Comelec set to file raps against church officials


Saddened by the intransigence of Catholic Church officials, Commission on Elections (Comelec) Chair Sixto Brillantes Jr. said on Saturday the poll agency will file criminal charges against those who put up “over-sized” campaign materials outside a cathedral in Bacolod City.

Brillantes also said he welcomed the petition of church officials before the Supreme Court that questioned the Comelec order directing the Diocese of Bacolod to take down the offending tarpaulins. He said the Comelec was just following the law.

“The Comelec welcomes the suit filed by the Diocese of Bacolod in the Supreme Court questioning our order/notice to remove its illegal tarp,” said Brillantes in his Twitter account.

“We maintain, however, that the Team Buhay/Patay tarpaulin is election propaganda and thus covered by the size restriction imposed by law,” he added.

Church officials had put up tarpaulins at the San Sebastian Cathedral which identified the senatorial candidates that Catholics should support and reject based on their positions on the reproductive health (RH) law.

Brillantes said the tarpaulins should be taken down because they exceeded the allowable size for campaign materials.

“We are not being unreasonable. We quietly met and pleaded with the diocese for its removal, sent them two notices which were both disregarded,” he said.

“I’m saddened by the defiance of the local diocese as the Catholic Church is a trusted and longtime partner in securing orderly elections,” he said.

Brillantes said the Comelec will start this week proceedings for the filing of criminal charges against those who put up the tarpaulins.

“We will commence the proceedings for the filing of election cases against whoever is behind this, unless restrained by the Supreme Court,” Brillantes said.

“I maintain that election laws including those governing campaigns apply to all citizens regardless of faith or persuasion, even the Church,” he added.

Those found guilty of an election offense could face imprisonment from one to six years, removal of their right to vote and disqualification from public office.

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  • Cano Manuel

    The punishment should include imposing taxes on them. 

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Comelec disapproves of church’s anti-LP tarps.

    Comelec approves PNoy’s distribution of Philhealth cards to entice voters to vote for LP.

    Comelec approves PNoy’s participation in LP campaigns as part of LP branding.

    Comelec approves of Jajajajamby’s gadget giveaway promo.

    Mawawalan ka ng kredibilidad nyan Brillantes. Lalo na’t luto na ang PCOS machines mo.

    • Danilo Navarro

      palagay mas una ka ng nawalan ng kridibilad noon pa 

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        okay lang yun, hindi naman ako taga comelec.

  • agustin

    I may have a different opinion with the Catholic Church, especially RH bill, but this time I have to side with them.
    This is a pure political harassment by the Comelec favoring the administration candidates.
    Comelec Chairman is beholden to the President, his decision always favor the president.and this will be happening eternally.
    I have been suggesting before that there should a law that will prohibit a president from appointing a vacant position of Chief Justice, Comelec Chairman, AFP chief & COA chairman. the appointee will be selected by JBC or IBP. and approval by majority votes of all professional people of the country.

  • geminimind

    Why don’t you just leave as it is,after all voters in general are more educated than the church officials?
    This is how you find out if the church are more influencial than the government that imposses the law.
    I have a tarp bigger than the one they have and it reads cardinal Tagle is not qualified to be the Pope.

  • Bokya

    No one is above the law. Bishop of Bacolod should go to jail if found guilty. 

  • wehd1nga

    good now we’re going to see Comelec filing charges against election law offenders, lets just hope comelec starts with bigwigs like Pnoy senate bet Jamby and Partylist Akbayad Riza

  • Hey_Dudes

    This situation should  be nipped in the bud.  There cannot be restrictions on candidates who are prohibited from putting up signs and another who put up a sign and not willing to take it down.  This is good as any time to remind  the catholic church hierarchy it is not above the law.  Someone from that organization need to have his head fixed.

  • jeff

    this team buhay/patay political ads of the church is non-sense and deceptive.

  • brunogiordano

    “Those found guilty of an election offense could face imprisonment from one to six years, removal of their right to vote and disqualification from public ”

    Sana mapatunayan GUILTY!!!!!

