Binay questions latest SWS survey except daughter’s 7th ranking



Vice President Jejomar Binay. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—Vice President Jejomar Binay expressed disbelief over the results of the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey, saying the polling firm should reveal the basis of its survey.

“Tingnan natin kasi ang hirap makasunod sa survey kasi ang laki ng diprensya. Meron napunta sa pangatlo, pang-apat tapos sa susunod na ibang survey, pang labing lima na. Siguro dapat ilahad ang batayan ng survey (Let’s see because it’s difficult to follow the survey due to the big difference. There’s one who went to third, to fourth then in the following survey, they’ll land on the 15th. I think we should lay down the basis for these surveys),” Binay said on Tuesday, when asked about the 9-3 results of the SWS survey in favor of the administration’s Team PNoy.

Nine Team PNoy candidates entered the Magic 12, based on the pre-election survey of SWS conducted from February 15 to 17, while only three came from the United  Nationalist Alliance  (UNA).

Asked what could be the reason behind the sudden drop of UNA candidates in the survey, Binay said, “Hindi nga ako makapaniwala. Paano ako makakapag comment sa hindi ako makapaniwala? (I don’t believe it. How could I comment if I don’t believe it?)”

“Sa aming bahagi, ang ganda ganda ng aming kampanya. Sumama ka kaya para makita mo kung gaano karami ang pumupunta sa rally naming (In our part, we have a very nice campaign. You join us so you can see how many go to our rallies),” he said, reacting to a reporter’s question.

During the 2010 polls, Binay pointed out that he only ranked 2nd or 4th in the surveys but this did not match the actual result of the elections.

While he was surprised by the latest SWS survey, the Vice President had no doubt, however, by the good ranking of her daughter, Nancy Binay, who  jumped from 12th in January to 7th in  February.

“Yun din ang pinagtataka ng iba pero ako naman, naniniwala dito (Others are baffled by that but I believe that),” Binay said.

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  • doctor_mengele

    The thing is, the UNA candidates assume that the Filipino people are all idiots, thus, they feel that they have a fighting chance. Please note:

    1. Ting Ting Cojuangco – Yes, she is Pnoy’s aunt, but do you trust a woman strewn with vanity, Botox and Silicone? (ala Gwen Garci(a) and Gloria Arroyo(B. Augmentation). If they can lie about their looks, what more can they lie about?

    2. Nancy Binay – No experience, young and coerced by the father to run for Senate to protect his Presidential Ambition in 2016. We know how the Binay family is. He has fooled the electorate masa in Makati. He made his money in Makati. Nancy Binay’s claim to fame was her father said that being his daughter, she is MORE than qualified for the Senate. Nakakatakot si Nancy Binay as she is definitely privy to all the sins of her parents.

    3. JV Ejercito – He is the son by a mistress of a former President convicted of Plunder. He is brash, arrogant and thinks he is better than his half brother, Jinggoy. He enjoyed the money that his convicted father made in 2.5 years as president of the Philippines. He is another palm you have to grease in the Senate…

    4. Jack Enrile – He is a killer, murderer, psychopath, paranoid and evil person. His father tried to change history for the sake of his candidacy as Senator to protect their business in the Cagayan Freeport Zone. Do you want to trust this guy? He is the Philippine’s version of Uday and Quasay Hussien. Putting him in the Senate will give him the power of life over death over a lot of Filipino people.

    5. Gringo Honasan – Tuta ni JPE, he will do anything for his mentor and master. Like Sotto, he is a subservient fool that has no purpose but to protect his patron, JPE. He is buyable and the mentality of a Robol with faulty progamming.

    6. Ernesto Maceda – Still alive after all this years, in the 60’s, the great Manila mayor Arsenio Lacson (some say he was the best president the Philippines never had), commented on Manong Ernie, ” So young and so corrupt”. Mga tol, pag pumasok eto, ang tanga talaga natin….

    7. Mitos Magsaysay – She is in office to protect her husband, JV Magsaysay, who was the smuggling king of Subic during the reign of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is the counterpart of Elena Bautista Horn, spokesperson of GMA. She is “monkey see-monkey do” as far as her loyalty to GMA is concerned. I cannot trust her.

