UNA: COA report a demolition job on our leaders


The United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) smells something fishy in a Commission on Audit (COA) report linking two of its leaders to the release of some P195 million in pork barrel to a bogus nongovernment organization.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada were clearly the targets of the COA report published by the Inquirer on Thursday, said Rep. Toby Tiangco, the coalition’s campaign manager.

“They are leaders of UNA, and the clear intent is to hit our leaders hoping it would affect UNA candidates,” Tiangco said in a statement.

He said it was clearly an act of desperation. “But it also reveals their desperation,” he added, referring to President Aquino’s Liberal Party (LP).

Demolition work

“The demolition work against UNA leaders has intensified because the LP cannot deny what is happening on the ground: Big crowds are attending UNA rallies and sorties, while their political events are nilalangaw,” he said.

But Deputy Speaker Erin Tañada, an LP spokesperson, said the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund was not about who disclosed it to the media but whether it was true.

“I think my friend, Representative (Toby) Tiangco misses the point,” Tañada said.

Tiangco insisted that Enrile and Estrada should not be the subject of campaign attacks, noting that they are not candidates.

But if this would be so, he said UNA could also return the favor to Sen. Franklin Drilon, his counterpart at the administration coalition.

“We could just as easily ask Sen. Franklin Drilon, their campaign manager, to answer the long-festering questions about his purchase of property in Forbes Park, but we won’t, because he is not a candidate,” he said.

Tiangco said the COA report was made public “without fail” in time for the elections “for obvious political purposes.”

“Without fail, complaints are filed in the Ombudsman against political personalities and candidates based on COA reports,” he said.

He said this year was no exception. “But what sets this election year apart from the previous elections is the eagerness with which the LP—the so-called party espousing a righteous path—has embraced the discredited practices of the Arroyo regime of harassing political enemies with trumped-up allegations which will not stand in a court of law.”—With a report from Norman Bordadora

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  • tonyoks

    UNA don’t need any outside “contractor” for this demolition that is on-going.
    The personalities involved with UNA are themselves self -demolishing entities.
    Binay,Enrile, Estrada, Revilla…kunting kalkal pa, lalabas na lahat ng baho ng mga ito…
    Tiangco’s harking on such claims just dont carry any credibility.Tiangco  himself, had discredited whatever vestige of respect for himself…

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/4XVVCOAZXYTPN2X3IPFCFDSKFM Melvin

    ” Tiangco said the COA report was made public “without fail” in time for the elections “for obvious political purposes.”

    O, ayan sa bibig mo na rin nanggaling. Tama ka! Mageeleksyon e, di ipaliwanag ni Lolong Johnny at Jinggoy sa taumbayan kung gaano sila kalinis na mga senador at sabihin nilang hindi totoo ang akusasyon ng COA. Pero sa tuwi-tuwina, ay hindi nagsisinungaling ang numero. May basehan ang COA, kaya malakas ang loob nila na isiwalat sa publiko ang kanilang natuklasan, dahil alam nila na ang nilalandas nila ay ang tuwid na daan… Kaya pala ganun na lang kung ipagtanggol ni Jinggoy si Lolong Johnny, kasi partners pala sila sa pagdukot sa PDAF… Mga mandarambong!!! Bistado na kayo!!! Malansang isda ngayon kayo sa mata ng taumbayan…

    • martin cruz

      Matagal na matagal na nilang itinatago ang baho nila.  Pero ngayon, amoy na amoy na ng mga tao.

  • rodben

    Malakas kasi kyo sa MASA ..UNA TEAM may solid vote kyo kaysa kalaban nyo sa probensya nalang maskilala si Corona kaysa kay Cayetano, mas kilala si Honasan kaysa kay Hontiberos, mas kilala si Binay kaysa kay Roxas, mas kilala si Jingoy kaysa kay Escodero , mas kilala si Bong kaysa kay Legarda…lahat ng mga iyan ay walang computer para mag blog o magbasa kong ano mang balita dahil sa kahirapan at yon din ang sinisisi nila sa Aquino administration…plus pa yong mga nakatanggap ng milyon $ syempre kampi yon sa TEAM PINOY at tyak 100computers bawat isa sa kanila ngayon para mag blog laban sa inyo UNA TEAM….anyway 30% lang naman ang elitista compared to 70% na mahirap na kakampi nyo….kya lang hindi na ako marunong bomoto ngayon I was disparate on my vote in 1986…too much promises…ADIOS AMIGO’s..too early 2016 elections campaign only in Pinas dirty politics..

  • http://pedestrianobserver.blogspot.com/ Political Jaywalker

    Every time there is an anomaly linked to politicians the instant response is that of demolition job, heck where do they think those figures are coming from, thin air? LOL

  • linobog

    Rep. Tiangco ,……   is the report bogus?

  • Simplify1

    Tiangco claims that this new revelation of UNA leaders’ indiscretions are merely political motivated trumped-up allegations which will not stand up in the court of law.  This sounds so familiar… I think I remember a disgraced Chief Justice who once used this line of reasoning…. ano napala nya??

  • Jane Tan

    Hmmm… well, it serves you right for choosing crappy leaders.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/T6LZKWWWOJTNBOOZJVX4FLC5MA Marcela

    hahaha! naunahan na kayo ng mga bloggers dito na tiyak ang defense ninyo tuwing may negative issue eh: “demolition job, political harassment”!. mag-isip naman kayo ng bagong style.