    At makulong ng anim na taon.

  • unokritiko

    If they follow the teaching of christianity then they should follow the laws of the land.
    Comelec is a kind of cautious here were they show a very bad precedence to electorate.
    No Matter whats the size of tarpaulins they used, Still they violate the comelec rules that no one is allowed to put any election propaganda in any placed excepted on the designated areas were it is authorized.
    This church violates the DMZ between church and the govt!!

  • bogli_anakdami

    pag nakulong si kaksaker padre dumbasso sa bilibid, hapi silang lahat… kc, pipilahan silang iyutin ng mga preso… 

  • theoklab

    Comelec must check their records because they could be communists before.

  • marionics

    There are Jews in the
    world, there are Buddists,
    There are Hindus and Mormons and then
    There are those that follow Mohammad, but
    I’ve never been one of them.

    I’m a Roman Catholic,
    And have been since before I was born,
    And the one thing they say about Catholics is
    They’ll take you as soon as you’re warm.

    You don’t have to be a six footer,
    You don’t have to have a great brain,
    You don’t have to have any clothes on,
    You’re a Catholic the moment Dad came, because

    Every sperm is sacred,
    Every sperm is great,
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

    Every sperm is sacred,
    Every sperm is great,
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

    Let the heathen spill theirs,
    On the dusty ground,
    God shall make them pay for
    Each sperm that can’t be found.

    Every sperm is wanted,
    Every sperm is good,
    Every sperm is needed,
    In your neighborhood.

    Hindu, Taoist, Morman,
    Spill theirs just anywhere,
    But God loves those who treat their
    Semen with more care.

    Every sperm is sacred,
    Every sperm is great,
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate.

    Every sperm is sacred,
    Every sperm is good,
    Every sperm is needed,
    In your neighborhood.

    Every sperm is useful,
    Every sperm is fine,
    God needs everybody’s,
    Mine, and mine, and mine.

    Let the pagans spill theirs,
    O’er mountain, hill and plain.
    God shall strike them down for
    Each sperm that’s spilt in vain.

    Every sperm is sacred,
    Every sperm is good,
    Every sperm is needed,
    In your neighborhood.

    Every sperm is sacred,
    Every sperm is great,
    If a sperm is wasted,
    God gets quite irate. 


    • Crazy_horse101010

      is it wasted when the priests commit sodomy on little boys and each other. maybe thats why they do it because its sacred. im sure god loves baby rapers.god is irate all right. thats the reason the philippines is blessed with no hunger or disasters, like the west suffers.will a person be condemned to hell if he has a wet dream

      • Horst Manure

        The church discovered sex, the people discovered sex with the opposite sex,

      • Crazy_horse101010

        i though sex  was around with adam and eve. the only thing church has discovered  is how to torture people without drawing blood because they didnt want to get their hands dirty oh they discovered how to remove the second commandment. the one that says thou shall not make or worship  graven images for god is a jealous god

    • Crazy_horse101010

      sorry marionics leaped before i looked i know you arent serious i think  so i dedicate my remarks for the others  who think that way

      • marionics

        he he who did you think i was, that overzealous motherfúcker papist mang t___? i can’t even say his name without bile rising hahaha

      • Crazy_horse101010

        sounded like something he would be serious about i wrote before i took a good look at the name.  im more used to seeing your other jokes. i wanted to drive him crazy but he is already there. oh well he gives me something to laugh about

      • marionics

        here’s one-

        A Catholic priest, a Rabbi, and a Methodist
        minister were discussing sin, and the Methodist asked, “Tell me, guys,
        have you ever sinned and broken the laws of your religion?”

        “I must admit,” responded the Rabbi, “I was always very very
        curious about how pork tastes, so once, just once, I stopped at a bar-be-que
        restaurant when I was on a vacation and ate a pork sandwich. In fact, it was so
        delicious, I ate four of them, knowing I’d never have the nerve to sin again
        like that.”

