Alan Peter Cayetano markets self in public markets



You may have seen him in public markets around the country but no, he’s not the new Mr. Palengke.

Sen. Alan Peter Cayetano would rather associate his senatorial campaign with the acronym “pitik”—for “presyo, trabaho, kita (prices, jobs, income).”

Pitik, Cayetano says, “truly embodies the needs and concerns of all Filipinos. No sector or group is left behind.”

Cayetano launched his reelection campaign in February by sipping instant coffee and eating pan de sal with vendors at the Pritil public market in Tondo, Manila. This provoked claims that his sorties were no different from the 2004 campaign of then senator and now Interior Secretary Mar Roxas, who topped the senatorial contest that year using the moniker “Mr. Palengke.”

“Yes, there are similarities [with Roxas’ campaign] but we also intend to consult with farmers, tricycle drivers and those from what little manufacturing we have,” Cayetano said in an interview with the Inquirer.

Listening tours

In the first month of this year’s campaign, Cayetano has skipped almost all the rallies of the administration’s Team PNoy, conducting instead what he called “listening tours” in public markets from Benguet in the north to Cagayan de Oro City in the south.

“I’ve lived the lives of all sorts of Filipinos these past few weeks,” Cayetano said of his pitik campaign. “Trust me when I say I have felt their concerns and learned what their problems are.”

At a time when the Aquino administration is making much of the 6.6-percent economic growth the country posted in 2012, Cayetano said his tours revealed that vendors had yet to feel the gains.

“They said their sales continue to be slow,” Cayetano said of the Pritil vendors, adding that despite the presence of cooperatives, these vendors were still victims of the “five-six” system of loan sharks involving a steep 20 percent interest.

“They are also concerned with the high incidence of crime,” Cayetano added.

Strawberry growers

Cayetano was also moved by the concerns of strawberry farmers in La Trinidad in Benguet, who told him they earn only an average of P200 pesos per day, far less than what factory workers in the province earn. Most of them also do not get benefits from PhilHealth.

“There has to be a program that will encourage tourists to stop by the strawberry fields,” Cayetano said. “The City of Baguio makes P500,000 per day, mostly from tourists. If La Trinidad, which is just 25 minutes away, could achieve the same numbers, we will see a great improvement in the lives of our farmers.”

In Cagayan de Oro, Cayetano heard complaints about lack of income and livelihood from residents of Balangay P-noy in Canitoan—the Gawad Kalinga relocation site for the displaced victims of Typhoon “Sendong.”

Cayetano said the local governments should also consider expanding livelihood and technical skills development programs while addressing such issues as rebuilding infrastructure.

“We need more programs that will assist typhoon victims in getting back on their feet,” he said.

CEOs and slum dwellers

Cayetano has had breakfast with market vendors in Metro Manila, Bulacan and Cagayan de Oro; caught fish with the “bangus” farmers of Pangasinan and Laguna de Bay; harvested strawberries with the farmers of Benguet; and discussed oil price hikes with tricycle and jeepney drivers in Baguio and Metro Manila.

He has also met with the senior citizens in Bulacan, coconut farmers in Legazpi City, furniture factory workers in Cebu City and construction workers in Makati City.

The latest Social Weather Stations survey showed nine Team PNoy candidates in the top 12 of the senatorial races, with Cayetano in the third spot.

“This administration has brought down corruption,” Cayetano said. “Now, we have to address the needs of the people. They should feel the progress brought about by the drop in graft and corruption.”

He said that while he had launched his campaign in a marketplace, “my goals are not limited to this sector alone. Pitik addresses the needs of every Filipino—from CEOs (chief executive officers) down to the people in the slums.”

“This campaign is about the people we are fighting for,” he said.

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  • Weder-Weder Lang

    I like what Alan Peter Cayetano did to Enrile and Gigi, but it does not make him less of a trapo. Sana matalo ka, give chance to others outside UNA and LP.

  • boybakal

    Alan Peter Cayetano markets self in public markets

    I like his strategy.
    Where is the better place to market yourself….except in public market.

    Market vendors are the face of filipinos, hard working brown sunken sweating face Filipinos.
    Cayetano is white skin, mestiso and puffy face…no hard work and not a fish smell filipino.

