PCSO bonuses went to pay taxes–Juico


PCSO chairperson Margarita Juico: Not bonuses. FILE PHOTO

MANILA, Philippines—The P302.8 million in bonuses the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) allegedly gave its employees in 2011 went to pay their “unpaid taxes and other benefits,” PCSO chairperson Margarita Juico said on Monday.

Juico denied the Inquirer story on Monday that quoted a Commission on Audit (COA) report released in December as stating the PCSO used its employees retirement fund to “grant (them) excessive benefits and allowances” in 2011.

The COA report said “the 2011 grant of grocery and Christmas assistance, as well as rice and (lotto) draw allowances and medicines in the total amount of P302,795,557.71” had violated COA Circular No. 85-55-A.

Juico said the appropriations were not bonuses, but were used to pay “unpaid” taxes and other benefits of PCSO employees.

“Since 2007, the PCSO has not (been) paying taxes—including VAT and e-VAT—on the employees’ benefits. We incurred billions of debt on taxes alone,” Juico said, adding that “if the taxes and the other benefits were subtracted (from their pay), the employees (would) have nothing to earn anymore.”

Juico, who took office in 2010, said that during her first year at the PCSO, almost P1.9 billion was paid for taxes, including for documentary stamps.

She said the request to use the employees’ provident fund for their unpaid taxes had come from PCSO union president Christopher Bautista, who expressed the union’s concern to PCSO director Aleta Tolentino, a member of the Committee on Financial Audit.

In a statement to the Inquirer, Bautista said the employee benefits in question were “not excessive nor irregular because they have been given to PCSO employees since 1995.”

The statement added the amount had not been increased during Juico’s term “in compliance with Executive Order No. 7 prohibiting an increase (in) benefits.”

According to the PCSO union’s statement, “proper authority for the allowances has always been obtained. Since the time of President Fidel V. Ramos, PCSO employee benefits have always been approved by the Palace post facto.”

Although the COA has said that the PCSO should “discontinue using the PCSO Provident Fund” in granting benefits to its employees because (the fund is intended) for the employees’ retirement, the union said that it had replied to the COA Audit Observation Memorandum on the matter, saying that the Provident Fund provides not only retirement benefits but also makes available “financial assistance to meet (the) immediate needs (of employees) in times of financial difficulty.”

In the union statement, Bautista said the release of employee incentives such as grocery and Christmas bonuses through the Provident Fund “is in consonance with the Collective Negotiations Agreement registered with the Civil Service Commission (CSC).”

The statement also clarified that using the PCSO’s Charity Fund for the employees’ health benefits was in accordance with a law mandating that companies provide health benefits to their employees.

The union statement said that in 1998, the PCSO under Justice Cecilia Muñoz-Palma created a PCSO employees’ health and medical assistance program, with expenses charged to the agency’s Charity Fund as allowed under EO 180.

“We are not taking away anything from our beneficiaries,” said Bautista in the statement. “The amount allotted for charity is being given to (PCSO beneficiaries) and (is) increasing each year. Meanwhile, all employee allowances are aboveboard.”

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  • leomar101

     Ngayong nahuli kayo, eh kung anu-anong palusot ang pinagsasabi ninyo. the fact that COA noticed this irregularities ay klarong  dinadivert ninyo ang pera sa sarili ninyong bulsa. O di ba ang 10 millions na pinaghatihatian rin ng mga board of directors ay ang COA rin ang nagsabi na irregular yon. Voila!  huli kayong mga kawatan ngayon. You can not hide always under the cover of such technicalities. Bwahahaha. Magnanakaw rin kayo kahit nasa matuwid na daan.hahaha.

    • chemist45

      Tama ka. Dapat magresign na lang kaagad. Wala nang palusot.  Anong sabi ni P-noy? Give PCSO its side first before husgahan. YOu mean the COA does not know what are taxes to be deducted? Buking na kayo Ms Juico and company.

  • bogli_anakdami

    dang! wow!… P302.8M bonuses to flip magnanakaws…

    yaman talaga ng flipland…  WHO SEZ DAT FLIPS ARE POOR?

    bwa ha ha ha ha he he he hi hi hi ho ho ho hu hu hu hu…

    mga flip gung gongs eh nakakaiyak sa katunggakan…

  • elgeepee

    Why not file the corresponding cases in against Juico et. al. kung may evidence para makita natin ang tunay. If Juico is a grafter also why not fire her.   

