Edsa ’86: A military perspective


(First of two parts)

(Editor’s Note: The author was an army major during the 1986 Edsa People Power Revolution. A bemedalled officer, he retired in 2005 as a colonel.)

In the afternoon of Feb. 22, 1986, Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and Lt. Gen. Fidel Ramos, under threat of imminent arrest, sought refuge in their military headquarters. In the morning of Feb. 25 both were sworn into the government of Corazon Aquino. That same evening Ferdinand Marcos flew into exile.

In just about 80 hours, a military organization strong enough to prop Marcos up during 14 years of martial law simply abandoned him.

What happened?

Of utmost psychological significance, the top rebel, Fidel Ramos, was a bred-in-the-bone military leader. It was he who transferred to Camp Crame on Sunday, Feb. 23, to use its field communications system to order, plead, harangue and cajole front-line commanders to join him.

Against Marcos, a civilian who emitted the stench of corruption, sickness, weakness, repugnant favoritism and loss of legitimacy from having been in fact beaten in the snap presidential election by Cory Aquino, the military stood by one of its own in Ramos.

Gen. Fabian Ver, the chief of staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, was the Himmler of Marcos. He was feared as one who would purge the officer corps mercilessly. He was also both envied and despised for his wide-ranging corruption.

Ramos, by contrast, was the true military leader, bred in the Philippine Military Academy, heroic in field combat, perceived as prudent, dignified and fair. Thus, to fire those mortars and to march those Marines against Ramos meant not only killing people, but also killing their true leader.

Brig. Gen. Artemio Tadiar and his Marines just could not do it. Col. Braulio Balbas and his mortars could not do it. Col. Antonio Sotelo and his helicopter gunships saw Ramos and could not kill him. Such is the human being, capable of cold-blooded murder one moment, and mawkish the next.

Marcos had always based his power on military might. There is no other alternative for anyone who desires power on a national scale because the military has a monopoly of the greatest single concentration of brute force in any society. Marcos the sophisticate, who plundered his people even as he tried to mesmerize them with his tales of a New Society, carefully developed an obedient military machine.

Marcos began by insinuating himself into the professional mind-set of the officer corps who, since their academy training, had been indoctrinated into a reflex loyalty to “duly constituted authority.” Marcos, as the elected President in 1965 and 1969, was that authority. The “New Society” constituted the “talking point,” the psychological measure to ennoble his moves.

Fragile element

Moreover, by abolishing the representative structures under martial law, Marcos turned the military into his power base. The military became involved in nonmilitary functions.

But loyalty is a fragile element, and Marcos tried other ways of ensuring loyalty: power sharing (allowing provincial commanders to rule their areas); financial franchises (allowing smuggling and carnapping and other ways of becoming wealthy); and prolonged tenure.

Alas, Marcos was in a losing game. He simply did not have enough power to share, unless he gave up his own and provoked the anarchy of warlordism. He did not have enough financial franchises to bestow, unless he destroyed his own financial empire and all civilized government by encouraging nationally rampant gangsterism. The prolonging of tenure of favored military officers in time created envy and anger.

But while the military budget markedly increased, the basic salaries of Armed Forces of the Philippines personnel did not rise to any significant degree.

Marcos had come sharply against a constant in human nature: You cannot please everybody all the time. The historical solution to the dangers posed by scarce economic resources and restlessness is for autocrats to create a smaller group with greater ferocity to awe and to terrorize both the body politic and the military itself. Adolf Hitler had his SS, and Joseph Stalin his KGB. Marcos had his Ver-PSC-MISG (Presidential Security Command-Military Intelligence and Security Group), but before this could develop into a heavily armed and well-staffed killing machine, Edsa happened.

Only the military could have dispersed the crowd. But the Marines stopped at Edsa and Ortigas. Only the military could have pulverized Enrile and Ramos. But the commander of the armor refused repeated orders to fire on targets. His reason was that “too many innocent people would be killed.” An interesting answer worthy of a treatise in itself.

