Senate to call pork probe

Release full report, Enrile tells COA chief


Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada wants to investigate the misuse of his own pork barrel that the Commission on Audit (COA) says went to a bogus nongovernment organization.

“We need to unmask those who benefited from this scheme,” said Estrada, who himself was linked to payoffs from jueteng operators during the short-lived administration of his father, former President Joseph Estrada.

Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, who was embroiled in the controversy over turning millions of pesos in maintenance and other operating expenses into gifts last Christmas, is claiming ignorance of the recipient of his pork, also called the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Estrada and Enrile were reacting to an Inquirer banner story about a COA report that found some P195 million in PDAF allocations in 2009 and 2010 of four lawmakers—Enrile, Estrada, Sen. Ramon Revilla Jr. and Buhay Rep. Rene Velarde—went to Pangkabuhayan Foundation Inc. (PFI).

The COA said that PFI fabricated documents and forged signatures for the liquidation of the funds and that the PFI president, Petronila A. Balmaceda, could no longer be reached.

Every year, senators are allotted P200 million in PDAF and members of the House of Representatives, P70 million, for their pet projects. The PDAF is a known source of kickbacks for lawmakers.

Quoting news reports, Estrada said ZNAC Rubber Estate Corp. (ZREC) received P106.7 million of his PDAF late in the term of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. ZREC, a government-owned and -controlled corporation, then transferred the money to PFI.

Enrile confirmed the COA report that he identified livelihood projects to be funded by his PDAF in Ilocos Norte, Tawi-Tawi, Sulu and Camiguin but denied that he nominated ZREC and PFI to receive the funds and implement the programs.

“What I designated were the LGUs [local government units]. And I do not know why ZREC had to transfer the money to Pangkabuhayan Foundation whatever that is,” Enrile told the Inquirer.

“At that time, the lawmakers were informed by the agriculture department this NGO was a legitimate organization and that our pork barrel would be used to benefit thousands of farmers,” Estrada said in a statement.

Arthur Yap

Estrada wanted to find out from former Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap and the ZREC board “why they channeled the taxpayers’ money to this bogus organization.”

“We’ll work with COA and we’ll open our books to get to the bottom of this. I won’t allow my office to be used as a conduit for debauchery, decadence, dishonesty and depravity,” the senator said.

Asked about the agriculture department and ZREC’s role in the use of the four lawmakers’ PDAF, Yap, now a Bohol representative, said: “I do not recall the name of that foundation, but senators and congressmen, then and today, are allowed to endorse coops to undertake projects using their PDAF.

“The recipient coops must account for their usage and liquidate the funds. In this case, the concerned NGOs must be called to account for the funds they received,” he said.

Enrile called on the Department of Agriculture to shed light on the legitimacy of PFI and how his PDAF was spent.

He said he did not nominate either ZREC or PFI to be the recipients of the P74.69 million of his PDAF earmarked for livelihood projects in provinces of his choice in 2009 and 2010.

No second thoughts

“I never heard until [Wednesday] night of ZREC and PFI. I was flabbergasted,” Enrile told the Inquirer, referring to the instance when his reaction to the allocation of his PDAF for the NGO was sought.

Revilla said he identified projects under the agriculture department’s program for Basilan.

“We know the situation in Basilan and in many parts of our country so that when an NGO asks for our help to assist our countrymen, who are caught in the armed conflict in Mindanao, we had no second thoughts about setting aside funds for them, especially since it was the Department of Agriculture that would implement the project,” said Revilla, an actor.

He said the agriculture department and the NGO that received the funds “should explain so that the public would be enlightened as to where the funds allocated by our office in Senate for our poor countrymen in Basilan really went.”

Altered signatures

Enrile also confirmed the COA findings that certain documents were forged to make it appear that his office nominated the recipients of PDAF-backed livelihood projects.

“They found in the records certain documents where the signatures had been altered or superimposed… And then as if we nominated them. I have nothing to do with the nomination or dealing with the beneficiaries,” Enrile said.

“To be fair to [the members of my staff], regarding those documents, I don’t think they’ve done a letter like that,” he added.

Among the documents the COA presented for verification from his office, Enrile said, were liquidation reports that he said his office shouldn’t be concerned with.

‘We were not warned’

Enrile also addressed the COA’s reported recommendation that ZREC inform Enrile and the other lawmakers “that PFI should no longer be granted any fund assistance and have it blacklisted.”

“We have never been warned nor have we ever received any such notification from ZREC nor the Department of Agriculture. I have no knowledge of nor any link to PFI, or the one identified as its President, Petronila Balmaceda,” Enrile said.

The Senate President, one of the pillars of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance, called on the COA to release the entire report on the special audit of all the lawmakers’ PDAF from 2008 to 2010 to prevent a “selective disclosure” of the findings that may be used for political ends.

Enrile said COA chairperson Grace Pulido Tan had told him that the special audit “was not directed at the lawmakers but at the implementing agencies.”

Reelectionist Sen. Chiz Escudero said members of the Senate had the responsibility to make the use of their PDAF transparent and relevant.

“I believe members of the Senate, present and future, should adhere to the principles of good governance when it comes to public funds such as our PDAF,” the senator said.

Plug loopholes

“At the same time, we have a responsibility to protect the integrity and the reputation of the Senate as an institution and as a pillar of our democracy. This should be non-negotiable,” Escudero added.

Former Sen. Ramon Magsaysay Jr. said a thorough probe was necessary “so that we can plug any loopholes in the funding process.”

Magsaysay, chairman of the Senate committee on agriculture that looked into the fertilizer fund scam during the Arroyo administration, said the misuse of the PDAF was inconsistent with President Aquino’s reform program.

“The next Senate should impose stricter penalties on such misuse of taxpayers’ money and uphold transparency and accountability,” said the senatorial candidate of Team PNoy.

Malacañang signified its willingness to help establish liability in the misuse of the PDAF.

At a briefing, presidential spokesmaon Edwin Lacierda said the Aquino administration would cooperate should the Senate investigate the matter.

Lacierda said the Palace would allow members of the Cabinet to appear in the Senate if summoned by senators.

“Well, if the DBM (Department of Budget and Management) will be called in as a witness, they (DBM officials) will, of course, testify in the Senate hearing. But again, it’s up to the Senate if they decide to call for an investigation,” he said.—With reports from Christian Esguerra and Michael Lim Ubac

 First posted 12:01 am | Friday, March 1st, 2013

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  • catmanjohn

    What a comical farce… can’t make this stuff up, the Estradas surely knows how to make the People look like fools, and the Nation the laughingstock of the world.

    • speaksoftlylove

       “Commercial farce” your arse. Anong gusto mo, tatahimik na lang yong mga inaakusahan para matutuwa kayong mga YellowVultures at idolo mong Confusedcius? Nakakalamang yong mga tropa ni PNoy dyan sa Senado kaya panahon na para lalong idiin nila si Enrile at Jinggoy.

      Pwera na lang kung takot din yong mga higad na tinamaan ng pork barrel at baka pati yong tinatago nilang baho mabibisto rin.

      • catmanjohn

        You need glasses… idiot. COMICAL like you Arroyo lackeys coming to their rescue. Now go take your pills.

      • speaksoftlylove

         Well, I might need glsasses but you are far worse than me. You need and eye operation to remove your yellocataract.

      • catmanjohn

        I happen to like things that are yellow.. gold, sunshine, flowers. Got a problem with that? 

      • speaksoftlylove

         Sabi ko nga ba gold digger ka. Mabuti naman at inamin mo rin.

    • kolambogan

      Senator, who depends on scripts, without which nothing will come out of their mediocre brains, true with the others like him. Lord have pity on the poor Filipinos and let them see the light.

      • catmanjohn

        They should do what the Chinese would do.. put them in front of a firing squad.
        You notice how those Chinese shabu drug dealers are everywhere contaminating the moral fabric of our society, like vultures waiting for you to drop dead, yet the PH government coddles them and the corruption here even allows them to escape, while the Chinese executes anyone caught doing the same. The PH are truly becoming the dodo’s of Asia, the floor mat, no wonder. It is time to get tough on these corrupt politicians and put them in jail, for this is no laughing matter.

      • kolambogan

        Well, the suggestion even a lesser one could be good if it could only be implemented, it’s just like an impossible dream. I say so because who will see to it that it will be done, the culprits that we want to be eliminated here were the ones also crafting the laws, they have secured the body politics for themselves and their ilks, example Jinggoy, and his like in the Philippine Senate and The House of Representatives, who has the gall to seek and accept  lofty positions way, way beyond their capacity to conduct and perform, yet in the instance of misappropriation/malversation of the public’s fund and resources has the same gall to feign ignorance shamelessly to what happened to the money that he has the obligation to dispensed with accountability and delicadeza, it’s the peoples’ money “mga walanghiyang dorobong magnanakaw.” To add insult to injury he “Jinggoy Estrada” wanted an investigation, when it’s his responsibility and should be held accountable first and foremost, and it’s being lost is his prime responsibility/fault and nobody else. .We should not copy what other countries do with their own scalawags and dirty people, because we should rise from our own debacle and expose all the good for nothing politicians who are all making fools of the Filipinos and putting us all into shame in the eyes of the world. Only a unified dissatisfaction with all these brigands in and aspiring for government positions by an enlightened citizenry will give hope for the Philippines. And when it’s done and none or just a few of their likes have worm their ways into the fiber of Philippine Society and politics, then that’s the time, an honest to goodness cleansing should follow, starting with the known individuals who have enriched themselves in government, their accomplices, stooges including their friends and families and the scheming, opportunistic political butterfly allies of the ruling administration, these last one because they are the despoilers, who will always rob the country of hope and salvation.

  • w4d

    LOL…Estrada does not know where his PDAF goes? Very irresponsible and dumb. I don’t think we will be surprised at all when the investigation leads back to him.

    • speaksoftlylove

       So be it. What the people want is an open investigation, not black propaganda. Ayaw mo ba na makakaalam ang publiko ng buong istorya? Kung mapatunayang sabit sila dapat matutuwa ka pa sa senate investigation. Di gaya niyang wala ka pang alam sa detalye tumitilaok ka na. like a pathetic cheaply paid yellowvulture blogger you are.

      By all means, let COA’s Tan testify at the Senate so that she can bare all, no holds barred.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Grace Pulido-Tan to bare all? I’d love to see that lovely woman bare it all.

      • mabyrik

        Spit frire , The ball is in the hands of Jinggoy, not COA. COA has done its job. It’s Jinggoy who needs to explain, show proof and convince us that the money did not go to his own pocket.
        Saying his job is to identify and provide fund is BS. If that’s the policy, who can stop the senators from stealing by creating their own NGO under a fictitious name and leaders, connive with the corrupt government agency to enlist their bogus NGO, and pour their pork there? Tell me? If you can answer me that question, I’m with you.

  • Ajuoy

     OBinay Family Inc Investment Target:

    1. MAKATI: (Simot na!)

    2. Sen. Nancy BOBAnay: 200 Million  pesos PDAF this year-2013 (Mukhang  ma-ubos ito sa kay BELO. From “Sunug-rilla” to Senadora. Sen. Miriam – ihanda mo na yong Blood Press. meds mo at there will be additional bobo at boba in the senate.)

    3. FUTURE PRES. JEJEMON OBINAY: $25Billion Philippine Reserve in 2016. Biggest Jackpot in the world! – easily accessible by one phone call of the Future  Pres. Jejomoron O’Binay

    We have to put a stop to the BINAY’s corruption. This election will be a test whether we Filipinos are making progress in choosing our leaders.

    • Precy Castillo

      Tama na, itigil ninyo na ang pagnanakaw, Jojo Binay!

    • diamond_digger

       Korek, Ajuoy! This election would be a test if the Filipino electorates have indeed become educated and politically-matured. We can just hope and pray, our kababayans would become ‘mapanuri’ sa ugali, track-record ng mga taong nagpapapili sa darating na eleksyon. It would be a great, irreparable loss to the country and to us citizens if the fruits laboriously attained and achieved by the present leaders would end up in corruption and we slide back to the ‘kumonoy’ of economic misery where we may stick and become unable to free ourselves from forever.

  • tamakajan

    What a mind blower… kind of insult to the Filipino taxpayers. Jinggoy should be investigated about this misuse of his Pork Barrel. 
    Ano Jinggo? Unahan lang yan bago ka kasuhan. Lokohin ba ang sarili?

  • AnastacioMamaril

    Jinggoy naman paiimbestigahan mo pa eh alam mo naman punot dulo niyan.

  • ADD

    Wala talagang magagawang matino ang tatlong ulopong ng UNA, mapa pork barrel o MOOE, kawatan mula simula hanggang mamatay. Kaya makikita mo dun sa Youtube video ni GiGi, nandun halos lahat ng kawatan na pulitiko, ang gaganda ng mga kutis at ang mamahal ng mga damit kaso nakaw pala sa taong bayan un. 

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Better watch it Yap. You’re Enrile and Estrada’s fall guy.

  • mabyrik

    “We need to unmask those who benefited from this scheme,” – Jinggoy said!!!  hahaha, this Jinggoy made me laughed. Hey Jinggoy, are you going to investigate yourself?
    Would you then allow your bank to open your Peso and Dollar bank accounts for the people to see how rich you become as a senator?

    Would you ask Enrile and Revilla to open their bank accounts too? 

    I doubt. It would never happen for no shoplifter will allow his body to be searched as he goes out of the shop.

    What about UNA’s reaction? Toby Tiangco called the report an “act of desperation.”
    Hey Toby! Who panicked immediately and who acted desperately? Certainly not Pnoy team. It is una for the following reasons. 

    #1-UNA has no contradictory answers to this COA report. All Jniggoy can say is he will investigate and his duty is to identify the project, provide the people’s money then forget it. If Jinggoy is correct, then, who can stop the senators from giving money to dubious, non-existent, and self-made foundation like what his father did while president. Tuloy nabuko!!!

    #2-Enrile said “He will check his records. What? he remebers the utang in exact figures and dates of Rene Cayetano but he conveniently forgotten the kurakot he did with this “ghost” NGO. Ang labo ng matanda, ginawang tanga na naman ang mga tao!!!

    #3-This COA report is another problem that UNA will have to face after Loren, Grace and Chiz abandoned them by refusing to join them physically in their campaign. UNA made it appear that it removed the 3 from their team to save face but it knows fully well that the absence of the 3 in all their sorties is an indication that they don’t want to be identified with the corrupt team. What a cheap gimmick!!!

    Hey Toby!!! Remember, this survey came out ahead of that COA report. Even if there is no COA report, UNA’s number will go down to negative because more and more people are becoming aware that UNA is the party of the corrupt and the party that will ressurect the impunity during GMA’s time.

    Hey Toby!!! All sorties are full of starstruck voters and mendicants. Even Bayani, Gibo’s sorties were jampacked during 2010 election. They want to see movie stars, they want to grab giveaways, they want to see candidates made a fool of themselves by singing and dancing ala Gangnam like Maceda did. Did you see how Maceda appeared to be a crazy, an old fool while dancing? 

    Shut up Jinggoy, Shut up Toby!! The more you talk, the more UNA is sinking and anatagonizes the voters. Tell your friends in UNA to do their thing with finesse para di mabuko. Ngayon nabuko kayo galit kayo. Kapal ninyo. And please do not divert the issue.

    Magpaliwanag muna kayo bago mag-complain sabi ng ni Joeydeleon!!!

    • speaksoftlylove

       Barok, seems that you did not read the news before posting. For your information, Enrile has already checked his records and found out that the signatures of his staff were forged. In other words your “#2″ post is born out of idiocy. Now, this finding needs an open full blown investigation so why are you contradicting such endeavor? Anong gusto mo, aakusa ka na lang tapos yon na yon? This is the opportunity for COA’s Tan to call a spade a spade so deal with it, dogyot.

      • arthur1410

        May magnanakaw bang umamin na sila ang nagnakaw? Sa statistics, almost 100% ng nakakakulong sa Muntinglupa ay nagsasabing wala silang kasalanan. Go from there and reassess your statement my friend.

      • mabyrik

        one thing I noticed, those defenders of 3 kurakots or the corrupt for that matter, are very good at insulting fellow bloggers. Well. I’m not like them. 
        Anyway, spitfire, if you believed Enrile’s words that his signature were faked, of course, they were. That his way out plain and simple. He can’t sign, nor his accomplices or they will be in trouble. The point is, even before the money was released, he can instruct his staff to check, verify and monitor after the release. But did he? 
        You see how it is easy to steal the people’s money in senate? Create a bogus NGO, connive with government agency, forge signatures and presto, FAST BUCKS na. As simple as that. Ask Jinggoy, Ask Enrile. Ask Revilla and they will just smile, wink at you and say “shhhh, keep quiet during election time”

      • Simplify1

        Food for thought…. who could possible have access to confidential documents in enrile’s office and at the same time has the full confidence of the good senator?  Is there anyone in Enrile’s office having enough clout to operate like a de facto Senate President?  Could this be a case of “PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY” to conveniently shield the Senate President from liability?   Paging Atty GIGI……… 

      • diamond_digger

         Tama ka, mabyrik. Sana nga maintindihan ni spitfire ang sinabi mo.

