a bunch of priests molesting kids, there’s big trouble!  And if you don’t think that it goes on here in the Philippines, guess again!

      • twitgurl

        Asus eh mga  pedophile din ang mga PASTOR ng Born again, pedophile din
        ang mga MINISTRO ng iglesia ni Manalo.. mahilig din sila mang molestya.. yung fren ko nabiktima ng mga
        pastor at ministro nayan kala mo ang babanal.. sapilitan pang
        kumukurakot ng pera sa mga tao kahit nag hihirap na..

      • Mocha Garvoza

        your mind is in trouble as well because it is planted in your mind that those priests are molesting kids.

  • efffyoufools

    why don’t the cardinals just ask lucifer.

    • UrHONOR

      HUWAG naman gayan, kabayan……babatuhin ka dito ng mga numero na magkakanda-kuba ka sa kasasalo kapag na-ispatan ka ng baybol patrol dito.  Isa pa, sa sinabi mon yan, gusto mo bang mapunta sa impierno…. Sa VLH?

    • boldyak

      don’t worry if I meet them i will tell them to just ask you…be patient…

  • rjgc

     The only way for the new pope to inspire people around the world is to make sure justice is given to all victims of abusive priests. Let justice flow like a fountain. Punish the guilty, and let the healing of everyone begin. Now that is awe inspiring.

  • Chris P Pnono

    hahhahaha here is the new Pope from italy Cardinal Scola 

  • Chris P Pnono

    bakit laging late ang mga report sa pinas?? kanina pa napili ang ang bagong Pope.from italy.wala pang news sa pinas….bakittttttttttttttt??? goodbye cardinal tagle

  • Lolo_Basyong

    Panay na naman ang atake ng mga ‘born again’.  Inggit ata dahil 1.2 billion ang Catholics, which speaks volumes. Hehehehehehe…  

    May the Holy Spirit guide the cardinals in electing a deserving pope for the times.  

    Hell, and its minions, are in turmoil right now.

    • UrHONOR

      OO nga, he he he.  ‘Musta naman ang biyahe mo nulang Hell….mainit pa ba din o lumamig-lamig na ng kaunti dahil sa global warming?

      Huwag mo na lang pagdiskitahin yong mga na-inggit sa mga damasing.  Pati ako na din, e, naiinggit.  Sino ba naman ang hindi maiinggit sa nagkakagatas ng walang baka; tumatabo ng salapi, pera’t kwarta sa dominus-dominus lang….walang ka-pagod-pagod; latest model ng saksayan; may mansiong tinitirhan at tinitira; pakape-kape’t rosario lang; sakit-ng-ulo nagmumula sa ka-iisip sa pagpili ng mga lugar sa kung saan magliliwaliw ngayong bakasyon; at magagarang mga damit at sapatos…sinong hindi ma-iinggit sa ganyang lifestyle?  Alin, kung sa gobierno pa yan, tiyak na malilintikan ang mga yan kay Mdme Conching.

    • frudo

      may umaatake ba? wla nman guni guni mo lang  yan,

  • Chris P Pnono

    welcome the newly PaPa Cardinal Scola of Italy ..

  • Noel

    If it’s Black Smoke, it could be a an African or Black Cardinal who would become the next Pope.  If it’s White Smoke, another white or Caucasian.

  • Chris P Pnono

    let us pray for our new Pope.Pater noster es in Caelis santificetur nomen tuum…Abeniat regmum tuum, fiat voluntas tua… sicut in in terra…parem  nostrum codianum da nobis debita nostra….sicut et nos dimitimus..debitoribus ne nos inducas in tentationen.. sed libera nos malo…Amen naway pag palain ka

    • UrHONOR

      EHEM….medyo sang damukal ang ERRATA sa Latin mo, Julius.  Walang “abeniat’ at “codianum” na salita sa Latin….at maraming mga kataga na na-iwanan ‘ata sa banggera sa pagmamadali mo.  Ewan ko kung bakit sa Latin mo pa sinulat yang TNL na AMA NAMIN o Lord’s prayer na yan, e, kadali namang isulat sa Tagalog. Masuwerti ka na kung mayroong makaintinding isa sa isang libong nag-lalamierda dito.  Ikaw nga mismo, e, hindi mo nainitindihan ang sinulat mo….iba pa kaya? Para ano ba yang Latin-Latin na yan….panindak ba?

      • frudo

        orasyon yan para sayo lol

      • UrHONOR

        OO nga….ang siste, e, ang “orasyon” na napupusuan ko ay yong orasyon ni Mang Kepweng at yong iba pang mga Mang-Mang dito!

        Pero huwag ka at maganda talaga ang Latin pakinggan lalo na yong Salve Regina….hindi lang ang himig kundi pati ang lyrics na tumutugma sa mga nota.  Ganuon din ang Veni creator Spiritu at Ave Maria.
        Ikaw, kabayan, bukod sa mga dasal na “ipinagkaloob” sa iyo ng mga “banal” (english) na tatay sa CBCP, anong orasyon ang para sa iyo?  Hindi ko tinutukoy ang WOWOWIE at EAT BULAGA, ha. :) 

      • frudo

        wala di ko kailangan mga orasyon na yan, at di ako

      • UrHONOR

        OO nga….mukha ngang walang tatalab sa iyong orasyon ng simbahan.  PERO yong orasyon sa sabungan at panggingge, tumatalab ba? :)

      • frudo

        sa mga taong mahilig lang maghanap at umasa ng himala   tumatalab ang orasyon. yung orasyon sa pangingge at sabungan. di rin lalo di ako nagsasabong cruelty to animals kaya yun, ;)

      • UrHONOR

        EWAN ko pero yang ora-orasyon na yan ay gawa-gawa lamang ng tao para magsilbing SECURITY BALNKET sa buhay nila.  sa orasyon, pag nangyayari yong dinadasal….pinakinggan ng diyos.  Pag hindi naman….hindi pa napapanahon.  Either way, sapul ng orasyon.  Ang lingid sa kaalaman ng tagasunod ay HEDGING lamang ang ginagawa ng namumuno sa orasyon.  Heads, we win; Tails, they lose.

