Redemption or rejection for Zubiri, all out to try again


CLEAR CONSCIENCE Zubiri counts his “selfless act” as his “proudest moment” in 2011. Family comes first. EDWIN BACASMAS

Redemption or rejection?

Whether former Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri admits it or not, the outcome of the May 13 senatorial elections might prove crucial to his political survival.

A win would give him a fresh mandate, essentially closing that bitter chapter of his political career 18 months ago when fresh evidence of cheating surfaced and forced him to quit the Senate. A loss could validate an accusation by Zubiri’s nemesis, Sen. Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III, that he’s a cheat.

But Zubiri, 43, who is running with the United Nationalist Alliance (UNA), rejects the allegation. Winning, he said, would mean voters appreciate his track record and trust him to deliver on his promises. Defeat would simply mean that they trust other senatorial candidates more.

Whatever the case, he said he was campaigning with a clear conscience and wouldn’t lose sleep over a defeat.

“Win or lose, me and my wife, we’re gonna make baby No. 3,” he said, turning to his wife, Audrey, who was seated beside him during a visit at the Inquirer.

“I have a very young family. For me, politics is not an and/or game … It’s just a job that I have to do well. It’s not my life or the reason why I live.”

For someone who insists that family comes first, values like honesty and integrity count most, especially if the accusation is grave: The man of the house had allegedly cheated, depriving another man his due and quitting only when getting caught was inevitable.

Call him ‘gay,’ never a cheat

Such apparently is the narrative that plays out in Pimentel’s own Senate campaign in the administration ticket. Zubiri said his colleague was targeting “sympathy votes.” So bitter is Pimentel over the cheating episode that he quit UNA and jumped over to the other side. He said he couldn’t bear sharing the stage with Zubiri during the campaign.

Pimentel once told the Inquirer that Zubiri shouldn’t be referred to as a former “senator.” He never was in Pimentel’s book. Period.

Zubiri said he had no problem with that. Call him a former representative instead and that would be cool. Call him “gay” even, a rumor that purportedly began after he broke up with singer-actress Vina Morales. But never label him a cheat.

“That’s worse than below the belt,” he said. “It destroys your integrity and dignity as a person. That’s completely false, and people who know me know I’m a decent person.”

Against the advice of family friends and political allies, he said he decided to step down in August 2011 out of delicadeza (propriety). He knew, too, that if he stayed a minute longer, the allegation would hound him in the senatorial race two years later.

Proudest moment

That “selfless” act, as Zubiri calls it, allowed Pimentel to serve less than two years of what should have been a six-year term. Pimentel sees it the other way: He was deprived of his four years in the Senate.

Zubiri claims both he and Pimentel were victims of massive cheating in Maguindanao during the 2007 senatorial election.

“It’s what I did to rectify the situation, and I think that should be the main point of the discussion,” he argued. “That was the most difficult political decision I have made in my life, but that was also the proudest moment in my life.”

No sitting politician in recent memory had ever done what he did. The natural option was to hold onto the post and wait till the poll protest dragged on until the next election and became moot.

Zubiri makes sure voters are reminded of this each time he climbs the campaign stage. Here was a man who said he didn’t “want to go to Church having to bow my head and be embarrassed to look into people’s eyes.”

By doing the unexpected in 2011, Zubiri feels he has kept his values intact.

“The legitimacy question is a very heavy accusation,” he said. “All the good work that you’ve done, all the records that show I passed so many laws, that I had a perfect attendance, that I helped so many people, that I had almost a thousand projects—all that is completely erased with one cloud of doubt in one’s mind that you shouldn’t be there in the first place.”

Zubiri downplayed the impact of the 2007 poll fraud issue in the current campaign, even if both he and Pimentel continue to raise the matter, albeit from two entirely different perspectives.

‘Let me try again’

The theme of Zubiri’s campaign is “second chances.” His campaign jingle is “Migz Mo,” taken from 6 Cyclemind’s “Trip.” But he occasionally sings Frank Sinatra’s “Let Me Try Again” during sorties after explaining his version of the election fraud story.

Between Pimentel and Zubiri, the latter seems visibly more at peace with the outcome of the election protest between them. While Pimentel is often combative and aggressive, Zubiri is more calm and reconciliatory, perhaps because he is seen as the one who had done the other person wrong.

