Aquino to PH: Never again

Signs law paying Marcos victims


EDSA 27 YEARS AFTER A man flashes the Laban sign, symbol of the fight against the Marcos dictatorship, as confetti rains on the Edsa People Power Monument during the commemoration of the 27th anniversary of the civilian-backed military revolt that toppled the Marcos regime. RICHARD A. REYES

Amid the hoopla of the People Power I celebration, President Aquino on Monday signed a law compensating close to 10,000 victims of human rights violations during martial law as he exhorted Filipinos to “celebrate a race that will never again be oppressed.”

The colorful commemoration at the Edsa People Power Monument of the 27th anniversary of the People Power I that toppled strongman Ferdinand Marcos in February 1986 served as a backdrop for the signing of the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act of 2013.

“It’s clear: Our quest for justice doesn’t end with today’s commemoration. That’s why today, we have signed the Human Rights Victims Reparation Act of 2013 as a recognition of the suffering experienced by many people during martial law, and show that even after a generation has passed, we never lost heart to rectify the mistakes of the past,” Aquino said before a large crowd, mostly clad in yellow shirts.

Healing of wounds

Aquino thanked Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte and countless other lawmakers who pushed for the passage of the measure and ensured that the government recognize the victims’ suffering and lead them to a “complete healing of the wounds of the past.” Enrile is a former Marcos defense minister and a key player in the 1986 peaceful revolt.

Former President Fidel V. Ramos and former Sen. Agapito “Butz” Aquino—two key players in the revolt—as well as Vice President Jejomar Binay, Belmonte, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa, other Cabinet officials, lawmakers, ambassadors, student and youngsters witnessed the signing.

Conspicuously absent from the celebration were Enrile, who led the defense ministry’s defection from Marcos in 1986, and Sen. Gregorio “Gringo” Honasan III, Enrile’s aide at the time. Enrile is one of the three leaders of the opposition United Nationalist Alliance, and Honasan is seeking reelection under its banner.

Remember past

Martial law victim and survivor Bonifacio “Boni” Ilagan hailed the enactment of the law.

“For those who fought against the dictatorship, for those whose rights had been trampled upon, the Human Rights Victims’ Reparation Act of 2013 is very meaningful. More than the monetary help, this is one way for us to always remember the past. We know the tragedy that awaits us if history is erased from our memory,” Ilagan said in a speech.

Its lasting legacy is “posterity and a challenge to learn from history,” he added.

RIGHTING A WRONG President Aquino signs the Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act, which provides compensation to thousands of victims of martial law, at the Edsa People Power Monument in Quezon City on Monday. Witnessing the signing are (from left) Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, House Majority Leader Neptali Gonzales II, Quezon Rep. Erin Tañada, Bayan Muna Rep. Neri Colmenares and Speaker Sonny Belmonte. RICHARD A. REYES

Mend ways

Loretta Ann Rosales, chairperson of the Commission on Human Rights, said Republic Act No. 10368 should warn “instruments of injustice to mend their ways.”

“That soldiers and policemen, such as those we see before us right now, are protectors of the people and not of conjugal dictators, unjust politicians and greedy businessmen,” said Rosales, herself a torture victim during martial law.

Apart from obligating the government to compensate victims of gross human rights violations, RA 10368 underscores the need to “unravel the truth from the lies” about martial law, contributes to the process of ending impunity and serves as a “symbol of solidarity,” she added.

At least P10 billion

Under the law, the 9,539 victims who filed a class action suit in Hawaii against the Marcoses will be awarded compensation using $246 million, at least P10 billion, that the government recovered from Marcos’ ill-gotten wealth deposited in Swiss bank accounts.

The P10.5 billion is held in escrow at the National Treasury and has earned at least P2.3 billion in interest, according to Malacañang.

The victims won in 1995 a $2-billion judgment from a US district court in Hawaii against the Marcos estate. Under the new law, they would be presumed victims of martial law abuses and do not have to prove their claims for compensation.

Edsa 1 solidarity

In his speech, the President reminded Filipinos that Edsa I, which catapulted his mother, Corazon C. Aquino, to power, was not the property of only a few, or even its key players in 1986.

“This can’t be owned by a few faces that we see in the papers, or the Filipinos who massed on this thoroughfare. They merely responded to the united call by the entire country for freedom, dignity and justice,” he said.

“Like the traditional game ‘palo sebo,’ Edsa is not about who is popular; or who is on top or below. This is not about people who top-bill the news. This is about a wide-ranging solidarity to achieve our aspiration of change,” he said.

From many parts of the archipelago, decent Filipinos gathered together to achieve the impossible and open a new chapter of the country’s history, Aquino said.

“Every Filipino who suffered, every Filipino who had been denied of a future, every Filipino who dreamt but had doubts, theirs is the collective call for a meaningful change that toppled the dictatorship,” he said.

Twenty-seven years later, the country is reaping the fruits of democracy that was restored after Edsa I, the President said.

Economy brings hope

“If before, the world admired us for the hope that we brought to other oppressed races, now they’re admiring us for our economy that is bringing hope to the rest of the world dominated by gloom. We have recovered again and we can be proud of our recovery from the potholes of history,” he said.

But then again, the President said Filipinos should not be content with “falling and recovering” from every challenge, but learn to move forward.

He said he was aware of the many challenges ahead, noting that stumbling blocks to the right path have not been totally removed.

“It’s clear those who benefited from the previous status quo are still here. If we fall gain, if we let go of each other’s grip, if we allow ourselves to be tempted by self-interest, these people will seize the opportunity and take advantage,” he added.

Honor of the race

He said the spirit of Edsa I that restored democracy should serve as an inspiration for the country to forge ahead toward development.

“Every day let’s celebrate the honor of a race that will never again fall, that will never again be oppressed, that will never be contented with the culture of recovery. Every day, let’s commit to heart the new culture of not having any second thoughts, and not having any fear to advance,” Aquino said.

The anniversary celebration began with Aquino, Binay and other officials hoisting the Philippine flag at the left side of the monument, coinciding with flag-raising ceremonies in cities in Metro Manila.

After the ecumenical prayer, the hosts asked the crowd for a moment of silence for the late Fr. James Reuter, S.J., who directed the rebel radio station Radyo Bandido during the people power revolt.


Shortly after, Spirit of Edsa Foundation Awards were handed out to Reuter (posthumously); June Keithley, broadcaster of Radyo Bandido; Ronald Gadayan, glass cleaner and janitor at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 2 for his honesty; Luneta coachman Jaime Mayor; and Cris Kesz Valdez, 2012 International Children’s Peace Prize Awardee.


This culminated in the reenactment of “salubungan” with Ramos, then military vice chief of staff and retired Brig. Gen. Ramon Montaño leading the military side, and nuns and seminarians heading the religious side, each group backed by a tank decked in yellow flowers. A shower of confetti dropped from a helicopter as both contingents mingled.

The actual salubungan occurred on Feb. 23, a day after Ramos and then Defense Minister Enrile defected from the Marcos government and the late Jaime Cardinal Sin and Butz Aquino called on people to go to Edsa and protect the rebel forces.

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  • sharkbaittt

    ironically rightful owners of Sabah, are under oppression on their own land.


    >>>Aquino to PH: Never again<<<

    SA tagalog, SA UULITIN!

    Nagdaan kay Cory, In Fidel,  Erap da Krrp, Glorie-eeta….e ganun din ang korapsiyon laban sa bayan.  Para ano yong NEVER AGAIN…..never again will I remember?  O, andiyan pa sa bakuran ang lahat ng mga kasangkot sa temang NEVER AGAIN na yan:  MARCOSES, ROMULADEZES, COJUANGCOS, ENRILES, RAMOS, CUENCAS, TANTOCOS, DISINIS, et al.  At hindi lang kamo na sa bakuran lamang, nakatayo pa sa tuktuk ng bakuran bilang mga opisyales ng bayan…at hindi lamang yong mga direktang mga kasangkot, kundi pati mga anak-anak nila!  NEVER, NEVER AGAIN    will I remember!

    • noyab

      isama mo na ang oppression committed for almost 50 years by the AQUINO-COJUANCO CLAN against Hacienda Luisita farmers…….

  • sharkbaittt

     Mr president, your countrymen are being oppressed  as you speak in their own land in Sabah, every time a OFW leaves his family to go to abroad to provide to them, he is being oppressed. Oppression is being exported because of Phil Govt being weak.

  • Juan

    Bite me.

  • bilango71

    Ano kaya ang reaction ng mga Marcos dito sa Edsa Celebration? 

    • noyab

      wala effect sa amin yan….wala lang…..

      • bilango71

         kaya ?

    • Noypi11

      Walang effect and EDSA celebration sa mga Marcoses. Makapal na ang mga mukha ng mga iyan. Hindi na tumatalab sa kahihiyan.

