Estrada’s son JV wants to be his own man



He likes to be known as his father’s son, yet senatorial candidate Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito also says he wants to be his own man.

He could have been the other Joseph Estrada in the campaign, Ejercito says in jest, noting that he shares the same first name as his father, deposed President Joseph Estrada.

Ejercito has also taken to using his father’s well-known screen name “Estrada” as an “alias” to boost his run for a seat in the Senate. But he has opted to go by his nickname in the campaign instead of his first name.

He identifies himself as JV Ejercito Estrada or JV Estrada in his TV ads and posters, and in campaign rallies of the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA).

Ejercito’s use of Estrada has been controversial enough, drawing flak from civil society groups and critics who accuse him of riding on his father’s popularity, and adding fuel to fiery criticism against dynasties dominating Philippine politics.

Deception not intended

But Ejercito, the representative of San Juan in Congress and a three-term mayor of the city, insists that he is not out to fool people into thinking he is someone else.

He did not change his name but only adopted an alias or nickname, he says.

“There’s no deception intended because whether I use JV Ejercito or Estrada, they pertain to me. They will never pertain to President Erap (his father’s nickname),” he said at a dinner with Inquirer editors and reporters last week.

“If I really wanted to use it, I could have used my real name, which is Joseph. And then I would be Ejercito Estrada, Joseph. I might be number one,” he added, laughing.

But he never planned on becoming known as Joseph Ejercito Estrada in the campaign, he said, adding he had his own accomplishments.

“Of course, I want my own identity also,” he declares.

At 43, Ejercito intends to distinguish himself by focusing on youth issues, particularly education.

His campaign promise is to have a graduate in every family, and his legislative agenda includes student loan assistance programs and tuition “rationalization.”

But with “Estrada” appended to his name, Ejercito could not deny that his father’s prominence is a vital factor in his run for the Senate.

Using Estrada is an “opening” for him, he admitted.

Ejercito is the former President’s son by former actress Guia Gomez, now mayor of San Juan. Whenever he goes around the country, he is always identified as the son of Estrada, he said.

The Estrada name also registers well with people, he said, citing polls showing high trust ratings for his father and brother, Sen. Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada, in certain areas, and lower numbers for him when he was still going by the name Ejercito.

His father also “insisted” that he use the Estrada surname to get a comfortable lead in the polls. He is in the top five in the polls, and he wants to keep this.

“I’m not aiming to be in the top three. We’re just working hard to have a buffer,” he said.


Ejercito believes name recall is not enough to win a Senate seat.

“Of course, name recall is a big factor, but right now, with the influx of young voters, I don’t think it’s enough to make you win,” he said.

Performance is key, he said, and this ties in with criticism of political dynasties. While the dynasty issue will affect him, he does not think it will be enough to knock him out of the race because people also look at candidates’ accomplishments.

He noted that “nonperforming dynasties” have seen themselves voted out of office because of lack of accomplishments.

Ejercito said he would support a law against political dynasties if it would apply to everybody. On the other hand, he said, it would be unfair to bar people from running for public office because of their names.

He said he had his own record to show, including a Ten Outstanding Young Men award as San Juan mayor, and higher revenues for the city during his term.

Ejercito takes pride in his role in getting a 40-percent increase for state colleges and universities in the 2013 budget.

If he wins, Ejercito said, he and Jinggoy will not be a “buy one, take one” deal.

There are issues in which their stands differ, he said, and one such issue is a “supercoalition” involving the Liberal Party and the UNA in May’s midterm elections.

Independence vital

Independence is vital, especially for the Senate so that it could tell the administration when something is wrong, especially since the House of Representatives has been its “rubber stamp” most time, Ejercito said.

He said he liked his colleagues in the House because many of them were junior legislators like him.

But he decided to run for the Senate after just one term in the House because of his good standing in preelection polls, which he took as a sign that the people wanted him in the Senate.

Campaign cost

Actually, he said, he wanted to run for the Senate earlier, in 2007, on the Genuine Opposition ticket. But he “sacrificed” his ambition and gave way to the Liberal Party coalition’s candidates, Sonia Roco and then Sen. Benigno Aquino III.

For Ejercito, the hardest part of running for office is the steep cost of advertising.

In the past, 70 percent of the campaign consisted of barnstorming and other conventional methods, and 30 percent was media warfare.

Now it has been reversed, and airtime is expensive. This is why Ejercito is glad about stricter restrictions on TV advertising for candidates. The restrictions would level the playing field, he said.

Ejercito has received help from “unexpected donors” some of whom are from the “Makati crowd.”

His father also helps finance his campaign, he said.

Going back to his father, Ejercito said being identified as a son of the former President could be a bane to his campaign.

There are people who “generalize,” or those who remain staunchly against his father, and oppose all things associated with him, Ejercito said.

But he hopes to be judged for who he is, he said.

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  • Weder-Weder Lang

    So why is JV using Estrada instead of just Ejercito if he really wants to be his own man? He’s already twice the weight of his brother Jinggoy, shouldn’t that be enough for him to be his own man?


    • Jerry Manilag

      JV Ejercito Estrada did not change the Ejercito. He just
      added the Estrada. We have wise voters now. Popularity names will just be the
      second best in choosing a candidate. Platform still matters.  

    • Jerry Manilag

      Cong JV Ejercito Estrada did not change the Ejercito. He just added the Estrada. We have wise voters now. Popularity names will just be the second best in choosing a candidate. Platform still matters.

  • kevin

    focusing on youth issues..or to prolong your dynasty….

  • boybakal

    Estrada’s son JV wants to be his own man….

    That is good. He wants to be on his own, own identity.
    Let’s see if your own identity will win you an election.

    Drop Ejercito or Estrada and be known only as JV Gomez.
    Vote JV Gomez.

    • Jerry Manilag

      Cong JV Ejercito Estrada real name was ‘Joseph Victor Ejercito Estrada’. He did not change the Ejercito. He just added the Estrada. We have wise voters now. Popularity names will just be the second best in choosing a candidate. Platform still matters. 

  • parachito

    You hope to be judged on who you are pero salungat sa style mo. Original name mo pa lang kinakabog ka na, thus, the alias. Di pa yan senador huh, pero baluktot na an dila. Lokohin mo sarili mo, di tao.

    • Jerry Manilag

      JV Ejercito Estrada did not change the Ejercito. He just added the Estrada. We have wise voters now. Popularity names will just be the second best in choosing a candidate. Platform still matters.

  • Nelson

    Kung ano ang puno siya din ang bunga. Kung ano ang ama, ganoon din ang anak.

    Kung ang tatay babaero at korup ganoon din ang anak. Kung si Erap korup ganoon din si JV at si Jinggoy.

    Kung si Jojo Binay ay kawatan, ganoon din ang junior niyang si Junjun. Hindi nga ba siya ngayon ang chief kawatan sa City Hall ng Makati?

    Si Johnnie Enrile master executioner ng martial law, ganong ganon din si Jackie killer din.

    • Magic

      Si Cory at si Ninoy hindi korup kaya si PNoy hindi din korup.
      Si Ramon Magsaysay hindi korup kaya si Jun Magsaysay hindi din korup.
      Si Sergio Osmena hindi korup kaya anak niyang Serging hindi din korup.
      Si Manuel Roxas hindi korup kaya anak niyang si Gerry hindi din korup.

      Si Diosdado Macapagal hindi korup bakit kaya si Gloria korup?

      • Julian Makabayan

        Ninoy Aquino delivered before the Asia Society on August 4, 1980 in New York City
        “The Filipino is Worth Dying For”

        Noynoy Aquino said to the Filipino fighting for Sabah!
        “Surrender now without conditions”

        If it is true that “like father like son”

        Noynoy Aquino could Not be Ninoy,s son

  • AllaMo

    This get and that of marcos, enrile, binay, and, all their dynastic ilk really makes a moral argument for the need for legalizing hanging. Plus, the demand for hangmen will greatly reduce the number of  unemployed.  

  • manual47

    You are your father…….no matter what name you use.  You should know that.  Erap was found guilty of corruptions.  And that’s a fact.  So, stop making your name as an issue.  It’s a monotonous and kind a broken record on you part mentioning it.  It would be better if you just give the people your so called “plataforma” that you would do if you are elected.  And make sure that you do what you promise because the Filipinos knows that politicians most of the time doesn’t do it. 

    But if you really want my honest opinion, you are running just for the money.  It’s been obvious for a long time.  Just look at the political dynasty family running for the election.  You’re all just after the “pork barrel”  full of money and really nothing that benefits the country and the Filipinos.  Why do you think the Philippines still considered 3rd world country……corruption” is one thing that the country is famous for……so, stop your B.S. and do something constructive and stop making your name as an issue.

  • farmerpo

    This guys wants his cake and eat it too. Drop Estrada from you name man, change it to your mammy’s name. 

  • imongredneck

    Performing and Non performing dynasties have one thing in common – corrupt. JV Estrada, Ejercito or whoever you are, since you belong to the “mother” of all corrupt dynasties, you shouldn’t be voted for. I hope the voters should avoid you for your breed.

  • alx2124

    O kaya gamitin mo yung alias ng kamukha mo : si Balot

  • 33Sambuang2

    your own man? stupid moron

  • brunogiordano

    “Ejercito’s use of Estrada has been controversial enough, drawing flak from civil society groups and critics who accuse him of riding on his father’s popularity,”

    Father’s POPULARITY??????


    ANG PAGKAKILALA ng lahat sa TATAY niya ay isang

    CONVICTED PLUNDERER(mandarambong).

