A jester in the Palace


After I read the report that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was preparing to file charges against Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and his men for the Sabah standoff, I laughed out loud till my belly ached.

If this columnist, who’s not a lawyer, doubled up in laughter at the DOJ move, you can just imagine how lawyers of average intelligence would have reacted to the Justice Department’s pea-brained action.

The DOJ is like the congressman in the 1960s who filed a bill outlawing typhoons.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima, who’s supposed to know better since she was a bar topnotcher, said Kiram and his men could be liable for 1) inciting to war, 2) illegal possession of firearms, 3) illegal assembly and violation of the gun ban imposed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec).

She said possible charges of rebellion are also being planned against Kiram and his group.

Earlier, President Noy said Kiram and his followers violated a provision in the Constitution that says that the government renounces war as an instrument of national policy.

Look, guys, Sultan Kiram didn’t violate any laws in the country!

The sultan didn’t incite his men to take up arms against our government.

The sultan’s men can never be charged with illegal possession of firearms because they’re carrying guns—if at all—outside the Philippines.

They can’t be charged with illegal assembly and violation of the election gun ban since they’re outside the Philippines.

The sultan’s men are in Sabah and therefore beyond the pale of Philippine laws.

Neither can the sultan and his men be charged with violating that provision in the Constitution that renounces war as an instrument of national policy since Kiram never declared war on Malaysia.

Kiram undertook the occupation of a tiny portion of Sabah as sultan of Sulu and not as a Filipino citizen.

The sultan’s followers violated Malaysian laws, but that’s Malaysia’s problem not ours.

Since when has the Philippines, a sovereign nation, become a “spokesnation” for Malaysia?

As Visayans would say, “Ay sus, Ginoo, naunsa na man ang inyong utok diha sa Malakanyang? (Oh, Lord, what happened to your brains there in Malacañang?)”


There’s a joke reportedly making the rounds among the Tausugs—people of Sulu and Tawi-Tawi who are subjects of the Sultanate of Sulu—that

P-Noy has become the spokesperson of the Malaysian prime minister.

Whenever the joke is told by one Tausug to another, I am told, they would laugh out loud.

Not at the joke, but at the President.

I mean no disrespect for the President, but he has turned himself into a clown in the Sabah standoff.

It’s better for him to keep quiet and let his people at the Department of Foreign Affairs do the talking on the Sabah issue.


As this was being written yesterday afternoon, there was a report of sporadic gunfire at Tanduao village in Lahad Datu town in Sabah.

Shots were reportedly fired between the Malaysian police and the sultan’s men.

Early reports said the Malaysian police retreated but came back.

The sultan’s men, who are probably members or former members of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), are veteran fighters compared to Malaysian policemen who, until a few years ago, carried only nightsticks.

Between MNLF men used to years of fighting and Malaysian cops who only know how to handle nightsticks, who do you think will prevail?

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  • aeon888

    When the shooting started in Sabah, I hope President Noynoy did not hide under his bed in Malacanang…

    • kawawang_bansa

      hmmm…mademanda ka ng libel gaya ng ginawa ng nanay nya

      • aeon888

        LOL Funny you said that because I do know about that reporter that Cory charged with libel.

        That is why my comment above is clearly written not to be a libelous statement since I did NOT make a STATEMENT nor claim something to be true. If you re-read my post above, i said “I HOPE President Noynoy did not hide under….”

        It is therefore just HOPING and a WISHFUL assumption that he not hide under his bed, my previous post is in no way considered LIBELOUS in nature because I did not try to STATE it as FACT.

        Example of Libel statement: “Pres Noynoy hid under his bed during the siege”
        Example of NOT libel statement: “I Hope Pres. Noynoy did not hide under his bed during the siege”.

      • kawawang_bansa

        mate, my wee line above should have ended with a…”lol” :-)

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        …haha he took it seriously kasi e.

  • $20733759

    What is the nationality of that “Sultan of Sulu” since according to you Mr.,Tulfo, he is not  a Filipino when he went to Sabah??? Malabo yata yang tinuran mong yan, ah, paki paliwanag.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_EAUJFSZPGZQJZ6NUMMY7XAN5RQ Jose

      What he meant was charging somebody of a crime committed outside Philippine territorial sovereignty.

      • $20733759

        We are  aware of the territoriality concept, but that is no what he said in that paragraph. In fact, if the situation concerns only the issue of territoriality, the Philippine government should not even be expected to intervene. The government’s position is premised on nationality…that the “sultan” and his 200 odd followers are Filipinos who are facing serious harm and danger. Just my point of observation.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/UDHVGBHG7GJZXZQ5P4P3T6W7BM michael

      bro intindihin mo naman binabasa mo..si kiram pumunta dun on his own well at di nya nirepresent ang buong pilipinas


      Any creature moulded and born in Ph land is Filipino and an OFW who kissed someone else wife while lonely in foriegn land can NOT be charge by De Lima with indecent act. Only an Abnoy dictator will think that just because of being a Filipino. Anyone can be charge of anything, if the act commited in foriegn land does not pleased her Empty head. Hey ! Boy AB, why did you not charge Trillanes of treason when he went to China for secret deal on islets of our seas ? “Daang Matuwid” is > “Daang Baluktot na Abnoy”.

  • LabkoPinas

    I agree with you Mon!  This DeLima is really a lackey who does not have any brains left in her actions aside from being a “Yes” woman who does not even think anymore. Whoever gave her the lame brained idea to concoct all these charges and she for agreeing should never be in government or in any responsible position. Her actions makes her position a laughing stock. What a shame!

  • parengtony

    Report from Malaysia : 12 Filipinos and 2 Malaysian Police commandos dead in Lahad Datu shootout.


       kung 2 lang patay sa malaysia, bakit tumigil sila sa pag atake?

      • ARIKUTIK

        Because killing people is not their way of governance. In PH, the PWESIDENTIAL AOCC funded the operation, “Ratatat Patay Lahat” in Atimonan Quezon. Sabi agad ng Malacanang people, “Wala kaming alam diyan”… Sagot sa kanila, “Eto O Resibo ng perang ibinigay ng PRESIDENTIAL AOCC”. Nagtangkang mag sinungaling ang Malacanang > HULI SILA ! Sabi naman ngayon ni Boy AB, pag aaralan ko mabuti ang NBI Investigation report. Nagbabalak na namang, Magsinungaling ang Malacanang!  