    • Precy Castillo

      Tapos na ang UNA. UNAng na talo! Di panaguumpisa ang laban, talo na!

  • Vito Cruz-Katipunan

    Lesson learned: political dynasties generate far more corrupt practices, moral turpitude and political ineptness. The media and the civil society should not stop monitoring this news, as well as the COA. 

    Para sa mga botanteng masa: tigilan na ang pagboto sa mga kandidatong shunga. While the rest of the tax paying Philippines are more likely to vote for better candidates, their shallow criterion for choosing candidates puts the entire country into this trouble. Am not saying the masa is not capable of choosing the right candidates, its just that they are more likely to be easily swayed by popularity and epal tactics of politicians. 

    Was iboto ang mga ito: Revilla, Enrile, Estrada. 

  • Lucky Luciano

    Naks, Talaga lang ha….

    “Christ, you know it ain’t easy,

    You know how hard it can be,

    The way things are going,

    They’re gonna crucify me. “

  • rosstum

    Hehehehe…Jinggoy naman…. anu yan …ang cute mo…sarap kurutin…. !!! Hay UNA unahan lan yan.

  • Joe_in_Bikol

    Some more Senate hearings, lots of witnesses, lots of Senators getting TV exposure, lots of criminals exposed, no one prosecuted or going to jail.

  • LegalJustice



    1. Why just now ?, Duh.
    2. Political Prosecution, Duh
    3. I will double check my record, Duh.
    4. I will find out what happened to the money and do my own investigation, Duh.

    Hmmm, these senators is so clueless what happened to their funds – we are talking millions here,  Duh !



  • batangsulpok

    Talagang may kabobohan itong si Jinggoy dahil milyon-milyon pondo sa pangalan niya ay di alam kung saan napupunta o nagtatangahan lang para di mabuking na sa bulsa rin niya napunta ang pera.

  • diamond_digger

    Family of actors talaga etong mga Estrada. Eh kung ang ama na si Erap ay sa aksyon sumikat, eto namang si Jinggoy ay gusto sa sarzuela. Lokohin mong lelang mong panot, Jinggoy. Alam ng lahat na magtatagal ang probe na yan dahil lahat ng miyembro ay magiging busy sa kampanya. So ang mangyayari eh tapos na ang eleksyon saka pa magkaka imbestigasyon ng husto o di kaya tuluyang maglaho ang interest ng bayan. Bravo! Encore, Jinggoy. Congratulations, Erap, talagang mana sa iyo ang mga anak mo. Galing talaga ng komposisyon ng UNA, lahat may talento. . . sa kalokohan nga lang.

  • Precy Castillo

    Go ahead investigate yourself!

    • speaksoftlylove

       So who will investigate them?

      Why don’t you start it by yourself para makuntento ka?

  • anermarcelo30

    first i heard enrile giving millions as gifts due to savings daw…it’s not for him to give in the first place being the senate president does not entail him to decide and the money belongs to the filipino people but obviously he did out of arrogance second sabi niya good governance daw but he is not good in double checking if the beneficiary is legitimate bobo na tanga pa gaya gaya din si jinggoy…tax payers have a prima fascie to sue these politicians…kapal ng mukha ninyo pag alis ninyo ng pwesto makukulong kayong lahat at sequester pa wealth ninyo … thing for sure when you are all gone your names will be the most hated names and butt of the jokes in generations to come …well done if that’s your legacy ….to be hated by filipinos …all your assets should be frozen by now ….B.I.R how can you allow tax payers money squandered by few …use your authority Mr President against any abuse of power unless they are above the Law of Philippines Legal System

  • Pedro_Gil

    Dorobo! hindi ikaw ang magiimbestiga.  It proves that you havent got the clue on what to do.  Miembro ka ng mga pamilyang TEAM ahas, manlilinlang at madurugas.  Miembro kayo ng TEAM BULOK/UNGAS

  • tiopaero

    Pare-pareho lang yan. GMA and Noynoy abnoy pulos magnanakaw yan.  Maniwala kang maipapakulong ni abnoy si enrile sa anomalya na yan eh duwag na walang bayag si noynoy abnoy. Babae lang ang kaya niyan kasi bakla,

  • Simplify1

    As usual, mukhang kala ng Enrile at Jinggoy na naniniwala ang mga tao sa PALUSOT nila…. at any rate, the bigger question should be  – why these two are always in a situation where they have to explain  themselves in hanky pankies involving MONEY!! 

     I bet you that this could be another situation of SPENDING THE PEOPLES MONEY LEGALLY BUT TOTALLY IMMORAL !!

    • Concur_Dissent

      I concur… laging explain yang sila enrile at estrada ng mga questionable na transactiones….

      If it QUACKS like a duck and WALKS like a duck, it MUST BE A DUCK!!


      • Simplify1

        Sa salita pa ni Congressman Farinas…. SUBOK PALUSOT LANG!!

  • Voltes_V

    POTTAAA ang galing mo sa batas Enrile…expert ka sa taxation pero di mo alam kung saan napunta pork barrel mo?  Bwisitttt ka!!!   Matagal na 5 years na mabuhay ka dapat magagandang bagay na ginagawa mo.  Pera na lang kung si Lisardo ka -:) 

    Tama Jinggoy =  Ang Panda(k)y
             Enrile    =  Lisardo

    Teka sino si Binay? yung mga maligno?

  • EOJ

    Estrada will investigate his own misuse.


    No to United Nakaw Alliance!

  • kulittwit

    Imbestigahan nya sarili nya para linisin nya ang sarili nya?  Bobo! Mandurugas! Akala nya maniniwala ang tao sa palabas nya. Tanga!!

  • agaylaya

    Nakakahiya, nakakasindak, nakakadiri, kasuklamsuklam, nakakainis, nakakaiyak, nakakaloko, nakakatanga, nakakalungkot, nakakaawa, nakakatawa,………

  • diamond_digger

    There’s that saying that goes “Prevention is always better than cure.” Eh, bakit di siya nag-imbistiga kung lehitimo at legal ang organisasyong ‘yon bago siya nagbigay ng pera na hindi naman sa kanya kundi sa taong bayan. Kahit na elementary-grade teacher ay alam na basic yang prinsipyong yan, eh si Unggoy, este Jinggoy na naturingang isa sa mga haligi ng Senado bilang Speaker Pro Tempore ay lumalabas na walang alam sa tamang paraan. Halatang nag-tanga-tangahan ang taong eto. Well, kungsabagay, tama rin yong kasabihang – kung ano ang puno ay siyang bunga. If this cabal of corruptors in the senate where able to perpetuate their shenanigans even under the stewardship of an upright president, how much more when, GOD forbids, the serbesa negra from makati becomes president in 2016? The wolves, not just the dogs, are truly salivating at the prospect of a great opportunity to stuff their bank accounts when they are in the right position when Binay – again, GOD forbids – becomes president. I believe, no sensible Filipino would want the Philippines sucked dry by vultures masquerading as saviors.

    • speaksoftlylove

       Pero ikaw di nagtatangahan kundi talagang tanga. Sa klase ng pork barrel na ibnigay, Department of Agriculture ang sumala kung sinong qualified beneficiaries of the pork barrel at sila rin ang nagrerekomenda. Mamimili na lang ang senador kung anong organisasyon sa listahan ng inirekomena ang aaprubahan niya. Mahirap ba intindihin yan o kailangan mo pang imemorize?

      • Mike_1974

        tigas naman ng mukha mo!!! kahit anong angulo ang tingnan natin, may responsibilidad ang senator kung saan nila ipapamahagi ang pera ng bayan. milyones ang pinag-uusapan!!! pera ng bayan yan at di pera ng kung sinuman. umaasa ako at ikaw at sampu ng sambayanang Pilipino na sa kapwa nating Pilipino ang makikinabang at hindi sa bulsa ng kung sinuman!!!

      • mabyrik

        Hey Jinggoy2 stop parroting the words of real Jinggoy!!!Halatang staff ka ni Jinggoy!!!

      • diamond_digger

        Galing mo talaga, spitfire, sa pintasan, pero isa ka ring bobo! Hindi porke mey rekomendasyon nang DA na wala ng tsansa pang mag-imbestiga ang isang senador o congressman bago magbigay ng kanyang pork barrel. Mas lalo Ang isang mautak at masinop na senador ay mas dapat lalong mag-imbistiga at baka mapahamak siya at mananagot sa pera ng bayan na ipinagbilin sa kanya. That is what is clled basic accountability and responsibility of a public official. Para maintindihan mo, mag-aral ka ng konti tungkol sa batas at sa mga polisiyang ipinapatupad sa gobyerno bago ka umangal. Huwag makontento sa pag-gradwar mo ng elementarya at kulang yan para sumali sa diskusyon dito. You mean to say here also, na mali ang COA na sitahin ang mga senadores at congressmen na yan dahil ang DA ang ‘sumala’ sa kung sinong kwalipikado? Kaya ang daming nabibiktima ng sindikato ng dugo-dugo dahil sa hindi pag-iimbistiga kung totoong amo ang tumawag. Eh kung ang utak mo pala ang masusunod, lahat ay mabibiktima ng dugo-dugo. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lecture you. Hope you learned something.

      • mabyrik

        Yes Sir, ang ganda ng atake mo. Lalo na ang last 2 sentences mo. It hits the target.


    God speed to COA Chairperson Gracia Pulido Tan and Commissioner Heidi Mendoza

  • bogli_anakdami

    heto na naman ang mga flip gung gongs…

    flipland has ‘sang tambaks na laws to be followed by  ‘sang tambaks na abugagos & to be enforced by ‘sang tambaks na low enforcers, wright or rong?

    hoy mga flip gung gongs, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?????

    arrest them???… charge them???… imprison them???

    or the usual flip gung gong’s thingy>>> BAHALA NA ANG FLIPDIOS SA KANILA????


  • godofredo

    Eh yung Party Rep. na Velarde Milagroso rin, may pinagmanahan!!!! 

  • Noypi11

    Nagdrama na naman itong mga mangungurakot na Estrada at Enrile. Kunwari hindi nila alam iyong tungkol sa pork barrel na para sa mga proyekto ng bayan. Hindi raw nila alam ang nangyari. Ang perang iyon ay para sa mga projects ng bayan. Bakit hindi nila tinignan nuon pa kung natapos ang mga projects? Alam nila na walang mga project at ang pera ay ibinulsa ng  mga magnanakaw na sila ang pasimuno. Ngayon ay magpapaimbistiga raw. Sino ang mga magiimbistiga? mga tulad mong magnanakaw? Lutong makaw na naman iyan. Bayan, upang mabawasbawasan ang nakawan sa gobyerno, huwag kayong boboto ng kandidato ng UNA, lalo na ang mga Enrile, Estrada, Ejersito. Iyan ang mga salot sa Pilipinas.   

  • atlas

    These Guys, if they have the Decency should RESIGN! Investigate! Here we go again..Now that they got caught red handed, they claimed, they don”t know this “outfits” taking the people’s MONEY! Wow.. Shame on you! Sinong LOKOHIN nyo!

  • Voltes_V

    if you want a MAFIA style of government then vote for UNA.  Then Binay on 2016.  

  • bogli_anakdami

    even komunista godless china execute their ladrones garapales/balasubas/magnanakaws…

    at saka ang peyborit ng mga flip HILOminati, lee kwan yew, executed their magnanakaws…

    pero, ang mga deeply relidiot katolickdick flip gung gongs, hay nakupo, have no guts/balls to per/prosecute the ladrones garapales/balasubas/magnanakaws in their midst…

    ano bang klaseng animales kayong mga gung gongs????

  • Voltes_V

    itong si Honasan magda dalawang dekada na Senador,  hanggang ngayon nangangako pa ring ng trabaho para sa lahat.  Bwisiiiitttt ka! 

    • hustlergalore

      ikaw naman. ibabalik daw niya ang mga trabahong nawala likha ng kanyang mga makasarliing kudeta mula dekada 80s. LOL

      • okayayonip

        si sen honasan ay hindi isang TRAPO kundi TRACOUP.  hehehe

  • agecee

    Please make the Filipino people happy. Assassinate these senators please??? 

    • tlb6432

      huwag naman, ipadala sa Mars with Miriam for 502 days, hehe..

  • cute79

    malaking pera tapos bigay nyo lang sa NGO di naman pala kayo sigurado?Lokohin nyo mga kabit nyo!kala nyo sa mga tao tanga?

  • manangjuana

    Senators embroiled in the controversy will conduct an investigation?  

    • tlb6432

      that’s hypocrisy at its highest! hindi naman bobo ang Pinas, oh my goodness…

    • kolambogan


  • Voltes_V

    so pag sinabi ng Department of Agriculture na bigay nyo sa Akrho or Tau Gamma yung pera bigay nyo na? ganun lang kasimple yung logic ni JUNGGOY.  ang BABAW!!!! Bwiiisssitttt ka!

  • barada69

    Mga U10 kayo, pag-nagkabukuhan na, pa “dead wrong” pa. Now the guilty will start to look for someone to blame, what a f**ked system !

  • Voltes_V

    na wrong send lang daw si Jinggoy hehehe…. bwiset! 

  • palakasantayo

    Ah…. Jinggoy will investigate himself? …. palakpakan naman diyan.

  • hustlergalore

    wow jinggoy. wala pang mahal na araw. pero umaarte ka ng pontius pilate! LOL

  • hustlergalore

    jinggoy, enrile, revilla, magtanggalan na raw kayo ng maskara. LOL

  • AgapitoBagumbayan

    UNA is the worst political party ever assembled. Its a pure disaster no difference than Erap’s short-lived presidency.

  • hustlergalore

    parang tanga lang ang PDAF, dinadaan ang pera sa pangalan ng senador na para din sa mga proyekto ng mga departamento. bakit hindi na lang i-derecho sa departamento, ha? LOL

  • cute79

    Isang patunay lang ito na dapat na talagang tanggalin ang PORK BARREL.Nagmumukha ng mga PIGS ang horrible senators and congremen sa pinas.kung talagang TUWID NA DAAN at di LUBAK-LUBAK NA DAAN  itong administrasyong aquino ay itigil na nya ang PORK BARREL dahil ito ang ugat ng malaking korapsiyon sa pilipinas.bilyones ang napupunta lang sa pork barrel na yan na napunta lang sa bulsa ng mga PIGS NA SENATORS& CONGRESMEN.

  • PinoyPower1

    More power to COA’s iron ladies – Heidi and Gracia!

  • atlas

    You all have the chance to get rid of this HONEST Politicians, election is near!

  • rodben

    Ingat2 kasi kyo mga UNA KURAKOT TEAM …malakas kasi kyo sa Masa na walang computer para mag blog sabi nga ni Princess Fatima 70% na Pinoy ay mahirap kasama na ako doon, ibig sabihin  mga elitista ay 30% lang na syang kampi ng TEAM PATAY…na siyang may mga computer at syempre may natanggap pang million $ last EDSA 27…wala akong kina kampihinang politiko dahil para sa akin ALL OF PINOY POLITICIANS FRIENDS AND APPOINTEES FROM BARANGAY TO MALACANANG SINO MAN ANG NAKA-UPO AY MAGNANAKAW….ULTIMO MGA AMIGO’s 2016 elections still 3 years more to go campaigning start now…

    • Marco

      Abnormal ka siguro ano? Bansot! Makatsot!!!. In tagalog, Fuc__g – ash-h_le!!. Gando-Maro! In tagalog, nagpapatira ka sa WETPAK.

  • bryanbrian

    Walang naniniwala na hindi alam nina enrile, estrada, at revilla ang anomalya. Una kasi sa pandurugas!

  • 33Sambuang2

    palusot pa kayo e buking na……………… kakahiya kayo. una, partido ng mga magnanakaw…

  • pcosmachine



    • Marco

      Ilibing sila ng buhay! Mga Cheaters mga yan. Liar, Fraud at Swetik. Kakarmahin din mga yan.Itaga nyo yan sa bato.

  • EOJ

    United Nakaw Alliance will suffer a landslide defeat in May. 

  • Wadav

    Tama ka kabayan! Lahat ng mga politicians are the worst group of people! Gusto ng mga yan kumita ng Hindi nagbabanat ng buto! Akala nila sila may ari ng pera ng bayan!