    Because of his campaign in the market….I will give him the benefit of the doubt that he is one of them called….Mestisong Bangus.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    If Sen. Peter Cayetano is so concerned about the welfare of the people from Basco to Tawi-Tawi,i suggest he could help them by starting to get back the 200 million pesos that’s now unaccountable and missing.He can start  asking from the  negligent and “don’t care where the money goes,and i don’t know ” solons(Enrile ,Estrada,Revilla,Velarde).Or push for an independent investigation.
    Mukhang nalilimutan na yong nangyari.
    One can pick a strawberry,drink a lot of coffee and munch a lot of “machakaw”with the masses(during election campaign season) but if no action is being done to uplift and give justice to the people,everything goes down the drain.Walk the talk.

    • maypakialamtayo

      nabanggit ko na rin yan sa previous comments ko, natabunan ng sabah issue ang tungkol sa bogus NGO

      • iriga1_city1_boy1

        To tabalu:
           Pare,I might have missed reading your comment.But at least,this is a reminder again to the politicians not to forget and hide under the rug the issue of the missing 200 million pesos.Maraming “Ligo” at “WagWag” na bigas na yon kung ipamigay sa tao na nagugutom(kung mahanap)There is no way in the world that the amount can just disappear and not be accounted anymore.Is it just like that:Magic,disappear and no more?
        What kind of Republic are we?

      • maypakialamtayo

        harapin na natin ang totoo, ang dapat na i-educate ay ang botante, makatanggap lang ng 200 pesos iboboto na kaagad ang kandidato, hindi mo sila masisi dahil akala nila kung manalo ang magbigay sa kanila ay tuloy tuloy ang tulong, , may kababayan kasi tayo na hindi ko alam kung anong klasipikasyon nila. hindi ko talaga alam.

  • maypakialamtayo

    sa anim na taon mo ba sa senado tumuntung ka sa palengke? try mong bumili ngayon kahit anong kinikilo para malaman mo na 99% ng timbangan ay mandaraya, yan ang unahin mo hindi yung kinakamayan mo kahit malansa ang mga kamay, PLASTIC KA, sana isinama mo si koko, isang bar topnotcher pero sa info nya botchang baboy ang inihalimbawa sa mandaraya alam nya pala na may mandaraya bakit wala ba kayong karapatang gumawa ng batas para parusahan ang mga yan.

  • joshua

    Go Team Malaysia (AKA team PNOY)

  • boybakal

    Alan Peter Cayetano markets self in public markets…

    It’s nice to see Cayetano campaigning in public markets during this election. Talking to the poorest of our market vendors and kargadors.
    Really touching.

    But once elected he will be seen again in the markets but this time shopping in Super Markets pushing a cart.

  • vir_a

    After he gets elected, we will never see him in poor people’s places again. We will see him only grandstanding on tv. That’s what he did last time. If we don’t stop our being so gullible, we will continue to be exploited by politicians and even the media. 

  • padrefaura

    Ano bang nagawa ni cayetano in his 6 year term as senator? Maging attack dog ni villar?

  • Horst Manure

    The reason he is in the Markets because he is for sale.
    The best money can buy.

    • marionics

      di ba siya buyer? he he

      • dream_waker

        may balita na buyer daw..

  • agustin

    No to dynasty. cayetano is part of dynasty from taguig or pateros. an opportunist do nothing senator but wants media exposure. a proven liar, his expose’ that FG has a bank deposit at Germany was proven not true. a shameless person.

  • virgoyap

    I will surely vote for a senatorial bet who will pursue to increase SSS pensions of senor citizens.

    • Edward

      dre, it’s weird to hear stuff like this. For SSS to increase pensions for its retirees it has to increase the monthly contribution of its members and employers and baby boomers…

  • zeroko

    Sorry is Senator Alan, he will not get my vote though he is bright and seemingly sincere. I will not vote for him together with ALL trapos in the Senate for two reason. Alan lawyered for “Money Villar” regarding the P200 million pesos double insertion at DPWD on C-5 diversion to pass on his Subdivision. Then what about the running of their offices in the Senate. Hayop, P 2.2 million a month to run an office? Gaano ba kalaki ang Senate Office, 5 X 6 square meters. Ang liit, kaya lang they can consume so much? He he he. Pati Senate pala, corrupt din!