    Aquino was nobody but a drowsy head in Congress untill her mother died. Does mothers death brings in brain to a child with sleeping head? Not at all ! So what can we expect from an empty head ? > This is the brain of Aquino = Charge them with rebellion committed in foriegn land. So, Lap cat lawyer De Lima throw away her head crafting charges for illegal acts committed outside Ph jurisdiction. De lima is not lawyer anymore but is now a brainless Lap cat….. Nagbago na ang Pilipinas, naging gboyernong Abnoy !!! 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TCQMRK4HVOSF2IGML46TAGKMXU Benjamin

    Tulfo is nothing but a big-mouthed reporter masquerading as a journalist. He told us that if war breaks out between the Malaysian Police and the followers of the Sultan in Sabah, there is no way the Kiram followers will stop and the rest of the Tausogs will help them. Look…. more than 10 Tausogs were killed in a firefight and now… where is the help of fellow Tausogs? Mon Tulfo is just showboating and has no credentials. Kaya ka nabubugbog ni Claudine dahil puro tsismis ka lang!


      You don’t have any idea about ‘Rido’ culture. Once a drop of blood flows, it will keep on flowing untill both sides agree to close the tap. The Boy AB had compacted friendship with MILF. Now the Karma will haunt her. The Ph Pwesident commited treason through friendship with MILF and being an spokesman of foriegn nation. The Pwesident is againts Filipinos. A treacherous Abnoy is in Malacanang.

      • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

        “…untill both sides agree to close the tap. ”

        So this rido thing hinges on EQ and common sense then? 

      • ARIKUTIK

        Yes it hinges on common sense because it is senseless to let the blood flowing for eternity. It will drown them all. Only a pervert have no sense.

      • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

        So the longer the rido goes, the lesser the common sense, the lower the EQ.

    • maypakialamtayo

      nandito ka na naman na masugid na tagasubaybay ng column ni idol mon, pero angal ka naman ng angal, asar talo ka na naman ano?

  • kentohtan

    i laughed loud till my belly ached says ramona tulfa on doj preparing charges against the sultan..
    i laughed so loud nang sabunutan ni claudine si ramona at bugbugin ni raymart ang tigasin daw na si mona says kennedy toh tan..

    iyan si mon,the true jester..

    • maypakialamtayo

      nandito ka na naman na masugid na tagasubaybay ng column ni idol mon, pero angal ka naman ng angal, asar talo ka na naman ano?

  • Arcsolo

    the people running our government are muddling their ineptitude by rigidly accusing the sultan and his followers about specific provisions in our laws. 

    but when, the President, himself admitted that someone lost touch the sultanate’s letter, in different occasions, tried to bring their cause to Malacanang. it was lost in a rubble of bureaucratic haystack, and no one will be the wiser. i’m not trying to point fingers here, it’s hard enough that Malacanang looked at a different direction opposite to the real problem. look, he’s busy campaigning. nothing’s wrong with that, although national issues like this one when filipino lives are at stake, and issues needed his undivided  attention, it would be best if he stop short his campaign sortie and leave the muddy politics to his henchmen. when the letter sent to the President didn’t reach the intended recipient, Pnoy should’ve made someone accountable and answer to this type of ineptitude. heads should be rolling down the gallows (not literally though), and accountability must be present.why give speeches (“Kayo ang boss ko.”) when you don’t even intend to listen to them in the first place? the President enshrines accountability and transparency; but, look at how he handles bureaucratic inefficiencies – he lets them stay in office (i.e. Puno, et al) enforcing the slap-of-the-wrist punishment. unbelievable. when someone outside his circle makes mistakes, he moves heaven and earth to make that person accountable for his actions. but look at his inner circle.i think his motto of staying through a right path is intended only for a selected friends and allies. however, for those of us, who are not part of that inner circle (?) are always never heard. may i borrow, with TXTMANs permission, his favorite by-line:  PITIFUL. 

    • Bilasa

      lol PITIFUL. parang pamilyar nga.

  • Barak_O

    si ramon tinatawanan ni claudine dahil na blackeye

  • juno93

    Who will prevail?  As of this writing , 10 from the Sultan’s side are dead as against 2 Malaysian Police?

  • archerfan

    doj bigay nyo kasi payola at bodyguard na hingi ni tulfing para mag praise release sa inyo.  kuno kuno na may source daw eh sya lang nagibento nun.  ingat sa kakatawa tulfing, baka matuluyan ka mabaliw. 

    • maypakialamtayo

      nandito ka na naman na masugid na tagasubaybay ng column ni idol mon, pero angal ka naman ng angal, asar talo ka na naman ano?

  • archerfan

    if not for a selfish and traitor ninoy, atin na sana ang sabah dati.  its really ours anyway. sayang.

  • Carlos_Iho

    Walang pag-asa ‘tong gobyerno ni abnoy.  Walang alam, walang naiintindihan.  Simpleng problema nga lang sa luneta noon di na solusyunan.


    WALANG KA-KWENTA-kwentang presidente talaga yang si PNoy…walang alam sa foreign policy at duwag…..di tulad ni pands.  Naku….kung si pands pa ang humawak ng kasong yan, ‘taga mo sa bato, pag-aari na ng Pilipinas hindi lang ang Sabah, pati na ang buong Malaysia!  (Ganyan katindi ang kagalingan ni pands.)


    >>>After I read the report that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was preparing to file charges against Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and his men for the Sabah standoff, I laughed out loud till my belly ached. -<<<
    BABAW gid ang kalipayon nimo, Migs!  Nag tomar ka ba sang Lomotil para sa istomak ik nimu?  Abao gid, ah!   Pag na-ala-ala mo yong penegul ka sa irpurt ng isang ebot at kelot, napapatawa ka din pa o naluluha?  Inquiring minds want to know, Monchito.  Just for pan.

  • novaliches

    sinisisi niyo si Pinoy. e kayo ang bomoto diyan. aminin.

  • tulfotumbong

    naniwala na naman sa pinag dadakdak ni tulfinga. wala namang alam niyan kundi mamboso kaya nabigyan yan ng kaliwa at kanan na tadyak ni claudine. 