  • noyab

    no more oppression then ibigay agad ng aquino-conjuanco clan ang hacienda luisita at bayaran ang mga farmers na for 50 years were oppressed by them…..

  • Eric

    always living in the past with no plans for tomorrow.  always blaming the past administrations since no accomplishments have been made until now.  what oppression?  little by little your territories are being taken from right under your nose.  
         the real war and priority is how to improve on the cost of living.  kelan pa kayo gagawa ng paraan para naman makakain at makapagtrabaho ng husto ang mga Filipino?
         even the metro is sinking.  wala man lang kayo flood control programs na ginagawa.  umihi lang ang mga bata ng sabay sabay siguradong babaha na sa Metro Manila.
         wala man lang mga bagong infrastructure projects.  parehong mga kalsada sisirain at gagawin.  walang bago.  

    puro NEVER AGAIN. talagang NEVER AGAIN na kayo iboto ng bayan

  • Jeremiah Ares

    The problem lies in each one. “There are no tyrants when there are no slaves.” (quoted)

  • oidkcin

    empty rhetorics from an equally empty-headed BS.
    Impeach Aquino….& her brother.

  • Jeremiah Ares

    People Power to clear the esteros and clogging waterways, clean the roads from garbage and liters.  Do gardening and homegrown food to be self-sufficient. “Cleanliness is next to godliness” (quoted)

  • catmanjohn

    Judging from the posts, the corruptos are shaking in their pants, and knows their end is near.

  • Lopez Jaena

    Let us correct history –

    Enrile did not defect, he escaped when his plan to launch a coup with Gringo Honasan was discovered by Marcos and Ver! And what did he do after Cory took over? He staged several coups again with Gringo Honasan because he felt he was the rightful heir to Marcos’ crown. This is the way we should write history! Not Enrile’s twisted version.

    • Concur_Dissent

      I concur…

    • Noypi11

      You are absolutely right Bro! That Enrile and Honasan plus Ramos planned and tried a coup against Marcos but failed. Thet then asked the Filipino people to save their necks.
      Those people are balimbing. They are there in the government for their own self-interest. They should be voted out, including their relatives and cronies.  

    • AllinLawisFair


  • rodben

    These people are thin time of Marcos  now they are fatty WOW……with a big Money are coming again in their pockets how about those peoples victimize by the NPA in the provinces this time and become beggar in Metro manila and there children can’t able to go to school these law makers can adopt a law for compensation too?

  • Simplify1

    I could almost see bongbong marcos squirm in his seat at the senate…. He just wants to get to the last day of FEBRUARY so he can start another round of reinforcing his morbid belief to the remaining 10% of the population that his mommy and daddy are innocent and did not commit any of these human rights disappearances!  May mga tao pa rin na nag bubulag bulagan at hindi naniniwala na magnanakaw at mamamatay tao ang tatay at nanay nya!!

    • Concur_Dissent

      Regardless how successful PNoy’s presidency shall be, there will always be the noisy ten percenters!  In the meantime, check this out:

      1.  Corrupt Chief Justice impeached
      2.  Corrupt military generals indicted
      3.  Corrupt ex-president gma arrested
      4.  Record high of stock exchange
      5.  Record high investment inflow
      6.  Very solid peso versus dollar
      7.  World wide recession compared to Philippines year over year economic growth
      8.  S&P ratings raised 3 times over 2 years (currently one level below investment grade)
      9.  Peace treaty with the MILF for lasting Mindanao peace!
      10.  And now, “Human Rights Victims Reparation and Recognition Act” a new law of the land!


      • carol

        YOU’RE DREAMING !!!!!

      • Concur_Dissent

        That’s the best response that you came up with??  No wonder….

  • rodben

    Too much money again spent these elite celebrations surely BIR can’t meet again the collection tax target this year. 

  • Weder-Weder Lang

    The greatest show on earth – how one family, one clan, one dynasty snatched and saved an archipelago of a country from another family, another clan.

    The greatest show on earth – perhaps only second to the one peddled by the Catholic Church.

    Mabuhay ang EDSA 27!

  • rodben

    How how big money…does Mr. Jose Ma. Sison has a share? If he has he is the most luckiest person on earth while he was in Netherland to buy ammo and guns for their supporters against Philippines soldiers….thats dirty games of politics in Pinas…

  • $20722540

    ang galing talaga ng zarzuela ni aquino

  • Fulpol

    sila-sila lang….


  • Fulpol

    EDSA 1…. sa amin ito!!…. BS Aquino III..


    • gggrrrrrrr

      where are aquinos during edsa evolution? aside butch?

  • Fulpol

    mga nakipaglaban na walang pwesto ngayon sa gobyerno..  at least may compensation…

    after EDSA 1, mga iilan at saling pusa…. sila ngayon ang nakikinabang..


  • Fulpol

    Yellow cult: “hoy mga ibang kulay diyan.. huwag makisawsaw… sa amin ang EDSA 1″..


  • Fulpol

    EDSA 1… iisa ang spirit… 

    spirit ng yellow cult…


  • Edzel


    Only vengeance and hate.  Only stupidity and moronic thinking.  No more sanity but insanity.  No more democracy in the government but communism.

    EDSA 1 is the birth of “Kamag-anak Incorporated”

    EDSA 1 is the birth of “Walang alam” legacy of the Aquino Clan.  It is also the birth of a drunkard, gambler and womanizing President.  It is also the birth of a bald, and good-for-nothing president  

    • F alonso

      Walang kama kamag anak,walang kai kaibigan,siya rin pala ang pasimuno na may dalawang Pirma.Basta Politico,DRAWING.Importante may Pork Barrel.

    • 33Sambuang2

      do you think marcos uplifted the plight of the filipino people? cmon look at the extravagance of the wife and the children. how many people were killed and salvaged? during that time we were afraid of the military because of their abuses. who gave the go signal ? di ba yong idol mong si macoy?

  • Fulpol

    to “celebrate a race that will never again be oppressed.”

    ay mali… oligarkiya lang ang nakikinabang ngayon… yung economic growth ay SCAM…

    dumadami ang mahihirap… at sila ay oppressed.. indirectly…mula sa taxes, mula sa pagtaas ng bilihin at walang pagtaas ng kita…

  • WAJ

    Outstanding! Mr. President Pnoy. 

  • F alonso

    Corruption in Govt Post is also an act of oppression.Cutting of trees in illegal logging is worse than oppression.The forest is denuded and the entire mountain will be mounted on the people’s head,how do you find that Pnoy?

  • It’s No Time To Doubt Now

    This nation will be great again only if we learn to embrace Superhero Ninoy and Blessed Mama Cory in our hearts, in our souls, in our little altars at home. This nation will heal again only if we open our wounds to the soothing tenderness of our Blessed Mama Cory. This nation can dream again only if we embrace the dreams of our Superhero Ninoy who also happens to be a dream maker. This nation will rise again only if we choose Daang Matuwid as laid out for us by our dear leader PNoy.

    “For Superhero Ninoy and Blessed Mama Cory love the Filipino people so much they sent their only begotten son PNoy so that the Filipino people may not perish in the fires of eternal damnation.” – The Yellow Bible, Juan dela Cruz 3:16

    This coming May 2013 elections, please vote straight LP.

    and may I humbly suggest:
    Ninoy 2.0 = Bam Aquino

    • gggrrrrrrr


    • Palku Kha

      ano na naman tong pinagsasabi mo? tula ba yan? wag kang mag comment dito kasi hindi mga bata at hindi uto-uto at hindi yellow ang mga utak ang mga tao dito!!! superhero at blessed ka pang nalalaman.blessed ba yan malakas mag madyong???

    • 56del_11

      pwede b hanap ka ng bobong mauuto mo, di kmi tulad mo!!.superhero at blessed, pwe!

    • cion

      What is this? paid blog by the yellow followers. How could Cory Aquino be called a good example  , when she let those Filipinos be killed /massacred when they are demonstrating peacefully for land reform . And why did she knowingly condone to keep Hacienda Luisita from the legal beneficiaries-the poor farmers And her son now calling the Marcoses as oppressor when it  clearly shows  that  this President and his mother /family oppressed the poor farmers of Hacienda Luista And  those poor farmers had to take their grievance up to the higher court SC to get what is legally theirs.What a lie.

    • Jherald Doing

       we already heal, lalo na mga politician..makakapal na nga mga mukha eh (sobrang galing na), we already dream..puro dream na nga lang nangyayari at magagawa natin dahil sa mga nakaupo ngayon ay pansariling interest lang ang ginagawa..we already rise..rising price of commodities, mataas na krimen, mataas na bilang ng mahihirap, unemployed, corruption,mataas na tax na sa mga pulitiko lang napupunta..ano pa?