  • speaksoftlylove

    You gave bonuses to pay taxes? In other words. you add income to yourselves so that you will pay your income taxes as well to pay taxes for the added bonuses? This corrupt prevaricator is pretty convinced that anyone will blieve her lies.

    Remember that it’s a COA Report. As such it’s report is based on the review of the documents attached by the agency to rationalized it’s expenses. 302.8 million in just 2011 as bonuses is unconscionable. If it was for payment of taxes why not pay it directly to BIR instead of giving it to the PCSO employees and their officers? The prevarication of Juico ids simply too glaring and un pardonable

  • speedstream2

    Beyond legalities and convuluted justifications, isn’t there such a thing as propriety? Would it be the end of the world for PCSO employees if they toned down a bit their “benefits”? Over P300 million isn’t exactly peanuts. Like it or not, there are thousands of Filipinos in dire need of assistance and, needless to say, should be on top of government’s must-attend-to list.

  • Rovingmoron

    It’s like this. If the government gives out bonuses to its employees, the withholding taxes for these bonuses had already been deducted from what they were supposed to receive. Right? In the case of the PCSO employees, the bonuses were granted to its employees without any deductions at all. Then, when the tax season comes, it’s only the time when they’re going to pay their taxes themselves to the BIR, not the PCSO. But Juico has another version. Instead of the employees paying their own taxes to the BIR, these withholding taxes were kept by the PCSO as future payment for the taxes incurred against the bonuses of its employees. Isn’t it strange?

  • Agat Sumi

    FAT BONUSES FOR THE PAYMENT OF TAXES? huh! walang pagbabago from the previous pcso management! TUWID NA DAAN PATUNGO SA SARILING BULSA!

  • chemist45

    Manoling Morato it’s your move now. Hope you are well and recovering.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_W7TPARCYJFCSA3PBQAM3MVZO3E kurakut


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/VIUM4BBODLUXNPTDSND4FVX4ZQ dodot

    will PCSO please pay the taxes of all goverment employees so that it will be fair to all govt employees 
    walking the ” DAAN MATUWID”

  • 2rey3

    The end does not justify the means! PCSO funds used to pay for the taxes of its employees OUT OF CHARITY??? Palusot na namn ito. The PCSO board should be punished just like anybody else.

    • leomar101

       Sinong may sabi na maparusahan sila? Kung ang mga kawatan na ito ay protektado ng Malacanang. Ang mapait na katotohanan sa matuwid na daan ay ito:Basta kaaway ni  aquino ay parusahan under the mantra of tuwid na daan. Pero kung ikaw ay kaibigan o KKK ikaw ay protektado at patuloy ang iyong pagkakawatan. hahaha. Ganoon rin ang mga nagyari sa ibang agency. Kapag  appointed na ni budoy na hukluban ay tuloy-tuloy ang mga matataba na bonuses nila. hahaha.

  • $20722540

    juico puro ka palusot…bonuses to pay the taxes…galing noh!  

  • mangtom

    There is too much hocus-pocus going on. Bonuses used to pay taxes-blah-blah-blah. Too complicated ang system ninyo. Let the employees pay their taxes and don’t go around using bonuses. This creates a suspicion of manipulating funds for nakawan. Masyadong maraming pasikutsikut ang system natin. Go straight to the point. At the same time, you will save a lot of time and effort at hindi magkabuholbuhol ang paper work. We are bogged down in too much paper work, signature here, signature there, board meeting here board meeting there. Cut the red tape and you can move forward. Gets ninyo? Take advantage of the speed of the computer. Masyadong mahaba ang backlog ng paper work sa gobierno kasi too much unnecessary details which do not prevent graft-in fact it encourages graft kasi you can hide all kinds of shenanigans in this mountains of paper work

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_6ODLDBBLVPVJCOODC6Y4CKJTVA lex

      Hindi naman siguro PALUSOT yan. Kasi yong mga taxes ay involved sa government transaction, it means kahit i audit ulit nila makikita kung talagang ibinayad nga. Palagay ko kung ibinayad nga, syempre recorded yan officially kaya para sakin, maghintay tayo ng resulta ng imbistigasyon at wag manghusga agad. Possible yong accumulated na utang sa taxes kasi kung wala talagang pondo, ganon talaga ang mangyayari. It means ng mga nakaraang taon walang budget kasi kinukurakot eh kaya di nila nababayaran at nabibigay ang mga liabilities at benefit sa empleyado.