  • maypakialamtayo

    nagsisisi kana ba na ginamit mo ang estrada? sirang sira na kasi ang tatay mo, amoy lupa na matakaw pa sa pwesto, dahil sa wala na syang paglagyan sa san juan dahil naka puwesto na lahat ang pamilya nya dyan ay lilipat naman ng maynila para naman ma-i-pwesto nya naman ang mga anak nya kay laarni enriquez na sya ang kasama nya ngayon sa bahay nya sa maynila, masiba talaga ang mga ejercito.

    • tulfowangbo

      talagang sobra ang SIBA ng mga estrada sa pwesto. kailangan pang mangibang siyudad pa  para makapwesto. kung ano-anong palusot na kaysa pinanganak sa tondo pero mga mansion ang bahay sa San Juan at iba-ibang babae ang inuuwian. walang moralidad.

  • mangtom

    Who cares for this Estrada or anyone named Estrada or Ejercito, anyway? He can do whatever he wants and I couldn’t care less. They are all the same-pain in the a$$.

  • bol pen

    Estrada will always be remembered and written in history as the deposed president because of plunder, graft and corruption, jose velarde account, gambler and womanizer with many children from different women. No matter how hard they try to clean their image, there will always be ghosts that will haunt this family. That even the coming generation from their family will abhor that they had this family name.

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Nasa You tube noong nagsorry ang pari at si Cory kay Erap dahil nagkamali lang sila ng pagpapatalsik. Gawa gawa lang yung kaso ni Erap. Kaya nga noong nililitis sa senado di pinaharap kasi maiiba ang script ng zarzuela. Sabi ng iba laging lasing si Erap noong Presidente sya. Di totoo ,paninira lang. Ang tagal naging mayor ng San Juan ni Erap pero walang ganyang issue.Pag gusto kang sirain maraming fake na testigo fake na dokumento at fake na kaso. Ano ba ang nangyari sa mga nagpayalsik kay Erap? Siningil ng KARMA. At least si.Cory nagsorry at si Arroyo nagbigay ng pardon. NASA YOU TUBE NOONG NAGSORRY SI CORY.

      • joshua

         Hayaan makitid ang utak ng mga yan sobra inidolize si PNOY saka napapansin mo dami nila parang nasa Sabah  tayo napapalibutan tayo ng Malaysian tapos kasabwat pa nila ung di ko alam kung presidente ba ng Pilipinas un o Presidente lang ng LP at Spokesperson ng Malaysia. Kaya sa darating na election wag kakalimutan ang Team Malaysia (AKA Team PNOY)

  • kurakut


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Ano naman ttrabaho any alam? Mabuti sa kany mag OFW nalang.

    • Yeng Milby

      kurakut,.,., wag gumawa ng sariling batas please,., isipin mu po muna sana yung sinsabi mo,., ikaw din kasi ang mapapahiya niyan ei,.,
      Bakit ikaw ba iniluwal ng tatay mu sa pwet,., baka kaya ganyan ka magisip ei,., ung utak mu siguro sa paa napunta nahirapan ata tatay mu na ilabas ka sa kanyang pwet,.,

      NOTE: qng gusto mungv irespeto ka ng iba,.,. try mu ding matututong rumespeto :) got it? GOOD

  • joeybg




    • Ngiping Dilaw

      E ano ang tawag mo sa bumoto kay PNOY? Matalino? kitang kita noong senador yan na walang magaling na track record PERO IBINOTO . ANONG TAWAG MO? NGAYON NAIWAN NA NG Thailand at Indonesia ang economy ng Pilipinas. Ibinoto lang si PNOY dahil kamamatay lang ng Mother nya noon. Yan ang totoo. Mas malakas pa nga si Villar dyan eh! Pero sa tulong ng ibang taga media na puro papuri ang ginawa kay PNOY, at nagkataon na kamamatay ng mother nya kaya nanalo si PNOY, pero kung track record ang titingnan, mas may naipasang batas si Zubiri. Tama sinabi mo maraming BOBO.

      • joshua

         e di wala na palang gamoy sayo kampon ng Team Malaysia kasi tanga ka rin

      • mabyrik

        Beg to disagree bro. 

        Thailand and Indonesia had overtaken us many years before Pnoy became president. Before Pnoy took over, Thailand Baht was at least 30% better than the Philippine Peso. During GMA’s time, we got more beating. Now after only 3 years, it is almost 1 is to 1. 

        I was assigned in Jakarta for 6 months as an engineering consultant in 1992 and I  can say, Indonesia was already economically more viable than the Philippines. 

        During GMA’s time, Indonesia lorded it over us even more by a mile. But look at us now, after only 3 years, Phil is getting to be the next economic tiger in Asia, better than Thailand and Indonesia. You, definitely, are referring to GMA, not Pnoy.

        On Villar? Bro, it is not only because of Cory why Pnoy won over Villar by a mile. Months before the election, Villar had been spending billions in campaign funds. Villar is a shrewd businessman. He won’t spend that much without thinking of a 3-fold ROI. But where? Of course, from Philippine treasury. People are not bobo after all, by realizing just in time where Villar will lead us.

        You are correct. Cory was a big help in his election as president because Cory was the best role model and Filipinos tend to look for role model. Can you say that to Erap, a convicted plunderer and a kicked-out president for corruption as a role model? How can a thief and a corrupt president teach a son to be good?   It does not make sense.

        As a senator, Pnoy may not have created many laws and he may not be brilliant, but he was there doing his job and he was not involved in any corruption issues unlike Jinggoy, Enrile, Maceda, and many UNA candidates. Please, do not compare Zubiri with Pnoy or with any senators for Zubiri was never a senator in the first place. He was a usurper and a cheater. 

        Bro, you are correct. Maraming bobo sa Pilipinas, that’s why, a Binay, an Enrile and an Estrada may become senators.

      • tulfowangbo

        Ang galing na isinulat mo Bro ! Saludo ako sa iyo.

      • mabyrik

        Thank you. Not that I am a good writer. It just so happened that there are many butas sa argument ni Ngiping dilaw na madaling i-rebut.

      • Julian Makabayan

        bakit naramdaman na ba ng mga pilipino yan pinagsasabi nyo…
        ang maka elitistang administrasyon aquino ang lalong nagpapahirap sa mahihirap dahil puro mga negosyante ang pinoprotektahan nya. at habang patuloy naghihirap ang maraming pilipino… madaming walang trabaho, madaming di makapag aral( may nagpakamatay na dahil sa bagal ng aksyon ni Pnoy sa panawagan dadagan ang subsidiya ng gobyerno sa mga State College and University), madaming namamatay na di man lang nakatutungtong sa ospital (take note balak pang isapribado ang mga ospital na pag aari ng gobyerno) at ang malupit pinabayaang nyang mamatay ang mga pilipino sa sabah. mas pahirap sa mga pilipino IDOL nyo… NGANGA!!!

      • joeybg

        Kaya hirap umasenso ang Pinas dahil sa Talangkang Utak Mo, ang dami ninyong mga Tanga at Bobo. 

        Mag-research ka ulit para malinawagan ang katangahan mo.


  • wascawy wabit

    you dont become a man by running by yourself in senate, you become a man by taking to your responsibilities first. if running is what your good at. do it in the morning. the buddha has spoken. 

  • boybakal

    Estrada’s son JV wants to be his own man….

    Every son wants to have a name for himself,  out of father’s shadow.
    He wants to establish his own identity….Identity of Notoriety, not famous but infamous.

  • faithingabby

    It doesn’t matter if you’re your own man or not . Be different from the rest of Filipino politicians, don’t be a crook. That is all what the people want.

  • George

    really, i wonder if his father is not erap, where he gonna be? a barangay chairman, i doubt it!!!

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Hahaha! Tama! Ganyan din si Noynoy, kundi lang kamamatay ni.Cory mahihirapang manalo yan. Sa tulong ng ibang taga media na laging maganda lang ang ibinabalita kay PNOY ayun nanalo. Mas malakas si Villar dyan pero dahil sa tulong ng media at kamamatay ni Cory ayun nanalo.

  • vir_a

    After he gets elected, he can be his own man. But for now, he needs the umbrella and shoes of his father. What does JV had achieved in life extraordinary enough to give us reason to vote for him?

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Para ring si Noynoy walang extraordinary ns nagawa pero dahil anak ni Ninoy medyo may puhunan na kumbaga sa negosyo.

  • George

    “unexpected donors” from gov pineda, and honorable association of huweteng operators.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    His grandmother denied his father to use the family name Ejercito because she knew her son will screw up the family name. Look at him , his mother was right. A womanizer,drunkard and a convicted plunderer.
    now his son JV wants to use Estrada to use in a plan to rob the poor Filipinos like his brother Jinggoy. Runs in the family I guess. say goodbye to your money.

  • ernievictory

    jv wants to be his own man ? wtf ! you cannot be your own man,balot ! you are just an egg , you hear me !

    • Julian Makabayan

      and he is always His Own Man.. and he had proven it already at bilang katunayan, sa lahat ng kandidato sa pagka senador sa mayo ay isa si JV Ejercito Estrada sa may pinaka mahusay na Track Records di katulad sa mga paboritong kandidato ni Pnoy. Bakit di nyo subukan isa-isahin ang mga kandidato ngayon kung anu na ang nagawa nila sa bayan at kung maka pangako sila akala mo may napatunayan na… kaawa-awa kayo dahil sa wala kayong maipanira sa track record ni JV kung anu ano na lang komento ang nilalagay nyo… pilitin nyo man hatakin pababa ay patuloy pa rin siyang iaangat ng kanyang mga accomplishment…

  • vanguard61

    And you call this an article piece when all it’s all about is ‘ I, Me, Myself and Dad’. Anything else more important to talk about? Foreign Policy, programs for the alleviation of our poor countrymen or job creation perhaps? Don’t need to mention your accomplishments in the past, you are paid good taxpayers money to do your job, no excuses there.