  • boybakal

    Those who attended the Celebration were compensated.
    The compensation law is only for the selected few….few thousand beneficiaries.
    What a luck…they are already in the gov’t, now they are paid.
    Isn’t it Double Compensation.

  • rodben

    “PILIPINO ARE NOT OPPRESSED” You are again and again correct Mr. Prez but only for the 10,000 who are now millionaires and they in EDSA today but the 94,990,000 Pinoy are still oppress, I guess tax exception up to the end of your term to these very luckies 10k persons…same2 as you say after World Economic Forum ” INVESTORS ARE LINE-UP IN PINAS”and during the World Bank comment of jobless is increasing in Pinas you said ” MORE JOBS BUT NO QUALIFIED APPLICANT’…tsk..tsk…nothing different with ate Glo 1,000jobs yearly….WETHER2 LANG that’s Pinas dirty games in politics

  • Sugbuanon86

    Gag0 ka talaga PNOY, no?

    Ang galing mo talagang mambola.

    May pa “No To Oppression” ka pa dyan!

    Eh ang dami mo ngang inaalipin sa iyong hacienda!!!


    • bahaykubo1015


    • Betz Chui

       You can post that kind of tirade because you have freedom now…bought and paid for by the 10K people tortured or killed during the conjugal dictatorship…..

      • cion

        Tortured???? by the NPA financed by communist China. We had been there and knew who were behind those killings of the military soldier who defended the democracy we are now enjoying.Those who claim themselves as victims participated without knowing the real agenda ( destabilize the gov’t so communist China can take over.

      • Eugene Carreon

        palibhasa di ka nadamay nung panahon nung dictador na alipores marcos.. di ko makakalimutan ginawa nila sa mga kamag anak ko..

    • last_mile

       enough for the aquinos..very sick and tired

    • AllinLawisFair

      Kailangan ko yata ng salamin sa mata. Sa biglang tingin ay “Sugbuangnon86″ ang aking nakita.

      Subali’t ang mga sinabi mo ay nagpapatunay na buwang ka talaga.

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    ginugunita pa yan kung saan para nasumpa pilipinas! mabuti pa noong panahon ni macoy yung painting ni marcos halaga lang ng buong budget ng pinas wala naman nagawa si cory kundi bantayan ang presyo ng galunggong sa loob ng anim na taon! marami nagutom at nanilaw ang mata! milyon milyon ang tambay hanggang ngayon milyon milyon parin ang tambay lumabas ka at mag masid palibhasa presidente lagi nakakulong saloob ng palasyo nag papa puti linisin ninyo istero dami tambay wala kayo inatupag kundi bantayan ang nakaw ni marcos! pareho lang kayo mag nanakaw!

  • Guest

    Sa mga tarantado at walanghiyang inutil na bugok na nakamulat ng bulag ang paningin sa katotohanang walang gawang matino, araw-araw nandito kayo MALAYAng nagpapahayag ng walang tigil na insulto at paninira sa pagkatao ng inihalal ng karamihang namumuno ng bansa, magpasalamat hindi kayo natatakot o nakakulong na sa bilangguan at tuloy tuloy abusuhin ang kalayaan niyong natatamo bilang karapatan ng demokrasiya. Para kayong asong-ulol na tahol ng tahol at walang kadala-dala sa nakaraang pangyayari. Ang hindi marunung lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa paroroonan. 

    • IbigMongSabihin

      speaking of martial law, malaking mali ang nasa utak mo. hindi tuluyang naalis ang press freedom noong martial law. ang gobyernong marcos ay nag pairal ng controlled press pero hindi naging bawal ang mag publish ng severe criticisms sa gobyerno. ang censorship ng panahon noon ay doon lamang sa tuwirang pag promote ng hardline communistic idealism. meron pong maraming archived newspapers and magazines circa 1970’s sa national library at basahin mo roon ang mga published articles ng panahon noon kung gaano ka grabe ang panunuligsa sa pamahalaang marcos pero pinapayagan. yours truly (ako iyon) ay naging editor ng student newspaper financed by the idealistic (labelled as communistic) Kabataang Makabayan, kaya alam ko ang press freedom noon. pero ikaw na ewan kung saan galing ay nagsasabi ngayon as if ay totally-curtailed o walang press freedom ng panahong martial law na hindi naman makatotohanang paratang.
      mali ang martial law pero mas mali ang baluktutin ang katotohanan. mali na pabanguhin ang ibang tao sa pamamagitan ng pag demonyo sa ibang tao. mali na ang masa ay patuloy na gagawin na tau-tauhan o kenkoy ng pamahalaan sa pag exaggerate ng events para lang maging hero ang ibang entities. ang resulta ay ang katulad mong masa na severely brainwashed ng maling paniniwala na wala raw press fredom noong martial law para lang patuloy na palakpakan at sambahin ang inutil na gobyerno sa ngayon.

      • Guest

        Hehehe! Katulad ni Teodoro Valencia, Over a cup of coffee sa diyaryo. Katulad ng napapanood sa TV araw-araw si Francisco Tatad na puro Presidential Decree. Katulad sa curfew ng Metrocom na bawal lumabas ng bahay kung anong oras nila gusto. Katulad ng pag-uutos na magrehistro sa militar kung ayaw makulong. Katulad nI Blas Ople na bawal lumabas ng bansa para maghanapbuhay kung wala siyang pahintulot, Katulad ni Johnny’ lundagin mo baby’ deLeon sa radyo na puro sangayon sa kabutihan ng Unang Pamilya. Katulad ng mga ordinaryong kalalakihang mahaba ang buhok na ginugupitan sa kalsada ng mga armadong nakauniporme. Hanggang ngayon, nagkalat pa rin ang Mga Tuta ni Marcos. Umiikot sigurado ang bangkay ng dakliang Max Soliven sa kanyang libingan. RIP, RP.

      • IbigMongSabihin

        iyan ang pananaw mo sa bawat galaw. bawat galaw at mabibigyan ng pananaw na pangit o maganda depende kung ano ang pabor sa iyo. kung si valencia man ay passive mag criticize sa martial law noon, di ba mas masahol ngayon kung saan mas marami ang nababayarang columnists para maging propagandists ng pamahalaan. di ba mas masahol ngayon ang mulri-agencies na propaganda machine ng gobyerno kaysa sa nag-iisang tatad noon? di ba mas ok ang pag curfew noon at pag-alis ng crmes compared sa rampant uncontrolled patayan at rapes sa ngayon? di ba merong OWWA ngayon at di ka rin makapagtrabaho abroad pag di ka dumaan sa OWWA? di ba merong radio program ang gobyerno sa ngayon na puro pabor sa malacanang ang sinasabi? at hahaha, mahabang buhok na gugupitan sa kalye?… kapwa pilipino na nag brainwashed sa iyo para siraan ang kapwa pilipino nong panahon ng martial law ay traidor sa katotohanan kung di niya isinaalang-alang na lahat ng paninira sa nakaraan ay siya pa ring nangyayari sa ngayon.   

      • Irene Wong

         IbigMongSabihin……..GO!!!!GO!!!!Be toughed ,, don’t be intimidated with those negative comments…… I request you to write your testimony to the media so that people will know more —– people  will have additional knowledge thus…. lessens their innocence…God bless you!!!!!

      • cion

        Your right, as a college studen during those years , do remember the active recruitment going on by the communist NPA-CPPA under Jose Maria Sison( who was freed to the Netherlands by Cory Aquino) Had we not have a strong nationalistic  President like F Marcos Phl could have been under Communist China,period.

      • Irene Wong

         IbigMongSabihin……continue posting what is right!!!!!!!The Holy Spirit will guide you ..AMEN…..

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Noong panahon ni Marcos ay napakalaya ng pagpapahayag. Malakihan ang mga rally noon at malimit violent protest pa. Kung murahin si Marcos sa mga diario, radio at tv wagas! Noong nagmartial law doon naging mahigpit pero tahimik noong martial law. Ang mga biktima ng martial law ay karamihan ay mga pro communist. Pero yung karaniwang tao tulad namin , di kami pinakialaman ni Marcos. Binigyan kami ni Marcos ng SLEX,NLEX,HEART CENTER, HEALTH CENTERS SA MGA BARANGAY, SAN JUANICO BRIDGE, LRT, AT MARAMI PANG IBA! ANG DI LUMINGON SA PINANGALINGAN……

      • Irene Wong

        Ngiping Dilaw——-BRAVO!!!!!!!

  • joerizal

    My right was trampled on. Where do I apply for the money? (Note the sarcasm).
    So does the reparation come bundled with apologies from Imelda, Enrile, Ramos, Ongpin and all who participated in this organized plunder who are still alive and kicking? The people need closure and healing, in addition to compensation. So far, this government is paying victims of past crimes while human rights violations continue to occur every minute at present. No more oppression…again, famous last words. Empty promises are just that…empty.