    8. Juan MIguel Zubiri – Like GMA, he had an office he never deserved to be in, because of cheating. He says, if their was cheating, he did not codone it. How stupid can one get? Again, we have another guy thinking that the voting population are all idiots. Never trust a cheater. If he was sincere, then he should have stepped down since day one.

    Finally, the Big 3. JPE, VP Binay and ex- Pres. Estrada? What more can I say?

    Tito, Vic and Joey?
    Larry,Moe and Curly Joe?
    Saddam Hussien, Muammar Gaddafi and Bashar al-Assad?
    Hideki Tojo, Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler?

    The above mentioned are probably better compared to this triumvirate of evil.

    These 3 men, along with their minions (Tito Sotto and the UNA candidates for the 2013 elections), could set us back 2 decades with all the corruption and thievery they will create. They only love themselves and their bank accounts and their extended families.

    Binay, may kabit…..JPE. may kabit…….Erap, Maraming Kabit

    Never trust a man who lies to his wife. These types of people can do anything for worldy and lustful gains.

    People, Please be wise and please think deeply on what you want your country to do for you.We are a rich country. We have to make sure that no crook will take that wealth away from the people.

    UNA is a mutation of all the evils of the Marcos and Arroyo administrations, combined. UNA is an offspring of Satan, ready to unleash to the Philippines the rath of Hades.

    Finally, let me tell you what PNoy wants to happen. He wants the people to realize that each person’s vote can change the destiny of the country. By proving the sanctity and power of the battlot in honest and clean elections, we can encourage more qualified, deserving, God-fearing and country loving people to run for public office. There are legions out their willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the country. They are willing to run, as long as they are assurred that there are clean elections that could give them a fair and fighting chance.

    Vote wisely and be smart. We can change the future of our country. Good or bad will depend on who we chose as our leaders.

    God Bless the Philippines.

    • Rizal

      “Never trust a man who lies to his wife.” Makes sense. I like that.

  • gmaisthebestpresident

    Ay timang ka! hindi ka naniniwala pero naniniwala ka pagdating sa anak mo.

    • branstark

      natuwa naman ako sa comment mo kapatid.

      naasar naman ako sa username mo.

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        madami asar sa username ko. papansin lang kasi ako. sensya na.

      • branstark

        pasensha na din.. hehe.. hirap lang talaga tingnan.

  • 12JEM

    Let us wait for the Pulse Asia results.

    For this particular SWS results, expect changes in the coming days in the positions of those occupying slots 7 to 18.

    Remember Binay in 2010 relative to Roxas and Legarda? 

  • gerryjoaquin

    ayos din itong si negrong pandak. ang tama lang sa survey ng sws ay yung sa anak nyang mongoloid.

    • 12JEM

       Mocking our elected VP because of his physical features? 

      Mockery is the weapon of those who have no other……H. P.

      • Juan

        Theres no holds bar when criticising the people who you think is making a fool of you.

    • 12JEM

       Redicule is the language of the DEVIL…..T.C.

  • hopeless_na

    Palagay ko babaha ang maraming pera ng mga taga-UNA bago dumating ang eleksyon sa May.

    My friendly advice: Tanggapin ang pera, pero HWAG IBOTO ang pinanggalingan nito.

  • pinoysadubai


  • virgoyap

    Hindi pa tapos ang survey na ito darating ang araw na si Nancy ay mailagay na sa ika 13 o 14 na slot.

  • lee1222

    Binay: This survey is BS!
    SWS: But your daughter Nancy is 7th, according to this survey.
    Binay: Oh yes, the survey got it right for the 7th placer!

  • 12JEM

    Cayetano, Escudero, Legarda are sure winners.

    As for the remaining slots it is very plausible to assume that at least 5 will go to Team PNoy.

    The best Scenario that the UNA Party can therefore expect is 8-4 in favor of Team PNoy.

    Let us wait for the Pulse Asia results.

