De Lima has no clue on PH stand on sultan’s move


Will the Aquino administration step in and help the sultanate of Sulu and North Borneo retake Sabah from Malaysia?

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima does not know the answer.

She said Monday that the government would know what action to take only after the completion of a comprehensive legal study on the ownership of Sabah.

De Lima said when President Aquino ordered the Department of Justice, the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Office of the President itself to look into the claim of the Sulu sultanate to Sabah, there was “no indication” at all of what his administration intended to do with the ownership question.

“What the President wants is to look at the merit or the validity of the Sabah claim before he makes any decision or before this government makes any policy direction with respect to that issue,” De Lima told reporters.

Sabah standoff

The study, however, has been prompted by a standoff between Malaysian security forces and a group of armed followers of the sultan of Sulu who entered Sabah on Feb. 9 and refused to leave, insisting Sabah was their ancestral land.

De Lima, who was tasked by the President to look into the legal aspect of the sultanate’s claim, said she would try to finish her part of the study this week.

She said no administration after that of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos had taken a “definitive” stand on the controversy, apparently referring to the 1968 Jabidah massacre on Corregidor Island.

The killing of military recruits by their military trainers there exposed the top-secret plan “Operation Merdeka,” hatched by the Marcos regime to invade Sabah.

Merits of the case

“I think every administration endeavors to make a study but the administrations after Marcos [did not take] any definitive position,” she said, adding that was the reason the President wanted “to be enlightened on the merits of the claim.”

Asked whether reports of division within the family of the sultan of Sulu would affect the claim to Sabah, De Lima declined to comment, saying the government wanted to be “silent” on the issues involving the standoff in Sabah between the men of Sultan Jamalul Kiram III and Malaysian security forces.

What is clear, she said, is that the government “did not sanction” Jamalul’s actions.

The government is trying to help solve the standoff peacefully only because Filipinos are involved, De Lima said.

“But we want it to be as low-key as possible,” she added, referring to actions being taken by the government to end the standoff without bloodshed.

Amalilio case

Meanwhile, De Lima said she had again postponed the departure of a four-member team of state prosecutors and lawyers to Kuala Lumpur to press for the extradition of alleged con man Manuel Amalilio to the Philippines.

The group was supposed to leave this week, but De Lima said the Malaysian attorney general would not be available until March 4.

De Lima said earlier that the standoff in Sabah did not appear to be affecting the government’s bid to bring Amalilio back to the Philippines with the help of Malaysia so he could face criminal charges for duping 15,000 people in Mindanao and the Visayas of P12 billion through a Ponzi scheme that collapsed last year.

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  • Weder-Weder Lang

    Well, what’s new. De Lima has always been clueless. Clueless what to do with the Panamanian rapist. Clueless what to do with the early tip-off from Pagadian City nine months before the collapse of the pyramid. Clueless how to go after the murderers of Doc Gerry. De Lima’s cluelessness is only matched by the permissiveness of her boss. The only reason why she’s still safely installed in DOJ.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

       ahahaha, in some ways, it is true.

      but in fairness, she has got to be an intelligence agency by herself in order to do all that, not the DOJ.

  • giltor


    Imagine a battalion of Sergeant Schultz’s lead by Sgt Schultlz himself:

    “I see nothing, and I know nothing, I wasn’t here, I didn’t even wake up this morning!”

    Sergeant Schultz’s common responses on tv series “Hogan’s Heroes” .

    I couldn’t imagine we’re going to be experiencing this kind of actuality depicted on a fiction character!

    May Merciful God help our country.

  • giltor

    Maybe the reporter should ask her more about the boss’s (spell backward) crush on Loren?

    She could have tons of information and studies on that!

  • boybakal

    De Lima has no clue on PH stand on sultan’s move…. As always, De Lima is Clueless.

    • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

      It is that she has no clue, or that she has the opinion that she is correct, and never wrong

      its either of the two.

      and sometimes the two overlap. (world thinks she has no clue but she think she is right)

  • bogli_anakdami

    de lima is the epitome of flip’s kagung gongan… ano ba yan?  paano naging flipland’s abugaga suprema sya?… prez gung gong akin’o is no better,,,

    when it comes to foreign affairs, tikilop ang mga hindots,,,

    hayan, naglalabasan na ang natural… gung gong…

  • Petwil

    Madame Secretary tapusin nyo agad ang pag aaral na inyong gagawin kasi napakalaking issue itong stand off sa Sabah at hindi dapat bale walain ng gobyerno..Malaki po ang role na gagampanan ninyo..At sana po kung ano mang resulta sa pag aaral nyo ay tindigan nyo gaya ng pagpigil ninyo kay GMA na makalabas sa bansa. Do not twist the truth and dont bend to the wishes of Malacanang. Do give justice to the issue..

  • speedstream2

    Would it help if we were all on the same page?

