Aquino studying NBI report on Atimonan shooting, says Lacierda


President Benigno Aquino III. AP FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—While President Aquino is taking time to review the investigation report on the January 6 killing of 13 alleged criminals in Atimonan, Quezon, Malacañang said Wednesday there’s no hanky-panky involved.

Secretary Edwin Lacierda, presidential spokesperson, squelched speculations that the National Bureau Investigation report was being sanitized to clear some officials of any liability.

“I can tell you nothing is being cleaned up,” Lacierda said in a briefing. “We are very transparent.”

He said the President was sifting through the five-inch thick report, submitted by Justice Secretary Leila de Lima on February 7 to the Office of the President, in a “very detailed manner.”

“He’s studying it thoroughly,” he said.

After reviewing the report, the President will clear its release to the public. Since some police officers were involved in the alleged shootout, Mr. Aquino tasked the NBI to investigate the incident.

Mr. Aquino himself admitted that the report was voluminous. “It’s actually not that long a document. It’s just five inches thick. It weighs over six kilos and the briefer on it is 64 pages. It was my first time to read a book looking up to the ceiling while seated at a table,” he said then.

Three police officers and 10 others were killed in the alleged 20-minute gun battle at a checkpoint along a sparsely populated stretch of Maharlika Highway in Atimonan.

Supt. Hansel Marantan, leader of the team manning the checkpoint, was the only one hurt among 50 policemen and Army special forces troops that allegedly shot it out with the group of alleged “jueteng” operator Victor Siman.

The Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission, chaired by Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, has admitted giving Marantan some P100,000 for intelligence gathering on the operation to arrest Siman.

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  • bogli_anakdami


    prez gung gong akin’o “STUDYING'” da kaso daw… tunggak…

    hay naku, flips eh mga gung gongs na, tinatanga pa ninyo ng husto…

    • jgl414567

       Pagaling ka muna sa mental hospital bago ka sumali dito!

  • magiting78

    Hahahaha pag aaralan daw….tungaw….tanungin mo n lang c Llamas or c Mar kung ano hatol, kc wala ka naman sariling disposisyon Pnoy…

    • jgl414567

       Nagsalita ang matalino daw eh di mo nga kayang manalo bilang Barangay Captain!

      • magiting78

        Hahaha sorry pero hnd ako pangkapitan..,…Presidente ako…President ng TODA sa amin lolz

      • 33Sambuang2

        presidente ng mga kumakain ng ebak….. utak ebak, amoy ebak, pakamatay kang gunggong ka

      • magiting78

        hahahah walang kang ibang alam kundi ebak…tauhan ka ba ni malabanan taga sipsip ng puzzo negro? hahaha mag raised ka ng argumento mo at pag debatehan natin…dre tagisan ng talino d2…kung ang alam mo lang ay puro ebak eh dun k s kubeta..hahhaa

    • 33Sambuang2

      daming katol na nasinghot mo. dapat sa yong utak ebak e  i salvage. puro ebak ang utak mong gunggong ka

      • CypherCaitlin

         siguro tapa-malakanyang ka..malinaw pa sa sikat ng araw ang nangyari si Atimonan at pinagtatakpan ng Palasyo pero grabeh kang magtanggol sa kanila.. Hindi tanga ang mga tao para hindi malaman ang katotohanan… sus yon kay Corona inilang araw lang, yong Atimonan ilang buwan na… Gising po…..

  • jeronimo

    sana kase unahin ang trabaho, hindi ang pangangampanya! ang tagal na nyan e, wala ng saysay yan…… inimbistigahan na iimbistigahan pa ulet? study it for what?

  • bogli_anakdami

    hoy pdi:  why use the same unggoyshot of prez gung gong akin’o in all your headline?

    he looked like something is stuck up his pwet… palitan naman ng bago…

    • jgl414567

       Nakalabas ka na naman ng mental hospital?

      • 33Sambuang2

        nakadrugs yan kaya ganyan. or kung hindi man katol ang sinisinghot

    • ang_dagat

      Hehe. I noticed that too.
       He may be ‘No Oil Painting’, but as he is the President of The Philippines, the editors should show more respect and publish a more stately photo. Failing that they use Photoshop :D

  • rolandtr

    If this will go the same way as the Luneta Masacre Report was sanitized expect Team PNoy to be kicked out of the magic 12! 