        BAKA isipin mo na inakala ko na nagsasabong o nagpapagingge ka, wala sa isipan ko yon.  Kaya ko nabanggit ang sabong at panggingge ay maraming nakukwento sa aking mga orasyong ginagawa ng habitues doon para manalo. BAKA kako meron kang kakilala na sinasama ka sa orsyon nila.

        Cruelty pala sa iyo ang sabong!  Malamang hindi ka din kumakain ng manok at kahit na anong uri ng hayop dahil lalong cruelty yong PINAPATAY yong mga hayop.  Malamang din hindi ka nahihilig sa BOKSING dahil cruelty din sa TAO naman yon.  Mabuti naman at anti-cruelty ka….mabubuting tao ang nagtatakwil sa cruelty!

    • EREC

      si colas si kolurum amentium di pedrioto de titi motum de kusuilum ni badingciam de eporitum atum sakatum puwitum di molestiyom de menorum de akis di nuestros de padikadlutioum!


    DINIG ko sa Bgy Hall, kapag GREEN daw ang usok…..may nag-ma-marijuana.  Totoo kaya yon? :)

  • Ari Putan

    Itong mga bading at phedophiles na ito puro lng porma at pakulo.
    Abi, abi, abi ko tai…. abi, abi, abi ko tai.

  • Bli tz

    http://tinyurl_com/b763237   (pls change underscore with period)
    the biblical view about the heresy of the pope and papacy.. it is not anti-catholic but explains the many heresies of the dogma based on the bible..


    NAGPAPATUNAY lamang na hindi lang kapus-na-kapus at salat-na-salat sa kaalaman ang maraming nagpapanggap na kaTOLik, bagkus ay sing-lambot ng belikoy ang kanilang kaisipan.  

    Kapag wala ng masabi sa isang usapan, lumilipad na sa lahat ng dako ang salitang Athiest na para bagang pinahihiwatig na masama ang atheism at kapag sumalungat ka sa hilaw nilang paniniwala bilang kaTOLik, ra-ratratin ka na kaagad ng numero dito at numero doon kasabay ng paghagis ng granadang atheist.  HOY, mga kulang-sa-pito-at-labis-sa-walong mga kaTOLik kung sa UTAK-at-UTAKAN lang naman, ilalampaso kahit na sino sa inyo ng isang matinong atheist ang paniniwala ninyong nakakabit lamang sa pundilyo ni damaso.  Ano ang alam ng mga TNL na mga nagpapanggap na kaTOLik?  Numero, numero, at marami pang numero…. na kahit na sinong magta-taho ay kayang-kayang tunghayan sa Google search kahit anong sandali.  Hingan mo ng pagpapaliwanag at ang isasagot sa iyo ay higit pang maraming numero. Parang mga kubrador sa jueteng na ang agahan, tanghalian, hapunana at mga meryenda ay pawang mga numero.

    Tingnan ninyo ang listahan ng mga atheists sa google at matutunghayan ninyo ang kalibre ng utak at pag-iisip ng mga atheists na tiyak-na-tiyak ko ay nakakahigit ng malaking agwat sa kaisipan ng idolo ng mga kaTOLik na si Sotto!

    • boldyak

      daming inggitero, kayo ba sino pumipili ng church leadr nyo?…di ba kailangan kamaga-anak ng founder?….hahahaha…

  • Tamarindwalk

    Ummm…  Now what do a bunch of old men dressed in robes do behind locked doors?

  • doublecross


  • Bisdak_kaayo

    sa vatican, inip na inip ang mga tao to hear the words “HABEMUS PAPAM” meaning “WE HAVE A POPE”

    pero sa lansangan ng Cebu, gabi gabi maririnig mo ang mga BUGAW sabi”HABEMUS PAMPAM” meaning “WE HAVE A PROSTITUTE”.


  • EREC

    simple langtum damium de europeum cardilis asperantum de papatis dis numerus daculum pagsatum europeum uppiom.

  • frudo

    ok lang kahit si cardinal tagle ang maging papa, wala rin nman magbabago, ganun parin naman, makikialam parin sila sa gobyerno at paiiralin parin ang napaka taas ng moralidad ng mga Pilipino.  

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    seems like tagle is not as famous that he’ll immediately become pope. syndicated money is a big factor.

  • boybakal

    Black smoke from chapel chimney: No pope yet….

    Could Sta Claus emerged from the Chimney.

  • Melvin

    Black smoke from chapel chimney: Itim na usok! Akala ko pa naman ang ibig sabihin ay Afrikano na ang bagong Pope…  

  • Pedro

    Meron na Inquirer. Sana binago niyo na yung headline sa newspapers kasi may naelect ng bagong Pope

  • LegalJustice

    I don’t think Cardinal Tagle will be a Pope there is no way.

    He need to clean up first the corruption in CPBP.

    He has a lot of cleaning up to do.

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