  • scolexx

    Tionggo, ito ang perfect time para maglabasan ng baho – before election. nd im 110% sure kung meron kayong alam against LP isusuka nyo yan 200mph. ANG TOTOO, KUNG WALANG PERA ANG UNA (na either nakaw, kinulimbat, dinugas..etc) WALANG KWENTA TONG PARTIDO NA TO. ano ipangangampanya nyo track record ni enrile at estrada? hahahaha. mag song and dance nalang si mitos at nancy baka me makumbinsi pa kayo. sayaw naman ng itik itik si jejemon. lols

  • Concur_Dissent

    If UNA honestly believes that this is simply a demolition job initiated by the administration, their best course of action should be to respond directly to COA and prove its findings wrong.  Once they are cleared of any wrongdoing (which I highly doubt), they can turn the tables against whoever tried to pin them with this case…..

    In short, sagutin muna nila ang COA tapos resbak na lang sila kung mapatunayan nila na BOGUS and COA REPORT!!

  • farmerpo

    Kulang na lang sabihin ni Tiangco na dinadaya sila. Wala pang botohan yan. PR man ba talaga yang Tiangco na yan? Say something constructive for your team, anak. Walang mangyayari pag ang emphasis as sa kalaban, sila ang matatandaan. UNA ay HULI…. spin doctor, do your job.

  • El_Gran_Capitan

    Naglalabasan na kasi ang baho nyo kahit anong pagtatago aalingasaw at alingasaw pa rin yan kahit sankaterbang deodorant at perfume ang gamitin nyo, di demolition ang tawag dyan, HARAKIRI ang tawag sa pinaggagagawa nyo

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/NK45FSERDNP42R527PYPDWM6FA Cebuanodiay

    Is Toby suggesting that the integrity. morality, and honesty of party leaders and its candidates should not be considered during the campaign period?

    The president and his senatorial slate are not afraid to be scrutinized. But why is UNA screaming “political harassment,” “demolition job” “mudslinging” everytime the integrity, honesty, and experience of UNA is questioned?

    Can’t UNA present the integrity and honesty of their leaders? I thought at their launching they were boasting that they were the team to beat? Well, it turned out UNA is just a bunch of weaklings after all – weak in every sense of the word. No moral strength, no clear objectives just a bag of air! Ampao sabi nga ng mga insik! Kasi naman puro kahambugan lang ang tatlong inutil na hari nila!

  • http://www.yellowmythbusters.gov.ph/ Weder-Weder Lang

    01. Mahinang spokesperson si Toby Tiangco. He should have read the COA report of 2012 and even those of prior years. Kahit yung executive summary lang available sa COA website. From those reports alone, he could have gathered more mud to sling back at LP.

    02. If there’s truth to Senator Drilon’s property in North Forbes, might as well expose him. The property is under the name of Drilon’s stepdaughter who works in Starbucks. How a coffee company employee can afford a multi-million property in North Forbes is a question Drilon cannot evade. She’s not married to the Tantocos, paano sya biglang yumaman?

    03. Why not dig deeper into Sonny Angara’s finances? Sonny Angara could afford to lose $500K to a Singaporean scam artist by the name of Michael Lim. On top of that, Sonny Angara even bought a nice house in Bel-Air on his meager salary as a legislator. To think he did not even work long in ACCRA to have earned enough for the Bel-Air property. Magkano na nga pala ang nagastos sa APECO up until yearend of 2012? A whopping P2 billion!

    04. Why not dig deeper into Bam Aquino’s campaign finances? How could a bum afford primetime TV ads when he was not gainfully employed the last few years since he left Studio 23? Bam Aquino could not have possibly hit the jackpot thru social entrepreneurship. His money’s gonna have to come from somewhere? And anyone who invested in his campaign will want the money back in one form or another some time later. Of course, with interest.

    05. If JPE’s ratings are pulling Jackie down and Jejomar’s ratings are pulling Nancy down, why not do the same to Chiz Escudero. His late father has lots of skeletons in the closet. Hindi naman siguro lingid sa kaalaman ni JPE yun. Sa panahon pa lang ni Marcos, marami na kayong mahahanap kay Salvador Escudero.

    06. Since PNoy and LP are playing hardball, UNA should return the favor. Dig deeper into the sale of Quezon Institute. Expose the sweetheart deals Alex Lopez received from PNoy. Alex Lopez is the ultimate KKK of PNoy, the classmate of PNoy from grade school to college. You won’t be disappointed if you go after this guy.

    07. Oh, and one more thing. Be careful of your phones. They may be tapped by the newly appointed ISAFP chief PNoy installed late last year. Despite his involvement in the Jonas Burgos case, he was still appointed for the job. JPE should know why.

  • Concur_Dissent

    There is nothing fishy about the COA report Mr. Tiangco…. amoy malansang bilasang isda lang talaga ang mga amo mo…

    UNA team can not claim any moral ascendency and ALL its candidates suffer the kiss of death for being identified with leaders who are confirmed PLUNDERERS, PHILANDERERS AND INTERLOPERS!!! 

  • lolo_Jose

    UNANG UNA hindi na kailangan pa ang ”demolition job” mula sa ibang tao.
    UNA will self destruct, dahil PANAY KAWATAN, MANDARAMBONG AT


  • boi skater

    Instead of the UNA leaderships belittling and castigating COA
    (which is finally doing its job) and everyone else, they should investigate
    these senators in question and the bogus NGO, and try to find out what exactly
    happened to the people’s money. Stop covering up the fact that these senators
    wasted the people’s money yet again. The money is gone; exposing that fact is
    not a “demolition” job. It is a call for action to find the truth and punish
    those who took them, and correct the process so as to prevent similar events
    from happening again. The senators are to blame, period. Stop faulting others for this.That is the responsible and noble way.