  • tadasolo

    Do you ever think after over 50 years of claim we have a clue on HOW we will proceed on this. the dictator marcos with all authoriatarian power at his disposal and no congress to deal with cannot resolve this issue much more than now when we have a vibrant democracy and differing opinions? BE REAL PEOPLE IT IS OVER

    • Aldrich Villareal

      Marcos did something. He formed an army to invade North Borneo, However, the stupid Father of our stupid president revealed this secret military mission to the public which then resulted into the jabidah massacre in an effort by the government to deny the truthfulness of this military operation which then resulted to the formation of the MNLF and its splinter groups the MILF and Abu Sayaf.

      • Kilabot ng mga Balahibo

         i remember.

      • tadasolo

        Are you kidding invading a country with one company?? What is that I remember the impotence of marcos including all president now or in the past to the weakness of our position vis a vis the Malaysians. It is over not unless you can come up with 1,000,000 army to confront well armed Sabah with 3.5 million inhabitants(who will be angry for invading their land). According to army doctrine to invade a country you need a capable force with 1 to 10 ratio. Since we are so incompetent as a force I will decrease the ratio to one is to three so I came up with 1,000,000. Now with 1,000,000 you need to have ships to cross over to Sabah so I would suggest using the Bangca and sails to get across. Now since we are in it you need to supply them with food, fuel, ammunition, communication(your cell phone is OK) for 10 years to pacify the “F _ C K UP Sabans they are certainly angry now. Oh by the way remember the Americans in Iraq and Afganistan they spend so much money and counting (2 trillion dollars) and the Iraqis and Afgans are so “f _ _ king mad that they are blowing themselves up to kill more americans and there is no end in sight. Now I would imagine the President and Congress since deciding to comply with your request and desire to get Sabah “back” will now institute a compulsery draft to get you, your brothers and sisters and possibly you Dad and mother into the army or marines or navy(not the airforce cause we do not have plane or we PAL we can used their planes and take out the windows to install the guns made in Cebu(Paltik). Since we do not have enough money to buy you a M16 we will give you a wooded replica and a muslim “KRIS” to fight. I am loving it and could go on. Now in the meantime in Manila suicide bomber send by “Allah” are swarming over the Mall of Asia and most of the Malls in Luzon courtesy of your invasion and they will make a mess of luzon and visaya and mindanao because you ” F _ _ K them so bad they will now go to your neighborhood and will screw up you day

      • SMASHER

         Diyan ka mali Tadaslo. Mag research ka muna kung ano ang Operation Merdeka.


      Paano ma resolve ni Marcos? E may komontra na pasikat.

      • F alonso

        Cho Cho train din pala si Ninoy.

  • Andres Bonifacio

    Kng hindi pa nagkagulo hindi magkakaroon ng “comprehensive legal study” kng sino talaga ang nagmamay.ari ng Sabah…puro kampanya kasi ang inaatupag.

  • a1phantom

    Doesnt the Government know what the Philippines own or not???….so pathetic….the Noynoy admin should know this right away…and if not, they dont have the capability to run this country

  • $37644997

    They are very busy on lots of issues,one of them is the 5 ” thick findings about Marantan and until today they haven’t got the clue when to finish it.

  • joekwan

    Syempre clueless.  Sana tinanong na lang ng reporter kung sino ang bagong dine date ni pnoy ngayon. Tutal parang yan na lang parati ang topic ng malacanang. Showbiz  at lablyf ni pnoy muna bago ang national issues.

  • ShibumiNinja

    afterall she is Leila C. de Lima
    Leila Clueless de Lima

    Har har har

  • Henry Berina

    KiRAM and company have been told in a press conference earlier by Pres. P-Noy to go back to Sulu for security reasons…The government has understood their sentiments, but could not act on the Sabah standoff/issue right away.. I guess he has to study the problem more deeply before the government could act on it…As press time he has lots of things to do  focus on more important one…However this one is of paramount importance that has to be resolved right away…


    hmmm .. maybe alam nya kung sino ang crush ngayon ni PNOY..

  • UPnnGrd

    Minor detail,  or maybe not minor.

    And again,   Malakanyang (via its “ears on the ground” intelligence resources)  did not have a single clue —- no chismis, no rumor,   and definitely   zero intelligence —-  that a large group of men had organized, then had mounted a military maneuver.  


  • Nimrod Suaez

    Malaysia is a tenant. The Sultan of Sulu is the owner and sovereing  of Sabah. Just lkie Papua New Guinea, the Queen of Enland is the sovereign and Queen of Papua New Gunea. She does not own the whole of Papua New Guinnea, only 114 million acres.

  • coty

    ha ha hidi ka nagiisa Ma’am, the whole govt. is clueless as well, join the party and have fun!

  • Rosauro

    She is in her old self. She already knew that legally we have basis for our claim. She can’t open her mouth on the matter as it might cost her job. On domestic issues, she opens her mouth very quickly.

    • superpilipinas

      he-he-he. Of course. DoJ has nothing to do with this.

