Benigno ‘Bam’ Aquino credits hard work to jump in SWS ratings


Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV. Fat Reyes/

ALUBIJID, Misamis Oriental — Team PNoy senatorial candidate Benigno ‘Bam’ Aquino stood quietly while his campaign volunteers erupted into cheers and whoops of joy after they learned of his dramatic jump in the latest candidate preference survey of the Social Weather Station.

Aquino now ranks 9-10 from 15th in the survey taken in January.

“I prayed and thanked God for this,” Aquino said in an impromptu news conference at the mayor’s office in this town.

The Senate bet credits hard work for his improved performance in the ratings game.

Aquino said he has been relentlessly attending meetings with various chambers of commerce, youth organizations and private clubs in efforts to convince voters of his business and entrepreneurship advocacy.

Since the campaign period began February 12, Aquino has only been absent from Team PNoy sorties only once.

Still, Aquino credits the administration’s good governance thrust for the dominance of its Senate bets in the latest SWS report.

Nine of the 12 Team PNoy candidates being supported by the Liberal Party are now part of SWS’ “Magic 12″.

Only Team PNoy candidates Risa Hontiveros and former Senators Maria Ana Consuelo “Jamby” Madrigal and Ramon Magsaysay Jr. were excluded from the Top 12.

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  • gmaisthebestpresident

    hindi yan hardwork. pareho lang kayo ni Nancy Binay na madaming pera pambayad sa TV commercial.

    • Ding

      the best president you are referring to is the most hated in Philippine politicial history.

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        I agree with your comment wholeheartedly but you did not contradict my comment.

      • Cabesang_Tales


  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy


    • Ding

      yung unang word sa pangalan mo, angkop na angkop na sa ‘yo ‘yon, ah.

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

        so gets mo?

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      No to the corrupt dynasties of Binay, estrada, enrile, Chavit Singson, etc.

      • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

        isama mo yang mga aquino na yan, villafuerte, osmena, revilla, cayetano lahat ng dynasties..tagal na nila dyan wala pa rin pagbabago ang pinas

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Simpleng sagot, huwag mo iboto. Boto ko, responsibilidad ko.

        Walang dynasty ang Aquino. Magpinsan yan at hindi pinamana. Pinaghirapan ng Bam Aquino lahat ng credentials nya bago makarating dyan.

  • kilabot

    hard work is euphemism for thick face.

    • Ding

      same as ‘Kilabot’ for ‘Hilakbot” o kaya ‘kinikilabutan’ instead of ‘nandidiri’.

  • Demy Angeles

    this guy is full of energy and enthusiasm.  He is very idealistic.  His advocacies are practical and achievable.  He deserves my vote and full support 

    • arthur1410

      BAM is #1 in my list. The best achiever among the candidates. 
      Fellow lovers of civility and decency, we will not let up until JV, Zubiri and Nancy are kicked out of the magic 12. Through our collective efforts in disseminating info on how the the corrupt big 3 and their children will shame us and how they will resurrect the impunity that Marcos and GMA had perfected.
      With still 2 months to go, ang mga anak ng mga corrupt na sina JV at nancy ay mawawala sa magic 12, pati na ang cheater na si Zubiri.  

  • $23257130

    wow ha grave na talaga ang corruption sa panahon ni abnoytard. pppppppppwwweeehhh kadiri eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww

    • Ding

      Hindi ubra ang mga ihi mo palaka, wala nang talab ang kulugo mo.

    • tagatabas

       mamatay ka sa inis

    • desi derata

      ano ang corruption sinasabi mo?

      Ikaw na bastos na bakla ka, tumigil ka.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Haha, im enjoying your comment kay froglet. Sabunutan mo kaya, puro jejemon ang salita e.

  • Ivideo

    9 out of 10 of LP’s are now in the magic 12.  Congrats Team Pnoy go go go!  Love it!

  • Lloyd

    How credible is the survey.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      As credible as THEY can make it appear so.

      Remember, once you can fake ‘sincerity’, you can fake anything.