      Tungkol sa mga groceries, bigas, etc, totoo yan kapag sa CBA ay nag – agree na may mga ganitong benefits ang empleyado (UNION BARGAINING), kailangan talaga ibigay yan

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_T4UWEQIDXLS7RQXY2DDQTV6MNE carol

    Siempre tahimik si BS aquino sa anomaliang ito. kaalyado eh.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_FNBBNCCS7FK4K6ZEMT2XMEN5JQ RAMONS

    marami pa rin na magnanakaw sa administration na ito.

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    e bakit kami d pa natatanggap sweldo bawas na tax? mga liston de leche, d b dapat patas lang?

  • tanga_hanga_ni_abnoy

    walang kinaiba

  • mekeni62

    weehhh di nga.

  • R J

    Ms Juico as long you can provide the above explanation with official receipt to COA, I salute you!
    Many of our kababayan really 100% pinoy na magaling mang sira or mag comment na parang mga walang pinag aralan…

    • Karabkatab

      Malinaw. Juico doen’t know anything about taxation and accounting.  She’s talking of VAT and e-VAT of employees, not paid.  Por dyos porsanto madam, we pay our evat (pls note no more VAT because it was the 10% rate before) the moment there is an exchange of goods and services and the one liable to pay this to the government is the merchandiser.  Ganito na ba kababaw ang mga executive ng gobyerno?

    • Loggnat

      Explanation means nothing when the COA is not aware if that was really what happened to the money. This is a ‘deja vu’ for me because of this feeling that the same situation has been in the news before and that I have posted an opinion on the subject. Let me enumerate the things that makes me not believe this explanation or excuse. 
            First, the PCSO has not been paying VAT and eVAT since 2007 on employees benefits. PCSO management just admitted their incompetence and inability to do their duty and responsibility with the admission that they have been breaking the law when they failed to pay appropriate taxes on their employees benefit. With this blunder and indiscretion alone, the entire top management of the PCSO should be ostracized or even replaced for its failure to correct this problem. Strike one against the PCSO management.
           Second, the COA Commission on Audit where not made aware and probably not given supporting documents proving the PCSO’s claim that the money was used to pay the employees taxes on their benefits. Is it because the PCSO is trying to hide it from the COA or just an oversight of the PCSO?  Strike two the PCSO management. 
           ‘ She ( Juicio) said the request to use the employees’ provident fund for their unpaid taxes had come from PCSO union president Christopher Bautista, who expressed the union’s concern to PCSO director Aleta Tolentino, a member of the Committee on Financial Audit.’ /// The PCSO still have to approved the request of the employees union president and consult their legal department if it is even legal to do it. Or maybe Juicio is just trying to shift the blame to the PCSO union president Bautista!?? Strike three to the PCSO management and they should be …OUT!!!! The PCSO needs a top to bottom overhaul if you want my opinion. 

  • Milesaway

    Approriations for Paying Employees Taxes? Mayroon bang batas na pwedeng gawin ito? If yes you’re not guilty Madame.. saludo ako sa iyo.. But if big NO you’re guilty Madame & no further explanation required… Please resign na dali… yun lang po

  • $23257130

    wow ha grave na talaga ang corruption sa panahon ni abnoytard. pppppppppwwweeehhhh kadiri eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwww

  • http://www.facebook.com/beng.atibo.3 Beng Atibo

    What is the truth behind this ??? COA nagmamadaling sabihin iyong bonuses are illegal! Bakit hindi muna i-clear ang issue?? Ginugulo niyo ang issue!!! Puro media mileage lang ang pinapairal??? If found illegal, kasuhan na lang para madali ang proseso!!! Kung may question, settle it in court and charge those involved in court.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_ZFJ33JUQK7G5OSYRA7OXSEKIZU Accountant Tax

    bonus is used to pay taxes? i think they still think that ordinary filipinos are stupid.
    the minimum wage pay of laborers are also used to pay taxes. would be nice if there
    is a bonus to pay taxes for these laborers.