    • Alejandro Canda

      si mr. BOSO na pala sya ngayon. hanep…..mabuti pa mom ikwento mo dito sa column mo ang mga babong na binosohan mo at paki describe sa kanilang mga statistics….bwahahahaha

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


  • eirons1043

    Sir Mon De Lima forgot to include filing of tax evasion for not declaring the rental income the Sultanate were receiving for the past 200 years and sailing without coast guard permit.  It just shows the very poor quality of Lawyers around the President.  Is it true that 80% of advisers are Ochoa Lawyers?

  • Mamang Pulis

    kung totoo nga na sinambit ni  de lima yan—-

    parang nahihiya akong galing sa iskwelahan nya.

    parang tuta—-‘doon ka sa sulok!’ ayun nginig pa yun tuta sa sulok.

  • Rovingmoron

    “Kiram undertook the occupation of a tiny portion of Sabah as sultan of Sulu and not as a Filipino citizen. ” Mon, you wrote the above statement. You must have forgotten that the Sultanate of Sulu is still very much a part of the Philippine sovereignty. Since when did the Sulu province became a separate entity? Therefore, all residents of Sulu are Filipinos, including the Kirams. I agree with some of your statements, but not this one. Perhaps, your pen runs faster than your mind so that you’re not able to keep up with it.

    • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

       “You must have forgotten that the Sultanate of Sulu is still very much a part of the Philippine sovereignty”……THEN TELL THAT TO PENOY….CLAIM IT….aaaayawww dawww ehhhh

      • desi derata

        Claim the sultanate of Sulu or Sabah which was never a part of the Philippines?

        Mag-isip ka nang kaunti hindi puro kabastosan;

    • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

       naalog ang utak sa sapak ni claudine…

  • limcat

    “Between MNLF men used to years of fighting and Malaysian cops who only know how to handle nightsticks, who do you think will prevail? ” – The score so far is 12 MNLF dead and 2 Malaysian dead, i think handling those nightsticks prepared them well LOL

    • reddfrog

      Hindi nightsticks yan, jedi lightsabers.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KTTQLNLRE6VMHNJOHGVJKIFPIQ wilfredo

    Tama..wala naman talaga alam ang mga yan, hahahaha

  • okabato

    Ill informed. It was the malaysian military and not the police who engaged the Tausogs in Lahud Datu. And they were not brandishing nightsticks but modern assault weapons.

    • John_Cruz

      The Malaysians send their best commando snipers. Three of the Tausogs warriors slain were all shot in the head (very graphic) per Malaysian press release.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    pagbigyan nyo na si Dakdak Dilemma….malay nyo impeach naman nila si Sereno at may pag-asa pa siyang maging SC CHief Justice?? ..Ayos ba Alex??

  • http://twitter.com/r_eyesian ian reyes

    Mon make a survey……is Sabah part of Philippine sovereignty or not……1 yes it is

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VMPPKI7JOTE6OPR7LBGGUDAN3U Avenger

    This COLUMNIST was also a JESTER when he was engaged in a hilarious wrestling match with a movie actor where he ended with BLACK EYED PEAS haha! And whose court case against the ACTOR was dismissed for lack of merit. But now The JESTER is now in JEST mood when he noticed the BLUNDER of Justice Secretary LEILA DELIMA in filing charges against the Sultan of Sulu. He said: he laughed out loud till his belly ached. But when I read his column I also laughed out LOUD till the bottom of the decibel because this COLUMNIST and the JUSTICE SECRETARY are now paired as MR. & MRS. KENKOY! whahaha!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMRXSOYS6ZCDDW43HZ4Z2XKVMQ BrAX82

      Para kang babae, la nman sa pinaguusapan ung pinuputak mo dyan. Wag nalang eepal kung wala nmang alam sa nangyayare. Mukhang tanga lng.

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/VMPPKI7JOTE6OPR7LBGGUDAN3U Avenger


      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_YMRXSOYS6ZCDDW43HZ4Z2XKVMQ BrAX82

        Kanto boy pala itong kausap ko. No wonder ganyan ang lumalabas sa bunganga. K lng sir, di mo kasalanang bobo ka. pasensya na kung nasayang ko ung 15 pesos na ginastos mo sa internet shop para lng magpapansin dito. Ilang buwan mo pa nman pinag ipunan yan. Sensya na.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VMPPKI7JOTE6OPR7LBGGUDAN3U Avenger

    This COLUMNIST was also a JESTER when he was engaged in a hilarious wrestling match with a movie actor where he ended with BLACK EYED PEAS haha! And whose court case against the ACTOR was dismissed for lack of merit. But now The JESTER is now in JEST mood when he noticed the BLUNDER of Justice Secretary LEILA DELIMA in filing charges against the Sultan of Sulu. He said: he laughed out loud till his belly ached. But when I read his column I also laughed out LOUD till the bottom of the decibel because this COLUMNIST and the JUSTICE SECRETARY are now paired as MR. & MRS. KENKOY! whahaha!

    • Alejandro Canda

      resulta yan sa pagiging utak polboron na nya ngayon dahil sa bogbog sarado na natanggap nya kay reymart….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/BGEXLIHIZFFENAK67D436QPP74 PBA

    malambot na daan LOL

  • Loggnat

    ‘ Between MNLF men used to years of fighting and Malaysian cops who only know how to handle nightsticks, who do you think will prevail? /// The elite Malaysian special forces are mostly soldiers who served the United Kingdom’s Armed Forces and were trained with the SAS, and the Nepalese Gurkha dubbed by the Brits as Malaysian Gurkha. Never under estimate your future enemy because those Nepalese and Malaysian Gurkha troops are always in the forefront of any war or battle fought by the United Kingdom ie. the Falkland war, 1st Iraq war (Desert Storm) , etc.  Know your enemy!!

    • DarkJustice

      Sorry,true blooded Gurkhas who served with UK are from Nepal! NOt from Malaysia…

    • desi derata

      The Gurkha is over-hyped group of “warriors”. There was a lot of hula baloo when a unit was sent to Malvinas (Falklands) but that was the only news about them.

      • Loggnat

        In a fight between you and a Gurkha, my money is in the Gurkha. :)))

  • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

    kung mag file nga ng kaso ang doj against the sultan, then they are tacitly admitting that sabah is part of the philippine territory kasi all information file in court has this line:

    “and within the jurisdiction of this Honorable Court…”

    so how can DOJ file a case against people committing a crime outside the jurisdiction of any and all philippine courts?