      It is a DFA and a little bit of DoD matter.

      In UK, US, or any first world country, it would be very awkward if their justice department would speak for a matter beyond its official jurisdiction. It’s called ‘speaking out of turn”.

      It’s obvious that this reporter and PDI is being asked to do a negative report on De Lima.

      Well. I’ve noticed that Inquirer has become the evil that it used to battle. The evil that’s called “bias and patronage”. It used to be Manila Bulletin that was notorious for this and Inquirer stood out to be the better alternative. But now Inquirer has become Aquino’s tool like Manila Bulletin was Marcos’.

  • superpilipinas

    he-he-he. Of course. DoJ has nothing to do with this.
    It is a DFA and a little bit of DoD matter.
    In UK, US, or any first world country, it would be very awkward if their justice department would speak for a matter beyond its official jurisdiction. It’s called ‘speaking out of turn”.
    It’s obvious that this reporter and PDI is being asked to do a negative report on De Lima.
    Well. I’ve noticed that Inquirer has become the evil that it used to battle. The evil that’s called “bias and patronage”. It used to be Manila Bulletin that was notorious for this and Inquirer stood out to be the better alternative. But now Inquirer has become Aquino’s tool like Manila Bulletin was Marcos’.

  • VeryDisgusted2

    It is not productive for De Lima to be involved in Sabah affair.

    But I am interested to know the prosecution of Atimonan criminals – what happen to this case? Why DOJ has become silent to this case for months now? Where is Marantan and Dumlao? Are promoted by our dumb military leadership again or happily raising jueteng money for the election. Why is PDI so silent? I seems there is great whitewash going.

    • superpilipinas

      Why is PDI silent? It is not what it used to be……it has become like Manila Bulletin in the Marcos era.

  • mad_as_Hamlet

    By the time that “comprehensive legal study on the ownership of Sabah” is done and submitted to the President, I think he he would be done reading the NBI Report on the Atimonan Incident.

  • Klepto

    To Maintain a low-key is a sign of unable to come up with a sensible solution. That shows how dumb and useless  Pinoy politicians are.

  • artz555

    Sec. De Lima and her staff should also read the topic ” North Borneo Dispute “, and similar topics at Wikipedia .org in gathering information about the Sabah or North Borneo claim.

    I’ve read the articles and believe that PH has a good case in international courts.

    As to the current stand-off, we can only hope and pray that all parties sit down on the negotiating table and settle all their differences peacefully, as civilized peoples in this good earth. 

    As to the Sultan of Sulu and Malaysia, the best case scenario would be for Malaysia increase the lease money that it is paying the Sultanate annually to a more appropriate amount today, than the current, ridiculous 5,000 ringits annually ( which do not include inflation or the cost of money since 1878 ), or the same amount that the British North Borneo Company was paying in 1878.

    As to PH and Malaysia, we do hope both parties peacefully resolve their differences if any, as peaceful members of the Asean. Although it may be immaterial where the Sabah residents prefer to live under, whether under the Malaysian or Philippine government, both countries should in the end peacefully settle the claim, such that both countries may appropriately share some of the natural resources of Sabah   for the good and welfare of the  peoples in both countries.

    • Edward

      ano kaya kagalang galang na kalihim ng katarungan De LIma humingi kayo ng kopya at paliwanag ni Atty. Mel Sta. Maria para magkaroon kayo ng alam patungkol sa usaping ito?

      • superpilipinas

        bakit si De Lima eh wala naman kinalaman ang DoJ sa Sabah issue?

      • Edward

        hay naku..alam natin dre, dapat DFA ang tamang ahensya hindi ang doj kung ang usapin ay may kinalaman sa panlabas na ugnayan…

        Si kag. De Lima ay gusto nya lahat ng mga bagay na pwedeng umeksena siya ay ginagawa nya..kya sa konting paraan akoý lamang nag alok na baka pwede hingi siya ng kopya kay attorney Sta. Maria bka sakaling madagdagan nmn ang kaalaman nya…gets nyo, dre?

      • superpilipinas

        he-he-he. hindi naman si De Lima ang tumawag ng press release or conference. at saka ang presidente and humingi ng tulong sa DoJ.

        Itong reporter ang nagtanong sa kanya. ang sagot naman ni De Lima ay tama at karapat dapat lang na itinuro niya ang presidente ant DFA.  

        Nagmumukhang gusto lang manira nang Inquirer at nitong reporter.

        Kung tutuusin mo kasi, sa accomplishment punto por punto, hindi mapantayan ni Roxas si De Lima.

        Naging katulad na ng Inquirer ang Manila Bulletin nung panahon ni Marcos.

        Takot lang ang Inquirer na mawalan sila ng pabor sa administrasyon kung si De Lima ang mamuno.

      • artz555

        I do agree with most of the issues presented by Atty. Mel Sta. Maria ( an Ateneo Professor ) in his article in Interaksyon article  dated Feb. 24, 2013.