  • FILIPINOpatriot4ever

    For the sake of our country, vote straight Team PNoy.

  • WAJ

    He didn’t know? What’s going on here? Humahanap ng cover si itong si Jingoy. Malaking pagkakamali mo Jingoy ay para mo na rin sinasabi na ninakaw mo…

  • bogli_anakdami

    do flip gung gongs know about the RULE OF LAW thingy???… o meron ba kayong utak???

    flipland has ‘sang tambaks na plagiariazed laws that cover every conceivable crimes… and, flipland has ‘sang tambaks na abugagos and uniformed thugs/afp/pnp to enforce them…

    how come laws are not enforced?… and, how come flip gung gongs DO NOT DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY FOR THEIR CRIMES?… puro probes, wala namang resulta…

    hay naku, matutuyo lang ang regla ko sa inyo…

  • Mike_1974

    wow!!! kapal ng mga mukya nyo!!! you dont just give millions of pesos from your funds and claim “ignorance”.  tapos pag si Enrile maglalabas ng pondo sa mga senator, namimili!!!  

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    200 million pesos is big money!! Accountability is a must.There is negligence here.If you are giving that much money to uplift the Filipinos ,then you make sure it’s trajectory,progress and  finality for it’s completion.These people are assisted with subordinates that are getting paid and even getting bonuses at Christmas time.Their jobs  are to make sure their Senators and Congressmen are being helped to the performance of their duties.
     Don’t tell me that 20 to 30 of these office workers did not even sound “alarm” bells to their bosses that something was going  awry as to  the progress of that money ? And these leaders won’t even ask about their progress? And wouldn’t these leaders asked even the credibility of these recipient  NGO’s?
    If Enrile can memorize the 750 pages of  his memoir;if he cannot forget the 30 million pesos that the old Cayetano owed him;if he got time to do a video with Jinggoy on his Chief of staff’s birthday;how can he forget  to find out and ask his workers on  the progress of the projects intended for the Filipino  people? The buck stops at them .They are leaders .Saying “I don’t know “is not sufficient answer.
    There had been monumental anomalies that enveloped this country since  time immemorial.So much money went missing  but when you ask for answers, the usual answers are:

    “I don’t  and I did not do it”.
    But where did the money go?
    To Enrile,Estrada,Revilla and Velarde: 
      There is an honorable thing to do.Since you don’t even accept accountability,Please resign if you still love your country.

  • bogli_anakdami

    hay naku… wala namang magiging resulta tong probe na to eh… flipland’s gub’ment is dysfunctional… headed by a retarded gung gong prez akin’o…

    hoy mga flip gung gongs, pumahinga na lang kayo… panoorin na lang ang susunod na episode ng ‘merkan idol…

    • ofw214

      bobo mo namn kabayan, mag isip k muna bago mag comment……….

  • kapayapaan_1900

    “At the same time, we have a responsibility to protect the integrity and the reputation of the Senate as an institution and as a pillar of our democracy. This should be non-negotiable,” Escudero added. 

    Mr, Escudero, you’re insulting the people’s intelligence!!!  What “integrity and reputation” you are talking about?  It is a common knowledge that even elementary grade schoolers both in public and private know that this branch of government is one of the most extravagant, wasteful, inefficient, and incompetent institution in living memory.  No entrenchment can save this once august body from a bubonic plague if it strikes again. 

  • vince_bugaboo

    “Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada wants to investigate the misuse of his own pork barrel that the Commission on Audit (COA) says went to a bogus nongovernment organization.”

    ‘ige, bata, kulapin mo ang bulbol mo sa bayag at tumbong mo para makita mo kung anong nangyari sa perang’ yon. Kayong lahat mag-kulapan kayo!

  • rodben

    Marami kasing palpak ang gobyernong ito kya mahina ang hataw sa masa una DSWD nilusob ng taong bayan dahil sa bilyones na Dolyares donasyon ng ibang bansa plus pa donasyon ng mga Pinoy plus pa bilyones  pesong budget ay di nabigyan ng magandang serbesyo ang libo lang na naapiktuhan ng bagyo sabi ng UN the typhoon affected areas are still oppress…pangalawa noong EDSA 27 nilangaw na, yong nag attend lamang ay yong nabiyayaan ng milyon$ ni Macoy…. sa probensya pag tinanong mo ang EDSA kahit na sa Tarlac mismo ang sinasabi NAKAKAIN  BA YON?  Isa pa yong problema ngayon sa Saba sa hilip na support ang Aquino administration balak pang kasuhan mga nag ke- claim ng sariling lupa…at isa pa napakaraming promises ng Pangulo  ayon sa mga mahihirap ni isa ay walang natupad sa halip lalo pang pinataas ang mga presyo ng mga bilihin at singil sa koryente, at pati tuition fee sa college ay pangmayaman lang kya nag O-OFW or nag ma- migrate ang mga Pinoy para maka pag-aral lang mga anak sa magandang paaralan…so lahat ng move ng LP ngayon… para sa MASA ay pawang PROPAGANDA LAMANG ….kyo PO Mr. Prez  at mga Alimpores mo ang nag babagsak ng LP…. sabi nga pera lang daw ni Macoy ang priority ni Pinoy? BAKURAN NYO PO ANG LINISIN NYO MR. PREZ para may laban ang LP sa 2016…..

    • akongednamzug

      Rodben, mahina ba ang hataw ng gobyerno sa masa o ang isip mo ang mahina ang hataw? Tungkol sa pag-taas ng lahat ng bilihin at gastusin, maliit pa ako naririnig ko na yan sa maraming tao. At higit sa lahat at pakatandaan mo ito. Kung ang lahat ng Pilipino ay kamukha mo na ang nakikita lang ay ang pagkakamali at wala namang maimungkahi na kung ano ang dapat gawin, ano sa palagay mo ang kahihinatnan ng Pilipinas. Ang aking lang palagay ay malaki ang nawala sa iyo magmula ng maging pangulo si Aquino at sana naman hindi nasamang nawala ang iyong budhi at kabaitan

      • Marco

        Paano po, dating bataan ni GMA tong si rodben. Nawalan na kasi to ng delehensya magmula noong mawala sa power ang amo nyang PANDAK. Kaya ngayong, ngangawa-ngawa siya against Pnoy. Waaaaaa. Wawa ka naman rodben. Jumukwad ka nalang kaya o di kaya, tumalon ka na lang sa tulay ng ilog Pasig.

  • JasonBieber

    They call for transparency and accountability but their call is biased.

    Let’s be clear if PNoy wanted real transparency then he would have supported the FOI Bill but clearly he is not. This is why all this mess is going on of misuse of funds. The funds are supposed to benefit the public and instead the public is lost on the issue and confused.

  • Fred

    Na naman! Anomalya nung panahon ni GMA.
    Kaya siguro kumandidato at nanalo sa pagka Congressman ni Arthur Yap
    para may immunity sa suits? Hoy! hindi ka lusot dito.

    Sa Senate naman, kandarapa kayo na linisin ang pangalan ninyo.
    Integrity and credibility issue.

  • bogli_anakdami

    magnanakaws, murderers and pedopriests run flipland… flip gung gongs can do ANYTHING and need not worry about the consequences… no wonder flip gung gongs are the hapiyest pipol in da hole wayd world…

  • superpilipinas


    Mga magnanakaw at mga humihingi ng suporta sa mga magnanakaw……AYAW SA FOI

    Kaya nga ayaw ni PNoy ng FOI

    Gumagawa lang siya ng mga dahilan.

    Please lang. Iboto natin yung mga kandidato lang na nagsasabing FOI ang kanilang uunahin pagkaupo sa Senado o Kongreso.

    Yung ayaw at yung hindi uunahin ang FOI, huwag na natin iboto.

    biruin mo, tatlong opisyal lang yan. Eh 250 Million Pesos na… ilan pa ang nakakatanggap ng pork barell. ika nga “It’s just the tip of the iceberg”.

    Samantala nagra-riot na sa Davao dahil sa gutom at kahirapan.

    • yesyesyo

      Puro ka FOI, Ayan walang FOI pero nalabas ang katotohanan.

      Hindi masyadong importante ang FOI basta matuwid ang presidente kagaya ni PNoy at naglalagay ng matuwid na tao sa COA kagaya ni Heidi Mendoza at Grace Pulido-Tan.

      Importante ang FOI kapag corrupt ang presidente kagaya ni arroyo at estrada.

      Ganunpaman. Siguradong sa kamay ni PNOy magiging batas ang FOI.

  • john cortez

    PROBE NA NAMAN….DINGGOOOOY..MANOOOONG, at sa lahat ng opisyales ng gobyerno….PLEAAAAAASE .bago kayo magrelease ng pera ng taong-bayan cgurohin muna kung saan pupunta…..DINGGOOOOY….MANOOONG di kayo pwedeng iabswelto rito….. lahat ng pera na lalabas sa opisina nyo ay SAGOT NYO…..WALANG MANLOLOKO KUNG WALANG NAGPAPALOKO! bow….

  • jeray

    Ang tanga mo naman jing … million yan …

  • pcosmachine




  • rodben

    May tatlong taon pang nalalabi ang pangulo para magwalis sa bakuran para maganda ang laban sa 2016 wag nyo na pong gayahin si GMA…anyway napaganda ni GMA ang pampangga kya solid vote parin sya sa mga Cabalin… Tarlac mga nakausap ko doon Macoy ang mabango….

  • jhon1975

    Pag wala na kayang pork barrel at allowance sa mga commitee hearings simula lower hangang upper house may tatakbo pa kaya??? Mga put@%& ina ninyo tantanan nyo na pagpapasasa sa perang pinaghirapan ng mamamayan mga bushitttt!!!

  • vince_bugaboo

    hindi rin nakapatataka kung sila rin ang may gawa ng mga bogus na NGOs na ‘yan. meron pa bang kadugasang hindi magagawa ang mga mandurugas na ito?

  • bogli_anakdami

    dapat bombahin ang malakanyang at kongresso…

    nuke…nyuk… nyuk flipland…

  • john cortez

    DI KAYA BOOMERANG YAN…..hagis lang kayo ng hagis ng pera nang taong-bayan, wala kayong pakundangan kasi alam nyo babalik din ang pera sa mga bulsa nyo…..ILANG TAON NYO NANG GINAGAWA YAN HA DINGGOY…TANDA?

  • mangtom

    These anomalies involving pork barrel go to show that this pork barrel should be abolished once and for all. These so-called legislators should stick to their role as lawmakers and not mess with government projects. Their expertise is supposed to be crafting laws and not agriculture and other excuses to get their sticky hands in matters involving beyond their scope of responsibility. NO to pork barrel to both HOUSES. 

    Pork barrel=corruption, plain and simple

  • George

    “I never heard until [Wednesday] night of ZREC and PFI. I was flabbergasted,” Enrile told the Inquirer…”

    Really, either you’re too old to handle this or drama king kana ngayon?

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      To George:
       Pare,all of a sudden Sen. Enrile is using a word “never heard”. Now the master of “PRE-EMPTING”  and all knowing (alam niya ang batas,procedures,parliamentary rules,taxations) is “hindi ko na  alam yon”.
      It is a gargantuan task to pre-empt  a staged ambush ,more so pre-emptying a breakaway rebellion.He’s good at that,very detailed and follow through.
      But could not follow through the whereabouts of a PDAF!!
       Mukha yatang linoloko mo na kami Mr.Enrile!!
      Please resign,Sir for the good of the country.Hikayatin mo na sila Sens.Revilla,Estrada at Rep. Velarde.

  • farmerpo

    Alisin na kasi iyang pork  barrel. Ala ng tatakbo sa mga iyan. We have yet to see a legislator acting as a legislator. Shame sham shame… kung meron man. 

  • Mike_1974

    si Pink Lacson kung anu-ano ang mga sinasabing pasabog against Miriam Defensor na ilang milyon lang ang pinag-uusapan, pero itong daang milyong napunta sa wala sa mga kasama niyang nabiyayaan ni Enrile, tahimik lang sya!!! mawawala ka rin sa sirkulasyon Pink Lacson!!!

  • bogli_anakdami

    bakit puro magnananakaw at mamamatay tao ang lahing flips?

  • The Overlord

    Hay nako Enrile, humanda kang tanda ka! This is just the start! Maghunos dili ka kasi kung hindi ka rin naman mapapaalis sa pwesto mo through legal means, others will just find a way to expose your sins through social media and the court of public opinion. In fact, matagal na dapat sanang nangyari to eh. Pero I guess everything has its own time. My guess is that yours is finally nearing.

  • 3Jomari3

    Ayan, kanya kanayang palusot. These Congressmen and Senators aren’t dumb, they know what they are doing. It’s the people who believe something will come out of this who are dumb. Don’t blame the skeptics.

  • patawad

    Di ba tawag diyan “nagbabangong puri”.  In the first place, who is giving Mr Estrada/Enrile/rEVILlla their cut in their PDF, the SOP money?  Ibig nila sabihin di nila alam ?  Sabagay, interesado lang sila sa SOP nila, mas malaki, mas masaya, kahit sino pa pinagbinigyan ng pondo, wala silang paki.

  • Verchez

    Panay alibi lang ang mga sinasabi ni Enrile, Estrada at Revilla. Pwede bang hindi nyo alam? Parang inamin nyo na kayo ay tanga. Pero wag nyo naman kaming gawing tanga sa mga alibi nyo. Pweeh!!

    • duviz7533

      adre,kung ganon katanga si gurang bogliz na senate prez,baka hindi din na niya nalalaman na nagkaplit sila ng undies ni gigi pagkatapos

  • akongednamzug

    Mahirap yata tanggapin na ang 3 senador at 1 kinatawan ay hindi siniguro kung saan napunta ang kanilang pork barrel. Itong pork barrel na ito ang pinakamalaking bagay na kung bakit nila gustong maging senador o isang kinatawan bukod sa laging nilang sinasabi na gusto nilang mag-silbe sa sambayanan.

  • Verchez

    Now is our chance to change the political landscape! We should not vote the likes of these people in UNA. Inform our families and friends!

  • tonyoks

    “We’ll work with COA and we’ll open our books to get to the bottom of this. I won’t allow my office to be used as a conduit for debauchery, decadence, dishonesty and depravity,” the senator said.
    jinggoy, ewan ko, pero, yung mga dialogo mo eh medyo….panis na!!!!!!!
    hanap ka na ng mas magaling na scriptwriter….

  • bogli_anakdami

    o ano mga kabayang flip gung gongs:

    we all know that they are all guilty of pagnanakaw, any possibility of at least, a single conviction?

    para naman medyo nakaka-libog… o hanggang putak lang???

  • judefawley

    nagmamalinis na ang mga senador nato, kunwari hindi nila alam ang nangyayari sa opisina nila GET RID OF THE PORK BARREL!

  • boi skater

    You just have to laugh at the quality (or lack thereof) of
    our lawmakers and politicians. Now Jinggoy wants an investigation of his
    stupidity and lack of responsibility of the people’s money. Or maybe it is a
    move designed to cover for the scheme they’ve made up for themselves in the
    first place.

  • yxoiyiu

    Enrile, et al must return the people’s money immediately.

  • yesyesyo

    It’s good to know we have gutsy COA officials. Corruptions are now exposed. No doubt Estrada, enrile, and revilla will face serious consequences. First of which is resounding defeat in the elections.

    They will bring down with them the whole gang of United Nakaw Alliance.

  • bogli_anakdami

    hoy mga flip gung gongs… di ninyo kayang tibagin si bayagra enrile & co..

    siya ang mastermind at kasabwat sa pagpatay sa tatay ni prez gung gong akin’o…

    tingnan ninyo si prez gung gong akin’o, pangisi-ngisi lang…

  • Maldi2

    Ang mga magagaling na Senadores at minsan naging Hukom, mga magnanakaw din pala ang mga hinayupak!  Ang drama nyo, magsipag resing na kayo!

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      It’s also the same COA Chair Grace Pulido-Tan who attested to the false and untruthful SALN for 2011 of Chief Justice Sereno and Justice Carpio, which are detailed in GMA-7 and PCIJ,org’s investigative report called “The wealth of the Gods of Faura”. The report is available online, published late last year.

      Both equally impeachable if Corona’s precedent is anything to go by, but that’s for 2016 and beyond. 

      • EOJ

         I watched that report and it does not prove anything. If there is, someone like you should already file an impeachment against sereno.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        That’s what they said in Corona’s impeachment, it doesn’t prove anything. Until it gets political and criminal. There’s a time for everything. This one after 2016. Let time take its own course.

        You seem to be rooting for Sereno and not for transparency and truth. Why?

      • bryanbrian

        What are you waiting for? impeach sereno if you have the goods.

        Puro dada!


