COA: PCSO gave bonuses of P303M


MANILA, Philippines—The Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) gave P302.8 million in Christmas and grocery bonuses and various allowances to its employees in 2011, using funds intended for personnel retirement benefits, according to the Commission on Audit (COA).

In a 129-page report, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer, the COA described the expenditure as “excessive,” “irregular” and “without proper authority.”

The PCSO should “immediately discontinue using the PCSO Provident Fund in granting excessive benefits and allowances” to its employees, said the audit body in its report on PCSO operations in 2011, which was released last December.

The PCSO Provident Fund was established in 2005 to provide agency personnel with supplementary benefits to “assure their financial security upon retirement and make available loans at concessional rates to employees in times of financial difficulty.”

The COA said the audit of the fund “revealed the 2011 grant of grocery and Christmas assistance, as well as rice and (lotto) draw allowances and medicines in the total amount of P302,795,557.71 which was contrary to COA Circular No. 85-55-A.”

Without proper authority

It said, “The payment of allowances and other forms of additional compensation (to PCSO personnel) was without proper authority.”

Moreover, some P92.3 million in medical aid to PCSO employees was wrongly “charged to the Charity Fund instead of the Operating Fund.”

Wilfredo Agito, director of the COA’s Corporate Government Sector (Cluster C), said in a letter to the PCSO board: “This resulted in the improper disbursement of government funds and reduced the financial aid granted to indigent patients who are the true beneficiaries of the PCSO’s Charity Fund.”

The COA reported earlier it had found that the PCSO board of directors received P9.61 million in unauthorized salaries and allowances in 2011.

It has ordered the board to return the money to the government.

“Moreover, per diems for board and committee meetings and draw allowances totaling P5.5 million were paid without the necessary supporting documents as evidence that they actually attended the meetings and draws,” according to Agito.

The PCSO board is chaired by Margarita Juico, with Joaquin Francisco III, Betty Nantes, Ma. Aleta Tolentino and Mabel Mamba as directors. They have yet to reply to the COA findings.

Agito further said: “Cash in bank account balances under the Operating Fund with an aggregate amount of P1.37 billion was of doubtful validity.

“The validity, accuracy and existence of property, plant and equipment amounting to P1.32 billion could not be ascertained and validated due to insufficient accounting and property records.”

Adverse opinion

In issuing an “adverse opinion” on the PCSO operations in 2011, Agito concluded, “The financial statements do not present fairly the financial position of the PCSO as of Dec. 31, 2011.”

In the same report, the COA said that in 2011, the PCSO had total assets of P11.37 billion, liabilities of P11.38 billion and an operating income of P660.14 million.

The PCSO reported the following accomplishments for 2011:

— P2.45 billion in financial assistance to 95,924 institutions; P32.23 million in financial and medical assistance aid to 75,003 beneficiaries; and P27.22 million in aid to 440 institutions and 123,119 patients.

— Provided free laboratory services to 2,398 patients.

— Evaluated documents of 42,315 patients with cancer and kidney failure problems, which were subsequently forwarded to the fund allocation department for processing.

— Approved 101 requests for medical and dental missions from both public and private sectors, serving a total of 70,091 beneficiaries.

— Released over P31.2 million in financial aid to 32 government and 35 private hospitals, benefiting at least 5,401 indigent patients.

Created under Philippine Legislature Act No. 4130 in October 1934 and amended by Republic Act No. 1169 in 1954 and Batas Pambansa No. 42 in 1979, the PCSO is the “principal government agency for raising and

providing funds for health programs, medical assistance, and services and charities of national character.”

It also makes mandatory contributions to various government agencies, like the Commission on Higher Education, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples, Overseas Workers Welfare Administration, Philippine Sports Commission, National Museum and Dangerous Drugs Board.

The PCSO is also mandated to provide regular contributions to charitable institutions engaged in welfare services to children and the youth who are either abandoned or exploited, the elderly and the disabled.