    • Ding

      as credible as there is sunlight as the sun rises.

  • CustomsNeighbor

    Lampasan mo si Nancy Binay at si Jayvee Ejercito, para mas masaya lalo tayo….go Team PNoys….

  • Eugene Carreon

    no.1 to vote for bam!

  • adscity_info

    Mabuhay ka Bam Aquino!

  • Rosauro

    Dynasty rin e.

  • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo


    nainiwala naman kami, diba?

  • adscity_info

    Parang tanga lang yung TV Ad ni Koko Pimentel. “Kung walang mandaraya, kay saya.”

    • maypakialamtayo

      tama, tapos yung model nya pa si drilon (baboy)

      • Albin

        Ha, ha, ha! OK.

  • Ding

    Go, go, go, Team Pinoy…mabiuhay — 12-0 on the way, go…go…go !

    • Leond Yobar

      Anong 12-0 si Jamby na kulang ng IQ at EQ, si legarda na isang political butterfly & cayetano na pawn ni enrilli isama mo sa good governance government eh nakakasuka na yan!


         Madrigal is the first senator who fought enrile head on. She exposed in the senate enrile’s connections with illegal logging in cagayan region.

        She deserves all the votes.


    Bam Aquino will be the voice of the youth in the senate.

    For the sake of our country,

    vote straight Team PNoy!

  • Leond Yobar

    You should run first as a representative of the house in your district…too ambitious having a pic-sake of Ninoy and a family name of Aquino, however you are above compared to the trapos like JV Ejercito, Maceda, Binay, Madrigal, Magsaysays’ the orig and the copycat, Legarda, Escudero and Cayetano.

  • Marshall

    Nancy Binay..ang Pambansang Tagapalit ng Diaper ng Tatay nya…

    • 12JEM

       Please continue mocking, denigrating, ridiculing, belittling her…And surely she stays in the Majic 12.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        That’s ok Jem. Let Nancy binay prove her worth, if there’s any.

        Binay VP, Binay congressman, Binay mayor. Ngayon another binay sa senate. Ano to pakyawan?

      • puza65


  • superpilipinas

    He-he-he. SWS and Pulse Asia are laughable institutions. They are not credible to me. These are paid surveys. Only a foreign based survey will prove to be unbiased.

    No to POLITICAL DYNASTIES. They are detrimental to Philippine Progress.

    This person is only riding on his surname. 

    No to Team PNoy, UNA, NPC, NP, Lakas, Kampi, etc. Full of TRAPOS, Political Dynasties, and incompetent Showbiz/TV personalities. If you are for FOI and other meaningful laws, do not vote for these parties. 

    If you want progress in the Philippines that will be genuinely felt by the poor as well as everyone else, vote for new and emerging parties, individuals, and professionals from private practice who have integrity, good background, and proven competence and experience.

    • puza65

      noong 8 yrs. pa lang sya nag umpisa na syang mangampanya para sa tita cory at doy…watch Bam Aquino 8 yrs.old speech in one rally….one thng kung bakit umangat sya..

    • Rizal

      Integrity, good background and proven competence and experience? You must be referring to BAM Aquino. 

  • PinoyPower1

    This is only the beginning.

    The Outstanding Young Person of the world Bam Aquino is worthy of my sacred vote.

    I have no doubt, zubiri the cheat will not win. JV will be out of the winning circle by April. Nancy will hang by the thread before election day.

    Landslide for Team PNoy is indeed possible!!

    • 12JEM

       Nancy will stay in the Magic 12.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Wait till people know that his father was the magician of the overpriced Makati City hall and questionable win three years ago.

        May BInay na VP, BInay na Congressman, BInay na Mayor, another Binay sa Senado? Ito yung pamilyang de gobyerno. Kulang na lang Binay sa barangay tanod.

  • Yobhtron

    I’d rather vote for Bam Aquino than the alalay Nancy Binay.  BASTA UNA, IBASURA!

  • 444mangyan888

    BIG loss for the pilipino pipol if Ramon Magsaysay Jr. would not make it..!!!