      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Uy defensive si Bryan. There’s a time for that. Wika nga ni Corona, in due time.

  • tonyoks

    “To be fair to [the members of my staff], regarding those documents, I don’t think they’ve done a letter like that,” he added.
    talaga lang ha….

    labo  na talaga mata mo o nilalabuan mo lang.

  • Melvin

    “We need to unmask those who benefited from this scheme,” said Estrada, who himself was linked to payoffs from jueteng operators during the short-lived administration of his father, former President Joseph Estrada.”

    Sige nga umpisahan mong imbestigahan ang sarili mo… Tanungin mo rin ang sarili mo kung nakinabang siya… he he he

  • Marco

    Mga hunghong na Senador. Panay katwiran, nagpapalusot at gustong maitago ang BAHO. Mabaho pa kayo sa asong-kalyeng galisin. Saan daw nila ginamit? WOW! Ang galing mang-embento. Matanda na, at malapit ng mamatay, napaka sinungaling pa rin. Humanap ka ng kausap tandang Johny. Kausapin mo yong mga ipinanganak lang kahapon. Baka maniwala sa ipinagsasabi nyo. Saan mo kamo ginamit ang PDAF mo? Saan yon, sa Ilocos Norte, Tawi-Tawi, Sulu  at Camiguin. Isinama pa ang Basilan. Wow, Naks naman. Itatanong kaya natin roon sa mga lugar na nabanggit. Hoy mga taga Ilocos Norte, Tawi-Tawi, Sulu  at Camiguin, meron daw PDAF si Lolong Enrile jan sa lugar nyo. Milyon-milyon daw. Mga local Non-Government Units sa nsabing lugar, paki check or paki-audit nyo nga kong meron ba talaga. Itaga nyo sa bato, ni singkong duling walang PDAF si Lolong Enrile jan sa lugar na yan. Pwede pa siguro na nasa Swiss bank account nya na ang malaking halagang yon. Yong PDAF nina Jinggoy at Bong Revilla, siguro hinati-hati na nila yon sa mga KABIT o KULASISI nila.

  • duviz7533

    from corona,,HA,HA,HA,BWAHA,HA…akin ang huling halakhak..malamang sasabit din si gigi dito

  • ben311

    senate cuta ng mga magnanakaw !


    Salamat kina Heidi Mendoza at Grace Pulido-Tan.

    Kung mga tulad nila ang namumuno ng COA, hindi maitatago ang mga corruption sa gobyerno.

    Kahit walang FOI basta transparent ang COA, walang lusot ang kurakot.

    Enrile, estrada, revilla at mga katulad nila, paunang parusa sa inyo ang paghuhukom ng taong bayan sa eleksyon.

    • superpilipinas

      Kahit walang FOI?

      Paano yung mga transaction na hindi covered ng COA?

      Tulad ng mga pagproseso ng mga papeles at mga appointments…..

      Hindi pwedeng walang FOI!

      Mga paurong lang at komunista na bansa walang FOI.


        Lahat ng appointments at processing of papers ay meron nang rules na sinusunod ang bawat ahensya ng gobyerno at ito ay sa ilalim ng monitoring ng Civil Service Commission. Doon ka mag reklamo sa ahensya or sa CSC mismo. Lahat ng inpormasyon sa appointment ay makukuha mo kahit walang foi.

  • bogli_anakdami

    yung mga kabits ng flip gung gong traposakals dito nakatambaks sa kalipornya at vegas…

    masarap lang eh ginagastos ng mga kabits yung sustento nila sa akin as a “personal trainer”… oooops (sekreto yun ha)

  • Melvin

    ” Yap, now a Bohol representative, said: “I do not recall the name of that foundation, but senators and congressmen, then and today, are allowed to endorse coops to undertake projects using their PDAF. ”

    Maliwanag sa sagot ni Yap na alam ng mga senators kung anong projects ang paggagastosan dahil sila pa ang nag-endorse ng mga coops. Malapit yata sa imposible na hindi nila alam ang pagagamitan ng kanilang PDAF. Ang dami-dami pa nilang staff… Wala! magnanakaw talaga sina Lolong Johnny at Jinggoy sa pera ng bayan…

    • Weder-Weder Lang

      In an interview with DZMM (Karen Davila) yesterday afternoon, Jinggoy wanted to pass the buck to former DA Secretary Arthur Yap but stopped short. He then rephrased his answer and said “Dapat alam ng DA yan.” Jinggoy sounded a little iffy about putting the blame on Yap.

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      To Melvin:
        Right word—– “Ang dami-dami pa nilang staff”
        And it’s true.You stuff your office with these multitude of personnel and they don’t even follow and update  the projects that your boss delved into? What are they doing all day!!Are they on Facebook every minute?
      And in the provinces those money never got to the projects they were intended ? Something is terribly wrong.You must not escape from responsibilities Mr.Enrile,Revilla,Estrada and Velarde.Owe up to accountability.Kayo ang pinagmulan ng
      sequence of events.There is no passing of the buck,here.You ought to know.

  • tonyoks

    But again, it’s up to the Senate if they decide to call for an investigation,” he said.
    to Lacierda …Please do, call it. again and again and again.
    this is not a “political timing” as tiangco claimed it is.

    election time or not,issues like this has to be brought in front for the benefit of every citizen who in the final run, will suffer for this shenanigans…

    hanggang ang klase ng mga taong ito ay nasa gobyerno natin, walang mangyayari sa atin.

  • duviz7533

    si enrile noon binanatan niya ng husto si sen villar regarding C5..maaaring nakinabang si villar talaga pero may C5 na hway na nagawa…ito bogus na NGO..di nila alam na napunta doon ang milyones,ngayon nawala ang taxpayers money ng walang kalaban laban..Pilipinas dinudugas  ka ng sariling mong mga mambabatas…sa kamay na ng mga botante ang kapalaran ng Pilipinas


    Great job COA! and thank you for this information. Now we know who not to vote.

  • superpilipinas

    obviously this is politically motivated….

    but it is good……kasi tatamaan ang lahat kung talagang iimbestigahan ito.

    I’m sure marami sa mga Team PNoy at UNA ang may ganitong kaso sa kani-kanilang pork barrel.

    Sa bandang huli, dapat tanggalin sila lahat: trapos, political dynasties, incompetent showbiz/tv personalities

    Let’s vote for new parties and new independents with proven integrity, experience, and accomplishments. Let’s vote for those would prioritize FOI. Give Philippines a chance to catch up or even surpass its neighbors.


      Hahaha! sabi ko na nga ba, yan ang palaging alibi, politically motivated. hindi na uubra yan.

      At sino naman ang mga “new independents” na kandidato mo? Name them.

  • Spike

    Who benefited look in the mirror !!!

  • OFW Franklin

    Creating a NGO is one way of milking peoples money. Never heard of NGO helping the lives of pilipino people. Mabuti pang yong Kapuso ng GMA meron malaking naitutulong sa marming mahirap natin kababayan.NGO nasan ang mga iyan?

  • jdelacruz13

    moro moro or moron moron na naman …. hayzzz … dapat talaga maglagay ng batas na bitay sa mga taong nakaupo kung mahuling nangungurakot … BITAY !!! hindi habang buhay na kulang ,, isa pang palamunin iyan sa loob ng munti …ayun ay kung makukulong …. 

  • ddano

    Gusto na namang magbate itong mga buwaya . nakakita na naman ng pagbabatehan. 

  • palakasantayo

    O sige na… EDSA 3 na tayo. Sigaw … out these 3 magnanakaw. People will have to do something, if we rely on the lawmakers and authorities to take action… nothing will happen. You and I know that…. nothing will happen. They are just laughing at us all.

  • OleSapra aka ARGUS


    ANA: “Lumolobo ang uhog ni Jinggoy sa galit porke hindi n’ya alam na peke raw pala, ayon sa COA, ang ZREC at PFI na recipient ng milyong-milyong PDAF mula sa kanya, kay JPE at kay Bong bilang mga senaTONG, ‘lamoyon?”

    LISA: “Eh mas grabe naman ang palusot ni senaTong Bong, kasi, pati mga Muslim na taga-Basilan idinaramay niya sa kanyang kagaguhan porke sa kanila umano niya ipinamudmod ang kanyang PDAF, hay, grabe!!!”

    CION: “Handa raw na magpadala ng mga testigo ang executive branch, sabi ni Lacierda, sa hirit ni Jinggoy na magsagawa ng imbestigasyon ang Senado. Pero hindi malinaw kung sino ang iimbestigahan, ang COA na nagbulgar ng anomalya o sina senaTONG JPE, Jinggoy at Bong?”


  • atlas

    Our briliant  Honorable Senators and Congressman nag tatanga tangahan! or may selective amnesia? GONG!!!!!!!!

  • Jesuit13

    No matter what these corrupt senators will say .. no one will believe them . Except perhaps their colleagues in the senate who will do a moro-moro  investigation ..  At the end .. the senators will cover up for them ..   But  silent majority of the Filipinos are not stupiity  .. as they will look at them with disdain .. I am not surprise if their  senate employees are now organizing a demonstration against the COA ..  carrying placards  .. like ” Jinggoy.. we love you ..  or  Mang Johnny .. our Idol .. Or Bong…  our hero ..  Miriam .. where are you now?   

  • indiosbravos2002

    Paimbestigahan daw OOOOOOOHHHH. LOL! Sinong niloko mo Jinggoy unggoy.

  • Danyel

    e kurakot naman talaga LAHT e…as in LAHAT..pork barrel lang ang tanging dahilan kaya nagkakandarapa ang mga yan sa pagtakbo sa election……tanggalin ang pork o moratotium sa release nito every 5 yrs man lang para makahinga naman ang bayan…kawawa na…ang senado talaga at kongreso ang numero ungong nagpapahirap sa bayan   yan ang totoo….200million taon taon bawat senador at 70million bawat kongressman…..yan ang ninanakaw nila taon taon…lantarang pagnanakaw…..

    yang pork wala sa Constitution…inimbento lang nila…..tamaan sana sila ng kidlat….sila ang dapat tirahin ng mga hitman e…..

  • Balot Pinoy

    Sabi nga sa Radyo, kailangan pa bang i memorize yan… bisyo na to.

  • iriga1_city1_boy1

    With these revelations,don’t count out the pre-emptive mind of Enrile.With the UNA candidates getting affected by the surveys,and with Honasan still at Enrile’s side,”Watch out for a Coup”.He…He…He… Let me tiitilate yoy guys…….

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      Sorry, typo—-you vice yoy.

  • boybakal

    Senate to call Pork Probe.
    Enough of this anomaly, always scandal when it comes to Pork.
    Pork is associated with corruption. How to avoid corruption is by eliminating the pork.

    Who does not like Pork…it is only our Muslim brothers, pork is not in their vocabulary.
    Get rid of the pork, elect our Muslim brothers.

  • Balot Pinoy

    Dapat talaga magkaron ng miting ang lahat ng politiko sa pilipinas mula SK chairman hangang Presidente.  Isama na rin ang lahat ng cabinet members at piskalya.
    Tapos ipatira natin sa alien ang location para mapalitan ng utak ng mga ito….

  • elgeepee

    These senators and those involved should be shot in Luneta para hindi na pamarisan. O bakit mukhand tahimik yong mga leftist wala ba tayong magawa diyan? Mga farmers ang ginamit diyan. 

  • Butuan

    History repeat itself.  Parang plan na kunwari na ambush si Enrile to justify martial law.  Deny to death tong matanda!  Wait for the flip flopping story as expected. hahahahaha.    

  • Philcruz

    Enrile makes it appear as if he and his staff are blameless. And he says the liquidation report should not concern him. He was the one who disbursed those funds from his own PDAF and he says he should not be concerned about the liquidation report? And he is the Senate President.

    The same goes for Jinggoy and Revilla. Acting blameless. The buck stops with you guys. It’s your pork, for heaven’s sake. Such incompetence.

    This is one very clear reason why these Senators and Congressmen should not be given pork. They don’t care at all how our money is being spent. If they don’t want to even check the liquidation reports, then why the hell are they asking for their pork? And why the hell hire all those expensive staff if they can’t even be bothered to check the reports? Gads, billions over the decades down the drain into ghost beneficiaries, ghost projects and into their deep pockets.

    And it is only now it seems that the COA is seriously looking into how these pork fat is being cooked.

  • doncleo

    lahat sila ngayon ay ” i do not know”.” i will look at m y records”, ” i can’t recall”, “i am ignorant”, “first time i heard of such name”..Ugok nyo!!!! nagpakawala kayo ng milyones sa NGO na yan tapos ngayon di nyo kilala at wala kayo alam? itit nyo!!!

  • Marcelo Mendoza

    UNA…..mga walang pakialam kung paano ginagastos PIDAF nila. Mga putang ina ninyo!

  • allan

    Kanya kanyang turuan na. Mang hunghang.

  • allan

    Malinaw na matinding kurapsyon ang nangyari.

  • allan

    Kaya ang daming nagpapakamatay tumakbo bilang senador/congressman dahil milyones ang kitaan dyan. Di na kayo naawa sa taong bayan. Mga bwiset. Sa totoo lang.

  • EOJ

    They will investigate their own misuse.


    No to United Nakaw Alliance!

  • joeybg





  • Joaquin Fernandez

    To avoid doubt on the result of this Senate probe, Enrile, Jingoy and Revilla must inhibit. They cannot be part of the investigating team, because they could be involved. They can direct the focus of such investigation to clear their names. 

  • JV Velarde

    Remember the “downloading of funds in Mindanao”??

    This was one of the corruption issues during Gloria’s time. They would forward funds there in Mindanao & launder it with ease till it fatten their own pockets. It was difficult to audit those funds back then because COA would not dare question government officials allied with Arroyo in Mindanao. 

    They did it with the AFP funds, the ARMM funds & there is no question, they did the same with the Senate & Congressional funds.

  • freeview

    asus jinggoy,,kunyari ka pa..Sinungaling…giamit mo lang sa kamnpanya. If that was your personal money ,, may I ask Jinggoy, wouldn’t you make sure before releasing your money to any business,, NGO or similar organizations? You are responsible as guilty as the bgous NGO, together with your bes frend Bong agimat and your DOM tataytatayan Johnny

  • kurakut

    sino ngayon ang mag-investigate? baka kayo-kayo lang din. si revilla, velarde at yap ang mga actors, si enrile ang director and jinggoy ang producer. siguradong pang famas award ‘to. 

  • LegalJustice

    Where in the world you are investigating your own anomaly? Duh.

    He is initiating his own investigation before they will find out something more and something else.

    • mediastream


  • X44

    Galing nyong umarte. Expert na expert kayo. Pang Famas tlga. Pera po ng taumbayan involved dyan Mr. senator. Madami na po kaming nalalaman. Wag nyo na po kaming lokohin. Hindi na po kami ignorante. Luma po style nyo, bulok na bulok na po !

  • captainramius

    Your job is to pass laws not to administer or disburse our money kaya dapat e abolish yang PDF na yan sa senate. If your office and your staff receiving those fantastic xmas bonuses courtesy of us the poor taxpayers cannot even protect our hard earned money dont ask for pork barrel . You should be investigated by us the People for being Stupid

  • $19543087

    Why are this people so quite on PFI President Petronila Balmaceda?  She should be the focus & should be arrested ASAP.  She is the key to this mess.  How did she disbursed all the millions her company got from ZREC?  A hold departure must be in the works by now!

  • barangan na agokoy

    “… said Revilla, an actor.”  Kayo naman may shooting sya doon sa Basilan…

    • divictes

      Title: “Panday Pera”? (My apologies to the historical figure Panday Pira)

  • Dy Pailad

    The president of the NGO cannot be found so there is no one to investigate but yourselves. According to my barber wala ng problem kasi liquidated na ang pork pati presidente ng NGO. l

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    These 4 donkeys are trying to deceive Filipinos again and again.  The 4 are the mastermind of this scheme.   

    The architect of Martial Law, Sec. of Defense, lawyer, president of the senate, fool yourself.

  • Paking

    Kaya nga dapat ay alisin na yang Pork Barrel. Kung saan-saan lang napupunta ang pera na di napapakinabangan nang taong bayan. Mag-isip kung paano gamitin nang maayos ang pundo nang bayan. Pag ibinigay mo yan sa mga senatong at tongressman, ibinubulsa o kaya ginagamit sa pansariling kapakanan. Alam nang lahat ito pero siyempre, ayaw nilang baguhin dahil kapaki-pakinabang para sa mga corrupt na pulitiko.