    • mercuree

      If, to avoid arrest, Kiram group would argue that the armed men are outside the Philippine territory, then it is conceding that Sabah is not part of the Philippines. 

      • http://www.pulisnapogi.blogspot.com/ Pulis Na Pogi

         may sinasabi bang ganung depensa sina kiram?

    • Alejandro Canda

      ANG SINASABI SA BATAS AY MARAMI. KAYA’T MAY PANAGUTAN DIN SILA SA TINATAWAG  na “unlawful acts that provokes war or liable to involve war of the philippines.”   

  • rudysento

    The Tutti-Fruitty Republic of Philippines, all jesters, lives cost next to none.

  • mercuree

    To any anyone here, including the column writer:
    If you were the head of the phil gov’t right now, would you take the cause of the Sultan and his men? Do you think you have a good chance of winning Sabah over Malaysia right now, or even last Feb. 12, 2013? Do you think the Phil. armed Forces should be sent to Sabah to protect Kiram’s men, who went there without the permission of the gov’t? Not only to protect but to take over/claim Sabah because that’s what the Sultan wants? What would be the consequences if you do that?

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Technically mali na ang mga Kiram kasi batas ng 2 Nations na ang linalabag nito.

      Historically sa kanila ang Sabah.Yun laang linansi ng Malaysia ang mga Moros habang binebenta naman ng Pilipinas ang karapatan nila sa Malaysians.

      Dapat pauwiin ni Pnoy mga Moros para i ready ang masidhiang pag review ng grievances nila based on Morality of responsible ownership.

      Walang panalo ang Moros kung daanin sa giyera kasi wala silang Military hardware na tatapat sa Malaysia. Bago mag deklara ng giyera,kailangan pag usapan sa UN.At hindi rin recognized  na bansa ang Sultanate of Sulu.So ang labas,banditry operation,sayang lang pagod at buhay nila.

      • Alejandro Canda


  • managaha

    Kung talagang may sulat ang sultan sa presidente, sino ang may kasalanan kung bakit di nakarating sa kanya? Dapat malaman kung sino para panagutin.Don’t ever say that this administration has no corruption. This should be the work of the PCGG – to fight any corruption in any or all administrations.

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      hanapin mo sa kanal.dun sadyang tinapon.

  • jan_piter

    News reports from Kota Kinabalu, quoting Lahad Datu residents, said
    scores of wounded Malaysian security forces had been seen being
    transported out of Tanduo village near Lahad Datu on military trucks.- Phil. Star: Sino kaya ang nagsasabi ng totoo, yung nakibalita lang o yung nakasaksi? sa http://WWW.SANDAKAN.COM di baba sa 5 ang nakabulagtang sundalo na may green bandana sa leeg.. Tingin ko Malaysian Commando. he, he, he cguro nga magaling sa practice or training pero dahil nga sa sabi ni Mon Tulfo na walang experience, baka naginginig pag totohanan na..ha! ha! ha!

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      Walang experience sa giyera mga Malaysians.Kung nag train sila sa foreign Nation that’s another thing.Mga tauhan kong Malaysian ay sinasabihan kong magsi pasok na sa Military kung sila at nag tatamaran,kasi wala talagang labanan doon.Palaking itlog lang sila.
      Kaya nightstick lang ang hawak ng Pulis ng Malaysia sa araw dahil sa sobrang takot at galang ng mga tao sa Pulis.Mag hawak lang sila ng baril sa gabi.
      Mas malupit ang trato ng Malaysian police sa criminals kumpara sa kinatatakutang bansa ng Middle East.Maski mga oppositions,limitado ang birada sa Govt nila.
      News blackout ang Malaysia,no talk -no mistake.

  • jan_piter

    Damin talagang bayarang bloggers ng Press Cor nina Carandang dito..Lol!!!!!!!!!!! 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PM6JHCFR2KT2AURMWRDUXBNLQY Darwin

      Damage control. Sablay na naman si panot eh, Kailangang pagtakpan.


    Nagtataka ako talaga dito kay PNOY, bakit para nga siyang spokeman ng MALAYSIA.   Tsk tsk tsk .  Tama ka dyan Tulpo.    Paano dedemanda yung sultan eh sa Malaysia sila gumawa ng kalokohan.  heheheheh.


    • desi derata

      Ang hina ng kokote mo. Your assessment of things always skew to the wrong side.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AS7ZS3RG454EKLDPVX3UR3MLGE rick

    sir me violation sa revised penal code ang mga kiram yung art. 118 ” Inciting to war or giving motives for reprisals. — The penalty of reclusion temporal shall be imposed upon any public officer or employee, and that of prision mayor upon any private individual, who, by unlawful or unauthorized acts provokes or gives occasion for a war involving or liable to involve the Philippine Islands or
    exposes Filipino citizens to reprisals on their persons or property.” ayan sir maliwanag expose filipinos to reprisal on their person or property….sir kayo ata ang pahiya dito…..

    • Alejandro Canda


  • go88

    hoy bakla tulko you used to insult fil. muslims whenever you could! … now you side with the tausug because of public opininon … what a turncoat you are… I always had a feeling you’ve had a soft side, are you coming out now because of the beating you received from Raymart?

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      i also read a lot of Mon’s column calling the Moros a hundred names.MAYBE he changed his stance now towards them.And he should know better because he brushed elbows with them.

      • desi derata

        Minsan nga, Tulfo suggested na hagisan ng baboy ang kuta ng mga muslim.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

        Hindi narin tama yan maski sa mainitang labanan.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

        Dunno really.Maybe he changed his perception now towards them.

  • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

    Well, there’s another confusing joke in here, Mon.

    If Sabah is ours, like they say, then Philippine laws apply — yari sila sa gun ban.

    But if Sabah is NOT ours, then they have no business being there. Yari sila. Illegal aliens ang labas nila na me dalang armas.

    Pano yan?

    • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

      sa mga Kiram ang Sabah.Pinabayaan lang na i claim ng ating mga tuwad na Politico.