  • joeybg


  • EOJ

    If exposing the truth about your corruption is demolition, so be it.

    Now we know who not to vote!

    No to United Nakaw Alliance!

    • PassFOIBill

       haha yan pala ibig sabihin ng UNA

  • martial_law_baby

    Kahol ng kahol si Toby ah. Nakalimutan nya siguro na PDI ang naglabas nung report, bakit hindi nya tinitira ang PDI ? Lahat naman yang mga politikong yan may baho. If PDI is being selective on exposing these corrupt politicians, then call a spade a spade. Demand PDI to expose the whole COA Report. Huwag yung papa awa ka na lang tapos hindi nyo sasagutin yung issue na binabato sa inyo. Lalo kayong nagmu mukhang guilty. Kinakabahan na yang si Toby, susunod na sya at lalabas na yung mga katarantaduhan nya sa Navotas.

  • kulittwit

    Wa epek na ang ganyang palusot. Una kayo sa kabulastugan!!

  • mabyrik

    A predictable reply of a corrupt. “Demolition Job”. Gasgas na gasgas na ang palusot na ito.

    My question to UNA, who used Bogus NGO as conduit for corruption? It is not Team Pnoy, It is UNA. It is Jinggoy, Enrile and Revilla.

    Who divulged this corruption? It is not Team Pnoy. It was COA. COA is an independent body tasked to do auditing job. It will reveal its findings for keeping the findings secret will be a cause of concern.

    In the next survey, zero na ang UNA. 

    But even if this corruption is not divulged by COA, the result is still the same  for the people are not aware how corrupt UNA is and it will be a disaster to allow UNA to grab the majority.  

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

      I recall the bickering of Joey De Leon and Willy Revillame. Instead of Revillame apologizing to the victims of the stampede and explain the “cheating” in his game show, he instead hit Joey De Leon as if Joey D. was behind those incidents. 

  • brunogiordano

    “UNA: COA report a demolition job on our leaders”


    Iyan ang nais namin at ang tuwa namin kapag kayo ay na-DEMOLISHED.

  • Paking

    If it’s a demilition job, so be it! Total naman bulok yong mga tinamaan at dapat lang maalis sa puwesto.

  • martin cruz

    Rep. Toby Tiangco’s reaction to the COA report is full of guile but utterly brainless.  Such evasive “squid” tactics no longer hold water today.  He is foolishly presuming that the Filipinos of today are as brainless as he is.  And the same is true with Honasan who insists on questioning the timing of the COA report instead of proving its truth or falsity.  Deviating from the subject is at once an admission of guilt.  It is flight from justice. 
    Election campaign period is the perfect time for the people to hear these allegations of wrongdoings by candidates. It is likewise or even more opportune for the candidates themselves being exposed of their wrongdoings to explain and justify their positions.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      True.  They should so that COA will disclose everything about 4 senators millions of kickback years back.

  • $19543087

    Cong. Tiangco instead of attacking the COA report as a demolition job why not assist in solving the truth.  Your kind of mentality that your leaders are being attacked so that your party candidates will lose in the election is pure childish or idiotic.  It is not only Enrile & Estrada that was mentioned in that report.  If you think people lost their trust in your party, it is because your party is full of scalawags!

  • Labandera1

    UNA just answer the allegations of the COA report which was based on facts and figures. UNA don’t go around the bush simple lang ang sagot “True or False” tapos idiots….

  • azkal futbol

    if COA report is a demolition job, UNA and tiangco have all the right to dispute. it will be a big news headline if they can contradict the report. unfortunately, these liars uses the demolition “excuse” and “no control” over funds turnover. 100 millions of peoples money put to waste and these b.s. senatong never made it their responsibility to ensure right delivery to responsible ngo’s. we’ve been the milking cow of these thieves and liars, UNA talaga sa kalokohan at kasinungalingan.

  • Pulokoy

    I guess the three senator are thankful that they dumped UNA , AKA go for the winning team :) LOL

  • motorcyclemama

    Hindi demolition job kung nagsasabi ng totoo. Sa lahat ng ahensya ng gobyerno, sa COA lang ako nagtitiwala. Gung2x!

    • maypakialamtayo

      para lalo kang maniwala i-audit na rin ng COA ang pdaf ng lahat ng senators at congressman, ako hindi ako naniniwalang hindi demolition job yan hanggat hindi i-o-audit lahat.

      • bagombong

         Alam mo, ini-audit ng COA lahat yan, kung sino yun may anomalya syempre yun ang ire-report nila, alangan naman na sasabihin nila may anomalya kay Loren Legarda kung malinis naman, hindi porke nakitaan ng anomalya kina Jinggoy at Enrile hindi ibig sabihin sila lang ang ini-imbestigahan, ang kitid naman ng utak nyo at sasabihin demolition job…eh nataon lang na may nakita sila.

      • maypakialamtayo

        hindi rin ako pabor sa pinag-gagawa ng tatlong senador at isang kongresista, kaya lang dapat transparent kahit walang anomalya ibahagi naman satin, ngayon kung maka-pag bigay ka kahit isang senador na ini-audit nila pabor ako sa sinasabi mo, hindi komo walang nagreklamo ay hindi na i-o-audit, kaya nga ayaw nilang ipasa ang FOI bill dahil karamihan sa kanila (senador at kongresista) ay ayaw ilantad kung ano ang pinag-gagawa nila.