  • wawa2172

    The senate no longer has the moral value to continue to perform its congressional function. With corruption in the chamber revealed involving the PDAF and use of MOOE the senate image is now trampled. It does not need a change of leadership because the senate work as a team and everybody is involved so dapat kalosin na silang lahat. Though the senators claim that they are independent minded they have common practices with regard to the use of pork barrel. Hindi lang si Enrile, Jinggoy at Revilla ang dapat imbistigahan nang independent body but all the senators. Its election time kaya ang pangalan nang tatlo kasama na si Rep. Velarde ang na expose. Ping and Joker  who do not have pork barrels are too quiet with regards to the issue, a brothers keeper?  Billions of pesos are spent for PDAF and big amount is wasted, so what happened to PNoy’s much vaunted anti-corruption crusade, pang election campaign lang ba? He must also dig into the anomaly’s done by his K.

  • ah_ok_fine12

    another desperate story. nakalimutan na ata ni Enrile yung mga pinamodmod niyang pera.
    and jinggoy, baka naman di ka lang nakatikim sa budget ng bogus nongovernment organization thats why your singing again.

  • divictes

    Bad script, lousy acting, how can the film industry ever rise from the ashes of mediocrity? Aw, shucks, they’re in the Senate!

  • regamore

    JPE, Jinggoy,Bong – JJB – Judas,Jestas,Barabas

  • Bryan Kevin Tung

    D crook is pointing fingers! Look at the mirror u freak! Manang mana ka sa ama mng mandarambong.

  • regamore

    FOI – kills political dynasty, they don’t want to be always living on the edge, it’s hard to hide their can of worms.

  • Labandera1

    Senate inquiry tapos ang mangunguna sa senate enquiry ay si Judas Juan Ponce Enrile, unggoy Estrada at si playboy Revilla, aba sigurado white wash ang labas niyan. IImbestigahan ang sarili nila siyempre ang verdict aquitted beyond reasonable doubt ano ba naman ang ginawa sa P1.6milyon pesos na pinamigay sa 18 senators….Wala din mangyayari diyan twist and twist the truth lang ang gagawin nila…Ang mamayang Pilipino ang dapat huhusga sa kanila Judas Enrile, unggoy Estrada at playboy Revilla ngayon darating na election… para mag move on ang Pilipinas itaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktaktak ang UNA at e-rampa ang Liberal party sa tuwid na daan………..

  • Paulstronghold

    On the 3 honorable senators in chorus: c’mon let’s investigate our own wrongdoing. We can always circumvent everything because we have the power, we are the one who crafted the laws of the land isn’t it? Patay-mali. Funny these 3 idiots!

  • brunogiordano

    “Senate to call pork probe”


    Ng magka bulatlatan na sino ang talaga ang dumagit sa mga pundo.

    Walang takipan.

    Sama ako ng sampu TAMA ang COA REPORT.

  • Melenggay Laranery

    suko na ako…puro nalang corruption …at lantaran pa….

  • PikonNaKami

    I think they can also be Moe, Larry and Curly.

  • regamore

    JPE, Jinggoy,Bong – JJB – Judas,Jestas,Barabas

  • Atawid

    What mentality! It’s simply self serving, to jinggoy’s staff, please tell your boss na yu cannot be a witness fr yourself. Ito ang scenario. Senator Jinggoy to witness Jinggoy – “sa pinagyabang Mong katalinohan, Di mo lang binasa ung nag bigay ka ng milyones sa Di mo kilalang Tao”. Witness Jinggoy “your honor, I invoke my right against self incrimination.” Senator Jinggoy (nagpakitang galit sa witness kc Pino focus sa camera) to sgt at arms “mr. witness you are in contempt at sgt at arms, ipkulong mo siya hanggat Hindi mag sabi ng totoo, let us not make the August body a stage of mockery. People’s money should be placed in good foundations ( aya yay)

  • Serom

    Huwag magmaang-maangan si Enrile.  He has copy of that report.  It is standard procedure in COA to give copies of the report to all concerned.  

    Investigation?  Kahunghangan lang yan.  Wala ding mangyayari just like the rest of the senate investigations.  Sinasayang lang nila pera ng tao.  It is just press release to look ‘kuno’ that those concerned are victims of black propaganda.

    It is standard procedure that when these legislators receive their PDAF they identify their projects INCLUDING THEIR SUPPLIER who will implement their projects ‘kuno.’  The role of the Department of Agriculture is just to do the paperworks and processing.

    From DBM the PDAF fund will go to DA, in this case.  The legislator will then identify the project and their supplier.

    Tama nga naman the fund did not pass through the hands of the legislator pero makukuha nya yung kickback in the process with his selected supplier.We are not born yesterday. 

  • Serom

    Pag nagkaroon ng imbestigation lalo silang mababaon sa kanilang kasinungalingan.

  • andrewassme


  • Serom

    ZREC here is a fictitious NGO these legislators themselves created for their shenanigans.

  • isidro c. valencia

    Nag mamaang maangan lang yan mga yan. Kung hinde lumabas ang COA report, lusot. 

    Ito namang si Tsungoy, he will investigate himself. Ano ba yan? Dapat ang sagot ng matino, let the Ethics Committee investigate or COA file the case in the Ombudsman (di ba may kaso pa si Tsungoy dian?)

    Ang problema kasi dito sa Pinas, expose ng expose walang nangyayari. Ang expose, kapus.

  • Atawid

    I believe money transfers from any government agencies to NGOs or similar entities should be covered by AMLA. These NGOs and foundations are fronts of government officials to launder people’s money back to their pockets.

  • roynilo

    hindi daw dumadaan sa kamay nila ang pera but definitely sila ang nagtuturo kung kanino mapupunta ang pera ng taumbayan na pinagkatiwala sa kanila! ang kakapal na siguro ngayon ng mukha nyo ano na kahit na barilin mo sa mukha tatalbog lang ang bala dahil sa kapal ng mukha!

  • Serom

    Utot mo Jinggoy.  You will be the one to be unmask in that scheme if investigated.

  • andrewassme


  • andrewassme


  • andrewassme


  • Serom


    If records will be dig in Department of Agriculture there are those letters of every senator and congressman instructing the Department Secretary of where to use his PDAF including his supplier.

    The Secretary will not act on the PDAF without those specific instructions from the legislator.  That is the standard procedure. 

  • andrewassme


    • Serom

      Sorry adnrewassme.  I think Senator Meriam zip her mouth on this matter.  It seems her PDAF was indeed used in renting her own building.  LOLs.  Parepareho lang sila.

    • isidro c. valencia

      Nakikipagsabunotan pa. 

  • Abdul Rashid

    Imbistigahin? Tama na nga yan? What this law makers should do id to remove the giving away of PDAF and concentrate on lawmaking para ma iwasan ang mga ganitong mga bogus NGO. Start with tracing the paper trail. You will find out the choke points and loop holes. There you improve the system.
    Jinggoy, try to be more mature?

  • speedstream2

    Go ahead. Make our day. Just make sure we really get to the bottom of things. Or is that wishful thinking?

  • Padre Damaso

    This reminds me of a once President who used a bogus NGO for Muslims to hide his millions of pesos courtesies of Jueteng Payolas. This is pretty much the same tactics that the son enjoys for the past years. Like father like son.

    Be very careful what you wish for Jinggoy for this might come true and back fire on you.

    Lets wait for further developments and not judge this three morons yet. But by the way way things are turning, seems like the evidences so far points to them.

  • Dy Pailad

    Jinggoy ang tawag nyan ay unexplained wealth.

  • Cors Guiao

    At this time, the names Enrile,Estrada are not a surprise anymore, Enrile had been the target of attack of Pinoy using Trillanes, Cayetanos and others. Estrada is a known ally, this is what they did with GMA, sisirain ang pangalan with selective diclosures/half truths against their target  in media releases so that Filipinos will lose trust in them. Revilla is now a target because he is eyeing a presidential seat, so as early as now sirain na. The news is really deceiving, with the first look, one would conclude that the three senators are the culprits here.   

    • glenn padilla

      and whenever the constructive kuno opposition’s lies are being uncovered, the blame should always go to the so-called demolition team of Pnoy. right.

  • geminimind

    Let GIGI supervise the so called investigation it’s more fun when she’s around.

  • Jimmy Munar

    Ipagbawal na yang pork barrel..!!! Gamitin ang pera sa modernization ng AFP para maipagtanggol natin ang ating mga dalampasigan, dagat at mga isla…OK????

  • Padre Damaso

    Sir, an open investigation is welcome on my book but if they themselves are to investigate this then expect a result that will favor this three Kamotes. Let see if Miriam Santiago will open her mouth. On the other note, PDI has alerady written most of the details in their newspaper released today to give you more info. Thanks.

  • Don Gamo

    Mga Pi U Ti Ai ng ina nyo! kayo nagpapahirap kay Juan. Pera ng taong bayan ninanakaw nyo. Mga negosyante kinakarne nyo, kaya ang binabalikan ng mga ganid na negosyante mga maliliit.

    Magpasa kayo ng batas na pabor sa maliliit gaya ng pagbibigay ng 100% ownership sa mga foreign investors. Ipasa na nyo ang Freedom Of Information bill para mabigyan ng pagkakataon ang taong bayan na makita kung saan at paano nyo ginagastos ang kaban ng bayan.


    >>>Senate President Pro Tempore Jinggoy Estrada wants to investigate the misuse of his own pork barrel that the Commission on Audit (COA) says went to a bogus nongovernment organization. <<<

    Bakit may pa-anu-anunsiyo pa, e, sarili nya ang iimbitigahan, e,  iwawagayway pa sa madla?  "Hoy, mga TNL, paiimbistigahan ko ang sarili ko kung bakit kinamada ang pondo ng baboy kong bariles….manood kayo, ha?"  ABA, kung mapapatunayan na ako ang may sala sa pangyayaring yan, then wala akong magagawa kundi mapipilitan akong palayasin yong driver ko!


  • JV7797

    Therefore I conclude that these Senators MUST NOT have pork barrels because all they do is assign the agency who will get the money without any due diligence! Now they are washing their hands that they dont know why it went here and there… Such a waste of taxpayers money and now they will do an investigation????? Another waste of taxpayers money… Let the NBI/ DOJ do the investigation and let DBM handle the money and its allocation!
    Please be an EDUCATED VOTER! No to these TRAPOS and BIMPOS!

  • kalikasanipagtanggol

    Senate investigation? moro-moro!

  • Danilo D

    malamang yun matatakaw na miyembro ng UNA ang kumita.  ano yun, investigate me?

  • Danilo D

    nasa dna na talaga ng mga Estrada, Enrile at Revilla ang pagiging…

  • basyong

    nagmamalinis pa etong tsongong eto akala mo hindi siya kumita diyan. lumang tugtugin na yan ungoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • doublecross

    nagmaang-maangan ka pa …palusot!

  • Darwin

    Magnanakaw, mananakawan?! Lokohin nyo mga lelang nyo!!!

  • antiscam

    GREAT EXCUSE! Feigning ignorance and outrage of a scam by their own doing then calling an investigation headed by the same perpetrators to cover and cleanse themselves of their own wrongdoing.

    Expect the results for the acqittal these politician gangsters themselves. WHAT A SHAM!

    To all Filipinos who hate corruption and still care for our beloved country please reject the sons, daughters, brothers of these from being elected this coming May. Let us take our revenge and outrage against all corruption and self-enrichment of these gangsters. JUNK ALL UNA candidates and let us vote for those people chosen by our uncrrupt President PNOY. VOTE STRAIGHT TEAM PNOY!

  • Johnny

    Onggoy Estrada… di po kami tanga. If I were you magturo ka din para makatulong ka naman sa amin.

  • Raymond Nepomuceno

    Di ko iboboto angkan nyo, di naman kayo marunong mag-alaga ng pera ng taong bayan na pinaghihirapan ng dugo, pawis at luha. 107 million, 76 million, 10 million di nyo alam na sa bogus na grupo pala napupunta ano yun parang piso lang na nalaglag sa imburnal….neknek nyo maitim.

  • verconti

    di katanggap tanggap ang mga rason ng mga kurakot nato.. kesho di nila alam, blah blah blah, pero nung gisahin nila si corona parang kung sinong perpekto.. maliban na lng kay Enrile kasi alam nia na parehas sila ng gwain ni corona.. acheche

  • D3marketers

    P100 million lang naman pero di alam kuno ni Jinggoy. He should investigate himself and find out bakit hindi nya alam. Barya lang kasi to

  • Sandy Bulet

    Bakit ba kasi naging practice ang paglalagak ng pera ng bayan sa mga NGO’s? Hindi ba kaya ng gobyerno na hawakan ang pera ng bayan? Bakit hindi na lang government ang direktang magbigay nito sa mga tao? Nagtitipid tayo ng manpower eh nananakaw naman ang pera natin? Madami naman tayong mga empleyado sa mga munisipyo na nakatunganga lang bakit di natin sila  gamitin? At least magluko man sila may habol tayo, hindi yong bogus na NGO hindi mo alam kung sinong hahabulin mo.Pwede ba mag isip naman kayo? Naturingang magagaling gumawa ng batas hindi nyo naman maayos ang napakaliliit na problema.Pwede ba magpasa kayo ng batas na kapag hindi epektibo eh pwede kayong makulong ng habang buhay?

  • Klepto

    Jinggoy acts like washing his hands off the scandal by pretending not to know where his pork money went. What a brilliant thief! And so is any other pulitiko.

  • gregoryserrano

    This senator is either ignorant or corrupt. Mga voter WAKE UP!!!!!

    • Verchez

      Either Stupid or a Thief!!

  • zeroko

    As I have said before, our government is no longer a democratic form because the rights of the people are being trampled by the powers in be. What we have is an Oligarchy Government in which only the rich and the powerful always wins in elections because they  resort to all kinds of cheating. How can a Presidential candidate like former “Money Villar” invest almost half a billion pesos for a measly salary of P120,000 per month which will gross him of P6 million in his 6 years term? Wala na. We should raise up, tayong mga mamamayan ng Philippines hindi sa marahas na paraan kundi sa pagboto. Hindi pa po huli ang lahat. I am an independent Mayor Candidate here in Q.C. for May 2013 election. Ako po ay nagiisa. Pinagtatawanan, sira raw ang ulo ko, kulang daw sa pansin, but these people does not know or are not aware that when I applied as a Pilot in PAL, there were more than 5,000 applicants and only 25 where choosen. And out of the 25, only 20 became regular pilots. We pass 6 intensive battery of test from Psychological, aptitude, intelligence test, space relationship, etc.

    I have a mission to clean Q.C. of its rotten reputation which has been going on for so many years. And I am going to prove it. In last nights new on 
    Malou C. Mangahas – Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism has mentioned in her T.V. program that 350 million pesos was appropriated for City Councilors project which is illegal. I have run down the COA FY 2011 audit, and I can say that amount is merely a tip of an ice burg.

    Matagal na po tayong mamamayan na niloloko nitong mga mayayaman at matalinong mambabatas kasama na rin ang mga local officials. Uulitin ko, wala na po tayo sa Democrasya. Mantakin ninyo, noong Freedom of Information ang paguusapan, wala raw quorum! I-boboto na naman ninyo ang ganitong uri ng mambabatas?

  • jtpa

    Abolish PDAF –  Bakit kailangang may Pet project ang mga senators aside from legislation?

    Di na nga nila magampanan ang pag update ng mga batas natin ang dami pa nilang extra curricular activities. 

    Ginagawa lang nilang gatasan at side line ang pagiging senador.  Mahiya naman kayo. Ang kakapal ng mga mukha

  • Monching Rivera

    Bukong buko.

  • bogli_anakdami

    hay naku mga flip gung gongs… hanggang putak lang kayo… wala namang mangyayari jan sa kaso…

    kaya kayo eh tumigil jan at baka pagsasampalin ko lang kayo…

    lantaran ng magnakaw ang mga hindots eh wala pa ring nakukulong…

  • bogli_anakdami

    nasaan na ang flipland supremo abugagos and abugago supremos na dapat ipakulong ang mga hindots na yan????

    palibhasay kasabwat sila sa nakawan kaya tamime ang mga hinayupaks…

    flipland, las islas de los ladrones garapales…

  • bogli_anakdami

    teka… teka…. ‘merkan idol is on… i’ll be baaaaaack…..

  • Adam Palma

    The job of the legislative branch of government is to LEGISLATE. The executive is the one that implements government projects and not the legislative or judiciary. So why then do legislators have billions of pesos as their so-called PDAF? Aba, who would not embrace the money if the same legislators can enact laws requiring such? If these monies were removed, only those willing to serve will be in government. Ask yourselves: who among these legislators have done something for you? Think about it.

  • calipso_2100

    “Former Sen. Ramon Magsaysay Jr. said a thorough probe was necessary “so that we can plug any loopholes in the funding process.”