    You people are living like Kings, while the entire nation populace are hungry?

  • Karabkatab

    Cayetano has had breakfast with market vendors in Metro Manila, Bulacan and Cagayan de Oro;======= And what have you discovered Senator Cayetano about these vendors?  Hindi nyo ba alam na ang marami sa kanila ay mga opportunists din katulad ninyo sa senado?  Ilan sa mga vendors na ito ang may tamang kilohan o timbangan? Ang kanilang patong sa presyohan ay malaki pa sa mga magsasakang kanilang ina angkatan.  At karamihan sa kanila hindi nagbabayad ng income tax, despite the huge income they are raking in.  Just look at your vendor neighbors’ houses, cars and schools where their children are studying. 

    • ShibumiNinja

      korek ka kapatid

  • kilabot

    imagine no elections, politicians nothing to do; 
    no pitik nor topak, no palengke too; 
    imagine all the people, struggling on their own…

  • Yobhtron


  • Mattino2011

    Madal kayo na ginaya kay isa pang trapo..almusal ngunyari..ilbre pa un mga vendors..Kala ninyo di yan babawiin dami ginagastos?

  • JosephNess

    pitik..what an acronym…for crooks, this would mean suhol, bribe, palusot, etc…can this acronym build his chance of being elected or  just be misconstrued to identify him, though, he does not practice it? just thinking too laud…

    • ShibumiNinja


    • magiting78

      Pitik= Past Tense
      Peteks= Future tense
       After maka pitik sa pundo…peteks na sa trabaho kaya wala nagawa…lolz

  • Graciano


    • ShibumiNinja


  • Bing

    funny. i saw alan cayetano and his sister pia cayetano in the fort, bonifacio global city, having lunch and then coffee. no wonder hindi nya alam yung tunay na nangyayari and it had to take an election to force him to visit these places. i hope that voters are more critical with gimmicks such as this.  

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

        Same here.I had seen the  Senator in 2010 perusing books/magazine at the 3rd floor of Fully Book Store (The Fort–Global City).I think the 3rd floor was also the “coffee area”.BGC is an upscale place(neat,clean,orderly and swanky).I  don’t think  that year he was up for election.Of course ,we are a Democratic country.We have Freedom of Movement .But even if that year was not a campaign season for him,would you think he would go to the concrete but  mud infested fish market of Pasacao,Camarines Sur or the dilapidated section of Tondo and show concerns of it’s constituents? I might doubt that.For if he forayed to those places(that year),it might  be in the media.Just  what’s happening right now. I did not read any exploits of him that year going to the “forbidden places”where majority of politicians shy away.
      I had seen a very few  good elected public leaders before(in Bicol) where they were able to mess with their constituents honestly   even at the expense of eating dinner  next to a man with half his face “rotting away”,or helping clean up a commode with thousands of squirming “maggots”. Or visit a family’s outhouse while dead carcasses abound below.Or,seat next to a man who smelled like rotten rat and look like the Characters of Clint Eastwood’s “spaghetti Westerns”.Some of those honest public servants  just want to serve their people.I like those kind of people.We barely see them now.Maybe Robredo was the last one.Ramon Magsaysay was one.
      If Sen.Cayetano can duplicate what that “devil may care” politicians mentioned did(in Bicol), then i believe him.Walk the talk,Alan.Sana walang gimmick.We were not born during Genghis Khan’s reign.

  • ulrich j


    HE’s  going to WIN  but  I will never vote  for this GUY..I rather go for the INDEPENDENT candidates.   

  • DonkeyKong1

    naku ayan na naman ang isa sa pinakasinungaling kandidato, wag iboto ang magnanakawa na tulad ni cayetano! pakitang tao! ! !

    • OhDelilah

      kaya ayaw ko talaga kay cayetano,,,mahilig ngang magpakitang tao…

  • AriannaDraws

    Tantannan mo nga kami cayetano! ayusin mo muna ang sarili mo bagi ka tumakbo, isa pa balik mo ang ninanakaw mong pera galing sa c5 project!

    • Carmoney

      tsktsk numero unong thief si cayetano!