        DOJ should read the article in their gathering of information regarding Sabah. Atty. Mel Sta. Maria believes that PH has sovereignty of Sabah and PH should pursue the claim.

    • superpilipinas

      Everyone seems to think De Lima is already the president. Please wait for 2016 to vote for her.

      De Lima is DoJ secretary.

      It is the president and the secretary of Foreign Affairs to look into this or similar issues.

      But yes, De Lima would make a good president and if given the position would probably handle this issue more effectively.

      • artz555

        I agree that the President and the DFA  should handle the matter of resolving the issue of Sabah.

        The President probably is just asking De Lima and the Dept. of Justice legal experts regarding the legal issues around PH claim on Sabah before their next move, even though the Palace and DFA have their own lawyers.

        From the opinion of some legal experts, PH has a good case regarding the Sultanate of Sulu and PH sovereignty of Sabah or North Borneo, given all the historical evidences of the case.

      • superpilipinas

        DFA handles international laws including territorial issues like this. DoJ does not do any bit for international matters except for cross country criminal cases like the Aman investment scam. 

        DoJ is just being asked to support. DFA is the lead department. Therefore, this reporter should ask DFA and would be barking at wrong tree if taking the answer of DoJ negatively.

  • superpilipinas

    This is HILARIOUS.

    Philippine Daily Inquirer has become a very poor news organization.

    Why ask a Department of Justice secretary?

    The issue of Sabah is a Department of Foreign Affairs matter.

    Unless of course the objective of PDI and Avendano is to put De Lima in a negative light.
    But anyway, readers with common sense know better.

    • magiting78

      Hehehe well may point din ang PDI kasi sabi sabah is part of Sulu so hnd n sya foreign hehehe…

      • superpilipinas

        He-he-he. You would be right if the PH can already exercise its jurisdiction over Sabah. But since it can’t, it is still a DFA matter. 

  • graciano82

    De Lima what happened to the case against the group of Marantan? Why until now a case wasn’t filed at the court? During the course of investigation, you were so in a hurry to yak though the report of the NBI wasn’t finalized but now, it looks as though a delay to the dispensation of justice is expected. 

  • Pio Gante

    ang solicitor general at dfa sec ang dapat tinanong reporter at hindi ang ever clueless na delima

    • superpilipinas

      he-he-he. de lima should rightfully be “ever clueless” about foreign affairs in order to maintain her best performance as justice secretary. 

      just as del rosario is “ever clueless” about justice department matters.

  • mamamia

    Clueless is this new to de lima? lagi nman 2nd hand information binabalita nyan mapa foreign or justice dept. lol dapat dito e PR Officer lang e, ano na bang nangyayari sa mga nakaraang mga issue about justice? wala na diba? puro PR lang? pautot sa camera, sabihin n nman ng mga tao d2 maka arroyo ako kse binatikos ko si DELAILAMA hehehe,

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. If you shouldn’t ask a lawyer for facts about engineering and vice versa, then you can’t ask a DoJ sec to tell you facts about DFA issues.  

      Would you be asking Del Rosario to know detailed facts about Atimonan case?

  • Bayan Panona

    Mam PR, wag na lang kasi mag-Justice Sec. Maging politician ka na lang!

  • SunTzu

    De Lima has no clue on a lot of things!

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. You are giver her too much credit. Don’t think she’s like a god or psychic who would know everything 

      But when it comes to DoJ, she’s been the best. No one can name a better accomplished predecessor.

  • dennis

    ““What the President wants is to look at the merit or the validity of the Sabah claim before he makes any decision or before this government makes any policy direction with respect to that issue,” De Lima told reporters.”

    HELLO! What merit are you talking about? Bago magkaroon ng “Hacienda Luisita” eh nariyan na yang SABAH!…OK? Alam naman natin ang ganang pag-aari ng Pilipinas di ba? Alam ng buong Pilipino ang istorya tapos kayong mga nasa administration eh HINDI ALAM??? De Lima,intindihin mo na lang si Manuel Amalilio at baka mapuri pa kita! “Validity…Validity na pinagsasasabi nyo!

  • Pitbulldog

    De Lima will always jump into any issue she can dip herself into.  Gusto laging sumasawsaw.   She cannot just clip her mouth shut.  She seems to be paranoid about being left out of the main issues even when she knows many ot them can be best handled by others. What happened to the stray bullet victim’s case before, or NBI case,  or the Atimonan case, etc.   So wherever the action is, be sure De Lima will be there, swearing before God and people for quick and speedy government action and resolution of the case.  Attitude nito ay kapareho ng amo na puro lang satasat.   Gusto lang laging bida.

    • superpilipinas

      He-he-he. You’re barking at the wrong tree. It’s this PDI and this reporter who is asking the wrong person with malicious intention.