Peace of mind is also a function of faith for Zubiri, a Marian devotee. “Insha’Allah” (God willing), he said he’d get a second tour of duty at the Senate. His prayer comes with the promise that “I’ll be a better public servant than I was before.”

But Divine Providence is not to be abandoned by actual work.

Socialized health program

“I’m banking on my track record and my platform of government to help me win this campaign,” said Zubiri, who boasts of having registered a perfect attendance since joining the House of Representatives in 1998 and later the Senate.

Zubiri promises to push for a nationwide “socialized health program,” where the poor would not have to worry about hospital bills and medicine. He claims to have done it in his home province of Bukidnon, and is confident it could be replicated around the country.

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  • Putakte Naman


    • 12JEM


      MigZ Accomplishments….
      1. Biofuels Act
      2. The Magna Carta for Private School Teachers
      3. Act Providing for a Magna Carta of Students
      4. Act Instituting the Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, Repealing Republic Act No.
      6425, as Amended
      5.Rent Control Law
      6.AFP Rate Base Pay Increase
      7.Wildlife Conservation Act
      8.Renewable Energy Act
      9.Cooperative Code of the Philippines

      10. Arnis as a National Sport

      For nine years, perfect attendance in the House of Representatives.
      Same perfect attendance for his abbreviated stay at the Senate…Unbeatable record.

      • Kaloy

        Bale wala yang sinasabi mo. Kahit sinong guilty sa pandaraya ay siyempre magtsutsumikap na makaimpress dahi alam niya na palaging bilang ang araw niya bilang senador. Ikaw yata si Zubiring mandaraya eh?

      • humabon

        REJECTION! thats all period…

  • fil9

    Wag ka ng magmaang-aangan! Tan-awa ang imong nawong sa samin. Wa manglimbawot ang imong balhibo bay?

  • 33Sambuang2

    ungas ka zubiri….redemption….no way. cheat. a cheat will always be a cheat. manigas kang galamay ni gma. kupal, epal, mandaraya……………….. pati aso di boboto sa yo

  • KarmaGMA

    you sided w gma and that makes u a cheat….why deny? 

  • quirinomayer

    Zu viri kadiri. So very kadiri si Zubiri. 12 -0 sa Maguindanao at di raw nya alam na may dayaang nangyari.

    Lahat ng mga boboto kay Zubiri, bobo. 

  • farmerpo

    Zubiri’s baggage is too heavy. No matter how he is being sanitized, he is hauling a  heavy, stinky baggage. ‘Delikadeza’? Yeah! 

  • Ping Gonzales

    Huwag na huawg nating iboto itong cheater na ito kasi ito yong nabenefited sa l2-0 na utos ni 1st gentleman sa mga ampatuans at sasabihin niyang di alam he he uy mahiya ka naman sa taong bayan lalo na sa mga zamboanguenos

  • carol

    I am not voting for Koko, I will vote for Migs Zubiri, daming nagawa niyan sa bayan namin, approachable at maraming natulungan. Walang batayan ang akusa sa kanya. Koko tama na ang daldal, para kang abnoy.

    • Komen To

      Why did he resign if the accusations have no basis? Then even if he wins and accused falsely again he will resign. What kind of a statesman is that, abandoning his people because of false accusation? And take note, he did not resign at the start of accusation, but towards the end when case build up was getting against him. In short, PALUSOT

      • spider69

        kaya nag-resigned ay lalabas na ang resulta ng invistigation. ayaw mapahiya. dahil alam niya na siya mandaraya na iwas pusoy. makapal itong si Migz. malayung-malayo sa mga pulitico sa America. walang delicadeza. kawawa ang wife niya dahil napapahiya pero walang magawa kundi lunukin ang kahihiyan na ang asawa niya ay mandaraya like GMA

    • MOTO

      isa ka ba sa aso na palamunin ni zubiri?

  • Komen To

    Pandaraya IWAKSI
    ZOO-beer-ee KADIRI

  • EOJ

    Rejection for this cheat!

  • bryanbrian

    Napatunayan na ang pandaraya ng taong to nag kukunwari pa.

    Tinanggap nya at pinaglaban hanggang sa supreme court para isama sa canvassing ang maguindanao votes na alam ng lahat na zero zero si FPJ at mga kandidatong senador.

    Dahil sa manufactured na maguindanao votes kung saan walang boto si pimentel kaya na proclaim na senador itong si zubiri.

    Ang totoo hindi sya nanalong senador.