  • garcia677

    Wishing that JV reads all these, shared comments nationwide for his ready reference that majority of the  people on all walks of life repudiates him.. .Hoping too that this writer shall notify him about these posted reactions so that JV be 100% informed

  • agustin

    Ama : mga anak ,sa gobierno tayo mabubuhay at yayaman.
    Anak : paano ka nakasigurado niyan itay ?
    Ama : aba, sa masang mahihirap sikat na sikat ang apelyidong estrada. bobolahin mo lang na   para sa mahirap tayo.ok na ok. patok na patok.
    Anak : tatakbo ako itay at isama na natin si doktora Mama.
    Ama ; huwag muna natin isama siya dahil mapagbintangan tayong political dynasty.

  • Dexter

    Yeah sure, carry for CONVICTED PLUNDERER, GAMBLER, WOMANIZER, father’s name.  Stop EXPLOITING, TAKING ADVANTAGE of poor families.

  • beerhunters

    is JV = “Jose Velarde” ??!!

  • tra6Gpeche

    Really? So, why use your father’s screen name? JV is full of hot air and has no backbone! The Filipino voters should not elect him as a Philippine Senator. The voters might, as well, give Ms Hontiveros and Mr Casiño a chance to be Philippine Senators.

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Tatlong beses naging Mayor ng San Juan. Baka naman okey si JV kaya ibinoto ng taga San Juan.

    • AllaMo

      ROTF LMFAO! Kaya pala tatlong beses ka nang nagpost. Baka sa ikatatlo ay may maniwala na sa iyo. LOL.

    • joeybg

      Tama kaya tatlong beses na katangahan at kabobohan ang mga taga-San Juan.


  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Sabi nga babaero ama at corrupt. Noong kasikatan ni Estrada humingi ng tulong si Cory na kung pwede e isama ni Erap sa partido nya si Noynoy. Kung talagang walanghiya si Erap seguro naman ay di gagawin ni Cory na isama dyan yung anak nya.

    • AllaMo

      ROTF LMFAO! Ikaw ba yan, jinggoy bols? 

    • tarikan

      Si Cory, isa ring walang alam yun. Ano alam nyun kundi mag-mando sa mga katulong. Hindi raw marunong magluto kahit magpaksiw hehe. Political convenience laang yung kay Cory, pero alam nya walang kwentang tao rin si Erpa, kahit anong angulo…forward, backward, up or down. 

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Kahit sirain natin ng sirain ang mga tao,pero nakikita ng mga tao na may nagagawa namang mabuti, mahihirapan lang tayo. Tulad ni Binay ang daming taga suporta. Bakit? kasi nakita ng mga tao yung nagawa nya sa Makati. Sabi kasi maraming business sa Makati kaya malaki ang tax collection . Di raw dahil kay Binay yung tagumpay ng Makati. In denial kasi yung iba. Kahit taga ibang bansa hanga sa Makati. Sabi nila, may ganito palang place sa Pilipinas. Para ngang Singapore yang Makati.

    • AllaMo

      ROTF LMFAO! Utoy, kung kuntento ang mga magulang mo na lumaki ka’ng uto-uto sa mga malaswa. Sana naman ay huwag mo na palakihin ang mga anak mo na may pananalig sa kalaswaan.

    • tarikan

      From apartment tenant to a mansion owner. From backyard piggery to a multi-million piggery in a very large farm almost like an hacienda. Go figure it out? 

    • joeybg




    • jseesus

       hoy, bata,, balik ka na sa pwesto mo para marami ka pang manakaw… napaka bobo mo. kung lahat ng pilipino kagaya mo. dapat hulugan na nang atomic bomb yng pinas para mapalitan ng lahi.

  • Philcruz

    This son of a gone one is a double talker, too. JV, the issue here is not that you changed your name. It is that you temporarily adopted a name, your father’s name..just o win votes, of course. And that does not speak well of your character.

  • Noel

    If JV really wants to be his own man, then he should remove the Estrada name in his campaign.

    • beerhunters

      And use the real name JV = Jose Velarde!!

    • tarikan

      I suggest JV Enriquez de Guia.

  • boybakal

    One thing I like with JV and Jinggoy…they are creating a name for themselves.
    They want also to be infamous and notorious as the Dad.
    As they say, Like Father, Sons.

  • Garibaldi_II

    Mr. JV, without your deceitful father, your shadow, as a misbegotten son, can not stand on its own in your well-known world of dirty politics. Like Jackie, you are powerless to break the shackles of effrontery that bind you to the chain of your father’s greediness. You now realize the name, Joseph Estrada, is akin to a hooligan. Voters suppose to realize that you’re only a son who has nothing to do with your father’s malfeasance but no, you’re a high-horn-loafer and arrogant sly, like your brother Jinggoy. You’re a dynastic who’s not interested in uplifting the lives of the people but to put burden over their shoulders for your comfort. I heard lots of voters say about you and your brother, “laki sa nakaw.” I hate hearing these words. What can I say? Like your father and brother, you choose the easy path to satisfy your avarice.

  • wakats

    What a pity to erap.  His favorite illegitimate son just jettisoned “Estrada” for fear of being contaminated with the sins of his convicted father.

    “There’s no deception intended because whether I use JV Ejercito or Estrada, they pertain to me.  They will never pertain to President Erap.”

    Not too long ago, JV said he’ll use Estrada to ride on his father’s fame, but lately, he realized that it’s more of a liability.

    What a pity to the country.  If jv makes it, it’s very likely that his mother, mistress guia gomez, may run for a senate post in 2016, with jinggoy as senate president. 


  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Imagine two Estradas with pork barrel worth more than P200million each and a bogus NGO?

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Two Revillas with bogus NGO?

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Just Imagine Two Enriles with bogus NGO

  • tarikan

    Diyan nagagalit si Jinggoy eh. Sabi ba’t hindi gamitin ang de Guia. Kung sino pa raw ang anak sa labas sya pa ang Ejercito sya na tunay ay Estrada. Magulong pamilya ang mga ito huwag tularan. Ano ba si Erpa bilang role model ha, ha? Role model sa kagaguhan? Napapansin ko ang mga fans/voters ng Ejercito/Estrada clan ay yung class “FG”…fu**ing Gong…gong. 

  • tarikan

    Ano bang tinapos nitong si JV Enriquez de Guia Ejercito Estrada? Wala namang tinapos itong pelikula, ano ba talaga? AB major in CD? 

    • Angela Ives

      Pelikula ba Tarikan?? wala tlga siyang natapos na pelikula kasi d namn siya nagaartista and he dont nid it na po,., sapat na for him na nagagawa niya ng maayos ang trabaho niya as a public servant,., dun pa lang mrami na ang nagtitiwala sa kanya kahit na di siya magartista :) 

  • tulfowangbo

    he has always used Ejercito in San Juan. So why the sudden change. obviously opportunista siya tulad ng kanyang amang babaero at convicted plunderer.

  • JosephNess

    balibaliktarin man yan, anu pa mang gamiting pangalan, kahit saan mo tingnan, iisa lang ang pinanggalingan niyan…so anong nabago? kung talagang gusto niyang patunayan ang kanyang kakayahan, di sana tumakbo siya hiwalay sa partido ng kanyang ama, eh! hindi, kasi wala siyang laban kapag di siya nakasandal sa kanyang ama…he should have formed his own political party if he wanted to be his own man, who do not want to ride at the back of his father and be identified with him…but no, he was a traditional politician like his father and half brother just the same…

    • Anne

      isipin mo nga Mr. JosephNess,., kung sa ibang partido siya sumama for sure may masasabi pa rin kayo.,., sasabihin nio kinakalaban ang tatay at kapatid,., at sobrang dami nanamn ninyong dakdak,., hindi malaman ng tao sa inyo kung saan ba dapat tlga siya ei,., samantalang ang gusto lang naman niya magsilbi ng maayos sa bayan.,.malinis ang hangarin niya kaya kahit saang partido man siya kumampi tutulong at tutulong siya sa atin,., 

      • JosephNess

        no madam anne…the people will like and praise him for that…and just maybe, he will gain the respect of the many independent electorates, including me…

      • Anne

        i dont think so sir,,., ang mga tao ngayon,., kahit san pumuwesto ang isang politiko para sa kanila msama pa rin., but i salute you sir, cos ur not one of them,., 

      • JosephNess

        I respect you, madam…but not all people think that way, there are still plenty independent minded electorates who think differently…

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Sana nag OFW na lang sya/

  • Yobhtron


    • Julian Makabayan

      Sama mo sina Bam At Noynoy Aquino
      Pia at allan Cayetano

  • Gloria Wheelchairroyo

    Basta Estrada Corrupt.
    Erap = Convicted Plunderer, Midnight Cabinet, Lazy, Gambler at Lasingero
    Jinggoy = Mayabang, Abusado at Kurakot. Nagbigay ng 100M pork sa bogus NGO.
    JV = Tamad at kurakot.

    • Yeng Milby

      FYI lang huh,., hindi kailan man naging tamad si JV.,., sa dami ng mga nagawa niya tamad pa ba siyang maituturing,.,. 

      • sinful_lustful69

        for GOODNESS, ano naman ang nagawa nya!!!!!!!!!

      • Alaysa Tagumpay

        ayan ang hirap sa inyo ei,., puro negative things lang kasi ang pinapansin ninyo sa kanya,.,. peo yung mga nagagawa niya para sa inyo at para sa mga kamaganak ninyong nagaaral dedma lang ninyo,., ei samantlagang isa nga si JV sa pinaka visible na kongresista,., di ninyo pansin kasi ang tanging hanap ninyo ay ang mga bagay na mapangsisira sa kanya,., WALEY

      • Fayha

        i agree na marami sya nagawa. ang PANGUNGURAKOT.. yan ang ginagawa nya.