  • mangtom

    lex, salamat sa paliwanag mo. Ito namang Union bargaining agreement, sa akin lang ha, kung ako ang union member, mas gusto ko ang union magbargain para tataas ang sweldo. Sa halip na bigas o ibatibang bagay, gawin ang increase sa sahud. Bahala ako bumili ng bigas kung bigas ang kailangan ko. Mapipili ko pa yong quality ng bigas na bibilhin ko. Kung ang agreement ay bigas, can you imagine the expense of distributing the sack of rice to union members? Sa ibang bansa gaya ng US, this kind of thing is unheard of. Let’s make life simple. It is complicated enough as it is. Pwede ring isama ang bargaining gaya ng benefits-health insurace, pension and the like. Wala yong bigas o sliced bread. 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_HUE7BZXUJ7I5AFIBEPSIBONAHA Alfred A

    Mga magnanakaw pinalitan ng “tax paying na magnanakaw”…hahahaha… kawawang Pinoy…

  • Atawid

    Kng prompt ang tax payment – no problem; ang kamalian at kagaguhan ng taga PCSO ay pinapasan ng atong bayan. Pag ganito na lang ang utak ng gobyerno, Di talaga tayo makatawid patungong Daang matuwid

  • symonwho

    So PCSO wants their empoyees’ income to be tax-free unlike all other workers, public and private?

    The PCSO employees should share the burden of running the government.

  • mapicchu

    ” Juico said the appropriations were not bonuses, but were used to pay “unpaid” taxes and other benefits of PCSO employees.”   ginagago mo ba kami juico? anong unpaid taxes? all employee taxes are outright deductible with reconciliation done at year end. please come up with a better, more believable excuse.hrrrmph!

    • Karabkatab

      Assuming may unpaid taxes ang mga emplyado for the past years, then it is the burden of the employees to pay the supposed taxes, not the government. Ewan ko kung saan nanggaling ang ganitong katwiran ni Juico.  She is supposed to be knowledgeable in managing the corporate affairs of PCSO, pero parang wala atang laman.

      • marionics

        tama ka pre pero if as they said “the employee benefits in question were “not excessive nor irregular because they have been given to PCSO employees since 1995.” then this may be interpreted as forming part of their compensation package. may mga kumpanya akong alam na ginagawa ito.

      • mapicchu

         is it fair that PCSO employee are tax-exempt? 

      • marionics

        think of it as part of their compensation package. this is one format para net na lang ng stated compensation ang tatanggapin nila without stating all the computations for the taxes

      • mapicchu

        when they try to muddle presentations in pay…cgurado may anomalya…its so easy to determine taxes..e after the amounts are determined, taas nanaman taxes nila…wtf, iba na marurunong ng tax evasion, govt employees pa man din cila

      • Karabkatab

        Ok, if the extra benefits given to employees since 1995 now forms part of the compensation of the employees, then the more it is subject to income tax pre.  The question here pre is the manner of appropriating funds for the taxes of the employees.  Big  No No pre, kasi dapat ang employees ang magbayad ng buwis at saka dapat ito kaltasin twing sila ay sasahod, 100% of tax computed so wala nang bayarin at the end of the year.

      • marionics

        yup i agree pare. i was thinking yung income tax on the compensation income na babayaran dapat ng employee e “babayaran” din ng employer which is deemed as part of the employees’ compensation na rin. i know of some private companies na gumagawa nito. sagot na nila ang buwis ng empleyado nila as part of their benefits. although tama ka na ewan ko kung puede ito sa public funds.

        sampahan mo ng kaso pre para malaman natin ang say ng SC he he

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/MJFXCRSCXRWPLL42QQKSINC3AQ Mamerto

    Once “manipulation of accounts” are made…, “CORRUPTION” is not far behind.

    There MUST be TRUTH in WHAT is STATED in Official Documents.

  • lostRunes

    “Since 2007, the PCSO has not (been) paying taxes”

    Wow si Arroyo na naman ang may kasalanan. Good job Juico. The President will reward you well…

  • XY ZEE

    E anong nagyari sa witholding tax na kinakaltas buwan-buwan?
    Magpapalusot ka lang, yung pang harap-harapang kasinungalingan pa.