  • isprikitoy

    ayan sigurado sasabihin ng UNA na binayaran lang ang survey na yan….hehehehe…ganun din ang Team Pnoy…pag naglabas ng bagong survey na madami laglag sa kania sa magic 12..sasabihin sino ba ang nag pa survey …hahahahaha……basta ako ayoko ng dynasty mapa team pnoy or UNa man yan…mga trapo din lahat…

  • rage b.

    bakit? why?ayaw ang tao sa inyo kasi 3 kings represent death to economy of the philippines sa bulsa nyo pupunta ang pera naku lahat kayong tatlo represent  corruption babae at  dynasty to the highest level.

  • garcia677

    Normal reaction to be appraised that if the survey favors one he or she is happy but when it’s adverse the aggrieved yells to high heaven to denounce the result like what Binay is doing now. As expected Tiangco the UNA spokesman shall issue a press release to cast doubt but the fact remains to set a trending that majority of the Filipinos have faith in Pnoy’s administration

  • Drahcir Go

    waaahhhh this is selective thinking . . . . .

  • Cubano


  • walaKA

    Gulong mo Vice..Di ka makapaniwala sa survey pero pagdating sa ranking ng anak mo eh justified..Be grateful of the result..Nagigising na mga tao..

  • entong238

    Nakakatakot palang maging presidente itong si Binay kasi makasarili. dahil pasok sa magic 12 ang anak ay okey sa kanya at di sinabing ganito at ganire pero sa iba niyang kasama ay blah blah blah. Kunbg talagang pang lahat ang pananaw niya eh pati rating ng anak ay dapat kinuwestiyon para patas. Matayog na parang saranggola na itong si Binay kaya dapat huwag iboto sa 2013

    • diamond_digger

       Tama ka, Entong. Muntik na akong masuka sa komentaryo niya hinggil sa resulta ng survey. Kung pabor sa kanya okey siya pero kung hindi ay ayaw niyang tanggapin. If that is not childish reaction, I do not know how to call it. One good thing is that he is showing that now to forewarn the Filipinos of the kind of person he is who seeks the highest post in the land.

  • pipsirho

    Ano ba Binay saan ka takaga? NANINIWALA o NAGTATAKA!!!

    “Sa aming bahagi, ang ganda ganda ng aming kampanya. Sumama ka kaya para
    makita mo kung gaano karami ang pumupunta sa rally naming (In our part,
    we have a very nice campaign. You join us so you can see how many go to
    our rallies),” he said, reacting to a reporter’s question. 

    MARAMING PUMUPUNTA SA RALLY dahil gusto nilang makakita ang anak ng 3 Kings na tutulong sa mga Kings sa PAGPPAYAMAN PA ng kanilang POLITICAL DYNASTY!! Gustong makita ang anak ng: KING of PLUNDER, KING of CORRUPTION, KING of POLITICAL DYNASTY!!!

  • adanr

    common pinoy politicos mind.. pag natalo dinaya. = trapo.
    matagal magma mature ang mga politician natin.. mas mauuna pa yata ang mga botante.. We will see. if UNA become HULI in the coming election , Mature na ang mga voters.

  • adanr

    GOD Help our country.. AMEN!

  • Lakan Dupil

    Actually Sir VP ang anak mo ay nasa 17th place na ayon sa Pulse Asia.

  • Rizal

    Katulad ni Binay, ako din hindi makapaniwala sa resulta nitong survey. Hindi ako makapaniwala na may natira pa sa UNA. Di bale abangan ko nalang mga susunod na surveys lalo na sa April. By then sana ubos na ang UNA. Ipagdarasal ko naman na makapasok na sina Edward Hagedorn, Eddie Villanueva at Atty. Marwil Llasos.  

  • joel genese

    Dapat kasuhan din ng mga surveyors iteng si binay gaya ng pagkaso nila kay Alcantara.

  • George

    Gusto ni nognog lahat ng pamilya opisyal ng gobyerno. Pati tsimay gagawing senador. Mga buwaya!