  • bryanbrian

    Una sa balota ko si Benigno Bam Aquino. Idol ko yan, College Valedictorian.

    • 12JEM

       And solid achiever.

  • bryanbrian

  • Alfred A


    “The people who cast the votes don’t decide an
    election, the people who count the votes do.” – Joseph Stalin… So PCOS machine will decide this elections…

  • Pert Cabatana

    basta never never never Binay, never never Enrile, never never Estrada/Ejercito. I vote for Aquino not because he is an Aquino but because of what he has accomplished and believes in. Let’s also help push Hontiveros.

    • 12JEM

       Hangga’t di inaalis ni Riza ang Alampay niya, di siya mananalo.

      • Sumintao

         seryoso akong nagbabasa bigla akong napahagalpak ng tawa… tnx

      • Ngiping Dilaw

        Akala ko pa naman MAGIC ALAMPAY yon. Hahahaha! Tila hate mo yung alampay nya,ah.

    • gmaisthebestpresident

      kindly tell what Bam has accomplished please.

      • PinoyPower1

        At such a young age, Bam Aquino has helped thousands of poor filipinos in starting their small business thru the microventures and hapinoy programs.

        He is a college valedictorian. kaya mo yon?

      • gmaisthebestpresident

        yung pagiging college valedictorian? hindi ko kaya yun pero hindi pa din yun sukatan para iboto ko siya. mas maraming matalino sa kanya kaya lang eh hindi Aquino ang apelyido.

        yung statement 1 (thousand of poor filipinos?wow) eh anu yung basis mo? yung press releases niya?. maybe you can further elaborate sir.


    Kahit ano pa sabihin ng mga kalaban, solid Team PNoy buong pamilya namin.

  • josefe38



    • LAD

       ingit ka lang

    • Benjamin



    • 12JEM

       The 1987 Constitution will be amended to allow PNoy to run again.  It will be PNoy against anybody.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        ??? Ano sabi mo? That borders between a lie and misinformation.

  • puza65


    • tower_of_power

       I have nothing against Bam Aquino … he maybe qualified … he might just get my vote in the end … but … do you believe na si Bam lang ang kayang magsalita ng ganyan kung yung ibang 8-year old ay bigyan din ng pagkakataon na magsalita sa TV or saan mang forum???? KAYA AYOKO SA DYNASTY … meron silang pera … sa murang edad ay nakakaladkad na sa TV … ano ang laban ng anak ko or anak mo??? Honestly, however, pumili ka ng 12 na candidate for senate na mas magaleng pa kay Bam …. WHAT A SAD FRUSTRATING SITUATION FILIPINOS ARE IN!!!!

      • puza65

        i rather choose him than jv nancy or zubiri or jack and lastly honasan…and tell me sino sa mga anak ng mga pulitiko ang naging tagapagsalita ng magulang noong araw…na kasa kasama sa rally bagkus na nakikipaglaro sa mga kaibigan…WALA di rin wala akong tiwala sa UNA at sa iba pang kandidato….

  • Rizal

    He deserve it. You have my vote BAM Aquino.

  • NinjaMan

    hard work campaigning he means. aside from that, there’s none.

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      Hahaha here’s one big ha ter.

      • NinjaMan

         i’m just stating the obvious. quickly, without checking google, can you identify anything that bam aquino has done for his country? i rest my case, moron. LOL

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        I can debate with you at any given time, ninc ompoop.

        12,000 small stores that benefitted from his micro financing, no history of corruption as NYC chairperson and rallied people during Marcos.

        Kaya mo ba mga ginawa nya, butihing mang mang?

      • NinjaMan

        it’s easy if you have the cojuangco money to do that, and besides, it’s a business. he’s reaping millions and millions of pesos in exchange for that, butihing mang mang franzeline. LOL

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        He’s not a cojuangco, nincomp oop. See, your ignorance is highlighted.

        Ang sarap makipag usap sa isang bobito who likes to use the word mo ron on others. Boomerang!