  • http://inquirer.net unokritiko

    Even the lottery results is manipulated. Anybody who believe that somebody wins in this lottery of 642, 645,649 and 655? Only few people believe that somebody wins!!!!
    Yes indeed only few winners and it is dictated by the PCSO. In a months lottery draws, you can say there is really one winner or even none at all! as compared to the anouncement in everyday draws that some people win in the lottery.
    The proof here is the tambiolo they are using which has a lot of control or you might call it sensors. This sensors can sense the right number they want to win because it sensed the balls in a very fast manner, maybe in GHz speed.
    The sensing is very similar when you buy an item in supermarket, where this items passes thru the infrared sensor by the cashier. The only difference though is the speed how it is read by the sensor where the balls has a particular code embedded just right below the colors of the ball.See how they put the balls in the tambiolo, the person doing this uses only one hand as it is very delicate for sensor to sense if there is contaminants.
    It is advisable to just buy one ticket of lotto at one time if you think your numbers will comeout.

  • disqusted0fu

    The Aquino administration’s straight path is the only straight path that appears to be very crooked. Juico is trying to explain her way out of this but she has to do better than that. She is giving us lies and excuses right in our faces. There should be a thorough investigation on this and give them the appropriate penalties.

    GMA is in detention without evidences of her allegedly misusing PCSO funds, while these Pnoy PCSO officials do not even get investigated despite strong evidences right before COA’s eyes.

  • Anqui

    Margarita Jyuico, what difference does it makes where the money you gave went?  The point here is why you gave the Filipino people’s money as a bonus to  PCSO employees.  Your reasoning is very shallow and only makes you look VERY STUPID!!!.

  • Survivor

    YOU BROKE THE LAW BY NOT PAYING VAT AND eVAT.  AND NOW, YOU USE GOVERNMENT FUNDS TO RECTIFY THE SITUATION??? Sonamagan!! Mrs. Juico, where’s the “daang matuwid” in that???  You are not different from the people this government is investigating (GENUINO, ONGPIN, et al..).  Pare-pareho kayong mga corrupt…. Sayang na sayang ang mga pinag-umpisahan ni Pnoy.  They cannot be sustained because of people like you…. Hay, naku…. Kawawang ‘Pinas….

  • disqusted0fu

    How can Juico explain the P700++ million of unclaimed lotto prizes in 2011 not being recorded in their books? Or the unreturned discrepancy of over P300 million in their operating fund? And by the way, why is the Palace rather silent regarding this issue that could be screaming corruption? I thought fighting corruption is supposed to be their bread and butter?!!

    • butchred

       kaya po tahimik ang palasyo eh dahil appointed po yan ni pnoy!

    • leomar101

       I had been telling this again and again: the corruption  that is happening now is worse than the supposed sins of the past. Mas talamak at grabe ang  kabalbalan na ginagawa ng present administration. Aquino is blind and silent on the corruptions today precisely because these people who are involved are with his cabinet or in the higher positions appointed by him. Kaya panahon na para patayin ang mga kaanib ng  Team Patay. The logic here why we should give them zero vote is that: in the senate there must be a fiscalizer, an opposition to the whims and caprices of an abnormal leader engrossed on vengeance ang nothing more.

      • disqusted0fu

        I absolutely agree. As I also say it time and again, the anti corruption slogan of the Aquino administration is just being used to persecute their political foes, and that’s what we see in the foreground. But the background of it all is that Pnoy’s allies and KKKs are actually the ones running the corrupt show.

  • superpilipinas

    Really corrupt.

    Where else in the world would you give public money for government peoples’ tax benefit? Africa?

    Those government people are paid salary and their salary should be taxed. These people should use their own salary to pay tax just as anyone else does.

    The money is supposed to be for all Filipinos and now these are being used to benefit a select group of people. It is corrupt. 

    This is why Aquino, who appointed these people, is not as clean and good as I thought and voted him for. He appointed crooks and incompetents.

    No to Team PNoy, UNA, NP, NPC, Lakas, Kampi, etc. These are all full of TRAPOS, Political Dynasties, and incompetent Shobiz/TV personalities. Don’t vote for them even if you do not have alternatives. That way they will have low votes and will get the message that their days in government are numbered. This will encourage the best people to replace these clowns.

    If you want progress, vote only for new parties, independents, and professionals with proven integrity, credible background, and sufficient relevant experience in public or private practice.

  • Yobhtron

    Pnoy administration should investigate the anomaly in PCSO.  Ang lalaki siguro ng mga sahod ng mga empleyado nila.  At bakit hindi nagbabayad ng buwis? Dapat sila ang magbayad at huwag kunin sa pondo.  Tanggalin ang mga BOD at buwagin ang Union.