      Of course she will not know if asked… is a DFA issue and for the president or foreign affairs secretary. He-he-he. She is then being taken out of context but her answer just implies a polite version of saying …”you stupid reporter, why don’t you ask the president and DFA”. Read the news and you can see how she referred to the president and DFA.

      He-he-he. Some people reading the news seem to just “bite the bait, hook, line, and sinker”.  

  • dennis

    “Jabidah massacre?” Wala ba yan sa Philippine Jurisprudence and other Law books? Eh bakit nakakarating eto sa PDI as a part of this article?

    • Handiong

      Bakit magiging “law” ang Jabidah massacre? 

  • Wearth

    I want to hear the side of bongbong marcos about this issue, yun sana interview ninyo po

  • F alonso

    Nobody knows the clue how to solve the issue because Moros are treated in a different way.
    What if the people involved in that fiasco are the Cojuancos,Araneta,and all those highly regarded family in the Phil Society.Will they be treated the same?

  • superpilipinas

     He-he-he-. Joke article.

    I guess this reporter will next time report that Del Rosario has no clue on Atimonan massacre or the Muntinlupa issue.

    Or maybe not. She might just want to portray de lima in a bad light.

    Inquirer has degraded over the years.

  • superpilipinas

    Even if the president asked the DoJ secretary, it is not for the DoJ secretary to answer those questions to the press. It is the president or DFA, which is the lead department for this issue. DoJ is only being asked to support.

    It is a big credit to De Lima for being asked by the president to look into the legal matters of an international issue when it should have been DFA who are experts on this.

    This gives De lima the opportunity to have more experience on foreign affairs matters and therefore would make a good candidate for a higher position in the future. Anyway, I am very pleased about her stand on FOI. She is genuinely for good and transparent governance.

  • speaksoftlylove

    Himala… isang himala…

    For the first time Confusedcius and Dilim a both admitted that they are clueless kaya parehong confused na confused.

    Kawawa naman si Juan.

  • Bright

    Malaysia has been getting billions of dollars from Sabah. This money could have been ours. Sabah is ours from the start. 

  • Albert Einstien

    my advice to doj sec..mam study 1968…EVENTS without bias will see the real picture…