Ruptures in public order

The crowds on Edsa were mobilized by other factors. One factor was the shattered economy. Unemployment and inflation had impoverished millions. Despair and seething rage had become corrosive in the body politic.

Poverty is painful enough, and it becomes even worse when combined with the perception that it has been caused by the thievery of others. To the people, the ‘others’ were Marcos, his kin and his associates.

The growth of the communist insurgency and the secessionism movements in the Cordilleras and Mindanao were therefore traced to Marcos. The “best recruiter” for the New People’s Army was Marcos.

These insurgencies raised serious worries in Washington. Marcos had become unreliable. US military facilities and investments were imperiled by his misdeeds and his failures, which included his appropriation of the sustenance America had tried to infuse into both the economy and the military. The restiveness of the body politic also troubled America with the added worry that it could be alienated from any succeeding government.

The herd instinct toward either flight or anger needed a focus. Cory Aquino, by the alchemy of circumstances, became that focus. At last, the opposing masses had grown a head. The fractious political parties were organized into a functioning coalition.

To Marcos, this was a shock. One of the gambits in his snap election decision was that he could abort a dangerous coalition of his opponents since every party would field its own candidates. Instead, Marcos was confronted by a united phalanx.

Loss of US support

It also helps, of course, that America is on one’s side. For unknowingly among Edsa partisans, American technicians kept a 24-hour vigil on Ver’s communications, which they easily tapped. The CIA maintains in the Philippines an intelligence base capable of monitoring radio and microwave phone transmissions all over Asia. The CIA learned that Ver had arrested and interrogated the bodyguards of Trade Minister Roberto Ongpin provided by Enrile and stumbled on the coup plot of the Reform the Armed Forces Movement (RAM).

American intelligence forthwith warned Enrile that the PSC was on red alert, that Ver had repositioned his forces around Metro Manila, and that Enrile, Ramos and Ongpin had been ordered arrested. Enrile found the time to flee to Camp Aguinaldo and enlist the support of Ramos, Jaime Cardinal Sin, US Ambassador Stephen Bosworth and “people power.”

In Washington that Sunday, Feb. 23, US President Ronald Reagan met for 85 minutes with national security advisers to discuss the US-Philippine options.

(Next: US abandons Marcos)

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  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Military abandoning a dictator, an emperor, a caesar, a king, a warlord, a chieftain. What’s new.

    Military insinuating itself in civilian politics, meddling in civilian government. What’s new.

    Military playing both sides, getting the best of both worlds. What’s new.

    For all of FVR’s “true military leadership”, PH today is poorer, AFP weaker and the Oligarchs ever stronger. Thanks largely to FVR’s unfettered neoliberal free-market capitalism. As PDI’s editorial in June 1998 puts it, “FVR is the greatest Filipino salesman of a president.” He sold the Philippines and the Filipino people without them even knowing it.

    • magiting78

      Tumpak…..Sino ang nag benta ng pag aari ng Pilipinas s Japan bilang kabayaran s mga biktima ng hapon? Sino ang nag benta ng pag aari ng pinas sa Hawaii?…nasan ang pinag bilhan? Aun pinamamasyal nya sa ibang bansa hehehe

  • Carlos_Iho

    err..Ramos graduated from the US Military Academy at West Point…a fundamental lapse in the writer’s gathering of facts which makes the entire article seem more like a summary of opinions collected from everywhere.. 

    • James McTangay

      FVR was a plebe at PMA then sent to USMA to complete his course. Obviously a lapse on the writters part.

      • ApoLapullapu

        As far as this article is concerned, a detailed account of FVR’s academic background is not necessary.  What is material is that as military leader he was able to gain the respect of the Officer Corps and the Rank and File both in the Philippine Army and the Philippine Constabulary.  He alone was the military leader of rank who could unite the AFP against Marcos and his Chief of Staff who had an unclear ROTC record.

      • AllinLawisFair

        Reasonable assessment. 