      • koolkid_inthehouse

        Lacson requested that all senators expenses audited.  Remember before the house recess because of Sen. Santiago and Lacson accusing each other?

        COA has audited the senators and found these fake NGO recommended by Enrile.  This is the result of the audit. 

        Enrile, Estrada, Revilla and Velarde signed their millions pork to a fake NGO.  Remember, Enrile is good at faking or staging anything. 
        I never doubted this one as one of his handiwork.  The millions funneled back to these senators pockets.  Don’t be a fool, never trust these crocodilian politicians.

  • Padre Damaso

    I wish to hear rebuttals from UNA rather than excuses.

  • http://www.facebook.com/cors.guiao Cors Guiao

    Ayan na before they dancing with the same music, now they are doing it against each other. when in fact they are all in connivance with each other.They are just trying to eliminate those that can rival them in what they are doing. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_3UAABFPUE5ZKBXOAGLWL6POGWU joel genese

    Sabi na nga ba at yan ang sasabihin nila. Demolitionj job o Politically motivated.

    I recall the bickering of Joey De Leon and Willy Revillame. Instead of Revillame apologizing to the victims of the stampede and explain the “cheating” in his game show, he instead hit Joey De Leon as if Joey D. was behind those incidents.

  • bagombong

     for your information also, it was no W. Revillame caused the stampede and about that cheating you mention , its the organizers mistake and not Willie, he explained what happened..are you ok.?

  • Fulpol

    psywar.. psywar…. psywar… psywar…

  • divictes

    When challenged to a fistfight a Kapampangan friend retorted,” Ba’t ako lalaban ng basagan ng mukha sa ‘yo? Talo yata ako! Ano pa ang babasagin ko sa mukha mo? Eh, basag -basag na yan!” Yeah, what’s there to demolish?

    • acaldejr

      I absolutely agree!  Tiangco is daydreaming.

      • Mr Moonlight

        please tell tiangco that i have a jar of rugby for him, he needs to sniff again

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/3AXROSN6LN5YP66EONOKGSSYFY Ngiping Dilaw

    Walang bago. Magaling sa demolition job si PNOY! NANANALO lang sila sa paninira ng kalaban. Lumaban ng parehas! ilatag ang agenda at plataporma! Hindi eh! Puro batuhan ng putik.Mas matinding bumato itong si PNOY! Akala mo naman malinis lahat yung nasa LP pero may corrupt din.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Pnoy may plataporma.  Anong plataporma ng UNA?  UNA bulsa. 

    • Twister12

      Lahat naman corrupt pati nga pag iisip mo corrupt. Pati ba naman masamang ginagawa ay icocondone mo dahil lang sa galit mo sa Presidente LOL

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_RSFBL2UPAYEEIHSZWI35OB3ZEQ jun

      kung may bala ka laban sa presidente at alipores nya, ilabas mo na.

    • marivon

       Si Binay hindi halata kahit tamaan ng putik. Si Enrile aatrasan ng putik(sabi ng putik baka siya madumihan pag napadikit kay Juan). Si Erap patatawarin na ng putik dahil lagi naman wala sa sarili.

    • Phoenix_Shadow

      Hoy NGIPING DILAW tiyak ko BOBO ka sa HISTORY…. check mo muna mga ginawa nina ERAP at ENRILE sa kasaysayan pagkatapos untog mo yang ulo mo sa pader ng matauhan ka.

    • patrickinca

       Pre pabalato naman sa pasueldo ng tatlong amo mong nasa UNA. Easy money lang naman kasi perang nakaw lang naman ang pinapasueldo sa iyo. Di ka ba nahiya o nandidiri sa sarili mo na ang pinapakain mo sa pamilya mo ay galing sa nakaw? Pa- share naman diyan kasi sa amin galing ang perang iyan. Ha Ngiping Dilaw na tauhan ng UNA?

      • $20733759

        Bad Breath ba? Bigyan mo ng colgate at sepilyo!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Charles-Lynel-F-Joven/685946584 Charles Lynel F. Joven

    most of those in UNA are known to be very corrupt anyway…

  • patawad

    Ganyan talaga, naging luckly lang ang LP kasi may nakalkal na baho ng UNA. 

    Ngayon, basahin rin ng UNA lahat ng mga COA reports patungkol sa mga ahensya ng mga kalaban, kung may baho, open ang mga social networks….ilantad din nila. A tooth for a tooth…Hindi ganyang…”politacally motivated”…..”demolition job” lang ang sagot nila, walang sustansya ang mga yan!!!!

    • jr18496

      The filipinos has to choose between the least corrupt party. I think Pinoy has the edge.

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    This is not a demolition job.  This is the result of COA audits of the senate requested by Lacson.  Enrile, Estrada, Revilla and Velarde are using fake NGO to funnel back millions of pork barrel back to their own pockets.

    Enrile is good at faking anything.  Enrile and Estradaare of the same feather. 
    More Enrile, Estrada and Revilla in the senate if you vote for their political dynasties.  If they all get into the senate, say goodbye to your billions.  This country will be in the doormat again.  Don’t forget Binay has a daughter running for the senate,  UNA is turning us into a cash cow. 

    It’s up to you to get fooled by their dancing and singing because once they win, they’ll be singing and dancing to the bank with your money.

  • Handiong

    As far as the Filipino people are concerned, any time is a good time to make public COA reports.