    they cant change HISTORY no MATTER how much DISTORTING they would like to window dressed it….like what ninoy did to the COUNTRY by exposing the govt secret claimof sabah in 1968…from 1968 to 1986 the beginning & finalization of PHILIPPINE degredation to the ABYSS of POVERTY & 2013..just look around sans the propaganda & paid surveys..just compare criminality, poverty, unemployment & prices of everything from 1986 to present..the AQUINOS promises for 27 years for progress, peace & prosperity are ALL LIES & they put us in this dire situation ….so sad…
    “The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.”– Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor from 121-180 A.D.
    1861..from CHINA to RP…..change of name…..the Cojuangco family can be traced back to Hong Chian( hongjian FARMERS village ) in Tongan province, China. Former President Cory Aquino’s,great grandfather was the first generation of the Cojuangco clan that came to the Philippines in 1861. His actual chinese name, Mr. Co Yu Hwan change his name to Mr. Jose Cojuangco.
    1900 Philippine revolution- ysidra cojuanco, BECAME one of the RICHEST at age 32
    Part One: Seeking the Holy Grail on Good Friday ( just google it )
    ” Encarnacion a friend and confidant of Dońa Ysidra, she is also the daughter of Eulalio Saulo who confirmed to her the story as one of the military escorts of the gold shipment to Ysidra. As far as we know this is the first direct evidence of a Cojuangco (and Ysidra at that) admitting what many Luna contemporaries long alleged, that the source of the Cojuangco fortune was the gold commandeered by Luna and regularly turned over to Ysidra. The combined assets controlled by the Cojuangcos total about P200 billion. To recover such wealth under Article 11, section 15 of the 1987 Constitution, one must go to court, and pay a filing fee of half a percent of the amount to be recovered, or P1 billion unrefundable win or lose. Who has that kind of money to risk ? “……
    1900 Antonio Luna-Cojuangco Affair.alleged .DIVERTION of REPUBLIC’s FUNDS (now called PLUNDER o PANDARAMBONG ) ..see their story ..REVOLUTIONARY GOVT of AGUINALDO easily LOST to AMERICANS due to the MISSING REPUBLIC’s TREASURE that should be USED for buying FOOD & MEDICINES as well as for paying soldiers & recruits…..
    1944 JAPANESE Collaboration ( MAKAPILI tawag sa mga pilipinong TRAYDOR dati )-Benigno Aquino SR…..captured in japan & sent here in the Philippines charged with TREASON !……
    1968 SABAH-exposed the RE-TAKING by marcos … Benigno” NINOY” Aquino Jr. he is a a FRIEND of malaysian leaders,on his clandestine with fake passports ( not heroic in fact that is a crime on itself ) return to RP;(wikipedia) —-Logan International Airport on August 13, 1983, took a circuitous route home from Boston, via Los Angeles to Singapore. In Singapore, then Tunku Ibrahim Ismail of Johor met Aquino upon his arrival in Singapore and later brought him to Johor to meet with other Malaysian leaders Once in Johor, Aquino met up with Tunku Ibrahim’s father, Sultan Iskandar, who was a close friend to Aquino…….
    .NO WONDER ..pres. cory & noynoy will not claim sabah.. …….SABAH has the potential to produce 1 million barrels of oil a day,”The estimated reserves from the present Sabah oilfields is 1.4 billion barrels of oil and 7.7 trillion scf of gas.”…………
    NINOY Aquino was imprisoned on charges of murder and subversion. He was found GUILTY of subversion and sentenced to death in November 1977. ( MARCOS the MERCIFUL )This was commuted into exile to allow a humanitarian medical treatment in the United States in 1980, accompanied by his wife. According to some through the efforts of Imelda Marcos convinced Pres. Marcos to be merciful..International media called marcos the merciful…even US president bush & reagan were FANs of marcos………………..
    1987 SPRATLY-cory aquino allowed entry of china in spratly islands..and in 1988 went to her RELATIVES in china & celebrated with them instead of DEFENDNG or filng a protest against china intrusion…and in 1988 ENTRY of chinese WARSHIP in ur territory and established outpost there….NOW they are claming the WHOLE SCS……………………
    CORY …freed all TOP communist & muslim rebels & members…then WAR ensued in all fronts….DEATHs abounds…REBELS group now became strong enough and asking TERRITORies in the south ( milf ) & CPP asking the pnoy govt to be PARTNERS in governance..the cojuanco-aquino clan .until now after 27 years of PROMISES of progress, peace & prosperity ..are NOWHERE to be found…despite daily propaganda & paid surveys …only their KKK’s became richer & richer day by day ………..
    If we take a CLOSER SCRUTINY …WHY RP is so POOR now…1968 is the SOURCE of the EVIL CALVARY & CAUSE of UNENDING CHAOS… was in 1968 NINOY divulged the marcos reclaim for sabah, in 1968 muslim rebellion begun, in 1968 MNLF were established & ALSO in 1968 CPP-NPA was established………………………….
    LO & BEHOLD …rubbing salt to injury for peaceful loving citizensshe freed them in 1986….ninoy started it & cory FREED the enemies of the STATE ( who killed hundred of thousand citizens & govt forces & displaced MILLIONS of families ) ……ninoy was RUMOURED as both a Communist stooge and a CIA agent at that time… just draw your own conclusion….america & western powers at that time cant get marcos approval to SIPHONED DEUTERIUM because it will be disadvantageous to the country…however in 1986 just months after they toppled marcos in 1986 ….CORY govt wanted immediately to harvest deuterium …cory hurriedly went to state visit to america which enrile allegedly asked her ..did they PROMISE you ANYTHING ? of course she fired ENRILE after that… but RAM boys went to regular & routine coups ..& the REDS are becoming more INFLUENTIAL & more POWERFUL in the CORY govt….AFP forces loyal to marcos are still there ..MNLF became more POWERFUL…..with the POLITICAL uncertainties..foreign powers suspended their interest in phil. DEUTERIUM………………………….
    CORY was merely an accidental president USA wanted originally RAMOS to be the next caretaker president….in 1983 when aquino died ( NINOY rumoured as CIA agent ) CIA was infuriated SUDDENLY foreign banks stopped granting loans to the Philippine government & AMERICAN INVESTMENTS withdrwn…FDI’s stop coming in….” Defense. CIA. Everybody wanted to bring him down. But Reagan, they had a close personal relationship,” MARCOS won “With the election, a lot of people felt that he lost. You know, he won. In my view, he really won,” Ongpin said ………………………….
    NOW are you WONDERING why for the FIRST TIME in ANALS of WORLD HISTORY a so called REVOLUTION is BLOODLESS? ..because it is NOT a revolution it is a DESIGN with FOREIGN ARCHITECTS….the LANDSCAPE is DEUTERIUM…in fact during SNAP election marcos won over cory he got 10.8 million votes while cory ONLY got 9.2 million votes ….who says marcos cheated….. namfrel & technicians.. but who handled them ? who feeds them the data ?…. why US senator LUGAR & 44 americans were here during elections ? election OBSERVERS or more than observers.. ? MARCOS was a victim of ECONOMIC assassins………………….and why BOSSWORTH & HABIB forced marcos to signed five decrees..Marcos signed the five presidential decrees as did Bosworth and Habib, as witnesses. When the Americans were about to leave, the President said, “You know, gentlemen, it has come to my attention that there’s a coup plot being hatched.” The two were stunned. “Mr. President, we know nothing about this,” Habib said. “Why would we go through with this charade?” ( as ongpin admitted  & witnessed 2/25/13 pdi )……………………..
    CORY ALLOWED CHINA intrusion in 1987 to our Kagitingan Reef then ..they are NOW CLAIMING the whole SCS. The Geology and Mineral Resources Ministry of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) has estimated that the Spratly area holds oil and natural gas reserves of 17.7 billion tons (1.60 × 1010 kg), as compared to the 13 billion tons (1.17 × 1010 kg) held by Kuwait, placing it as the fourth largest reserve bed in the world. These large reserves assisted in intensifying the situation and propelled the territorial claims of the neighboring countries. While vietnam fought china and regain their territory ..CORY instead of sending the navy as what marcos did..choose to celebrate with her BLOOD RELATIVES in china. She also lighted incense at the altar of the Ancestral Temple of the Xu (Co) Clan. She was quoted as having remarked “I am the President, but I am also the daughter of Hongjian Village” ( news item )…………….
    what is the the connection of AQUINOS & LEADERS of MALAYSIA ?…………. ANSWER 1968……………HACIENDA LUISITA was planned to be RETURNED & distributed to the FARMERS by MARCOS in 1968 ( The government’s first follow-up letter was written by Conrado Estrella of the Land Authority on March 2, 1967 …HACIENDA LUISITA ( 6,400 hectares ) the root of political & economic turbulence..the DECLINE of everything good for Filipino..& deprivation and injustice to the farmers 1968 to 2013 )…NINOY DIVULGED the MARCOS SABAH RECLAIM plan in 1968, MUSLIM rebellion begun in 1968, MNLF was ESTABLISHED in 1968, & CPP-NPA established in 1968……………………adding insult to the peaceful citizens… CORY RELEASED ALL ENEMIES of the state …now they are demanding their own territories ( milf ) & asking joint governance with rp govt ( cpp-npa )…2012 spratly & panatag Islands- Pnoy aquino- visited china in 2011 AFTER his ELECTION in 2010..he said to his relatives ” if one is to move forward, one must know how to look back. So I would like to thank the people of Hongjian—all my distant cousins, aunts, and uncles—for their warm welcome, and for being among the many who give me the strength to carry on and succeed,” ..china established a govt over the islands after backdoor negotiations on july 2012 …..just recently 10/2012 pnoy-MALAYSIA-milf peace deal.( why is MALAYSIA so interested in MILF TERRITORY ? )…they just talk to one small rebel group yet they already call it peace while there are plenty more rebel armed groups in the same area… consider it already a political entity bangsamoro..a new away territories not even within his power to give!…………………..Now
    2013..Sulu Sultanate ARMY made a SUICIDE & PATRIOTIC move & RAISED PHILPPINE FLAG in SABAH and making a RE-CLAIM of NATIONAL TERRITORY & SOVEREIGNTY for the people……which the govt of pnoy should be doing ..instead PNOY govt acting as MALASia spokeperso & COLLABORATING with MALAYSIA ( territory grabber & INSATIABLE LOOTER of our resources ) for the RETURN of the hapless PATRIOTIC FILIPINO CITIZENS who are DOING the SWORN DUTIES of the GOVT…protection of sovereignty & territorial integrity , to serve & protect the people as prime duties of govt under the CONSTITUTION..!………………………………………………
    let HISTORY be the JUDGE..who are TRAITORS & HEROES……!!!