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  • Cathy Besa

    di man lng kinuha ung side ng pcso…

    • where_I_stand

      nasa bulsa na iyong side ng pcso.
      of course, they will be given time to reply.

    • Palku Kha

      ibig mong sabihin nagsinungaling ang COA?

    • carol

      COA na ang nagsabi. anong side? kaninong side, sa mga nagnakaw?

    • popeyee

      The report was based on the papers given by the PCSO to COA..

  • where_I_stand

    Ang daang matuwid, vow.

  • mangtom

    This is sickening. Another government agency used as a milking cow of agency crocodiles. Question:  why pay board members for meeting attendance? Is not meeting attendance part of their function and are paid as part of their monthly salary? This is abusado. Ang daming mamamayan na may sakit, walang pagkain o walang pangbayad sa basic necessities and here we have a slew of board member in every imaginable agency double dipping. Like senatongs and tongressmen who are committe members-they draw payment for meeting attendance. This has to be stopped. Why not pay them also when they sneeze and go to the toilet? Masarap na racket ito. Kawawa talaga si Juan and Juana dela Cruz. Sana magriot kayo at ipakilala ninyo ang sakit at sama ng loob ninyo. Pagnananahimki kayo, ibig sabihin consentidor kayo. Ang labas, kayo ang kawawa. Now it the time to act. Change the status quo-use the Molotov cocktail-that’s the language these thieve in barong understand. 

    Cathy Besa, anong side ng PCSO ang sinasabi mo? Kaninong side ba itong binanggit sa article?

    • kurakut


  • Lapu Lapu

    How can I get a job in PCSO? How about a position in PCSO board?

    Wait, no need. I would rather find a honest job and lead a dignified life rather than labelled as a corrupt government official.

  • Palku Kha

    yang ang pinagyayabang sa administrasyon na to ang TUWID NA DAAN ngayon naging TUWAD NA DAAN na.walang mga konsensya,mga sakim!ang kapal ng mga mukha! ang daming nagugutom at mga biktima ng kalamidad na kababayan natin na dapat tulongan.napunta lang sa mga buaya ang pera ng taongbayan! TUWID NA DAAN, nasaan ka na!!!!!

  • Hey_Dudes

    It is easy coughing out tons of money to anyone specially if it is not your money!  If it was me, heck what do I care?  There’s a million bucks in the petty cash – you can have it Dong.  If I have an intelligence fund not subject to audit? Heck, we will paint the town red everyday for all I care.  That us Filipinos.

  • elgeepee

    Akala ko ba matinong tao si Margarita Juico at mga kasamahan niya, eh mas matinding magnakaw pala ang mga iyan. ANO PO BANG NANGYAYARI SA BANSA NATIN MR. PRESIDENT? Dapat po siguro kasuhan agad ang mga yan para di kayo madamay. 

    • Pers


    • carol

      bingi si presidente ngayon dahil busy busy han sa election

      • popeyee

        busy kay Loren…

  • Pers


  • geminimind

    How many governing bodies do we have anyway;GMA gov’t,CJ gov’t,Enrile gov’t.PCSO gov’t.and I’m sure there’s plenty more.
    They are enjoying the so called private government.

  • Pers



    >>>In a 129-page report, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer, the COA described the expenditure as “excessive,” “irregular” and “without proper authority.”<<<

    SA Ombudsman dapat ito pinadadala, enseguida!  Putris din naman ang kara ng ibang mga kabayan, ano…..hindi pa tapos ang kaso laban sa mga umabuso sa pondo ng PCSO, e, heto na naman ang bagong bulto ng mga Mandarambong!  Tunay ang kasabihan na kapag ang bungang kahoy ay nahihinog na, maraming gustong pumukol at tikman ang TNL na bunga.

  • doublecross

    sir president…paki check up nga eto, dami anomalya.