      • magiting78

        Wrong Ramos was the most corrupt Military official during his stay in AFP next to Enrile, that’s why Marcos wants them die. Enrile plan the Orchistrated ambush and reported to Marcos so that Marcos would declare Martial Law, so that more violent will arise from citizenry. So the incedents happen as they planned..more rally’s more military abuses and pointed to Marcos, but thru this they were not able to depeat Marcos, their last option kill Ninoy and point the blame to Marcos….what next???? success….kaya gusto ko happy ka hahahha…nyyyyettttaaa

      • ApoLapullapu

        Do you know why non of the mother and son presidency pursued the search of the real mastermind in the assassination of Ninoy? Blood is thicker than water.

      • magiting78

        Yes because Danding and Peping was part of the plan. Becuase by the time of Ninoy majority of Luisita was in Ninoy name.

      • Carlos_Iho

        I guess it is not to the Cojuangco family’s interest to reveal the facts.  An important video on Ninoy’s assassination is in Malacanang’s archives and this was known to both the Aquino presidents. 

      • Jhune

        How about six year’s in Malacaniang?  more corrupt….

      • The Franchise

        wow! hahaha..Ramos pa corrupt ano tawag mo kay VER kung ganun ? Uber duper ubod ng corrupt ? hahaha

      • magiting78

        Pareho lang sila, “Bird of the same feather are the same bird” hahaha…walang itulak kabigin sa kanila pareho pwd sunugin….


    The article is 99.99% self serving bias opinion than facts of history. What a Donk’s article. Mahiya naman kayo PDI editor. Pang grade one pa ang pagka sulat as in can convince no one but only an Abnoy.

    • ApoLapullapu

      Hindi pa natapos ang article hinuhusgahan na?  Totoo namang Ramos was the only military man who could have unified the AFP against Marcos.  He was the only one in Philippine Military History who had gained the admiration of the Philippine Army and the Philippine Constabulary.  He had served in both branches of service.  And he is a true military and civilian leader up to this day..

      • ARIKUTIK

        Who can know the thruth ? In fact, thruth is anything that one will believe. The writter is grade 1 section 13, repeater as demonstrated right on the opening salvo of the article. You reply, Me will reward.= Read the greetings > ” In just about 80 hours a military organization strong enough to prop up Marcos during 14 years of Martial Law SIMPLY abandoned him”. That opening salvo clearly states that “AMALAYER” is everything that follows. It was clearly proven by praising Ramos while demonising Marcos. There is no thruth in media, i only want entertainment with enjoyable Intelligent convincing lies. A grade 1 writter wishing to Holify someone will actually bedevil the guy because of ….. aaarrrggghhhh ……… AMALAYER ! >>>>> Whei !   

    • Alex Alvarez

      pag lumalabas ang katotohanan galit kayo, kasi bulag kayo, sabi niyo nga eh walang tulong ang US… 

      • ARIKUTIK

        Truth of the matter IS > Marcos is  intelligent enough not to let innocent blood flows in the streets. Give thanks to USA who find ways to save Filipino lives. That is the truth I believe and a grade 1 section 13, repeater student ‘AMALAYER writter Saks to the bones …… aaarrrggghhh ……. >>>>>>>

  • m1600

    Iwas in EDSA from day one till marcos left malakanyang , Iwas also one of those who were in malakanyang when marcos left . It was a big disappointment after wards especially when Cory freed the communist like SIson who now continue his terrorism against the Filipino people and now his son Simeon want to pay the activist/cpp/npa members WHO tried  TO OVERTHROW THE GOVT.

    FVR is a product of USMA/west point. he was first commissioned as a 2nd Lt. Phil Army and later transferred to PC.

  • kurakut

    YES, Ramos graduated at USMilitaryAcademyWestPoint.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       agreed. ahahaha

  • emjay2000

    sumisipsip ba ito para mabigyan ng puesto? kawawa ka naman! your a disgrace to the military profession!