  • Albert Einstien


    CONTRARY to pnoys & malaysia allegation that RP claim is DORMANT it is NOT TRUE…the RP GOVT’s latest PROOF  that it is ACTIVE is the DECISION in 2001 by ICJ in indonesia & malaysian territorial dispute ..where our RP GOVT sought INTERVENTION…seeking PROTECTION for  SABAH territory..on the possible effect  of judgment on sipadan & ligitan…here’s the judgment on the intervention ….

    court is laying the foundation…of judgment on intervention:

    84. In respect of the “the precise object of the intervention”(Article 81, paragraph 2 (h), of the Rules of Court), the PhilippinesStates that its Application has the following objects:2 (h), of the Rules of Court), the PhilippinesStates that its Application has the following objects:”(u) First, to preserve and safeguard the historical and legal rightsof the Government of the Republic of the Philippines arisingfrom its claim to dominion and sovereignty over the territoryof North Borneo, to the extent that these rights are affected,or may be affected, by a determination of the Court of thequestion of sovereignty over Pulau Ligitan and Pulau Sipadan.First, to preserve and safeguard the historical and legal rightsof the Government of the Republic of the Philippines arisingfrom its claim to dominion and sovereignty over the territoryof North Borneo, to the extent that these rights are affected,or may be affected, by a determination of the Court of thequestion of sovereignty over Pulau Ligitan and Pulau Sipadan.( b ) Second, to intervene in the proceedings in order to inform theHonourable Court of the nature and extent of the historicaland legal rights of the Republic of the Philippines which maybe affected by the Court’s decision.Second, to intervene in the proceedings in order to inform theHonourable Court of the nature and extent of the historicaland legal rights of the Republic of the Philippines which maybe affected by the Court’s decision.( c i Third, to appreciate more fully the indispensable role of theHonourable Court in comprehensive conflict prevention andnot merely for the resolution of legal disputes.”The Philippines submitted during the oral proceedings “that theobjects (LI) and (h) in the Application make clear the objectives of thePhilippines in applying to the Court for permission to intervene underArticle 62, are consistent with the Court’s jurisprudence; and amplyfulfil the requirements of the Statute”.