    Loophole?  The Pork Barrel itself is one big hole.  It’s a black hole which sucks government funds dry.  Nothing can escape it.

  • releiver

    Kung napanood nyo yong impeachment ni Justice Corona ay kung magsitanong itong mga senador ay parang walang kalokohan silang ginagawa…Ang kasalanan lng pati no Corona ay ang hindi pagsulat ng kanyang pinaghirapan na kayamanan sa SALN pero itong mga senador ay pera ng mga taxpayers ang mga pinaikot ikot nila kung saan ilalagak na popondohan ng napakalaking PORK BARREL….at may automatic percentage sila…

    • mapicchu

       i believe corona was corrupt… his  overflowing money, real estate properties came from the back door…pero yes, agree ako sa yo  “kung magsitanong itong mga senador ay parang walang kalokohan silang ginawa”.

  • Doods

    It is ironic that large sums of money is involve and yet the senatong “CLAIM” they don’t know what happened.Dapat silang mahiya….although alam nating lahat na wala sila nito.

  • Charles Lynel F. Joven

    remove the pork barrel from these greedy lawmakers…!!!!!

  • noelpdavid

     Batman & Robin INVESTigation against Joker. PDAF is the biggest joke of our system. They keep on joking around us.

  • nizgoda

    probe probe daw.  di naman totoo yan.   wala naman nangyari sa ibang probes.  tingnan natin after election kung anong mangyayari sa mga probes.  sigurado makakalimutan yan lahat. yung iba mamamatay na lang sa old age di pa rin tapos yung mga kaso. sa next life nalang nila ipagpatuloy  baka dun magkaareglohan na. 

  • Isidro Arevalo Cornelio

    mahirap maniwala na di nila alam kung saan pupunta ang pera na yan lalo na sa pangalan mo nakakabit

  • Fancy Tan

    Mga bossing, yang pera ay ipinagkatiwala po sa inyo. Kahit pa ano sabinin nyo ay kargo nyo yan. You should always be on top of money transaction because no one is responsible to that but only you.

  • wakats

    Why is Ping mysteriously silent?  He’s just showing his blind obedience to his “amo” enrile.

    For almost 12 years as a senator, Ping, together with Joker, had not lain his manicured fingers on the P200M annual pork for senators for reason that it is the roots of corruption among his colleagues – and he wants no part of it.

    Jinggoy is showing surprise as if he doesn’t know that a major portion of his pork went to PFI when it’s common knowledge in the halls of congress that hundreds of suppliers’ representatives, including those from PFI, regularly approach the senatongs and tongressmen for an slice of their porks on certain projects with promise of fat commissions.

    The fact that jinggoy admitted that he designated PFI as one of the recipients of his pork is more than enough to prove his prior blessings to the non-existing NGO.

    The fact also remains that it’s the COA, and not the Team PNoy, who published the alleged irregularities and it’s just appropriate that toby should shut his dirty mouth in defending his UNA bossings.

    The proposed senate probes would only cover the tracks of the senatongs involved and therefore a waste of public funds…..  

  • Peter Lim

    How do you investigate yourself, if you’re stealing from your own pork barrel? And now youre wondering UNA has bad reputation, cause they’re a whole bunch of Crooks! Ha!Ha!Ha!

  • Serom

    THIS IS THE HEIGHT OF STUPIDITY!  The senators will investigate themselves?  This will just serve as a fora for grandstanding.  It is useless because all senate investigations have no clear closure especially if the senators are the ones involve.  Nobody will go to jail or incarcerated as usual because they are the best in palusot.

    Let the people decide on this in the coming elections.

  • Marcos5

    Forget these nonsense Politics !

    I hope that it’s TRUE !!!    …………Philippines will be indeed the Tiger of ASIA.

    A Disneyland at CLARK AIRBASE – Interconnecting SUBIC and a SAFARI Adventureland Magic Kingdom ****Disneyland Philippines*******

    Manila Bay reclamation will also be developed for the Largest Casino in ASIA. 

    WOW indeed !

    WDW Philippines – It is a Land that Dreams Come True !

    • Serom

      WOW din and kurakutan dito!

  • kulittwit

    Patay ngayon si ex-dar sec. arthur yap. Estrada, enrile, and revilla will bring him down with them.

    Pare-parehong una sa pandurugas!!

  • Serom

    On the day of reckoning, the Filipino people will judge these senators and congressmen according to their deeds.

  • Verchez

    Kamag-anak kaya ni Ernesto Maceda si  PFI president Petronila A. Balmaceda?

  • jun

    yan ang napala nyo sa pagboto sa mga artistang engot na to

    • mapicchu

       jun, unggoy is not engot…sobrang tuso sya…wais, street-wise…kunya2, pa investigate…he’s acting to the max.

  • bogli_anakdami

    hoy mga flip gung gongs, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT????

    flip gung gongs tired response >>> BAHALA NA ANG FLIPGOD SA KANILA…

    allah eh di wala ring nangyari… o sige, diretso ang nakawan…

  • Fred Y

    This is another waste of taxpayers’ money. The senators do not care where the money will go, otherwise, there will be due diligence. This has to change. There will be full investigation to determine where problems occur and prevent it from recurring. One solution is to abolish the
    pork barrel. Create a Central Budget Committee whose members will come from all provinces of the country. There has to be justification for every budget just like what is going on with big private corporations. Prioritize, as politicians will compete for the money. But first, investigate
    what happened to this terrible waste. And change for the better.

  • Ari Putan

    Matagal na sinisigaw ng mamamayan yan !!!
    Hoy mga BINGI na nakaupo dyan.

    • maypakialamtayo

      wala na tayong senators at congressmen pag nagkataon.

      • Ari Putan

        Masmabuti para walng magnakaw ng pera ng bayan….

  • Verchez

    The senators and the congressman involved are either stupid or a thief!

    • patrickinca


  • Vin

    This is just a pile of bull coming from the senators involved. Isn’t it their responsibility to ensure that every organization asking for money from them that claims to be used for humanitarian, charity, and the like to be verified if their are legal and recognized.

    There is such a thing called command responsibility… if your staff made a mistake it is reflected unto the senator…

  • Ugly Bunny

    Saving face Jinggoy? Don’t waste your effort, there’s nothing to save, it’s a common knowledge to us that you’ve been squandering our money for your own and your damned clan’s profit.

  • mapicchu

    kala siguro ni unggoy masisindak tayo, at ang coa sa grandstanding nya? hehe, no one believes you dishonorable senator..tama na palabas..sit down and try to figure out how you can wiggle your way out of these revelations by coa

  • Ric Atencia

    Filipino people are sick and tired of being short changed by our legislators and those involved in corruption.

    We are so helpless as citizen of this country whose leaders and those suppose to make our living condition changed from worse to good are putting us back to worst situation by these “devil” acts of corruption, bribery, maladministration, collusion, ghost projects, unintended recipients of funds (bogus likely) and benefit only those in power and the already landed in our society.

    No wonder, some of our people are taking arms to correct all of these devilish acts.

    Just recently, we went to a mountain town and witness the suffering of our people. An old woman who has been living in a 3 x 3 bamboo hat had not eaten for a number of days.  Too frail to work (likely age nearly 80) and children who are likely did not have adequate education are also scrambling to find food on the table.  How many of our people are in the same situation?

    Now we have these legislators and others who want to clean their hands by denying or not knowing where the allocated money went.

    By all means, COA should let the public know the real score. There are plenty of audit findings that would likely not published and so we should also challenge the government for open information through the Freedom of Information that has not yet been made into a law.

    The government needs to be transparent.  

  • nes911

    Kunwari pa raw di alam. Wag ninyo na kaming linlangin. Ang tanong ay how much ang nakuha ninyong porsiyento? Meron bang matinong tao na basta na lang magdodonate ng pera na hindi man lang inuusisa kung sino ang pagbibigyan? We are talking here of millions of pesos, hindi mamera lang.

    • maypakialamtayo

      nakaka-sakit ng ulo di ba? wala man lang silang ibang alibi? yung kapani-paniwala sana kahit konti lang.

    • ApoLapullapu

      Tanuning ninyo si Drilon, Osmeña at iba pang Senador na Liberal kung nakahawak ba sila ang pork barrel funds.  Direktang inirelease ‘yan sa Line Agencies concerned.  So, sa mga inereport ng COA na ito dapat ang mga taga DA ang mag explain.


    God speed COA officials Grace Pulido Tan and Heidi Mendoza.

  • bilango71

    parang mahirap paniwallan na hindi alam ng mga senators concerned kung saan pumunta ang pera o sino ang tumanggap ng pera!  Are they dumb?

    • maypakialamtayo

      115 million galing sa pork barrel ni jinggoy ni release ng ganon lang, akala siguro nila lahat ng tao bobo. dapat may makulong dito. sa davao ang daming nagugutom nagkakanakawan na nga ng relief goods dun eh! pinapansin nyo ba?

      • ApoLapullapu

        Ang DBM ang siyang nag release.  Hindi nahawakan ng mga Senador ang pera.  Tanungin mo sila Drilon at iba pang mga LP na Senador kung sila ba ang humawak nga pork barrel funds.

      • wakats

        DBM won’t release without the requests and project preference of the legislators

      • ApoLapullapu

        As recommended by the Line Agencies.  NGO’s are accredited by the Line Agency Concerned, not by the Senate.

    • coty

       let me add; “daft” as well!

  • patrickinca

    Namu jinggoy! sino ang ang niloloko mo? Alam na alam ng lahat na magnanakaw ka rin katulad ng tatay mo. Dapat idaan na sa korte at DOJ na ito baka kung ano pa ang gagawin ng mga lintik na buwaya na ito especially ng mga taga UNA.

    • freeview

      Bakit pareho silang NGO napaglagakan ng PDAF..Besides , di ba nila n research un NGO..I smell something fishy..Enrile,Jinggoy and Besfren Bong ni Jinggoy connive so they can channel the funds for the campaign..That is part of what COA discovered…Ganun ka galing 2009 pa pinaghandaan na. un 2013 , kasama na un personal

      • ApoLapullapu

        COA should not stop with the mention of the Senators.  It should look into the executives and employees of the Department of Agriculture.

  • Albert Einstien

    mga KANDIDATO…ADVICE ko sa INYO…TATAAS ang RATING NYO …WALA pa KAYO GASTOS….mag-serve kayo ng NOTICE & DEMAND to VACATE SABAH sa MALAYSIAN EMBASSY dit osa atin…99% ng FILIPINO  kampi sa SABH RE-CLAIM…1% lang ang KAMPI ke pnoy the MALASia spokesperson…..SERVE nyo na AGAD baka MAUNAHAN kayo ng SIMBAHAN at MASALI kayo sa LISTAHAN ng mga TEAM PATAY at TEAM MALAYSIA….lol

  • tugakbatan

    Thanks COA for a job well done.  I don’t care whether this thing smells politics or not.  Ang importante, nabuko ang mga kawatan.

  • benny

    Parang si Pontius Pilate ang mga SenaTong este Senador na ito gustong mag HUGAS kamay. Huli na gusto pang lumusot/magpalusot. Dapat sa inyo mag-bigti tutal Dugas este Hudas naman kayo sa kaban ng Bayan. Mga kabayan gising na po tayo wag na tayong bumoto at magpaluko sa mga kapanalig ng mga ito sa darating na eleksyon.

  • maypakialamtayo

    115 million di mo alam kung saan napunta?, at saan ginamit? at sinong gamamit, di mo rin alam kung anong pinag-gamitan, weehh! di nga, mga anak ko nga kapag humingi ng pera itatanong ko muna kung para saan at pag katapos kailangan ipakita nya yung pinag-gamitan ng pera. sabi mo pa sa dos-por-dos kanina, parang mayron ka ngang pinirmahan, anong klaseng senador ka?

  • boybakal

    Don’t blame our senators. They are victims too.
    Some NGOs are in the guise of helping the poor but actually a scam too.
    Like Born Against, NGOs proliferates in the country victimizing those with money.
    These organizations might not be for profit but they can go away with the capital.
    NGOs should be investigated too.

    • Mattino2011

      Why did the senators ensure the legitimacy of those NGO..Even as private persons..,,ikaw ba bibigay ng pera basta basta lang…Sabihin mo..talagang may anomalya at in cahoots sila

  • maypakialamtayo

    kung husgahan nyo si corona akala mo naman kung sino kayong hindi magnanakaw.

  • Dimas Burado

    Sus! Paniwalaan mo sarili mo@   spitfire,  simple lang ang paliwanag. Hindi nag DUE DILIGENCE ang mga ipinagtatangol mong kurakot/idol/amo mo. sophisticated na nga ang posisiyon nila. pagnanakaw lang ng buwis ng bayan, hindi pa galingan. wag kang mag-alala ser,  hindi sila makukulong. Sa bansang ito, Pagnagnakaw ka ng 100 peso kalabuso ka. pero kung million ang usapan ng perang ninakaw, Abswelto ka!

  • PinoyPower1

    More power to COA’s iron ladies!

    Grace and Heidi!


  • Carlos I

    The solution is to abolish these PDAF altogether.  The country will be able to realize annual savings of P4.8B from senator’s pork and another P14.0B from congressmen’s pork, for a total of  P18.8B.

    These senators and congressmen are elected to make, amend or repeal laws.  What business, then, do they have tinkering with the development blueprint of the country?

    Let’s leave that to the executive branch of the government.

  • The Grim Reaper

    This is what a country gets when these tried & tested crooks & wannabes become senators:

    JPE – the ultimate liar. He may have had a brilliant academic & political career, but, he’s not honest.  No wonder, he is still alive so that evil can still be spread around.

    RRJ – hardly passed high school in Southern Cal.  Honed his “brilliant political skills” inside the cockpits of Cavite & film studios.  Good looks was his political fee pass ticket but that’s about it.   Had picked up bad traits from his womanizer dad. 
    JE:  A Pagcor casino habitué like his father before venturing into politics.  Doesn’t even have the same acting skills & popularity as his father.  Hangs out with good-looking showbiz friends since he’s not handsome.  He’s the worst among the three.  Stupid & simply a “hanger-on”.  Of course, the corrupt side was a direct take from daddy.

  • TinimbangNgunitKulang

    This will surely get the Best Actor nominations for those Senatongs. You all know where the money went. Look inside your pockets. Stop the drama and over-acting!

  • coty

    okay one more time with a lot of feeeelings! “wherever there’s money around, there will be crooks”!

  • Dy Pailad

    Baka ito na yong magpapanalo ng best acting award kay Jingoy.

  • scolexx

    imagine kung anong ligaya 
    sa panahon ni gloria na walang COA
    pero natapos ang grasya ang akala lusot na 
    well, na benigno

    gloria, enrile, estrada, revilla, corona, last term, bogus NGO, maitim na budhi, amalayer.
    di nman mahirap intindihin yan eh. nang plinano nila yan syempre kasama pati exit strategy. forged signatures? multiple TIN? bogus office address? 

    Manong J: lmao
    Pilipino: Ukkinam met.

  • kilabot

    naloko na. 
    magkakabistuhan na; 
    isama na rin previous congresses para makita papano ginasta ni noykapon ang kanya; 

  • coty

    Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies.
    — Groucho Marx

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    01. If LP and PNoy wants to play dirty, UNA should give it to them. Time for Toby Tiangco to do his homework and indulge less in inanities.

    02. If there’s truth to Senator Drilon’s property in North Forbes, might as well expose him. The property is under the name of Drilon’s stepdaughter who works in Starbucks. How a coffee company employee can afford a multi-million property in North Forbes is a question Drilon cannot evade. She’s not married to the Tantocos, paano sya biglang yumaman?

    03. Why not dig deeper into Sonny Angara’s finances? Sonny Angara could afford to lose $500K to a Singaporean scam artist by the name of Michael Lim. On top of that, Sonny Angara even bought a nice house in Bel-Air on his meager salary as a legislator. To think he did not even work long in ACCRA to have earned enough for the Bel-Air property.

    04. Why not dig deeper into Bam Aquino’s campaign finances? How could a bum afford primetime TV ads when he was not gainfully employed the last few years since he left Studio 23? Bam Aquino could not have possibly hit the jackpot thru social entrepreneurship. His money’s gonna have to come from somewhere? And anyone who invested in his campaign will want the money back in one form or another some time later. Of course, with interest.

    05. If JPE’s ratings are pulling Jackie down and Jejomar’s ratings are pulling Nancy down, why not do the same to Chiz Escudero. His late father has lots of skeletons in the closet. Hindi naman siguro lingid sa kaalaman ni JPE yun. Sa panahon pa lang ni Marcos, marami na kayong mahahanap kay Salvador Escudero.