  • bubuwit

    Army Major nong ’86, nagretire 2005 as a Colonel? Anong ngyari at mga 20 years eh 2 ranks lang nagawa mo? Baka naman 22log 2log lang tayo sa pansitan……

    • Ike

      Bubuwit, less than half and sometimes only about 25% in a PMA class get their star rank. Majority of them retired a Colonel. It dont mean they are less capable, It just boils down to politics.

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Marcos had his PSC, MISG
    Cory had her ALSA MASA at TADTAD
    Hitler had his S S
    Stalin………K G V
    America…..F B I
    Noynoy……G A Y
    Joke lang .

    • lennonpaul


  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Si Marcos talaga nanalo pinalabas lang na nandaya. Sa ilang libong katao , siyam lang kaming bumoto kay Cory. Malakas sa mga probinsya si Marcos. Sa school namin ang anti Marcos ay naa isolate. Pag nagsalita ka ng laban kay Marcos hate ka na ng mga friends mo. Nagsama sama ang mga oposisyon, communist at ibang bansa para palabasing may dayaan. Ako ay maka Cory noon at kita ko walang dayaan . Malayang bumoto ang mga tao noon. Landslide panalo ni.Marcos sa barangay namin sa Laguna.

    • Rosauro

      That’s true. In this big cities like MM, Cebu, etc. panalo si Cory. All other areas, si Marcos ang nanalo.

    • magiting78

      Isa kang may malinaw n kaisipan at marunong mag timbang ng katotohanan..iilan n lang ang katulad mo, karamihan ay nabulag at nailigaw ng maling panulat nang kasaysayan.

  • Rosauro

    The writer does not know Ramos very well. He said Ramos was bread in the Philippine Military Academy. Wrong! Ramos is a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point. Hence, I surmised most of the contents of this write up are incorrect.

    • Albert Aquino

      Ramos is a PMA cadet before he was sent to West Point

      • bandit88

        you’re wrong! 
        class 1951 was the first PMA class after the war.
        had he been a PMA cadet, he should be west point class 1952
        or class (1951 — meaning he only stayed at PMA for two months — hardly a breading …) 
        president ramos was west point class 1950!

      • Ike

        Bandit! If your from a foreign country, you cant enter West Point directly.
        After the pleebhood(1st yr) The top of the Class(Academically) applies to be included in the limited spot in West Point. If you pass then you will enter West Point as a Plebe again. It means you will graduate 1 yr behind your original Mistah in PMA. In this case you will be Mistah(Classmate) to the PMA batch that graduated same year as you in West Point.

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Walang pinagbago at nawala ang diwa ng EDSA 1!!!! Bukod kay Marcos ay dapat sisihin o batikusin din ang Ina (kUNO) ng Demokrasya na si Coring Aquino…

    Nasa kamay na niya na baguhin ang takbo ng politika,ekonomiya at dispilinahin ang bayan at ibasura ang bulok na sistema ipinakain sa atin ni Marcos…Subalit mas pinairal ni Coring Aquino ang nakagawian bulok na sistema…Sa nagawa ni Coring sa bayan,tatlo ang tama at pito ang mali…

    Nagtataka lang ako kung ano ba talaga ang nagawa ng maybahay ni Ninoy at itinuturing bayani ito????