  • Rogers Nelson Uy

    Pag aralan?!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Di maiintindihan ni abnoy yan!

    • jgl414567

       Mas lalong ikaw ang di makaintindi dahil wala kang kakayahan maging presidente kasi makitid utak mo!

  • lex

    noynoying yan patatagalin hanggang makalimutan! pwe

    • jgl414567

       Eh ikaw na nga maging presidente sa palagay ko sa mental hospital ka pulutin pag nagkataon kasi wal kang katangian para sa pwestong yun kaya manahimik ka bago ka manghusga tingnan mo muna sarili mo!

      • magiting78

        Llamas ikaw ba yan…bakit lagi mo pinagtatanggol syota mong bading…..aminin mo n inutil ang pangulo natin…yan kc napapala natin mahilig tau maki simpatya kht n walang kapasidad eh pinili natin…dami naman mapagpilian..dyan c Gordon, Gibo bkit c Pnoy p napili..kalidad at talino ipot lng c Pnoy..bwahahahaha

      • 33Sambuang2

        stupid moron

  • ben311

    kakasawa na ang lokohan sa pinas kasi ang mga pinoy ay _ _ _ _ _

  • tata_boy

    Ano ba iyan Pnoy, maraming eksperto sa parteng iyan, di mo na trabaho iyan……

  • garcia677

    Aquino isn’t a lawyer so his lengthy study of the case needs a law pundit to aid him for better and clearer understanding of the facts and evidences amid the Atimonan massacre for sans a lawyer Aquino might blurt the wrong signal to transform him into a butt of joke. Or on the flip side the reported sanitation of Ochoa may be the kernel of the delay.

  • geminimind

    Does it have to be the president to decide on this matter?
    Does our justice system about to fail?
    What are supreme court,court of justice,chief of justice and military justice do?

    • jeronimo

      walang tiwala sa mga tao nya kaya kailangan nyang pagaralan o kaya nama’y sya ang gustong magdesisyon para pogi points. malamang gamitin tong isyung ito para takpan ang Sabah isyu. predictable na ang galaw nila.

  • Fred

    Justice delayed, justice denied!

  • bogli_anakdami

    dapat pag-aralan ni prez gung gong akin’o kung bakit hanggang ngayon eh wala pang resulta doon sa pagkapatay sa kanyang tatay…

    at, ang mga pasimuno sa pagpatay sa kanyang tatay eh nasa pwesto pa rin, di ba?

    hay naku, flips puro kayo mga gung gongs…

    • desi derata


      Bakit mo naman kailangang malaman pa ang pumatay kay Senador Aquino?
      Maging ang mga Kennedy ay minabuti pang ipasa-Dios ang mga nangyari.

      • bogli_anakdami


        lahat ng murderer/henchmen na tumepok kay santo ninoy eh nasa pwesto at administrasyon ni prez gung gong akin’o…

        sa ngayon, sino sa tumepok sa kennedys ang nasa posisyon…

        gung gong!

      • 33Sambuang2

        ikaw ang gunggong. wala kang galang sa namapaya na, utak ebak ka kasi

      • bogli_anakdami

        tunggak… utak galunggong…

        kapag pinatay, parusahan ang pumatay…

        igalang daw ang namayapa… dapat ihanap ng hustisya…

        gung gong…

  • desi derata

    Why do you have to exist as if you are under a one-man rule?

    What about the other instrumentalities of the government? The PNP, the DOJ and if the surviving families file suits, let the system of justice in the judicial branch operates as we need them to be.

    Filipinos should stop being stupid.

    • bogli_anakdami


      now, you’re calling flips gung gongs estupidos?

      flips gung gongs are not only stupid but also idiots…

      gung gong…

  • boybakal

    Pnoy studying the Atimonan shooting report….Why burden the President
    of reading line by line, word for word, dictionary to dictionary.
    Just brief the President, that’s it. It is only factual report of what happened.
    Or let the police file the necessary charges and let the court decides the culpability of the accused.

    • ang_dagat

      Do you really beleive he is going to read even 5% of it? He will read the conclusion, at the end. Then backtrack if he thinks there maybe some cover up or unanswered questions he might have.