        You’re a plain ha ter. Nobody can convince a guy like  you.

      • 33Sambuang2

        e ikaw moron, meron kang nagawa?

      • NinjaMan

        bakit? kasama ba ako sa news article at sa survey? you stupid idiot, LOL

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Hindi ka nga kasama pero pag nagcomment ka akala mo sikat ka. 

        And by the way, there is no such thing as a stu pid i diot. You could either just be one. But you’re both. hahaha! 

        can you also spell D-U_M_B, garding vading?

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      Those who benefitted from corruption will never like Bam. Gaya mo Garding vading. Hahaha.

      No amount of reason will convince u cos u’r incapable of learning

      • NinjaMan

        but franzeline perdubal, i’m just stating the obvious, nobody knows who bam is. just like noynoy, nobody knew that idiot existed until cory died and he showed up.

      • cion

        yes, unfortunately there are many Filipinos  who are misinformed that they dont research at all to find out  what are their accomplishments to run for office ?????

  • pcosmachine



  • haaay

    Yes!!! Babago na buhay natin lahat!!!!

  • adriel0104

    Ramon Magsaysay should be win…Hontiveros and Madrigal should NEVER win!

    • bryanbrian

      All of them will win. Next survey out na yang mandarayang si zubiri. next will be estrada out.

      • cion

        Oh siguro gawain mo ang magdaya, Zubiri honored the ballot recounting  and Pimentel took the seat and  that’s an  honorable gesture( deed) which is  very hard to find in Philippine politics that are full of deception.

    • pubringjuandelacruz

      Ramon Magsaysay should be back in the senate!!!

    • cion

      Just because he is the former president son, Jun Magsaysay , what accomplishments has he done for the country , for Filipinos  to vote for him  Zero or nothing he is capitalizing on his fathers name   and same way with Bam Aquino, also another opportunist, Hopefully Filipinos would vote wisely and knew better who to elect.What are their resume to qualify for the job ? except for the popular name???

  • oidkcin

    I liken the candidates of both parties & all the politicians past and present led by the abnoydski pwesident, to the ayatollahs & ruhollahs. They are the paragons of virtues, good-mannered, can never do wrong, pure as white, smooth as silk Sons And Daughters Of B…..Talagang walang kabigin, puro itulak, lahat panapon ‘ika nga.
    Impeach Aquino….& her brother.


    In full support of more reforms and continued good governance, straight Team PNoy!!

    • cion

      For good governance , find out first the past accomplishments of each candidate before casting your vote otherwise Phl will be back in the gutter with  those who only promote self-interest , their relatives and friends like KKK. at the expense of the poor farmers of Hacienda Luisita. and many less fortunate Filipinos who up to this day ay( Mahirap at kailangan pumunta sa ibang Bansa para magkaroon ng Trabaho) .

      • yesyesyo

         The accomplishments of the PNoy administration speaks for itself compared to those of united nakaw alliance.

  • Patikotiko

    Bam, wats your comelec number?

    • bryanbrian

      Aquino is No.3 in the ballot.

      • Patikotiko

        Thanks Bryan!

  • Franzeline Perdubal

    Bam inspires good people to fight back. He started fighting Marcos at 7 yrs old, studied well and kept the poor close to his heart.

    He deserves to be the number 1 guy in the senate.

    • Marlon

      weh??? hinde nga???

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Bakit hindi?

      • puza65

        panoorin mo sa youtube:8 yrs.old Bam Aquino in a speech against Martila Law…

  • Darwin

    takes a lot of effort to look like a dead relative.

    • Bokya

       just like the effort being done by your relative to look like you

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      Looks like there’s no effort at all but he affects you so bad that you turn sour.

  • Albin

    SWS and Pulse Asia are just paid puppets by the palace. Si Bum Aquino? – kamukha lang daw nya so Ninoy. Kapag ini-interview, hindi na niya inaalis ang daliri sa baba nya, ginagaya yung P500. Si Grace Poe naman – ‘nay ku po! Ano ba sya bukod sa ampon ni FPJ?