        The Catholic joined in, “Well, I had the same curiosity about sex, and
        that being forbidden, I didn’t know which sex would appeal to me more, so I
        once, while in seminary, had a sixteen-year-old girl and her brother at the
        same time. I was so overcome with feelings of guilt that I’ve never done
        anything like that again. Well, what about you, Pastor Bob?”

        The Methodist said, “My besetting sin is GOSSIP, and I just can’t wait to
        tell everybody in town what you guys have said!” 

      • Crazy_horse101010

        thanks need a laugh

    • Horst Manure

      Get well soon.

      • marionics

        same to you. here’s one you will understand-

        A drunk that smelled like a brewery got on a bus one
        day. He sat down next to apriest. The
        drunk’s shirt was stained, his face was full of bright red lipstick and he had
        a half-empty bottle of wine sticking out of his pocket. He opened his newspaper
        and started reading. A couple minutes later, he asked the priest, “Father,
        what causes arthritis?”

        “Mister, it’s caused by loose living, being with cheap, wicked women, too
        much alcohol, and contempt for your fellow man,” the priest replied.

        “Imagine that,” the drunk muttered. He returned to reading his paper.

        The priest, thinking about what he had said, turned to the man and apologized:
        “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to come on so strong. How long have you had

        “I don’t have arthritis, Father,” the drunk said, “but I just
        read in the paper that thePope does.”

      • foreignerph

        Hahaha! I never heard this one and I’m a fond collector of pope jokes!

    • foreignerph

      I’m glad to see that the typical Monty Python humor is finally catching on in the PH, at least with some.

    • DonQuixoteDeRizal

      In every teaspoonful of semen, there are millions of sperms but only one will be accepted by egg. Therefore, not every sperm is sacred. Millions of them will die in one sexual act.

      Read your science book please. Don’t stick to the bible.

  • tadasolo

    It  numbing to hear how supposed to be people of god are flaunting the law. SHAME ON THEM.

  • a1phantom

    It numbing to hear how people from the government pretending to be law protectors are flaunting the law.  SHAME ON THEM

    • MannyKingfisher

      shame on you to side with those clergy/ies who defied ph law. what if i burn their church building and say that it is also my right? will they not cry out loud to high heavens and even use God name to curse me?

      these hypocrates should be given a good sample that they are not above the law. the law is for everybody and people in the catholic heirarchy are not exempted.

  • bisdakis

    Tax these clerico fascists!

  • bisdakis

    Hang these Padre Damasos!

  • Jack

    if comelec will push thru with this, they will be inviting disaster for the team pnoy who usually disregard comelec laws on campaign posters

    • ApoLapullapu

      Yes, you are right.  COMELEC has not filed charges against Jamby.

  • Jane Tan

    If the shepherd can’t even follow the rules of man, how can we expect him to follow the rules of the Divine. Much less his flock. 

    • Ro

      galing ahhh… e saan flock mo baka flakda…

  • Ed Molina

    kung ako sa comelec, wag na nilang pag-aksayahan ng panahon ang mga yan. nobody listens to those bishops anyway.

    • sanjuan683

       Maganda na rin yun makita mo makulong ang mga Damaso yan. Perwisyo sa lipunan ang mga iyan. Natalo sa RH ayaw pa sumuko, mabuti pa si Pacquiao tinanggap ang pagkatalo na may pagkukumbaba.

  • Yobhtron


  • sanjuan683

    Ngayon lang ako makakakita ng isang Bishop na nagmamatigas na hindi naman nagbabayad ng buwis ang organization nila, ay makukulong ng 20 yrs.

  • asdafaa qwesda

    At the end of the day the Church is a barbaric institution that respects only force. They bend over backwards to accommodate china and flaunt the Philippines’ laws. Why? Because China is willing to use force to get the Church to do what it wants whereas the Philippines chooses to respect the views of barbarians

  • wakats

    After aggressively interfering in congress during the RH war, the church, through the bishop of bacolod, is blatantly defying the Comelec’s rule on the allowable sizes of political posters.