    Let COA bare its reports on all senators and congressmen, regardless of political affiliation, whether it’s election time or not, whether there’s a FOI law or none. That’s the very essence of transparency.

    Let COA exercise its constitutional powers in the true service of the sovereign people.

  • Mr Moonlight

     whether its demolition job or not, the fact of the matter is those 3 senators enrile, jinggoy, bong revila plus one congressman did something that warrants a good explanation from them,,
    well, just look at the make up of UNA senatorial candidates:
    Binay- no substantial work experience except that her father asked her to run for the simple reason  is that she is BINAY
    Jackie Enrile– known for being hot tempered, cold blooded serial killer, rumored to have raped amalia fuenters daughter
    Maceda— oh my,, notororiously known corrupt, laos na laos na, the word TRAPO was coined after him
    JV Ejercito– son of plunderer, immoral, ex president, whose mother is one of the many mistresses of erap
    Mitos Magsaysay– motormouth as-kisser, loyalist GMA who conveniently carry the name of former president who was well-loved by filipinos
    Zubiri—- cheated Koko Pimentel, the evidence was so great that he had to quit as senator, another GMA rahrahrah boys
    Honasan– well, what else can you say about this self proclaimed edsa 1 hero, a dashing adventurer who repeatedly tried to overthrow a legitimate government,, another Enrile diciple,
    this guy championed the rights of squatters to grab the land from landowners
    Tingting Cojuangco- she was virtually disowned by P-Noy, pangggulo lang
    The names mentioned above are despicable .enough Do your own country a favor by not voting for these malignant minded senatorial candidates


    • jr18496

      In the Provinces, these people might get the majority of the votes. In Manila and major cities where the population is much much more educated, LP would probably win.
      the best thing for YOU Educated Pilipinos is to educate those in the Provinces. Spread the words through your friends and relatives.

  • Phoenix_Shadow

    UNA sa korapsyon, UNA sa Palusot, UNA sa Panloloko…. Matalino na ang taong bayan ngayon, hindi na kami papaloko sa inyo!!! Basta UNA TALO!!! Dahil sabi nga sa bible ang nau-UNA ay nahuhuli!!! Nahuli na nga!!!

  • pipsirho

    Tiangco, STOP TALKING ABOUT  NON-ELECTION ISSUES!!! This approach will not get you anywhere.

    Who cares about demolition job about your leaders! they themselves have demolished their own persona. Long before the election campaign and selection of candidates your UNA LEADERS have already TARNISHED CHARACTER and INTEGRITY!!! Your UNA leaders are the 3 KINGS: KING of CORRUPTION . . . KING of PLUNDER . . . KING of POLITICAL DYNASTY or as you call them now, BIG3: BIG in CORRUPTION . . . BIG in PLUNDER . . . BIG in POLITICAL DYNASTY!!!

    As campaign manager, you should be strategizing an EFFECTIVE, GOOD, and COHERENT POLITICAL MESSAGE to the Filipino people, so they would embrace your candidates!!! At the moment you are a PATHETIC CAMPAIGN MANAGER who is a DISTRACTION rather an ATTRACTION to the FILIPINO VOTERS.


  • mavtan

    Idiotic Toby TyanKo mUNA. COA is not directly accusing the senators involved in these fiasco. COA’s report is very necessary to reveal the real culprit which is the NGO PFI. We should appreciate report like this, since this will become a turning point of how our lawmaker should be wary of illegitimate NGOs. If in the end, someone was identified as the culprit they should be charged.

  • Jane Tan

    Admittedly, magaling din ang strategy ng LP – using the fact that mas maraming tarantado sa UNA kaysa sa LP.


    Damaged goods need no further demolition. No doubt, una will be last in the elections.

  • Sumintao

    ang galing ng PFI nakalusot kahit walang sabwatan, o talagang mga bobo mga politicians natin, at milyon milyon ang naloloko sa kanila

    • Pulokoy

       kailangan pa bang itanong yan ….

  • Albert Einstien

    anong demolition job..e kung TOTOO ang ALEGASYON HARAPIN ang ISYU..ke TEAM PNOY o UNA pa man……tama na yan pagiging OROCAN ng mga POLITIKO…nakakasuka na…

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AIPSCQM2TZQUMQ5GEIMWMWDFL4 Edward Solilap

    Ano naman ang ikinagalit nitong Tobby Tiangco hindi naman candidato ang dalawang leader ng UNA sa exposy ng COA at nilalangaw naman ang groupo ng LP, gusto lang yata makakuha ng media attention itong walang kabuhay-buhay na campaign manager nyo manong dios ko palitan nyo na yan kasi e.

  • alienpatriot

    What does the UNA stand for? They support the President’s plans over all but stand as the opposition to it. They have a problem with the auditors finding irregularities and blame the Liberal Party. They refuse to take a pure line on Arroyo-era corruption and even have past beneficiaries of it in their candidate list.
    The UNA stand for nothing but themselves. They have no agenda except their own re-election.

    • jr18496

      UNA stands for:  United Nakawan Alliance

  • tugakbatan

    I am an auditor myself, and an audit report is always supported by evidence.  Sirs, just show the people that the money did not go to your pockets.

  • PinoyPower1

    No need to demolish you estrada, enrile, revilla, and your kind.

    The Filipino people already know what kind of animals you are.

  • MyFairTake

    Why is it that whenever I hear this kind of anomaly, the concerned party always crying “political harassment” or “demolition job”?