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      Hahaha. First, you accused the surveys. Second, you watch Bam’s interview and lastly, question a person’s genealogy.

      Any other “serious” issues worth talking about?

      Ikaw ba Albin, cno pipiliin mo sa senado?

  • Jhonil

    junk UNA CANDIDATES!!they are bad for the country!vote straight team pnoy 12-0!good governance rules!!

  • Jhonil

    3 king ng una protektor ng corruption like gwen garcia,gambling like isco moreno at smuggling like enrile!!!

  • hanep

    Bam Aquino is more  popular than Jun Magsaysay ?

    Something  smells fishy  in Denmark,  Manong !!

  • FernandoBusi

    This government has sold the country’s right to Panatag Shoal. That’s why it hasn’t passed FoI.

    No to FoI No to LP.

  • yesyesyo

     Una sa iboboto ko si Benigno Bam Aquino

  • Lakan Kildap

    BAM Aquino


    • Franzeline Perdubal

      E di sana ninanakawan ka pa rin ng kampon ni GMA, erap at marcos.

  • elgeepee

    I have a gut feeling that Bam Aquino will be on the top 3. He is number 1 in my list. 

    • BatangSingapore

      malamang dinaya ang halalan.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Hahaha. Very clever comment. That’s all the way from Singapore. bwahahaha

  • cleoan

    I will vote for him. I wanna give him a chance to prove himself. Not withstanding the family name, i believe in the sincerity of his intentions.

    • BatangSingapore

      sincere sa yaman ng cojungco at aquino. bobo lang boboto kay bum.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        Oi, batang SIngapore, tuta ni Arroyo, you’re back! Go back to SIngapore!


    Valectorian with a genes/dna of a “traitor”…


    Should be valedictorian “Datan’

  • leomar101

     This BUM  aquino is so ambitious na porke may pinsan na presidente ay  nangarap agad na maging senador?  Katulad din ito  ng pinsan niya na 12 years sa  congress at senado kahit 1 batas ay walang naipasa.  Nagbubutas lang ng banko. Ginagawang kapital lang ang apelyedo na aquino which is a traitor during the japanese time. bwahahaha.

    • Renee Miguel

      You are the bum! And not this man who is recognized in different countries as an acclaimed Social Entrepreneur and one of the Top 10 Young Persons of the World!

  • hanep

    Bam Aquino  seems to be a well – meaning  young man  but   to

    go up  in the surveys  that  fast   and the elections  are literally
    just around the corner  ???    Well……..

    • puza65

      can’t believe…punta ka sa you tube at hanapin mo…8 yrs.old bam aquino speech against martial…para di kau nagugulat..pinag aaralan ko pa lang kung iboboto ko sya kc masyado pa syang bata but yesterday noong mapanood ko ang speech nya…doon ako nagdesisyon na iboboto ko talaga sya…

  • Rose

    Waw. Congratulations! Yan talaga ang formula ng winning! Hardwork :) Keep it up!

  • his_airness_23

    This guy is so humble and gracious. He deserves to be in the ‘Magic 12′. And Im really glad his rating are improvnig now coz our kababayans know that he has a potential. Good luck! 

    • Paul

      From 15th to 9-10.. Not bad actually! I can see naman na nagsisipag si Bam Aquino lately. Been following him for two months now and nakikita ko yung improvement.

  • BatangSingapore

    hoy bum aquino ambisyoso.  magkaong pera ng bayan na nilustay ni abnoy dyan sa survey mo.  bugok hindi na naniniwala ang mga bobotante sa survey.

    • puza65

      punta ka sa youtube at panoorin mo ang video roon…8 yrs.old Bam Aquino speech against martial law…para malaman mo na bata pa sya may alam na sya…isa sa dahilan kung bakit umangat sya sa survey….

      • BatangSingapore

        wag mo ako tulad sayo na mababaw ang reasoning.  kahit sinong bata cute tignan pero hindi ibig sabihin nun pwede na sya maging senador.  ang paglingkood sa bayan sinisimulan yan sa barangay.  trabaho yan, kapag wala ka experience ay siguradong wala ka magagawang matino.