  • Jhonil

    yan ang napapala ng pagiging trapon

  • Karabkatab

    “Sa aming bahagi, ang ganda ganda ng aming kampanya. Sumama ka kaya para makita mo kung gaano karami ang pumupunta sa rally naming (In our part, we have a very nice campaign.”  Tama ka dyan JB. Twing pumupunta ka sa aming provinsya, aba punong puno ang karsada.  Mga ka brod mo sa frat sa ibabaw ng jeep, panay sigawan parang mga siga may dala dala pang paddles. Pwee…Nagtataka ako kung bakit an mga pulis hindi pinaghuhuli ang mga ito, naka sakay sa ibabaw ng jeep at napaka unruly.

  • Timothy Te-Co

    Binay questions latest SWS survey…

    Boy Negro:  I am questioning the integrity of the survey done by SWS…bakit napasama ang anak ko sa top 12 this early?  We always come from behind sa eleksyon, now that naipalagay sya sa pang pito at nailathala pa ito, mawawala na ang pagkakataon na mapasama sya talaga.

  • pedronimo

    Hoy Binay, hindi kaya’t nagpunta sa campaign ninyo ang tao ay boboto na sa inyo. Marami diyan gusto lang marinig kung papano kayo magsinungaling sa taong bayan.

  • superlucky2

    Buti nga Binay nasa 7th pa iyan anak mo ngayung. Pero sa election time tanggal iyab anak mo. ANG BOBOTO SAIYO AT ANAK MO AY BOBO. SWAPANG KA BINAY.

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    LP’s Checklist:

    PCOS machines / electronic sabotage care of Comelec’s Brillantes.

    Buy off SWS and Pulse Asia to prime and condition public’s mind.

    PDI and other propaganda machine to bombard public with anti-UNA stuff.

    Make sure Bam Aquino is in top 12 of SWS & Pulse Asia to keep dynasty alive.

    ?  Try to insert Ting-Ting Cojuangco in top 12 survey results at last minute.

    • ramelatilano

      malicious act, malicious mind, malicious action ha ha ha….sayang ka brad sa panahon di kayo naging maayos…kaya ni isang barkong hi-speed wala tayo …

  • kurakut


  • $23257130

    mabuhay si senator nancy binay

    ang tunay na pag asa ng bayan!

    • gmaisthebestpresident


    • johnllander

      Babagsak na iyan sa 20th place next month!!!!

      Huwag iboto ang mga binay!  Sila’y naging sakim sa kapangyarihan!

    • 33Sambuang2

      tagahimod ka ba ng pwet ni nancy? kadiri ka ang itim itim non…

  • 33Sambuang2

    grabe naman bat di ka makapaniwala? natuto na ang mga tao ng wag iboto ang mga kurakot. yang partido ninyo e babaero,sugarol, smuggler, mamamtay tao…haysss bakit ka nagtataka

  • mamamia


  • dequis

    Sumama kasi kayo sa kampanya namin bago kayo magsalita, ano gusto nyo ng away, ha, ikaw, anong diario ka ba? hoy.

  • TOINKZ_06

    Go and commissioned another survey so that N. Binay mangunguna na. Parepareho lang kayo mga kawatan. 

    Instead of Binay or UNA sa katarantaduhan  and Team Patay anjan iboto natin si Alcantara, Hagedorn, Montano, Seneres, Villanueva. 

  • Dy Pailad

    Why are you wondering about the sudden plunge of your UNA ticket popularity? Una, the Gwen Garcia issue. Second, Gigi Reyes. Third, car smuggling at Port Irene and continued defiance of SC order. 

    In the next survey, the following issue will cause your popularity to dive deeper into Philippine deep:

    1. Erap will return 190M to the government which reminds the voters that he is a convicted plunderer;
    2. UNA’s insistence not to hit GMA which shows UNA’s true color;
    3. The Legarda, Chiz and Poe two-fisted punch;
    4. Apart from bingo, UNA has no known political platform. 

  • Ajuoy

    Pre-condition b4 I would have 6 with Nancy Binay:
    1. No moon at all.
    2. I will be blindfolded.
    3. I must have 5 bottles of beer.
    4. 3 Viagra
    5. Give me cash

    • iriga1_city1_boy1

      To Ajuoy:
         Pare,Holy Tostitos and Macaronis!!!! Grabe ka!1 You make me laugh. Sobra. one of a kind post.

  • johnllander

    Bumulusok na ba ang binay dynasty?  Dapat lang!