  • tabingbakod

    Eh, kung ipinapaliwanag ba naman ng mga lider ng UNA kung saan napunta yung pera eh di nag backfire (kung totoo man) yung demolition job.

    Wala naman maipaliwanag yung mga sangkot na politiko. Ayaw na ayaw na nga ng publiko sa pork barrel hindi pa inaalagaan ng mga gunggong yung pera na pinagkatiwala sa kanya. Milyon milyon na pera wala silang alam na kalsada, classroom, o magsasaka na nakinabang.

    Sama pa nun, sinisira nila ang reputasyon ng COA ng walang proweba. Yung COA mukhang ginagawa nila yung trabaho nila, yung mga politiko na sangkot lumalabas na hindi.

  • buttones

    Here we go, a political group trying to find excuses for their poor showing. It’s just an audit report Tiangco, that’s all, these reports come out on a regular basis. And even it were timed to elicit negative comments on the UNA candidates- so what? Don’t these people realize they are in the political game and this is the Philippines? Had all these people wanted a quieter more ‘normal’ life then they should have pursed other careers, opened flower shops or something. I cannot imagine the report is false for a start, nor can I imagine auditors sitting around making up things just to annoy UNA. On which point, faced with their candidates, what are people supposed to do with their vote if they do not support Aquino’s administration? Give it to Binay’s daughter? -who is another one complaining all the time about people attacking her father,- who is not even up for anything at the present,- and he started all of this by announcing that all Ms Binay needed to become a candidate and a Senator was Binay’s family name and if it was good enough for him it should be good enough for the rest of us!! And there’s Enrile’s offspring in the melee as well, doing the same thing ! Aren’t we trying to get rid of this sort of third word feudal system? It really doesn’t work… And now we are told there are Senators who ‘don’t know’ where they spend millions of public money ? We are expected to believe this ?

  • weeshfulThinker

    so dapat bang itigil ng gobyerno ang trabaho nila tuwing eleksyon para di masabing “political sabotage at paninira” ang resulto ng mga ito? hhmm… siguro dapat gawing batas ito sa susunod pag manalo kayo :) hahahahaha bwat kembot ng Gobyerno, eh nagrereakt kayo… hahaha paranoid-much?

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Gasgas na sagot na iyan ng mga politikong inaakusahan ng katiwalian….Etong mga UNA at LP,eh lahat naman ng mga ito ay ginagamit ang kanilang kapangyarihan sa kanilang pansariling interes…Tignan mo nga si BABOY DRILON,bagamat itinatanggi ni BABOY ay alam ng lahat ng taga Forbes PARK na nakabili ito ng lupa’t bahay…ang siste ay nakapangalan ito sa anak ng panagalawa niyang asawa!!! (kawawang yumaong Violy!!!)eh samantala nuong naguumpisa pa lang ito kay Coring Aquino AY PANGKARANIWANG ANIMAL lang ito!!!!

  • buttones

    It’s purely instinctive, primeval, no thought to it…It’s like a woman catching her man in bed with another lady and he says “ It’s not what you think, I can explain….” Instinct see?

  • buttones

    It’s purely instinctive, primeval, no thought to it…It’s like a woman catching her man in bed with another lady and he says “ It’s not what you think, I can explain….” Instinct see?

  • bryanbrian

    Comparing COA and UNA,

    COA is credible, believable, and trustworthy.

    UNA is the opposite in all counts.

  • gerryjoaquin

    one two three punch na kay enrile. right jab yung 1.6M christmas gift. left hook yung kabit nyang si gigi. right upper cut yung pasabog ng coa ngayon. knockout na si manong. kawawang jackie. kasalanan ng ama ang anak ang tinamaan. susunod na si jv at si erap. pareho na din babagsak sa kasalanan ni jinggoy. tahimik si negrong pandak at ayaw makisawsaw sa pork barrel scandal. baka sya matalsikan, pati ang anak nyang mongoloid madamay.  

  • LegalJustice

    Thats always the case: ALL DENIAL ONCE ANOMALLY IS EXPOSED.

    Nothing new – What happened to the money ?

    I don’t think these Senators are so clueless .

    They should be accountable and  be charged – why just be BLACKLISTED. Duh !

    These crooks will never stop until they are behind bars.

  • galit_sa_oligarko


  • galit_sa_oligarko


  • 100345roselia

    It’s the height of hypocrisy for these”honorable kuno”senators led by JPE to investigate their own
    devilish shadow & come up with honest-to-goodness audit findings.  It is of public knowledge that JPE is a big (repeat BIG) liar faking his car ambush the night before martial law was declared not
    to mention his IMMORAL (nakakasuka) distribution of senate MOOE funds as x’mas cash gift to senators UNMINDFUL of the sufferings of “Typhoon Pablo” victims & also the on-going rampant illegal smuggling of high-end used cars right in his own backyard at Port Irene, Cagayan.

  • Philcruz

    The LP is desperate daw?  And UNA is not? I thought the LP was winning.. 9 candidates in the Magic 12..while UNA only had 3. Tiangco’s brain is sure wired differently.

    And Tiangco should be reminded that it was they who threw the first punches. The LP is only reacting. Sorry, guys, but if you’re looking for a mudslinging fight, you will never win it. Too many skeletons in your UNA closet. Your house is but a house of cards.

    Tiangco says they have more people in their rallies? But of course. People love the circus. And who wouldn’t love to see three kings and jesters prance around on stage doing the Gangnam?

    • catmanjohn

      … and get paid with a few Tanduay bottles.