    • carol

      are you kidding? blame nga ni presidente dito si GMA. 2010 daw nangyari, nag audit sila sa 2011. yaan ang version ng hindi sinungaling at magaling na presidente.

      • mave

        yan ang maganda sa ngayon dahil open sa lahat kung meron man anomalya, hindi katulad sa panahon ni GMA nakatago wlang balita..

      • popeyee

        kahit gaano ka pa ka-open ang pinaguusapan bakit nangyayari pa ito???

      • mave

        malawak ang gobyerno kaya mo bang hawakan lahat? Ikaw na poh magaling…

      • popeyee

        “The COA said the audit of the fund “revealed the 2011 grant of grocery and Christmas assistance, as well as rice and (lotto) draw allowances and medicines in the total amount of P302,795,557.71 which was contrary to COA Circular No. 85-55-A.”
        Nabasa mo ba ito? 2011 ang pinauusapan.. bago itong kaso..

      • mave

        subong mo sa barangay hehehe

  • dodot


    • mave

      yhea tama dahil sa panahon ni GMA wlang lumalabs na balita na ganito pro corrupt….hehe

      • popeyee

        Alam mo Maggi, pareho lang kayo ni GMA, pinagtatakpan mo pa kalokohan nyo…

      • mave

        paano naman masasabi na pariho kami ni GMA? kilala mo ba ako POPEYEE? 

  • Fear God

    27 years after EDSA, Anomalies after anomalies…

    Corruption after corruption

    Injustice after injustice.

    Our Father, who art in heaven,hallowed be thy name.Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heavenGive us this day our daily bread.And forgive us our trespasses,as we forgive those who trespass against us. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory. for ever and ever. Amen

  • boybakal

    Kay Gloria kape at gatas lang, malaking issue na.
    Ngayon more than quarter of a billion, walang ingay.
    What a double standard of honesty and dishonesty.

    • carol


  • Rovingmoron

    This is one of the loopholes that the government should rectify. Until GOCCs’ policies are regulated by the executive branch, the board of directors will continue to come up with policies that run counter to the rules set by the Commission on Audit. This is not the first time that this happened. Has anyone read about the fiasco at LWUA and other GOCCs? 

  • Bugtong Uyamot

    worst than the previous, wow! these were the people who accused GMA.

  • agustin

    Si Juico ang nagpakulong kay GMA dahil sa anomalya sa PCSO intelligent fund, ngayon sunod sunod ang anomalya ang ginagawa ni Juico.makukulong din si Noy (AB) dito pagkatapos ng kanyang term. tatahimik lang dito ang mga retarded yellow followers.

    • kawawang_bansa

      weder-weder nga lang…alang asenso ang bansa…mahirap pa din

  • jerome

    Well kahit nung panahon pa ni Marcoss PCSO was really ridden with corruption. Imagine back then that certain names of a person would surface and declared to be a winner but heck you dont even know if they really do exists. Nowadays the lotto is a bit complicated because they use balls to draw and its live but if you are a bit paranoid of this there are times that they would say that 2 winners split the winnings to themselves but you would never knew if it is true. Sometimes  you get to wonder is the lottor really legit? Or are they just using this to generate money for themselves….I mean if you can remember the winner from the grand lotto sometime ago which is an OFW from mariveles the figure was 700M+ heck you would be paranoid because during those times PCSO was saying they were neck deep without any fund then. Then also during those times no one was really hitting the jackpot and it was getting really big when all of a sudden there is a winner…and now this would happen..I think that this people are playing us and they are using the lotto as a guise just to earn money for themselves…

  • Yobhtron

    Imbestigahan ang mga BOD ng PCSO. Mga babae karamihan kaya gahaman sa pagshopping ang mga yan.  Lifestyle check sila at kasuhan ng PLUNDER.

  • dinadaga

    kandidato yata ang kapatid ng isa diyan at malaking contributor daw sa campaign fund ng kandidatong senador na kapangalan ng isang dating senador at kasalukuyang pangulo.