    Huwag iboto ang mga binay!
    Huwag iboto ang mga enrile!
    Huwag iboto ang mga ejercito!

    Sila’y sugagapa sa kapangyarihan!
    Kinakamkam nila ang pamahalaan!

  • pipsirho

     “Sa aming bahagi, ang ganda ganda ng aming kampanya. Sumama ka kaya para
    makita mo kung gaano karami ang pumupunta sa rally naming (In our part,
    we have a very nice campaign. You join us so you can see how many go to
    our rallies),” Binay said.

    Gustong MAKITA ng maraming tao ang MUKHA ng PLUNDER, CORRUPTION,at POLITICAL DYNASTY. Ito ang pagkakataong Ibat ibang mukha ng PLUNDER, CORRUPTION, at POLITICAL DYNASTY ang makikita nila sa rally!!! Kung baga WHOLESALE na display!!!

    • lennonpaul

       pag yan ay hindi pa nalinawan ng mga botante EWAN ko na lang,,,kawawang bayan.

  • Jay Panganiban

    Yabang ni Binay…kilala ba yang anak mo..anu na nagawa nya? meron ba?

    • prince_janus

       bukod sa pagiging negra, WALA!

    • ramelatilano

      kilala yan pare… binay yan…eh di ba sa patalastas…

  • Serom

    So pathetic!  Mga anak ng tinapa!…..

  • joeybg


  • Ernesto

    wla kayong mga kwenta,di naman kayo makatulong sa bayan,survey pa lang yan nakialam na

  • anton kinuton

    huwag kang mag-alala binay, malalaglag din anak mo para pare-pareho na ang UNA.UNA no! UNA no!! UNA no!!!

  • lagalag



  • Weder-Weder Lang

    01. Kawawa naman si Binay. Na-outbid sya ng LP sa mga survey companies. Hindi kasi alisto.

    02. But the survey was commissioned by Manny Pangilinan who owns Business World. (check BW’s website: Team PNoy takes the lead in latest SWS-BW poll)

    03. Manny Pangilinan recently won a sweetheart deal over the Palawan Oil Contract.

    04. If Binay can find a big backer, too, baka may pag-asa pa ang UNA. Otherwise, bokya!

    05. Ganun talaga ang buhay Binay. Ang PPP ay pera, pera, pera.


    • ramelatilano

      mali ka hindi na nga dapat kasama si Binay eh ha ha ha

  • sabaw_at_kanin

    ang hindi ko maintindihan ay kung bakit nasa listahan pa ang walang wala na si Nancy Binay. walang maipakitang track record man lang bukod sa pagiging mabuting ina at anak. buong buhay ang naging trabaho ay pagiging alalay ng tatay – Personal Assistant pa, hindi man lang Executive Assistant. taga-timpla ng kape.

  • gayyelahe

    katakataka talaga ang huling survey!!! yeheheheyyyy… if only the candidates concerned will read all comments in this issue, i believe they will learn something and think again whether to push through with politics or not! yo!!!!!

  • GustoKoHappyKa

    Hagedorn for Senator!!!

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    The former mayor now( Vice President)was charged in 2006 for allegedly bypassing the bidding procedure in favor of Office Gallery International Inc. 

    Binay was questioned over the anomalous purchase of office fixtures and furniture for the new Makati City Hall from private contractor Office Gallery International from December 1999 to February 2000. The contract was allegedly overpriced by P3.6 million.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Binay wife linked to Php72.06-M graft

    A FORMER whistleblower in high-profile graft corruption controversies turned-head of government’s financial watchdog yesterday linked the wife of Vice President Jejomar Binay, an incumbent and several former Makati City officials to alleged deception in the public bidding for a Php72.06 million supply contract awarded by the city government in 2001.

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Binay and alleged mistress’ photos surface the internet
    change the dot

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Senator Enrile gives out public money to senators

    Enrile gave a whopping bonus of 1.6 million pesos each to 18 senators last Christmas. It is interesting to note that rather than hand over unused funds back to the treasury, Enrile saw it fit to distribute the so-called “savings” to Senate employees as a personal gift. According to the same report, even drivers and security personnel in the senate got bonuses ranging from 50,000.00 to 120,000.00 pesos.