    • magiting78

      Bayani ng mga uto-uto…Para malaman nyo ang totoo… si Pres Cory ay isang puppet president..Ang totoong nag papatakbo sa kanya sa mga panahon na iyon si JPE at Tabako, at mga taong ipinakulong ni Marcos dahil s mga kasong subirsibo.
           Pag masdan mo ang anyo ng ating pulitika ngaun, kilalanin mo ang karamihan nang mga nakaupo. Hindi ba ito yung mga taong lumalaban ki Marcos at mga tumiwalag?
           Bakit sila tumiwalag at lumaban ki Marcos…dahil sa diktadoryang Marcos hnd sila nag karoon nang pagkakataon na magkaman ng kapangyarihan at kayamanan. Nais nila noong pabagsakin ang rehimeng Marcos upang sila ang makaupo s pamahalaan, gumawa sila ng mga kaguluhan, ang militar sa pamamahala ng dating defense minister at constabulary, gumawala sila ng mga pang aabuso sa mga kumakalaban s pamahalaan nang sagayun mas maigting ang pakikibaka ng mga makakaliwa. Kaya napilitan ang pamahalaan na mag deklara ng martial law.
          Mula ki Enrile, Ramos, Honasan at yung mga pinakulong ni Marcos nais nila pabagsakin si Marcos. Subalit nakita ni Marcos ang mga hidden agenda ng mga ito, at isa lang sa kanila ang alam nya na may malasakit sa bayan at totoong makabayan, at yun s Ninoy, at kanyang tahasang sinabi.. ” Kung meron man taong papalit sa akin walang iba kundi si Ninoy” kaya yung mga taong nais syang pabagsakin ay natakot ki Ninoy.
         Kaya plinano nila ang pag likida ki Ninoy, noon ay nakabilanggo sa Rolando Lagman, subalit si Lagman nung pinatay si Ninoy ay 24 oras ng malamig n bankay dahil tinurture ng PC..Pag aralan nyong mabuti yung mga naka assign n security ki Ninoy ay pawang mag konstable at ang pinaka mataas na opsiyal ay sarhento, mga kawawang sundalo na nabilango ng walang kasalanan, mga sacrificial lamb. Yung mga opisyal nila ay nagpasarap sa pwesto.
          Hanggang ngaun nag bubulag-bulagan ang karamihan maging ang presidente sa kadahilanang ang mga sangkot sa pagpatay sa kanyan ama ay mga kamag-anak nya, at kapag na bunyag ang katotohanan natatakot na sila n baka hnd kilalaning bayani c Ninoy.
      For Info: Mga binilango ni Marcos: Joker, Pimentel, (naupo bilang congressman at senador pagkatapos ni Marcos) Binay-kumalaban ki Marcos, pagkatapos ng EDSA 1 naupo ng matagal n Mayor ng Makati. 
      Enrile at Ramos-bumaliktad ki Marcos dahil napag alaman ni Marcos merong malaking kayaman ang mga ito na ninakaw s kabang yaman kaya ninais ni Marcos na sila ay ipapatay.
      Pangilinan, Cayetano, Cojuanco, Ang, Sy, Lopez-mga ilitistang negosyante kinontrol ni Marcos ang kanilang mga negosyo kaya ninais na mawala c Marcos.

      Ngaun tingnan nyo kung ano ang mga kalagayan ng mga ito pag katapos ng EDSA1 at ikumpara nyo s mga taong dati ng nag hihirap nun…Sila ay yumaman at yung mga mahihirap ay mas lalong humirap.

  • tuldok

    walang diktador ang hindi babagsak sa hinaba-haba ng panahon

  • pedronimo

    Sabi ni Bongbong Marcos na wala daw tama at totoo ukol sa na-isulat sa Edsa revolution. Although that is an obviously biased observation, I suggest that in fairness to the Marcoses, let them write their own version of the Edsa People Power history. Let them hire a historical writer to re-write Philippine history from the Marcoses’ perspective 

    • LAD

       totoo naman ,kaya nagpuntahan mga tao sa EDSA dahil sa kanila…he he he sa inis ng taong bayan sa pamilya nila…… bakit dumami NPA dahil din sa kalokohan ng tatay nya…dapat nga sumulat sila ng sarili nila storya …sana pumayag na si aquino na ipalibing si marcos sa libingan ng mga bayani.. pero dapat bukas salaming ng ataul …makadura man lang

      • Ngiping Dilaw

        Wala pa sa pwesto si Marcos ay may Huk BALAHAP na. Mga rebelde yan. Bakit may NPA noong panahon ni Marcos? Gusto kasi ng China na maging communist ang Pilipinas para sila ang kaalyado ng ating bansa at di ang America. Sa maraming panig ng mundo ay kumakalat ang communism noong panahon ni Marcos. Ngayon ilang taon ng wala si.Marcos, pero ayan nariyan pa ang mga communist.