    Instead of teaching and enlightening the faithful on the spiritual need of many Pinoys, especially at this time of Lent, the PH church is setting a hideous example of challenging openly the authorities of the State.

    This could be one of the reasons why Pope Benedict XVI decided to step down due to numerous problems of his clergies that the good Pope could no longer bear/solve.

    Many are suggesting that  legal-sized posters bearing the words TEAM DAMASO be pinned beside the Team Patay/Buhay posters…..


  • TwiggyRamirez

    “Those found guilty of an election offense could face imprisonment from one to six years, removal of their right to vote and disqualification from public office.”

    …Like! sana masampolan na para di pamarisan ng iba

  • lapasan

    Good action Comelec. The law should be implemented without fear or favor otherwise people will just violate the law because they can get away with their actions. It’s unfortunate that a local diocese in Bacolod is the violator. The men of the cloth should serve as example of obedience to duly constituted authorities such as obeying Comelec laws. What has happened to this diocese? it is engaging in partisan politics which should not be the business of the church. The actions of some church leaders are the reason why the Catholic church is unfairly criticized and also the reason why some some are leaving their faith for another. Church leaders in that diocese are callous, they don’t want to listen to the opinion of others, they want that theirs should be the one to always prevail no matter what.  

  • Hey_Dudes

    Perhaps what the good bishop should have done was to complete his tarpaulin message to include:  Team Patay vs. Team Buhay refereed by Team Pedophiles – heck that ‘ought to level the field don’t you think so?

  • Ro

    Kakatuwa mga galit sa pare… Parang ang napakalinis….

    • Phoenix_Shadow

      kaya nga diba may pari na dapat mag tuwid ng landas, eh paano kung sila yung nasa maling landas eh paano na matutuwid ang pagkakamali.

      • Ro

        Panu tama tama ang pag gamit ng condom…

  • ApoLapullapu

    This is the most beautiful adventure of the COMELEC Chairman so far.  Never mind the Church, stick to the Law.

  • Bert

    My support is still with the Bacolod Diocese…..NO TO TEAM PATAY!!!

    • Phoenix_Shadow

      Paano bulag ka at habangbuhay ng naka posas ang kamay. Mga katolikong sarado ang utak.

      • Ro

        kalibugan yan… kaya di mo matiis at kailangan mo ng condom…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • Ro

      Tapagn ni gards a.. ghe nga… Pakilala ka tapos sunugin mo… hahaha

  • Roy Rosales

    the catholic church in general and the diocese of bacolod in particular should wake up like rip van wincle and the 17 years cicada and realized that they are hallucinating,  has the drunken hangover that they are still powerful,dictators who are clones of their evil spanish friars predessessors.the present filipinos are not bobo anymore,shame on them

    • Ro

      Bakit dyan ka pa?… joke lang

  • Jose Rizal

    Let the court decide, then.
    And what section of the Revised Penal Code, please.  Mga baguhang reporter talaga, oo.

  • patrickinca

    Campaigning is against CANON law if you are not familiar with the
    catholic dogmas and rules. There is a purpose to this and that is why
    the Vatican made this law. What the church is doing right now is
    persecuting the people who are not following the authority of the church
    and at the same time is going against CANON 12 paragraph 3. This
    country is not owned by the catholic church or even considered as a
    catholic country even if the majority of the population are catholics.
    this government cannot be even be considered as a catholic government
    for (let me broaden your environment) there are people who live in this
    country who are NOT CATHOLICS. Dogmas of the church is not and will
    never be considered as priority for the good everybody such as muslims,
    buddist, protestants, INCs, jehovas witnesses and even jews and we got a
    big population of pilipino jews if you are not familiar with them. This
    is designed to safeguard all religions. You have the right to believe
    what you believe and you have the right not to follow the so called
    RH-Bill. But you dont have any right to shove and force your ideas and
    beliefs to other people. Majority of non-believers are they themselves
    are special to Jesus christ so that is why he died on the cross.
    Remember the Centurion who doesnt know God but still does good deeds?
    You people are teaching a cruel God and not a kind and merciful loving
    God. If the beloved Pope John Paul II is still alive right now. He would
    put a stop to this and he had done it before during the 90s at
    pinagalitan niya si cardinal Sin noon. Go and research about it.
    Persecution? The only people that we see who are persecuting are them
    priest themselves. 