  • bogli_anakdami

    the flipland’s heads of the branches of gub’ment have no brain to make informed decisions…but, when it comes to pagnanakaw, no doubt whatsoever…

    kaya si prez gung gong akin’o, as the flip gung gong’s head hocho,  hafta make da desisyon, di ba?

    once da desisyon is made, sasabayan ng bungisngis…. bwi hi hi hi hi hi hi…

  • boybakal

    Pnoy studying the report of the NBI….this goes to show that DOJ and NBI are not that good in crime report.
    Let the police do the report.

  • kolambogan

    Maraming mang aasar ditto, hindi ako uubra

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       I would be interested in what you have to say. ok lang if its unpopular, the point is that you offer a different view that may help others to better appreciate the situation.

      • kolambogan

        Thanks for the interest, you know it’s my thinking that there’s no point in pointing out one’s  point of view when majority of the others who are on the discussion seemed only hell bent on leading readers in the wrong direction.. I have learned already a lot since joining so many discussions (past and present) that so many have only disdain and bad words for so many but forgetful of the actuations and records of the persons they seemed to be protecting or defending. So for me it’s better to have discussion with someone who is a little bit bias, but who is more on the true good for all and not to perceived blind followers. 

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

        Lots of people who read have an open mind.

        only thing we can do is offer another explanation, which for some open minded people would be a welcome relief, kesa bangayan, ika nga, killing the messenger.

        I look forward to reading what you have to say. but I hope you will understand that there will be days that I may not agree, and may comment adverse to your ideas. Naturally, I expect the same from any person in the forum. Keep in mind, we attack and defend principle ideas. Not people, if we can help it.

        Good luck to you sir.

      • kolambogan

        I do know that there were still lot of good guys out there, but in the Philippines, most are stymied, outgunned and most often in the losing end, because they are not like the bad guys in all respect. First and foremost good guys have  “delicadeza and not kapalmuks.”

        I also knew that a vibrant democracy flows from free and unhampered exchange of ideas. Agreeing to disagree is one of them, even new and untested principles are included that bars nothing.

        And the people, some follow their own convictions, others are just like herded cattles, while some sell their souls without compunction.

        I guess we both knew, people in the last two categories.

        Good luck to you too. 

  • Albert Einstien

    ANO pa po STUDY e  REPORT na yan..NOYNOYING lang taWAG JAN…sigurado pag me KKK na -involved TUMATAGAL…sino ba pinupuntahan ng jueteng lord jan sa palasyo na NAGBIGAY ng PALACE STICKER nya…..bakit rereview hin ang REPORT ..ano purpose NG review babaguhin o PAGTATAKPAN ang mga KKK ?..nasampahan na ba ng criminal case yung mga nang-masaker..o adminstrative case lang para kunyari dinisiplina…..GRABE PALPAK PALAGI si pnoy…ang MALASia spokeperson… so sad

  • Shalani

    PNoy study ka lang ng study ah, baka magkaka doctorate ka nyan….

    • magiting78

      hehehe wala kc alam kaya nag aaral pa ano ka ba..walang pakialaman

  • XY ZEE

    “I can tell you nothing is being cleaned up,”

    Of course, except Jojo Ochoa’s involvement in the jueteng industry.

    • Loggnat

      Did the NBI determined if it is true that there was a third car? Why is it not being discussed or no questions asked about it from everybody? The media, the NBI, and the DOJ is mum and there seem to be a collective amnesia about that third car. Is Jojo Ochoa in that car? Or is one of Pnoy’s fave boys was one of the passengers in that third car? Maybe there was no third car!!! It should be determined once and for all if there was indeed a third car or not. The silence about it is deafening.

      • XY ZEE

        How about the Malacananang seal prominently displayed on the vehicle? It’s not like these things can be bought at your sari-sari store.
        The hush-hush during and after the investigation screams “whitewash” from the highest levels.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    01. No cover up? There’s already a cover up in the leaked NBI report that sent Leila de Lima fuming. The NBI report claims Jun Lontok, the environmentalist, had a gun and fired his gun while slumped in a ditch. The original crime scene photo taken by ABS-CBN’s field reporter who was first among those to rush to the scene shows no gun anywhere beside Jun Lontok. How could Jun Lontok’s paraffin test yield positive result if he had no gun to begin with? Hmmm. . . planted?