  • johnlordphilip

    The EXTREMELY CORRUPT people were replaced by VERY CORRUPT ones. Long way to go before the Philippines becomes CORRUPTION-FREE.

    • kawawang_bansa

      tama ka…paano kaya mapadali itong proceso na ito?

  • joboni96

    wala bang makakasohan dito

    • popeyee

      maaaring meron, pero ibi-bailout ni Penoy at Roxas later on..

  • samarutan

    Paging Pnoy! Paging the Ombudsman! Sampolan ng kaso  ang mga dapat managot! Walang puwang as Pnoy administration  ang mga mandurugas at linta ng kaban ng bayan!  Please set an example! These people gave you a bad name! 

  • 2rey3

    Charity to oneself first? May problema talaga ang takbo ng isip ng nasa gobyerno!!! There is a crisis of delicadeza!! The board of PCSO who approved this illegal fund release should take a leave and cases be filed against them. The recipients should return what is not supposed to be theirs.

    • popeyee

      Di lang i-return. Dapat silang makulong…

  • Jack

    walang mangyayari sa isyung ito kasi mga kasapi sila sa KKK. 

  • Adam_d_langgam

    ayan ang nakukuha nyo na naniniwala sa retarded na presidente.  tagal na kayong ginagawang vhovhoooo at panay pa din ang depensanyo.

    sus me  … dami ng anomalya ng aquino administration pero para kayong mga hilo na uto-uto pa din … umpisa pa lang eh laki na ng niyari ng mga bata ni abnoy.  sisiw ang mga bata ni gloria.  torres, puno, naguiat, alvarez, pcso board  etc  ….

    ang taga takip – inquirer at ang diyaryo ni belmonte.  pag nakanti si simeon, sigurado papatayin ang balita. pag hindi magtatalak ang baklang kalbo — re: de castro.

    magtatatlong taon na si retard.  “pag korap walang mahirap” … nawala na ba ang mahirap?  since dami pa din pwes me korap pa din.  me gagawin si retard patungkol sa pcso?  ano hilo? me gagawin sa luisita?  ano hilo? kalaban ng mga corrupt daw si retard.  eh si enrile na harap-harapan ang smuggling sa cagayan hindi kayang gibain.

    bahag ang yagbols ni simeon pag si enrile ang kalaban.  baka nga naman ma coup.  takot mangyari sa kanya ang nangyari sa nanay nya.  at walang gagawin si simeon … nakatunganga sa kaiisip na crush n’ya si legarda …. nagmumurang kamatis ang damuho.

    • mave

      sa panahon ng amo mong GMA wala ni isang balita na lumabas dahil lahat corrupt.

      • popeyee

        meron mang balita o wala sa panahon ng GMA, wala pa ring pagkakaiba ang mga board noon at ngayon…

      • mave

        kaya may lumabas ba na ganitong balita? o kya COA report? wala dahil controlado ni GMA meron pa basbas galing sa kanya.

      • Adam_d_langgam

        hoy tita, mukhang bagong gising ka lang  ..

        paano nalaman na maraming “graft” si gloria at mga kaalyado nya kung hindi lumabas ang mga balita?  init lang yan … ask your husband/boyfriend to play with you a little para mahimasmasan ka.  assuming na me pumatol sa ‘yo.

        paleho kayo sabi kabigan ko beho … pak si simeon melon sabit,lahat puna simeon kampi gloria  … wala na gloria, iwan na lahat kabigan.  lahat buwaya lipat kulongan simeon  ….