  • ztefertilizerscam10


    change the dot

    2008: Enrile smuggling in Cagayan;

     Pajeros, BMWs
    During the first four months of the year 2008 alone, 1,773 units, including Mitsubishi Pajeros and BMW Z3s, were shipped into Port Irene

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    . Mitos Magsaysay – She is in office to protect her husband, JV Magsaysay, who was the smuggling king of Subic during the reign of Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. He is the counterpart of Elena Bautista Horn, spokesperson of GMA. She is “monkey see-monkey do” as far as her loyalty to GMA is concerned. I cannot trust her.

    • Karl Imanoel Aoanan

      Well, she has not figured in the survey. sino nga ba sya? ano ba tinatakbohan nya? 100-meter dash? Mitos? Mitos=maingay. alam naman natin kapag ang ilog (or suba) ay maingay..

  • ztefertilizerscam10

    Enrile’s only son Jackie Enrile was a notorious killer who killed several people including alfie anido.
     Let us also not forget about Tito Sotto’s involvement in the Pepsi Paloma and Guada Guarin 1982 rape scandal. 

  • Juan

    tell Binay to read comments. isa lang ang pabor sa Una sarcastico pa, and ask him for interview base on the comments please……………………….

  • ramelatilano

    ha ha ha galing..pag sa anak pala walang question…dapat nga matanggal si binay sa 7 eh…ha ha ha…paano naman ang iba nyang candidates hindi na nya kinikwestion ha ha ha sariling interest lang talaga….

  • Janch

    Kenkoy! LOL

  • kwapong654

    Ako iboboto ko ang mga team pnoy kahit asar ako sa mga kapartido nila dahil lang sa isang bagay at ito ang patuloy na pagdaloy ng magandang kinabukasan ng ating bansa lalo na ang mga mamayan. Itong pananaw ko’y galing sa magandang ginagawa ni Pnoy sa kanyang adminitrasyon upang lumago ang ating ekonomiya at ako’y natatakot na masira ito kung mananalo ang karamihan sa Team UNA dahiul siguradong hindi nila suportahan na kagaya ng dati ang matuwid na daan niya para maging inutil siya at hindi na mabango sa pananaw ng mga pilipino. Kasi pag mabaho na siya ay mahirap niyang hikayatin ang mga botante na iboto si Roxas sa 2016.

    Ang mga UNA kasi ay si Binay ang kanilang kandidato sa 2016 kaya dapat makontrol nila ang senado upang madiskaril ang ating ekonomiya at ito ang kinakatakutan kong mangyari. Ito po’y aking abang na pananaw lamang.

  • George

    Nognog, mga anak at asawa mo congressman at mayor na ng Makati, pati ba naman chimay nyo gusto mo maging senador? Mga buwaya! Kaitiman mo hanggang buto!

  • Guest

    Kung makuha ng Team Pinoy ang 9 sa 12 senatorial seats, ayus na ang
    buto-buto. Si Drilon na ang papalit sa puwesto ni Enrile.

  • Guest

    Laglag sa SWS senatorial survey si Jack Enrile, pasok si Bam Aquino.


    • Observer_din

      mas paniniwalaan naman ng mga tao si BAM kesa ke Jack, and besides bago lang sya sa politics, young blood sabi nga,palagay ko maraming maiko-contribute yan kasi sariwa pa isip nyan. He’s better than CASINO or the now CORRUPTED GORDON, lalo na ke NANCY BINAY..

  • Guest

    Mukhang totoo ang sinabi ni Drilon na 12-0 a. Ngayon may 9 na sila na
    pasok sa Top 12. Magdidilang anghel yata ang boyba.

  • Rene

    1. ” Asked what could be the reason behind the sudden drop of UNA candidates
    in the survey, Binay said, “Hindi nga ako makapaniwala. Paano ako
    makakapag comment sa hindi ako makapaniwala? (I don’t believe it. How
    could I comment if I don’t believe it?)”
    2. While he was surprised by the latest SWS survey, the Vice
    President had no doubt, however, by the good ranking of her daughter,
    Nancy Binay, who  jumped from 12th in January to 7th in  February.