    85. For its part, Indonesia argues that”the objective of the Philippines is not to inform [the] Court of itsinterests in the case before [it], but to draw the Court’s attention toanother dispute, speculating that this might, perhaps, be of interest.At best, the Philippines might appear as AMICUS CURIAE..( FRIEND or ADVISER to the COURT ).”Third, to appreciate more fully the indispensable role of theHonourable Court in comprehensive conflict prevention andnot merely for the resolution of legal disputes.”The Philippines submitted during the oral proceedings “that theobjects (LI) and (h) in the Application make clear the objectives of thePhilippines in applying to the Court for permission to intervene underArticle 62, are consistent with the Court’s jurisprudence; and amplyfulfil the requirements of the Statute”.

    this is the MEAT of the decision on the RP’s denial on petition for intervention93.

    Notwithstanding that the first two of the objects indicated by thePhilippines for its intervention are APPROPRIATE, the Court finds that thePhilippines has not discharged its obligation to convince the Court thatspecified legal interests may be affected in the PARTICULAR circumstances of THIS CASE.

    94. The Court nevertheless observes that, notwithstanding its findingthat the Philippines has not demonstrated an entitlement to intervene inthe pending case between lndonesia and Malaysia, it remains COGNIZANTof the POSITIONS stated before it by Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippinesin the present proceedings. 

    put it in LAYMANS PARLANCE…

    ( 93 ) the court is simply denying the motion for intervention because RP concern is SABAH not the subject matter of conflict which are sipadan & ligitan..SABAH is NOT in issue that’s why the court is DENYING it…but it says SABAH issue is an appropriate LEGAL ACTION but not on this ligitan & sipadan  case….BUT .in a separate case so that it is to be litigated..( 94) the court even if it denied the intervention…it is cognizant of all the POSITIONS of RP, MALAYSIA & INDONESIA..meaning..NOTED all positions….( more of an obiter dictum )NO ruling was TAKEN on the SABAH issue but the court AGREED ( in93 ) that RP position is ACCIONABLE…but in SHOULD BE on separate case…it further take COGNIZANT of the POSITION UNDERTAKEN by RP ( in 94 )…as you can see even Indonesia is crying foul on the intervention BECAUSE SABAH is NOT in ISSUE…yet the RP GOVT wants a DECISION on SABAH….it is saying RP is forum shopping…to LITIGATE SABAH…to shortcut the process by INTERVENTION.. there should be a SABAH claim FIRST to the courts…THE ICJ itself is suggesting it is an ACCIONABLE CASE…so why the PNOY GOVT is DENYING ALL of this ..WHAT is with MALAYSIA ..that they like it VERY MUCH…: > )

    HOPE this will GUIDE  you on the issue…that’s the best i can do to SIMPLIFY the otherwise simple court explanation..

    • Albert Einstien

      NOW the SQUID TACTICS of PNOY GOVT ..TRYING VERY HARD to MUDDLE the ISSUE by Throwing who is the real so UNPATRIOTIC…whoever to their mind is the TRUE sultan is..the FACT REMAINS that SABAH is RP TERRITORY..and they should file the CLAIM IMMEDIATELY before barred by LACHES or PRESCRIPTION….they CAN COPY PASTE the 2001 PLEADINGS if this NOYNOYING govt as MALASia spokesperson DONT KNOW how to prepare a PLEADING in ICJ…….TRAITORS to their COUTRY should be HANGED not the the AGGRIEVED OWNERS who are merely SEEKING JUSTICE…. so SAD…

  • regd

    I say leave them there for as long as they want! Appeal to the Malaysian government to make the cordoned camping grounds of Kirams people as neutral grounds. Hence, they are neither here nor there. This will serve all party a great deal of time looking for solution (which to me is a futile exercise anyway). Everybody is on limbo mode. They claimed it’s theirs, the other party just shake their heads, claims this, claims that, and then people on this side of the equator has no clue, emotions run high blah, blah, blah.

    My guess is, there’s no solution! For it will only take a violent confrontation and plenty of body bags to break this impasse. Just allow them to air their grievances and frustrations, that’s all. And by the time their food or whatever runs out (please no hunger strike), they’ll just pack their bags and then BADA BING BARA BOOM – they’ll just return to their normal life.


  • PlumberfromCanada

    hindi lang si Dilemma ang goes all the way up to the PRESIDENT…God help the Philippines..

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    para tatay niya si ninoy nag traydor kay marcos at sa mga pilipno traydor kalbo!

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