  • doncleo

    Only when he knew that he was to lose the case due to overwhelming evidence did he decide to etep down>>>HUWAG IBOTO ANG MGA MANDARAYA!  NO TO ZUBIRI !!!!

  • Mamang Pulis

    walakang kadala dala sir…good luck na lang sa tatahakin mo.

  • kulittwit

    Ibasura ang mandarayang ito.

    Maliwanag ang kabulastugan sa maguindanao pero buong puso at kaluluwa nyang tinanggap ang boto mula sa probinsyang yon. Kahit zero ang mga kalaban, tanggap ni zubiri na tama ang bilang sa maguindanao. kaya sya naging senador.

  • Constantine

    Kept his values intact? When Zubiri realized that he is about to lose in the elections tribunal, he immediately quit. Is that his defining moment? No way, he cheated and enjoyed the position and funding for four years and he calls himself vindicated? Don’t vote for Zubiri! 

  • brunogiordano

    “Call him “gay” even, a rumor that purportedly began after he broke up with singer-actress Vina Morales. But never label him a cheat.”

    Tawagin kang GAY ay insulto sa mga BAKLA dahil sila may sariling integrity at dignity.

    Perception ng karamihan tao ay kaya ka naging senador pansamantala ay dahil nadaya ka sa tulong ng ex-PEKENG pangulo na nandaya kay FPJ.

    Kung may mga tao babansagan ka na isang CHEATER, iyon ang mga taong hindi boboto sa iyo.

  • EOJ

    Hindi ka na pagkakatiwalaan ng tao kung nabahiran na ng pagiging mandaraya ang ugali mo.

  • brunogiordano

    “Redemption or rejection?”


    Pinagiisipan pa ba iyan??????

    • Mark

       Yaah! REJECTION!!!!!

    • Kaloy

       Dapat talaga REJECTION>>>!!!! Tumakbo pa ulit para ano pa? Manang mana kay gloria sa tapang ng hiya itong si ZUBIRI KADIRIIII.

  • markmiguel

    wala nga siyang nagagawa sa bukidnon.ang daming gutom na pamilya sa bukidnon na hindi nga natutulungan nitong si zubiri.Pilipinas pa kaya.


    I will never vote for this cheat.

  • thecop

    I think Pimentel’s actuations are just natural from someone who was cheated.

    Well, in truth, it’s the sovereign will of the people who voted for Pimentel whom Zubiri has cheated. He said he gave way to Pimentel but I’m sure he quit right away to avoid utter embarassment and to preserve himself from further image deterioration. So I hope voters will see this and not vote again for Zubiri otherwise he will just laugh at filipinos knowing that he can get away with his crime. But I wish him all the best with his family life.

  • kurakut


  • Cabesang_Tales

    Mahirap talagang tanggapin ang katotohan, mas kapanipaniwala po kayo kung nuong una pa nagbitiw na kayo hindi kung ilang taon na lang ang natitira sa terminong hindi naman sa iyo at doon kayo nagbitiw.

  • Philcruz

    As I read this article down the page, I felt my stomach turning. Felt like puking at the immense thickness of Zubiri’s hide and the pure lack of conscience. Like he was the aggrieved party in all this. And describing yourself as a really decent fellow?! Is that even proper? Such flippant gaiety. Such glibness. Parang si Mike Defensor.


    Ang mandarayang ito ay dapat ibasura sa eleksyon. Hindi dapat pamarisan at pagkatiwalaan.

    Ang korapsyon at pandaraya ay isyu kahit kailan.

    Palibhasa sangkot sya sa korapsyon at pandaraya at protektor ng mga corrupt at mandaraya kaya ayaw nya itong maging isyu.

  • Barak_O

    zubiri is a cheating gay

    what a loser

  • doublecross

    may naniniwala pa ba d2……magnanakaw ng boto!

  • JuanTamadachi

    In so far as I am concerned, it is Rejection. I have had enough of liars and cheats like you and your ninang Gloria Macapal Dorovo.

    • marionics

      pero yummy ang misis niyan pre he he pati na din yung ex ni koko…tsalap tsalap. minamayak na namin kagabi ni Night yung dalawang yun hahaha

      • JuanTamadachi

        ha hah ha :)

      • JuanTamadachi

         the girl friend of your favorite senator, mam Gigi, will give both women a run for their money. She’s among the best MILF according to the senator. LOL

      • marionics

        wala na yun. gurang na yun at hindi naging model yun he he

  • Horst Manure

    Sounds like he is well qualified for the job and would make a typical government official.