      • puza65


      • BatangSingapore

        hindi ko sinasabing cute si bum, totoo nga nyan kinikilabutan ako dahil mukhang mongoloid.  pati ba naman porma ni traydor na si ninoy ginagaya.  sigurado walang gagawin din matino yan, lahi sila ng gahaman sa pera.

      • Franzeline Perdubal

        hahahah! Gogogo Batang SIngapore. Ipakita mo sa mundo kung gaano ka katalinong matsing!

      • cion

        You tube ,my foot and so you believe it , he himself is just another opportunist member of the clan Aquino-Filipinos are tired of their deception , dont let this family fool you again.

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      I never saw a good comment from you, batang SIngapore. 

      You dislike people who achieve, you stink of crab mentality and most of all, you’ll never learn. 

      This guy is recognized all over the world, and you, what are you? So, Bam has reached things you’ll never reach. His ambitions will always be father than where you will ever be.

  • JasonBieber

    As the saying goes…’It’s more fun in the Philippine…for Aquino’s and Aquino KKKs.”

    No experience and no business as a Senator it appears means nothing as long as you have the last name Aquino.

  • JasonBieber

    Oh and does hard work and Aquino in the same sentence mesh??

    Credit does not go to hard work…it goes to your last name and the celebrity President/cousin/uncle of yours that you share the last name with.

  • Chick

     “I prayed and thanked God for this”..Ang humble naman ni Bam.

  • Jaja

     Yan ang bunga ng kasipagan ni Bam at pagpupursige na maiparating ang kanyang mga adbokasiya sa mamamayan

  • Jean

     Sana magpatuloy pa nag pag angat ni Bam sa survey

  • CeeJay

    karapatdapat siya sa top 10 dahil isa siya sa mga kandidato na gusto ng mamamayan para senado

    • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

      mamamayan or mayayaman?

  • Pio Gante

    during your entire existence you had and up to now still have a privileged and comfortable life. please tell us,  kailan ba tumulo ang pawis mo dahil sa ‘hard work’ na sinasabi mo?

  • Andrea

    Patunay lang na nagmature na ang mga botante.Marunong na silang pumili kung sino ang karapatdapat na ilagay sa senado.Congrats kay Bam Aquino for making it to the top 10,sana tumaas pa ang ratings mo sa survey.

  • yesyesyo

    Benigno Bam Aquino is the best.

    Aktibo, matalino, at higit sa lahat mapagkakatiwalaan.

    The voice of the youth in the senate.

    No to United Nakaw Alliance!

  • agustin


  • Edgardo Mendoza

    mukang payaso si bam ginagaya si benigno aquino puwede na siyang sumali sa gaya gaya puto maya buwiset!

    • Franzeline Perdubal

      Hey, Mr Mendoza, kaano ano mo yung Gen Leandro Mendoza na numero uno na corrupt? Kasi galit ka sa mga mababait at mapagkumbaba.

      Corrutp people and their supporters will never like Bam Aquino and his likes. Bam Aquino will not allow you to rob this country again!

  • Knight

    Nagsisikap si bam . Kilala ng mga youth . Entrepreneur yan ang kailangan ng taong Bayan makakatulong sa pag unlad yan. Go go bam

  • Knight

    Matalino , makikita mong mabait at mapagkatiwalaan

  • $25214711

    I like PNoy as much as everybody does but Bam is just a Bum

  • disqusted0fu

    Bam, same as his cousin Pnoy, has barely done anything in public service. They are just extremely lucky that they have relatives who are popular, which apparently is enough to make you a government official. Not yet in the case of Bam. Hopefully electorates have learned from electing Pnoy. Who do they conduct these surveys to anyway?

  • Heartrob ng Pugad Baboy

    Aquino and hardwork doesn’t belong in the same sentence.

    Btw, what’s with trying to look like Ninoy?  Creepy.

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