      • To_Be_Continued

        hindi ka na naman siguro naka tsupa kaya nangangati na naman yang dila mo

      • Adam_d_langgam

        ganoon ba pag hindi naka score”  naku titam napakalaking kasalanan ang ginagawa mo .. pati ba nanam mader mo … sus, kaya pala hindi ka ugaling tao  …  ewwww  … tindi mo na, kapal mo pa.  me mukha ka pang lumabas bg bahay  ..

        he he he…. sira ulo ka nga pala kaya akala mo tama lang ang pag sisirbis mo sa mader mo 

      • To_Be_Continued

        keep on sakingmydik after your mom is done

      • kawawang_bansa

        lahat ba ng pumupuna kay aquino ay maka-gloria na? i think we are all in agreement that we abhor corruption and would like to see the end of it…the president espouses it with his matuwid na daan…the trouble is, he only acts swiftly if one is perceived to be an “enemy.” pag kkk or ka-alyado, abswelto kaagad…isn’t that plain hypocrisy? 

    • To_Be_Continued

      masyado kang matalino. pwede ba  maghanap buhay ka naman. puro ka satsat

      • Adam_d_langgam

        hoy hoy hoy …. ikaw ha … hindi ako me sabing matalino ako … ikaw me sabi nyan.

        pero compared to you, he he he … layo dre.  partida ka pa.

      • To_Be_Continued

        keep on sakingmydik after your mom. LOL

  • Jesse_Tangkad

    Saan na ang daan na matuwid? Hayop talaga ang mga tao na ito. Sabi nga weather weather lang. Hoy Pnoy kasuhan mo yang mga tauhan mo!!

    • mave

      This is part of daan na matuwid kaya nga ina ayos ung baliko tinutuwid, in time of GMA wala kang maririnig na balitang ganito kahit sa COA na gets mo ba?

      • popeyee

        Hindi sila part ng naad na matuwid kasi bago ang members of the board and from the very start of thier duty alalm na nila ang “daang matuwid” na ipinangangalandakan ni Penoy. So bakit bakit nila ginagaw ito???

      • mave

        well maganda pla wag nlng ibalita anu para kunwari malinis? kya nga ibinabalita para matuwid kung meron man baliko at kung meron man ay dapat managot. yan ang daang matuwid walang tinatago managot ang dapat managot.

      • Palku Kha

        ang tanong,kaya bang kasohan ni Noynoy ang mga tao na yan??? tested na,pag KKK abswelto agad.siya pa mag bayad sa pyansa!!! 

      • Jesse_Tangkad

        Daang matuwid does not mean you do some corruption, report it in media and everything then is fine. If it was not for COA do you think those PCSO board will let it come out? I will only believe in this Daang Matuwid if Penoy will tell the DOJ to file cases after these people.

  • wakats

    For the PCSO, at least the watchdogs of public funds are now barking and seem to have awaken from years of deep slumber.

    What about the excessive, extravagant, unnecessary and unconscionable disbursement of taxpayers’ money by the senatongs and tongressmen?  Will they continue to be untouchable and beyond the reach of COA who is constitutionally mandated to prevent irregular expenditures of public funds?????? 

  • Jason_Voorhees

    Sadya talagang mahirap ituwid ang daan dahil sadyang me mga mamayan na makakapal ang pagmumukha na tulad niyan!

  • AllinLawisFair



  • popeyee

    kaya pala ang kasalukuyang board ng PCSO ay galit na galit sa nakaraang board members nito: ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw..

  • Rich

    This people invested Money for Pnoy in 2010 Elections.Well, this is just a delayed gratification and they want more!

  • disqusted0fu

    No wonder Pnoy’s administration couldn’t provide evidences of  GMA’s administration re the misuse of PCSO funds… because it is Pnoy’s administration who is actually misusing it. We were apparently being misled the whole time.

  • disqusted0fu

    Isn’t Ma. Aleta Tolentino the supposed star witness of the plunder case against GMA et al? She is the star witness who admittedly told the case prosecutors that she did not have any knowledge of where the PCSO funds, during GMA’s term are. Well, if they ask her now, obviously she would know where the PCSO funds are and where it was used during Pnoy’s term. It’s used for the straight path… straight to their pockets.