  • Nerraw

    Yung masaker sa hacienda Luisita meron bang nanagot? mga hipokroito!!!!!!!

    • Guest

      Ano ang kinalaman ng Pangulo KUNG may kasalanan ang kanyang kamag-anak. KUNG sino man ang nagkasala ay dapat managot. Bakit gusto mong managot ang hindi kasangkot? Sino ang bulag sa galit na tunay na hipokrito dito?

      • Crysis_III

        hahaha. korek.

      • josefe38


      • Guest

        Hehehe! Huwag ka sanang atakihin at biglang mamatay. Siguro isa ka sa mga naroroong kumalabit ng gatilyong nakakaalam sa nangyari. Bakit hindi ka maghabla at tumestigo, Pikon.

      • IbigMongSabihin

        in other societies or countries, ang angkan na merong disloyalty sa bansa ay hindi binibigyan ng malaking katungkulan kasi nasa gernes niya ang genes ng ancestors niya. kaya siya ay pwede ring mag-isip at mag desisyon tulad ng ancestor niya. science proved na ang genes ng tao ay may kinalaman sa ugali at pag-iisip niya. kaya tama lang kung ang qualities ng kamag-anak ni Noynoy ay malaman natin para malaman natin ang pwede maging performance ni presidente Noynoy. So, who is Noynoy? Siya po ay apo ni Ninoy-1 na kumampi sa pamahalaang Hapon noong WW2 at tumakas papunta ng Japan after the war, pero hinuli ng Amerikano at dinala sa Pilipinas,nahatulan at nabilanggo sa pag traidor sa bayan. Siya po ay anak ni congressman Ninoy noon na gumamit ng influence para ibigay ng pamahalaan sa Cojuangco family ang Hacienda Luisita ng libre (walang ibinayad ang Cojuangcos ni isang centavo). Siya po ay apo rin ni Sen Sumulong na hayagang nag-campaign sa Phil Congress para gawan ng resolution na ibigay ng Pilipinas ang Sabah sa pamahalaang Malaysia, kaya tinawag siyang traidor ni Sen Jovito Salonga. Of course, anak siya ni Cory, a woman I admire… given those facts, naging presidente si Noynoy sa pamamagitan ng achievement ni Cory pero isinara natin ang pwedeng epekto ng genes niya galing sa iba pa niyang ancestors. 

      • AllinLawisFair

        Ganyan ang matinong pangangatuwiran. Ang maraming iba, hindi nag-iisip ng tama.

    • PinoyPower1

      Sino may kasalanan sa masaker?  kung alam mo mag fila ka ng kaso.

      • carol

        eh di ang mga cojuangco, pamumuno ni BS aquino, ayaw silang mag implement ng Land Reform, so nagalit na ang mga magsasaka, pero sino kaya ang mga bumaril sa mga magsasaka????

    • barok


  • boybakal

    Aquino to PH: Never again….

    Agree…Never Again of that People Power….not only illegal but a waste of time, money and effort.
    Let the rule of law govern….Don’t kick out the sitting President, Kick him out by Impeachment.

    • JoeyLito

      Start it.  Hindi ganyang puro ka lang dakdak.

    • carol

      People Power??? ginamit lang tayo ng mga politiko. 

    • cion

      This President and his parents has been in politics and continued to garner wealth of the property that doesn’t belong to them (Hacienda Luisita) and very proud to elevate their plight of deception at the expense of poor farmers who had sufferred from massacres and death in order to claim what was theirs which the SC finally awarded under CJ Corona

  • farmerpo

    Enrile was an accidental participant in the Edsa Uprising. He is a coup plotter to gain control of the government but failed miserably. Tried a few more times during the presidency of Cory and failed as miserably. The miracle is that he is still well and kicking and laughing all the way to the banks. What did we really gain except a few moments of glory in the immediate afterglow of the bloodless revolt which awed the world?

  • novaliches

    Yung mga wala dun noon, nandoon na ngayon.  yung mga nandoon noon, wala ngayon.  

  • bahaykubo1015

    to “celebrate a race that will never again be oppressed.”

    Help!!!!!!! painumin ng gamot… He’s hallucinating again..

  • Danyel

    we are still financially oppressed by the legislators themselves who siphon our money through their pork barrels…….

    • carol

      Pinakamalaki ang kay PNoy, Billion ang pork barrel, nasaan kaya napupunta?

  • PinoyPower1

    Never again to martial rule!

  • barok

    Better late than never. The best part is having a museum built for the ML victims just like the holocaust museum. A reminder to those who are still in denial after 27 years.

  • Love God

    If you really want to help the poor, the real victims of corruption, social and legal injustice kindly work on to establish a credible health care system our country badly in need of.

    Set up hospitals that got medicine, equipment and common facilities. Let us start with the neglected parts of the country, the provinces.

  • Peter L

    Tell that to the Marines, so they say. This time – Tell that to the Hacienda Luisita farmers. Never Mind is what they would reply! Cory was very sincere in saying that and she is the only one worthy of such accolade. Cory offered amnesty. She was magnanimous in victory. The son offered to his opponents humiliation and suffering. Three more years and other side will shout “Never Again.”

  • BatangSingapore

    ang martial law ay pasakit lamang sa mga magnanakaw ng lupa at yun kumakalaban lamang sa gobyerno.

    mas safe at mas may patas na pamumuhay ang ordinaryong filipino laban sa mapagsamantalang mga negosyante.

  • Mamang Pulis

    maibalik ko lang ang nakaraan—

    yun naglalakad kami ng gf ko na taga st. paul mula sa bahay nila sa sta. mesa—lakad ng wilson st., greenhills hanggang sa intersection ng ortigas – EDSA  magkahawak kamay, magka akbay, puno ng ka inosentehan——:))

    ang mag pa piktyur piktyur sa ibabaw ng tangke–tangan ang ‘kodak instamatik’

    tanda ko pa yun? je je je demmet tanda ko na pala…

    noon mga 5 taong magkakasunod pag tapos nun— siguro ramdam pa ang pag diriwang


    same old same mold.

    pag diriwang lang ng mga oligarkiya –aquino,marcos,enrile at mga nag usbungang dating trapo nila marcos —at mantakin mo–mas matindi pa kaysa dati ang korapsyon.

    nasaan na kaya si gf?

    ahh–masaya na sya at may dalawang anak—hindi nga lang sa akin—doon sa napangasawa nya…..

  • Mamang Pulis

  • Mamang Pulis

    reply to peter L :

    sana hindi malapatan yun anak na nagbenta sa mindanao sa malysia

  • Mamang Pulis

    reply to batang singapura:

    sabagay may tama sinabi mo

  • freeview

    Ph to Aquino..No more noynoying

  • IbigMongSabihin

    we in KM (kabataang makabayan) ay products of our times circa 1970’s. an era kung saan “in” at “progressive” ang maging rebelde sa gobyerno at sa social norms. kaya ang KM ay para sa progressive minds of the 70’s. ang alternative sa demokrasya ay ang adhikaing komunista. it was a generation of discoveries and experimentations – rebellion against the establishment, flower people, hippies, back to mother nature lifestle, nakedness. marcos was a great president and it is late to admit now but marcos had done better things for the country than most other presidents after him. unfortunately, marcos was president during that tumultous era of student rebellion and peaking of communism. i must admit that the country was a hotbed of communistic activities during the marcos presidency. we KM used to conduct teach-ins in the provinces to promote communism. we were slave to our wisdom that was young as our young age. looking back now, i admire marcos. it is late to admit, but allow me to say that marcos has the greatest mind and the most nationalistic president in my generation. wish that history will judge him fairly.

    • Guest

      Hehehe! KM, LOL! Mahilig gumawa ng marahas na katarantaduhan sa kalsada, ayaw pumasok sa iskuwela, binubulabog ang kapwa istudyanteng nagaaral. Hagis ng hagis ng pillbox at Molotov cocktail. Hehehe! How can anyone reason with morons and fools who admire dictators. LOL! Tyranny was better than freedom and democracy today?? Lokoooo! Your countrymen and the world judged him already. 

      • IbigMongSabihin

        Excuse me but almost all KM leaders were scholarly with good academic records, and were campus personalities as well. how can a KM leader be on the same level of ordinary people like you? Excuse me, but i am keeping documents when i was a university student council president, campus newspaper editor, etc. Therefore, i know who i was then. And of course, i am what i am now.

      • hillsider62

        Mukha yatang napasobra ang aktibo mo sa KM at nakakalimutan mo pumasok sa English lessons. Hehe. Ah, alam ko na galit ka nga pala sa mga kano. LOL!

      • Irene Wong

         IbigMongSabihin——Just ignore what they commented on you… GOD is the JUDGE…..