    02. Of course the NBI report had to toe the line. Without Jun Lontok the environmentalist, the Atimonan massacre could easily be dismissed as scalwags taking out fellow scalawags. To do this, Jun Lontok the unarmed environmentalist must be made to appear as armed and fully discredited. Bakit nagalit si Leila de Lima when this was pointed out in DZMM dos por dos?

    03. Almost two months after the incident, the Atimonan case is no longer frontpage news. News cycle is short. Far from public attention, this is when the palace cover up will happen.

    04. Why did Paquito Jojo Ochoa not reveal the P100,000 he provided to Marantan’s group up front? Right when the news on Atimonan Massacre broke out?

    05. Why is Marantan being accorded preferential treatment today? He’s not in detention behind bars. He’s being kept in an air-conditioned office due to impaired “motor skill”? Marantan has enjoyed special rights to kill indiscriminately and the right to preferential treatment after killing indiscriminately. Sino nga pala ang backer niya sa PNP?

    06. A month after Leila de Lima conducted her ocular inspection of the crime scene and declared Atimonan Massacre as a rub-out and definitely not a shoot-out, why is her NBI report now claiming it’s a shoot-out? Why the change of heart?

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “05. Why is Marantan being accorded preferential treatment today? He’s not in
      detention behind bars. He’s being kept in an air-conditioned office due
      to impaired “motor skill”?”

      For safekeeping.

      No sense if the prime suspect is killed on a ‘hit,’ dba?  All those time and reports will mean almost next to nothing, kung wala din yung prime suspect na ma ccharge sa court.

      Pehaps he could be out, on bail(? wala pa charge ata) or on leave, pero with his impaired ability to defend himself, baka the same thing could happen,dba?

      • Weder-Weder Lang

        Marantan rubbed out? I don’t mind.

  • 33Sambuang2

    oras mo na marantarantado. linisin mo pwet mo kasi patay kang bata ka sa munti

  • koolkid_inthehouse

    Bakit president ang nag-study?  Walang tiwala sa NBI, PAOCC & DOJ?

  • superpilipinas

    The 5-inch thick document

    4.5 inches appendix reviewed by Aquino’s consultants and Executive Secretary.

    0.5 inch investigation report discussed by cabinet working group.

    Who can or cannot say Aquino only read the cover and the executive summary page?

  • Jesuit13

    This will make or break President Aquino .. Any elementary school kid who can read can surmise that this was clearly  a masacre orchestrrated by Marantan and his peers ..    The Filipino people will seek justice for those who were murdered  .. no matter how long it will take ..  The palace can do a whitewash .. But there will come a day …,  a straight forward president with a consience  … will give  justice to those who were killed ..  To the PNP and the military .. let us not party yet ..  Hell was created specially for people like you ..

  • Palku Kha

    naku! may ma abwelto na naman yan.sigurado KKK yan.parehas yan sa Luneta incident.hindi whitewash yan.ang tawag dyan blackwash na!study daw! lolokihan na naman ang mamamayan. akala talaga ni Lacierda maniwala ang mga tao sa inyo!

  • rechard_gee

    Kung gusto talaga niya Pnoy ng mabilis na pag lilitis sa kasong ito, tapos agad yan sa loob ng ilang araw. Kaya lang halata naman na binubusisi ng mabuti ang mga dokumento. Obvious ba na may padrino ang mga ilang akusado sa Malacañang….

  • noyab

    yung kay GMA kalahating araw lang binasa ng Judge kaso agad, Ikaw ang tagal mo ng hawak yan di ka pa rin makapag desicion…..o baka naman mg KKK ang involved or bobo ka lang…

  • kontra_boohaya

    Kung talagang matibay ang NBI report na yan ay bakit ang tagal naman sampahan mga dapat sampahan ng kaso?  Kailangan pa bang i aprob ni prez ang report bago may makasuhan?  Ala ng pupuntahan to.  Mapropromote pa yan si Marantan dahil mga bata bata na ni bosing ang ga lords sa banda roon.