  • whyinthisworld

    Tanada is right by saying that this tiongco misses the point. The point there is whether what COA found to be irregular is people’s money being used for nothing but for their own personal benefits. Tiongco should ask the four involved on this shenanigans to explain how they do that and where did they actually conceal or spend our money. 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Binay wife linked to Php72.06-M graft

    A FORMER whistleblower in high-profile graft corruption controversies turned-head of government’s financial watchdog yesterday linked the wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, an incumbent and several former Makati City officials to alleged deception in the public bidding for a Php72.06 million supply contract awarded by the city government in 2001.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    http://entertainmentphilippines dot blogspot dot com/2010/04/binay-and-alleged-mistress-photos_2477.html

    change the dot 

    Few days ago, Pinoy Gossip Boy published an article in reference to Arnold Clavio’s report on DZBB that a particular presidentiable has a sex video. Before Pinoy Gossip Boy can identify which presidential candidate has a sex video, Pinoy Gossip Boy sourced a link via Twitter to a WordPress blog against vice-presidential candidate Jejomar Binay.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The former mayor now( Vice President)was charged in 2006 for allegedly bypassing the bidding procedure in favor of Office Gallery International Inc. 

    Binay was questioned over the anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000. The contract was allegedly overpriced by P3.6 million.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • ztefertilizerscam10

     Liezl (daughter of amalia fuentes) left showbiz kasi ni-rape ni Jackie Enrile (son of Juan ponce Enrile, same guy that killed Alfie Anido..

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Senator Enrile gives out public money to senators

    Enrile gave a whopping bonus of 1.6 million pesos each to 18 senators last Christmas. It is interesting to note that rather than hand over unused funds back to the treasury, Enrile saw it fit to distribute the so-called “savings” to Senate employees as a personal gift. According to the same report, even drivers and security personnel in the senate got bonuses ranging from 50,000.00 to 120,000.00 pesos.

    • PassFOIBill

       sabi ni ate glo dyan.. BONGGA..

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    . Mitos Magsaysay – She is in office to protect her husband, JV Magsaysay, who was the smuggling king of Subic during the reign of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is the counterpart of Elena Bautista Horn, spokesperson of GMA. She is “monkey see-monkey do” as far as her loyalty to GMA is concerned. I cannot trust her.

    • PassFOIBill

       totoo yan? hmmmm…. thanks for the info, research ko na lang yan. hopefully may mahanap ako.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    President Joseph E. Estrada violated the Constitution and stands guilty of graft and corruption when he directly requested or received for his personal benefit P130 million out of the P200 million released by Secretary Benjamin Diokno of the Department of Budget and Management allocated under R. A. 7171 in violation of Section 3(c) of R. A. 3019, as may be seen from the affidavit of Luis C. Singson, provincial governor of Ilocos Sur, dated September 25, 2000 (Annex “B” hereof). 
    President Joseph E. Estrada violated the Constitution and stands guilty of graft and corruption when he participated directly in the real estate business thru family-controlled corporation which constructed 36 townhouses in Vermont Park, Executive Village, Antipolo City, as shown in the PCIJ in the article on President Joseph E. Estrada’s family and financial interest. He also violated the Anti-Graft Law he is sworn to uphold. He filed his Statement of Assets and Liabilities for the year 1999, stating therein that he and his wife and children have business interests in only three (3) corporations. The President by that sworn statement also committed perjury and the offense of unexplained wealth because records show that he and his wife and mistresses and their children have other interests in other companies outside of the firms listed in his Statement of Assets and Liabilities. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LJQZNP2INB2MDJNJSIE2ZSY2AM garapata

    Reaction of Toby Tiangco is a clear indications that he is afraid of what will be the result come mid term election. Tiangco must open his mind that a true leader must be honest and face any consequences unlike as what is reacting like a coward dog.

  • doublecross

    hindi eto demolition job, kundi katotohanan lamang…..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_K7Z7MZMIW6CPT53GMOE3ITVFA4 Jose Corazon

    In fairness, this is the time of the year for submission of audit reports/aoms. It so happens that the ongoing election activity coincides. Politics aside, the system of pork barrel should be abolished if only legislators are negligence in the use of their pork barrel. Its such a waste of money to the Agriculture Department which is notorious in fund misuse with the fertilizer fund scam of Jocjoc, when the cash may be used for much needed defense assets esp. with brewing tensions with China and Malaysia, or housing for the poor particularly, tenement building.

  • joshua kings

    anong pinagsasabi nitong si tiangco? demolition job?  election-related?
    baliw ka ba?  kung gustong pabulaanan yang COA report, gawin at daanin sa dokumento o ebidensya……..maghanda ka sa pagtatanggol kina enrile at jinggoy…hindi yang dada ka lang ng dada…..

  • Dy Pailad

    It is not a demolition job because I think the force that can penetrate  the thick skin of a Filipino politician is yet to be invented. They are indestructible. The only way to eradicate them is by population control by not voting their kind- children and relatives- this coming May elections.   

    • PassFOIBill

       totally agree, vote independent candidates.. wag na yang mga party party.. sila sila kasi nag paparti parti pag nakaupo na.

  • filipinaskoh

    “The demolition work against UNA leaders has intensified because the LP cannot deny what is happening on the ground: Big crowds are attending UNA rallies and sorties, while their political events are nilalangaw” Toby Tianco

    Hoy, tobias hindi ko alam kung ano ang nasighot mo kung katol o ang UMAALINGASAW na bulok ng UNA. Masyado kang wala sa sarili mo!