    • AAnomalist

      Pre, don’t regret what you did at your youthful age. Just keep on educating people. The fact is that: our people still have not learned the lessons of the past. They still keep on electing the corrupt officials –  the remnants of the past – plus the actors and actresses, hehe. The problem with marcos is that he spoiled all the people so-closed to him. And then he blamed on us, the activists. That is his greatest mistake. – SaDeKa.

    • Irene Wong

       IbigMongSabihin::;;;;; You have a good testimony …. why won’t you post it to facebook or any source of media so that people know about the good things that Pres. Marcos did and not only the bad things  that he did,  which the media aired to the people..I am already a senior citizen who witnessed different administrations from Quirino down to NOYNOY,, still the President Marcos did the best for the betterment to the Country… I am very very sad what happend to our country after EDSA… was there any progress… ????The reason why Philippines never move forward is—- People won’t learn to FORGIVE and FORGET even several decades had passed.. AMEN… I am requesting you  to write your testimony through media.. so that those brainwashed will open their hearts and  minds…

  • padrefaura

    no more oppression…. except pag pinag-initan ka ni Pnoy. 

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Victims of oppression:
    Tiglao and many more.

    • jgl414567

      Ipalinis mo muna ngipin mong dilaw sa dentist kasi ang baho na ng hininga mo, sing baho ng opinyon mo!!

      • Ngiping Dilaw

        Susundin ko payo mo, ipalilinis ko tong tanga kong ngipin maka Dilawan kasi.Ikaw ay amoy PIKON.

    • CustomsNeighbor

       Kulang pala naidonate kong wheelchair….marami pala silang nangangailangan….

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Etta Rosales, pag di Aquino ang nasa pwesto laging lumalaban againts human rights pero pag Aquino ang nasa kapangyarihan si Etta ay walang naririnig walang nakikita. Pag ang mga sundalo ay nakapatay ng rebelde , sigaw ni Etta, IKULONG ! againts human rights yan. Pag rebelde ang nakapatay at ikinulong, sigaw ni Etta, PALAYAIN! againts human rights yan. Hoy! Etta Rosales akala mo di nakakahalata, ano!

    • lex

      MAG TOOTHBRUSH ka muna! Weather weather lang yan!  Di laging panahon ng mga CORRUPT ,  LINTA , SUGAROL , BABAERO, LOGGER at SMUGGLER.   huhuhuhu….

  • simondj

    John 16:33  I’ve told you this so that my peace will be with you. In this world you’ll have trouble. But cheer up! I have overcome the world.” papaano po mawawala ang oppression eh sabi ni Jesus in this world you will have trouble,,,

  • Rolly257

    Dapat lang na ginuginita ang EDSA para manatiling sariwa sa ating alaala ang mga kasamaang ginawa ni Marcos, Enrile, Ramos, Erap at Gloria.

    Sinuwerte ang Pilipinas na magkaroon ng abnoy na presidente. Abnoy din sana ang mga susunod pang Presidente.

  • $20926843

    This inutile and autistic president in malacanang should first resolve the issue of the oppressed farmers of Hacienda Luisita victimized for so long by his inconsequential clan before he/she pontificate on the subject of oppression.

    • jgl414567

      Have your head examined, moron!

  • Rj Nieto

    Ah, the Irony. 

    Enrile, the architect of Martial Law, becomes the same guy who “condemns” it several decades later.#sakitsabangs

  • hanep

    No More Oppression. That’s just nice and dandy. 

    Let’s  free  majority of the people from  the Oppression  of Poverty
    and Ignorance so  they can  vote  for  genuine  leaders
    and public  officials.

    Until then,  hunger will continue  to cloud  their vision and judgement
    and the  crooks and thieves will gleefully continue
    with  their  rapacious  plunder.

  • Antonio Soriano Jr

    Oppression ba kamo?neh d sumuporta ka sa kapatid nateng Muslim sa Mindanao at Sabhin mu yan na no more oppression! Ung as!

  • m1600

    Tanong ko lang Simeon  paano naman yung mga SIBILYAN AT SUNDALO na biktima ng CPP/NPA? ty na lang?

  • eagleclaw101

    How about signing into law reparation and recognition
    act of 2013 recognizing human right victims who also suffered during the Mendiola
    Massacare, Alsa Masa and Tadtad Cults summary executions when Cory unleashed sword
    of war against the opposition

  • indiots

    paano rin ang mga biktima ng human rights after marcos?  katulad ng mendiola masacker? mabuti pa nga ang mga marcos human rights victims kuno dahil may aasahan…

    • Irene Wong

       Indiots: It is good you brought out that comment… Why only martial law massacre???? ,, I agree with you to include also the Mendiola Massace,  esp[ecially the Hacienda luisita Massacre,,, —that killed priests, and so many farmers… Bring this out loud..for people to know…AMEN.

  • Henry Berina

    with the signing of the human rights victims reparation and recognition act…i hope said  victims will be happy despite the much delay of its signing….

  • jgl414567

    We should always be vigilant because Binay is running for president in 2016. He has the makings  of a tyrant! LET US CAMPAIGN AGAINST THE RETURN OF MONUMENTAL CORRUPTION, LET US NOT ALLOW A BINAY PRESIDENCY, GOD FORBID!!!!

    • CustomsNeighbor

       Les us not allow, too, a Senator Binay….

  • GaggerAlert

    I think the Sabah standoff is much important than this event. Where the heck is the coverage?

  • coty

    ha ha and paying an exorbitant electricity rate is not considered oppression? you’ve got to be joking mr. president! derisive laughter!

  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Noong panahon ni Marcos ay may kalayaan sa pamamahayag. Malakihan ang mga rally na nauuwi sa violent protest talaga. Walang katahimikan si Marcos noon. Kung murahin insultuhin sa diario, radio at tv si.Marcos ay wagas. Naghahagis pa ng ataul ang mga ralyista noon para kay Marcos daw yong ataul. Order ni.Misis ang tawag kay Marcos noon dahil under de saya daw. Noong mag martial law yannnn, dyan nasupil ang mga oposisyon. Marami sa biktima ng martial law ay ang mga pro communist. Kaming mga karaniwang TAMBAY lang di kami pinakialaman ni Marcos. Ang nasupil noon ay ang oposisyon. Inalis ni Marcos yang senate at congress, puro daw debate walang maipasang batas walang magawang proyekto dahil mahirap makakuha ng yes sa congress. kaya noong mawala senado ayun gumawa si Marcos ng mga sarili nyang batas. NOONG MARTIAL LAW LUMAYA SI MARCOS SA PANINIIL NG MGA OPOSISYON AT ANG NAWALAN NG LAYA AY ANG MGA OPOSISYON. NOONG MARTIAL LAW AY TAHIMIK. PERO TOTOO NAMAN NA DI RIN TAMA NA ANG TAGAL NI MARCOS SA POSISYON.

    • Henry Berina

      very nice views on pre- and post-martial years…

    • maypakialamtayo

      noon TAMA NA, SOBRA NA ang sigaw kasi 20 years na si marcos sa puwesto, eh! ano naman ang masasabi nyo after 27 years, ang mga nagpaalis sa kanya ay hanggang ngayon naka-puwesto pa? at mukhang walang balak bumitaw hanggat hindi kinukuha ni LORD.

      • LAD

         ingit ka lang

      • Rizal

        Ang sigaw ngayon? BAWIIN AT IBALIK ANG MGA NAKAW NA YAMAN NG MGA MARCOS!!! 27 taon matapos mapatalsik ang mga Marcos, patuloy parin ang pamahalaan sa pagbawi ng kanilang mga nakaw na yaman. Sobrang dami kasi at itinago pa sa iba’t ibang pangalan. Kaya nga ito ang sigaw ngayon: BAWIIN AT IBALIK ANG MGA NAKAW NA YAMAN NG MGA MARCOS!!!

      • LAD

         joke lang po

    • AAnomalist

      Pre, noong panahon ng Martial Law, lahat ng magandang balita pabor sa gobyerno ang nakalagay lang sa dyaryo. Tapos lahat ng pangit na balita naman para sa oposisyon. Sa labas ng bansa mo lang makikita ang totoong balita. Nagkaroon ka lang ng kalayaan ng pamamahayag ng mawala ang ML at hindi na makontrol ni marcos ang naglabasang mga batikos mula ng mapatay si ninoy.

  • LucasPacascas

    The biggest mistake that Cory Aquino committed against the Filipino people is when she returned MERALCO to the Lopezes. Alam kasi ni Marcos na ang privately-owned electric company na wala pang kakumpetensiya ay magiging pahirap sa mamamayan. Marcos wanted a state-owned power provider upang ma-regulate ang cost ng electricity just like when the Philippines owned PETRON and there was this Oil Price Stabilization Fund [OPSF] to subsidize fuel kung may pagtaas ng krudo at langis sa world market. At kung hinayaan lang sana na mag-operate ang Bataan Nuclear Plant, wala sana tayong problema sa electricity.