  • $20722540

    akala ko binasura na yong report na yan.  ito ang nakakatawa dito pinisure yong nbi para masubmit ng report doon sa deadline – nagtrabaho ng umaga at gabi, pagkatapos masubmit inupoan sa palasyo at pinagaaralan pa??? tatlong lingo na, OMG!!! Pilipinas

  • Beng Atibo

    Why is Pnoy taking so long to study the NBI report on the Atimonan shoot-out??? Is cleansing being done? Or is it because of too much time is spent in campaigning for the LP Senatorial Candidates? I find it amusing that this report is being done by PNoy himself. Why could he not task other alipores to do it for him. Which only means he does not trust his people to do the studying for him! De Lima, has already pre-judged the report, Ochoa and PAOCC washes their hands of the responsibility. Mar Roxas seems to be quiet as well. So sino pa ang credible to study the report???

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      “Why is Pnoy taking so long to study the NBI report on the Atimonan shoot-out?”

      I dunno, but the last time I thoroughly (as in word for word, sentence per sentence, verified cross’) reviewed a 5 inch thick report, along with my ‘usual duties’ took me a 2 months (well more), just to write my own summary brief, as well as other questions I picked up along the way.

  • disqusted0fu

    Pnoy studying the NBI report on Atimonan killings is the same news that we’ve heard 2 weeks ago, and the week before that, and even last month… Pnoy is not studying the report on a very detailed manner, he is studying it on a VERY DELAYED MANNER. He’d rather campaign for his team Pnoy than attend to important and urgent issues that the PH is facing.

  • JasonBieber

    Is he really studying it thoroughly or is he having someone give him the ‘back-page’ summary/synopsis?

    It’s not difficult to understand what happened here really…PNoy ignored jueteng then PNoy ignored improving the procedures in which the PNP is being run and then boom…the ambush happened.

    When they say they are being transparent…that’s not entirely accurate. If they were transparent then they would have supported the FOI Bill but they did not and are not so there you…

  • Ike

    Mr. President, you dont have to read it page by page. Kaya nga me Secretary, Unsersecretary, DOJ etc etc, for them to review it for your endorsement. Napakaraming problema ng bayan para magbasa ka ng 5 in thk report compilation. There’s really no acceptable alibi for this delay.

  • Guest

    Of course Malacanang has
    to examine every detail with careful and critical attention.This is a big case and
    I think, it is very smart for the President and his legal team to study the
    case very carefully before making an announcement. It must be a very
    interesting case for them to take this long but hey, let’s respect the President of the
    Philippines for God’s sake! He is our President. I’m pretty sure they are also
    scrutinizing the Coplan and the Rules of Engagement of the police operation. The
    rules of engagement are very crucial to determine whether there was actually a
    shootout or rubout. I read this somewhere: “When using lethal force within a
    field of combat, the military’s Rules of Engagement have historically defined
    two kinds of acceptable targets. The most common are known as “combat-based
    targets.” People who act in a hostile manner or display hostile intent. Hostile
    actions are easy to identify. (If a cabdriver fires a rifle at a soldier, he
    instantly becomes a combatant.) Establishing hostile intent is harder. (If a
    cab is racing toward a soldier, is the driver’s intent hostile, or is he
    drunk?) Whenever a soldier uses force, the rules say, his reaction must be
    proportional to the threat. In part because judging intent and proportionality
    are subjective, the Army should scrutinize every incident in which one of its
    weapons is discharged.”

  • FrankyLuciano

    Well done PNoy, although it is very very very embarrassing that we have POLICE and MILITARY that cannot be trusted. This is very ALARMING, we are the worst country in the SOUTH EAST ASIAN REGION. The Philippines is the only one who has this type of problems amongst their local authorities, I did not vote for PNoy and I do not care for him, but as you can see he really tries to stay CLEAN, the only PROBLEM are the PEOPLE AROUND HIM.

    There are so many Filipinos that are leaving the LOVELY PHILIPPINES for Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. No one can blame this folks, who wants to raise their kids and grow old in a country as bad as the Philippines.


  • FrankyLuciano

    i do hope that PNoy or someone who work’s / close to PNoy can read this and share it to him. the only way out of this dilemma in the Philippines is to start adopting Lee Kwan Yew’s ways of governing when he first took office as the Singapore Prime Minister. 

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