    JInggoy is not one of the  3 kings of UNA, no need to demolish him. For Enrile’s personality it cannot be demolished kasi wala ng natirang matino para meron pang maidemolish

  • fernan107

    demolition job? napapatawa yata ang mga UNA TEAM…..sadyang makakapal ang mukha ng karamihan sa mga pilipinong politiko….ang UNA ay team ng mga corrupt at sinungaling na polotiko….same feather flocks together….maryosep ka indo..

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PN3VRDYP7ZZDTUHWG5R7RJSXWM raul n

    this is VERY TRUE AND NOT A DEMOLITION JOB. I should know because I am a department head from one of the lgus’ here in Mindanao. We received last Dec.28, 2012, the last day transaction of the year, the amount of P10 MILLION from Department of Agriculture and it is coming from PDAF of Senator Enrile. When the check was released from DA a person approach our collector presenting to him (collector) a pro-forma MOA/U for the LGU to enter into contract with a certain identified NGO based there in imperial manila when in fact the project/program will be implemented here in mindanao. The release of the fund has no specific work and financial plan for implementation coming from the donor agency(DA) nor from the sponsoring senator. For now we are in quandary on how to go about the disbursement which we deemed suspicious in nature. 

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Please report to this to COA. 

    • PassFOIBill

       hopefully COA read this comment, and those accused here.

    • palakasantayo

      This is no brainer… with an electronic highly efficient tracking system now a days, this case should be solved in a very short time. Just hold on to the 10M right now and wait who will claim it back. If those NGOs are non-existent, report says, then the sponsor will ask for its return. Once the fund is returned to the sponsor, the sponsor can disburse it at will to whoever – including himself. Then on the sponsor’s sheet, it would show the PDAF fund was released to a deserving party but, the return will not be documented. Simple modus operandi… my opinion. . 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PN3VRDYP7ZZDTUHWG5R7RJSXWM raul n

     may I add, that there are more than 3 lgus’ i know of but some of them return the funds because of its murky nature of disbursement and they do not like to be hitch with problems in the future.

  • teraytaray

    Patawa si Tiangco, they will not ask daw Sen Drilon about his Forbes park residence pero binanggit nya. 

  • PassFOIBill

    yan naman talaga gusto ng sambayanang pilipino, madimolish kayo..

  • richard ortega

    tiangco kampi ni thief justice, mitos kampi ni gma, migs bata din ni gma at mga trapos pangungunahan pa ng 3 bigatin ng UMH!

  • superlucky2


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VUT4YW36QJREEGOBH5IYKNQMKI Kokak

    UNA has self-destructed before it was even formed.

    Ang pambabae at paglalasing ni Erap, not to mention ang pangongolekta nya ng jueteng money kung saan sya ay naconvict; ang pamumudmud ni Enrile ng pera ng bayan para sa kanyang mga kakampi sa senado at pagsisinungaling tungkol sa pekeng ambush; ang pangungulimbat ni Binay sa makati at pangongotong sa mga malalaking developers.

    At ngayon ang pagpapatakbo sa kani-kanilang mga anak sa senado para pag nanalo ay maprotektahan ang kani kanilang mga amang kurakot.

    Actually, sa mga kasong ito lang di na kailangan ng demolition job. Tutumba na sila sa sarili nilang mga kalawang at bulati sa tyan.

    Hindi rin naman santo ang LP, pero pag itinabi mo sa UNA nagmumukhang anghel ang LP.

    • http://profile.yahoo.com/W6OYQAQ3YNWGE4SIRA4IIQ4Y3Y joshua

       pre di naman bading at walang paninindigan na tulad ni Abnoy. Tingnan mo ang nangyayari sa Sabah namamatay na mga kababayan natin sa halip na tulungan dinidiin pa.

  • AnastacioMamaril



    Tobias ang demolition ay ginagawa lamang pag ang pagpapatayu mo ng bahay ay illegal ang kinatatayuan,halimbawa kapag ito ay nkatayo sa govt property o kaya ay may pribadong may ari ng bahay na kinatatayuan mo na ala ka nmng titulo…ibig sabihn illegal ang PDAF missuse kaya tama ang paalisin o tanggalin  o kasuhan at ikuong kung hindi naman sa iyo ang kiniclaim mo!

  • firmelilia_12LAF

    UNA does not need a demolition job done to them.  Its members had long self-destructed themselves politically. Alam ng bayan kung anong mga katiwaliang ginawa ng mga tao mo.Grand dellusionist pala itong si Tiangco:”Big crowds are attending UNA rallies … while their political events ay nilalangaw.” Oo nga naman, down and out ka na rin lang e, papaniwalain mo na lang ang sarili mo sa  tumbalik na kastilyong buhangin. Ala e, if you really believe that your people have not done a thorough job of self-destruction, then THANK HEAVEN Pinoy voters will willingly finish you off come May elections!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_V5VHQBOCVKHSTJNHNES75BJKGA allan

    Demolition job???Dapat lang naman i demolish yang UNA na yan. Yung tatlong leader kilalang mga kawatan. ayayay.

  • Pedro_Gil

    kung walang usok wala daw apoy. so magdasal na kayong mga una dahil walang mananalo sa inyo sa darating na eleksiyon. Mga hangal!! Lalo na ang mga addict walang pwesto sa gobyerno!

  • Verchez

    This report was in COA’s website since mid last year. There was no UNA and Team Pnoy that time so it is wrong to say that this report is intended to demolish UNA leaders.

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