    • Jerry Manilag

      Si Cong JV Ejercito daw ay tamad? OMG! Paano siya mabibigyan ng parangal tulad ng 2007 TOYM Awardee for Public Service and 9th Most Prolific Lawmaker kung tamad siya? Don’t say that to JV! 

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        It can be influenced.  Whats TOYM nothing.

      • Julian Makabayan

        kung naiimpluwensyahan ang TOYM bakit di nagkaroon nun si pinoy hehehe kung may tamad man si Pnoy un niwala ngang naipanukala sa kongreso at senado na naging batas… NGANGA!!!

  • zedle

    anak sa labas na anak ng putang-inang lasenggero, babaero at sugarol. At kurap pa

  • pipsirho

    “But he hopes to be judged for who he is.” JV Ejercito Estrada, or whatever his name is, said. JV Ejercito Estrada HAS ALREADY BEEN JUDGED FOR WHO HE IS! He is not much of what he claims to be.He had already taken advantage of his being Erap’s son who made hay when Erap was president particularly when Erap was on his way to BEING A DISCREDITED and PLUNDERING PRESIDENT!

    If he wants to be his own man, HE SHOULD WITHDRAW from the SENATORIAL RACE and NOT RELY on POLITICAL DYNASTY and NAME RECALL . . . of the Estrada name . . . no matter how discredited!!! Listen to his JUSTIFICATION of POLITICAL DYNASTY, and you can gauge his mental capacity. His reasoning is self-serving!

    He likens himself to the children of professionals like doctors, engineers, accountants, etc. following in the footsteps of their parents in the practice of their profession. He DOES NOT SEE the DIFFERENCE between the two! Engaging in a profession is GENERALLY a livelihood, occupation, employment, source of subsistence MAINLY for PERSONAL GAIN with the possibility of AMASSING WEALTH. But PUBLIC SERVICE is DIFFERENT; it is a service performed for the BENEFIT of the PUBLIC consistent with PUBLIC TRUST!

    PUBLIC SERVICE DOES NOT EQUATE TO PERSONAL GAIN, but by JV Ejercito Estrada’s reasoning for the existence of political dynasty, it is alright to TAKE ADVANTAGE of the Filipino TAXPAYERS’ MONEY for how else could one amass wealth in public service !!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      They made lots of money if politics and that whats etched on their mind not what the dictionary said about profession. 
      The Estrada/Ejercito made it a profession to leech poor Filipinos of their only meal.

  • willie

     Joseph Estrada helps in financing his son’s (JV Ejercito) campaign!  I only wonder where Joseph gets the money. After all, he made it to the Top Ten Most Corrupt Leader in the World.

    Down with Political Dynasty. no more Estrada’s / Ejecrcito in the senate.  We already have a useless one, Jinggoy, and we don’t need another one coming from the Estrada blood in the senate or for that matter in any elected seat in the government.

    Set an example to the masses, JV Ejecrcito, quit politics and devote yourself in helping the plight of the masses by denouncing this political dynasty. 

  • PinoyDude

    Please tell your relatives, friends not to vote for these political scumbags. We can post all we want here but if our people will not be educated, all these online rants will not take us anywhere.

    We can all end the injustice brought by these people to our country by using the power of the ballot.

  • Mita

    Heto ang tunay na JV Gomez pag tumayo siya sa sarili niyang paa o maging “own man”: Anak sa labas na pinalaki ng tatay na politikong kurakot, babaero, sugarol, lasenggo at ex-convict gamit ang perang dinambong sa taong bayan.  Anak na nag-aambisyon na maging katulad ng tatay niya (see all of the above).  No to JV GOMEZ! No to United Nakaw Alliance!

  • kilabot

    jv wants to outdo erap in plunder, jueteng takes, gambling, drinking, etc..

  • sam_aquino

    this is CRAP!!!

    how much did you get for this, ms. leila salaverria???

  • joeybg

    Tumaba ng husto sa Nakaw na pinakakain ng Tatay niya. Kapal ng Mukha.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      hope their family choke from steak and lobster while Filipinos eat green mango and bagoong for lunch.

  • marivon

     He did not change his name but only adopted an alias or nickname, he says.Mr. JV  may mga Pilipinong t@ng@ at g@g0 na maniniwala sa alibi mo pero hindi lahat ng Pilipino ay t@ng@, marami pa rin na alam na alam ang motibo mo.

  • duviz7533

    pang famas award campaing drama….pilipinashwag na taoyng magpa uto

  • felipe

    the name canbe an asset or a liability considering the record of the Sr….

  • willie

    We presently have these reptilian clowns in the senate;
    -Tito Sotto, Jinggoy Estrada, Lito Lapid, and Bong Revilla.
    -And we also have these failed mercenaries; Honasa, Trillanes, Lacson.
    -And the best, we have Enrile, ex martial law co-architect and BongBong Marcos, son of the 2nd Most Corrupt Leader in the World.

    These bunch of reptiles have been in the senate for too long, and still they haven’t done anything that will help the people. Nobody had ever voiced the danger our country was initially exposed to with China, and the Sabah problems. All along, all these idiots have done is conduct inquiry, after inquiry of issues so important to only themselves but not to the enrichment and security of our nation and its citizens. And now, that the threat from China, and the Sabah problems have become extremely critical, you never hear of any concrete ideas or solution from thesclowns. They hide and cower looking for a politician to fail in trying to resolve these threats and pounce on the mistakes of politicians for these clowns to look good to the public.

    And now this Ejercito would like to join this zoo section in the senate. Well, please, we don’t  need anymore reptilian clowns in the zoo that Enrile and other senators of his type would like to have so they can just easily play with words to have their day in the senate with the rest of these ill-educated, and/or ill- experienced, or just naturally inept dumb reptiles.

  • $29056223

    JV Ejercito Estrada continues to inspire the Filipino youth to serve our country with honor and dedication. He puts the interest of the country above self. JV had been continuously upholding the principles of “bayan muna bago ang sarili” #LikeKoYON

    • sinful_lustful69

      ineng, PULITIKO yan, PULPUL _i_TITI_ko!

      pwede naman gawin sa congress ang mga pinangangako nyan, bakit kailangan pang magpunta sa senado………..isa lang yan……..mas malaki ang PORK BARREL dun sa SENADO, MAS MALAKI ANG KURAKOT, MERON PANGPABONUS SI MANONG JHONNY…….mas naliliitan sa KURAKOT SA CONGRESS

      • Edwin Edwin

        Bayaran kasi ni Ejercito yang si Mary Rose Abad – hehehe

      • Julian Makabayan

        Kayo naman mga bayaran ni Pnoy at LP… halatang halata

      • Julian Makabayan

        Palibhasa mga gawain nyo kaya akla nyo lahat ng tao katulad nyo mga mukahang pera kayo lalo ka na Edwin Edwin… Bugok na Bayaran ni Pnoy at mga tuta nya

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      UNA bulsa nila. Tingnan mo tatay at kapatid.  Hindi ka ba nagbabasa ng balita / news sa Inquirer?

    • MOTO


  • carlorocci

    Another paid election campaign advertisement…..Like father, like son. Pareho lang naman kayo ng tatay mo….Kaya nga pareho kayo dahil tatay mo siya. Kaya gusto mo na makilala ka na tatay mo si Erap, hindi para sa mahirap.


    Kaya hindi kita ibo-boto dahil anak ka ni ERAP..Dalawa na kayo ni DENGGOY sa senado pagnagkataon…

    • Arvin Jhay Vergara

      mr carlo rocci,kung ayaw nyo iboto.edi wag.hindi lang naman kayo ang bumoboto o botante dito sa pilipinas eh.hindi kita masisisi kung ganyan ka kaistupido at kakitid mag isip at magsalita. sa tingin mo ba gagaya kami sa maling pananaw mo.syempre sundin namin kung ano gusto namin at kung sino makakatulong sa min at kung sino ang karapat dapat umupo.dun kami sa siguradong maaasahan.nagkasala yung ama(ERAP)..bakit napatunayan bang nagawa nya talaga?di ba hindi.wag pangunahan ng hindi magandang salita.wag mo itulad sayo ang ibang tao.hindi lahat katulad mo..ok

      • carlorocci

        Instead of encouraging to vote for your candidate you are calling me stupid and short minded. I feel sorry for you. I see how stupid you are and close minded. You are just like a horse in a cart.

      • Alaysa Tagumpay

        sir sa tingin ko po ikaw ang close minded,. why??? kasi masyado ninyo na pong ikinukumpara ang mga nagawa ng kanyang ama sa kanya ( JV) .. peo kung susubukan ninyo pong tignan lahat ng nagawa ni JV, lahat ng plataporma niya.. at record of service niya makikita mo po talagang isa siya sa mga senatoriables na talagang my capability na maging isang mabuting leader,., wag mu pong ikahon ang pagtingin mu kay JV sa nakaraan ng kanyang ama,.,

      • carlorocci

        All they want is power. Huwag kayong padadala sa mga politikos na ito. Sa tinagal-tagal ng mga pamilya nila sa pwesto sa gobyerno bilang Mayor, Presidente, Congressman, Senator sila lang ang umaangat sa buhay.

        Si JV, bakit hindi na lang niya ipaubaya sa kapatid niyang si Denggoy and Senado. Gayon din sila Cayetanos. Si Jack Enrile, bakit tatakbo bilang Senador? Dahil magre-retiro na ang kanyang Ama at kailanga nila ang Senado para ma-amyendahan ang Konstitusyon na papabor sa kanila. Malaking usapin ang tungkol sa lupain nila sa Sta. Ana., Cagayan.

        Bakit si Erap kailangan pa na tumakbo para Mayor ng Maynila? Presidente na siya dati, hindi ba?