    “Yun din ang pinagtataka ng iba pero ako naman, naniniwala dito (Others are baffled by that but I believe that),” Binay said.

    -Kayo na lang po ang bahalang maghusga kung anong klaseng tao to si Binay…hindi niya alam kung puti ba siya o itim…

  • Ghost

    HIndi naniniwala si Binay sa result ng survey dahil talo ang UNA. Pero naniniwala sya dahil pasok ang anak nya. Ha?!

    Ako naman baligtad. Naniniwala ako sa survey dahil talo ang UNA. Pero hindi ako naniniwala sa survey dahil pumasok ang anak nya. (Ha?! hehehe)

  • repapips

    hindi sya makapaniwala. laki ng binayad nila sa survey firm. anak lang nya lumabas. nyahaha

    • indiosbravos2002

      Niluto na ang results sa lagay na yan pero tatlo lang talaga ang nakapasok sa kanila. Kahit yong kinutsaba na sumagot, ayaw pa rin sa UNA.

  • AgapitoBagumbayan

    UNA is self-destroying. Soon people will realize how foolish they once were.

  • Dy Pailad

    Surveys on trust which showed Binay as most trusted govt official. Binay: Totoo yan. Marami talaga akong nagawa para sa bayan. On survey showing poor rating of UNA candidates. Binay: I dont trust surveys.

  • Flipzi


    Huwag magpauto sa mga pulitiko.

    ang Poll Surveys ay isang malakas na mind-setting.

    kunwari gagawa ng question para lang paguspan pero ang punto ay ipagyayabang ang pwesto sa survey which is a mindsetting scheme.


    HUWAG NIYO I-BROADCAST ANG POLL SURVEYS na iyan kasi ginagamit sa mindsetting yan ng mga magnanakaw sa gobyerno na ayaw maalis sa pwesto.

    Please Google (copy and paste)  ” Deceitful Pre-Election Pulsing and TV Ads FLIPZI “

  • observer1356

    bwa ha ha ha ha  anong klaseng deklarasyon ito ni binay?  . maniniwala sya pag pabor lang sa ‘binay’  ang resulta  ….  ngeek…

  • Observer_din

    questioning the latest survey,hahahaha
    noon mga nakaraang survey na highest ang rating niya maski wala naman nagagawa para sa bayan di niya kimukwestyon, ngayon na nalalaglag mga kasama nya sa UNA nagdu-duda na sya??

  • Jake Lopez

    Sa mga hindi taga Makati…mayroon ba sa inyo na kilala si nancy Binay???

    • indiosbravos2002

      Si Nancy Binay, yong mukhang tsimay.

      • observer1356

         ah, si nancy binay pala yon!

    • observer1356

      Nancy Binay, WHO?? sino yon?

  • indiosbravos2002

    Ayos lang na in denial pa UNA para tuloy tuloy lang pagbagsak nila.

    Binay ganyan talaga pag hakot tao sa sortie. Akala mo madami kayong supporters, puro hakot naman at bayad pa iba.

  • tomas san isidro

    Ika nga, we believe only what we want to believe.

  • RBFjcj

    Let’s just vote STRAIGHT LP!!! FOR GOD& COUNTRY!!!

    • jeremy


    • 1GeorgeTolentino2

      Pre, 3 lang ang LP sa team Pnoy.  So si Jamboy, Magsaysay at Bum lang ang iboboto?

  • stealth ice

    when the survey showed nancy binay was on top the vice president was so happy and even bragging of the UNA. Now that they are behind he begins questioning the survey.

  • Dag Erickson

    Looks like jejomar Binay has a never ending supply of money.  his daughter with no political experience running for senator of the Philippines and ranked number 7 in alleged survey. What and who are the people surveyed?  I’ve read a news that Pulse Asia can be manipulated. 
        Can anybody still remember what did Jejomar Binay did to Mar Roxas  in Mindanao during last  election? 

  • droccu

    Hollow protestation if done selectively….