    • Edward Castro

       there are many qualified candidates outside the two main political parties. most of those i will vote will come from those.

  • Sumintao

    maguindanao lang nagpanalo sa yo at tinambakan mo kalaban don, di mo man lang pinasalamatan mga botante  o  me nagawa ka na  ba don  o sa ampatuan ka lang me utang na loob

  • pipsirho

     “Whatever the case, he said he was campaigning with a clear conscience and wouldn’t lose sleep over a defeat.” => CHEATS always CLAIM to HAVE a CLEAR CONSCIENCE whenever caught or placed in a spot!!! He tried for a long time to HOLD ON to HIS SENATE SEAT until he can NO LONGER JUSTIFY his stay!! What does this say of his CHARACTER and INTEGRITY? He ENJOYED all the PORK BARREL and PERKS of a senator under QUESTIONABLE CREDENTIALS!!!

    The WORST COMBINATION in politics is to be a CHEAT and a PUGS => Politician Insatiably Gorging Slop; SLOP in the form of Power, Public Funds, Dirty Money, PORK BARREL, Graft, Corruption POLITICAL DYNASTY, Influence Peddling, SHAMELESSNESS!!!


  • Margarettes Reyes

    let me try again…!  hahahaha

    • Emilio Aguinaldo

      let me try again ……hahahah to cheat ba Ms. Margarettes?

  • $14334231

    Rejection is more APT for this man, zubiri…he is a cheater and will always be one no matter what…..upright, sideways or upsidedown… the way, did you spend for the masses ALL your PDAF while you were sitting as a cheat senator????…….you didn’t, and we knew it…….

  • azkal futbol

    nambobola lang si zubiri, dapat maintindihan ng ordinaryong taumbayan ang pinagdaanan ng pulitikong ito… magnanakaw ng boto na nung malapit ng mabuking ay bigla nag-resign at palalabasin pang biktima rin sya. kapal ng mukha… sana hwag ng maibalik sa senado

    • jhobitz

      kakampi ka lang sa Presidente mong panot…lol

      • azkal futbol

        be reasonable and realistic… isip ka muna bago ka kumampi ke zubiri gma

  • Pedro_Gil

    sino ang niloloko mo ZUBIRI? alam mo namang talo ka na. kurap ka at mandarambong.

  • Filipinoflash


  • Filipinoflash

    Zubiri Kadiri! Mandaraya!!! 

  • Yobhtron

    IBASURA SI  MIGUEL “DAGDAG BAWAS” ZUBIRI.  Pekeng Senatong at tuta ni GMA.

  • Kaloy

    Bottom line is, Zubiri has no DELICADEZA. Impossible na hindi niya alam na nandaya sila nina Goria noong 2007. Eh kung talagang may prisipyo ka dapat noon 2007 pa nagbitiw ka na. Bakit nagpapasasa ka pa for 4 years sa posiyon mo at kung hind ka pa natalo sa protest hindi ka nagbitiw.

    Ngayon tumakbo ka ulit para ano? Masydo malalim ang kabaliwan mo. Hindi kami boboto sa iyo. Mas maraming matitino kaysa sa iyo na kandidato.

    Huwag munang utuin ang pilipino para iboto ka pa. Daapt nga magkasama kayo ni Gloria sa Veterans.

  • parengtony

    My comment posted a short while ago questioning why no mention was made of Zubiri’s close ties with Mike and Gloria was disapproved by the “moderator”. I guess thats what happens when the writer’s hidden agenda is at risk of being made plain to the reading public.

  • Kaloy

    Dapat ang title ng balitang ito ay: “Tapang ng Hiya at Tibay ng Sikmur.a”!!

    Aba eh kung hindi pa nabistong mandaraya di pa magreresign. At sumama pa sa UNA na partido ng kapwa niya corrupt at mandaraya.

    Tama bagay na bagay kayo ng mga kapartido mo, Nancy Binay, Jackie Enrile JV Estrada, Maceda , Pekeng Magsaysay, atbp.

  • wakats

    The fake senator from Maguindanao is a world-class CHEATER and should be rejected by the electorates, together with the children of the 3 kings – jv, jackie and nancy….