  • buttones

    So public money is being handed out to pay the grocery bills of government employees is it. Are these people not paid a salary? This is simply wrong, just increase their salaries on which they will pay due taxes, and let them buy their own food. This is a corrupt practice, I assume these employees vote for the administration of the time that gives them these remarkable benefits? Of course they do…and what will happen now, after this COA finding? Yes I know- absolutely NOTHING! We have enough on with public savings in the Senate being handed out as ‘gifts’ and now this ? This is, as I said a CORRUPT practice, evading taxes for one…and for the love of God stop paying people in government 13 months salary for 12 months of work as well…And we wonder why this country is flat broke….

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/UZMYIL5FXLVIHRZXBQGONZS6U4 Jhune

    Dalhin sa husgado para malaman kung sino ang nagsasabi ng totoo, huwag lang sa mga bayring huwes ilagay para ang taong bayan ay masiyahan sa daang matuwid. 

  • padrefaura

    thieves for GMA  were merely replaced by the thieves for Pnoy. 
    same corrupt system, different set of thieves. 


    YOU can take the horse to water but you can force the horse to drink.

    Kahit na anong TUWID ng DAAN, kung ang naglalakad ay hindi sanay sa tuwid na daan, ang paglalakad nya ay tulad ng sa bako-bakong daan na pa-enkang-engkang.  Pag gumigiray-giray ang naglalakad sa tuwid na daan, hindi ang daan ang may deperensya…..yong naglalakad! :) 

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WYX4ZTAV4BUGW2RIMT45CPYBGA Pio Gante

    magpapalusot ka pa! nagmamalinis pa kayo eh wala rin naman pala kayong pinag-iba sa mga kawatan na sinundan niyo.

  • leomar101

    How can that happen that these thieves  of aquino will be investigated? Sereno isa pa yang dishonest? concheat-a  morales isa pa yang manlalamang. Kaya galit siya kay Corona because  Corona did not give in to her demand of pabaon before retiring in millions. hahaha. and the clamour here from the yelos ay paimbestigahan. Mga loko loko  wala ng maniwala sa tuwid na daan na yan.  Look at  dinky soliman with 3 billions unaccounted money in CCT for 2011 ay walang imbestigasyon. Look at other aquinos darling appointed officials involved in all kinds of  dishonesty, and other forms of coruptions ay may naalis ba? WALA. bwahahaha. Patayin ang Team Patay ngayon na.

  • wakats


    Chairperson juico said “not bonuses, but were used to pay unpaid taxes and other benefits of PCSO employees”

    “We incurred billions of debt on taxes alone”  but “during her first year in office, almost P1.9Bn was paid for taxes, including documentary stamps”

    PCSO taxes comprise mainly of deducted VAT on the salaries & benefits (in excess of P30k) of officials and employees which are remitted monthly to the BIR.  When you have billions of debt on taxes alone, it means the office did not remit what have been deducted.

    It would be prudent for juico to answer the adverse audit findings of the COA and refrain from denying them through press releases..

  • leomar101

    Manoling Morato, sabunutan mo na si margie dahil mas mabaho siya. For 2011 alone ay more than 300 millions ang nadugas niya sakama ng kanyang mga alipores. tunay  na nasa tuwid na daan sila patungong kurakutan dahil sa isang taon lang ay malaki na ang nadugas nila.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4R3GZTGML26TV2VGS6RVHP2THM Fred

    Kung tama ang mga rason ni Marge Juico, bakit hindi pumasok sa report ng COA?
    Sino ang mali?
    Ang baho!

    • Handiong

      Ganito yan:

      1.  Nag report ang COA.
      2.  Nag bigay ng paliwanag si Juico.
      3.  Ngayon, alam na ng COA.

      Hindi pwedeng ilagay ng COA sa report ang paliwanag ni Juico dahil hindi pa nila alam noong ginawa ang report.

      Nasaan ang mali?