    • Alaysa Tagumpay


  • $16638896

    proud pa ang mga ugok sa apelyido nila, mga ungas!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Ang alyas na Estrada ay para sa gamitin sa pagnanakaw, pangdarambong at iba pa.

      Ejercito pinagbawal ng ina ni Joseph Estrada na gamitin nya dahil alam nya na ang anak ay hindi gagawa ng mabuti, ipapahiya lang ang pamilyang Ejercito

  • pipsirho


    • Jerry Manilag

      VERB, NOUN, ADJECTIVE! Yun lang alam mo? 

      • pipsirho

        These parts of speech ALLOW US to CONSTRUCT SENTENCES, PHRASES, and CLAUSES to express our IDEAS!!! If you do not know these, YOU ARE LOST (in your taglish)!!

    • MOTO


  • superlucky2


    • Jerry Manilag

      NO. 1 nga siya sa balota ka, so magnanakaw na din ako? If you have bases, then show it! File a case against JV. I’m talking about JV and not other personalities. And if its okay to you, bash JV according to his personality, track records and performance. Para naman may sense tayong nagbabatuhan ng putik dito.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        dahil malaki makukurakot sa senado. malaki ang pork, mas malaki kung dalawa silang magkapatid sa senado at merong bogus na NGO.

      • MOTO


  • deleonmarlon

    Ang kakapal ng mga mukha ng mga Estrada. PLEASE DON’T FOOL THE PEOPLE. PLS BACK-OUT FROM THE SENATORIAL RACE.

  • ApoNiLolo

    I won’t add my 2 cents. Majority of the comments here are proof enough what kind of a person they are talking about. >: D

    • Jerry Manilag

      Funny things, puro ‘anon’ naman ang lahat na tumitira at naninira kay Cong JV. Naniniwala ako na kung tama ang pinaglalaban at kung may basehan naman ang kanilang akusasyon, why hiding? Why being anon? One thing, sa mga katulad nila na hindi natin alam kung existing ba talaga, maniniwala ka? 

      • ApoNiLolo

        Hehehe… your reasoning amused me. >: D

        “… hindi natin alam kung existing ba talaga, maniniwala ka?”
        Do you believe in God?

      • MOTO










  • ShibumiNinja

    itong article ni salvatierra “Seat Filler” lang yata dito sa news walang ka lasa lasa… 

    ang comment lang na ma husay sa sinulat mo is 

    So What?

  • regd

    I will eat my feces before I vote for this guy!

    • peach black

      nasusulasok ako. gusto kong isuka pati kaluluwa ko na dito sa Pilipinas namamayagpag ang nakapandidiring angkan na ito. Bakit hindi na lang sa Malaysia (lol)

  • jseesus

    arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………… tubig nga inday… pangmumug…

  • peach black

    pagmasdan nyo nga pagmumukha ng mga anak ni erap. . . lahat namamaga ang mga mukha. unti-unti nang tumatagos ang nabubulok na dugong nananalaytay sa kanilang ugat.

  • Albert

    You want to be your own man, but was nothing without your fathers fame and played on it your whole life.

    • Julian Makabayan

      Bakit mabubuhay ba kayo kung wala kayong tatay? bugok!

  • Jerry Manilag

    HE SHOULD! Marami na siyang napatunayan at he deserves all that credit. Pinatunayan niya na kaya niya ring tumayo sa sarili niyang paa at makilala sa sarili niyang pagsisikap. Yung ginawa niyang tranformation sa San Juan na mula sa isang maliit na municipalidad at isa na ngayon sa tinitingala bilang isa sa pinaka-progresibong Lungsod sa buong Pilipinas (Most Progressice Cities) In terms of education, malaking accomplishment ang pagtatayo niya ng PUP-San Juan para sa mga kabataang Pinoy na walang kakayahang pumasok sa mga pribadong eskwelahan. Plus factor pa siguro ang pagiging TOYM [Ten Outstanding Young Men] Awardee niya noong 2007 at 9th Most Prolific Lawmaker in 15th Congress having filed 149 House Bills and 18 House Resolutions sa loob lamang ng isang termino (3 years). Pinatunayan niya lang na handa na siya sa malalaki at mabibigat hamon bilang isang Senador. Kaya dapat lang natin siyang hanggaan sa mga bagay na ito! JV Ejercito Estrada sa Senado! Like Ko YON!

    • Edwin Edwin

      Bayaran ka ni Ejercito no? hehehe

      • Jerry Manilag

        Your out of context Mr. Edwin. And to answer you directly, NO I’M NOT! May maayos akong trabaho kaya hindi ko na kailangan yun. Lets say, MATALINO AT RESPONSABLENG BOTANTE lang ako. Tinitingnan ko kasi ang TRACK RECORDS, PERFORMANCE AT CREDENTIALS ng isang kandidato na aking susuportahan at iboboto at hindi yung paninira na lang ng walang basehan. Yun ang kaya kong i-contribute sa Pinas na maging matalino at responsableng botante ngayong halalan. Hindi ko lang alam kung ganun din ikaw? 

      • agustin

         Bakit walang katigil tigil ang pagtatanggol mo kay estrada,JV ?

      • MOTO


      • MOTO




      • fache

        If what you believed is the true image of JV, then why does he have to change his last name. He said, “I want to be my own man.” yet he change his last name. If his credentials are better than the other Estradas, then he should let those credentials be his standout image as a politician. Be your own man!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      TOYM was rigged. fake or stage.

      • Julian Makabayan

        Mas totoo ang TOYM nito kasi naipanalo nya ito sa panahon na ang pangulo ay si Gloria kalaban ng pamilya nila.. 

  • w33k3nd3r

    Wanna be your own man? Do something else.

  • buttones

    Is it just me but is this dynastical problem we have getting even larger?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Filipinos are laughingstock by other countries if we elected more Ejercito/Estrada. 

      • buttones

        A ‘Laughingstock?’ You maybe right- I do remember waking up one morning abroad long ago to find my new President was an actor called ‘Erap’- [whatever that means] and working with so many other nationalities they thought this was so funny! Not so much as he was an actor they had never heard of , but the fact that someone, who has always been incomprehensible when he said anything, on screen or off could actually become a President of an entire nation. Of course my reservations about this guy were confirmed when he ended up in a jail cell, and now we have his offspring to deal with, those born within the benefit of Holy wedlock and those who weren’t…The total shock of this patriarch almost seizing the Presidency yet again is shaming on our country- or our bovine clueless electorate who even now have only a wafer thin idea about what is going on…

      • Julian Makabayan

        nakarating lang kayo sa abroad akala nyo kung sino na kayo.. para kang langaw na nakatung tong sa kalabaw… kahit sa ibang bansa may mga namunong galing sa pagiging actor at dating atleta.. tanga magresearch ka muna bago mo ilag -lag ang pilipinas. Kayo ang mga pilipinong walang   sariling disposisyon.. kung marunong lang kayong magmahal sa bansa sana nakuha ninyong ipagtangol ang sarili nyo… di mo nakuha na pinagtatawan nila pilipino at heto ka na nakikiayon sa kanila na hindi mo alam na mas katawatawa ka dahil mismong kalahi mo ang sisiraan mo at pinagtatawanan mo… sino ngayon ang mas mahusay na pilipino ung taong inagawan ng posisyon, hinusgahan ng isang korteng ginawa para ipakulong ang taong ito, at higit sa lahat napatunayang mahal pa din at pinaniniwalaan ng sambayanang pilipino o ang isang katulad mo na hinubad ang pagkatao at sumamang manlibak sa mga pilipino? nagtatanong lang po…. :D

      • fache

        You must be a dumb nationalistic Filipino to brand fellow Filipinos as such. Are you blind not to know what is going on your country and surrounding?

      • Julian Makabayan

        Fache ang sinasabihan ko ay si madam buttones na mukhang pinasok na ng hangin ang utak. tingin nya yata sa sarili nya napakahusay na. at isa pa mataas ang respeto ko sa mga OFW dahil dating OFW din ang father ko sa KSA. hindi nga lang kasama si madam buttones dun. at sya lang pinatutungkulan ko na langaw sa ibabaw ng kalabaw!

      • buttones

        My oh my I seem to have touched on a raw nerve. I related an experience I had while I was abroad, [in response to another poster] as many of us do go abroad and contribute billions to our country, because our leaders, your hero Erap being one are incapable of providing jobs here at home- We OFW’s cannot be described as ‘flies’, boy. On the topic of actors I said “Not so much as he was an actor” – do you understand that? I assume you are referring to Regan when you mention leaders of nations being an ex-actor- ? Very true- a B movie actor actually, but he never ended up in jail convicted as a common thief did he….You support convicted criminals, I don’t. The incursions of the followers of some obscure Sultan into another sovereign country, along with the resultant deaths of many [not the Sultan of course] have nothing to do with this.Finally, acting like some ‘tondo boy’, hurling insults left and right? Nope, I’m not impressed at all…this forum is not a bar room brawl, boy, learn to conduct yourself properly…

  • GuRamoy

    kung maka own man akala mo kung sino, eh nagpalit nga ng family name to estrada. eh nakaposition ka lang namn sa gobyerno dahil sa tatay mong convicted plunderer.

  • Adrian

    girls and boys, kahit ano pang himutok ninyo, mag rant kayo ng mag rant, mag below the belt attack kayo kay JV, come May 2013 he will be elected as senator.  diring diri ako sa mga Estradas (father, sons, legal wife, kabit), pero ganun talaga, majority of our voters are emotional and uneducated, and they will vote for this monkey!  Tell me pagdating ng May kung di magkatotoo mga sinasabi ko.