  • Lakan Kildap

    PMAer si Ramos? Akala ko ba West Point?

    • Jhune

      Di ba sa Amari scam

    • magiting78

      Hehehe nalito kau noh—-West Pointer c Tabaco kau switik

  • Karl Andri

    The most vital question is: Where’s the bulk of the Philippine Air Force of old, the F-5 and F-8s? Anybody thought about that. One F-5 with proper munitions could have devastated the paltry force the rebel has even before all the civilians rallied in EDSA.


    That will not be allowed by the media because Marcos perspective will convince 99.69 % patriotic Filipinos.


    Marcos have courage of bravery to battle it out with communist and terrorist in the south but he is patriotic enough to avoid bloodshed among innocent Filipinos. Filipino lives is sacred more than wealth and power. The true hero in EDSA 1 IS = Ferdinand Marcos.

    • LAD

       The “best recruiter” for the New People’s Army was Marcos.

      • ARIKUTIK

        For the first time in PH history, the nation including fashion crazed young ones were united into nation building under Marcos leadership. Only when Marcos was tied in sickbed that the hungry crocodiles scrambled to grab power. After EDSA 1 all hell broke lose ’till this day. The Aquino clan is curse to the citizens up to this very minute. The nation was turned into government of Abnoy’s.

      • magiting78

        100% tomooooohhh… maraming nalinlang sa maling kasaysayan na sinulat ng mga bataan ni Cory at Tabaco


    Sino ang “master mind’ sa pagpatay kay Ninoy ? Ang katotohanan ay itinago ng naging presidente na Asawa at Anak ni Ninoy. That is a fact no one can deny……. Swindlers !!!

    • magiting78

      Gusto mo malaman??? secret??? hahhaa siret na???….sige na nga sabihin ko na…
      1. Danding 
      2. Peping
      3. Enrile
      4. Ramos
      5. Lopez

      Enrile at Ramos ang gumawa ng plano Rolando Galman body guard ni Pepeng….Dandingat Lopez pinunduhan ang plano…ang kawawa yung mga kontsble nakulong n walang kasalanan…at si Lagman naging kriminal kahit 24 oras ng bankay hahaha…

      • batangpaslit

        may blessing ‘yon ng CIA
        Ninoy is not acceptable to the Cojuangcos sa simula pa.
        mga political rivals ang mga pamilya na yan eh

  • Edgardo Mendoza



    GMA had set free the innocent soldiers in Ninoy Paktay case. The Aquino clan got so mad for it may lead into revealing the truth. Eventually, they tied GMA in hospital bed out of vengeance because actually, GMA had become president by Cory’s idea and influence to hide the truth and protect Hacienda Luisita. It’s all vengeance.   


    Walang naga argue, makapag luto na nga lang……… byeeeeee…… Donks !  nya……hahaha …….

  • InSearchOfTruth

    Only the military could have dispersed the crowd. But the Marines stopped at Edsa and Ortigas. Only the military could have pulverized Enrile and Ramos. But the commander of the armor refused repeated orders to fire on targets. His reason was that “too many innocent people would be killed.” An interesting answer worthy of a treatise in itself.

    di ba si marcos ang sumagot nito kay fabian ver nung sabihin ni ver na hinihintay lang nya order ni marcos to fire at crame and aguinaldo?  it was shown on tv during that time that marcos specifically said that “too many civillians would be killed” by such an attack on the two camps. 