  • Bubbles

    anak ka ng pating Margie Juico!. It happened under your watch, under your very nose. Is that the actual display of the Daang Matuwid ng ating mahal na Presidente? Parang ikaw yung natatandaan kong putak ng putak sa nakaraang administrasyon ng PCSO, eh anong pinagkaiba nyo ngayon? Mabuti pa nga nung panahon ng dugas na si Genuino kahit papaano ay naambunan ang taga labas ng PCSO, pero sa ilalim ng ilong mo, syet, per diems ng board (kasama ka!!) was P5.5M without any necessary supporting documents. namputsa, siguro nag helicopter kayo on your way to attend the board meetings, but even that for all we know lahat nakacharge sa pondo nyo ang gas at drivers’ salaries, pati nga ihi nyo at ihi ng pamilya nyo nakacharge sa pondo ng ahensya na hawak nyo. Maawa naman kayo, nakukuha nyong mahiga sa napakalambot na kama at tumira sa mga mansyon nyo at the expense of the supposed indigents beneficiaries of the PCSO’s fund.

  • leomar101

    Iyang si  margie Hakot na yan ay kurap din. Sila sila rin ay nagpasasa sa pera ng PCSO. Yang more than 300 millions na yan ay 2011 lang. What about 2010, 2012, 2013? Kahit na sasabihin ng COA ang totoo ay makakapal ang mga mukha nila dahil naka kabit sila sa tuwid na daan. Nasaan ang mga senate at congressional investigation ha? bwahahaha. Malaki lang ang bibig ninyo noon nakaraan dahil gusto rin ninyo na kayo naman ang  magnanakaw ngayon.

  • disqusted0fu

    So where is the supposed swift action of the Aquino administration against corruption? If these were the administration’s political foes, there would be cases filed in an instant and arrests made asap. But since they are Pnoy’s people, there are no actions, not even a darn word from the President. Who knows, he might even bail them out if it comes down to it.

  • agustin

     Abolish PCSO, this agency has not been a help for the poor sick & needy filipinos but instead it is helping the political supporters of the elected president.
    PCSO is gambling. It is the same as jueteng which make the life of the people more poorer.

  • Ronald

    walang kaso yan kaalyado ng LP

  • boybakal

    COA: PCSO gave bonuses of P303M…

    PCSO pa lang yan, mas lalo na yan PAGCOR…tiyak billion billion exempt pa sa AMLA.

  • JasonBieber

    PNoy has been so busy attacking GMA and throwing baseless cases against her without evidence that he forgot to monitor the current PCSO to which a lot of money are being unaccounted for.

    In the GMA case, there weren’t any evidence yet a case was forced through but let’s see what happens in this one. More than likely since the PCSO in now run by PNoy KKK…no one will be punished and reprimanded even though there is strong evidence of some questionable activities occurring.

    PNoy selective justice system.

    • lex

      BASELESS pala ha?   Alam mo ang PUSAKAL NA MAGNANAKAW, pinaplano pa lang ang gagawing pagnanakaw, iniisip na kaagad kung paano ito malulusutan para kapag nabuking na ng PUBLIKO eh madaling itanggi at masabing BASELESS, sayang at naging ABUGADO si MIKE ARROYO?

      • JasonBieber

        Yes BASELESS.

        There is no evidence of plunder against GMA yet a case is in place. The Ombudsman own panel of investigators concluded that and gave their resolution to the Ombudsman Carpio-Morales but she ignored it.

  • lostRunes

     “MALACAÑANG is confident that the management of the Philippine
    Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) will be able to explain the
    Commission on Audit’s findings of a Php10 million in alleged
    unauthorized salaries and allowances in 2011.”

    “President Aquino remains “trustful and confident” of the members of the
    board of the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO)  who were
    ordered by the Commission on Audit (CoA)  to reimburse the government
    close to P10 million in unauthorized salaries and allowances paid them
    in year 2011.”