    • Pogi=”No To Political Dynasty”

       That’s a very good observation! The first downfall of the Philippines. The vultures take over all the assets of the government in private and public sectors.

  • riza888

    An essay in TIME magazine summed up the current Philippine situation:
    “A quarter-century later, with the son of people-power heroine Corazon Aquino now serving as President, the Philippines is still beset by the poverty, cronyism and nepotism that provoked the 1986 protests.”

  • maypakialamtayo

    “TAMA NA SOBRA NA” battle cry ng mga opossisyon noon kaya nagalit ang mga tao noon dahil 20 years na si marcos sa kapangyarihan ayaw pang umalis, ngayon naman 27 years na sa puwesto ang mga nagpaalis sa kanya wala ba tayong isisigaw?

    • LAD

       e di magsisigaw ka,  walang pipigil saiyo dahil karapatan mo yan, wag mo lang pagmumurahin ang kapitbahay mo at baka magalit magpangabot kayo he he he

      • maypakialamtayo

        hindi ako pumapatol sa mga taong mangmang at walang laman ang mga sinasabi, last na reply ko ito sa’yo sayang ang oras ko, ikaw magtabaho kana baka mahuli ka pa ng boss mo sa kaka-internet mo baka magalit, magpangabot kayo. hihihi!

      • LAD

         di pumapatol? bat ka sumagot ha ha ha mas walang katuturan  sinasabi mo ha ha ha  , gusto mong magsisigaw hala sigaw   he he he dami mong kaekekan  kumandidato ka para magawa mo gusto mo , bupol ha ha ha

  • Andress Makabayan

    blah blah blah blah Aquino blah blah blah Pilipinas blah blah blah blah naghihirap. blah blah blah blah blah OFW blah blah blah……paulit ulit nalang walang nang ginawa kundi mag reklamo. Bakit hindi magkaisa mga mangagawa, magsasaka, OFW, Militar at atbp. bumuo ng bagong rebulusyon patalsikin ang mga Trapo at Oligarchia sa bansa.

  • bryant85

    The evil seed implanted by Marcos in Malacanang shall not wither and dry but sooner shall bear fruit to install a new leader as evil as he or even more. This perspective counters the Aquino’s declaration of no oppression.

    A demonic president is perceived to reign to again sow havoc and dissension to us, Filipinos. The culprit or the fomentor of this grievous reality is none but us electorates who are lethargic to rise from the quagmire of political juvenility whereby we opt to vote for candidates who are less deserving but very popular and moneyed. We neglect to use our minds to vote but the dictate of our emotions is supreme. The popularity and or notoriety of the candidate is the criterion we used to vote to the defeat of the lesser evil and more deserving candidates so in its aftermath, these dishonest and incapable elected officials whom we voted shall continue to exercise their evil ways because they had in mind that we love them more if they excel.

    In a methapore, we voters are the gasoline of their cars enroute to their destination.

  • etomacq

    EDSA revolt only toppled Marcos..It only ended Marcos’ dictatorship.. nothing else has changed… 

    Those politicians should stop pretending that our country progressed after EDSA 1! We all know the truth. These dirty politicians are just using EDSA 1 just for their own political adventure.

    Ferdinand Marcos is already dead but pol-dynasties, cronyism and corruption still lives. Poor became poorer and the rich became richer. Should we still blame Marcos for these?????

     Worst, our economy and Armed Forces suffered terribly after EDSA 1.

    We can’t achieved our goals by continue blaming others and kept on saying sweet nothings… We need action. 

    Mr. President, please continue what your father fought for.. stop cronyism, pol-dynasties and corruption. Stop your too much politicking and work hard. Be an example to your countrymen.

  • Pete

    for now it will not be a cause of celebration for me, the struggle i once fought and almost died for went to dust. it is now as clear as the noonday sun that what we almost died for was just the birthpangs of another monstrous group who supposedly  are for the struggle to dislodge a dictator yet metamorhposed to another one more vile. and its a shame i helped them attain their lusts for wealth and power they are now there changing hands handing over to themselves the spoils of the supposed victory, we were fooled to believe of a noble cause which was nought…never again shall they fool me and my childrens children will know the truth.

  • kilabot

    never again for yellow martian insects.


    We will always remember and live the ideals of the EDSA revolution.

  • Rizal

    It will never happen again only if the Filipino people will become more vigilant and intelligent in electing our leaders in the government. Let us learn the lessons of our past: Walang mang-aapi kung walang magpapaapi. Nasa ating mga kamay ang paghalal, nasa ating mga kamay ang pagtanggal. Maging matalino sa pagboto. Iluklok lamang ang mga karapatdapat na kandidato.   

  • maldita888

    PNoy, one of the ways to make sure that oppression does rule ever again is to protect the sanctity of the ballot this coming elections. Huwag nyo po payagan na umiral ang dating gawi- ang mga armed goons, pagbili ng boto at pandaraya. Linisin ang balota ng mga nakakaruming pangalan ng mga political dynasty. Huwag na po ninyong payagan tumakbo ang mgadi karapat dapat dahil hindi sila maglilingkod kundi mangungurakot lamang. PLEASE, PRESIDENT

  • lolo_Jose

    HINDI na paloloko pang muli sa mga KASINUNGALINGAN AT PANLOLOKO NG MGA
    NO TO BINAY!!!

  • Andres_Bagumbayan

    Nagalit ang Bayan sa haba ng panununkulan ni MARCOS…Ngunit tila walang kibo ang bayan sa haba ng panununkulan ng mga Cojuangco-Aquino na ilang siglo ng nagpasasa sa kapangyarihan…

    Ang tanong:napaunlad ba ng mga ito ang bansa o kahit kanilang nasasakupang barrio o bayan??? sagot: HINDI….pero patuloy pa din niyayakap ng mga inutil na botante ang pamilyang ito!!!!

    • tarikan

      Sino inutil, tanga…. kundi ikaw, ako, siya, sila, tayong lahat na Filipino dahil tanga kung bomoto. “Ako Ang Simula”, “Siya Ang Simula”, “Sila Ang Simula”, puro dakdak laang ito, all hot air. Buti pa ang utot may reaction ang tao. Kita mo same-same old ang mga lumilitao after each and every election. 


    after 27 years, ganoon parin. Walang pagbabago. Kurakot, kahirapan, bad politicians, etc.

    • Andres_Bagumbayan

      Kahit na sinong ilagay mo diyan sa palasyo,kung hindi niya kayang baguhin ang nakagawian bulok na sistema ng bayan ay walang pagbabagong makakamit!!!!

      Sa kasamaang palad,Hindi si Noynoying ang susugpo sa nakagawian bulok na sistema ng lipunan sa dahilan ang mga salita at aksyon niya ay tulad pa din ng mga nakagawiang bulok na sistema…

    • tarikan

      After 27 years TANGA pa rin ang mga Filipino. Mahilig sa politico na artista, bukels na artista pa, sports celebrities na bukels, mga has been generals na well…medyo bukels. papano na laang? Nahin…dot na ang Pinas. Mga namumuno bukels na corrupt pa. A nation of corrupt people…pasasaan ka?

  • Borro

    Kailangan ng transparency sa gobeyerno..napunta lang sa dilaw naging matuwid na? hahaha mga politiko na ginagawang negosyo ang pwesto hindi naman serbisyo publiko..wala naman nabago sa ngayon..

  • billy gunner

    never again???

    dapat ang title: “Aquino to PH: Here we go again”

    akalain mo, parang martial law kung maghunting ng kalaban ang gobyerno ngayon. kaya babalimbing ka na lang kasi kung hindi’y wala na ang pangalan mo pati pdaf mo! lol

  • freeview

    PH to Aquino No more noynoying

    • Papa_Jr

      No more Noynoying yourself. Gusto mo corrupting? 

      • freeview

        birds of same feather flock to gether…gay ka din tuad niya?

      • Papa_Jr

        So corrupting?

  • jeronimo

    ilang daang libo ang umatend dito sa selebrasyon?

    • Eva Romero Cabrera


  • Pio Gante

    mas lalong lumaki ang problema kaya nga kung pwede lang sanang ibalik ang panahon, hinding-hindi na magpapaloko ang mga taga-maynila sa pamilya mo.

    never again talaga.


  • tarikan

    What??? Other nations are admiring our booming economy? What booming economy? Our country should be more than Singapore in terms of economic growth HAD MY FATHER CONTINUED WITH HIS MARTIAL LAW —–Sen. BongBong Marcos. Of course anak, they don’t know that Martial Law was a beautiful thing —–Imelda Marcos.  