    06. Since PNoy and LP are playing hardball, UNA should return the favor. Dig deeper into the sale of Quezon Institute. Expose the sweetheart deals Alex Lopez received from PNoy. Alex Lopez is the ultimate KKK of PNoy, the classmate of PNoy from grade school to college. You won’t be disappointed if you go after this guy.

    07. Oh, and one more thing. Be careful of your phones. They may be tapped by the newly appointed ISAFP chief PNoy installed late last year. Despite his involvement in the Jonas Burgos case, he was still appointed for the job. JPE should know why.

    • ramone

      Go ahead, expose them. But from what you have written, these are just speculations whereas the goods against Enrile, Revilla and Estrada have a COA report to back them up

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Nagalit ka naman kaagad. Just wait for UNA to retaliate. Sobra ka naman defensive. Obvious ka na kaagad.

      • ramone

        Defensive? Read my statement well. I am in fact encouraging UNA to do the expose. In that way, voters can know the integrity of the candidates. But what I am saying is that so far, these are just pure speculations… Go ahead, encourage UNA to do the expose

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Mabuti naman at hindi mo sinupil ang freedom of expression. Good to see you turn around Ramone.

    • Kaloy

       Salamat Tiangco. Puro mali na naman ang birada mo. Sonny Escudero was a close friend and neighbor in Project 4 in QC from being a UP scholar up to becoming a cabinet member of President Marcos as Agriculture Secretary. Sonny , while not as super rich was well to do , since he belong to the Escudero clan, andI can personally vouch for his honesty and integrity.

      Kalkalin mo ang libingan ni Sonny para makausap mo buto niya hinayupak ka, Huwag mong idamay iparis ang isang mabuting tao sa idol mong si Enrile at binay dahil Sonny certainly did not belong this gang,

      Stop speculating.

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Defensive ka naman masyado Kaloy. Hintayin mo lang. Hayaan mo na lang ang UNA mag-retaliate.

        Stop speculating? Wala na bang freedom of expression sa ilalim ng PNoy administration?

  • bol pen

    Tsk tsk tsk…naloko na…bat kasi di ginalingan gumawa ng anomalya.. matalino man ang matsing…

  • whyinthisworld

    If you guys have millions on hand or let’s say under your control, can you just throw or give it away without knowing whom you endorsed on entrusted them? Ito ang daang million bahala na kayo kung saan ninyo gastusin yan. Ganon ba kadali yon? Now pandora box has been opened and exposed. I could hardly think of any notion giving good reasons and excuses for enrile, revilla, estrada and velarde which if you could see their faces, looks innocent and surprisingly know nothing about this mess. Well ignorance excuses no one messrs.

  • bryanbrian

    Walang naniniwala na hindi alam nina estrada, enrile, at revilla ang anomalya. Una kasi sa pandurugas!

    By the way, hats off to COA! keep it up!

  • ben311

    mabait talaga ang mga pinoy kasi maawain sa mga magnanakaw…kaya hanggang ngayon puros mga pobre pa rin. sa ibang bansa, kinakatay na yan. Masarap talaga walanghiyain ang mga pinoy at hindi pumapalag.puros dakdak lang.

  • ramone

    The statements of Enrile and Estrada are now attempts to control the damage. 

  • ApoLapullapu

    Lahat nang anomaliya sa pork barrel ay hindi mangyari kung hindi dahil sa mga line agencies.  The Fertilizer scam was done through the department of Agriculture.  But since the politicians are after the throats of their fellow politicians the career people in the line agencies go on with their own sweet time.  Even congressional investigations go cold when the target politician is not found probably guilty.

  • napali808

    Unbelievable!! These notorious TRAPOS don’t know where millions of pork barrel  ( taxpayers ) money is going. Mga tulisan ang mga ito. Don’t vote for UNA. Maawa kayo sa sarili ninyo.

  • Bigboy I

    dapat na talaga ipasa ang FOI eto lang mga tongressman ang balakid sa pag pasa sinasadya nila kaya kilalanin nyo mabuti ang mga congressman sa mga distrito na iboboto nyo.

  • EOJ

    United Nakaw Alliance will suffer a landslide defeat in May.

  • pipsirho

    Senators DO NOT KNOW where their PORK BARREL WENT! IMPOSSIBLE! This is TAX MONEY turned DIRTY MONEY they are FIGHTING for in the Senate. This is a source of additional PERSONAL FUNDS where K1CK34CK5 come easily, and without any sweat!!

    These senators STILL BELIEVE and TREAT Filipinos to be PLAIN S7UP1D!!

    P195 MILLION @ 40% K1CK34CK = P78 MILLION that the senators partake in!!!

  • Harry

    Somebody lied. Was it Yap or the senators?

    From the statements it is clear that the senators knew about PFI and endorsed it as recipient of their PDAF. That the senators did not run a background check on the NGO is highly mpossible when hundred millions are involved.

    It is also clear that the senators were grossly negligent in not requiring the beneficiary organizations to submit annual reports to their respective offices.

    Since this is a case that senators maybe involved in plunder, the investigation should be taken out of their hands. De Lima, instead on trying to trump charges against Sultan of Sulu, should immediately order the NBI to investigate and arrest the officers of PFI and request the senators to submit their complete bank transaction records for those years in order to prove their innocence and remove them from suspects list.

    This is a job of the Chief Executive and his agencies, i.e., COA, DA, DOJ, DBM and possibly, the Bureau of Penitentiary for those guilty.

    • mapicchu

       a clear case of money laundering…

  • Kaloy

    Wonder where these people keep these millions of pesos loots apart from keeping it in vaults at home as done by the Ampatuans..

    For what this info is worth, let me share to the authorities that one of President Gloria’s close ally and head of an important agency during GMA term has been bragging that no way the government can catch him because he has been keeping his several millions loots in private SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES in many local banks where no one including the government  has no access.

    Very safe, right?

  • FILIPINOpatriot4ever

    For the sake of our country, vote straight Team PNoy.

  • Garibaldi_II

    Mr. Jinggoy, don’t flaunt another Senate probe to hide your malady. You don’t need to smell a dung to know it stinks. The taxpayers have learned not to believe your foolish investigation, again; the more you try, the more you get bogged down.  Habits are hard to break. Do not react by scheming, reflect on your own crooked conduct. Then and now you ignore the sentiments of the taxpayers in pursuit of your avarice including your clever Manong, a monkey-living-corpse. Another lesson for the overburdened people; they must not forget your voracious appetite for peoples money. Your endless greed is no match against a hundred pigs. Truth is you’re more than a pig.

    • jgl414567


  • galit_sa_oligarko

    UNAng susunugin kaluluwa nyo sa HELL!!!

  • Danny Bravo

    kahit  noong  naghihirap  ang  gobyerno  may  pork barrel  pa  rin  ??  ano  bang  mga  klase  ng tauhan  ito  ng  goyerno  bukod  sa  suwedo  at  mga  benifits  at  pensyon  may  mga  extra  money  pa !  wala  namang  nagagawang  mabuti  o  perfectong  gawa  sa  bansa,,,,  kawawa  naman  yung  mga  nagbabayad  ng  buwis,,,,  sobrang  luho  ng  mga  senador  hindi  naman  mayaman  ang  bansa  ?  o  character  na  ng  pilipino  ang  pagiging  swapang  sa  pera,,,,mahirap  turuaan ang  hybrid  ang  kawawa  dyan  ay  yung  mga  anak  siyang  magbabayad  ng  parusa

  • pipsirho

    Philippine National Government Debt = P5.437 TRILLION (P5,437,000 000 000) as of end December 2012!!!

    D1RTY MONEY from CORRUPTION leaving the country = $138 BILLION or P5.520 TRILLION (P5,520,000,000,000) from 2001 to 2010 at P40 to $1 conversion!!!


    • Edward Castro

       kaya nga kahit na 50% lang na save sa corruption malaki na nabawas debt at madami ng nagawa ng infrastructure.

  • Magsasaka

    artista talaga itong si jingoy ungoy hehehe, iimbestigahan nya sarili nya eh di abswelto din ang sarili nya 

    • jgl414567


  • pipsirho

    JINGGOY in many SENATE INVESTIGATIONS showed he van GATHER DETAILS about transactions WHEN HE CONFRONTS RESOURCE PERSONS in the hearings, yet in this CASE where MILLIONS of PORK BARREL is involved, HE DOES NOT KNOW that the NGO he is designating is BOGUS!!!

    INTERESTING INDEED!!! Anyway it is JUST TAX MONEY of Juan de la Cruz, NO SWEAT!!!

  • pipsirho

    These SENATORS SINCERELY BELIEVE the Filipino is 57UP1D; they can make EASY PALUSOT, and everything is FORGOTTEN!! Then it is alright again to GORGE PORK BARREL or SLOP as in KANIN BABOY!!!

    We, the Filipino people MUST BE REAL 5UCKER5, and 57UP1D, UNTHINKING, CLUELESS, UNDISCERNING VOTERS because we continue to VOTE for them, and NEVER LEARN!!!

  • Paliwaweng

    “And I do not know why ZREC had to transfer the money to Pangkabuhayan Foundation whatever that is,” Enrile told the Inquirer. ”

    You are lying Mr. Enrile.
    Just like you lied on your fake ambush.
    Then on your memoir.
    Yang talino mong yan, di mo alam bakit na transfer?

    Bayan, tignan natin ang nagsasabing mamumuno sa atin, sandamakmak na sinungaling at mandarambong..

  • Gerry Randel

    Come on Mr Senators and Mr Congressman, common sense dictates that before you release
    this money to any entities, you should check and double check the background of the recipient of the people’s money that you received as pork barrel.
    Gusto ninyong palabasin na nagbigay kayo ng pera mula sa pork barrel ninyo sa isang institution ng hindi ninyo inibistigahan man lamang kung saan napunta ang perang ito na pagaari ng mamamayang pilipino?

    • Deanmartinstyle

      ang kakapal ng mukhang maging senador. Sila yung mga Modern Day mandarambong.

  • Dy Pailad

    Analyze this: for mere 2M difference in the Senators’ MOOE hell broke loose but for 200M worth of pork given to a bogus NGO and non-existent project no such uproar? 

  • jgl414567

    In other countries scandals of this magnitude would make politicians resign or even commit harakiri but here the likes of enrile, jinggoy and revilla just feign ignorance and even has the gall to conduct their own investigation. This is adding insult to injury.

    • Deanmartinstyle

      agreed ako sayo, nakakapaluha ang kagarapalan ng mga corrupt Senators.

  • Ai

    di nila alam to? magnanakaw na, sinungaling pa. pag nakikita ko ang tax deduction sa payslip ko – naaalala ko ang mga pulitikong to. makakapatay ako ng senador nang di oras…sana di ko sila makasalubong kundi nakuuuuuuuu.

  • Chloroform

    2009-2010 audit published when 2011 or 2012? why are the senators seem caught unawares? they should now be telling the public that “these” are the things we did after the findings…

  • jgl414567


  • Dy Pailad

    I can’t wait for the Senate investigation. I’m sure Enrile is ready with his counter attack against the COA auditors- mga utang ng tatay nila. 

  • pipsirho

    We CALL on ALL PIGS to REDUCE Philippine National Government Debt of P5,437,000 000 000 (P5.4 TRILLION) as of end December 2012 FIRST before WASTING PRECIOUS and SCARCE Filipino TAX MONEY on BOGUS NGO ORGANIZATIONS and for your PERSONAL INTERESTS!!!


    PIGS => Politicians Insatiably Gorging Slop; SLOP as in  Power, Public Funds, PORK BARREL, Dirty Money, Graft, Corruption, Influence Peddling, POLITICAL DYNASTY, SHAMELESSNESS!!!

  • fernan107

    matagal ng gawain nila yan at pag nabuking , kunwari di nila alam , di bago sa pilipino ang mga masasamang gawain ng mga politiko lalo na kay enrile , estrada , binay , same feather flocks together,,,sanay ng magpalusot ang mga yan…..

  • Beng Atibo

    Senators will plug the leak. Hindi mo alam kung saan napunta ang PDAF mo? Impossible!!! Sasabihin nila busy sila sa bangayan kaya hindi alam kung ano ang nangyari. It is time to replace enrile!!!

    • Deanmartinstyle

      Madami pang matinong tao sa Pilipinas Beng huwag kang mag alala marami ang gustong maglingkod sa bayan ng tapat hindi nga lang nananalo.

  • malek_abdul

    Meron pa kayang mag-aambisyong maging senador o congressman kung wala na ang pork barrel?

    • Deanmartinstyle

      Meron pa Malek maraming gustong maglingkod sa BAyan ng tapat hindi nga lang nananalo kasi walang Pera.

    • frudo

      meron yung mga matitinong Pinoy na makabayan, kudos sa kanila, 

  • sinful_lustful69



  • Deanmartinstyle

    Ibalik muna yung nawawalang pera tapos umpisahan na next week ang INDEPENDENT INQUIRY non Partisan Inquiry like Ex Supreme Court Justices dapat ang tumayong Judges. . MAglagay ng deadline like one month Invistigation then reccomendation agad. HAtol s Nagkasala Impeachment. Well done Pnoy and COA. 2 Thumbs up.

  • Jack Phalaphitac



  • basilionisisa

    wala na sanang masyadong squatters ngayon kung lahat ng ‘naligaw’ na pork barrel na yon ay napunta sa pagpapagawa ng bahay para sa mga mahihirap na di maka-afford kaya napipilitang mag-squat.

    KATAKA-TAKA lang, nasa pangalan nila yung fund, HINDI nila (Jinggoy, Enrile) alam kung SAAN napunta yung milyun-milyon? Ngayon lang sila nagtatanong magpaimbestiga ngayong unreachable yung ‘pumirma’ sa pinaglagyan ng pera? (at bakit kaya unreachable, ano yan, fake identity?)

    patay na daga ang naaamoy dyan…

  • WeAry_Bat

    “former Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap” that name just keeps coming up when it comes to some anomalies in GMA’s time.  Hay nako.
    former Agriculture Secretary Arthur Yap

  • Augusto

    The role of our legislators in so far as their Priority Development Assistant Fund (PDAF) is concerned is only to identify the project. Yes that is true. Matter of fact, in the investigative reports compiled by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ) by Ms. Sheila Coronel and  other journalist, in their book, PORK AND PERKS, once this legislators identified the project funded under their PDAP, 50% of the agreed (SOP) will be given already. For example, the project is road and it cost P50M and the agreed (SOP) is 20% of the cost of the project, P5M  which is 50% of P10M the agreed (SOP) will be given right away.  Once the Special Allotment Release Order (SARO) is already signed by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM), bingo! The other remaining balance of P5M will be given right away. You will now have a substandard road project, taxpayers out of your hard earned money. Simple? or Shameful?

    • wakats

      May be it’s 80% for PFI since it’s non-existing – walang puhunan…..

      • Augusto

        The (SOP) is only on the Legislators. It does not include the (SOP) for the LGU’s (Provincial, City, Municipality and the Barangay). If the project is intended for the Local Gov’t Units(LGU’s), there is another tier of (SOP) to be added to the (SOP) of the Legislators. Think about that. It escapes my imagination.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Lacson requested COA to audit all senators. This is the result of that audit. COA found the 3 stoogies using fake NGO to funnel millions of Filipinos money back to their pockets.Dont be a fool.  Why don’t they charge Dept. of Agriculture they accused of recommending the NGO?  Enrile was the bright architect of Martial Law, master of deceptions and several coups, a lawyer, Sec. of Defense, powerful President of the Philippines senate do you think that Dept of Agriculture is not afraid of him? Enrile himself fake the NGO.

  • frudo

    tangalin na kasi ang pork barrel na yan. pinayayaman lang natin mga pulitiko na mga magnanakaw, hindi nman lahat at sana tama ako

  • Avenger


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      The Phil. Daily Inquirer has nothing to do with it.  COA reported it and the newspaper printed it.

      Lacson requested COA to audit all senators. This is the result of that audit. COA found the 3 stoogies using fake NGO to funnel millions of Filipinos money back to their pockets.

  • Avenger


  • Avenger


  • Avenger


    • Danny Bravo


      • Marco

        Hahahaha. Tama ka pareng Danny. Mas Abnoy tong isang ito. AVENGER-ABNOY. Kulang ka lang sa pansin. Himorin mo puwet ng amo mong si GMA & Mike Arroyo.

  • Avenger


  • Avenger


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Lacson requested COA to audit all senators. This is the result of that audit. COA found the 3 stoogies using fake NGO to funnel millions of Filipinos money back to their pockets.

  • Philcruz

    Enrile, Jinggoy and Revilla will investigate themselves? Neat.

  • pipsirho

    Sa senate hearing nasasabi ni Jinggoy sa resource person; ‘SINUNGALING KA!”.