    >>>MANILA, Philippines—Vice President Jejomar Binay expressed disbelief over the results of the latest Social Weather Station (SWS) survey, saying the polling firm should reveal the basis of its survey.<<<

    I agree wholeheartedly with the observation and remark of BNay.  PAANO nakalusot si Nancy Binay sa poll?  That is really bothering and an inexplicable surprise how that came to pass! 

  • disqus_hGQ9Q6aF8Z

    Please let us not put the efforts of the present administration in jeopardy by voting the wrong persons to be in the higher chamber of our legislative assembly.  Let us do our part by voting responsibly.  Let us not be fooled by money and popularity.  We beg u people of the republic, do not vote for team UNA.  

  • Pope

    FACT: Nancy Binay’s previous job before running as senator? Personal Assistant.
    And the person who hired her — Her own father. Toink?

    1. No skills.
    She’s 39 years old, and comes from a wealthy and well connected family. But she couldn’t get hired for a better job than being her dad’s “secretary”?

    2. No experience
    No prior history in public service. Did not even serve as barangay captain, kagawad, or barangay tanod. Tapos senator kagad gusto!

    3. No character
    She publicly admitted it was not her decision to run but the party’s. Wow, you don’t even have the strength of character to make your own decisions?? Is Nancy running be to be the puppet of UNA in the senate?

    No skills. No experience. No character. No Binay

    • observer1356

       Beeeee!  inay ko!! maawa kayo, hwag nyong iboto! 

      • Pope

        Bi-Nayko po! wag naman sana manalo to!

    • =JOHN SOHN=

      ang karamihan kasi sa mga tao sa pinas akala nila ang tumatakbo si jojo binay. kaya hayun isusulat sa balota binay. hindi nila alam na yan ang credentials (kung matatawag ngang credentials yan) ng binoboto nila. hindi ba pwedeng sabihin sa taumbayan ng mga Pnoy senatoriables na hindi si jojo binay ang tumatakbo? nakteteng ano gagawin nyan sa Senado? BuseT!!!!

  • sk2tk

    NANCY BINAY, wala ka ng gagawin sa SENADO, naipasa na ang KASAMBAHAY BILL, nde na nila kailangan ang TSIMAY!!!

  • Marshall

    May nangingitim,bansot,masiba sa kapangyarihan at kayamanan ,naglalaway sa dilg post na Maligno  ang nagkakalat na ng kalagiman sa bansa..

    • Pope


      I remember hindi pa nga nanunumpa bilang VP si tatang, eh nag-pasabi na kagad na gusto nya yung DILG position.

      Demanding talaga si tatang. But Pnoy did not listen, and appointed Jesse Robredo instead.

      Sobrang demanding ni VP, pinilit pa nyang tumira sa Coconut Palace using taxpayer money. Hindi lang ata presidente pangarap nito, gusto pa maging hari.

  • teraytaray

    Buti nga hindi pa sya humirit na bakit pang 7 lang anak nya.

  • Bairan

    Pag favor sa kaniya, he believes it, pero pag hindi,  hindi.. Selective adherence…Just another sad story of Philippine politics..

  • 33Sambuang2

    nognog, nagpakayaman ka sa makati…… anak mong walang alam sinasabak mo sa pulitika. kasi nga gusto mo dynasty. ganid ka sa kapangyarihan. kala mo magiging presidente ka sa 2016? ano ka noong wala pa si cory? walang wala ka, ngayon bilyonaryo ka na. pano mo maipaliwanag sa mga tao kung saan galing ang yaman mo. sumama ka pa sa partido ng plunderer, sugarol, babaero, smuggler, berdugo ng martial law, sinungaling at mamamatay tao. natural ugok ka, hindi ganon kabobo ang mga botante ngayon. kaya nga me social media di ba para mainform ang mga tao sa kabulastugan ninyo. 

  • Jerry_SeinfeId

    Love your own Binay? Such stupidity.

  • Philcruz

    Bwahahaa ! Nice title to this article. ‘Nuff said.

  • 1GeorgeTolentino2

    Cake na regalo sa mga Sr. Citizen na may birthday worth P2.8k pero halagang P350 lang.  Average b-days ng Sr. Citizen sa Makati 75-100/day, laki ng kita ng bakery ni Nancy no?

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