    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      He is not from Maguindanao. Hihirit ka nalang geographically challenged ka pa!

      • wakats

        Koko used to call migz the senator from maguindanao, where the major cheating took place….

      • Homer Guo

         wakats was simply sarcastic, galing nya di ba. san ba nanalo si zubiri dahil sa pandaraya?

      • Derfla

        LOL, hihirit ka na lng din at may geograhically challenged ka pang nalalaman eh mahina ka naman pala pumick-up :P

      • parengtony

        wag ka muna mag post ng aroganteng comment kung hindi mo naiintindihan kung bakit tinatawag si zubiri na “senator from maguindanao”. nakakahiya, di ba?

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Between Migz and Koko, the former is the better man. He filed many bills to protect our environment. Before that, he was part of a popular boy band called The Spiceboys which brought happiness and smiles to many. When his honor was at stake, Migz had the delicadeza to immediately give up his senate seat. For all his accomplishments and magnanimity, Migz has earned his place in the annals of our pop-culture history. All of what Migz has achieved thus far remains elusive for Koko. Today, Koko remains bitterly resentful of all the goods things that have landed on the lap of Migz. Whichever way you look at it, Migz is the better man than Koko. 

    • Juanito Garcia

      lahat ng sinasabing  accomplishments ni zubiri ay walang halaga dahil ito ay bunga ng pandaraya. hindi maitatago ng magnanimity ang galing sa masama at ang delicadeza kuno to immediately give up the senate seat ay dahil sa maliwanag na hindi talaga siya nanalo. kagaya rin ng kanyang idolong arroyo na hindi nanalo noong 2004.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        That’s for the people to decide in this coming election my dear little Juanito. Are you eligible to vote by then?

    • tarikan

      All the while (for more than 4 yrs ) he knew that he was the beneficiary of Achie Glo’s election fraud. What do you make on such a man? Delicadeza my A!

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        What does it make Migz? The better man. Oops, magagalit na naman si Koko, si Mr. Torotot.

      • Mery Cris

        here comes the blind man again.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Blessed are the sightless, for they will not be blinded by greed.

    • Janch

      Delicadeza?  It was a face saving measure, not delicadeza that made him resign.  He only stepped down because the recount showed that Pimentel really had a massive lead over him in the 2007 elections.  He initally wanted to delay the resolution of the election protest by asking for an expanded recount but later changed his mind.  He probably knew that opening more ballot boxes would end up revealing how much more massive the cheating was and with him as the beneficiary.  Inunahan niya na lang.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Inunahan niya na lang? That only proves Migz is smart and has foresight which is why so many people voted for him.

      • Janch

        Mautak nga. Mandaya. Kaya kasama ni Ate Glo dati. Kaya kasama sa UNA ngayon.

  • pipsirho

     “Redemption or rejection?”. . .  MORE like REJECTION!  Zubiri SORRY,  you held on to your Senate seat for more than FOUR YEARS until your situation became UNTENABLE, and you had NO CHOICE BUT RESIGN!!

    Anyway, you had your PORK BARREL and OTHER PERKS as senator; NO NEED to RETURN the monies!!!

  • wood68

    cheat is an understatement. FRAUD is more approriate.

  • joeybg

    Tama ka lang sa sinamahan mong Partido, …… Partido ng mga Kawatan.

    • joshua

       Ok lang sya sumama dun kesa sa partidong walang paninindigan at walang bayag na Team Malaysia (AKA Team PNOY)

  • w4d

    LOL…Reject na nga si Zubiri, nakadikit pa siya sa mga baluktot mag-isip na Enrile, Estrada at Binay, kakampi pa niya sina Jackie, Nancy, at JV. Walang kapana-panalo.

  • Jun Dano

    this is good he is only with bad company . . .

    • mhonski

      i share the same sentiment.

      • joshua

         kease naman sa Team Malaysia (AKA Team PNOY) sya sasama

  • tarikan

    “Whatever the case, he said he was campaigning with a clear conscience and wouldn’t lose sleep over a defeat”. Clear conscience? I heard this off-repeated phrase from jackals like Erap, Gloria, Jose Miguel, Manong Johnny, etc.

  • maypakialamtayo

    go, go, go zubiri!

    • Homer Guo

       go go go mandaya ka ulit. go go go


    One more chance…..One more chance….all you ask is more chance…. to cheat again.