    • richard ortega

       so you have to campaigne against them tell the ignorant voters not to vote the monkeys

      • Julian Makabayan

        Hiyang hiya naman po kami sa inyo ang tatalino mga Alagad ng LP… Paano kayo makakahikayat ng mga botante kung puro paninira ang nalalaman nyo.. yan po ba ang tinatawag na tuwid na daan? ang magturo at manisi sa iba ng kapalpakan ng gobyerno at higit sa lahat manghusga ng tao… ang kapal ng mga mukha nyo mga henyong gunggong mana sa mga amo sa LP. bakit wala ba kayong tiwala na kayang manalo ng mga kandidato nyo kung accomplishment ang pag uusapan? ay sorry madami nga pala dun pura dak dak lang at papogi sa media ang ginagawa parang ung ginagawa nyo ngayon… gusto nyo ipakita sa tao na masamang tao ang mga nasa political dynasty pero paulit ulit ninyong sinasabing mga bobo at mangmang sila… sino naman susunod sa inyo kung mismong kapanya pa lang inaalipusta nyo na ang mga botate… eto ang para sa inyong lahat sama na mga boss nyo… MGA TANGA!!! di kami mga bobo at mangmang, sadyang mapagmataas lang kayo mga hudas na Elitista

    • Julian Makabayan

      Mas matalino kami sa inyo kasi alam namin kung sino ang tunay na nagmamahal sa amin at nagtratrabaho para sa ikabubuti namin… di kagaya ng amo nyo na puro sat-sat at press release, puro naman paninira at patama sa dating administrasyon para lang maitago ang mga kapalpakan nila

  • Guest

    Alan Cayetano is like JV Ejercito Estrada also. Sumakay sa popularidad
    ng kanilang ama para maging senador. Mga user talaga.


    • MOTO




      • Julian Makabayan

        oo nga nabalitan ko nga yun na si arroyo din ang dahilan kung bakit sya naging senador… sila ang nagpondo ng kampanya nila nun tapos parang ahas na tinuklaw ang bago nyang amo parang si CHIZ at LOREN lang na mga balimbing. Sama mo na si Grace poe na anak ni FPJ nilaglag ang mga taong tumulong at nakipaglaban para sa kanyang ama… 

      • Julian Makabayan

        mas malupit pa si BAM AQUINO isama sa kampanya nya picture ni ninoy, cory at noy noy tsk tsk bakit di pa sinama si Kris para todo na ang Suporta… A real Family Affair Di ba!

  • ED_almansa

    Eh totoo naman na mga Estrada ang sumisira kay Chiz sa UNA, they can’t
    deny. Everbody in the UNA knows it.

    • Julian Makabayan

      Wala namang sinasabi ang mga estrada kay Chiz, ni hindi nga siya napag uusapan ng mga taga una… Adik ba kayo mga tamang hinala! pakisabi sa amo mo na tigil-tigilan nya na yang bisyong yan. wala namang sisirain dyan dahil matagal ng sira yan… balimbing nuon sumama kay arroyo ngayon kay noynoy, dahil pag kandidato ka ng administrasyon marami kang pondo kasi kontrolado nila ang kaban ng yaman…

  • concern_netizen

    Biggest EPAL in Manila.

    • Julian Makabayan

      Concern_citizen Alfredo Lim ba pangalan Nung biggest epal in manila? Pwede nga…

      • concern_netizen

        Ejercito.. este Estrada pala

      • Julian Makabayan

        ang alam ko sa labing walong taon na dalawang pangalan lang ng namuno sa maynila, ay walang nangyari dahil taga maynila ako at umaasang sa pagpasok ng bagong pangalan ay mababago naman.. di puro salvaging at pagpapalit ng ilaw ang nangyayari sa maynila… at paano mo matatanggal ang mga durugista sa manila kung mismong anak ng pinakamataas na pinuno sa maynila ay nahuling nagtutulak ng droga at pinagtanggol pa ng konsintidor na anak… ngayon sinong epal

  • Guest

    Gusto raw ni JV Ejercito na magkaroon ng sariling identity.
    Ano..identity crisis?


  • stfu_moron

    kahit anong satsat at dada natin dito..kung bobo pa din mga botanteng Filipino na hindi na dala sa maraming panahon ng paghihirap ng ating bansa dahil sa mga hinayupak nato..wala pa ding mangyayari..

    • Julian Makabayan

      totoo walang magagawa ang paninira nyo mga hangal dahil kahit kailan di namin paniniwalaan ang mga paninira nyo. kaya patuloy na mas minamahal ng mahihirap si JV ejercito Estrada ay may mga nagawa na at naitulong sa mga mahihirap at hindi katulad ng mga amo nyo puro satsat at paninisi sa iba… magtrabaho naman kayo para naman may maitulong kayo sa mga mahihirap. baka sakaling matutuhan din kayong mahalin ng mga mahihirap nating kababayan.

  • w4d

    LOL….tama na, sobra na!!! May baluktot na Estrada sa senado, dadagdagan pa ng isa? Maawa naman kayo sa Pilipinas.

    • Julian Makabayan

      Mas nakakaawa ang pilipinas kung ang isang bobong aquino ay dadagdagan ng isang wala pang nagawang aquino sa senado! mas kaawa-awa ang pilipinas! 

    • Leo Jimenez

      bakit?pano mo nasabing baluktot?mas ok na ang estrada ang umupo kesa sa aquino na kasing abnoy mo..anu nangyari sa pilipinas?wala diba?may pagbabago ba?wala di ba?asan pangulo mo?anu nagawa?wala.NGA NGA

  • sakinlang

    Ang tanda mo na, hanggang ngayon nakakapit ka pa rin sa pundyo ng tatay mo! Kailan ka ba tatablan ng hiya?

  • Jerry Manilag

    TRACK RECORDS, PERFORMANCE AT CREDENTIALS ang dapat maging basehan ng mga botante sa pagpili, pagsuporta at pagboto sa isang kandidato. Yun ang pinaka-importante sa lahat. Paano natin masasabi na effective and efficient ang isang kandidato kung wala naman siyang mailalatag sa atin na matibay na TRACK RECORDS at CREDENTIALS. And I think Cong JV EJERCITO ESTRADA is one of the few people who actually walk the talk. 

    • deleonmarlon

      If you valued your vote, please don’t vote for Ejercito…Wala naman itong alam kundi mangu-rakot parehas ng tatay at kapatid niya… Estrada’s are all corrupt.. Iyan ang trakc record & performance ng mga Ejercito/Estrada. Mga corrupt.

  • agustin

    Ejercito/estrada sa laguna.    sa san juan mrs. ejercito/ estrada,    sa senado junggoy estrada at magiging vice president ni Binay.   mayor manila erap the plunderer/ womanizer.    congressman jv ejercito to senate pork barrel.   welcome.!!! the poor and uneducated masses have been hypnotized by this name estrada.

    • Julian Makabayan

      agustin yan na di pana niniwalan ng mga pilipino ang mga paninira ninyo! Sadyang ramdam nila ang pagmamalasakit ng mga Ejercito Estrada kaya patuloy silang pinaniniwalaan ng masang pilipino… 

  • lagalag



  • joshmale2004

    JV says he wants to be his own man. Yet he is not confident he will win with Ejercito, so he uses his father’s screen name to have a chance at winning. Self contradiction?

  • 3Jomari3

    Saying so doesn’t make it so. You take Filipinos for fools like your dad and siblings. If you want to be your own man, go change your name and let’s see what happens.

  • boybakal

    JV wants to be his own man….But he keeps adding name to his name.
    Ejercito and now Estrada….that is not Own Man…that is Double Face Man.
    In short, Segurista.

    • MOTO


  • richard ortega

    UNA sa pagnanakaw, UNA sa pandaraya, UNA sa kalokohan

  • Jerry Manilag

    TRACK RECORDS, PERFORMANCE AT CREDENTIALS ang dapat maging basehan ng mga botante sa pagpili, pagsuporta at pagboto sa isang kandidato. Yun ang pinaka-importante sa lahat. Paano natin masasabi na effective and efficient ang isang kandidato kung wala naman siyang mailalatag sa atin na matibay na TRACK RECORDS at CREDENTIALS. And I think Cong JV EJERCITO ESTRADA is one of the few people who actually walk the talk. Again, I support and definitely WILL VOTE for Cong JV Ejercito because of his TRACK RECORDS, PERFORMANCE AND CREDENTIALS! #Respect #WalkTheTalk

    • MOTO



  • anton kinuton

    yun pala, bakit estrada ang gagamitin mo sa election hindi ejercito?

    • MOTO


  • MOTO


  • Roy Rosales

    it goes without saying,jc ejercito wants to ride with the bandwagon mentality of his corrupt father.the ejercito family anchored their votes from the bobos segments of our population which comprises about 60 to 65%.

    • Julian Makabayan

      Hindi bobo ang mga botanteng pilipino! Sadyang mas kapanipaniwala ang ang mga Ejercito Estrada kaysa sa mga amo nyo kaya patuloy pa din naninindigan ag masang pilipino sa kanila. Hindi lang naabot ng pang unawa nyo yan dahil utak elitista kayo na pinoproktahan ang interes ng mga mayayaman lamang at alam yan ng mga tinatawag nyong bobong populasyon, wag nyo na kaming linlangin pa at lalong lalo na na wag nyong lokohin ang mga sarili nyo na mauuto nyo pa uli kami… tama na ang pagkakamaling umasa kami sa anak ni dating senador ninoy at dating presidente cory aquino. eh kita naman na mas mahal nya ang dayuhan at mga mayayaman katulad ng mga lopez… di ba ang galing ni Pnoy? Dynastic na, may cronies pa! wala naman nagawa para sa mahihirap…

  • Guest

    Yan ang tinatawag na political dynasty. Kaya nga yang mga Estrada at
    Cayetano na yan kontra sa panukalang anti-dynasty bill.