      Dinehado ang mga Moros sa pagpapairal ng tamang hustisya kasi mga non-Muslim Nations ang nag luto ng batas para mapa sa kamay ng Malaysia ang Sabah.While Malaysia is not a predominantly Muslim nation,Muslim ang Rulers nito na puro YES I DO sa mga British,Espanya,at Americans nung araw.Kaya sila ang pinaboran imbes na yung totoong may ari.

      • Alejandro Canda


      • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

        So, in keeping with the jokes of Mon Tulfo, bilang Pilipinas pa yun, e di sakop sila ng gun ban?

      • Potentiometer

         There’s a gun ban in Malaysia right now, so yes.

      • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

        “The sultan’s followers violated Malaysian laws, but that’s Malaysia’s problem not ours.”

        From the looks of things, it seems Mon does not think the Sultan has any claims on Sabah.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

        In principle sa mga Moros ang Sabah,Palawan,Sulu.Dahil wala silang sariling naitayong Bansa at citizens sila ng Pinas,technically sa Pinas na sana.Dahil puro YES IDO tayo sa Britanya,America at Espanya gaya ng Malaysia,binali nilang maganda ang batas.

      • desi derata

        The Philippine government cannot lay claim on Sabah. It was never a part of the Philippine territory.

        Either Kiram stay in Sabah and claim for himself or he can stay and live in Sulu and file a claim in the world bodies.

        But what is he doing in Taguig, if he does not intentionally trying to drag this country to another diplomatic crisis.

      • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

        Nag da dialysis si Maas Kiram.Maski pa man healthy yan ang Commander wala sa frontline.

  • pilosopo4

    Warning: This article is for entertainment purposes only.

    • kismaytami

      Kaya nga double laugh.

  • https://me.yahoo.com/a/iV0XkkNontlsHWTkG2jcuz.PB64A#6b054 F alonso

    Give these Moros more constitutional violations,you name it.

    But the neglect,injustice and deliberate act of the Government to leave them all alone in thin air since time immemorial to claim what is legally and historically their land is worse than the mistake committed by Kirams group in the Sabah standoff.

  • Alejandro Canda


  • Bryan Kevin Tung

    Kaya nga gun ban violation di ba ating ang sabah! Common sense mon!

    • Rathbumo

      Ok, sabihin ng atin ang Sabah, pero sakop ba sila ng election gun ban? Sakop ba sila ng May 13 elections? 

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Sabah will never be part of the Philippines.  The Sultanate of Sulu could declare indenpendence and that will also include Sulu.

  • Rathbumo

    Quotes from SoJ Secretary Lella Delima:

    Among the charges that Jamalul and his followers may possibly face include inciting to war or giving motives for reprisal; illegal possession of firearms; illegal assembly and violation of the gun ban imposed by the Commission on Elections (Comelec), she said.

    Still being studied is the possible filing of rebellion charges against the group, according to De Lima, who said this move needed to be evaluated by the joint fact-finding committee.
    “For each crime, there are elements. I’m not sure if all the elements of rebellion or inciting to sedition are present here,” she said.

    Paano sila makakasuhan ng mga binaggit na offenses e nasa labas sila ng Pinas. Pareho ba ang batas natin at ang Sabah? May election din ba duon?

    Tell me, Sec. Delima, are you really a lawyer?

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      They’re still Filipinos citizens.  A large group like could ignite a war between two countries.  
      Tulfo is wrong assuming that the Philippines has no responsibility against possible charges against the group of Sultanate of Sulu.  

      The possibility of inciting war between the two countries are real and present danger.  
      Don’t be a fool Tulfo.  Use your brain.  
      In the long run if the Sultanate of Sulu recover part of his Sabah and might also keep Sulu at his kingdom and later declare independence.  
      Then who are the fools?

      • desi derata

        Maybe Kiram will include Taguig as part of his “kingdom”.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    Ang Sabah ay nire-rentahan ng Malaysia sa Sultan of Sulo. Kung ikaw nagrerenta ng apartment ibig sabihin hindi sa’yo ang apartment… So, sa maliwanag na sa atin ang Sabah, so, pwedeng kasuhan si Kiram… Pero hindi ibig sabihin, binibigay na ng gobyerno natin ang Sabah sa Malaysia… Panibagong usapan na naman yan…

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Will the Sultan of Sulu once he got his part of Sabah will stay as Filipino or will he keep Sabah and Sulu and later declare independence?  

      • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

        Our Muslim brother had the right to self determination. If they declare a Sultanate kingdom and good for the Muslim so be it. It was the mistake for Great Britain, Spanish and USA to divide the land on political jurisdiction not on creed and culture. That is why, we had conflict in the south because no one is to be the subject of the other in color, creed or belief. .

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    I think those followers of Sultanate are still Filipino citizens.  Even they are outside of the Philippines but they incite war against the country’s neighbor and that’s risky.  Those group could ignite war between the two countries.

    I think the Sultanate of Sulu moves is a danger to both countries.  They should be charged.

    • desi derata

      Tulfo’s limited understanding of what is legal or what is right. He thinks using his arse like some of low-IQd posters here.

  • Ivideo

    Illegal possession of firearms,  illegal assembly and violation of the gun ban imposed by the Commission on Elections can and may hold in court against the followers of Kiram.  They first assembled in the Philippines with their guns and ammo before going to Sabah, and while here, they are covered by the comelec’s gun ban imposition.  

  • stealth ice

    Tausug warriors should unite and get back what is righfully ours.
    mga halaumbiara, way sipug in mga malayo ini.
    subay pakinamun sin punglo hinang ha sug.

  • stealth ice

    tausug warriors are expert in guerilla warfare. look how marines and armies were mutilated by the ASG. Kuala Lumpur is not safe once the tausug warriors will get back at you.

    • mercuree

      Paano kaya mag-guerilla warfare ang 300 armed men ni Kiram doon sa Tandau kung napiligiran na ng puerza ng Malaysian army? Paano nila ma-sustain ang supply ng food at ammunitions, etc. nila? 

      • boyod

        kung ikaw mamumubrelema ka, hindi ka kasi tausug “green-horn kapa tungkol dyan kaya just sit back and observe  

      • mercuree

        Noted. Sige, observe ko abilidad ng tausug. kasama ka ba doon?