    • magiting78

      Sinisira nito pangalan ni Companyero….walang wala ito s ama nya…

  • BonnieBailey9

    Hindi naman sa hindi ko gusto si Cayetano pero sana naman wag na nya pagnakawan ang taongbayan..kawawa naman tayong lahat..

  • Guest

    Talagang may utang ang mga Cayetano kay Enrile. Di ba P37 million na
    kinuha ni Renato Cayetano sa law firm ni Enrile noon.

    • magiting78

      Eh yung kahoy saan galing? Sa illegal Logging ko…lolz

  • Guest

    In fairness, si Alan Cayetano ang nakinabang sa bangayan nila ni Enrile.
    Nag-No. 3 siya sa survey. User talaga si Alan no?

    • magiting78

      Hehehe Nun c Mikey Arroyo binatan nya nung malapit n election ngaun c Manong JPE naman…pero ang tanong may nagawa ba sya s 6 years nya n stay?…Ewan ko lng baka may amnesia n ako wala kc me maalala…ikaw ba meron?

  • Guest

    Ngayong hawak na ng mga Cayetano  ang Taguig, funding
    for the election is not a problem for them. Madali na makakuha ng pondo.

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    oh REALLY…Allan Peter  Cayetano only goes to the public markets during election time, and once he’s in the senate, eats in posh hotels and restaurants.. I’m never gonna vote for this guy….!!!!!

  • Bigboy I

    goodbye ka na sa senado!!!

  • magiting78

    Pitik- Isang idyomatikong salita na hango sa salitang kalye na ang ibig sabihin ay nakaw. Kung ito ang slogan ni Cayetano na ngangahulugan lamang n sya magnanakaw lamang sa kaban ng bayan.

  • lex

    mga kababayan, naniniwala ba kayo na totoong nagmamalasakit ang senador na ito? o ginagamit lang kayo para iboto siya at lustayin ang kaban ng bayan! huwag nang iboto ang mga trapo, mga matapobre! huwag na tayong magpaikot sa kanilang matatamis na pananlita! 

  • richard ortega

    wala na bang iba? iba naman tama na ang mga trapo

  • Guest

    Of course biggest loser sa bangayan Enrile-Alan Cayetano si Jack Enrile,
    masama epekto nag-slide down siya sa survey. Hehehe!

  • Guest

    Wala namang manang naiwan si Rene Cayetano kina Pia at Alan sa kanilang
    ama. Kaya ang ginawa nila, tumakbo sa pulitika para kumita.

  • Melvin

    Kanya-kanya gimik talaga ang mga pulitiko tuwing mageeleksyon… Alam nyo naman ang mga mahihirap na pamilya mababaw ang kanilang kaligayahan ( hindi naman sa minamata ko ang mga kababayan nating mahihirap) kasi dahil sa kanilang simpleng buhay, malaking bagay sa kanila ang bisitahin, pagaksayahan ng panahon  at bigyan pansin ng isang senador… Totoo man o gimik lang ito ni Alan, tiyak patok ito sa masa… Maaaring awareness ang sadyang puntirya ni Alan. Pero malaking bagay yung pagkakabuking niya kay Lolong Johnny, kumbaga sa baseball naka-home run siya at sigawan sa tuwa ang mga tao…

  • Spike

    Pitikin kaya kita Trapo PWEH walang kwentang Dynastic family

    Magkano nga pala  kinita ng  tatay mo sa BW scandal ni Erap???

  • Guest

    Kung anong puno siya rin ang bunga. Corrupt talaga ang magkapatid na
    Cayetano. Katulad rin ng kanilang ama. Sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa…

  • Guest

    Saka hindi rin marunong tumanaw ng utang na loob yang mga Cayetano. Ask
    Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile.

  • Guest

    Ang alam ko, ginamit din ni the late Rene Cayetano ang pera ng law firm
    ni Enrile para pampatayo ng bahay nila.

  • John_Galt_II

    Pitikin dapat bayag nito! Anong klaseng slogan yan? Mukhang engot!

  • $23601969

     Don’t vote for this Senator who sponsored the Chinese propaganda that tried to convince people to accept China’s policies in the West Philippine Sea.  His interests are highly questionable and would even compromise national interests.

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