  • MOTO


  • Melvin

    Kahit pa anong paliwanag mo, iisa rin ang suma anak ka ni Erap sa other woman. At pangalan pa rin ng tatay mong si Erap ang dinadala mo. Kunwari ka pa. Lilinlangin mo pa kami. Samantalang dysnasting-dynasty naman ang dating mo…

    • Julian Makabayan

      Bakit si noynoy aquino hindi ba siya produkto ng dynasty, boloks ka!!!ano na ba ang nagawa ni pnoy? 1. napaangat ang ekonomiya… naramdaman mo ba?2. cool na cool nangangampanya habang pinapatay ang mga kababayan nating muslim sa sabah!3. nagsusulong di umano ng tuwid na landas sa pamamagitan ng paninisi at paninira ng ibang pulitiko. bakit sa dami ng kasong isinampa nila kay gloria, eh wala pa silang naipapanalo at ang masakit pa isa isang nababasura ng korte.
      4. mas pinuprotektahan ang intrerest ng mayayaman habang lalong nalulugmok sa kahirapan ang maraming pilipino. 

      Tapos ito ikaw ngak ngak ka ng ngak ngak wala ka din naman silbi sa bayan! wag nga kayong mag malinis…

  • Spike

    Sa laki ni JV di lang siya he’s own man — he can be three men

  • Spike

    JV Ejercito siga yan at ang yabang ng batsoy na yan pag nasa greenhills – kala mo siya may -ari kasi pag aari daw nila ang San Juan 


  • Ghost

    Basta ako hindi boboto sa sinumang may kaugnayan sa convicted plunderer. Tapos ang kwento.

    • Julian Makabayan


  • Julian Makabayan

    tarikan Tanga mo! sinong De guia? bobo!!! hahaha dakdak ka ng dakdak mali naman sina sabi mo…

  • Julian Makabayan

    tarikan baka po sa inyong dalawa ang sukatan eh! mas mataas pa ang pinag aralan ni JV Ejercito Estrada… At paki sabi sa mga kasama mo dyan sa Office of the press secretary na magtrabaho na lang kayo para may silbi naman kayo sa lipunan kaysa manira kayo ng manira sa Internet…

  • Julian Makabayan

    Dinky Soliman ikaw ba yan… “Hooligan” din ang tianawag nyo sa mga kababayan natin biktima ng bagyong pablo ginutom nyo sa Davao… Hoy mga taga malakanyang magtrabaho kayo, bah! . mas arogante at mayabang ka kung makapag husga ka akala mo may nagawa na kayo sa ikabubuti ng buhay ng kapwa mo pilipino… At Garibaldi_II try mo mag-research para malaman mo na mas napabuti ang pamumuhay ng taga sa San Juan sa pamumuno ni JV at bilang katibayan ito basahin mo

    San Juan tops agency list of best performing cities

    Manila Standard TodayBy Gigi Muñoz David

    SAN Juan City was named the best performing highly-urbanized city in the country, according to the Department of the Interior and Local Government.
    “We are pleased to provide you the result for 2011State of Performance, San Juan City ranked 1st in the Top 10 Highly Urbanized Cities. It is with great pleasure that we offer our congratulations to you and the whole officialdom of San Juan for an excellent performance in the areas of governance from 2010 to 2011,” DILG Regional Director Renato Brion said in a letter to Mayor Guia Gomez.
    Gomez congratulated city government workers for scoring 4.9 points in a scale of 5. The cities of Puerto Princesa followed with 4.88, Iloilo with 4.87 and Valenzuela with 4.85.

  • Julian Makabayan

    Sa dami ng mga nag komento sa artikulo ito isa lang ang masasabi ko nakaramihan sa kanila ay yung mga taong mapag malinis na akala mo mga walang dumi sa katawan, at higit sa lahat mga ay may mga insecurities na naniniwalang mananalo si JV Ejercito Estrada sa kabila ng mga paninirang ginagawa nila ay mas higit pa rin minamahal ng tao. pinagtutulungan ng mga elitista kaya lalong napapalapit sa masang pilipino. sinisiraan kasi may mga malinaw na nagawa na sa  kanyang panunungkulan na nakatulong sa pag unlan ng lunsod ng San Juan di katulad ng mga taong ito na mga nagpapanggap lang.  Di ba kataka taka na sa tagal ng na sa komunidad ng pulitika ay nananatiling matatag ang mga Ejercito Estrada at higit sa lahat ay minamahal at pinaniniwaan ng higit sa nakararaming pilipino. Bakit kaya? Dahil sa kanila naramdaman ng maralitang pilipino tunay pag mamalasakit at pagmamahal ng mga kanila. 

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Estrada is synonymous to plunder next to Marcos and drag with it the family name Ejercito.
      News dissimation or analysis is so slow to reach the poor areas of the country, people think that the actor Joseph Estrada is a crime fighter in real life. They will know too late that its the opposite, a thief by profession and so is the whole political dynasty.

      • Julian Makabayan

        Alam ng lahat na walang ninakaw si ERAP… nakulong si erap dahil kailangan dahil sa legitimacy ng gloria presidency at convicted ng kangaroo court na ginawa nila. ng nasa SC na nagmamadali syang bigyan ng pardon dahil walang matibay na ebidensyang magtuturo dito at manganganib uli sya na masipa sa pwesto at higit sa lahat umaalma na ang mga pilipino sa panggigipit kay erap. political dynasty is not an issue dahil halos lahat ng mga kandidato sa elecsyon ngayon ay produkto ng kanya kanyang balwarte. at kung iayan lang ang issue dapat hindi nakatutuk sa iilang pamilya dahil mismong si pinoy pamilya ni Pnoy ay maituturing political dynasty din … pati ang pagsusulong nya sa kandidatura ni BAM Aquino.

  • Paking

    “His campaign promise is to have a graduate in every family, and his
    legislative agenda includes student loan assistance programs and tuition
    Wrong! While it’s good to have education, job creation is more urgent. Marami na tayong graduates na walang trabaho at kailangan na rin pag-tuunan nang pansin kung paano mapapauwi yong milyon-milyong OFW na kailangang lumayo para buhayin ang kanilang pamilya. Di ba mas maganda kung buo ang pamilya at nabubuhay nang masagana sa ating bansa kaysa watak-watak dahil nasa labas nang bansa ang magulang? Kailan bibigyan nang solusyon ito? Alisin mo ang Pork Barrel at tiyak itong anak at kapangalan (daw) nang magnanakaw na si Joseph Estrada ay di tatakbong senatong. Like father, like son. Mag-ingat kayo! Nakakatawang isipin na sa halos 100 milyong Filipino, di makabuo ng 12 kandidatong senador ang UNA. Ano ba ang kanilang criteria? Political Dynasty? Nakakatakot.

    • Julian Makabayan

      ok na po sana ung unang komento. akala ko di din paninira tipong nagbibigay lang ng opinion kaso ganun din pala ang punta sa dulo babanat din… tanong mo kay pinoy dahil sina cayetano, magsaysay,villar, angara at higit sa lahat ang pinaka paborito bam aquino ay hindi ba political dynasty… bobo!

      • Paking

         Naku po bumanat si Julian! Sana intindihin mo ang yong binabasa bago ka manghusga. Kaya UNA ang nabanggit ko dahil ang issue ay si Estrada. Malinaw na ayaw ko sa Political Dynasty kaya ayaw ko rin sa partido ni PNOY. Para sa akin, ang mga kandidato na may bahid nang Political Dynasty ay di dapat iboto. At puwede ba, huwag kang manghusga. Nagmu-mukha kang tanga!

      • Julian Makabayan

        mas tanga ka dahil mas mapang husga ka… di ang credentials at track records ang tinitingnan mo… dahil kung criteria nga ang pag uusap mas maiintindihan mo na mas mahusay di hamak ang nagawa ni JV ejercito Estrada. kaysa sa sinasabi mong naghahabol ng pork barrel… mismong gobyerno ni pinoy ang kumilala sa mga nagawa nya sa San Juan. administrasyon ni Gloria ng kilalanin syan TOYM na mahigpit na kalaban nila sa politika. at pagka senador po ang nilalabanan nya at kung di ka mapang husga… paano ipapaliwag ang statement mong Like father like son at ang pag tawag mong senatong at lastly binanggit ko ang kasama sa political dynasty ng LP para maliwanagan ka na tulad ng UNA madami ding galing sa dynasty sa LP… at maliwanag naman na kahit ilatag pa lahat ng mga nagawa ng mga Ejercito Estrada sa harapan mo ay malinaw na di mo pa din tatanggapin dahil sarado ang isip mo na pag political dynasty masama. at kung ito ay masama sana wala ng katulad ng San Juan, Marikina, Makati at palawan na pinaunlad ng mga naging pinuno nila na galing sa isang pamilya at naging kapalit ang patuloy na pagtitiwala at pagmamahal ng nasasakupan nila… sana maging malinaw din ito sa iyo…

      • Paking

         Ganoon ba? Kasing husay pala siya nang tatay niya! Pero dahil sa Political Dynasty, maraming matatalino at mataas ang moralidad na Filipino na di nabibigyan nang pagkakataong manilbihan sa bayan dahil ang puwesto ay napunta na sa anak nang nakaupong pulitiko. Ang kandidatong produkto nang Political Dynasty ay di dumaan sa mahigpit na criteria nang pagpili nang nararapat na kumandidato. Isa si JV Ejercito sa kanila. Sa pangkalahatan, mas nakakasama ang Political Dynasty sa bansa kumpara sa kabutihang dulot nito. Tanungin mo si Binay, si Enrile, yong mga kandidato ni PNOY, at maski si Estrada, alam nila ito. Kasama sila sa dahilan nang di natin pag-unlad sa suporta nang mga katulad mo.