      • stealth ice

        just this morning a group of armed men were able to land in sabah. killing immediately five malaysian policemen. no matter how Philippine and Malaysian goverments will secure the sea boundaries tausug warriors can and will always find ways to help their brothers.

        like I said they are expert in guerilla warfare.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

      then ride on, i’ll seat on my computer and let the counting of body bags. if you need plaster or kape sa lamay let me know, but dude let the majority of pinoy in peace.

  • jga94

    I think the item on “inciting to war” may be valid because the sultanate is under the govt of the Philippines and they sent armed men into Sabah reiterating their claims to it as emissaries of the Sultanate which is under the Philippines govt….ergo, it follows that it was as if they were acting with the blessings of the govt…

    I think it is only correct that this govt officially renounce what they did otherwise it is as if we are condoning the brazen and openly defiant act.

    Again I waas intrigued by the title of the article so I went here….aksaya na naman ng panahon kay Tulfo.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/74DX67S5U6H557SPUXS5XZ6QJI Alisto Juan

    Mon, sayop jud ka. Nagtou man nang taga DOJ na ang Sabah sakop pa sa Pilipinas. It’s a slap on the face for the Malaysian because we are now posturing that we own the Sabah for we are now implementing our laws. . I agree with you that the Sultan is claiming Sabah not as a Pilipino but as a Sultanate. . 

    As a native of Mindanao I support the Tausog move in claiming their land not for the Philippines but the good of all the Muslims living in southern Mindanao. That piece of land will improve their lives and it’s better to risk their lives fighting than dying in poverty. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TNASVGXZ23VCJWV7KO7WPDIKKI George

    Tatang Mon, since you’re a strong supporter of Kiram, why are you still here not fighting in sabah.  A macho, brave and gun expert like you, i’m sure the brave tausugs needs your expertise.  Who knows, you’ll be appointed as Datu of Borneo. Looks like your usefulness as a journalist is getting redundant.
    Oh that report about filing charges against the Kirams, taht was your brother, another knucklehead.

  • alienpatriot

    Ramon, you’re back! The complete nutcase who humiliated himself repeatedly 1 year ago has returned. What a load of rubbish this “report” was. Wrong on so many counts. Kiram did incite rebellion and he can be charged …. and he will lose also.


    He said, ” Kiram, violated PH constitution that renounce war as instrument of national policy”. Every time Aquino opens her mouth, the brain is revealed > it’s EMPTY ! the symbol of true Abnoy beyond reasonable doubt. PH will be doomed by this Pwesident. “Team Patay” is > “Team Abnoy”.

    • 33Sambuang2

      you are the abnoy a;;hole….. your ideas are so stupid and moronic that only illiterate people would agree…………… pisot

      • Adam_d_langgam

        LIKE YOU  .. still pisot in visayan is small dick.  you’re lucky your mom did not drown you  ….

        how did you manage to fool the u.s. authorities?  they only take in immigrants with normal dicks ….. and literate too.


    Kiram by himself tried to take back what legally belongs to him because a government that is suppose to assist had refused to do anything. Pres. Aquino reacted > charged Kiram and throw him in jail. This Pwesident made freindship with terrorist rebels even showering MILF with Cash gifts from peoples tax fund but as for Patriotic Kiram, jail time is his reward. An Abnoy is ruling this nation. Team Patay is Team Abnoy with twisted brain.

    • Noel

      Kiram’s name should have been Hiram so that he could argue that Malaysia only borrowed Sabah from him.

    • desi derata

      Isa ka pang gunggong.

      Stupid Marcos did the bidding of the father of this sultan of Sulu. And it resulted to Jabidah massacre and diplomatic problem with Malaysia which was an active member of Maphilindo. As the Malaysian leaders were shepherding their nation to prosperity (while Marcos was reducing the country to poverty), they financially supported the muslim Mindanao secession/rebellion movement. That rebellion engendered migration or force/voluntary evacuation of muslims to Manila, Palawan, Quezon City and Taguig.

      Kiram is an irresponsible citizen of this country and an irresponsible leader to his people in the sultanate of Sulu.

      That cash gift that you mention is a P5M grant to Bangsa Moro Leadership Institute in order to train the future leaders of the Bangsa Moro political jurisdiction. You can check it with the SEC. Even Japan through JICA is providing financial and advisory assistance to the Institute. It is not GIFT, you better do some reading before posting something that is not true.

      Who is Abnoy? If you are alluding to the President, then it just exposes your disrespect to his authority and your lack of education He is an elected President and therefore has earned to be called President Aquino,  not calling him derogatory name.
      I am sure that President Aquino has higher IQ than you. He is more educated and he has more confidence to deal even with international leaders.

      What do you mean, “Kiram by himself tried to take back what legally belongs to him..”. Why is the title Sultan redounds to ownership of the land? That would be the mentality of a muslim in countries like Saudi Arabia or Kuwait or Bahrain. So you must be a low iQ, useless member of Philippine society who tries to emulate muslims’ frame of mind from any of those undemocratic states.

      • 33Sambuang2

        arikutik, gunggong ka. puntahan mo don at maglitson ka. 

      • ARIKUTIK

        Your reply is informative worthy to be discussed but my long point by point argument was Blocked by Modeletor. I can not re-compose it again but be assured, you earned my respect and never did convinced me because your frame of mind SAKS ! nya……hahaha……. byeeeeeee…… >>>>>>>>>   

  • Noel

    Kapag hindi tumigil sa pagtatawa ng mga Tausug sa ating Pangulo ay mauusog sila.

  • samarutan

    Mon Tulfo couched his argument on the basis that Sabah is not part of the Philippines, thus Kiram & his followers cannot be charged with rebellion. Isn’t the reason why Kiram’s people went to Sabah is the fact that (per Kiram) it is owned by his sultanate and ergo,  part of the Philippines?

  • boyod

    Mister Pwesident saan ka ba talaga, ipahila muna lang ang pinas sa mga shiang-shiang, ang tawa mo ano?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/A6BLWEJWMBLHWUT7REVQEGBZKE ferdinand

    Yellow army believes that their yellow president is doing the right thing in handling the Sabah issue,this yellow president is more concern what the U.S. dictates about the peace process.His more concern about the possible nomination to Nobel peace prize than tha plight of our brother Muslims.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      The president is right not support the Sultanate of Sulu to avoid confrontation between the  two countries that’s been in peaceful terms economically and in security.  

      You’re using your donkey to think.

    • xuaeenr

      Why don’t you get a ticket or a boat to Sabah and support Kiram and the armed supporters?

  • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

    “The sultan’s followers violated Malaysian laws, but that’s Malaysia’s problem not ours. ”

    If you think Mon is backing the sultan of sulu, think again. 

    Following his ‘logic’ — If the sultan violated Malaysian laws by being in Sabah ‘ilegally,’ then it follows that Mon believes that Sabah is not part of the Philippines and the sultanate does not have any right to stake its claim. 

    May nalalaman pa si Mon na hindi daw pwede kasuhan ng illegal possession of firearms dahil nga wala sila sa Pinas. E saan ba galing ang mga baril na yun? Hindi ba’t s Pilipinas din? Binitbit nila mula sa Pilipinas (na may gun ban) at dinala sa Sabah (na may gun ban din).

    As usual, Mon, you lost your point halfway through the article.

    • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

      ….may i ask kung bakit may gun ban sa sabah?

      • http://ourleftfoot.blogspot.com/ Tristanism

        Actually, di ko din sure. Me nagreply lang sa comment ko dito na me gun ban din duon.

        Well, he said that there is a gun ban in Malaysia. :)

      • desi derata

        Malalaman mo iyan kapag nagpunta ka sa Sabah na may dalang baril. When the Malaysian police starts beating you then you will know no one is allowed to brandish weapon in Malaysia except the police and the military.

    • xuaeenr

      He can’t even duke it out with a girl much less make sense in an article.

  • louie

    i had more laugh reading this. Saying how pea-brained govt is but seem to show how pea-brained he is by writing this? Ironic.

    • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

      …ano daw? what’s so pea-brained about writing about how pea-brained the government is?

      • louie

        i am not saying that the govt wasnt wrong with their action. I still believe they have shown diplomatic immaturity. But if you look some of Tulfo’s reasons. Ex. He said Kiram’s army did not declare war against Malaysia. If he really gave more though about it, going there and barricading a portion of Sabah is tantamount to a declaration of war. The Phils and the Sultanate have a claim of Sabah but we cant deny that it is under the Malaysian sovereignty. The land is under a lease but still under Malaysian authorities. Do you expect the Malaysians to neglect that incident. Tulfo said that his army went there as a force of the sultanate. As far as I know, that army is not independent of the Philippines. Those people are Filipinos. I don’t think the govt will take this lightly. But I still believe, the govt’s action of filing a case didn’t help easing the tension down. That’s foolishness.

      • http://twitter.com/retoot aris alfaro

        …thanks :)

      • xuaeenr


        Eventhough we claim Sabah, we can’t just cross over with guns and disposses the inhabitants. The same tactics that the Chinese are doing to Spratlys does not make it right.

        How would you feel if your landlord barges into your rented apartment with weapons? He owns the house but he cannot throw you out and all your property.


    Waaaaahhhhhh, gi modeletor ang pinaghirapan kong mahabang reply kay Desi derata, huhuhu…. maka kain na nga lang …. byeeeeeeeee >>>>>>>>

  • kismaytami

    Eh diba may assistant na nga si mar roxas, si lacierda.

  • go88

    tulko, where is the enveloppe coming this time? COPA??

  • desi derata

    Tulfo, the jester in the PDI roster.

  • mercuree

    Sabi ni Atty. Roque sa interview sa DZMM (may libro siya about claim of Sabah): Sa panahon ni Pres. Ramos tinawag niya ang lahat ng sultans ng sulu sa malacanang. Sa dami ng dumating hindi sila nagkasya sa Kalayaan hall. Kaya sabi ni Pres. Ramos, pumili kayo ng pinaka- or Supreme Sultan ninyo para siya ang kausapin ng Gobyerno. Isang Sultan na doktor (or may Ph.D.) daw ang napili ng angkan ng mga sultan. Pero pagdating ni GMA, siya at ang Malaysia, ay hindi kinilala ang doktor na Supreme Sultan. Ang pinili ni GMA at ng Malaysia ay si Kiram (dahil siguro akala nila walang alam ito, hindi katulad ng doktor). 

    So, malamang ngayon nag-sisisi ang Malaysia sa ginawa nila ni GMA.

    • Noel

      May dugong Malaysian kasi si GMA.  Gloria Malaysia Arroyo.


    Maraming beses ko nang narinig sa mga Tausug na ang tawag nila sa ISANG lugar (or the whole of Sabah, I am not sure) ay SANDAKAN.  Nalaman ko lang kanina na ang ibig palang sabihin ng SANDAKAN ay “NAKASANLA”. 

  • batchmatters

    And so here is Mon Tulfo again pretending he is much better of a thinker than others like the DOJ Sec. Leila de Lima who is a thousand times better as a writer and definitely thinker than Tulfo.  Mon Tulfo lacks logic (that requires brain of course) like when he said, the Sultan`s followers did not declare war. Of course they did not, they just waged war without declaration.  He also said the President should have kept his mouth shut on the Sabah issue; but remember PNoy spoke and has been speaking on the Western Phils seas issue with the Chinese and won plaudits except from the likes of Mon. And what does Mr. Tulfo like the President to do – to let him (MT) or people like him to speak on the issue instead? That to me is a lot more pea brainer (to borrow MT`s own words).


    >>>After I read the report that the Department of Justice (DOJ) was preparing to file charges against Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and his men for the Sabah standoff, I laughed out loud till my belly ached.<<<

    NOW you have a good idea and taste of how it was with most everyone when you were floored and clobbered by a woman in the NAIA airport in spite of your black belt in Aikido.

  • 14nono29

    maagang nagpapatawa si mon tulfo. hahahaha.

  • dani77777

    Hindi mo alam ang sinasabi mo Mr Tulfo kya ipa-ubaya mo na lang sa mga magagaling na abogado ito.

    Siyempre komunsulta ka muna sa abogado mo bago mo nasabi ang mga ito, pero pulpol yata yong nagbigay sa yo ng advice. Di mo ba alam na ang mga Pilipino, saan man sila naroroon ay sakop ng batas ng Pilipinas?

    Katawatawa ka.

    • vilmavee

      the laws of the Philippines apply not just to Filipinos living in the Philippines but also to foreigners who are staying albeit temporarily or permanently here in the Philippines.

      What I am saying is that the law of the country where you may find yourself (whether you are a Filipino or not) governs the person.  Not even International laws dictate that the law of the country of origin of the person concerned applies.