  • doublecross

    hehehe…..mgakano ka ba, bishop?

    • Ro

      Tanung ka para kang may perang ibibili….

  • Engr. Chatto

    dapat ma filelan ng kaso ang mga nagkunyaring makadiyos na yan pero humahalo sa politika .. kung ang simbahan ang pakikialaman ng gobyerno sisigaw sila ng separation of the church and the state pero kung sila ang nakikialam akala mo kanila ang pamahalaan ng Pilipinas at magawa nila kahit anong gawin nila ang kakapal naman ng mga pari na yan… Mag concentrate kayo sa miyembro bayaan ninyo ang gobyerno sa kanilang ginawa na sa akala nila ay nakakabuti sa marami… May mga utak tayong lahat sapat na sabihan ninyo d yung nakikihalo kayo sa politika… parang gusto ninyong bumalik sa the good old days na kayo lahat ang may dikta sa taong bayan … mga ipokrito at mga balasubas na mga pari.. Bakit d na lang ninyo ayusin ang congregation nyo na napakarami sa inyo ay bakla at child molester di nakaypo nahiya may pa team patay /buhay pa kayo para na rin kayong may sa demonyo dahil sapilitan ninyong kinukumbinsi ang mga tao at nagsasabit pa ng tarpolin… kakahiya kayo…

  • Harry

    They can do a better job in the City Jail converting and reforming hardened criminals.

    To have Pope that comes from one of the most corrupt country will make everyone in this world wonder.

    Even if we have a Pope that is Filipino, it will not make our government more honest and crimes will increase just the same and the poor still stays poor. Wa epekt.

    • Ro

      Galing mo Harry ikaw na….

    • white scorpion

      conceited lang ang iba dyan. di makukuha yan. 

  • dikoy321

    Views from Germany:

    If our Philippine Laws do NOT allow us to hang this stupid Bishop by his feet, at least FILE a CASE Quickly and set him up as example of an ABUSIVE official, church or not !

    NO RESPECT for Law violators, NO EXCEPTIONS too !

    Forward Philippines and JAIL Padre Damaso and the Backward-Thinking Church officials responsible, foremost this stupid Bacolod Bishop !!!

    • Ro

      Mag tanong ka muna sa magaling na abogado kung may kaso ang ginawa nila… Di kaya magbasa ka… Wag kang atat…pwed?….

  • Silvino Modesto

    ….ang mga pari sa panahong ito, wala nang moral authority mangaral sa sangkatauhan kasi mga bogok yang mga yan (babaero, magnanakaw, corrupt & etc.)….ayaw nila sa RH bill eh may ginawa ba sila sa ever increasing population ng Pilipinas? namimigay ba sila ng pagkain at damit sa mga mahihirap?, binigyan ba nila ng tirahan ang mga naghihikahos? puro lang sila ngaw-ngaw at pakikialam sa gobyerno eh wala naman silang ginagawang solusyon para maibsan ang mga mahihirap na Juan De La Cruz….buti nga sila tanggap na lang ng tanggap sila ng aboloy mula sa mga tao at mayayamang politiko tapos wala namang ginagawa para sa taong bayan…..mag misa na lang sila ng mag misa tutal may separation naman ang church from state, kaya wag na nila pakialaman ang mga aktibidades sa state kasi, kung may ginagawa silang kahunghangan like pangmomolestya ng mga paring pedophilia, tinatakpan pa nila ang mga kabaro nilang Padre Damaso, may mga pari nga dyan na tatlo ang nabubuntisan (di ko na sabihin dito kung sino at saang lugar sa Pilipinas) hanggang ngayon, pari pa rin ang hinayupak…dapat manahimik na kayong mga pari kasi in the first place, di naman kayo nagbabayad ng taxes sa gobyerno….dapat, kung mapatunayang guilty ang paring yan o obispo man na lumabag sa batas, eh ikulong agad para masampolan yang mga pakialamirong nagmamalinis na mga pari at obispo….