        Nag papabango lang yang COA na yan kay Panot.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_DYXSBRILSDYIRWUSCWGYADFH5I Bubbles

    paano nagkaroon ng VAT/e-VAT sa salaries ng employees? Salaries nga eh, dapat subject sa withholding tax on compensation, meaning ibinawas sa sweldo ng mga empleyado then ireremit sa BIR. Kung allowance naman dapat sa withholding tax expanded, na ganun din, ibabawas then remit sa BIR. creditable itong mga wht, gustong sabihin magagamit later ng mga empleyado na nabawasan ng wht pagdating ng income tax filing.
    at bakit naman kakarguhin ng PCSO ang mga taxes ng mga empleyado, pag nagkaganun gustong sabihin, mas malaki pa ang gross salaries nitong mga empleyado kesa sa inireport nila. Juico, nililito mo sa paliwanag mo ang mga isip ng tao dahil ikaw mismo lito kung ano justification ibibigay sa mga ginawa ninyo.

  • JasonBieber

    So we take that everything is all well fine and ok???

    Will this lady also be arrested and jailed over plunder?

    P302.8M is a whole lot of money. it’s fascinating that every questionable action and/or transaction by the PNoy Administration always has an explanation or a blame which ultimately at the end no one gets reprimanded or face any consequence but if it is GMA or a PNoy political foe…PNoy is quick to call guilt. There’s always a biased for PNoy and his KKK and his appointed officials.

  • wishfull thinking

    Wala ako naintindihan sa explanation kasi lahat ay palusot lang. Dapat talaga busisihin ito maigi ng mga Congressman at Senador…..kaso………PARE-PAREHAS NGA PALA SILA NG STYLE! atse-tseh!


    Minsan itong COA mag gawa lang ng balita, dis allow na.  I think Juico is correct.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_GYYFBINDMTZHM6TDHPB667452M agustin


    • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

      Yes, unpaid taxes which are carried over years and years ago. What do you do when you discover these shenanigan? You solve them. With the approval of the union’s proposal, the taxes were paid. So what else needs to be investigated?

      • AntiAko

        Is the PCSO shouldering the taxes that should have been paid by the employees themselves? If this is so, then it is anomalous. Taxes should have been witheld, as is being done in other government agencies…

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Ewan ko ba naman kung ano ang mahirap intindihin sa news report. Without even reading the COA report and the answer filed by PCSO to COA, it is clear that taxes are now being paid by the employees which should have been done in the first place in 2007. The only question then was how to solve the unpaid taxes which was missed from 2007 up to the time that the computation problem was fixed. Can you imagine the employees to live a life now without any single peso to take home if PCSO were to ask each one of the employees to pay now the unpaid taxes (accummulated since 2007)? The solution as stated in the news report as explained by PCSO is to approve the proposal of the PCSO union to take the money from its employee’s fund. So what is wrong with that? PSCO effectively solved the problem without fanfare.

      • AntiAko

        So dadaanin na lang sa awa ang lahat? when the taxes were not paid in 2007 up until the time it was fixed, obviously the employees knew they were not deducted. siguro naman alam nila na mali na walang kinakaltas na buwis sa sweldo nila. why didn’t they point this out then? obviously, it was the employees’ fault. tapos ngayon na pinagbabayad na sila, mag aawa-awaan na wala na silang makakain kung kakaltasan sila ng buwis?

        sinong ginagago nila?

      • crisostomo_ibarra_the3rd

        Maaari bang bago ka dumakdak, alamin mo muna ang pangyayari. Sino ang nagsasabing walang kinakaltas na buwis ngayon. Sa report mismo, mula ng umupo si Juico, everything is being corrected including the current practice of getting the employees to pay for the taxes to the point of paying the government billions since 2011. On the issue of 2007 back taxes, its inconscionable to collect the same amount on the wages of the current employees for the mistake of the previous administration. The solution as proposed by the union is to use the employee fund which was managed for the employees anyway. So I think you should stop to find fault for things that are faultless unless you insist on your unthinkable and unstable appreciation of info staring you no less.

  • Jesse_Tangkad

    Why do I have to pay for my taxes and the PCSO employees do not?  Ang swerte naman nila. I want to ask Juico to pay my taxes too.

  • disqusted0fu

    An excuse is still an excuse no matter what angle you look at it.

    Mr. President, you hate corruption right? Especially corrupt government officials correct? And your administration is supposed to be eradicating it ya? This one is right in front of you and about to bite you in the face, but why are you just looking at it as if there is nothing there?

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Tulad nuong panahon ni GMA,puro alibi pa din ang sagot ng mga pinuno ng PCSO…Hindi naman kayang sibakin ni Noynoying si Margie Juico dahil kaibigan ito ng kanyang pamilya!!!

    Kahit kurap,basta kaibigan,walang sibakan!!!

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