      Check your facts so you don’t end up looking like a fool.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/ELGS2BPKJKG5PDWJAOOCF7K5KI Albert

    One law they did break, was carrying weapons whilst still in Philippine territory. Even the “sultan” is saying that more followers will be going there and they will “probably” be armed. Again another blatant election offence.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    ei sir boss chip amo mon, para mo n ring sinabi na sa malaysia nga ang sabah..tama si de5, kasuhan ng illegal possesion of firearms yan kc parte pa ng pilipinas ang sabah

  • Serom

    Truly, Mr. Tulfo.  There is a clown in the palace.  It is a pathetic thing that we allow clowns to govern us.

    This sad incident also exposed Sec. de Lima.  She is not good.  Look at her pronouncements.  They are even devoid of rationality, not to mention legality.



  • vilmavee

    Leila de Lima many times in the past has been found making pronouncements that are either biased or has no legal basis (therefore, illegal) or outright wrong.  She has the penchant of blurting out words without thinking twice.  Sad to see her eating her words at the end of the day.

  • pangittalagaako

    I think Mr. Tulfo is the Jester of PDI hahahahaha..Try to read back your column and see for yourself if there is rationale behind it….I remember last week sen pimentel is proposing that the claim for sabah should be taught in school as this is part of our history..our heritage…our pride as filipinos.  If Kiram did not violate any law of the Philippines then it is just like telling Kiram you don’t have any business claiming the Sabah because it is not owned by the Philippines but more of malaysia… so where’s the logic?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HPGUIIJ44DMCSONOPI4JAEMUZM lex

    hindi pa po asylum yung malacanang? and daming sira ulo doon! daming artista! gusto mag papogi lang! ayun marami namang namatay! 

  • Che Matibag

    The columnist said, “The sultan’s men are in Sabah and therefore beyond the pale of Philippine laws.”…Mr. Tulfo, please read Article 2, Section 5 of the Revised Penal Code..Art. 2. Application of its provisions. — Except as provided
    in the treaties and laws of preferential application, the provisions of this
    Code shall be enforced not only within the Philippine Archipelago, including
    its atmosphere, its interior waters and maritime zone, but also outside of its
    jurisdiction, against those who:…5.
    Should commit any of the crimes against national security and the law of
    nations, defined in Title One of Book Two of this Code

    • Demy Angeles

      I think de Lima knows what she is doing and Mon Tulfo is not at all “qualified” to comment.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_L7PILUDK6IPFGJLJNCM2IROCRY Albin

    Yung mga comments ni Tulfo – yan mismo ang comments ng mga tao.
    Ano na ba nagyayari sa DOJ natin?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/SPLUBLEOSERDBOIJTDOC6XIWGU mxsclxmxn

    In the P100 BILL series 2012 Serial # ZK188477 has a logo of the Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. Freemasonry has its goal of destroying Christendom and replacing it with man-centered government and Satanic religion filled with errors. 
     How can this logo of a satanic group be allowed to print in the monetary instrument of the country with the constitution believing in a God asking for HIS Divine Providence?

  • zeroko

    Sorry for De Lima, she has just made herself fallen out of grace from the people who has once trusted her. She is nothing but a lap-dog of PNoy.

  • Philcruz

    What does Tulfo know about what the administration has been quietly doing to resolve this manipulated Kiram issue? Zilch. He is out of the loop on this one. He has played right into the scheme of the stokers. And he has become one himself.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/OSPIECTNCG3S34YQQIZJFKIIZY Maracaibo

     The Judgement by one of the sitting judge in the ligitan & Sipadan Dispute(Malaysia,Indonesia,1998)
    Judge Frank agrees with the judgement of the court and with its reasoning.  
    He adds, however that the Philippine application is also barred by a supervening legal principle the  
    right of non-self-governing people to exercise their right of self-determination.  
    This right has been confirmed by treaties, judgments of this Court and resolutions of the General Assembly.
    It is, quite simply, pre-eminent in modern international law.
    In the instance of North Borneo’s decolonization, Judge Franck believes,  
    this right was implemented in 1963 through elections observed by the representative of  
    the United Nations Secretary-General, who certified the FAIRNESS and CONCLUSIVENESS of the popular choice made by  
    the voters in favour of federation with Malaysia.  
    This was acted upon by the United Nations General Assembly’s Committee on Non-Self-Governing Territories.
    In Judge Franck’s view, the Court is bound to take judicial notice of the momentous international legal development brought about by the adoption and implementation of the right of self-determination.
    FULLY DEMONSTRABLE – cannot now be held to prevail over a validated exercise of so FUNDAMENTAL A RIGHT.  
    Since the claim is barred by law, the Philippines cannot possibly be said to have a legal interest in further ventilating it in this forum.
    (page 208)
    “The point of law is quite simple, but ultimately basic to the international rule of law.  
    It is this: historic title, no matter how persuasively claimed on the basis of old legal instruments and  
    exercises of authority, cannot – except in the most extraordinary circumstances – prevail in law over the  
    rights of non-self-governing people to claim independence and establish their sovereignty through the exercise of bona fide self-determination.”
    (page 652)

  • Whitefang1979

    yan ang hirap dito sa mga taga luzon..di nyo alam at naiintindihan ung mga nangyayari dito sa mindanao..lalo ka na philcruz..dyan n lng kayo sa luzon at wag n kayo mag comment

  • stefenjoe_58

    What happned to tausugs…bringing weapons to Malaysian areas, Why Kiram declared ceasefire, did he afraid of the Malaysian forces?….let see in 2 days time ,,,none of the Kiram’s men will be alive…

  • talagalangha

    The president is a TRAITOR to the country….I am sooo ready for another EDSA.

    The first time. PRIDE got me there; now it is a sense of SHAME for our president…!

    Traydor kayo diyan sa Malacanang…pati mga cabinet members, and the 188 congressmen, magsalita naman kayo….o nakatapal pa sa mga bibig nyo ang perang isinuhol ni Pnoy…?

    Kung noong dati ito nangyari, nasa tv na kayong lahat, bakit ngayon tameme kayong lahat?
    Kasi nabuko na kayo na puro traidor sa bansang Pilipino, at mga punasan kayo ng paa ng Malaysia!

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