    • Ro

      Ikaw lang ang may moral modesto con todo… hehehe kaya nga modest e…

    • white scorpion

      lately, pati simbahan NINANAKAWAN na rin, BIG BIG  BAKIT??? 

  • doublecross

    pera -pera lang yan…

  • white scorpion

    the way i see it. hindi lang over size tarpulin ang violation ng kaparian. they are openly campagning against those who voted for the passage of HR bill. and when commissioner brillantes calling their attention. ayaw nila pakialaman sila. Y_W_!!!! ginagaya niyo si padre damaso. matagl nang PATAY si damaso. kung ayaw niyo pakialaman kayo, HUWAG din kayo makialam sa state. hirap sa inyo puro kabig lang gusto niyo eh. wala naman kayo offer na tulong. panay pa hingi niyo ng DONATION. ano!! ayaw niyong mabawasan ang tao dahil MAPUPULNADA ang hihingan niyo ng donation. MAKAKATULONG pa kayo kung mangaral na lang kayo sa mga nagsisimba na kaunting ingat lang at mahirap ang buhay….maliban sa inyo. 
    di ba sabi sa bible, “don’t judge so……….judge.” TIGNAN niyo tarpulin niyo. di ba hunusgahan niyo rin ang mga kandidato. dahil hindi sila SUMUNOD sa gusto niyo….. hindi na nga kayo nakakatulong, PERWISYO pa kayo.

  • Melvin

    Ano kaya ang pinagmamarakulyo nitong mga taga simbahan? Dahil kaya natalo sila sa argumento at napahiya sa taumbayan. Parang lumalabas na napahiya sila kaya hanggang ngayon ay hindi sila makapayag na talo sila. Kasi nga naman taga simbahan sila at mga alagad ng Diyos pero bakit hindi sa kanila kumampi ang Diyos? At tuluyang naging batas ang RH Bill… Marahil alam ng Diyos na sadyang makakatulong sa mamamayan lalong higit sa mga mahihirap na hindi mapagkasya ang kita sa pagpapalaki ng kanilang maraming anak ang
    RH Bill. Syempre, alam ng Diyos na ang trabaho lang ng mga pari ay magsermon at hindi naman tumutulong sa mga mahihirap. Dahil yon lang naman talaga ang trabaho nila ang magsermon ng magsermon… Kaya yung mga paring nagkaanak sa paggiging pari, kawawa ang anak niya kasi laging makakatikim ng sermon… Ayaw kasing gumamit ng condom…
    Hoy! Mga pari! Huwag nyong babuyin ang tahanan ng Diyos. Tanggalin nyo yang tarpaulin nyo…

  • Edgardo Mendoza


  • w33k3nd3r

    This remains to be seen. I want those hypocrites penalized severely for their meddling with State affairs. Not just the small fry lay men who boot lick their higher ups, I want CBCP head members meted out with hard punishment. They think they’re above the law.

  • wehd1nga

    teka lang COMELEC, baka nakakalimutan nyo na naunang lumabag sa Election law si Jajajajamby at AKBAYAD, pa-alala lang chairman bagho mo kasuhan ang simbahan ng Bacolod

  • mxsclxmxn

    Since Luther, what consequences have followed from the use
    of the ‘Bible-only’ theory and its personal interpretation?