    “President Benigno Aquino III has reappointed Cristino Naguiat Jr. as
    chairman of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp. (Pagcor) and
    renewed the appointments of its entire board of directors to serve a
    term of office to end on June 30, 2013.”

    Tuwid na daan at its finest. Pag kalaban, sunugin patayin katayin. Pag kakampi sila mismo mag bibigay ng pondo para makalaya at ilalagay pa sa mga puwesto ng gobyerno.

    Isa pang hirit Mr. President! Kung walang korap, walang _____?

    • lex

      ” The PCSO board is chaired by Margarita Juico, with Joaquin Francisco III, Betty Nantes, Ma. Aleta Tolentino and Mabel Mamba as directors. They have yet to reply to the COA findings. ”

      UTAK TALANGKA ka talaga!    Ngayon pa nga lang inilabas ang balita ng COA ang TINDI na kaagad ng hitback mo. SURE may ACTION yan, wag ka mainip! Masyado mo pinipersonal akala mo NAKABUTAS ka agad. For the meantime, mag enjoy ka muna sa iyong bakasyon dyan sa VETERANCE HOSPITAL, OK?

      • leomar101

         Mga sira ang tuktok ninyo mga yelo lunatics. Mag 3 years na yong idol mong sira din tapos  hihingi ka pa ng time. Noong may accusation laban kay Arroyo diyan sa PCSO  lundag agad kayo mag husga na binulsa ni Arroyo only to be proven from COA na  hindi tama yong akusasyon na yon. Kaya  quits na ang kaso.Natural sisigaw ang taong bayan  sa galit dahil yan ay nangyari last 2011 pa.bwahahaha Magnanakaw din sila ngayon at mas masahol pa pre. hahahga. May imbestigasyon ba sa sinabi ng COA na si Dinky ay may  unaccounted  na more than 3 billions sa CCT fund for 2011?. Wala dahil pinagbahabahagi nila ang pera na yon for election purposes. hahahaha. As if  convincing ang paliwanang mo.

  • Renato

    Dapat pina-fire out na agad ni P-noy ang mga ganyan para wag pamarisan. Hindi eh. Yan ang dapat nya gawin kung talagang gusto nyang ituwid ang baluktot na daan.

  • lex

    Si PNOY ang may kagagawan kung bakit matapang ngayon at nagagawa  ng COA ang trabaho nito . Kaya naniniwala ako na kapag na PROVE ang katiwalian sa PCSO , mapaparusahan sila. Kaya sa mga ANTIPNOY, easy lang, maghintay tayo!

    • lostRunes

       Ganun ba? Kasi dati nabasa ko eto:

      “Juico … decried a….report that said PCSO
      directors improperly received millions in benefits in 2010, saying that
      agency officials had sought and secured the President’s approval
      of its
      board members’ compensation package.

      Kelan pa ma pu PROVE yan kung si Aquino mismo ang nag APPROVE?

    • agustin

       MALAKI PALA ANG TIWALA MO KAY NOY (AB). he he he he !

  • lostRunes

     Wow hindi ko alam may “Veterance” na hospital, veterer ba services diyan?

    Pinapakita ko lang mga LUMANG balita, bakit utak talangka agad? Sabi nga ni Juico si Aquino mismo nag approve ng bonuses na yan. July 2012 ng may mahanap na anomalya ang COA at pinapa explain, hanggang ngayon walang action ang ombudsman. P303 million na? Kung sa ibang tao yan, lalaitin ni Aquino sa ibang bansa at gagamitin ang BIR at ombudsman para makulong agad. Ngayon?

    Pinapakita ko lang pagka HIPOKRITO ng tuwid na daan. Ginagawa ko lang ang trabaho ng mga journalist na ngayon ay sobrang inlab kay Aquino na akala mo wala siyang ginawang mali

  • kawawang_bansa

    i don’t think there is an ounce of truth in this report…there is no more corruption happening as mr. aquino said when he spoke to his party at a side meeting in davos…everyone is treading the tuwid na daan…

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