    Though you’re crying now you cry in vain.
    We will never take you back again.
    We are not fools we were before,
    We don’t like you anymore.

    • cheryl

      UrHONOR- this is one of the rare times that I find myself in the same boat with you. Just a litttle deviation: we never liked the Cheat Zubiri as he cheated his way to the senate

      • UrHONOR

        A rare occasion that MUST be a cause to celebrate!  However,  I see no “deviation” in the issue of CHEATING.  If you look back,  the first line of my post ends with the phrase, “… to cheat again.”  Well, Cheryl, I hope  this isn’t the last time for the rarity to pop up. :)


    A good zubiri is a retired zubiri.

  • pipsirho

     PIGS do not accept REJECTION in their political lives! They MUST FIND JUSTIFICATION for their BEING as PIGS no matter how CONVOLUTED!!! Such is the nature of PIGS!!!

    PIGS => Politicians Insatiably Gorging Slop; SLOP in the form of Power, Public Funds, Dirty Money, PORK BARREL, Graft, Corruption, POLITICAL DYNASTY, Influence Peddling, SHAMELESSNESS!!!

  • kilabot

    if both migz and koko win as senators, 
    will koko resign because he can’t be in the same room with migz? 

    • cheryl

      ano ang tanong mo? malabo- make your case man! Koko doesn’t want to speak on the same stage with Migz and attack him, the senario of them being in the same senate is a world apart, gets mo pare?

  • El_Bagamundo1983

    To all commentators:

    I respect your personal comments and views with regards to Migz Zubiri. And between all the senarorial candidates either from the opposition or administration – I side no one. People call this man a cheater or whatever title or label you want to call just to satisfy your emotions, hatred or whatever notion you have agaisnt him.

    But let us not forget that in general: how many politicians starting from the smallest unit of government (simula kay kapitan, kagawad, mayor, konsehal, gobernador, board member, tongressman aka “lolong”, senador) are holding the title or are in position – just because they “cheat” and are indeed – cheaters and yet remain in position – think!

    And yet no one cares – think again!


    • cheryl

      I care, and most of the right- thinking Pinoys think: we don’t want cheats. Kung gusto mo, iboto mo ang mandaraya, then magreport ka sa kanya: sir, binoto kita, anong atin dyan? That’s you, but don’t speak on behalf of Filipino people who are not cheats and who don’t want cheats to rule them.

  • humabon

    REJECTION! +/-…

  • Homer Guo

    ogag ang boboto ke zubiri. ang bomoto sa mandaraya ay isa ring mandaraya. masahol pa ang boboto dito ke zubiri.

    • cheryl

      tama ka ‘igan

  • RoelD

    mas mabuti na yung taong marunong magpakumbaba, kay sa taong sobrang bilib sa sarili,parating galit, pano sya makapagisip ng matino.Migz you have my vote i will try again for you.

    • cheryl

      Iboto m oang sarili mo bay hahaha

  • Ramon San Ramon

    This zubiri is a typical trapo to the max na hanggang ngayon ay alagad at alalay pa rin ni little girl gma at big mike dorovo at kasama pa sa grupo nang UNA sa kurakot at pandarambong sa kaban nang bayan, na puro denial pa rin sa mga krimen nila at lalong lalo na sa pandaraya sa eleksiyon nuong 2007. Umamin ka na sa pandaraya ninyo ni gloria arroyo

    No to zubiri, NO to UNA no, no, no!!!

    • cheryl

      No to UNA, enriles, Binays, Estradas, Mitos, etc….

      • joshua

         No to Team Malaysia (AKA Team PNOY)

  • EOJ

    Hindi na proklamang senador itong si zubiri kung hindi sinama sa canvassing ang maguindanao votes kung saan zero si FPJ at mga senatorial candiates nya.

    Zubiri fought for maguindanao votes to be included despite the zero votes. He now cries innocence?????