  • Edgardo Mendoza

    mas maganda parin panahon ni marcos disiplinado ngayon masasaya ang mga criminal di na natatakot kulang nalang padedehin ng gobyerno kaya lalakas ng loob mangholdap at pumatay! ano ba nagawa ni cory sa loob ng anim na taon ang bantayan ang presyo ng galunggong sa palengke si macoy pinakamahusay na presidente pangalawa tayo sa japan ng si cory na humawak para nasumpa pilipinas dumami ang umalis ng bansa at iniwan ang pamilya milyon milyon ang tambay dumami ang nakatira sa mga istero laganap ang holdap at pag patay!

    • rage b.

      pwedi kang bumalik sa marcos time lumipat ka sa ilocos at doon andoon si apo marcos mo,time changes at ang panahon noon ay naiiba ngayon wake up!!! kahit sa sa western world maraming  nag hihirap how much more sa pinas it’s a big FACT.

    • mario

      1965 tayo ang pangalawa sa japan bago umupo si marcos, 1986 isa tayo sa pinaka mahirap sa asia, ibig sabihin sa panahon ni marcos tayo naiwanan ng katabing bansa natin tulad ng singapore, south korea, taiwan, hongkong at iba pa

  • Rey

    kaya gumising na tayo mga kababayan para hindi manain ng ating mga anak ang bulok na sistima na lagi nating sinasabi sa ating bansa! kong gusto nating ng pagbabago. please vote wisely!

    • magiting78

      Wisely he is not a candidate…lolz….pero may point ka…kaya don’t vote for UNA and LP they are both Trapos…

  • GreenChickenDown



  • magiting78

    The nearly 10,000 victims were not all victims of Martial Law, most of them was a victim of land lords, like Cojuanco’s, Aquino’s. Arroyo’s, Pimentel, Zubiri, Ang, Tan and all this people are still in positions…

  • valsore

    Rise Philippines, rise. It is our time!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • tamakajan

      Not to mention CLAIMing the lives of Journalists, activists and even citizens who then opposes its martial rule, take note also the CCP workers who are still burried under its foundation. :)

  • rage b.

    No to marcos in malacanang sana natuto na ang mga pinoy at hindi na mangyayari na ibalik si marcos sa malacanang marami pa ring loyalist but not enough na mabalik ang marcos sa palasyo,natikman kasi ni imelda how it is to be powerful kaya gustong bumalik .naku tama na yan dapat nga wala sa senate yan si bongbong kaya lang maraming pathetic voters na bomoto sa kanya.

  • JasonBieber

    Another platform for PNoy to boast and take credit for accomplishments that he essentially has nothing to do with.

    First off, what has he done to make the economy good and for the world to admire? If anything the reason the economy is good is what the previous Administration set in place.

    As for this current Admin…what have they done to create jobs and lower unemployment?

    What have they done in terms of reforms to sustain growth the the previous Administration initiated?

    What major foreign investors have invested in the country during Pnoy’s Administration?

    EDSA revolution is a time to reflect but not neglect current brewing problems that are still plaguing the Philippines.

  • edmanuel

    Paano naman ang mga biktima ng human rights violations after 1986?  Hindi ba sila kasali?

  • Jose Rizal

    Yet another yellowish “smoke & mirrors”.

    • lex


  • Jose Rizal

    Hanggang ganito na lang ba parati?  Maaaliw sa konting ambon na bida ay si Noynoy na naman.  Kailan ibibida ang ASEAN wide power rate competitiveness, the quality education, the modern infrastructure that would pave the way to logistical efficiencies in the archipelago, the better health care facilities (not just the distribution of condoms & pills to patch the holes of inefficiencies & ineffectiveness), etc. etc.
    Maaaliw ka pa ba sa mga pang-yellowng bolada.
    Hahahahahahaha!  After 27 years, TANGA ka pa rin ba?…Kasing tanga ng taga-Malacanan na nambola?
    Hahahahahahaha!  Maawa ka na sa isa sa inyo…di niyo alam kung saan ang bolahan na ito patutungo.

    • lex


  • droids

    What if…Written by Herman Tiu Laurel TRIBUNE
    I didn’t want to write another 27th column on the 27th Anniversary of Edsa Uno just to expose and criticize the events of that day, which everyone seems to be doing each year.  It has gotten so monotonous and boring that Edsa Shrine celebrations have become a mere banality for the nation — hardly ever taken seriously, even by their organizers.Sure, there are the perfunctory fun runs for the day; a few helping of celebrities gathered to regale the almost-empty crowd; or even some pre-Edsa Uno programs extolling the late Cardinal Sin and replaying the self-praising narrations of so-called Edsa leaders, Fidel V. Ramos and Juan Ponce-Enrile, as well as the Edsa anthem (“Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo”) of a musical “has-been” that is hardly ever played in the country any more than it is known to the world.That is why all I want now is to learn from the history of the past 27 years. And what better way to pick up some lessons than to ask a series of “what if” questions on how the course of Philippine history could have changed, starting with:1.  What if Nikita Khrushchev of Russia never denounced the Stalinist era, recognized Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia (who was proven wrong by history as his country does not exist anymore) and his dissolution of the Cominform (Communist Information Bureau, an international forum of the communist movement) that created the rift with Mao Zedong of China, which led to its support in the Philippines of a new communist party distinct from the old Jose Lava PKP (Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas), would there have ever been a Jose Ma. Sison faction of the communist movement that eventually led to a new Communist Party of the Philippines in 1968 and the founding of the New People’s Army in 1969?2.  What if President Ferdinand Marcos never aspired for an extension of his second term which was to end in 1972, would the Philippine military have been commissioned to prepare the “Operation Sagittarius” martial law plan that was eventually implemented on Sept. 21, 1971? Could the Laurels have won the 1972 elections, defeating the Liberals’ Aquino or Gerry Roxas? Could the Nacionalistas have done an alternating Putin and Medvedev or something like what the Chinese Communist Party has done in changing its old guards every 12 years while maintain continuity? (Martial law was what led Batangas congressman and Speaker of the House, Jose “Pepito” Laurel, who championed nationalist industrialization, and his younger brother “Doy” to form the anti-Marcos Unido coalition.)3.  What if Sen. Ninoy Aquino or Jose “Apeng” Yap never introduced Jose Ma. Sison to Bernabe Buscayno, would the New People’s Army ever have been set up, which lent credence to Marcos’ “red scare” and martial law? Would Marcos and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) have been given the justification to investigate, prosecute, incarcerate, and later exile Aquino, which all led to the ill-fated return to the country of the latter, as part of a series of events leading up to Edsa I?4.  What if in 1968 Ninoy Aquino never exposed the Jabidah commando unit under Operation Merdeka, the plan for the destabilization and eventual restoration of Sabah to the Philippine that started from the time of President Diosdado Macapagal and continued on to Marcos, would the Philippines have been embroiled in the decisively costly Mindanao war with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF), the Muslim rebellion started by protesting UP Muslim students triggered by Ninoy’s exposé that claimed at least 80,000 Filipino lives? Could the Philippines have actually won back Sabah and subsequently earned billions of dollars from its oil revenues, thereby establishing Marcos’ legacy in the annals of Philippine history?5.  What if Marcos had never contracted lupus, which caused all the speculation and jockeying for a post-Marcos era, would Ninoy Aquino have even hazarded a return trip to the country as Marcial Bonifacio with a fake passport, passing through US and Taiwanese immigration, only to be assassinated as he walked out of the plane, sparking three years of massive protests as well as the destabilization of the economy with massive foreign exchange attacks and capital flights? Would the US have demanded a “snap election”?  Would Marcos’ then defense minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then AFP chief-of-staff Fidel V. Ramos hazarded to plan a coup against him that eventually led to the defections, with Cardinal Sin calling on his “flock” to protect the two at Camps Aguinaldo and Crame?6.  What if Cory Aquino had never declared a revolutionary government and had never become president, would the public assets established under Marcos have been transferred to private corporations and oligarchs and scrapped outright at a great loss to the people (such as the National Power Corp.; Manila Electric Co. Foundation; Philippine National Oil Corp.; Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System; the North and South Expressways; the National Food Authority flour trading operations that subsidized local rice purchases; BASECO; hydro and  geothermal energy development; Philippine Phosphate Fertilizer Corp.; PICOP (paper mill); Iligan Integrated Steel Mill; PASAR’s copper smelting; ARMSCOR arms production, etc.)?

  • boybakal

    Never Again….of course, they are now in power.
    They people power Marcos, Erap and Gloria.
    Now they are in power, never again….as usual.

  • Guest

    Pero hanggang ngayon ang pamilya Marcos, pilit na itinatanggi na nagkaroon ng pag-abuso noong Martial Law. Alugin kaya natin ang mga ulo nila, para maalala nila.