    Just what Saint
    Paul foretold when he said: ‘For the time will come
    when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they
    heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears.’ 2 Timothy 4-3 (Protestant
    edition). According to the World Almanac for 1953 there are in the United
    States 20 different organizations of Methodists, 22 kinds of Baptists, 10
    branches of Presbyterians, 13 organizations of Mennonites, 18 of Lutherans and
    hundreds of other denominations.


    The ‘Bible-only’ theory ONLY indeed cater to the “Self-exaltation
    of the Individual”, but it certainly does not contribute to the ACQUISITION of
    Divine Truth.


  • mxsclxmxn

    What became of the unwritten truths which Our Lord and the Apostles taught? 

    The Church had carefully conserved this ‘word of mouth’ teaching by historical records called Tradition. Even the Protestant Bible teaches that many Christian truths were to be handed down by word of mouth.

    2 Thessalonians 2-14: Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.
    2 Timothy 2-2: And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

    Hence not only Scripture but other sources of information must be consulted to get the whole of Christ’s teaching. Religions founded on ‘the Bible only are therefore necessarily incomplete.

  • mxsclxmxn

    What became of the unwritten truths which Our Lord and the Apostles taught? 

    The Church had carefully conserved this ‘word of mouth’ teaching by historical records called Tradition. Even the Protestant Bible teaches that many Christian truths were to be handed down by word of mouth.

    2 Thessalonians 2-14: Therefore, brethren, stand fast, and hold the traditions which ye have been taught, whether by word, or our epistle.
    2 Timothy 2-2: And the things that thou hast heard of me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.

    Hence not only Scripture but other sources of information must be consulted to get the whole of Christ’s teaching. Religions founded on ‘the Bible only are therefore necessarily incomplete.

  • mxsclxmxn

    The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura Produces Bad Fruit, Namely, Division and Disunity.

    If the doctrine of Sola Scriptura were true, then it should be expected that Protestants would all be in agreement in terms of doctrine, as the Bible could not simultaneously teach contradictory beliefs. And yet the reality is that there are literally thousands (35) of Protestant sects and denominations, each of which claims to have the Bible as its only guide, each of which claims to be preaching the truth, yet each of which teaches something different from the others. Protestants claim that they differ only in non-essential or peripheral matters, but the fact is that they cannot even agree on major doctrinal issues such as the Eucharist, salvation, and justification – to name a few.

    For instance, most Protestant denominations teach that Jesus Christ is only symbolically present in the Eucharist, while others (such as Lutherans and Episcopalians) believe that He is literally present, at least to some extent. Some denominations teach that once you are “saved” you can never lose your salvation, while others believe it is possible for a true Christian to sin gravely and cease being “saved.” And some denominations teach that justification involves the Christian’s being merely declared righteous, while others teach that the Christian must also grow in holiness and actually become righteous.

  • mxsclxmxn

    The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura Produces Bad Fruit, Namely, Division and Disunity.

    Our Lord categorically never intended for His followers to be as fragmented, disunited and chaotic as the history of Protestantism has been since its very inception. (36) Quite the contrary, He prayed for His followers: “That they all may be one, as thou, Father, in me, and I in thee; that they also may be one in us.” (John 17:21). And St. Paul exhorts Christians to doctrinal unity with the words, “One body and one Spirit… One Lord, one faith, one baptism.” (Eph. 4:4-5). How, then, can the thousands of Protestant denominations and sects all claim to be the “true Church” when their very existence refutes this claim? How can such heterodoxy and contradiction in doctrine be the unity for which Our Lord prayed?

    In this regard, the reader should be reminded of Christ’s own words: “For by the fruit the tree is known.” (Matt. 12:33). By this standard, the historical testimony afforded by Protestantism demonstrates that the tree of Sola Scriptura is producing bad fruit.

  • mxsclxmxn

    What the Diocese of Bacolod did was to protect its faithful!

    If INC can say who to vote or not to its faithful, why the RCC can’t do the same?

    • Gil L. Gregorio

       The INC says so in discrete manner and not in public. They know the rule of law, but RCC is going beyond the law as if they are the ones making it.