      • Julian Makabayan

        I beg to disagree sir! maraming matatalino at mataas ang moralidad na Filipino ngunit salat naman sa experience ni kahit manilbihan sa baranggay ay di man lang pinagdaanan. maaring totoong lamang ang anak o kamag anak ng isang naka upo sa pwesto ngunit kung ang mga baguhang ito ay maipapakita na dapat din silang mapagkatiwalaan ng ating kinabukasan why not? kaso nga dapat mo din tanggapin na ang pagtitiwala ay di sapilitan hinihingi.  kailangan nilang maipakita sa mga tao na boboto na kaya din nilang. kaso nga wala pa nga silang napatunayan nais nila kaagad maluklok sa mataas na posisyon. kung moralidad at katalinuhan din naman po ang pag uusapan ay hindi naman magpapahuli  si Cong. JV EJERCITO ESTRADA dahil di naman po siya nasangkot sa kahit ano man scandal. kung sa katalinuhan naman ay may napatunayan na din po siya dahil kinilala rin ng kasalukuyan at nagdaang adminstrasyon ang kanyang nagawa para sa bayan ng San Juan. maaring may mga pulitiko na talagang umaasa sa lakas ng kanilang dynasty ngunit mayroon naman sadyang tapat na nanilbihan at dapat din po nating isaalang-alang ang mga niambag nila sa kanilang nasasakupan. bukas ang aking isipan sa pagboto ng bago ngunit di nangangahulugan na iiwanan ko na ung mga kilala ko at alam kong may magagawa. depende na lang kung paano nila ako makukumbinseng iboto sila.

      • Paking

         Di ko ini-aalis na may mga karapat-dapat manungkulang produkto nang Political Dynasty. Kung nakakatulong sila para mapabuti ang kanilang nasasakupan, dapat silang iboto. Sana nga dumami pa sila dahil naghihingalo ang ating bansa sa kakulangan nang totoong magbigay nang maayos na silbisyo publiko. Ikaw na rin ang bumanggit tungkol sa kandidatong salat sa experience at kahit manilbihan sa barangay ay di man lamang pinagdaanan. Magandang ehemplo si Nancy Binay sa bagay na ito. Kaya nga di ako sang-ayon sa pagpili nang kandidato dahil lamang sa anak nang naka-puwestong pulitiko. Dapat may proseso na ang tatakbo ay yong dumaan sa pagpili nang “the best and the brightest” at di dahil sa naka-puwesto ang mga magulang. Hindi ko pa rin maintindihan kung bakit di kayang bumuo nang UNA nang 12 line-up ganoong may halos 100 milyon na Filipinong pagpipilian. Kung sana ma-fi-filter yong mga kandidato upang yong karapat dapat lang ang tatakbo, baka sakaling may patutunguhan tayong maganda. (Opinion ko lang naman). Pagpasensiyahan mo ako Julian kung di tayo magkasundo sa ilang bagay pero siguro naman, pareho lang tayong nagnanais na mapaunlad ang Pilipinas sa pamamagitan nang pagboto sa mga nararapat na kandidato.

    • beerhunters

      Its no longer about good governance or ideology. The platform is political dynasty! Erap(offspring from different women, Binay (daughter w/ out academic credentials), Enrile(son  a notorious gangbanger in his youth) are the living proof!

    • Believe Me

      “…His campaign promise is to have a graduate in every family”.  Ito ang dapat i-achieve ng ating gobyerno na magkaroon ng kahit isang graduate (college) sa kada isang pamilya.  He established the PUP San Juan while he was still the Mayor of San Juan. At ngayon bilang Congressman, he pushed and fight for the SUCs (State Universities and Colleges) budget. At kung hindi dahil sa kanya, hindi madadagdagan ang pondo ng mga SUCs…ng mga TOTOONG ISKOLAR NG BAYAN. And that’s the fact! Madali namang makakuha ng trabaho kung graduate ka sa kolehiyo. AT mas maraming opportunities sa trabaho kung graduate.   

      • Paking

         Walang masama sa adhikaing makatulong upang magkaroon nang college graduate sa pamilya. Yang sinasabi mong mas madaling kumuha nang trabaho pag college graduate ay tamis dila. Sa aming baryo, mahabang pila pag pinahilira mo yong mga college graduates na walang trabaho at magkatrabaho man, napakaliit nang sahod at ika nga, di kayang bumuhay nang pamilya. Kaya nga para sa akin, mahalagang unahin ang job creation na makapagbibigay nang sapat na kita kundi dadami nang dadami ang college graduates na nakatunganga at palamunin pa rin ng magulang.

  • jr18496

    this guy Estrada or Ejercito is trying to fool the filipinos. He thinks he will get more vote if he associate himself with Estrada ( the ex-convict, womanizer and drunk  ex-president) .I won’t be surprised if a lot of filipinos fall for this scam. A lot ( majority) of filipinos are simply stupid. 

  • Rolly257

    Ang santol kaya, magbunga ng mangga??????

  • Roseee Sanchez

    I think the conversion of
    the Municipality into a full–fledged and highly urbanized City of San Juan on
    June 17, 2007, despite its relatively smaller land area as compared to other
    cities; is by far, one of Cong. JV Ejercito’s greatest achievements. #FYI. One more thing, during JV’s
    term as San Juan City Mayor, San Juan was the only local government unit in the
    country to be given an AA credit rating by the Local Government Unit Guaranty
    Corporation, the highest rating among the local government units. He deserves
    to be elected as Senator in 2013. 

  • Roseee Sanchez

    I think the conversion of the Municipality into a full–fledged and highly urbanized City of San Juan on June 17, 2007, despite its relatively smaller land area as compared to other cities; is by far, one of Cong. JV Ejercito’s greatest achievements. #FYI. One more thing, during JV’s term as San Juan City Mayor, San Juan was the only local government unit in the country to be given an AA credit rating by the Local Government Unit Guaranty Corporation, the highest rating among the local government units. He deserves to be elected as Senator in 2013. 

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    naku dalawa na naman ang mga ESTRADA’s in the senate?..kawawang bansa natin nito…

  • Julian Makabayan

    this is for you madam buttones,
    hindi ako kailan man naging bulag sa mga nagaganap sa bansng pilipinas. alam nyo naman nakita ko kung paano inagawan ng pwesto ang dating pangulo. pinagtulungan sila ng mga katulad nyong mga elitista. paano nyo ipapaliwaanag ung mismong icon of democracy na si cory aquino ay humingi ng tawad sa pagkakamali nya sa pakikipag sabwatan sa pagpapaalis sa kanya sa pwesto. ikalawa hindi bat ibang opisyales ang umaming tumagap ng pera at idineliver daw gamit ang isang maliit na maleta na nung sinukat halatang nagsisinungaling, di na nga naipakulong eh nabigyan pa ng tropeyo di ba ang galing ninyo. at hindi lahat ng OFW ay tinatawag kong langaw kundi ikaw lang buttones kuno na akala mo kung sino mag salita… madami akong kamag anak na OFW maging ang ama ko ay Dating OFW sa KSA panahon pa ni president marcos pero di sila katulad mo na akala mo kung sino mag salita… mataas ang respeto ko sa mga kinikilalang bagong bayani ng ating bansa pero pero hindi sa iyo… mam buttones wag mong idamay ang ibang OFW sa mga paninira mo dahil di sila katulad mo na mapanghusga sa kapwa… What do you mean about “acting like some ‘tondo boy” kasama ba uli ito sa mga panlilibak mo? you said that this is a this forum is not a bar room brawl, right? then try mo kayang basahin mo uli ang mga sinabi mo sa unang statement baka ma-realize mong mas matinong tao pa ung mga nanahimik na taga tondong binabanggit mo. baka sakaling makita mo that you’re the one should  learn to conduct yourself properly…

  • Julian Makabayan

    this is for you madam buttones,
    hindi ako kailan man naging bulag sa mga nagaganap sa bansng pilipinas. alam nyo naman nakita ko kung paano inagawan ng pwesto ang dating pangulo. pinagtulungan sila ng mga katulad nyong mga elitista. paano nyo ipapaliwaanag ung mismong icon of democracy na si cory aquino ay humingi ng tawad sa pagkakamali nya sa pakikipag sabwatan sa pagpapaalis sa kanya sa pwesto. ikalawa hindi bat ibang opisyales ang umaming tumagap ng pera at idineliver daw gamit ang isang maliit na maleta na nung sinukat halatang nagsisinungaling, di na nga naipakulong eh nabigyan pa ng tropeyo di ba ang galing ninyo. at hindi lahat ng OFW ay tinatawag kong langaw kundi ikaw lang buttones kuno na akala mo kung sino mag salita… madami akong kamag anak na OFW maging ang ama ko ay Dating OFW sa KSA panahon pa ni president marcos pero di sila katulad mo na akala mo kung sino mag salita… mataas ang respeto ko sa mga kinikilalang bagong bayani ng ating bansa pero pero hindi sa iyo… mam buttones wag mong idamay ang ibang OFW sa mga paninira mo dahil di sila katulad mo na mapanghusga sa kapwa… What do you mean about “acting like some ‘tondo boy” kasama ba uli ito sa mga panlilibak mo? you said that this is a this forum is not a bar room brawl, right? then try mo kayang basahin mo uli ang mga sinabi mo sa unang statement baka ma-realize mong mas matinong tao pa ung mga nanahimik na taga tondong binabanggit mo. baka sakaling makita mo that you’re the one should  learn to conduct yourself properly

  • noyab


    • Jonjon Estrada

      Abnoy kayo po siguro ang bastos, imagine nag online ka lang para yan ang sabihin tsk tsk tsk!

  • noyab


    • Jonjon Estrada

      Sigurado po ako mali kayo dyan. nabasa ko na po ang plataporma ni Cong JV EJERCITO ESTRADA … 

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