    Pwede rin pala  sabihin sa kanya ito dahil bukang bibig niya: “SINUNGALING KA!!!”.

  • JasonBieber

    Why don;t they just all probe each other. With all the money they each get yearly, it’s a shock why improvement in the Philippines is so delayed and so slow.

    It would be have been great if PNoy and his Administration support the FOI bill to allow for transparency within the government but it doesn’t look like they are. We elect leaders that is supposed to help but instead it just seems they just help themselves.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Lacson requested COA to audit all senators.  This is the result of that audit.  COA found the 3 stoogies using fake NGO to funnel millions of Filipinos money back to their pockets.

  • barok

    Jinggoy Unggoy, naf said.

  • garcia677

    Squid tactic, , Just due to allegations of fraud by COA on their portion of PDAF funneled to a fake NGO, Estrada is asserting for an investigation but the real motive is to becloud the issue that they are innocent but as gleaned by public opinion the four legislators named like him, Enrile, Revilla and Velarde are the co conspirators who pocketed these millions of public fund

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Mas malaki ang pork ni Presidente, 60 billion lang naman kada taon. PURO PORK SILA.

      • tunderlulo

        tama mas malaki peroooo walan anomalya

  • Kaulayao

    This probe is a charade. In Jinggoy’s case, he will investigate himself and his relationship with the bogus NGo. In Enrile’s case, Jimggoy will try to find out if he was the one who recommended the bogus NGO as recipient of pork barrel. In Velarde’s case, Jinggoy will keep mum about payback to a preacher who endorsed Erap’s candidacy in1998. In Revilla’s case, his political naïveté as patron of a bogus NGO has yet to be established. Go, Jinggoy. Prove to us that you never had a link to jueteng operations as well as to a foundation (organized for Muslim Mindanao), one of those shenanigans that befell your father.

  • Kokak

    Binigyan mo ng one hundred pesos ang katulong mo sa bahay para bumili ng pagkain ng mga anak mo. Walang dumating na pagkain sa anak mo, yung katulong mo ang iniabot sayo pekeng resibo.

    Ang sagot sayo ng katulong: “Sir wag kayo mag alala, tulungan ko kayong imbestigahan ito”.

  • bogli_anakdami

    WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT, FLIP GUNG GONGS?… yan ang dapat itanong…


    1) ang mga flip gung gongs eh walang bayags na kasuhan at ikulong ang mga magnanakaws…

    2) ang mga magnanakaws eh walang modo, walang kunsyensya at halang ang kaluluwa…

    3) ang mga flip gung gongs are under the spell of kaksaker padre dumbasso who suckass with the magnanakaws… 

    derpor >>> allah eh di tuloy ang nakawan… total eh haping-hapi naman ang mga flip gung gongs at inu-una ang umiyot ng umiyot… walang pakialam sa kinabukasan…

    yun lang….

    • Lagotka

      Ang dumi ng pananalita mo! Ang bastos mo! Born loser! Maghanap ka ng husay na trabaho para matigil ang kabastusan mo! Talunan! Born loser! Galit na galit ka sa Pilipinas kasi malas ka sa buhay!

  • cute79

    200 milyon pork barrel ng senador nawala lang na walang saysay pero isang clasrom ng pampublikong paaralan na itatayo kelangan pa mag ambag-ambag ang mga mamamayan dahil wala dw pondo.Asan napunta ang milyones na Pork barrel taon-taon sa bawat  hinayupak na senador at congresmen na yan?

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Ang pork ng Presidente ay 60 billion kada taon. Ganyan kalaki ang pork nila.

      • koolkid_inthehouse


  • jimi_c

    I never read that they UNA accused the president of doing this for political gain.  They respected our President Aquino for one reason good governance.  Mahirap kalabanin ang presidente kong tunay ang pag bigay serbisyo sa bayan.  Saan mo titirahin ang presidente eh walang asawa o anak na abusado at saka transparent.

  • ben311

    action na ang kailangan gawing natin …nakakasawa na ang dakdakan na paulit ulit. ang mga pinoy ay tuwang tuwa na niloloko kaya hanggang ngayon pobre pa rin !


    If blacklisted na ang PFI at maraming assistance ito na nakuha prior to blacklisting aba ay bakit hindi agad inimbistigahan..bakit ka ilalagay sa blacklist ng DA diba?2008-2009 apat na senador ang nagfinance sa PFI..kelan ngopeate itong PFI?at prior to 2088-2009 magkanu ang narceive nito?Si PETRONila sarap lunurin sa tangke ng gasolina

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Lunurin mo ang 3 senatong, Enrile, Estrada, Revilla and Tongressman Velarde. 
      Gawa ito ng magaling na mangpepeke na si Enrile and mga cronies nya.  Kaya sila yumayaman dahil sa ganitong paraan ng pagnanakaw sa pera ng mg Pinoy.

  • Cebuanodiay

    Si Gwen Garcia ganyan din ang palusot parang sila pa ang niloko. Parepareho ang ugali ng UNA – lahat magnanakaw, manloloko, at mga walanghiya! Magagalling pang umarte – father and sons Estrada, father and son Johnnie and Jackie Enrile, at father and children Jojo and Junjun and Abigail Binay, Pamilya ng mga mandarambong.

  • Lagotka

    Akala pa naman ni Binay siya na ang next president! Hindi ba siya na ang next?

  • Knight

    Bago po ibibigay or release ang pundo para sa isang project my mga proposals po iyan . Kaya titingan Kung tama ok ba ang Plano. Bago Ito approve para ma release ang pundo. So bago ma release Lahat yan ay tiningnan na. My Mali my kulang or Anong klaseng organisation . Sa budget kahit po 10k Lang iyan dadaan po iyan sa proposal bago aprobahan ng committee . Ngayon ang sagot Hindi alam ni peke ang perma sisilipin ang lebro papa invitigahan.. Jingoy Hindi po tanga ang nakak usap mong reporter or media. Kung ang bobo natatanga mo ang 5omilyon na my kaunting pinag aralan ay natatawa sayo.. Wala na ba kayong hiya ng AMA mo? Wala na ba kayong kaluluwa or kahit kaunting hiya man Lang. Sadya bang makapal na ang pagmumukha ninyo.? Hindi kayo nahihiyang humarap sa masa patawa tawa pa kayo. Ang mahihirap isang libo ang hirap sa kapit bahay. Nahihiya ng magpakita Kung walang ibabayad bakit kayong mga senador ang kakapal ng pagmumukha ninyo? PEra mo naming Lahat yan mr senador Hindi po sa inyo. Itulong po ninyo sa aming mamayang nagugutom.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Ginagawa ng 3 mandarambong doon sa pinakamalayong lugaw ipapasa ang pera.  kagaya sa Mindanao, madaling mauto-uto mga tao doon.  Sila din mag-aapply sa project na wala namang nangyayari at babalik lang sa kanilang bulsa.

      Enriles, Estradas and the Revillas are fake statemen but real thieves.

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Malaki din ang pork ng Presidente, 60 billion kada taon!

  • tata_boy

    Walang kasawa-sawa sa moro-moro ang mga senatong, palusot na naman ito. Talagang pulos inutil ang mga ito at walang gawang magaling.

  • Mr Moonlight

    patay mali pa kunwari si jinggoy—- unggoy mo
    who do you think youre fooling?
    Its panic time for jinggoy and company, motherf*ckers

  • Pedro_Gil

    Dapat talagang tanggalin ang PDAF na source ng corruption. mga hangal at mandarambong ang mga taong sapi sa illegal na gawain. tanggalin ang PDAF sa senado at congreso! Tanggalin ang artista at komikero na walang alam kundi umarte sa senado at congreso. mga hangal!!!

  • entong238

    Jinggoy Estrada saan ka pa magmana kung hindi sa ama mong sugarol, babaero at lasenggo na nagpayaman sa jueteng ng naging presidente dahil naloko niya kaming ikampanya at iboto siya sa buong akala na makamahirap. 

    Ikaw pa nga ang taga kuha ng share niya na naibulgar ni Chavit. Ngayon gumagawa ka ng palusot na paimbestiga kuno pero panakip butas mo lang yan sa payak na katotohanan ibinulsa niyo nina Enrile at Revilla ang pera. Mabulok sana kayo sa ginagawa niyo

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Malaki lalo angmpork ni.President Aquino. 60 billion a year!

  • Spike

    Jinggoy baboy  binibilang na araw mo lilitsonin ka na

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    KKay Mrs. Aquino nagsimula yang pork barrel. Ang nakakatuwa ginawa nina Cory na ang Presidente ay kung ilang bilyon ang pork barrel. Walang pork barrel noong panahon nina Garcia,Magsaysay . Nagsimula lang yan kay Mrs. Aquino. Nasa 60 billion ang pork ng Presidente kada taon.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      The pork barrel is intended for the good of the country and the Filipino people. 
      Corrupt politicians are cheating the Filipinos.

  • Melvin

    Nagtatanga-tangahan ang mga mandarambong. Hindi raw nila alam. Lalo na si Lolong Johnny na napakagulang… Huwag nyong linlangin ang taumbayan. Mga magnanakaw talaga kayo sa pera ng bayan. Kaya pala sobra-sobra ang suporta ni Jinggoy kay Lolong Johnny. Ngayon alam na ng mamamayan na magkasabwat kayo sa pagnanakaw sa pera namin…

  • tunderlulo

    Your reasoning plainly displays that your paid writer and not an objective one. GMA boy

  • doublecross

    what in the world you know……enrile gives the money to GG!

  • agaylaya


  • wilfel

    Come on, don’t deny it. You know. You need someone to be the FALL GUY.

  • pedronimo

    “POLITICALLY EMBROILED ENRILE RILING FROM SO MANY CORRUPTION ISSUES,” This is not a politically-motivated comment.

  • victorts

    Now, do you still not agree that the senate should be abolished?  Nothing concrete has come out of most of the senate investigations.  What more if it is investigating its own.  Just stop all this zarzuela and let us amend the constitution to make this body extinct.

  • Armandygo

    Priority Development Assistant Fund (PDAF) is a pork allocation which all senators are entitled for. This time the money is passed thru the Agriculture Department, however, the highlights of the scenario is: the intended pprojects and locations are pinpoited by the concern senatots. However, the recipients or the contractors, this case Zirec PFI,  are usually the bata bata of the senators, And once the contractots got hold of the money, adios, paghahatian na nila yan. Usually 70percent goes to the senators and 30 percent only goes to the contractors.

  • Komen To

    This is politically motivated, just because Enrile son is running, another Ejercito Estrada is running, and Revilla is running later. There is no proof yet, no trace, they just appointed the bogus NGO, so there is no law prohibiting that. It’s not illegal, even if you think it’s immoral. So in the end, it’s politically motivated. So vote UNA (sa lahat)

  • disqus_EWrSdjV1nv

    nabulsa na nila tapos magcall sila ng probe sa sarili. nagpapatawa. sila na kumupit, sila pa ang magiimbistiga.

    para maganda. i trace naten lahat hanggang huling sentimo na hawak ng mga ito ngayon.

    unreported na piso, death penalty. siguradi ako dpapayag mga yan. sobrang laki ng nanakaw eh.

  • raul n

    this channelling of PDAF IS VERY TRUE. I know because I am a department head from one of the lgus’ here in Mindanao. We received P10 MILLION last December 28, 2012 the last day of transaction from Department of Agriculture coming from the PDAF of Senator Enrile. But on a condition that we will transfer this amount to an NGOs based their in Manila to be used for knapsack sprayer and organic fertilizer. However we did not agree to this condition because we are doubtful and suspicious of the transfer and for the moment we deposited the money in trust for further clarification because there is no clear work and financial plan in how this money will be disbursed once transferred to the NGOs. I also know of 3 other lgus’ receiving the same amount and for these the PDAF released will total to no less than P40 million. 

  • doublecross

    d2 sila nabubuhay…kaya dapat babaan lang ang pdaf. sayang ang pera.

  • tilamsik

    gagawin na namang tanga ang publiko sa sarsuelang “probe”  ….  may iiyak… may maoospital…. maaawa ang tangang publiko… tapos ang “probe”…. walang makakasuhan… panibagong issue lalabas… wala na kaso… (may nangyari na ba kay corona bukod sa pagkakatanggal sa kanya sa puesto?…..)

  • angelito

    They have all thesame answer WHO? they forgot ..thats the first sickness they have when ANOMALY was resurfaced? second alibi ..i need to investigate this.? 3rd they dont proved it. Remember when Enrile said that her Secretary Signatures is as good as her own Signature to validate any transaction in the SENATE? now whats the truth? REMEMBER GUYS DONT VOTE THIS TRAPOS..tandaan nyo ang pangalan nila.wag nyo ibenta ang KARAPATAN nyo..VOTEwise DAPAT tama..

  • LegalJustice

    Obviously these are bogus operatives of these Senators .

    Hmmm, and they are so CLUELESS on what happened to their pork barrel funds they allocated to their bogus NGO. 

    Now they want to investigate their own self about the anomally before someone else will discover something else or something more – that they don’t want the public to know.

    It is now time to STOP THIS PORK BARREL (PDAF) – its the MAIN ATTRACTION FOR CORRUPTION thats why these crooks are running for offices especially the CELEBRITY POLITICIAN – its their motivating factor to run for office, obviously.

    And now these 3 Senator is in denial and their excuse is ” TIMING BECAUSE ITS ELECTION TIME” come to think of it this is in HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS – THIS IS TAXPAYERS MONEY.

    These crooks should be charged by all means and no excuses – we need to get rid of these Senators for sure they know whats going own with the funds.


  • doublecross

    di pa panahon eto ni fake president gloria….bkt di ninyo itanong sa kanya.


    ano kamo si JINGGOY-Unggoy ang mag iimbestiga??? ano mangyayari sa imbestigasyon e di wala?!!! sino lolokohin nyo kami? imagine million of pesos pinag uusapan dito tpos di nila alam na bogus pala NGO na binibigyan nila ng pera?? cguro nman bago ka magpakawala ng pera kahit ang basic rule e i-check muna ang bibigyan mo ng pera kung legitimate ba o hindi. Duda ko dito ito yong modus ng mga politiko na “RETURN-TOSENDER” SCHEME. Kunwari mag bibigay sila ng pundo for a project tru sa PDAF nila sa isang NGO’s tapos after ma-irelease ang pera sa NGO’s na bogus ibabalik din sa knila yong pinadala nila. STYLE NINYO BULOK!!!

  • Kokak

    Teka teka teka teka mga kasama…
    Hindi ba yung mga senador ang pinagkatiwalaan natin ng pera?
    At kung napariwara yon di ba dapat silang mga senador mismo ang iniimbestigahan?

    Pwede ba Mr. Jinggoy dun ka umupo sa upuan ng mga nasasakdal. Nililito mo kami eh..

  • $5699914

    No more pork to be given to lawmakers, no more problem.
    Simple solution for a simple problem.


    Paiimbistiga nya yung project nya ? ha hahahahaha, Talagang ESTRADA ka nga.! Lokohin mo lolo mong panot.   Dapat kinokolong na nga lintek na ito eh.

  • captainramius

    Millions of tax payers money our money nawala ng mga Senadors na ito.

    If they are not at fault… the only way they should be called is they are STUPID.

    We entrusted them with our money , and assuming they are not part of this scam….then
    we the People should investigate them and forced them to say WE ARE STUPID

  • captainramius

    We the people should pass our own laws and the first one is .

    Abolish the pork barrel as we cannot trust these STUPID SENATORS to protect our money.

  • doublecross

    why the enrile and estrada are tightrope?

  • frudo

    alisin na ang pork barrel! wag nating payamanin lalo ang mga magnanakaw na pulitiko! maawa tyo sa mga mas nangangailangan ng pondo.

  • LegalJustice


    Majority of them are so FILTHY RICH from CORRUPTION.




    Especially this Mayor of San Juan show off his MANSION.

    How in the world can this person acquire such wealth – when his salary as a Mayor is not enough.

    Same thing with Senator Lito Lapid – how can he amassed such wealth with a Senator salary and wife was able to smuggled dollars in the U.S. The U.S. Gov’t charged her but the Philippine Gov’t didn’t do anything to charged her for money laundering – something wrong here.


    M I S E R Y !

  • frudo

    boykot ang senador at mga congressman   pag hindi inabolish ang pork barrel na pinagmumulan ng tagong yaman nila, mga Pinoy galit na galit tyo pag nakakahuli tyo ng mga snatcher sa kalsada halos patayin natin sa bugbog bago isurrender sa Pulis, pero di natin naiisipna yung mga bigtime na milyones ang ninanakaw na galing sa buwis natin, nandun mga naka barong sa senate at sa congresso. magalit din sana tyo sa kanila at wag na natin sila iboto!!!

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