      • mxsclxmxn

        Coercion, influencing the voters in any manner or form is a violation as the COMELEC said. So why single out the RCC? How about Jesus is Lord? They open campaign for Bro So and So! So why question the RCC when it too provided a list for the voters even to select!

        Afraid of the Catholic vote?

  • mxsclxmxn

    The Doctrine of Sola Scriptura Did Not Exist Prior to the 14th Century.

    As difficult a reality as it may be for some to face, this foundational doctrine of Protestantism did not originate until the 14th century and did not become widespread until the 16h century – a far, far cry time-wise from the teachings of Jesus Christ and His Apostles. This simple fact is conveniently overlooked or ignored by Protestants, but it can stand alone as sufficient reason to discard the doctrine of Sola Scriptura. The truth that the doctrine of Sola Scriptura did not exist before John Wycliffe (forerunner of Protestantism) in the 14th century and did not become widespread until Martin Luther came along in the 16th century and began setting up his own “traditions of men” in place of authentic Christian teaching. The doctrine, therefore, not only lacks the historical continuity which marks legitimate Apostolic teaching, but it actually represents an abrupt change, a radical break with the Christian past.

  • Gil L. Gregorio

    I think the RCC have no respect with COMELEC and doesn’t really know that at this ELECTION season, it’s the COMELEC that reigns against illegal campaigning.

    • mxsclxmxn

      If JIL and INC can campaign on their followers, why not the RCC? What is the difference? Afraid of the RCC votes? They shouldnt be as they said that there is no RCC votes!

    • ShibumiNinja

      very true.
      but the tarp is about religious doctrine not political views. how can you prove otherwise? 

  • mxsclxmxn

    Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura

    It is evident that the Protestant doctrine of Sola Scriptura is an utterly unbiblical, man-made, erroneous belief which must be wholly rejected. Those who are genuine Christian believers and who have a commitment to the truths that Jesus Christ taught – even if those contradict one’s current religious system – should be compelled by the evidence to see the inherent flaws in this doctrine, flaws which are clearly obvious from Scripture, logic and history.

    The fullness of religious truth, unmixed with error, is found only in the Catholic Church, the very Church which Jesus Christ Himself established. According to the teaching of this Church, founded by Christ, Sola Scriptura is a distorted, truncated view of Christian authority. Rather, the true rule of faith for the followers of Christ is this:

    The immediate or direct rule of faith is the teaching of the Church; the Church in turn takes her teaching from Divine Revelation – both the written Word, called Sacred Scripture, and the oral or unwritten Word, known as “Tradition,” which together form the remote or indirect rule of faith.

    Scripture and Tradition are the inspired sources of Christian doctrine, while the Church – a historical and visible entity dating back to St. Peter and the Apostles in an uninterrupted succession – is the infallible teacher and interpreter of Christian doctrine. It is only by accepting this complete Christian rule of faith that followers of Christ know they are adhering to all the things that He commanded His Apostles to teach (cf. Matt. 28:20). It is only by accepting this complete Christian rule of faith that the followers of Christ are assured of possessing the whole truth which Christ taught, and nothing but that truth.

    • w33k3nd3r

      The Holy Spirit doesn’t have a pen. Men fabricated that to brainwash others.

    • ShibumiNinja

      get off the prozac !!
      this is about the comelec enforcing secular law against a parochial act. read the article please ahahahahaha

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • ShibumiNinja

      bading :D )))))

      just saying…

  • fernan107

    akala ko ang mga pari ay alagad ng DIOS?sila pa ang nagsisimula ang pagkawatakwatak ng mga taong bayan.dapat sila ang magpakita ng dapat tularan ng mga pilipino pero sila pa ang matigas ng ulo ayaw sumunod sa batas…anong utak meron kayo padre……hwag na kayong mamolitika ,maryosep naman ka indo…

  • ShibumiNinja

    yep that was an error. they should have waited for the finality of the action before taking the issue to the SC… Atty Mac please assist

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