    • Ike

      My Father is a PC(Phil. Constabulary) Officer under Ramos at that time. He retired in 1989. My brother in law was on the other hand is an Army Captain under Maj Gen Ramas so they are on the opposite side. I was inside Camp Crame as EDSA 1 unfolds. Hence, I had 1st hand info of what had transpired on both side. In front of TV Ver is urging Marcos to attack. Marcos rejected it just to show to the world that his hands are clean if there will be a bloodshed(moro-moro). However Prior to that He(Marcos) had already given Ramas (Army Chief) an order to fire that Ramas pass to Col. Balbas who was already inside Camp Aguinaldo with his men and artilery (howitzers, mortars). Balbas ask his immediate superior Gen Tadiar for confirmation. Tardiar tried to reach si superior Maj Gen Brawner in Malacanang but cant get the connection. He goes  directly to Malacanang but cant find Brawner so he check with Marcos if its really a go which Marcos confirmed. He then radio Col Balbas that the order to fire had clearance from Malacanang. Balbas informed Tadiar that people had already been let inside Crame and there will be un-acceptable number of civilian casualties. Tadiar then ask Balbas to put it on hold and use his descretion.

      • ARIKUTIK

        When Ninoy was turned into dead meat which created a foreign exchange rate of sky high dollar. The opportunist decided it is time to be an OFW ! weeeeee……. Those who got eyes to see will always win.

      • batangpaslit

        Ike…baka nakita kita sa loob ng Camp Crame. hindi lang siguro tayo nagka kilala.
        but I am not allowed to stay longer than an hour inside the rebel camp. my strict order is to “remain alive” so that if the “300” were wiped out, someone is alive to write the story.

        isa sa mga inaasikaso ko ay ang barricades at ang food brigade.

        kung nabasa mo ang libro nina Cecilio Arillo, Gen Aguirre, Col Tarazona i was prominently named there. may litrato pa nga ako.

        i confirm your riposte.

        Col Balbas used his discretion by simply responding to Gen Ramas’ orders that he is still positionng his mortars to fire within range.

        eventually, Gen Tadiar, allowed himself to be “captured” insie his office by his Junior Officers.
        when Malacanang barked the orders why there was to compliance of order to the direct command, Gen Tadiar simply said, “Sir, I am under arrest”.

        good stuff, Ike!

    • batangpaslit

      Bro, not exactly defiance of order.
      Sinabi lang, “Sir, I am still positioning my mortars since target is still out of range”

  • JasonBieber

    The Filipino people have very short memories and sometimes that is a good thing but sometimes that is a bad thing also.

    People remember the EDSA revolution but forget exactly what lead to that other than it was because of a dictator. Sometimes it’s hard not to wonder if history will repeat itself. But maybe because of the crab mentality it won’t.

    People in power care first and foremost about themselves…so it is highly doubtful that someone in power would care enough about another in power to allow the other to have power over them.

  • Rey

    Reynaldo V. Silvestre  Ramos is from U.S Military Academy

    • Ike

      Rey! If your from a foreign country, you cant enter West Point directly.After the pleebhood(1st yr) The top of the Class(Academically) applies to be included in the limited spot in West Point. If you pass then you will enter West Point as a Plebe again. It means you will graduate 1 yr behind your original Mistah in PMA. In this case you will be Mistah(Classmate) to the PMA batch that graduated same year as you in West Point.

  • jElly_aCe

    sumatutal, ang nkinabang sa edsa na yan ay mga aquino at mga anti marcos at opkors mga elite na nde mka porma ke marcos. tignan nyo kung asan na cla ngayon? nsa pnaka tuktuk ng pinas rich n powerful. ung mga poor na gnamit nila pra kuno sa pagnanakaw ni marcos tignan kung asan cla? nsa kanal prin at mas lalo sumadsad sa kahirapan. ung demokrasya ni cory?  kaliwat knan, rape, nakaw, nde safe, alang disiplinang pinoys. sabe lola ko marcos prin ang d best president. 