  • Othro


    Karamihan ng mga  doctor 
    sa pilot  areas ng  NO BALANCE BILLING  program (ni Zubiri ?) ay ayaw  sa 
    programa….  Sa totoo  lang, 
    the  program  IS TOO 
    GOOD TO BE TRUE…baka mamaya, maniwala 
    kayo  dito…Yang  mga 
    PhilHEALTH  cards na
    ipinamimigay,  mabuti  lang 
    yan  sa  umpisa. 
    Kahit may cards  kayo, kulang
    naman ang mga  doctor at nurses  sa ating 
    mga  health center.  Ang 
    mga  doctor  nagrereclamo 
    na,   sa  DAMI   
    ng  pasyente.  at sa  liit  ng kanilang 
    sueldo.  Lalo na ang mga nurses,
    napakaliit  ng sahod….  At sa totoo lang,  mahal 
    ang gamot .  Ang pinamimigay na
    libreng  gamot  ng mga politiko,  ewan 
    lang  kung genuine ba  (?). 
    ..At   hanggang  election lang ito… pagkatapos ng
    election,  mabuti  kung 
    may maiwan  pang  pera ang gobyerno   para 
    sa  health,  education, 
    buildings,  calamity,  etc…Wala ng libre,  babawi 
    uli ang mga politico…

  • richard ortega

    maraming beses na nanalo ang mga mandaraya,sana this time good men prevail against the evil… CHEATER ka zubiri

    • cheryl

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Plain and simple- you’re right sir.

  • Melvin

    What is the significance of trple “A” to the 2007 Senatorial Elections? Credit them to Arroyo, Abalos, and Ampatuan.
    Ang sabi naman ni Ginoong Zubiri ay wala siyang kinalaman tungkol sa dagdag-bawas na dayaan. Kaya lamang sa kanilang pagaaring bodega natagpuan ang ibang election returns…


    MAAARING lahat ng pulitiko ay nandaya paminsan-minsan.  Maaaring yong ibang pulitiko nandadaya palagi.  Pero hindi lahat ng pulitiko nandadaya sa tuwina o palagi. 

    Ang siste kay Zubiri, siya ang nahulihang in flagrante delicto o red-handed.  Walang lulusutang ibang butas, kaya sa front door lumabas!

    A vote for Zubiri is a vote for ignominy.

  • AllaMo

    By his own, still self-serving, admission, JM Zubiri did not win a senate seat in the 2007 election. It is meet that he is not referred to as a former senator. Like his benefactress, unmasked usurper is the more suitable description.

  • aristeosj

    i do not know how you can establish a socialized health program in the country when health department has been devolved to the LGU.most of the local leaders do not prioritize health issues because there is just ‘no money’ in it.


    (To the tune of FSinatra’s song…).

    I know I said that I was leaving
    But I just couldn’t say good-bye
    It was only self-deceiving
    To walk away from voters’ who
    Means everything in life to me

    You learn from every election day
    I’ve learned, and I’ve come back to stay
    Let me try again – let me try again
    Think of all I had before – let me try once more

    I can have it all – I and I again
    Just forgive me that I did CHEAT – please let me try again

    I was such a fool to CHEAT you
    To try to go it all alone
    There’s no sense to life without you
    Now all I do is just exist
    And think about the chance I’ve missed

    To beg is not an easy task
    But pride is such a foolish mask
    Let me try again – let me try again
    Think of all I had before – let me try once more
    I can have it all – I and I again
    Just forgive that I’m a cheat – please let me try again.

  • zeroko

    The Senator from Maguindanao MIgz Zubir was intrusted with a whooping P4 billion to establish a green fuel. He lied when he said there are thousands and thousands of hectares for Jetropa plantation, source of biodiesel. That’s a lie. There is no large area for Jetropa plantaiton because we even have a problem of Tenant farmers who yearns to own their farm, but none is available save on the top of the mountain. 

    After 2 years, the project just fold up. Now he proposes to use coconut oil for bio-diesel project. Here we go again……. he he he! The problem with this liar is he never cease dreaming. He is so talkative, he speaks garbage.

  • athenapallas

    Blah blah blah….a mouthful of horse manure. a cheat is a cheat is a crook. paniniwalaan pa ba natin kahit isang salita ng damokles na bardagol na ito? Mga Zubiri gusto lang tumakbo sa politika to protect their riches and businesses, which is one main reason for political dynasties to proliferate. Vomit inducing these greedy crocs. Really.

  • Ross

    2 years left for Pimentel?  Come on!
    Victim? No way!

    Rejection! yes…

  • George Lapulapu

    …you know that you, your party Lakas and GMA cheated …it could have been Chavit kung di lalabas na garapal na No. 1 si Chavit sa boung Mindanao..
    ..ayaw mo man tanggapin, if you lose tama ka the people wants the other. pero mali ka.. people also dont want a cheat in the Senate, er, dont want to add more cheat pala…

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