  • Guest

    Sana hindi na maulit ang bangungot na naranasan natin sa ilalim ng pamumuno ni dating Pangulong Ferdinand Marcos. Huwag na sana.

    • Alleah


  • Harry

    The $246 million recovered are not Marcos money; those are stolen from the foreign loans that the Filipino people have to pay. In short, the dictator and his cohorts’ abuses are now being compensated with the people’s money while our President still thanked the architect of that infamous regime for the passage of the measure.


    The Marcos and his cohorts were never punished for the betrayal they committed against the Filipino people; in fact, many were rewarded and retained the loot they amassed during that dark period of martial law.

    • dawho88

      coz they did not betrayed the country at all it is the aquino who betrayed us…aquino japanese collaborator dapat yan din ang title nila…

  • Guest

    Well sana maibigay agad ang compensation sa mga biktima ng Martiaw Law dahil karamihan sa kanila, matatanda na.

  • Guest

    Sana nga lang sundin ang pilosopiyang ito ito ng mga taong nakapalibot kay Pangulong Aquino. May ilan kasi dyan na mapagpanggap.

  • Guest

    The signing of Human Rights Compensation Act is a reminder for us Filipinos to never take for granted the freedom that we now enjoy.

    • Alleah


    • dawho88

      isama narin jan ung mga namatay at naabuso sa hacienda luisita at mendiola massacre

  • Guest

    Swerte rin naman ang mga naiwan ni Makoy. Nang-abuso na sa bayan,
    nakabalik pa sa gobyerno.

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Eto ang iniwan sa bayan ng mapangabusong si Marcos:
      and many more. Sobrang abusado talaga!

      • AppleAday

        Para yatang masmaraming nagawa ang “abusadong” Marcos ah!  Yung flyover sa Edsa lang (siguro para maging monyumento nila and edsa), samantalang yung kay Marcos as pang-kalahatan!

      • dawho88

        isama mo pa pare ung MIA na NAIA na ngaun…how pathetic ang mga aquino na collaborator nung panahon ng hapon traitor sa bayan ibinunyag ang balak ni marcos na kunin ang sabah…aun kaya nagkaroon ng jabidah massacre…mas makabayan si marcos kesa kay aquino na umuwi lng sa bansa para sa ambisyon nya…”filipino is worth dying for” or presidency is worth dying for?

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Ano ang iniwan ni Cory sa Pilipinas?

  • ConstructiveMediaCritics







    • Alleah


  • superpilipinas

    Never Again…he says.

    But Patronage Politics is still being practiced by Aquino and his administration. Because of this, there are still many incompetent and corrupt officials.

    FOI is still far away. The government is disabled from providing basic services to the many due to corruption and incompetence which would have been exposed by FOI.

    This administration publishes wrongdoings of the previous one to showcase its supposed fight against corruption. But it is obvious that it is hiding its own. This time not only corruption but also incompetence. That is why it is afraid of putting FOI as top priority. It is afraid that its allies will revolt and it will lose control.

    We need new people in government. No to TRAPOS, Political Dynasties, incompetent Showbiz/TV personalities. Yes to new parties, independents, and professionals with proven integrity, experience, and accomplishments in both public office and private practice.

  • Garote

    We will “end the rise and fall” after you –PNoy — step down as president. You’re just a no good, foreign-corporate-bankers sycophant and IMF-WB pushover puppet. You’ve done nothing to alleviate the sufferings and poverty of the Filipino people,  but continue taxing heavily the Filipinos, at the same time promoting the i international foreign bankers’ interests. The Filipino people continue to be in economic destitute and moral decadence under PNOYCHIO’s watch — like Pinocchio, PNoychio lies a lot to the Filipino people. 

  • Eva Romero Cabrera


    • Jun

       napapakamot ako ng ulo sa sigaw mo!! Buti na lang babae ka…

    • Komen To

      Sana ay maranasan mo ang hirap at dusa ng isang politikong bilanggo na walang karapatan sa buhay, nang isang mamamayang walang karapatang magsulat ng Laban sa diktaturya (gaya ng iyong sinulat), ng isang taong pinarusahang magbisikleta sa kampo dahil sa isang biro sa tv, ng magupitan ng mahabang buhok dahil bawal – at saka mo sabihing we have a new dictator. Know what a dictator is before you speak of one. Even Ramos, Erap and Gloria never came close to being a dictator. As to corruption, I will not comment about them, as my topic is only on dictatorship

      • dawho88

        mga kumunista lang naman ang nabibilanggo dati…pero ang mga taong my disiplina at sumusunod sa bata ay malaya sa panahon na un sabi ng mga nakatatanda sa aming pamilya…nung panahon ni marcos talamak ang NPA sabi ng aking byenan na lalaki kc dati siyang sundalo…ultimo estudyante NPA nung pnahon na un…mga aquino japanese collaborator tse nagmamalinis…ung mendiola massacre compare mo sa edsa letse…magkatabi sa kama ngaun si corazon aquino at cardinal sin anak nya si kris aquino parang noli me tangere

  • Eva Romero Cabrera


  • PinoyPower1

    Go PNoy!

    Distribute to martial law victims the P 10 Billion recovered from the ill-gotten wealth of marcos!

  • disqusted0fu

    It’s just documents that have the signature of the President after all. The real test is after the elections… if this law will actually be implemented. If we remember during the campaign period in 2010, one of Pnoy’s many promises is to pass the FOI bill. He has had plenty of time and opportunity to pass the bill before the campaign break but he instead prioritized the RH and Sin tax laws which could increase corruption in the country because of the money it will generate for the government.

  • Platypus09

    Sounds like a good deal.

    If it helps people, then it is a good thing.

  • lex

    WELL…. weather weather lang yan… Di laging panahon ng mga LINTA , CORRUPT , SUGAROL , BABAERO , LOGGER , SMUGGLER. !


  • Ngiping Dilaw

    Masaya ang ibang NPA pera na naman! yung mga pro communist mamamantikaan ang nguso nyo ayan pera na naman. Talagang yang mga pro communist ang nakikinabang ng husto sa ngayon. E kaming mga tambay ,eto wala lang.

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Labo mo.  

  • Alleah

    Biruin niyo yun, mga ‘PASAWAY SA KALYEH pa ngayon ang babayaran dahil sa PANGGUGULO nung 70s!! Only in the Philippines nga naman!!

    • koolkid_inthehouse

      WTF.  You’re dumb.

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      Marcos amassed his Swiss accounts indeed.

  • PlumberfromCanada

    EDSA Revolution…a musical chair of oligarchs…..

  • PlumberfromCanada

    mas maganda yata ito..Philippines to Aquinos..NEVER AGAIN KAMI MAG -PAPAUTO SA INYO!!!

  • Edgardo Mendoza


    • koolkid_inthehouse

      much better than Marcos who keeps an eye on his Swiss account.

  • kulittwit

    Go PNoy!!

    Distribute to martial law victims the P 10 Billion recovered from the ill-gotten wealth of marcos.

    Nanggagalaiti ang mga marcos loyalist!hahaha!

    • Ngiping Dilaw

      Kanino ibibigay sa PRO CHINA group? wawang Pinas!

  • dawho88

    dapat ihiwalay nalang natin ang north luzon sa pilipinas…ang marcos country…para naman d laging naalipusta ang mga marcos na mas marami naman nagawa kesa sa mga aquino…darating din ang araw na mga tga norte na mismo ang magaaklas laban sa gobyerno ng manila…liberation and independence sa norther luzon…mabuhay ang mga ilocano, tga cordellera at iba pang tga norte…marcos parin

  • dawho88

    isama narin jan ung mga namatay at naabuso sa hacienda luisita at mendiola massacre

  • erica

    Righting a Wrong – sabi ng caption sa pic, dapat sinundan ng “by wrong president”


  • good muslim

    ang awit nuon marcos,marcos ,magnanakaw .magnanakaw si marcos. Imeldifa isoli mo na ang pera ng bayan . mamamatay ka rin. marcos Jr ang lakas ng loob mo tatakbo ka ng presidente,goga ba ang mga pinoy?

  • BrAX82

    Id rather have Martial Law than this freedom na binebenta at ginagamit bilang panguto sa inyong mga inutil dito… Sorry sa term, pero harap harapan na kayong ginagawang tanga ok parin sa inyo. Mga salot na bayaran.

  • yummytruffles

    I just hate how the aquinos manipulates the media all the time and people actually letting themselves be manipulated. excuse my french but that is just effin BS! I found this online and it pretty much sums up my thoughts in a more eloquent way: “Although Marcos  was branded as dictator, corrupt, human rights violator  by fictional tales passed on from generation to generation and his achievements were expunged subtly by the manipulation of mass media and vindictiveness of the administration that succeeded him, the impacts of his interventions remained and are undeniably germane part of our country’s system.”

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