    • LAD

       The “best recruiter” for the New People’s Army was Marcos. hayan sana maabot ng pagiisip mo yan

    • Jane Myers

      Bakit noong panahon ba ni Marcos, walang rape, nakawan, mas safe at mas may disiplina ang mga Pinoy??? Sabihin mo sa Lola mo doon sa Ilocos pumunta at bomoto dahil nandoon ang balwarte ng mga Marcos.

  • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

    This piece of article is a good dessert for Aquinophiles. Now they can save their curses and temper. If the idea is to muddle the water even further, this article I think has achieved its purpose. Meanwhile Cory and Benigno still stand tall at their monuments looking down on the people watching this so-called heroic duo from the cesspit. From a Marcos sewer to an Aquino cesspool is not really a big step towards progress as what many people thought it’s been. This country has produced more fakir than food and jobs they can collect. Too many Edsa 1 stories and versions can bring Hollywood’s Oscar night a dimmer. This country should be at the movies of make-believe.

  • The Franchise

    Marcos was the focal point of why there are existing communist and muslim insurgencies…Both started during his term. Before MARCOS there was no NPA. No MILF/MNLF.


      If you have no any idea what was the world fashion in early seventies then your brain is nothing but filled with propaganda lies.

    • Noel

      Were you born before Martial Law?  There was already NPA and Communist insurgents before Martial Law that was why Marcos tried to stop it.  Years after the Plaza Miranda bombing (before Martial Law was declared), no less than former Sen. Salonga ang Gen. Victor Corpuz admitted that it was Joma Sison and NPA that masterminded the bombing and not Marcos.

      • batangpaslit


    • Ngiping Dilaw

      E ano naman ang dahilan o sino naman ang sisisihin sa Huk Balahap? Noongmpanahon ni Marcos kumakalat ang communism na parang sakit na nakakahawa. Gustong gusto ng China na maging communist ang Pilipinas. Pumunta pa minsan sa China si Marcos para makiusap na wag bigyan ng pondong pambili ng armas ang mga pro communist. Mga kasama nga ni Ninoy sa rally ay karamihan ay communist. Seguro naman ay nakakasabay lang nila sa rally. Kaya yon ang dahilan. Medyo humina ang power ng communist sa Pilipinas noong bumagsak ang economy ng China.

  • The Franchise

    To all MARCOS FANS : When will you guys realize that EDSA is not just about the Aquinos. EDSA is about freedom loving filipinos. The Aquinos does not own EDSA. The freedom loving filipino people does


      EDSA is NOT the entire nation but only a strech of road with military camp by the side. Marcos won the snap election with out any trace of doubt from intelligent mind. Therefore vice Pres. Tolentino is the rightful legal president after Marcos was flown by USA to Hawaii. Cory is illegal power grabber which flung the nation into what it is today. The Aquinos Pak Daf the nation up to this day of Abnoy governance.

      • Noel

        Loyal Marcos soldiers mostly from the north were stopped in the highways.  Had they arrived in Manila, things would have been different.  Days after Marcos was ousted, many military officials and soldiers in the provinces were still loyal to Marcos.  In the end, they just had to give up since it was a new government already even if they knew that Marcos was illegally and unconstitutionally removed.

    • magiting78

      EDSA revolution only 2-3 million people and most of them are from manila and some of them are just by stander, they were not representing the whole nation..

    • Touch_Me_, Nuts!

      What you see now wasn’t then, and the result was and is all vomit. Put that in the proper perspective, and correct the mirage that continue to cloud your senses. Something bad cannot be corrected by something not right.  Start moving now in the right direction.

  • Noel

    Obviously, it’s a biased article.  The turning point was America’s support in ousting Marcos.  Without America, no coup or overthrow of government would succeed.  That’s why Cory survived those coups because the US protected and helped her.

    • batangpaslit

      yes, CIA and the State Dept had a hand….including the assasination of Ninoy

      • Noel

        It’s interesting to note how Ninoy was able to obtain passport using an alias.  From being an NPA to CIA agent, the US knew Ninoy knew too much.  The US used him to trigger the ouster of Marcos.

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